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Full text of "Hill's Durham (N.C.) city directory [1932]"

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Paint for Every Parpose 
Painting, Papering) 


The Fidelity Batik 


Commercial— -Savings — Trust— Safe-Deposit 




Phone F-2941 












1113 West Main Street 

Phone F-2441 


326-328 EAST MAIN it, DIAL L-1841, J44BJ 

C&e library 

of ti>i 

MniXtmity of Jftortb Carolina 

(EnDotoeD bp %^t SDialectic 


pfjilantrjcopfc £>ocirtic0 

social service, ana 10 mis ena 
pledges himself: 

1 . To consider, first, the interest 
of the user of the book. 

2. To subscribe to and work for 
truth, honesty and accuracy in all 

3. To avoid confusing duplication 
of listings, 'Jndeavoring to classify 
every conceu under the one head- 
ing that best describes it, and to 
treat additional listings as advertis- 
ing, to be charged for at regular 

4. To increase public knowledge 
of what Directories contain; to 
study public needs and make Direc- 
tories to supply them; to revise and 
standardize methods and classifica- 
tions, so that what is wanted may 
be most easily found, and the Direc- 
tory be made to serve its fullest use 


Tkie keek must net be take* 
rr»m the 

HIading room 

>f aT Member of 

rice that skill and care can produce 
r reference media, and providing pro- 
themes which operate under the name 

ice," adopted at the inception of the 
ry Publishers in 1 898, and strictly ad- 
tee of satisfactory Directory Service. 

as a business and social reference 
book and director of buyer and 

5. To decline any advertisement 
which has a tendency to mislead or 
which does not conform to business 

6. To solicit subscriptions and ad- 
vertising solely upon the merits of 
the publications. 

7. To avoid misrepresentation by 
statement or inference regarding 
circulation, placing the test of refer- 
ence publicity upon its accessibility 
to seekers, rather than on the num- 
ber of copies sold. 

8. To co-operate with approved 
organization and individuals en- 
gaged in creative advertising work. 

9. To avoid unfair competition. 

1 0. To determine what is the 
highest and largest function of 
Directories in public service, and 
then to strive in every legitimate 
way to promote that function. 

$100 Reward will be paid by the Association of North Amerloan Directory Publishers 
for the arrest and conviction of any person or persons engaged In the publishing, 
collecting or canvassing for any fraudulent or fake directories. 

Association of North American 
Directory Publishers 

524-528 Broadway 

New York City 


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obtained from 

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This book must not 
be taken from the 
Library building. 

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City Directory 

represents the City and its 
institutions in every cor- 
ner of these United States 







Are You Properly 
Represented In It? 

The Classified portion 
catalogues the professions 
and goods handled here 


"Think It Over" 






vol. 19 3 2 xxi 

Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private 
Citizens, a Directory of Householders, Occupants of Office Build- 
ings and Other Business Places, Including a Complete Street 
and Avenue Guide; also a 


and a Complete 

Classified Business Directory 


PRICE m&Sffi 1 ??^ $15.00 

HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc., Publishers 

8 North Sixth Street (Fourth Floor), Richmond, Va. 


Member Association of North American Directory Publishers 
Copyright, 1932, by Hill Directory Co., Inc. 

Section 28, Copyright Law 
In Force July 7, 1909 

That any person who wilfully and for profit shall infringe 
any copyright secured by this act, or who shall knowingly 
or wilfully aid or abet such infringement, shall be deemed 
guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall 
be punished by imprisonment for not exceeding one year, or 
by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than 
one thousand dollars, or both, in the discretion of the court. 


The information in this Directory is gathered by an 
actual canvass and is compiled in a way to insure maximum 
accuracy. , 

The publishers cannot and do not guarantee the cor- 
rectness of all information furnished them nor the complete 
absence of errors or omissions, hence no responsibility 
for same can be or is assumed. . 

The publishers earnestly request the bringing to their 
attention of any inaccuracy so that it may be corrected in 
the next edition of the directory. 

HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc., Publishers 



Abbreviations 52 

Alphabetical List of Names 53 

Apartment Buildings 558 

Associations and Clubs — Commercial 558 

Banks and Trust Companies 560 

Buildings — Office and Public 563 

Buyers' Guide 29 

Cemeteries 564 

Churches 564 

City Government 151 

Classified Business Directory 557 

Clergymen 566 

Clubs :• 567 

County Officers 151 

Courts 152 

Federal Officers 398 

Fire Department 151 

Halls 578 

Homes and Asylums : 579 

Hospitals and Dispensaries 579 

Justices of the Peace 584 

Labor Organizations 584 

Libraries 586 

Newspapers 589 

Parks and Playgrounds 591 

Police Department 151 

Post Office 398 

Railroads 593 

Schools — Public 596 

Schools, Colleges and Academies 596 

Societies — Benevolent and Fraternal 598 

Street and Avenue Guide 437 

United States Government 398 



Andrews J A Battery Co left top lines and 30 

Bailey Motor Co 32 

Blacknall R & Son left top lines and 39 

Borden Brick & Tile Co marginal line front cover and 36 

Brown Electric Co 40 

Brown Ernest C Dr 36 

Budd-Piper Roofing Co right side lines and 49 

Carolina Janitor Supply Co right top lines and 44 

Carpenter Motor Co right side lines and 32 

Clements W Wallace 46 

Duke University 3 

Durham Coca Cola Bottling Co back cover and 35 

Durham Dairy Products Inc backbone and 39 

Durham Electric Construction Co Inc right top lines and 40 

Durham Loan & Trust Co left top lines and 34 

Durham Public Service Co right top lines and Z 

Durham Realty & Insurance Co left top lines and 47 

Durham Shoe Rebuilder marginal line back cover and 50 

Fidelity Bank The front cover and 33 

Five Points Furniture Co 41 

Globe Jewelry Co Inc 44 

Goodyear Service Inc right top lines and 31 

Granite Service Stations left bottom lines and 31 

Hall- Wynne & Co front cover and 41 

Harris Dolian . . •. right side lines 

Haywood & Boone right bottom lines 

Home Savings Bank right top lines and 34 

Horton T J Co backbone and 4T 

Hotel Malbourne left top lines and 42 

Johnson Motor Co marginal line front cover and 31 

Kane Geo W front cover and 38 

Lakewood Dairy left side lines and 39 

Latta E J Roofing Co Inc bottom stencil and 49 

Lyon W C Co 41 

Martha Washington The right top lines and 48 

May Claude M front stencil, 45 and 51 

May DC marginal line front cover and 46 

McDonald-DeWitt Ice & Coal Co back cover and 37 

Modern Electric Co Inc 40 

Morris Plan Industrial Bank right top lines and 34 

Muirhead Wm Construction Co top stencil and 38 

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co 43 

Nicholson Motor Co Inc 32 

North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co right side lines and 43 

Parker Letter Service left top lines and 45 

Pearson Conrad O 44 

Perrv W P Transfer 51 

Pritchard-Bright & Co 36 

Reeves' American Cafe left top lines and 48 

Rochelle Sidney E left side lines and 35 

Rochelle's Battery & Ignition Service 30 

Scott S T Coal Co 37 

Southgate T & Son Inc back cover and 42 

Tavern The 48 

Terry Hardy G 47 

U-Drive-It Yourself 30 

Union Plumbing & Heating Co left side lines and 46 

Walker's Auto Laundrv 30 

Washington Duke Hotel left top lines and 42 

Young Roofing Co Inc back cover and 50 



HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc.. publishers of the Durham City Direc- 
tory, present to subscribers and the general public, this, the 1932 edition. 

Confidence in the growth of Durham's industry, population and 
wealth, and in the advancement of its civic and social activities, will be 
created as sections of this directory are consulted, for the directory is a 
mirror truly reflecting Durham to the world. 

The enviable position occupied by HILL'S directories in the estima- 
tion of the public, has been established by rendering the best in directory 
service. With an unrivaled organization, and having the courteous and 
hearty cooperation of the business and professional men and residents, 
the publishers feel that the result of their labors will meet with the ap- 
proval of every user, and that the Durham Directory will fulfill its mis- 
sion as a source of authentic information pertaining to the city. 

Four Major Departments 

The several essential departments are arranged in the following- 
order: — 

THE BUYERS' GUIDE, pages 29 to 52, printed on tinted paper, con- 
tains the advertisements of leading manufacturing, business and profes- 
sional interests of Durham. These pages will be found particularly in- 
teresting and instructive to substantial purchasing factors. The adver- 
tisements have been carefully grouped by departments and are indexed 
under headings descriptive of the business represented. This is reference 
advertising at its best, and, as such, merits a survey by all buyers eager 
to familiarize themselves with sources of supply. The city's activities, 
in many interesting phases, are authentically pictured. In an ambitious 
and progressive community like Durham, the necessity of having this 
kind of information immediately available, is very great, and frequently, 
pressing. General appreciation of this fact is evidenced by the liberal 
support the city directory enjoys in the many fields which it serves. 

THE ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES of residents, business firms 
and corporations is included in pages 53 to 436. A feature of this section 
is the inclusion of the wife's name in parentheses following that of the 

AND AVENUE GUIDE, covers pages 437 to 554. In this section the named 
streets and avenues are arranged in alphabetical order, followed by the 
numbered streets in numerical order; the residences and business houses 
are arranged numerically under the name of each street and avenue, and 
the names of householders and business concerns are placed opposite the 

557 to 602. This department lists the various manufacturing, mercan- 
tile and professional interests in alphabetical order under appropriate 
headings. This feature constitutes an invaluable and indispensable epi- 
tome of the business interests of the community. "The Directory is the 
common intermediary between Buyer and Seller." As such it plays no 
small part in the daily doings of the business world. "More goods are 
bought and sold through the Classified Business Directory than through 
any other medium." 

Municipal Publicity 

The directory reflects the achievements and ambitions of the city, 
depicting in truthful terms what it has to offer as a place of residence, 
as a business location, as an industrial site and as an educational center. 
To broadcast this information, the publishers have placed copies of this 
issue of the directory in Directory Libraries, where they are readily avail- 
able for free public reference, arid serve as perpetual and reliable adver- 
tisements of Durham, for business men, everywhere, realize that the city 
directory represents a community as it really is. 

The Durham Directory Library 

Through the courtesy of the publishers of the Durham City Direc- 
tory, a Directory Library is maintained in the offices of the Durham 
Chamber of Corhmerce, for free reference by the general public. This 


is one of more than 450 Directory Libraries installed in the chief cities of 
the U. S. and Canada by members of the Association of North American 
Directory Publishers, under whose supervision the system is operated. 

The publishers appreciatively acknowledge the recognition by those 
progressive business and professional men who have demonstrated their 
confidence in the city directory as an advertising medium, with assur- 
ance that it will bring a commensurate return. 




(Courtesy Durham Chamber of Commerce) 

Statistical Review 

Form of Government — Council-manager. 

Population — Total, 52,037; males, 24,629; females, 27,408; total colored, 

18,717; white males of age. 14,137; white females of age, 15,856 » 1930 

U. S. Census). Local estimate at present, 54,000. American-born, 

Area — 12.8 square miles. 
Altitude— 106 feet. 
Climate — Mean annual temperature, 59.6 degrees F.; average annual 

rainfall, 47.19 inches. 

Parks — 5, with total of 97 acres, valued at $115,000. 

Assessed Valuation— $77,693,213, with $1.40 per $100 tax rate. 

Bonded Debt— $9,735,739.12. 

Financial Institutions — 5 banks, with total deposits of $13,240,095.45. and 
total resources of $16,695,463.20 (June 30, 1932). Clearings, $114,- 
129,394.03; debits to individual accounts, $289,210,121.59 (calendar 
year 1931). 5 building and loan associations, with total assets of 
$2,507,479.65 (Dec. 31, 1931). 

Postal Receipts — $232,173.64 (calendar year 1931). 

Telephones in Service — 5,561. 

Churches — 72, representing 10 denominations. 

Building and Construction — Value of building permits, $711,400 (1931). 

Real Estate — 1,432 transfers made in 1931. 10.343 homes, with about 40% 
owned by occupants. 

Industry — Chief industry of city, manufacturing. 62 manufacturing es- 
tablishments, employing 6.905 men and 5,133 women, paying wages 
of $7,800,000 annually, and having products valued at $138,000,000 
annually (1931 report). Principal manufactured products: Ciga- 
rettes, smoking tobacco, hosiery, sheets and pillow cases, ginghams, 
flour and proprietary medicines. 

Trade Area — Retail area has radius of 25 miles, and population of 148,- 
000; wholesale area, radius of 50 miles, and population of 508,000. 

Newspapers — 2 dailies and 3 weeklies. 

Hotels — 8, with total of 800 rooms. Newest hotel opened in 1925. 

Railroads — 5: Southern, Seaboard Air Line, Norfolk & Western, Durham 
& Southern and Norfolk Southern. 

Highways— U S. 70 (State 10). U. S. 15 (State 75), U. S. 501 (State 55), 
and State 91. 

Airports — 1, privately-owned. 

Amusements — Largest auditorium (City Auditorium) seats 1,750 persons. 
6 moving-picture theatres, with total seating capacity of 3,286 per- 
sons. 2 golf courses. 

Hospitals — 4, with total of 799 beds. 

Education — Duke University, Southern Conservatory of Music, Croft Sec- 
retarial School, and North Carolina College for Negroes. 20 public 
schools, including 3 senior high and 1 junior high. 1 parochial school. 
Number of pupils in public schools, 11,303; in parochial, 85. Number 
of teachers in public schools, 332. Value of public school property, 
$3,230,000; parochial, $30,000; college, $20,670,000. 

Public Libraries — 5, with total of 361,698 volumes. Duke University Li- 
brary contains more than 500,000 volumes. 

City Statistics — Total street mileage, 205, with 75 miles paved. Miles of 
gas mains, 63, and of sewers, 301. Number of water meters, 9,600; 
light meters, 9,042; gas meters, 2,881. Capacity of water works (mu- 
nicipal), 9,000,000 gallons; daily average pump, 4,500,000 gallons, with 
169.7 miles of mains, and plant valued at $4,800,000. Fire depart- 
ment has 47 men, with 4 stations and 10 pieces of motor equipment. 
Value of fire department property, $287,300. Police department has 
52 men, with 1 station and 10 pieces of motor equipment. 




In April, 1865, at a log cabin known as the Bennett Place, near Dur- 
ham's Station, there occurred one of the most historic events in the his- 
tory of our nation. Lee had surrendered at Appomattox, and the future 
looked dark indeed for the Southern States. Jefferson Davis and his 
cabinet had escaped to Greensboro, North Carolina, and there had held 
fiery debate as to the advisability of continuing the Civil War. Some 
members of the cabinet favored continuing hostilities at any cost, even 
though it meant carrying on a guerrilla warfare, while others took the 
position that the cause of the Confederacy was forever lost and that no 
good could be accomplished by further bloodshed. Finally it was decided 
to instruct General Joseph E. Johnston, commander of the Confederate 
Armies of the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, to negotiate terms of peace 
with General William Tecumseh Sherman, commander of the Federal 
Army which had broken the backbone of the Confederacy by reason of 
its famous march to the sea. These two generals met at the Bennett 
Place and signed a tentative peace agreement. This agreement was so 
favorable to the South that General Grant refused to approve it, but 
after several days' conference, it was amended to meet General Grant's 
demands and was signed and approved by the governments of the North 
and South, and the War Between the States came to a close. 

Bennett Memorial 

Marking the place of surrender, just four miles from Durham, there 
has been erected, through the generosity of Mrs. S. T. Morgan, a. beauti- 
ful monument consisting of two columns, one representing the North and 
the other the South, joined together by a cross-piece on which is the 
word Unity. This historic spot is visited each year by thousands of peo- 
ple as the birthplace of a reunited nation. 

The death of the Confederacy gave birth to the city of Durham, and 
out of the ashes of the hopes of the Southern people has been built a 
great and beautiful city. In 1865 Durham Station was a small and insig- 
nificant point on the North Carolina Railroad, inhabited by less than 100 
people. There was one lone business enterprise here, a crude and un- 
important tobacco factory with total assets of less than $2,000, including 
not only products on hand, but representing also the entire investment 
and replacement. History and tradition unite in saying that this factory 
was broken into by Sherman's soldiers and a large part of the stock car- 
ried away. Tradition further says that the product carried away was so 
well made and of such quality that when the soldiers returned to the pur- 
suit of civil life, letters came back to Durham to ascertain if there was 
more of the product upon the market. To supply this demand, a broken 
business was rebuilt. 

In 1865 Washington Duke, a Confederate soldier, walked from New 
Bern to his home in Durham, and with the same stout heart which had 
carried him through the vicissitudes of a lost cause, turned his attention 



to the battle for bread, which was doubtless as cruel and bitter as the war 
from which he had returned. He built the second factory in Durham, 
composed of a log cabin 20x30 feet, and with his own hands manufactured 
a product out of a small supply of tobacco which the Federal soldiers had 
not found. This he called Pro Bono Publico. The output of this factory 
was originally four or five hundred pounds, and in 1872 had grown to 
125,000 pounds. 

In the meantime, W. T. Blackwell had moved to Durham to engage 
in the tobacco business. He was to the early development of the tobacco 
industry in Durham what Napoleon was to Prance, or Caesar to Rome. 
The Durham Bull got upon the map and in a few brief years his sonorous 
voice, like the shot at Lexington, was heard around the world. In 1872 
the two small tobacco factories had grown into twelve. 

View of City Hall 

James Buchanan Duke, becoming convinced that it was neither prac- 
ticable nor profitable to compete with Bull Durham smoking tobacco, 
turned the vision of his great genius into the cigarette field, and from 
that day to the present hour the increasing volume of the tobacco indus- 
try has become the common property of mankind. 

In 1869, on April 10, almost exactly four years after Johnston surren- 
dered to Sherman, Durham was born. There were less than 258 inhab- 
itants in the village, and the total municipal revenue was the sum of 
$357.44. The largest taxpayer paid a sum of $40.62 in taxes. In 1870 
there were probably less than 100 wage-earners in industrial pursuits in 
the town. 

The tobacco industry grew at a very rapid rate, using large quantities 
of bright-leaf tobacco. While much of this type of tobacco was grown 
around Durham, it was sold at tobacco markets in Richmond and other 
Virginia cities, and local manufacturers had to pay the cost of transport- 
ing the tobacco back from Virginia to Durham. This condition made 
desirable the opening of warehouses for the sale of leaf tobacco in Dur- 
ham, and resulted in this city becoming one of the largest bright-leaf 
tobacco markets in the world, now selling from 28 to 30 million pounds 
each season. 

During all this time there were no banks in the town, practically all 
of the banking being transacted in Raleigh, and on days of big sales at 
the tobacco warehouses it was necessary to obtain cash from the mer- 



i A*? 






' %M 


Airplane View Showing East Campus, Duke University, and 
Part of City of Durham 

chants in order to pay the farmer for his product. Such inconveniences 
could not long continue, and soon two banks were established. 

The next step in the industrial and commercial history of the town 
was the bringing in of additional railway lines. By the co-operation 
of manufacturers, merchants, and the city' and county governments, the 
Seaboard Air Line, the Southern Railway, and the Norfolk & Western 
Railway were given access to this market. Later the Norfolk Southern 
Railroad and the Durham & Southern Railway were added to the rail- 


in in n ii n fi l 

1 1 i I I II 
' I I | H B I 

Durham County Court House 



way lines serving the city, giving a total of five railway companies with 
seven lines of railroad radiating in every direction. 

The town of Durham had now grown into a very prosperous and 
thriving community, but its citizenship was not satisfied with having 
purely a commercial and industrial town. The people felt the need of 
better schools and. in 1885, after a heated political campaign, bonds were 
voted for public school buildings and a tax levied for maintaining a pub- 
lic school system. Today Durham has one of the finest public school 
plants of any city of its size, with physical property valued at more than 
$3,200,000 and with a personnel of teachers and management which gives 
it first rating among the cities of North Carolina. 

In 1892 Trinity College, now Duke University, was brought to Durham 
through the philanthropy of Mr. Washington Duke and General Julian 
S. Carr. Today Duke University has a physical plant worth $20,000,000, 
2,656 students, a 456-bed hospital, and ranks among the leading educa- 
tional institutions of the nation. 

View of Hope Valley Country Club 

~" As the tobacco industry grew and prospered, certain persons used 
some of their dividends in establishing cotton mills, and this industry 
soon assumed a position of importance in the industrial life of the city. 
Later hosiery mills were established, until today Durham ranks as the 
first city of the South in the manufacture of full-fashioned silk hosiery. 
Other industries were added from time to time, including flour mills, 
fertilizer plants, iron works, wood-working plants, printing establish- 
ments, etc.. until in 1932 there are engaged in industry 12,038 wage-earn- 
ers, producing $138,000,000 worth of manufactured products annually. 
These industries pay into the Federal, treasury approximately $70,000,000 
each year. Durham today produces 24 per cent of all the cigarettes made 
in the United States. 

In 1924 a program of civic improvement was undertaken, and al- 
though it was interrupted by the World War, it has now reached the 

-- ^^' & 

^0^ w ^^rWI^ 



■z ■•■ - — — - ~2 

5E Elf* BUI DOM 

iusbI* 1 

lyj— BmI i i ■ 


7s a a 1 a a si 



View of New Administration Building, North Carolina 
College for Negroes 



point where Durham has all the conveniences of a modern city, includ- 
ing complete sewerage, asphalt streets, paved sidewalks, electric power, 
gas, the latest dial telephone service. Western Union and Postal Telegraph 
service, American Telephone & Telegraph repeater station, insuring 
rapid long-distance telephone communication; a fine recreation pro- 
gram, and a system of water works with an impounding reservoir suffi- 
cient to care for the needs of a city of 100,000 people. 

Any story about Durham would be incomplete without mention of the 
notable contribution which the Negro race has made to the industrial, 
commercial and civic development of the community. The progress the 
race has made here has been truly amazing. Under the leadership of 
E. R. Merrick, and later, C. C. Spaulding and their associates, Durham's 
colored people have established industries, insurance companies, banks 
arid other commercial businesses which would be creditable to any city. 
The labor which they furnish the city's industrial plants is intelligent 
and dependable. The high type of leaders among the colored people here 
has made Durham a conspicuous outpost in the advancement of Negro 

One of the finest things about the founders of Durham is that mate- 
rial prosperity merely opened to them avenues of service to mankind. 
It has been said that more philanthropists have been produced in Dur- 
ham than in any other city of the South. Watts Hospital, of 210 beds, 
was a gift to the city and county by Mr. George W. Watts. Lincoln Hos- 
pital, of 108 beds, is largely the gift of Mr. Benjamin N. Duke. Duke 
University is a living memorial to Mr. Washington Duke and his two 
sons, Benjamin N. Duke and James Buchanan Duke. Other philanthro- 
pists have remembered the city from time to time in ways which help in 
making Durham a good place in which to live and work. 

Durham is today the fourth city in North Carolina in point of popu- 
lation, having 54,000 inhabitants, and being second in industrial pay- 
rolls, and second in importance in the value of its manufactured products. 
It is far in the lead in its educational facilities, having an unexcelled pub- 
lic school system and Duke University within its corporate limits, and 
having within a radius of a few miles the University of North Carolina. 
Wake Forest College. Meredith College, North Carolina State College, 
Peace Institute, St. Mary's, and the Southern Conservatory of Music. 

Duke Hospital iFor the Public) and Duke Medical School, Situated 
on the West Campus 

The colored people have in Durham, in addition to excellent public 
schools for their race, the North Carolina College for Negroes, the only 
college of liberal arts for Negroes supported by taxation in the Southern 



All these things have been accomplished by people not especially 
favored by nature, but who by their determination, unconquerable will, 
tireless effort, and by their faith in mankind and in this community, 
have created a city which proudly takes its position as one of the repres- 
entative cities of the new South and of America. 

Durham Public Library 


Altitude: 406 feet above sea level. 
Area: 12.8 square miles. 

Passenger cars in county January 1, 1927 7,604 

" 1928 7,690 

" 1929 7,600 

" 1930 9,965 

" 1931 9,825 

" 1932 10,080 

1927 850 

1928 800 

1929 975 

1930 1,325 

1931 1,415 

1932 1,650 

Trucks in county January 1, 



1926 1929 

Capital, surplus 
and undivided 

profits $1,600,950 $ 3.378.290 $ 3.355,288 $ 3.542,879 

Deposits 5,910,730 18,306,703 19,396,619 21,068,644 

Total resources 8,392,690 26,622,670 24.366,095 26,147,324 
Industrial Banks: 

Capital, surplus and 

undivided profits $ 372,294.35 
Total resources .. 1,311,459.12 
Joint Stock Land Bank: 


1930 1932 

(As of June 30) 


$ 381,510.16 


! 393,810.94 

Capital $ 


Undivided profits and 


Total resources in excess 

of 16,000,000 














( As of June 30) 




16,000.000 16,000,000 15,000,000 



Building- and Loan Associations: 

Year No. 

1915 1 

1925 5 

1926 5 

1927 6 

1928 6 

1929 7 

1930 7 

1931 (Dec. 31) 5 

Building- Permits: 

Year No. 

1923 360 

1924 305 

1925 531 

1928 611 

1927 648 

1928 632 

1929 322 

1930 236 

1931 180 

$ 196,199.00 



. 1.052,961.00 

Watts Hospital 

Owing to the methods used in arriving at these figures, it is conser- 
vatively estimated that the true figures will exceed those given above by 
25 per cent. 

Churches: Seventy-two churches, representing practically all denom- 
inations. Durham is noted for its many beautiful church edifices. 

City Incorporated: The City of Durham was incorporated by act of 
the General Assembly, ratified April 10. 1869. 

Civic Organizations: Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, Ameri- 
can Business Club, Monarch Club, Woman's Club, Durham Merchants' 
Association and Durham Chamber of Commerce. 

Climate: Equable. Annual mean summer temperature, 71.3; winter, 
48.4. Sixty-two per cent sunshine days. Annual rainfall, 47.19 inches. 
Annual snowfall, 10 inches. Prevailing westerly winds. 

Duke University Enrollment 

1910 441 

1915 694 

1920 783 

1925 1,350 

1926 1,538 

1927 1,675 

1928 1,856 

1929 2,027 

1930 2,393 

1931-32 2,656 

University of North Carolina Enrollment 

1910 886 

1915 1,695 

1925 2,650 

1926 2,800 

1927 2,826 

1928 2,731 

1929 2,854 

1930 3,016 

1931-32 2,820 



The Carolina Theatre 

Both universities conduct summer schools, which are largely attended. 

There is also located in Durham the North Carolina College for Ne- 
groes, the only college of liberal arts for colored people, supported by the 
State, in North Carolina. Enrollment for 1931-32, 273. 

Convention Facilities: Hotel rooms with bath, 579: without bath, 221; 
total, 800. Maximum capacity of lodging accommodations, 1,374 persons; 

Malbourne Hotel 



capacity in excess of ordinary requirements, 700 persons. Assembly halls, 
capacity, 800; ball room capacity, 500; twelve committee rooms; audi- 
torium, seating capacity, 1,750. 

County: Durham County was created by act of the General Assembly 
in 1881 from parts of Orange and Wake Counties. While Durham is not 
a large county, it is the center of the famous bright-leaf tobacco belt. 
Between 28 and 30 million pounds of tobacco are sold each year on the 
Durham market. Tobacco is the principal money crop, although cotton, 
corn and truck are also important. Dairying has increased rapidly dur- 
ing the past few years. The county has good roads and splendid schools 
and churches. 

Education: Durham is recognized as being one of the leading educa- 
tional centers of the South. Its colleges and university, its public school 
system, its schools of music and business school are rated among the best 
in the South by leading educators. (See Colleges and Schools.) 

Fire Protection: Durham has a well-equipped fire department with 
four stations and paid personnel, giving Durham first-class insurance 

Government: Durham has had the council-manager form of govern- 
ment since May 4, 1921. It is admitted to be one of the best governed 
cities in the state. 

View of Corcoran Street, Looking South 

Health: Durham has a well organized board of health, with 18 em- 
ployees, charged with the supervision of health conditions in the entire 
county. It has been remarkably successful in its work. The white resi- 



dent death rate for 1931 was only 9 (colored resident, 17) to the 1,000. 
The death rate for both races was 11.8. The birth rate for white was 20.5; 
for colored, 21.7; total, 20.9. Milk, meats, water, markets, dairies, hotels and 
eating places are carefully inspected. 

Hospitals: Watts Hospital 'public, white) is one of the finest hospitals 
in the South; value, $1,433,482.99; 210 beds; personnel of 62 physicians, 46 
staff officers and internes, and 70 nurses; endowed by Mr. George W. 
Watts and partly supported by contributions from City and County. Lin- 
coln Hospital (public, colored); value, $250,000; 108 beds; personnel of 
all physicians in Durham who are in good standing, and 35 nurses; partly 
supported by contributions from City and County. McPherson Hospital 
(private — eye, ear, nose and throat) ; value, $103,000; 25 beds and personnel 
of 3 physicians, 4 nurses and 3 office girls. Duke Hospital, with 456 beds, 
representing an investment of more than $3,000,000, is said to be the most 
modern and best-equipped hospital in the world. It was opened on July 
21. 1930. During 1932 the Duke Hospital Nurses' Home was completed at 
a cost of over $300,000. 

Hotels: Durham is unusually well provided with hotel facilities. The 
Washington Duke is one of the finest hotels in the South, having been 
constructed at a cost of more than $1,750,000. It has 300 bedrooms, all 
with bath. The Malbourne Hotel — 200-room capacity — is a fireproof 
hotel and newly furnished throughout. Other hotels are the Lochmoor. 
Central, Piedmont, Sedgeley and the Biltmore and Jones Hotels for col- 
ored people. Hotel rates. $1.00 to $5.00 per day; European plan. 

View of Main Street, Looking: East 

Industries: Durham is the second largest industrial center in North 
Carolina, its output of manufactured products being valued at more than 
$138,000,000 annually. It has large tobacco industries, manufacturing 
.such well-known brands as Duke's Mixture, Bull Durham smoking to- 
bacco, and a great many brands of cigarettes, including the famous 
Chesterfield and Lucky Strike, and fifteen brands of Turkish cigarettes. 
It is the home of the Durham Hosiery Mills (manufacturers of Durable 
Durham hosiery), and the Golden Belt Manufacturing Company (manu- 
facturers of small bags and hosiery). There are also manufactured in 
Durham, Erwin and White Star sheetings and pillow cases, Glasgow 
Zephyr ginghams, chambrays and cheviots, Virginia-Carolina fertilizers, 
Occoneechee, Peerless and Climax flours, silk shirtings and sport goods, 
novelty fabrics, blank books, castings and iron products, cigars, harness, 
bread, ice, mattresses, brick, overalls, building materials and proprietary 



medicines. Due to proximity to source of raw materials, cheap electric 
power and its transportation facilities, Durham offers unexcelled oppor- 
tunities for the location of industries. 

Part of the Main Quadrangle, Duke University, West Campus 

Industrial Statistics — People Employed: 

1909 1914 1919 1926 1927 1928 1929 1932 

3,699 4,764 5.977 12,239 13.220 13,500 16,000 12,038 

Value of Products: 

1909 1914 1919 1926 1929 1931 

$23,272,000 $45,680,000 $70,659,339 $122,000,000 $150,000,000 $138,000,000 

Location: Durham is situated in the geographical center of North 
Carolina, a few miles north of the center of population of the state. Its 
terrain is slightly rolling and well drained. 

Payrolls: The payrolls of Durham exceed $12,000,000 annually. 


City of Durham 

1890 5,485 

1900 6,679 

1910 18,241 

1920 21,719 

1930 52,036 

1932 i estimated).. 54.000 
Post Office Receipts: 












County of Durham 

1890 18,041 

1900 26,233 

1910 35,276 

1920 42,219 

1930 67.196 













Public Utilities: Durham has public utilities furnishing bus service, gas, 
telephone and electric current service. These utilities compare favorably, 
both in cost of service and in efficiency, with those in other cities of sim- 
ilar size. 



Public Services: 

1910 1915 1920 1926 1929 1930 1931 

Electric meters 1,500 2,961 4,669 7,435 9.340 8,759 9,042 

Telephones 786 1,234 2,368 4,760 5,750 5,786 5.561 

Gas meters 860 1,318 1.743 2,250 2,822 3,013 2,881 

Miles of paved streets 60 73 75 75 

Miles of sidewalks 44 59 64 64 

Miles of water mains 126 182 189 169 .7 

Miles of sewers 300 301 301 301 

No. of water meters 6,277 9,200 9,400 9,600 

Recreation: Community recreation, under supervision of the Play- 
ground and Recreation Commission, supported by public taxation. Two 
parks, containing swimming pools, tennis courts, etc., and several large 
playgrounds, maintained by industrial plants for the use of employees. 
Two eignteen-hole golf courses; magnificent new country club; tennis 
and gun club; college football, baseball, basketball, track, boxing and 
wrestling. The schedules of Duke University and the University of North 
Carolina offer Durham citizens the opportunity of seeing some of the best 
college teams of the East and South in action. Both these universities 
have magnificent stadiums, that of the University of North Carolina 
seating 24,000, while the stadium of Duke University has a seating capacity 
of 40,000. Durham also has a professional team in the Piedmont League, 
with a baseball park and grounds valued at $150,000. 

Schools: The public school system of Durham is nationally-known for 
its equipment, high scholastic standards and progressive policies. In 
addition, the Durham School of Music and the Southern Conservatory of 
Music rank among the leaders in their field. The Durham College of 
Commerce is a fully-accredited class "A" institution. 

City Schools Enrollment 

1915 4.034 

1920. ,„ 4,598 

1924 5,423 

1926 9,694 

1927 10,294 

1928 10,256 

1929 10,897 

1930 11.088 

1931 11,303 

Number of schools: white, 12; colored, 8. Number of teachers, 332. 
Value of school plant, $3,230,000. 

Duke University Stadium, Seating Capacity, 40,000 



Social Agencies: Young Men's Christian Association, Young Women's 
Christian Association, Salvation Army, Red Cross, King's Daughters, 
Board of Charities and Public Welfare, Wright Refuge for Children and 
Charity League. 

Streets: Durham is today one of the best paved cities in the State. 
The white-way lighting system in the business district is admitted to be 
one of the best in the South. 

Theatres: Four motion picture theatres for white, and two for colored. 
Total seating capacity, 3,283. 

Taxes and Valuation: In 1931 the city of Durham had an assessed 
valuation of $77,693,213, with a city tax rate of $1.40 on the $100. Property 
assessed on 75 per cent of true value. The county of Durham had ah 
assessed valuation of $99,817,625 and a county tax rate of 85 cents. 
Property assessed on 75 per cent of true value. No property tax is levied 
by the State. 

Transportation: Durham has five lines of railroad, radiating in seven 
directions. It has two lines of Southern Railway, the Seaboard Air Line 
Railway, the Norfolk & Western Railway, the Durham & Southern Rail- 
way, and the Norfolk Southern Railroad. These railroads afford unusually 
good freight facilities. Durham is on the National Highway and the 
Central Highway, the principal routes between the North and South and 
between the East and West. Excellent bus service is maintained between 
Durham and Raleigh, Henderson, Oxford, Roxboro, Greensboro, Chapel 
Hill, Pittsboro. Siler City and Danville, Va. 

Water; Durham has an ample supply of pure water. An impounding 
reservoir completed in 1926 stores 4,600,000,000 gallons, which, if used for 
no other purpose, would, at the present rate of consumption, supply the 
demand for a period of three years. There is no longer any danger of a 
water shortage. The water is excellent for domestic uses and is soft and 
free from iron, making it very desirable for industrial purposes. 











The Buyers' Guide contains i he 
advertisements and business cards 
of the more progressive business 
men and firms in the city classified 
according to lines of business 

HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc., Publishers 

8 North Sixth Street (Fourth Floor), 
Richmond, Va. 




Willard Batteries — Battery Supplies 

J. A. Andrews Battery Co. 



215 Foster St. 

Phone F-3931 



PHONE J-0961 


L. S. ROCHELLE, Proprietor 

Chapel Hill Street and Rigsbee Avenue 





We Specialize on Generators, Starters and Ignition on AH Cars 







Crank Case and Transmission Service 

Opaline and Pennsylvania Oils 

Greasing — Simonizing 

"Our Service Makes Your Car a Pleasure" 



Rent a New Car Open and Closed Cars 



Chryslers and Fords 

Standard Petroleum Products 
212 Roney St. (Opp. Carolina Theatre) Phone J-8171 











115 N. DUKE ST. 

Tel. N-173 


Granite Service Stations 

E. S. PHILLIPS, Manager 



Goodyear Tires -- Exide Batteries 

Number 1 

Ninth and Main Sts. 

PHONE J-1341 

Number 2 
Ninth and Hillsboro Road 
Phone N-2791 





Telephones L-1841; J-1491 



326-328 East Main Street 






Q g AH Service Guaranteed 




306 E. MAIN ST. PHONE J-4431 

for Economical Transportation 





616 East Main Phone L-3441 

Nicholson Motor Company 



With Floating Power 
112 South Duke Street Phones: Office, L-4971; Service, F-6961 

Your Advertisement Here 

Would be constantly before the public — the 
buyers — twenty-four hours a day — three hun- 
dred and sixty-five days a year — every year. 

—Think it over 



The Fidelity Bank 


Resources Over Ten Million Dollars 





Some of the most valuable associations of a life-time are 
formed as a result of your banking connections. Such connections 
should be made with the greatest care and with the consideration 
of the record and standing of the institution which invites your 








Morris Plan Industrial 


CAPITAL $100,000.00 
SURPLUS $100,000.00 



R. L. BALDWIN President 

N. E. FAUCETTE Vice-President 

W. C. LYON Vice-President 

N. C. CARLTON Cashier-Manager 

L. D. KIRKLAND, Jr Asst. Cashier 




We solicit the accounts of individuals and corporations, large and small. 
Every accommodation consistent ■with sound banking practice is extended 
patrons of this institution. 

An invitation to call and discuss your financial requirements is cordially ex- 

JOHN SPRUNT HILL. Chairman cf Board 
GEORGE WATTS HILL. Pres. W. \V. SLEDGE, Vice-Pres. ,and Trust Officer 

B. R. ROBERTS. Credit Mgr. HAL W. BORING. See.-Treas. 

JAMES B. COLE. Asst. Sec. and Tieas. E. Y. COX. Asst. Trust Officer 

JOHN SPRUNT HILL, President W. W. SLEDGE, Vice-President 

T. C. WORTH, Cashier 

Home Savings Bank 

Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits, $200,000.00 


302-304 West Main Phone F-4341 




and Side Cars, 
Vans and 





Accessories and 

Guns, Locks, 

Lawn Mowers 

Keys to Order 

We Repair Them All Satisfactorily 



208 North Mangum Street THE HOUSE OF SERVICE Phone J-3421 





Delicious, Refreshing, Exhilarating, 

Bottlers of Pure Coca-Cola 







Hollow Building Tile, Flue Lining, Cement, 

Plaster, Lime, Terra Cotta Pipe, Sand 

and Gravel 


Borden Brick and Tile Co. 

COAL — Any Quantity — Immediate Delivery 



Dr. E. C. Brown-- -Dr. C. C. Cox 

Res. Phone L-5224 Res. Phone F-2891 



Office Hours 

9 to 12 A. M., 2 lo 4 P. M. and 7 to S P. M. 

and by Appointment 

334% W. MAIN ST. PHONE L-435I 



Fashionable Clothiers and Furnishers 

Hickey-Freeman and Michael-Stern Clothes, 
Manhattan and Arrow Shirts 

Washington Duke Hotel, 207 N. Corcoran PHONE F-3611 

(1932) HLL1. directory co.s 

COAL 37 

Ice & Coal 




9th and B Sts. Phone J-75 1 1 




We have installed the most modern equipment, 
which facilitates the treating of coal so as to render 
it absolutely dustless. The coal is sprayed, on our 
yard, with a harmless chemical which entirely 
diminishes the dust content; but does not in any 
way affect the burning quality of the coal. 

Use Dustless Coal — It Costs No More 



PHONE L-4321 PHONE L-4311 






PHONE F-2941 

605 Snow Building, 331 West Main 



Residence, Factory and 
Commercial Buildings 

West Main at Milton Avenue on Southern Railway 
Phone J-3091 













rJ 522 


¥ One. 


Phone F-9801 




Blacknall's Drug Store 


212 Corcoran, Opposite Washir.gton-Duke Hotel 


PHONE L-945 






Electrical Contractors 

109 N. Greg son St. Phone L-6031 

Durham Electric 


WM. H. CLEGG, Manager 


122 West Parrish Street Phone J-4351 

Modern Electric Company 



318 Morgan Street Phone F-7501 



Make a trip to almost any city in the country in a few minutes 
by consulting the City Directory of that city, which is on file 
in the 

Hill's Directory Library 


122 N. Market Durham 




The home of Hall-Wynne & Co., well known Morticians of this com- 
munity, who are located on West Main Street near the women's campus 
of Duke University. This firm has long enjoyed an established reputa- 
tion for their superb equipment, well directed funerals and being most 
reasonable in price. 



(Successors to Royal W. Smith Co.) 

Complete Home Furnishers 

Cash or Credit 

412-414 W. Main St. 

Phone F-7801 




"Good Buildings Deserve Good Hardware" — Corbin 

213 East Chapel Hill Phones L-947 and L-948 




Cafeteria and Dining Room a la Carte Service 



"A Prince of a Host" 


$2.50 and Up European 

Main Dining Room Popular Coffee Shop 

M. S. LLEWELLYN, Lessee and Directing Manager 


THOS. F. SOUTHGATE, Pres. WM. J. O'BRIEN, Sec'y-Treas. 

Established 1872 




Phone F-4841 
Suite 204-5-6 First National Bank Building 





Organized in 184S 

"The Leading Annual Dividend Company" 
W. PAGE HARRIS, Dist. Mgr. 


"No Home Complete Without a North Carolina Mutual Policy" 




North Carolina Mutual Life 
Insurance Co. 

Home Office: Durham, N. C. 

ORGANIZATION, OVER $11,000,000.00 



Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASCHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors 

Janitor and Sanitary Supplies for Hotels, Factories, 
Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3141, P. O. Box 233 


Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing 

At Reasonable Prices. 




Also Complete Line of Men's and Ladies' Ready-to-Wear 


109 East Main Phone L-3341 


Conrad O. Pearson 

Attorney and Counsellor at Law 

Rooms 8-10 Royal Knights of King David Bldg. 
809 Fayetteville St. Durham, N. C. Phone L-1061 




Typing — Addressing /^U\ Guaranteed Mailing Lists 

Stenographic Service %!«« Mail Advertising 

Prompt Service — Superior Work 





Painting Contractor 

Use MtnxftlPte Paint 


Paints, Oils, Varnishes and Colors 

417 West Main Phone L-0381 

Don't Use an Old Directory! 

One Address taken from an old Directory may send you 
miles out of the way and waste a whole day's time. You 
take pride in keeping a fresh stock of merchandise on your 

Why not avail yourself of fresh 
information for your daily use ? 



D. C. MAY 


Painting, Papering and 

Painting Contractor 

Phone J-5321 
316 Morgan Durham, N. C. 


Union Plumbing & Heating Co. 

L. J. WOMBLE, Prop. 

National Heating Systems 

Kohler of Kohler Plumbing Fixtures 

Country Water Systems 

All Work Guaranteed 




Real Estate -- Insurance 


426 Morgan Street Phone L-7801 




Real Estate Brokers' 

Rental Agents 



Desirable Farm Land in This 
and Adjoining Counties 

Consult Us Regarding Your Real 
Estate Problems 

PHONE J-6981 



First Floor Trust Building 

Rentals -- Real Estate -- Insurance 

Phones— Ins. Dept. F-9131; Real Estate and Rentals F-9361 


Real Estate -- Rentals 


PHONE F-2301 



The Martha Washington 

Lunch and Supper ^— ^ 

Open Sundays 

Martha Washington Candies 

Old Time— Home Made — Party Favors 
Mints Made to Order 

112 N. Corcoran St., Opposite Post Office PHONE L-6291 



Reeves' American Cafe 


Good Food Good Service 


Coffee Served With Pure Cream 

25% Off on Meal Tickets 

117 East Chape! Hill Street Telephone L-4851 




Everything Good to Eat 


Special Attention Given to Parties 


"Eat Here and Save the Difference" 







is the most effective and most economical method of 
reaching all the people all the time. Those who buy 
without looking at the lists of those who sell do them- 
selves great injustice. The classified lists in the Business 
Directory form the best Buyers' Guide on earth. 

A modem up-to-date method of 
getting what you want 



. . . FOR . . . 


Dial F-2121 or J-8971 

Budd-Piper Roofing Co. 


E. J. Latta Roofing Co. 



(Bonded 20 and 10 Years) 








216 Rigsbee Avenue Phones F-2401 and L-0461 



THOS. W. YOUNG, President J. D. WALL, Superintendent 


Phone J-2461 

Contractors and Manufacturers 


Barrett's Bonded Roofs 

No Job Too Large for Us to Handle 
No Job Too Small to Receive Our Personal Attention 




Telephone L-0951 


Three Shops Conveniently Located 




"Remember, We Rebuild Them 

* y 



W. P. PERRY, Transfer 

Furniture Crating, Storage and Packing 
Local and Long Distance Hauling and Moving 

307 McMannen 
Office Phone F-8751 Residence Phone J-6041 


Claude M. May 

Wall Paper 

Office and Show Rooms: 



YOUR LIFE for your family's take 
YOUR PROSPERITY for your own sake 
YOUR BUSINESS for goodness sake, by placing your 
"On the Job Advertisement in the 

365 Days 

a Year" 







acct .... accountant 

adr advertising 

agrl . . . agricultural 

agt agent 

al alley 

Am American 

appr .... apprentice 
apts .... apartments 

archt architect 

asmblr . . . assembler 
Assn . . Association 

asst assistant 

atndt attendant 

attT attorney 

auto .... automobile 

av avenue 

bdg boarding 

bet between 

bgemn . . baggageman 
bkbndr . . bookbinder 
bkpr .... bookkeeper 

bldg building 

bldr builder 

blk block 

blksmlth . .blacksmith 
blrmkr . . bollermaker 

blvd boulevard 

br branch 

brklyr . . . bricklayer 

tirkmn brakeman 

cabtmkr cabinetmaker 

capt captain 

carp carpenter 

cash cashier 

Ch Church 

chauf .... chauffeur 

chf chief 

civ civil 

elk clerk 

clnr cleaner 

collr collector 

coml . . . commercial 
comn . . . commission 
comnr . .commissioner 
compt . . comptometer 
cond .... conductor 
contr . . confectioner 
cons .... consulting 
contr .... contractor 

cor corner 

corres correspondent 

ct court 

ctr cutter 

del delivery 

dep deputy 

dept .... department 
dicta .... dictaphone 
dlspr .... dispatcher 

dlst district 

div division 

dlr dealer 

dmnstr demonstrator 
do ... ditto or same 

dom domestic 

dr drive 

drftsmn . . .draftsman 

drsmkr . . dressmaker 

e or E East 

elec electrical 

electn . . . electrician 
electro . .electrotyper 

elev elevator 

embdr . . embroiderer 

emp employe 

emp agcy 

employment agency 

eng engineer 

engr engraver 

es east side 

est estate 

exch exchange 

exp express 

expmn . . expressman 

fcty factory 

flgmn flagman 

fnshr finisher 

f ormn foreman 

forwn . . . forewoman 

f rt freight 

ft foot 

f tr fitter 

furn furniture 

f urn rms 

furnished rooms 
furngs ... furnishings 

gasftr gasfltter 

gdnr gardener 

gds goods 

genl general 

govt . . . government 

gro grocer 

h householder 

halrdrsr . hairdresser 

hd hand 

hdqrs . . headquarters 

hdw hardware 

hlpr helper 

hngr hanger 

hosp hospital 

hsekpr . . housekeeper 

Hts Heights 

lmplts . . Implement's 

imptr importer 

inc . . . Incorporated 

Ins Insurance 

inspr Inspector 

instr Instructor 

int rev 

Internal revenue 

jr junior 

Jwlr jeweler 

kpr keeper 

lab laborer 

lbr lumber 

lleut .... lieutenant 

lino linotype 

litho . . lithographer 

lndrs laundress 

lndrymn ..laundrynian 

ltd limited 

mach .... machinist 
mdse . . merchandise 
Ditch mechanic 

mechl .... mechanical 

mer merchant 

Met . . . Metropolitan 
mfg . .manufacturing 
mfr . . manufacturer 

mgr manager 

mkr maker 

mkt market 

mldr molder 

ralnr milliner 

ma man 

mono monotype 

msngr . . . messenger 

mstr mech 

master mechanic 
mtrmn . . . motorman 

mus music 

mus tchr. music teacher 

mut mutual 

n or N North 

Natl National 

ne northeast 

nr near 

na northslde 

nw northwest 

© . . . property owner 

opp opposite 

opr operator 

osteo .... osteopath 

pass passenger 

pat patent 

pdlr peddler 

pharm . . pharmacist 
photog .photographer 

phys physician 

pk park 

pkr packer 

pkwy parkway 

pi place 

plmbr plumber 

plshr polisher 

plstr plasterer 

pntr painter 

PO postofflce 

PS Public School 

pres president 

prln principal 

prod produce 

prof professor 

prop proprietor 

prov provisions 

prsfdr . . pressfeeder 
prsmn .... pressman 
ptmmkr patternmaker 

pub publishing 

publr publisher 

purch . . . purchasing 
r.. . .resides or rooms 
R C. ..Roman Catholic 

rd road 

RD . . Rural Delivery 
real est . . real estate 

rec receiving 

rep . . representative 
reprmn . . . repairman 
restr .... restaurant 

ret retail 

Rev Reverend 

Ry Railway 


Railway Mail Service 

a or S South 

san sanitary 

sav savings 

sch school 

se southeast 

sec secret ary 

sergt sergeant 

ship shipping 

slsmgr. . salesmanager 
slsmn .... salesman 
slswn . . . saleswoman 
smstrs . . . seamstress 

soc society 

solr solicitor 

spl special 

sq square 

ss gouthslde 

sta station 

sta eng 

stationary engineer 
sten . . . stenographer 
stereo .... stereotyper 
stmftr . . ateamfltter 

str setter 

supt . .superintendent 

supvr . supervisor 

surg surgeon 

sw southwest 

swtchmn . . switchman 

tchr teacher 

tel telephone 

teleg telegraph 

ter terrace 

tmkpr . . . timekeeper 

tmstr teamster 

tndr tender 

trans . transportation 

trav traveling 

treas treasurer 

two township 

undtkr . . undertaker 
uphol . . upholsterer 

US United States 


United States Army 
USMC. United States 
Marine Corps 

United States Navy 

vet veterinary 

vulc vulcanlzer 

w or W West 

whol ..... wholesale 



wld widow 

wkr worker 

wks works 

ws westalde 

wtchmn . . watchman 

ydmn yardman 

ydmstr . . yardmaster 




Abraham Abr 

Alexander Alex 

Alfred Alt 

Archibald Arch 

Arthur Artb 

August Aug 

Catherine Catb 

Charles Ch as 

Daniel Danl 

Edward Edw 

Elizabeth Ellz 

Eugene Bug 

George Geo 

James Jas 

Joseph Joa 

Katherlne .... Eath 
Margaret' .... Margt 
Michael Mlchl 

Benjamin Ben] Frederick .... Frodk Patrick Patk William Win 

Richard BIchd 

Robert Bobt 

Samuel Saml 

Solomon Sol 

Stephen Steph 

Theodore Theo 

Thomas Thoi 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Power and Lighting Service 





Copyright, 1932, by Hill Directory Co., Inc. 

For List of Abbreviations see opposite page 

Alphabetical List of Names 

AAA (Caroline Motor Club Inc) C Edw Walker local mgr 124 N 

Aaron Emma Mrs rll6% E Main 

Abbott P H (Helen W) elk Am Tob Co Inc r616 W Chapel Hill 
Abbott Helen W Mrs nurse Duke University Hosp r616 W Chapel Hill 
Abelkop Alex (Freda) slsmn rll23 N Roxboro 
Abelkop Benj rll23 N Roxboro 

Abelkop Edith Mrs elk Durham Poultry & Egg Mkt rll4 Broadway 
Abelkop Harris hll23 N Roxboro 
Abent Zula (c) lndrs r323 Matthews 
Abemathy Anne G opr WUTelegCo r605 Scoggins av 
Abernathy Artembles A (Mary) h605 Scoggins av 
Abemathy Caro hosiery wkr r2116 Ashe 

Abernathy Ethel nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Abernathy Eug L barber D Cary Jackson r605 Scoggins av 
Abernathy Pleta (wid Avery S) hl216 Broad 
Abernathy Martha (wid Benj P) h2116 Ashe 

Abernathy Mary B nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Abernathy Robt L (Sallie F) driver Southeastern Exp Co h806 Jackson 
Abernathy Thos E (Jessie L) carrier PO r812 S Alston av 
Abernethy Clinton A auto mech r2406 Ashe 
Abernethy H Battle janitor r2406 Ashe 

Abernethy J Everett (Mattie) delmn Walter L Andrews h2406 Ashe 
Abernethy Rosa L slswn r2406 Ashe 

Abstone Iron Works (Alonzo B Stone) machs S Goley at end 
Adair W Holmes (Marie E) pharm Eckerd's of Durham Inc h922 Dacian 

av apt 5 
Adams Alex (c) draymn r428 Bailey 
Adams Alice D (wid Alvin) hl803 Chapel Hill rd 
Adams Alpheus J (Lettie Y) dentist 123 W Main R601 h610 W Chapel 

Adams Ann (c) maid 804 S Duke 
Adams Annie Mrs hosiery wkr r417 Walker 
Adams Arth S CLalon) slsmn hll22 N Roxboro 
Adams B Brooks (Ruby C) knitter hl310 Broad 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 

Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 

2 32 

F O 

5T ^ 

TO •* 


3 > ^O ° 

I i © § 

"0 l«l 1 S 

D &■"■! o 



X H 

8 » * 





> ^^ m X 

•7! ^ 




o ►■■=■3 e 


S5g ? 





* > 

§ z 

.8 O 

3 rt> 

z o 


: a 

< v* 


dC — 
_l CO 

o * 



60 1 


HI | 

-J to 

O 111 

5 = 





z < e 

o _ B 

tO «* 3 


o2 g> 



>■ 1 £ 

Ul o 

-i 2 

X N 

Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Adams Berta M (c) dom hl408 Pine 

Adams Bel-tha (c) dom hl408 Pine 

Adams Brewer (Lillian) tob wkr r213 Markham 

Adams Burnice (c) lab rl408 Pine 

Adams Carrie B (c) r612 Matthews 

Adams Charnie T (Alpha E) knitter r304 Short al 

Adams Claiborne B (Eliz R) elk Chas L Billings r703a Burch av 

Adams Clara M tel opr rl807 Palmer 

Adams Claude A (Mattie V) phys 128 W Main R420 hl524 Hermitage ct 

Adams Claude A jr (Grace P) dentist 128 W Main R420 hl526 Hermit- 
age ct 

Adams Claudia E r504 Milton av 

Adams Clayburn (c) lab rl408 Pine 

Adams Conner L (Olive E) slsmn h223 Stokes 

Adams Cyrus M (Mabel C) supt Life & Casualty Ins Co r RD 6 

Adams Dalma G (Delia F) gro 928 Alabama h916 Buchanan rd 

Adams David B (Katie L) agt Life & Casualty Ins Co hl807 Palmer 

Adams Demorse (c) elk Star Cafe h509 Branch pi 

Adams Donald K (Naomi) asst prof Duke University h2015 WaWa av 

Adams Edith E (wid Jas A) h801 Ramseur 

Adams Edw B (Stella) tob wkr r801 Ramseur 

Adams Effie (c) dom r408a StJoseph 

Adams Ella hosiery wkr r908 Angier av 

Adams Ella (c) lndrs r208b Lee 

Adams Ethel (c) h604 South 

Adams Forrest F (Claudia M) elk Chas L Billings rll22 N Roxboro 

Adams Frank (c; Lottie H) waiter Hotel Malbourne r606 N Elizabeth 

Adams Fred (c; Theola) tobwkr h413 Mt Vernon 

Adams Gus (c; Veola) brklyr hllla Beamon av 

Adams Hattie (c) tob wkr r907 Glenn 

Adams Henry (c; Effie) hallmn Washington Duke Hotel r408 StJoseph 

Adams Howard A (Blanche A) elk Southeastern Exp Co h419 Willard 

Adams Hugh A (Savannah) textile wkr hl902 E Pettigrew 

Adams Inez P topper Ruth Hosiery Mills rl009 S Alston av 

Adams Ira L bkpr Durham Petroleum Co r918 W Trinity av 

Adams J Frank (Nellie M) ship elk Durham Cotton Mfg Co Inc hl904 
Angier av 

Adams J Wm H (Bettie E) woodwkr Durham Lbr Co h307 N Maple 

Adams Jas (c) truck driver h907 Glenn 

Adams John (c) emp Washington Duke Hotel r408 StJoseph 

Adams John (c) lab r606 Gray 

Adams John tob wkr r307 Liberty 

Adams John Q (Cornelia) h908 Angier av 

Adams John S 'Flora) carp h610 Rogers 

Adams Jos (c^ Nettie) clothes clnr 602 Colfax r604 do 

Adams Juanita tobwkr r812 W Main 

Adams Julian C (Ruth E) inspr hl506 Guess rd 

Adams Kathleen (e) r907 Glenn 

Adams Len H (c; Ida) lab h613 Canal 

Adams Leonard D (Ethel) barber Modern Barber Shop hll07 Glenn 

Adams Leslie L tel opr r504 Milton av 

Adams Lola (c) dom rl305 Union 

Adams Louis C r801 Ramseur 

Adams Louise A rll22 N Roxboro 

Adams Lucy (c) dom r710 Dover 

Adams Lucy M r504 Milton av 

Adams Lydia M (c) r613 Canal 

Adams Mack D (c; Lola) tob wkr h512 Gray 

Adams Marie (c) r506 Link pi 

Adams Marion B (Minnie) hllO S Alston av 

Adams Martha (c) dom h508a Ray al 

Adams Mary (c) hl502 South 

Adams Mary (c) tob wkr rl07 Moline 

Adams Melvin (c) tob wkr rl408 Pine 

Adams Myrtle (c) dom r210 Haywood 

Adams N Waldo rl904 Angier av 

Adams Nettie M silk wkr rl803 Chapel Hill rd 


"A Puiipose to Serve as Mrm aa Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

K. g. PHILUPS, Manager 


Number I. Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 J.'. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

Adams Otis (c) student r907 Glenn 

Adams Pattie R (wid Lexie W) h504 Milton av 

Adams Pattie W slswn r504 Milton av 

Adams Prince (c; Celia) tob wkr hl215 N Alston av 

Adams Roy G tob wkr rl803 Chapel Hill rd 

Adams Ruby I inspr rl807 Palmer 

Adams Ruth nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Adams Sarah (c) dom h313 Lee 

Adams Thos L (Mary H) hosiery wkr r801 Ramseur 

Adams Ulester (c; Zelma) porter City Baking Co h909a Walton 

Adams W Edw (Ethel) mldr Separk Foundry hl009 S Alston av 

Adams Wm (c; Lillie) tob wkr r606 Gray 

Adams Willie (c) dom r306 Thomasson 

Adcock Garland E (Nannie E) carrier PO hl205 E Main 

Adcock Jos S (Mellie L) slsmn h409 E Trinity av 

Adcock Julius S (Ruby G) firemn h801 N Hyde Park av 

Adcock Lester r412 Holloway 

Adcock Lucius G (Edna L) mech Durham Mattress Co Inc h.901 Fred- 

Adcock Mack h312 Chatham al 

Adcock Mae D (wid Wyatt C) hl03 S Elm 

Adcock Melvin T (Maggie T) truck driver W P Perry Transfer r400 

Adcock Hi Eliz rl207 E Main 

Adcock Raymond W (Lois B) slsmn Dillon Supply Co h834 Wilkerson 

Adcock Robt F (Alma M) cook Wm F Adcock hlllO Halloway 

Adcock W Frank jr (Beatrice) waiter Wm F Adcock hl024 Halloway 

Adcock Wm F (Jennie) restr 117 E Parrish hl207 E Main 

Adcock Willie S hosiery wkr rl03 S Elm 

Adcock Yuille W (Eunice R) carp h225 Oregon 

Adderton Edgar E (Iona E) slsmn h810 6th 

Addison Annie M textile wkr r315 Case 

Addison Chas (c; Gertrude) lab h513b McCoy pi 

Addison Edw bottler Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co r Oxford rd 

Addison Henry C (Bertie C) textile wkr h908 11th 

Addison Herbert A (Luna M) mach h804 N Roxboro 

Addison Jas C h315 Case 

Addison Lollie L (wid Louis A) h2627 Proctor rd 

Addison Mattie L (wid Quinn T) r616 Club blvd 

Addison Roscoe h2006 Ashe 

Addoms Ruth M asst prof Duke University r do 

Aderholt Watson (Noraine) carp hl804 Yearby av 

Adkins see also Atkins 

Adkins Emory E r2101 Club blvd 

Adkins Fenton A r2101 Club blvd 

Adkins John (c; Stisha) tob wkr h508a Carr pi 

Adkins Lonnie (c; Minnie) tob wkr r815 Fargo 

Adkins Merle T (Florence F) phys 212 W Main R405 h2101 Club blvd 

Adkins Merle T jr r2101 Club blvd 

Adkins Minnie (c) lndy wkr New Method Lndy r815 Fargo 

Adkins Trogler F student r2101 Club blvd 

Adkins Wm R (Dena M) mgr hi 107 Alabama 

Advent Christian Church Rev B Harrison Ingle pastor 1801 E Main 

Afton Inn (Mrs Ruth Howington) bdg 202 N Roxboro 

Agee B Frank (Lessie) h305 Case 

Agee Thos W r305 Case 

Agner Adam L (Dora M) overseer hl819 W Pettigrew 

Agner Baxter M (Hattie E) mill mech h716 10th 

Agner Chas B (Ellen L) sta atndt Granite Service Stas r716 10th 

Agner Claudes L (Lessie M) elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co h2622 Lawn- 
dale av 

Agner Edgar J (Sadie L) elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co hl025 Alabama 

Agner Pauline E r716 10th 

Aiken Agnes (c) r811 Fargo 

Aiken Fred F (Ida M) formn Am Tob Co Inc r910 N Mangum 

Aiken John W rl511 Angier av 

Aiken Robt L (T Audrey) mach. hl03 N Goley 

Aikens Blanche waitress rl925 Erwin rd 

Aikens Lelia (c) dom r9i2 Milton av 

Aikens Mary (c) tob wkr hl05b E Cobb , 

Aikens Viola tel opr r702 Park av 

Ailiff Roscoe S knitter Ruth Hosiery Mills r201 Morris 

Airheart Dorothy L office asst r2004 Englewood av 

Airheart J Milton (Lydia F) solr Home Ins Agcy Inc r2405 Club blvd 

Airheart John M (Dora L) h2004 Englewood av 

Albright Annis (c) tob wkr r416 Roney 







■n tn 
















$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Albright Bruce (c; Drelton H) tob wkr h405 Gray 

Albright Clara nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Albright Drelton (c) hairdrsr Warrenetta Hair Shop r405 Gray 

Albright Jos A (Willie L) lino opr The Seeman Printery 1U12 W See- 

Albright Julia K (Smith-Albright Co) r515 N Mangum 

Albright Julia S (Smith-Albright Co) r515 N Mangum 

Albright Lizzie (c) cook r510 Dowd 

Albright Maggie (c) lndrs rll3 Umstead 

Albright Mary (c) rllOl 2d 

Albright Mattie (c) dom rllOl 2d 

Albright Myrtle tchr Puller Sch r515 N Mangum 

Albright Pattie W (wid Geo K) hl05 Maynard av 

Albright Robt L (c; Martha M) gro 406 Dowd hl407 Geerwood 

Alderman Amos R (Nora J) mach opr h530 McMannen 

Alderman Elbert A (A Ruth) woodwkr Durham Lbr Co hl908 Ashe 

Alderman Eug (Eva M) hosiery wkr h505 N Driver av 

Alderman I Lester tob wkr r505 Yates av 

Alderman Jos L (Janie B) tob wkr h906 N Mangum 

Alderson Harry L (Mabel) mach Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc h809 
Wilkerson av 

Aldridge A Pollock (Nancy L) barber Modern Barber Shop h821 Ram- 

Aldridge Cynthia (wid John W) h913 10th 

Aldridge D Geraldine r913 10th 

Aldridge Dora E (wid John W T) h514 Gattis 

Aldridge E Milton (Cath S) asst mgr Met Life Ins Co hl004 8th 

Aldridge Eliz asst alumnae sec Duke University r do 

Aldridge Emily D Mrs elk Durham Book & Stationery Co r308 Oak- 
wood av 

Aldridge Fred S asst prof Duke University r do 

Aldridge Grady R (Beulah V) plant opr Duke University h911 Burch av 

Aldridge Lona Mrs smstrs r706 E Main 

Aldridge Luther w slsmn Holland Bros r904 Dacian av 

Aldridge Maggie L weaver r913 10th 

Aldridge Perley M slsmn Holland Bros r Chapel Hill rd RD 1 

Aldridge Ruth M r706 E Main 

Aldridge Wm A (Berta R) textile wkr h2020 Acme 

Aldridge Wm H r913 10th 

Aldridge Wm H (Burla P) bkpr h605 N Hyde Park av 

Aldridge Willis H (Emily D) slsmn Alexander Motor Co r308 Oak- 
wood av 

Aldridge Wilton B formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co rll2 Buchanan blvd 

Alex Spiros (Bull City Cafe) r408 E Peabody 

Alexander Alex tutor r408 E Main 

Alexander Bertha (c) tob wkr h513a Lyon 

Alexander Cath textle wkr rl05 S Elizabeth 

Alexander Claudia (c) maid Washington Duke Hotel r419 Cozart av 

Alexander Dollie (c) maid Washington Duke Hotel h419 Cozart av 

Alexander E Scarr (Ruth C) civ eng h923 N Mangum 

Alexander Ella (wid Wm C) r24 Oak dr 

Alexander Henry (c) r410 Cozart av 

Alexander Isabelle (c) dom rll07 W Pettigrew 

Alexander J Lynn (c; Grace) janitor hlll6 2d 

Alexander Laura nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

ALEXANDER MOTOR CO, S Parks Alexander Genl Mgr, Authorized 
Ford Sales and Service, 330 E Main, Tels Service Dept L-1331, Sales 
Dept E-1341, Tire Dept B31 E Peabody, Tel F-9331 

Alexander S Parks (Josephine T) genl mgr Alexander Motor Co h24 
O&K cfcr 

Alexander Stewart. M (Anna M) h2009 Club blvd 

Alexander W Coburn jr (Louise H) credit mgr Alexander Motor Co h319 
W Trinity av 

Alexander Wm J jr (Annie U) tobacconist h2108 Club blvd 

Alexander Willie nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Alexander Zebulon (c; Dollie) h419 Cozart av 

Alexon Esther supvr operating rm The Watts Hosp rl017 8th 

Alford Bernice L (Pansy N) routemn Durham Lndy Co h502 N Maple 

Alford Booker T (c) butler r810 Gattis 

Alford Dallas L (Sallie K) slsmn hl900 Angier av 

Alford Dallas L jr slsmn Dr Pepper Bottling Co of Durham Inc rl900 
Angier av 

Alford Edw (c) lab hl08 Vincent 

Alford Elise (c) tob wkr rl20 Cora 

Alford Forest P rll4 S Guthrie av 

Alford Hank (c; Evalina) lab hl07a Verbena 



Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires — Exide Batteries 

115 N. DUKE ST. TEL. N-173 

Alford Harold (Fannie) tob wkr h726 Liberty 

Alford Hattie (c) tob wkr hl20 Cora 

Alford Julius T pntr r911 Liberty 

Alford Larcenie J (wid Thos H) rll4 S Guthrie av 

Alford Lee E hlpr r911 Liberty 

Alford Lola M Mrs rl508 Angier av 

Alford Marcus C (A Minda) slsmn J A Murdock Co Inc h911 Liberty 

Alford Mary (c) h810 Gattis 

Alford Raymond (Felix M) hosiery wkr hlll2 Spruce 

Alford Wm D rll4 S Guthrie av 

Alford Wm L (Sarah S) electa h217 N Briggs av 

Alford Worth B rl900 Angier av 

Algranti Saml J (Beatrice H) formn Am Tob Co Inc hl606 University 

Allen Aaron (c; Lottie) lab hl407 Drew 
Allen Aaron (c) lab h208a Lee 
Allen Albert (Causie) textile wkr h2110 Gin 
Allen Albert (Almeda) textile wkr rl601 W Pettigrew 
Allen Amanda M (wid Henry T) h214 S Guthrie av 
Allen Anna (c) maid r206 E Proctor 
Allen Archie M (Nettie L) carp r2211 E Main 
Allen Arth (c; Annie) carp h416 Piedmont av 
Allen Arth C tank slsmn Standard Oil Co of N J r Roxboro rd 
Allen Asa R r705 E Main 
Allen Benj L (Lillian F) textile wkr h711 15th 
Allen Bishop R slsmn J L Wilkerson r204 Morris 
Allen Brock (c) tob wkr r509 South 
Allen Burma V (c) sch tchr rl601 Fayetteville 
Allen C Dolorese r406 Ashton pi 
Allen C Hillman r5Q3_ Markham 
Allen Carlton H (Josephine) r505 N Roxboro 
Allen Carolyn E rl08 Spruce 
Allen Cephas (c) janitor YMCA r902 Macklin 
Allen Chas S v-pres-sec Mortgage Securities Corp and sec-mgr Durham 

Bond & Mortgage Co r Washington Duke Hotel 
Allen Clarence G (Grace) waiter Central Lunch r809 Harper 
Allen Claude <c) sta atndt r403 Dowd 
Allen Claude T (Mary E) carp h318 Gray 
Allen Clyde C Mrs slswn United Dollar Stores r923 2d 
Allen Corinna (c) hosiery wkr r806 Macklin 
Allen Cosberry (c; Jennie) truck driver Jos T May rl008 Pine 
Allen David (c; Nannie) barber Fredk Herndon h701 Gray 
Allen Doris L (c) rl601 Fayetteville 
Allen Dorothy (c) dom r912 N Elizabeth 
Allen Edw (c; Cora) tob wkr h2235 Fayetteville 
Allen Edwin (c) tob wkr r902 Macklin 
Allen Edwin F (Pearl) textile wkr hl917 Lewis 
Allen Ernest (c; Mabel) auto mech r610 Douglas 
Allen Estelle (c) r513 Carrington 
Allen Eulis C (Ammie) textile wkr hl411 E Main 
Allen Florence (c) r524 E Proctor 
Allen Floyd A (Jessie) mach opr rl205 Taylor 
Allen Frances (c) dom r709 Dowd 

Allen G Cleveland (Ursell) textile wkr h2706 Mulberry 
Allen Geo (c; Frances) tob wkr h300 Piedmont av 
Allen Geo (c; Corinna) tob wkr h911 Thaxton av 
Allen Geo T (Rosa C) carp h406 Ashton pi 
Allen Gladys M (c) rl601 Fayetteville 

Allen H Bernice (c; Thelma) porter Fredk Herndon h910 Morehead av 
Allen Hallie (c) tob wkr rl305 Dawkins 
Allen Henry (c) lab r503 Umstead 

Allen Herbert S (Hattie B) textile wkr h2019 W Pettigrew 
Allen Herman (c; Flossie) lab r601 Fowler av 
Allen Howard (C; Ola) flagmn h524 E Proctor 
Allen Hubert H carp r408 E Main 
Allen Hulen (c; Essie) lab h828a Glendale av 
Allen Hyman (c> tob wkr r902 Macklin 
Allen Ida (wid Gus) h721 15th 
Allen Irving (Lessie) textile wkr r715 Reservoir 

Allen Irving E (Lucille N) slsmn Austin-Heaton Co h911 Monmouth av 
Allen J Hugh (c) v-pres Allen & Allen Inc r208 Haywood 
Allen Jack W 'Clara B) supt Durham Lndy Co hl004 Hale 
Allen Jas (c; Nora) janitor hl014 Kent 
Allen Jas (c) lab r311 Roney 
Allen Jas (c) tob wkr r503 Umstead 
Allen Jas (c; Lucile) ydmn hl21a Chestnut 



1 O 



pi ■■■ 




70 ^™ 



2* 50 

t </> 


























Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service — Always Open 

Allen Jas A (c; Nellie A) pres Allen & Allen Inc h709 Dowd 

Allen Jas W (Dorothy A) elk Calvin H Matthews r614 Arnette av 

Allen Jennie (c) tob wkr rl208 Jackson 

Allen Jessie (c) tob wkr rl04 E Cobb 

Allen John E (Eliz A) weaver hl906 College rd 

Allen John L awning mkr Dixie Awning & Shade Co r806 Cleveland 

Allen John R (Erah M) pipe coverer r2716 Mulberry 

Allen John W (c; Madge) tob wkr hll06 Pine 

Allen Jordan W (Grace) r721 15th 

Allen Jos C (Carrie F) slsmn Carpenter Motor Co hll8 W Lynch 

Allen Jos H (c) h310 Poplar 

Allen Leonard (c; Agnes) delmn rl03 Haywood 

Allen Leroy (c) clothes prsr Jas E Smith 605 South 

Allen Lillian M rl007 Lamond av 

Allen Lillie M (c) r911 Thaxton av 

Allen Lizzie (c) tob wkr rl08 Peachtree pi 

Allen Lovie (c) lndrs r503 Umstead 

Allen Lula spinner r721 15th 

Allen Lum (c) tob wkr r317 Matthews 

Allen Mamie (c) r704 Milton av 

Allen Marcellus (c; Nola M) firemn hl601 Fayetteville 

Allen Mary (c) r508a Ramsey 

Allen Mary (c) dom r606 Ramsey 

Allen Mary B (c) lndrs h rear 1601 Vale 

Allen Mary C (c) lndrs h206 E Proctor 

Allen Mazie spinner r721 15th 

Allen McKeever (c; Annie) lab h603 Booker 

Allen Milton T (c; Pearl) r'208 N Elizabeth 

Allen Mittie (c) dom r911 Thaxton av 

Allen Mollie H (wid Jos H) rll8 W Lynch 

Allen Mozella P (wid Wm) smstrs The Fashion h603 S Alston av 

Allen Nannie C (c) field wkr County Board of Charities and Public 

Welfare rl005 Fayetteville 
Allen Naomi (c) tob wkr h600 StJoseph 
Allen Nellie A (c) sec-treas Allen & Allen Inc h709 Dowd 
Allen Nora (c) restr 1204 Jackson rl014~Kent 
Allen Odessa (c) h307 Matthews 
Allen Opal F sec-treas The Durham Merchants Assn Inc r Chapel 

Hill rd 
Allen Oral G (Edna L) slsmn Belk-Leggett Co rll9 E Seeman 
Allen Owen W (E Vivian) textile wkr hl406 Morning Glory av 
Allen Pauline C (wid Rufus) r705 E Main 
Allen R T asst in physical education Duke University r do 
Allen Reese (c; Mabel) tob wkr rl204 Hanover 
Allen Rosa (c) lndrs h825a Glendale av 
Allen Rosa R slswn r705 E Main 
Allen Roy (c) r524 E Proctor 
Allen Rufus (c; Lula) lab h503 Umstead 

Allen Saml D (Vida) collr Moskin's Credit Clothing Co rl08 Spruce 
Allen Saml J (Kate L) stmftr hl08 Spruce 
Allen Saml J jr rlO-8 Spruce 
Allen Sarah (c) r807 Cameron 
Allen Susie (c) tob wkr r906 Latta 
Allen Teppie (c) tob wkr h906 Latta 

Allen Ttaeo R (c) prsr New Durham Dry Clnrs r416 Piedmont av 
Allen Thos (c) hlpr r206 E Proctor 
Allen Thos (c) lab rlll5 Lynchburg 

Allen Thos (c) porter Five Points Drug Co r416 Piedmont av 
Allen Thos tob wkr r618 Carr 

Allen Thos E (Eliz M) trav slsmn hl007 Lamond av 
Allen Vernon (c; Thelma) tob wkr r607 Dowd 
Allen W Jos (Sadie W) tob wkr h902 S Alston av 
Allen Wm (c) r315y 2 Dowd 
Allen Wm (c) lab rll06 Pine 

Allen Wm (c) porter Five Points Drug Co r416 Piedmont av 
Alien Wm tob wkr rl08 N Holman 
Allen Wm F (c) lab r509 Ramsey 
Allen Wm H (Tula) brklyr h303 E Geer 
Allen Wm J (c; Mary) tob wkr h902 Macklin 
Allen Willie M elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co r506 Buchanan blvd 
Allen Zachariah (c) hosiery wkr r705 Booker 

Allen Zaza (c) tob wkr r302y 2 Ramsey _ 

Allen & Allen Inc (c) Jas A Allen pres J Hugh Allen v-pres Nellie F 

Allen sec-treas tailors 102% Morris 
Alley John r502 Milton av 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Alley Wm E (Irene C) bkpr Shaw Paint & Wall Paper Co hl209 Vir- 
ginia av 

Allgood Beulah I hosiery wkr r416 N Hyde Park av 

Allgood Edna C hosiery wkr r416 N Hyde Park av 

Allgood Eva O hosiery wkr r416 N Hyde Park av 

Allgood Florence M hosiery wkr r416 N Hyde Park av 

Allgood Mattie J Mrs h416 N Hyde Park av 

Allgood Theo C drftsmn r416 N Hyde Park av 

Alligood E H (Edna) sten Durham Public Service Co r RD 6 

Allison Alvis W (Sarah F) carp h913 6th 

Allison Annetta (c) student r901 Pine 

Allison Emma (c) cook h901 Pine 

Allison Floyd E (Novella S) textile wkr r218 S Alston av 

Allison Jas (c) delmn Warren & Markham r901 Pine 

Allison John (c; Dovie) tob wkr hl317 Tucker 

Allison Nannie M (wid John P) h218 S Alston av 

Allison Thos H (Mary) hll02 Angier av 

Allison Wm H (c; Phoebe) tob wkr hl005 Thaxton av 

AUison Willis W (c) porter S H Kress & Co r901 Pine 

Allman Ernest (c) lab rl07b Bottom al 

Allred J Carl (Mabel C) br mgr The Great A & P Tea Co hl817 Palmer 

Allsbrook Juanita nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Almond Bertha tob wkr r603 Jackson 

Alsbrook Dotsie M (c) tob wkr rlOa Adams av 

Alston see also Austin 

Alston Annie (c) tob wkr hlll4 Scout dr 

Alston Augusta M Mrs tchr Fuller Sen h807 Cleveland 

Alston Avenue Grocery (Ralph S Massey) 501% S Alston av 

Alston Benj L (c) lab h8 Peachtree pi 

Alston Bessie (c) dom hll3 Piedmont av 

Alston Bessie (c) dom r912 Scout dr 

Alston Charity (c) hlll7 Jackson 

Alston Chas (c: Mabel) tob wkr hl403 N Hyde Park av 

Alston Chas (c) undtkr McLaurin Funeral Home r622 Price 

Alston Chas A (c; Mabel) lab hl013 Cornell 

Alston Chas B (Augusta M) City Clk and Treas h807 Cleveland 

Alston Dorothy (c) r810 Fayetteville 

Alston Edgar (c) r717 Hawk 

Alston Edw (c: Mattie) lab h810 Fayetteville 

Alston Edw (c) lab rlll7 Jackson 

Alston Eliza (c) tob wkr rlll7 Jackson 

Alston Ella (c) tob wkr r410 Piedmont av 

Alston Frank (c) lab rlll7 Jackson 

Alston Harvey (c) student rl501 Fayetteville 

Alston Isaac (c; Annie) tob wkr hl509 Fayetteville 

Alston Jacob (c; Hallie G) firemn Cheek-Holton Mfg Co Inc h717 

Alston Jas (c; Nola) lab hlOl Piedmont av 

Alston Jas jr (c) lab rlOl Piedmont av 

Alston Jas B (c; Annie C) mgr Morgan St Cafe hl501 Fayetteville 

Alston Janie (c) dom rl317 Albright rd 

Alston John (c) cook r8 Peachtree pi 

Alston John S (c; Mary) tailor h210 Peachtree pi 

Alston Jos (c) janitor rlll4 Scout dr 

Alston Josephine P (c) r622 Price 

Alston Lathrop W (c) adv solr The Carolina Times rl509 Fayetteville 

Alston Martha (c) tob wkr r205 Piedmont av 

Alston Mary (c) dom rl400 Fayetteville 

Alston Matthew (c) lab rlOl Piedmont av 

Alston Maybelle (c) tob wkr rlll7 Jackson 

Alston Robt (c) lab r815b Mebane 

Alston Vinie (c) tob wkr h303 Amber 

Alston Wm (c; Minnie) tob wkr h811 Fargo 

Alston Wm A (c; Esther) elk W Fred Henderson r2701 Hay 

Alwran R Harley (Pearl A) asst dist mgr Home Security Life Ins Co 
h22U Chapel Hill rd 

Alyea Edwin P (Nancy B) asst prof Duke University 1U019 W Mark- 
ham av 

Ambassador The apts 916 W Trinity av 

American Beauty Shoppe (Mrs Olive G Schnidt) 110% N Corcoran R7 

American Business Club T M Hunter jr sec meets Tuesdays 1 p m at 
Washington Duke Hotel 

American Legion Club (c) Wm H Wilson mgr 608 Fayetteville 

American National Insurance Co Alf B Prince mgr 212 W Main R418 

American Oil Co C Olay Stapleford br mgr whol 902 W Main 




212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washinston-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

American Red Cross Durham County Chapter Mrs Jennie D Thackston 

executive sec City Hall R16 

F Strickland V-Pres. Blackwell sw cor W Pettigrew, Tels Office 

F-106, Lucky Strike Storage L-3931 
American Telephone & Telegraph Co Harold O Stirewalt chf test bdmn 

plant N Roxboro nr 2d av 
American Tobacco Co Inc The Preston L Fowler mgr Blackwell av cor 

Pettigrew D Ernest Ward whse supt redrying plant 314 Blackwell 
Amey Chas C (c; Mildred) real est h521 S Elm 
Amey Elijah (c; Mary) plmbr h615 Canal 
Amey Essie Q (c) lndywkr Durham Lndy Co r909 Drew 
Amey Haywood (c) lab r615 Canal 
Amey Jas L (c) prod r517 S Elm 

Amey Mildred (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch r521 S Elm 
Amey Minnie E (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch h517 S Elm 
Amey Otis (c; Lillie) lab r431 Eric 
Amey Wm (c; Essie) truck driver h909 Drew 
Amis Chas J (Lelland; Amis Gro Co) h915 Green 
Amis Grocery Co (Chas J Amis, John C Repass, Wm M Williams) 201 

E Chapel Hill 
Ammons C Lynn (Elsie J) ship elk Durham Hosiery Mills h305 S Elm 
Amos Alex (c) h808 Grant 
Amos Grace (c) tob wkr r805 Fargo 
Amos Hezekiah (c) lab r602 Pine 
Amos Inezar (c) r805 Fargo 
Amos Jas (c; Annie) tob wkr h805 Fargo 
Amos Leona (c) tobwkr h412 Fowler av 
Amos Leora (c) r805 Fargo 
Amos Margie L (c) dom r808 Grant 
Amos Rinnie (c) r805 Fargo 

Amos Sylvester (c) bellmn Hotel Malbourne r412 Fowler av 
Amos Vivian M (c) dom r808 Grant 
Amos Wm (c; Helen) tob wkr h904b Oak 
Amos Woodson (c) gdnr r807 Fargo 

Amos & Andy Restaurant (Priestly P Poole) 207 E Chapel Hill 
Amoss Harold L prof Duke University r Hope Valley N C 
Amous Thurston (c; Prudence) tob wkr hl002a North 
Amrhein Mary G r912 Shepherd 
Anders Fred W (Lydia M) teller Duke Br Citizens Natl Bank b.903 

Anderson A Doris rl912 Erwin rd 
Anderson Alberta M (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch r811 Fay- 

Anderson Andrew R (Phoebe) prof Duke University h2404 Club blvd 
Anderson Bayard H (Callie) agt The Life Ins Co of Va hll2 E Trinity av 
Anderson Betty S (wid Carmel H) tob wkr r307 Watts 
Anderson Chas R instr Duke University r do 
Anderson Colie (c; Azalee) elev opr hlOOO Juniper 
Anderson Correnna (wid Chas R) r613 Milton av 
Anderson Edw (c) lab r401 Pine 
Anderson Elery E (Hazel F) credit mgr Huntley-Stockton Hill Co h819 

Anderson Eliz rl002 N Hyde Park av 

Anderson Eliz asst to dean woman's college Duke University r do 
Anderson Emory B (Luna) dental mech Central Dental Laboratory h 

1115 W Chapel Hill 
Anderson Evelyn V r307 Watts 
Anderson Ewing instr Duke University r do 
Anderson Grace rl002 N Hyde Park av 
Anderson Henry (c; Jennie) tob wkr r308 Dowd 
Anderson J Olive r428 Anderson 
Anderson Jesse L (Novella I) store elk Duke University r824 Wilker- 

son av 
Anderson Juanita nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Anderson Katie B emp The Seeman Printery r YWCA 
Anderson Kenneth (Myrtle S) agt Durham Life Ins Co h.404 Oakwood 
Anderson Lawrence student r2404 Club blvd 
Anderson Lodister (c) tob wkr r306 Division 
Anderson Louis dairywkr rl204 E Main 
Anderson Marcia student r2404 Club blvd 
Anderson Mary (c) dom hl005 Holt 
Anderson Mary T textile wkr r725 15th 
Anderson Milton W textile wkr r725 15th 
Anderson Minnie B (wid Oliver H) h725 15th 
Anderson Norman student r2404 Club blvd 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Appliances, Fixtures and Supplies 



Anderson Pearl O Mrs textile wkr rl912 Erwin rd 

Anderson Roy S (Lela J) mach hl25 Hunt 

Anderson Susan E elk N C Joint Stock Land Bank r428 Anderson 

Anderson Susan P (wid Wm F) h428 Anderson 

Anderson Thos P (Gladys G) elk SALRy r2802 N Roxboro 

Anderson W Banks atnding phys McPherson Hosp hl07 Watts apt 5 

Anderson Wm r204 Markham 

Anderson Wm (e) hlpr r604 Matthews 

Anderson Wm E Rev (Lillie M) h307 Watts 

Andrew J Perlymon (Lucy W) steward Hotel Malbourne hll06 N Duke 

Andrew Ruth C Mrs supvr The Watts Hosp r do 

Andrews Anne (wid L Junius) r705 Crabtree 

Andrews Annie B rl806 Olive 

Andrews Annie V Mrs slswn r606 Vickers av 

Andrews Annie W Mrs mus tchr r204 Watts 

Andrews Arth C r515 S Duke 

Andrews Benj P pntr rl211 Alma 

Andrews Bessie V rl806 Olive 

Andrews Blennie B r705 Crabtree 

Andrews Carlton A (Eliz) slsmn r222 Morris 

Andrews Carnie L (Eula F) pntr hl907 West 

Andrews Chas E rlllO 6th 

Andrews Chas L (Vera) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h705 Crabtree 

Andrews Cora E (wid Robt O) h817 Burch av 

Andrews-Couch Furniture Co Inc John B Andrews pres C Odell Couch 

sec-treas 416 W Main 
Andrews Direct Store Herbert Direct store mgr tailors 110 N Mangum 
Andrews Edgar textile wkr r209 Oregon 

Andrews Edgar M meat ctr Walter L Andrews r2120 Angier av 
Andrews Edna R rl013 Wells 
Andrews Edw G (Rosa) pntr hl014 W Peabody 
Andrews Edw L (Hattie E) truck driver h409 S Driver av 
Andrews Ernest G (Margt T) textile wkr r2120 Angier av 
Andrews Ervin H (Nettie L) mach opr hl501 Lathrop 
Andrews Esther hl305 Maryland av 

Andrews Florence sten Basil M Watkins and notary r RD 1 
Andrews Furniture Co (John B Andrews) 1920 Perry 
Andrews Geo W pntr hl211 Alma 
Andrews Geo W jr pntr rl211 Alma 
Andrews Gladys B r818 Morgan 
Andrews Green M h818 Morgan 

Andrews Hattie M Mrs emp B C Remedy Co h803 Holloway 
Andrews Herbert G (Myrtle H) .mgr Andrews Direct Store h806 Vick- 
ers av 
ANDREWS J A BATTERY CO (J Arnold Andrews), Operators Willard 

Battery Service, 215 Foster, Tel F-3931 (See left top lines and page 

ANDREWS J ARNOLD (Hattie M; J A Andrews Battery Co), h803l 

Holloway, Tel L-2753 
Andrews Jas A student r515 S Duke 
Andrews Jas D r817 Burch av 
Andrews Jas P (Mary A) jjolicemn hll3 E Seeman 
Andrews John B (Emmie; Andrews Furn Co; East Durham Furn Co) 

pres Andrews-Couch Furn Co Inc r HiUsboro rd 
Andrews John G (Lizzie M) pntr rl04 S Alston av 
Andrews John I (Wilma W) gro 106 S Guthrie av h216 do 
Andrews John J (Mary A) drftsmn Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc hl002 

Andrews Jos (c; Myrtle) r605 Cameron 
Andrews Julia S (wid Geo W) r409 South 
Andrews Lee D (Nora) hl013 Wells 
Andrews Lester L rl013 Wells 
Andrews Lillian tob wkr rl014 W Peabody 
Andrews Lillie M tob wkr rlOlo Arnette av 
Andrews Louise C rl013 Wells 
Andrews Luther B (Daisy E) textile wkr hlllO 6th 
Andrews M Euda r705 Crabtree 
Andrews Mabel W Mrs tob wkr r821 W Pettigrew 
Andrews Madge hosiery wkr r620 Reservoir (E Durham) 
Andrews Margt V rl211 Alma 

Andrews Marland G meat ctr Walter L Andrews r2120 Angier av 
Andrews Mary A (wid Danl W) h515 S Duke 
Andrews Mary C (wid John D) textilewkr hl012 Franklin 
Andrews Mary D h606 Vickers av 
Andrews Marv W student r515 S Duke 
Andrews O D r505 Mor?an 

Durham Realty and Insurance 

First Floor Trust Building BSTSKEi A. r3S! 

Andrews Otho Y (Etoile A) elk PO 1H411 Watts 

Andrews Ralph (Emma F) elk Walter L Andrews h2120 Angier av 

Andrews Robt (c) lawyer r700 Glenn 

Andrews Saml (Barbara) textile wkr h620 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Andrews Thos (Annie) r206 S Gregson 

Andrews Thos B (Clara M) carp h919 2d 

Andrews Thos F (Sadie) gro 2820 Angier av h do 

Andrews Thos V (Lucy S) parts mgr Johnson Motor Co hll06 N Greg- 

Andrews V Delia (wid J Henry) rll06 N Gregson 

Andrews Virginia D beauty opr Mrs Mattie Smith r817 Burch av 

Andrews Walter L meats 2104 Angier av r2120 do 

Andrews Wm (Inez) r603 Holloway 

Andrews Wm S (Mabel) textile wkr h209 Oregon 

Andrews Wm S (Idella C) truck .driver h2504 N Roxboro 

Andrews Willie M (c) h505 Lyon 

Andrews Zada J fnshr rlllO 6th 

Andrews Zelma tob wkr rlOlO Arnette av 

Ange Jas P (Ruby O) hl002 Angier av 

Ange John N (Nellie V) hl002 Angier av 

Ange Johnnie M (wid Wm F) hl800 E Main 

Ange M Lillian rl002 Angier av 

Ange Regina (wid Wm W) h202 S Alston av 

Ange Sudie D hosiery wkr rl002 Angier av 

Ange Theo H (Genora) textile wkr rl800 E Main 

Ange Wm F (Beatrice) textile wkr rl800 E Main 

Ange Willie C rl002 Angier av 

Angier Avenue Baptist Church Rev Wilbur G Hall pastor 2101 Angier 

Angier Lida D (wid John C) hl06 Buchanan blvd 

Angier Saml J (Zalene 1 A) sec-treas Cary Lbr Co Inc hl021 W Trinity av 

Anglin Glenn (Pauline P) credit mgr Ellis, Stone & Co hll2 W Trinity av 

Annie Lee Snoppe (Mrs Annie L Beeson) women's clothing 334 W Main 

Ansley Ernest (c) r608 Colfax 

Ansley Munyon (c) h608 Colfax 

Ansley Wm (c; Lossie) tob wkr h.605 Colfax 

Anthony Alphonso (c; Viola) brklyr h901 Massey av 

Anthony Chas E (c; Lizzie) ins agt h304 Umstead 

Anthony Fannie (c) dom hlOlO Kent 

Anthony Hubert (c) chauf rlOlO Kent 

Anthony Lessie E (c) sch tchr r304 Umstead 

Anthony Owen M (c) br elk New Durham Dry Clnrs r304 Umstead 

Apperson Estelle LaG elk rll08 Buchanan rd 

Apperson Jas H (Dorothy J) formn Am Tob Co Inc r Roxboro rd 

Apperson Nettie G Mrs asst elk County Recorder's Court r Stuart dr 

Apperson W Vaughan (Nettie G) elk Am Tob Co Inc r Stuart dr (Rock- 

Apperson Wm F (Annie I) slsmn Carpenter Motor Co hll08 Buchanan 

Apple Clyde P (Octa R) tob wkr hl714 Dean 

Apple Flavis (Annie M) wrapper rlll8 6th 

Applewhite Annie (c) maid 1526 Hermitage ct 

Applewhite Lillian textile wkr rl05 S Elm 

Apter Jacob student r701 McMannen 

Apter Mary student r701 McMannen 

Apter Morris (Annie; Cut Rate Market) h701 McMannen 

Arch Darnell (c) r222 Fulton 

Archer Alice (c) tobjwkr r202 Barnum 

Archibald Seymour (c; Vada) lab r2217 Fitzgerald av 

Archie Annie (c) dom r518 George 

Archie Emma (c) dom r311 Wake pi 

Archie Fannie (c) dom r3U Wake pi 

Archie Mary S (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Arena Polly E Mrs nurse 1214 Broad r do 

Arledge Clarence (c; Florence) lab r308 Division 

Armistead Kate H r718 Vickers av 

Armour & Co Hartley H Wise mgr whol meats 310 E Peabody 

Armstead Amy O (c) sch tchr r509 Pine 

Armstead Jas E (c; Mary T; Excelsior Barber Shop) h509 Pine 

Armstrong Alice (c) tob wkr h516 E Proctor 

Armstrong Amy (c) r403b Mt Vernon 

Armstrong Dalton (c; Sarah) greasemn Durham Public Service Co 
hl506 South 

Armstrong David V (Nell) meat ctr Gt A & P Tea Co hll23 Lynchburg 

Armstrong Edw (c) tob wkr rl006 Cole 



Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG. Manager 

Armstrong Elson (c) porter Hardees Pharmacists rl006 Cole 

Armstrong Fannie (c) student r402 Dodson 

Armstrong Gus (c) lab r402 Dodson 

Armstrong Hunter (c; Amanda) sta firemn hl006 Cole 

Armstrong Ida J Mrs rll03 Oval dr 

Armstrong Iola (c) dom r402 Dodson 

Armstrong Jas (c) r824 High 

Armstrong Jas (c) hlpr r811 Willard 

Armstrong Jas (c; Bertha) lab rlllO Willard 

Armstrong John (c; Delia) carp h402 Dodson 

Armstrong John C (Isabella) gdnr h303 Morehead av 

Armstrong John c jr r303 Morehead av 

Armstrong LeGrande (c) tob wkr r402 Dodson 

Armstrong Lula (c) tob wkr rll5 E Hillside av 

Armstrong Maggie (c) tob wkr r607 Mobile av 

Armstrong Mamie (c) student rl006 Cole 

Armstrong Walter (c; Dora) lab h604b Glenn 

ARMY RECRUITING OFFICE (See United States Government) 

Army & Navy Store The (Vance M Kearns) genl mdse 118 N Church 

Arnold A P emp Durham Lbr Co 1708 Vale 

Arnold Dean M asst dean Duke_University r do 

Arnold Herman hosiery wkr rll02 Glenn 

Arnold J Noble (Eliz H) mgr Publix-Kincey Theatres Inc and Carolina 

Theatre h312 Buchanan blvd 
Arnold Jas (c; Elzena) cook hl213 Hazel 
Arnold John T (c; Mary) r307 Sowell al 
Arnold L Rebecca office sec r2209 University dr 
Arnold Pattie (c) dom r605 Matthews 

Arnold S Eliz bkpr B C Remedy Co h312 Buchanan blvd apt 403 
Arnold Sudie hosiery wkr hll02 Glenn 
Arnold Wesley knitter rl805 Angier av 
Arrington Richd B (Kath) farmer hl933 Echo rd 
Arlington Saml P (Hattie L) wtchmn h713 Shepherd 
Arrington Tempie (c) dom rl07y 2 Haywood 
Arrowood Isabel tchr Central Jr High Sch rl004 Minerva 
Arthur Josephine (wid Martin A) r408 N Hyde Park av 
Arthur Percy hosiery wkr h408 N Hyde Park av 
Arthur Vera hosiery wkr r408 N Hyde Park av 
Artis Archie C <c) barber Bull City Barber Shop r607 Thomasson 
Artis Earl (c;. Rosa) sch tchr r610 Cameron 
Artis Plumie (c; Ida) pntr r531 Coleman al 
Asby Wm L (Ruby E) elk PO h.615 Shepherd 
ASHBAUGH VIRGIL J (Florence S) , Sec-Treas Durham Dairy Products 

Inc, hl002 Shepherd, Tel J-6232 
Ashby Ruth N (wid Percy R) bkpr Nicholson Motor Co Inc hl007 

Asher Roosevelt (c) lab r803 Dowd 
Ashley Alex A (Mollie L) tob wkr h327 South 
Ashley Andrew W tob wkr r327 South 
Ashley Chas G (Ruby J) tob wkr h721 Burch av 
Ashley E Jas (Eva S) r327 South 
Ashley Emma F (wid Wm H) r909 Ramseur 
Ashley J Deward (Ruby) truck driver h425 Salem 
Ashley Margt E tob wkr rl603 Angier av 
Ashley Nannie (wid Jos) h421 Salem 
Ashley Ruth F tob wkr r909 Ramseur 
Ashley Saml W (Nodie) textile wkr h415 Walker 
Ashley W Lawrence (Hallie C) slsmn East Durham Furn Co h2604 E 

Ashley Walter N (Jennie A) wtchmn hl603 Angier av 
Ashley Wm hl310 Angier av 
Ashley Wm (Ida) hosiery wkr h222 S Alston av 
Ashlin Beverly D (Annie E) acct 123 W Main R612 hl012 Gloria av 
Ashworth Bessie M r905 Pearl 
Ashworth Edw C (Alma I) pntr h503 Yates av 
Ashworth Ida M inspr r905 Pearl 
Ashworth Nettie F (wid Jos H) h905 Pearl 
Ashworth Norwood N knitter r905 Pearl 
Ashworth R Folgier (Hannah P) batterymn Sou Battery & Elec Co h2611 

Highland av 
Ashworth Wm A (Edith C; Sou Battery & Elec Co) h620 Burch av 
Askew Virginia tob wkr r504 Milton av 
Askin Theo (c; Delia) tob wkr r607 Mobile av 
Atkins see also Adkins 
Atkins Addie A (wid Henry J) r725 13th 
Atkins Ara R elk Am Tob Co Inc rll4 W Lynch 



Restful Seclusion 

In Sumptuous Surroundings 

is available at 


Atkins Blanche G rll4 W Lynch 

Atkins Chas T (Mabel S) elk Geo P Whitley h926 W Trinity av 

Atkins Edw G (Annie L) textile wkr h2005 Erwin rd 

Atkins Edw G jr textile wkr r20O5 Erwin rd 

Atkins Geo (c) lab r420 Dowd 

Atkins Geo (c) tob wkr r812% Pickett 

Atkins Ida (c) cook 1709 W Pettigrew 

Atkins Jas B S (Alice G) agt Trie Life Ins Co of Va hll4 W Lynch 

Atkins Jennie (c) h722 Whitted 

Atkins John L (Alma Y) agcy mgr Bankers Life Co of Des Moines la 

hl701 N Roxboro 
Atkins John L jr solr Bankers Life Co of Des Moines la rl701 N Roxboro 
Atkins John W (Nettie) textile wkr h718 13bh 
Atkins Lelia J (wid Jas L) slswn Tilley's Stores Inc r710 Shepherd 
Atkins Lillian nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Atkins Mildred (c) cook r2321 Shirley 
Atkins Sarah Cc) h2321 Shirley 
Atkins Veora (c) tob wkr r722 Whitted 
Atkinson Cecil E tob wkr r405 Jackson 
Atkinson Ellen (wid Wm T) h405 Jackson 
Atkinson Jas r609 Belt 

Atkinson Jesse (c; Nannie) tob wkr h317 Matthews 
Atkinson John W rl806 Perry 
Atkinson Lena M (wid Thos J) rl806 Perry 
Atkinson Lillie P textile wkr rl806 Perry 
Atkinson S Elmer (Alice) hosiery wkr h609 Belt 
Atkinson Saml (c) tob wkr rl05 Enterprise 
Atkinson W Leon slsmn r405 Jackson 

Atlantic Mortgage Co Wm G Bramham receiver 128 E Chapel Hill R304% 
Atlantic & Western Motor Express Danl Limer rep 801 W Main 
Atwater Alex Rev (c; Sallie) hlll9 Webb al 
Atwater Bettie E (c) student r706 Pickett 
Atwater Bunn (c; Nonie) lab h706 Pickett 
Atwater Cath (c) hl511 Maplewood av 
Atwater Coy (c) lab rl206 Avery 
Atwater Dock (c; Laura) lab h305 Pulton 
Atwater Eldora (c) maid 712 Burch av 
Atwater Ethel (c) dom r305 Pulton 

Atwater Eugenia asst Duke University Hosp r817 Burch av 
Atwater Exell (c; Jessie M) tob wkr r2H5 Payetteville 
Atwater Geo (c) tob wkr r307 Thomasson 
Atwater Henry L (c) lab r305 Pulton 
Atwater Hubert L (Snowden C) sta atndt Standard Oil Co of N J h906 

N Mangum 
Atwater J Bunyan (Roberta J) ins agt h2106 Chapel Hill rd 
Atwater John (c) draymn h604 Guy al 
Atwater John B (Mae) tob wkr r205 Jones 
Atwater John H (c; Mamie) lab h612 Carr 
Atwater Juanita (c) r823 Gattis 

Atwater Mae Mrs elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co r205 Jones 
Atwater Maggie (c) tob wkr rl205 Morehead av 
Atwater Marie (c) tob wkr rl06 Beamon av 
Atwater JMinnie (c) r604a Glenn 
Atwater Roney (c) tob wkr r830 Gattis 
Atwater Sidney (c) tob wkr r908 Thaxton av 
Atwater Snowden C Mrs bkpr Gulf Refg Co h906 N Mangum 
Atwater Sylvia (c) tob wkr h604a Glenn 
Atwater Thos J (c; Mattie) tob wkr h206 Moore 
Atwater Walter (c; Callie) lab h511 Nelson 
Atwater Wm (c; Dora) farmer h710 Nelson 
Atwater Wm B (c) student r706 Pickett 
Atwater Wm P (Fannie L) auto mech Sykes & Pritchard r2106 Chapel 

Hill rd 
Atwood Grace W Mrs sec Atwood & Weeks Inc hl212 Arnette av 
Atwood Thos C (Grace W) pres-treas Atwood & Weeks Inc hl212 

Arnette av 
ATWOOD & WEEKS INC, Thomas C Atwood Pres-Treas, H Raymond 

Weeks V-Pres, Mrs Grace W Atwood Sec, Architects and Engineers 

204-205-206 Loan & Trust Bids 212 W Main, Tel J-5471 
Ault Vera nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Ausley Clyde C (Lillian) tob wkr h410 N Hyde Park av 
Ausley Pe'lton L (Goldie) textile wkr hl014 Hale 
Ausley Jesse B (Janet S) tob wkr rl014 Hale 
Austin see also Alston 

Austin Aaron (c) tob wkr r913 Morehead av 
Austin Addie (c) r910 3d 


Home Savings Bank 


JOHN S'PRUNT HILL. President T. C. WORTH, Cashier 

Austin Allene M elk County Tax Supvr rll2 W Lynch 

Austin Annie (c) dom hlOOl Gilbert 

Austin Annie (c) dom rl006 Kent 

Austin Annie B (c) dom rlll2 Rock 

Austin Austin A (c; Louvenia) farmer h704 N Elizabeth 

Austin Beatrice (c) dom r618 Canal 

Austin Bessie (c) tob wkr r702 Milton av 

Austin Cardell (c; Bessie) tob wkr h703 Dowd 

Austin Carrie (c) r509 Dunbar 

Austin Chas O (c) shoe shiner Gregson St Barber Shop rl003 Willard 

Austin Dora (c) tob wkr h313 Baxter 

Austin Duncan (c; Anna B) r707 Gray 

Austin Gertrude (c) dom hll07 Moreland av 

Austin-Heaton Co M Arnold Briggs pres Erskine E Boyce v-pres Claude 
B Williams sec-treas flour mills 301 South 

Austin Henry (c) hlpr rl321 Albright rd 

Austin Henry (c; Eula) lab h707 Gray 

Austin Ivy L r407 Milton av 

Austin Jas (c; Carrie) truck driver hlllO Kent 

Austin Jas B (c) shoe repr Ernest P Fausette rl411 C 

Austin Jas O (c; Bessie B) fish 407 W Cobb hl003 Willard 

Austin Jane O tob wkr r808 Burch av 

Austin Jefferson (Dora) hl04 S Alston av 

Austin Jesse (c) r509 Dunbar 

Austin Jonah (c; Macy) lab hl603 Vale 

Austin Jos (c; Nettie) lab h2526 E Pettigrew 

Austin Junie (c) tob wkr h415 Ray al 

Austin Laura (c) r910 3d 

Austin Lela (c) dom rlll5 Cornell 

Austin Lillie M (c) dom r910 3d 

Austin Lizzie Tc) dom h910 3d 

Austin Lodius (c) student r509 Dunbar 

Austin Lorena (c) tob wkr r704 N Elizabeth 

Austin Lou ic) tob wkr r513 Carrington 

Austin Louis E (c; Stella V) pres Carolina Times Publishing Co Inc 
and editor The Carolina Times h509 Dunbar 

Austin Lucy A (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co r903 Willard 

Austin Marvin L (Georgia M) knitter hllOV E Main 

Austin Mary (c) h807 Cameron 

Austin Mary (c) dom h405 Branch pi 

Austin Maude (c) student r509 Dunbar 

Austin Mittie (c) sch tchr rl003 Willard 

Austin Noel (c) r513 Carrington 

Austin Norman (c; Susie) lab h618 Canal 

Austin Robt (c) hlpr r815 Mebane 

Austin Ruth (c) tob wkr h510 Colfax 

Austin Sallie (c) r313 Baxter 

Austin Stella V (c) sec-treas Carolina Times Publishing Co Inc r509 

Austin Sue (c) dom hl216 Kent 

Austin Surry (c; Lula) r716 Willard 

Austin Virgil (c; Sadie) lab h2708 Hay 

Austin W Edw bkpr Dr Pepper Bottling Co of Durham Inc rll2 W Lynch 

Austin Wayne H student rll2 W Lynch 

Austin Wilbert (c; Mary) car washer Carpenter Motor Co hl516% Al- 
bright rd 

Austin Wm (c) bus boy Washington Duke Hotel r607 Ramsey 

Austin Wm (c; Bessie) cook rl004 Kent 

Austin Wm A (Hattie M> textile wkr hll08 Worth 

Austin Wm G (Edna M) stone ctr h808 Burch av 

Austin Wm H (Tempie A) slsmn hll2 W Lynch 

Auto Salvage Co (E Glenn Parrish) 330 N Mangum 

Autry John (c; Annie B) tob wkr r rear 308 Matthews 

Autry Lillian M Mrs alterer Blalock & Beck h913 Oakland av 

Autry W Purvis (Hazel M) truck driver Dr Pepper Bottling Co of Dur- 
ham Inc hill Hunt 

Autry Wm B (Lillian M) photos h913 Oakland av 

Avant Edw (c) student r305 Pine 

Avant Prank (c) student r305 Pine 

Avant Janie (c) student r305 Pine 

Avant Minnie L Mrs rl006 Angier av 

Avant Nancy (c) dom rlOll 2d 

Avant Wm G Rev (c; Janie E) pastor Pine St Presbyterian Church h305 

Avent Ada (c) r618b Ramsey al 
Avent Alice B (wid Jos P) r317 Holloway 






Avent Braxton C (Rosa) 1-1122 5th 
Avent Predk H (Ida V) h810 Broad 

Avent Predk H jr (Lalah) electn Roanoke Electric Co r Oxford rd 
Avent Jas (c) tob wkr r618b Ramsey al 
Avent May B (c) Indrywkr Durham Lndry Co r707 Willard 
Averitt Geo C (Eliz) h505 Morgan 
Avery Amy E textile wkr r715 16th 
Avery Eliz tob wkr r834 Wilkerson av 
Avery Ernest (c; Lucy) tob wkr h808 Colfax 
Avery Herschel (c; Lizzie) lab h810a Colfax 
Avery Ida P (wid Saml E) h911 10th 
Avery Jas P (Emma J) ins agt hl302 Morning Glory av 
Avery John (c; Roxie) lab hl303 Drew 
Avery John A (Ila A) textile wkr h2700 Mulberry 
Avery Maggie (c) r808 Colfax 
Avery Maggie L textile wkr r911 10th 
Avery Robt tob wkr r203 Morris 
Avery Robt G textile wkr r715 16th 
Avery Sallie E hl308 Angier av 
Avery Silas W (Lena A) textile wkr h715 16th 
Avery Thelma A (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r434 Piedmont av 
Avery Wm H elk Gt A & P Tea Co rl302 Morning Glory av 
Avery Wilmer textile wkr r2216 Hillsboro rd 
Avery Yancey S (Addie) textile wkr h307 Case 
Aycock Alma tob wkr r729 Broad 
Aycock Benj P (Lelia M) mach opr h604 Vickers av 
Aycock Clara M mgr My Shop r YWCA 
Aycock Connie W (Wylanta) h607 Watts 
Aycock Edith W (wid Herman B) tob wkr r729 Broad 
Aycock John B tob wkr r729 Broad 
Aycock Murray (Bertha) h729 Broad 
Aycock Pattye E elk R L Baldwin Co r YWCA 
Aycock The apts 926 Dacian av 
Aycock Virginia (c) tob wkr rlOlO 3d 
Aye Geo (c; Fannie) rl301 Morehead av 
Ayers Marion L h211 S Guthrie av 
Ayers Roscoe M hlpr r211 S Guthrie av 

Ayers Wm L (Annie J) slsmn Huntley-Stockton-Hill Co hl007 Buchanan 

B C Remedy Co Commodore T Council mgr patent medicine mfrs 423 

B & B Pood Store (Jefferson P Byrd, W Coy Beck) gros 1507 E Main 
B & J Fruit Store (Cleveland H Burke) prod 138 E Chapel Hill 
Babb Etoile P (wid Earl L) r702 Burch av 
Babb Josiah S (Lucille M) spl agt Equitable Life Assurance Society 

h219 Knox cir 
Babcock Dorothy nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Bacci Beatrice Mrs r508 McMannen 

Bache J S & Co Edw G Mathews br mgr stock brokers 301 E Chapel Hill 
Bacon Mary H (wid Henry C) r813 8th 
Bacote Louvenia (c) student nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 
Badie Wm M (c; Sallie) tob wkr h601 Price 
Baer Hallette L (Louise M) v-pres-mgr Durham Ice Cream Co Inc 

hl413 N Mangum 
Baer Jas H pres Durham Ice Cream Co Inc h914 W Markham av 
Baer Royal N slsmn Durham Ice Cream Co Inc r Roxboro rd 
Bagley Albert (c) porter Duke University Hosp r RD 1 
Bagley Arth (c) rllO Vincent 
Bagley Ethel (c) cook hl503 Pine 
Bagley Prank (c) rllO Vincent 
Bagwell Hubert stmftr r412 N Elizabeth 
Bagwell John R (Viola C) v-pres-sec Bagwell-Small Plumbing & Htg Co 

h2317 Club blvd 
Bagwell-Small Plumbing & Heating Co Inc Odell Small pres-treas John 

R Bagwell v-pres-sec 314 Morgan 
Bagwell Wm B (Mattie J) h605 McMannen 
Bagwell Wm S (Esther T) supt of mails PO h603 McMannen 
Bagwell Wm S .ir student r603 McMannen 
Bailey Addie (c) rl213 Dawkins 

Bailey Albert (c) barber Crystal Barber Shop r312 Mincey 
Bailey Anna (c) dom r917 Whitted 
Bailey Anna (c) tob wkr r301 Thomasson 
Bailey Ara (c) tob wkr h312 Mincey 
Bailey Belle r411 South 
Bailey Benj (c) rl016 Shaw 
Bailey Chas (c) butler rl08 Chestnut 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASOHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Bailey Chas (c; Sadie) driver Floyd Coal Co h608 N Elizabeth 

Bailey Cora (c) cook 907 Orient 

Bailey Corinna (c) tob wkr hl401 Caswell pi 

Bailey Cullen B (Lettie) slsmn h306 N Driver av 

Bailey Eug G textile wkr rll4 Case 

Bailey G Brown silkwkr r814 Vickers av 

Bailey Harriet L (c) Indrs hl016 Shaw 

Bailey Henry (c) lab r314 S Plum 

Bailey Henry (c; Bettie) lab hlll7 Willard 

Bailey Hugh T (Bessie N) formn Am Suppliers Inc hl08 S Maple 

Bailey I Lee (Mae M) formn Am Suppliers Inc rl406 James 

Bailev Ida (c) r608 N Elizabeth 

Bailey Irving (c; Hattie) tob wkr rll09 Fargo 

Bailey Isabella (c) hl20 Seminary 

Bailey J Fuller (Tiney T) hll4 Case 

Bailey Jack C r814 Vickers av 

Bailey Jas (c) elk Royal Knights of King David rl213 Dawkins 

Bailey Jas (c; Laura) ins agt hl213 Dawkins 

Bailey Jesse (c; Gussie) lab h913b Pickett 

Bailey Jesse (Ophelia B) tob wkr h2107 Hart 

Bailey John (c) student rl213 Dawkins 

Bailey Laura (c) dom h710 Pickett 

Bailey Mae B sten Am Suppliers Inc rl406 James 

Bailey Maggie L (wid John K) rl901 Hart 

Bailey Mamie (c) student r312 Mincey 

Bailey Margie P fioorwn S H Kress & Co rl08 S Maple 

Bailey Mary E tob wkr h411 South 

BAILEY MOTOR CO (N Thomas Bailey, Hoke Smith), Hudson and 

Essex Motor Cars, Sales and Service 306 E Main, Tel J -4431 (See 

page 33) 
Bailey N Jane r718 8th 

BaUey N Thos (Eva M; Bailey Motor Co) hl907 Club blvd 
Bailey Ora (c) dom rl07 Erie 
Bailey Parrie L (c) smstrs rlllO South 
Bailey Pauline E tob wkr rl08 S Maple 
Bailey Pauline H hosiery wkr r306 N Driver av 
Bailey R Irene hosiery wkr r306 N Driver av 
Bailey Reginald (c; Lena) trucker N&WRyCo h212 Haywood 
Bailey Robt (c; Pearl) janitor rll9 Powe 
Bailey Rogers (c) waiter rll4 Gattis 
Bailey Roy K (Ida M) tob wkr hl05 S Maple 
Bailey S Eliz (c) sten N C Mut Life Ins Co r811 Fayettevihe 
Bailey Sallie (c) tob wkr rl20 Seminary 
Bailey Sarah (c) maid hlOlO 2d 
Bailey Sarah (c) tob wkr r312 Mincey 

Bailey Thelma L (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co rl213 Dawkins 
Bailey Thos (c; Grizell) gro 402 Fowler av h do 
Bailey Walter (c; Jane) sausage mkr rl603 Vale 
Bailey Wm (c; Dorothy) hi 110 South 
Bailey Wm (c; Alberta) cook hll4 Gattis 
Bailey Wm (c; Laura) plstr h310 Baxter 
Bailey Wm E (Henrietta) hosiery wkr h209 Laurel av 
Bailey Yandell C sta atndt Standard Oil Co of N J r313 Chase 
Bain see also Bane and Bayne 
Bain Anna B r612 Troy 

Bain Jas (Bathia; Bain-Kimball-Milam Co) hl218 Broad 
Bain Jas M (Lula) textile wkr hl913 Erwin rd 
Bain-Kimball-Milam Co (Jas Bain, W Watson Kimball, Rivers S Milam) 

monumental wks 810 W Peabody 
Bain Wm (c; Ada) tobwkr h808 Cameron 
Baine Jos B (Daisy L) carp h927 Alabama 

Baines Lucile (c) elk The Mortgage Co of Durham r516 Glenn 
Baines Margt (c) tobwkr r508 Fowler av 
Baines Mary B (c) r516 Glenn 
Baines Robbie (c) r508 Fowler av 
Baines Wm (c) rl402 Glenn 
Baines Wm (c; Minnie) lab h516 Glenn 
Bains Foy M (c) dom rl22 Barnum 
Bains Lottie M (c) dom rl22 Barnum 
Bains Walter (c; Lela) hsemn r512 Husband al 
Baker Addie Mrs r607 Belt 
Baker Adeline (c) dom r304 Moline 
Baker Almon C tobwkr rllO Walker 
Baker Alonzo Z (Ida F) h914 Angier av 
Baker Ara E looper rl606 E Main 
Baker Bessie dean of sch of nursing and prof Duke University r do 










21.5 FOSTER ST. 



PHONE F-3931 

Baker Blanche (c) r308 W Baker 

Baker Carrie (wid Albert) r2405 Hart 

Baker Cleo (c) r608 Glenn 

BAKER CLYDE, Eng McDonald-DeWitt Ice & Coal Co r 9th cor B, 

Tel J-7511 
Baker Daisy rl615 Roxboro rd 
Baker Edgar L (Chinnie) textilewkr hl606 E Main 
Baker Edgar R (Mabel A) tobwkr hll23 9th 
Baker Eleanor U instr Duke University r do 
Baker Emma L rl704 E Main 
Baker Everett V textilewkr hl615 Roxboro rd 
Baker Farley L (c) lab h304 Moline 
Baker Flora tob inspr h405 South 
Baker Gilbert S TJSN r313! Clay 
Baker Hattie B hosiery wkr r301 Short al 
Baker Helen E (c) sch tchr r604 Douglas 
Baker Ida T Mrs hl310 Angier av 
Baker J Carlos (Mary) hosiery wkr hl210 Taylor 
Baker J Tyre (Gladys L) textile wkr hl007 Taylor 
Baker John R (c; Annie C) carp h604 Douglas 
Baker Jos (Ethel) r303 Spruce 
Baker Lee (c) lab rl014% Burch av 
Baker Leila tobwkr r407 Morris 

Baker Lenox D trainer in physical education Duke University r do 
Baker Luther C (Ethel M) textile wkr rl702 E Main 
Baker Mary C (wid Harry H) h701 N Roxboro 
Baker Matthew textilewkr rl608 E Main 
Baker Milton hlpr r607 Belt 
Baker Nathan F (Lydia) h914 Dale av 
Baker Nettie (c) lndrs h408 S Gregson 
Baker Newell E (W Edith) barber Washington Duke Barber Shop h2414 

E Main 
Baker Otho R (Kate K) hosierywkr hl04 S Plum 
Baker Otis (Leslie E) tobwkr h224 Stokes 
Baker Percy L (c) tchr NC College for Negroes r do 
Baker Persall P (Ida I) cabtmkr Durham Lbr Co h3I3 Clay 
Baker Roger D (Eleanor) instr Duke University r2319 Englewood av 
Baker Saml student rlll4 8th 
Baker Sudie Mrs hosierywkr rill S Briggs av 

Baker T Wm barber Washington Duke Barber Shop r Wake Forest rd 
Baker Theo E knitter r914 Angier av 
Baker Venetha T (wid Wm P) r2612 Sater 
Baker Viola (c) tobwkr r308 W Cobb 
Baker W Howard (Mamie) hosierywkr hl212 Taylor 
Baker Walter W asst in surgery Duke University r do 
Baker Wm (c; Lucille) tobwkr rYOO Drew 

Baldwin Alice M dean of woman's college Duke University r do 
Baldwin Beatrice Mrs textilewkr r911 Dale av 
Baldwin Casper B (Blanche P) formn The Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd 

r710 Morehead av 
Baldwin Cecil L printer r209 S Holman 

Baldwin Edgar P (Margt B) paperhngr D C May h910 Chester 
Baldwin Eleanor E r904 Vickers av 

Baldwin Essie M (Ruby W) supt Durham Furn Co Inc rll09 E Trinity av 
Baldwin Furniture Exchange (c; Paul N Baldwin) 540 E Pettigrew 
Baldwin Grayson E asst woman's college Duke University Library r904 

Vickers av 
Baldwin Jas (c) lab r903 Ebony 
Baldwin Jas G (Euna B) sec-treas Durham Ice Cream Co Inc h9I4 

W Markham av 
Baldwin Jas G jr elk Durham Ice Cream Co Inc r914 W Markham av 
Baldwin Jas R (Mattie B) stmftr hl06 S Alston av 
Baldwin Jos J (Pattie C) fcty mgr W P Henry Co h203 Parrish pi 
Baldwin Lou (c) rllOb Beamon av 
Baldwin Mary G (wid Jas E) r914 W Markham av 
Baldwin Monroe G asst mgr R L Baldwin Co r510 Buchanan blvd 
Baldwin Ora (c) dom rl002 Fargo 

Baldwin Paul N (c; Esther; Baldwin Furn Exch) h540 E Pettigrew 
BALDWIN R L CO, R Lynwood Baldwin Mgr, Department Store 

107 W Main, Tel F-185 
BALDWIN R LYNWOOD (Evelyn B), Pres Morris Plan Industrial Bank 

and Home Bldg & Loan Assn, V-Pres Citizens Natl Bank and 

MgT R L Baldwin Co, h904 Vickers av, Tel F-3221 
Baldwin R Lynwood jr student r904 Vickers av 
Baldwin Spencer C (c; Mildred) carp h908 Ebony 

Durham Public Service Co. 

Ride the Buses 



Baldwin Wm (c; Lula) r714 Willard 

Ball David M formn Knit-Well Hosiery Mills Inc r Sheron Acres 

Ball Emma J textilewkr r413 Anderson 

Ball Ernest L (Maude A) slsmn hl210 Holloway 

Ball Prank M rlOOS Liberty 

Ball Jos (c) car washer rlll8 2d 

Ball Jos C (Mamie R) knitter h812 Liberty 

Ball Lola M textilewkr r413 Anderson 

Ball Lottie B rl800 Olive 

Ball Mary J (wid Osborne W) h413! Anderson 

Ball Rosa L tobwkr rl210 Holloway 

Ball Sidney (c; Swannie) car washer Carpenter Motor Co h616b Ray al 

Ball Walter C textilewkr r413 Anderson 

Ball Walter T (Nancy F) h2314 E Pettigrew. 

Ballard Jessie (c) r311 Foster 

Ballard R Harry (Pearl J) auto mech r711 Arnette av 

Ballenger Jey T (Louise) collr Durham Public Service Co h903 Holloway 

Ballentine Clarence M (Eva) slsmn hfill W Chapel Hill 

Bane see also Bain and Bayne 

Bane Benj (Sarah) junk 1102 N Roxboro h do 

Bane Danl D (Janie) hosierywkr h2310 Hart 

Bane Eliza M Mrs silkwkr r403 W Pettigrew 

Bane Geo N (Ethel C) textilewkr h911 W Trinity av 

Bane Henry lawyer 128 W Main R316 rll02 N Roxboro 

Bane Isadore M slsmn r406 Holloway 

Bane Lillie r406 Holloway 

Bane Robt (c) lab r3li Thomasson 

Bane Saml (Esther) cattlebuyer h.406 Holloway 

Bane Tasker R hosierywkr r2310 Hart 

Bane Thos P (Mary E) asst supt hosiery mill Golden Belt Mfg Co 

h604 N Driver av 
Bane Wm Z (Theresa) elk Benj Bane rll02 N Roxboro 

Bankers Fire Insurance Co (c) Wm G Pearson pres Chas C Spauldin 
v-pres Lawrence W Wilhoite sec-mgr Edw R Merrick treas 809 Fay- 
etteville R22 
Bankers Fire Insurance Co Building (c) 707y 2 Fayetteville 
Bankers Life Co of DesMoines Iowa John L Adkiris agcy mgr 123 W 

Main R208 
Bankers Reserve Life Co The J E Howard supt 401% N Mangum Rl 
Banks Alice (c) dom r810 N Elizabeth 
Banks Alice (c) tobwkr hlOU Thaxton av 
Banks Bessie (c) cook rlll8 South 
Banks Chas E (c) blksmith 327 Roney h309 Pleasant al 
Banks David (c; Hettie) tobwkr h404 St Joseph 
Banks Emma (c) tobwkr rlll4 Shaw 
Banks Frances (c) maid 920 Oakland av 
Banks Geneva (c) tobwkr rll06 Rock 
Banks Grace (c) h410 Matthews 
Banks Hampton (c) tobwkr rlll4 Shaw 
Banks Hilliard (c; Nellie) pntr hlOlO Shaw 
Banks Jas (c; Carrie) tobwkr h615 Grant 
Banks Lula (c) maid Ellis-Stone Beauty Shoppe rlll8 South 
Banks Mann (c; Lula) night wtchmn Sou Fire Bldg hlll8 South 
Banks Mary E (c) r702 Booker 
Banks Measie (c) hll06 Rock 
Banks Rebecca T (c) sch tchr r704 Goodwin al 
Banks Rivers (c) lab rl!18 South 
Banks Willie (c) tobwkr rll06 Rock 
Banks Wilson J (c) tobwkr h911 Ferrell 
Bankston Thos E (c; Marian) cook Washington Duke Hotel h403 

Bantree Elsie (c) h823 Gattis 

Barbara Brozier L (Narcissus) br mgr r502 S Duke 
Barbee Abbie (c) sta atndt r310b Division 
Barbee Agnes I Mrs rl610 James 
Barbee Allie (c) lab r310b Division 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 


< CO 

o &£ 

-J €/> 




a i 
se to 

S~ i 

^ i % 

lij o 

X N 

Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Soc'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Barbee Alma looper r301 S Driver av 

Barbee Annie (c) lndrs rl002 Pine 

Barbee Annie E (c) student rl510 E Pettigrew 

Barbee Arth C (Florence E) shop formn Durham Lbr Co rl05 Spruce 

Barbee Arth F (Grace M) winder opr rl406 Morning Glory av 

BARBEE ARTHUR J (Macie C), County Register of Deeds and Sec 

County Board of Commissioners 1)312 Liberty, Tel J-96S1 
Barbee Arth O student r808 Holloway 

Barbee Atlas E (c; Bertha L) waiter Hotel Malbourne h2213 Fayetteville 
Barbee Bessie B (wid Eug W) h623 Middle 
Barbee Bessie I (wid Wm P) textilewkr hl709 Vale 
Barbee Bettie (c) h812 Cameron 
Barbee Betty sen tchr h311 Smith 
Barbee Beulah (c) dom r310b Division 
Barbee Beulah (c) hosierywkr rl406b E Pettigrew 
Barbee Bratcher (c; Easter) lab h914 N Elizabeth 
Barbee Carrie (c) tobwkr hll09 Kent 
Barbee Cephas (c; Bessie) textilewkr hl22 Ringling 
Barbee Chas (c) rl510 E Pettigrew 
Barbee Chas (c; Rowena) lab h2800 E Pettigrew 
Barbee Cherry (c) tobwkr r407 Piedmont av 
Barbee Chesley H (Ella W) gatemn hl205 N Roxboro 
Barbee Claiborne hosierywkr r902 S Alston av 
Barbee Clarence (c) hlpr Morgan's Auto Service 419 W Main 
Barbee Clyde L (Duda G; Community Cash Store) r514 Milton av 
Barbee Coley (c; Zola) lab h408 Dowd 
Barbee Cora (c) tobwkr hl406b E Pettigrew 
Barbee D Carlos (Lona S) dist agt 1U007 W Trinity av 
Barbee E Donnie (Mary E) mach hl821 Chapel Hill rd 
Barbee Edith K dep elk County Recorder's Court rl06 Broadway 
Barbee Eleanor (c) hosierywkr r405 E Proctor 
Barbee Ernest (c) rl406b E Pettigrew 
Barbee Estelle (c) dom r514 George 
Barbee Euva B rl709 Vale 

Barbee Geo (c; Plassie) tobwkr h705 N Elizabeth 
Barbee Geo M (Nannie M) slsmn h408 N Elizabeth 
Barbee Graham waiter rll5 Holloway 

Barbee H Lewis (Mary E) slsmn Carpenter Motor Co h406 S Alston av 
BARBEE HARVEY C (Lula G), Mgr East Durham Branch, The Fidelity 

Bank Iill2 Buchanan blvd, Tel J-1661 
Barbee Haywood L textilewkr r623 Middle 
Barbee Helen (c) dom h2216 Fayetteville 
Barbee Henry (c; Lessie) lab h812 Fargo 
3arbee Henry P (Zina G) textilewkr r622 Troy 
Barbee Herbert (c) lab r310b Division 
Barbee Herbert (c) tobwkr r507 Mobile av 
Barbee Hosea (c; Cora) hse mover 509 Price h do 
Barbee Hubert E steelwkr r2907 Angier av 
Barbee Isabella (c) h2521 Clyde 
Barbee J Berk (S Elsie) carrier PO h210 Broadway 
Barbee J Edw (Edith) hosierywkr r902 S Alston av 
Barbee Jack (c; Nellie) lab hl03 Chestnut 
Barbee Jas (c) rl510 E Pettigrew 
Barbee Jas (c; Sudie) barber rl406b Club blvd 
Barbee Jas (c; Geneva) lab r824 Gattis 
Barbee Jas (c) lab rl06 Piedmont av 
Barbee Jas (c; Hattie) lab h308 S Plum 
Barbee Jas (c) tobwkr r405 E Proctor 
Barbee Jas W (Zora L) lawyer 205% E Main h310 liberty 
Barbee Jesse (c; Dora) tobwkr hl408b E Pettigrew 
Barbee John (c) lab r914 N Elizabeth 
Barbee John A (c) rl510 E Pettigrew 
Barbee John W (c; Bessie) tobwkr h518 George 
Barbee Julia (c) lndrs h309 Sowell al 
Barbee Julius A (Mollie A) carrier PO hl417 S Alston av 
Barbee Kath M rl06 Broadway 


"A Purpose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

E. S. PHILLIPS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran Si. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

Barbee Kent H (wid C Cazette; City Dairy) h701 Barbee 

Barbee Laura (c) dom h812 Cameron 

Barbee Lee (c) barber Predk Herndon r309 Foster 

Barbee Lessie (c) hosierywkr r511 Nelson 

Barbee Lillie (c) tobwkr rl510 E Pettigrew 

Barbee Louise H r401 Holloway 

Barbee Lousetta (c) lndrs h819 New (E Durham) 

Barbee Lucille (c) hl510 E Pettigrew 

Barbee Lula G Mrs sten B C Remedy Co hll2 Buchanan blvd 

Barbee Margt tobwkr rllO Wyatt 

Barbee Margt L topper Ruth Hosiery Mills r902 S Alston av 

Barbee Mary E sten r401 Holloway 

Barbee Mary E student rl007 W Trinity av 

Barbee Mattie (c) tobwkr r510 Euphane 

Barbee Melissa (c) tobwkr h507 Mobile av 

Barbee Melissa (wid Albert W) hl802 Olive 

Barbee Melvin textilewkr r618 Troy 

Barbee Melvin H (Pattie) tobwkr hl005 Glenn 

Barbee Minnie (wid Wm P) textilewkr h618 Troy 

Barbee Mittie E (c) rl510 E Pettigrew 

Barbee Mozelle (c) r906 Massev av 

Barbee Nancy H student r310 Liberty 

Barbee Nannie Mrs lndrywkr Sanitary Lndry h2603 Ashe 

Barbee Nannie B (wid John L) hl06 Broadway 

Barbee Norma B nurse 1303 Maryland av r do 

Barbee Odell A (Hattie) tobwkr hl020 Moreland av 

Barbee Otho (c: Sadie) janitor h303 Sowell al 

Barbee Otis A (Narcissus) mach h808 Holloway 

Barbee Pauline (c) tobwkr r507 Mobile av 

Barbee Pearl (c) hl320 E Pettigrew 

Barbee Philip (c; Emma) lab h310b Division 

Barbee R Victoria tobwkr rl709 Vale 

Barbee Robt E (Carmel) farmer hl916 West 

Barbee Robt L (Verla) textilewkr r618 Troy 

Barbee Rosa (c) h rear 2619 W Pettigrew 

Barbee Rowena (c) lndrywkr Sanitary Lndry r2800 E Pettigrew 

Barbee Ruth (c) tobwkr h203b Gould 

Barbee Sadie A (wid Worth A) h401 Holloway 

Barbee Saml J (Emma) dept mgr Ellis, Stone & Co h3!ll Liberty 

Barbee Sidney G (Hattie) farmer h Boone nr Angier av 

Barbee T Dewey elk Community Cash Store 1013 W Chapel Hill 

Barbee Theo (c) lab r514 George 

Barbee Theresa (c) hosierywkr rl03 Chestnut 

Barbee V Stewart h301 S Driver av 

Barbee W Millard (Nannie) mach opr h2603 Ashe 

Barbee Webb (c) lab r522b George 

Barbee Wm (c) r 1408a E Pettigrew 

Barbee Wilson (c) tobwkr rl510 E Pettigrew 

Barber Annabel (c) dom h612 Dunbar 

Barber Bobbie r804 Broad 

Barber Evelyn R (wid Wm S) rll08 Hester 

Barber Flavil r908 Club blvd 

Barber Prances (wid V N) hl307 Maryland av 

Barber Gladys rl307 Maryland av 

Barber Herman G tobwkr r405 W Pettigrew 

Barber John W (c) tobwkr r612 Dunbar 

Barber Jos knitter r909 8th 

Barber Kathleen r908 Club blvd 

Barber Lou r301 Case 

Barber Maggie L (c) r612 Dunbar 

Barber Marjorie r908 Club blvd 

Barber Mary tobwkr rl06 N Great Jones 

Barber O Danl (Lessie B) farmer h908 Club blvd 

Barber Olive (wid R Lafayette) r705 W Pettigrew 

Barber Oscar P (E Katie) mach hl205 E Trinity av 

Barber Vass E (Ruth B) woodwkr h916 Spring 

Barber Wm B (Olive D) hl022 Broad 

Barber Wm L hlpr h705 W Pettigrew 

Barbour Arth C (Florence) cabtmkr rl05 Spruce 

Barbour Carver A (Flora M) hill N Maple 

Barbour Chas (c; Frances) butler r614 Carr 

Barbour Claude A jr (Alice) barber Hotel Malbourne Barber Shop h 

516 N Hyde Park av 
Barbour D Ayden (Adelaide M) barber Otho A McCullers hi 13 Holloway 
Barbour Dallie J (Meta G) prod hl702 C 






$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Barbour Delia P (wid John R) hl608 Angier av 

Barbour Effie inspr rl608 Angier av 

Barbour Ernest J (Ella M) agt Home Security Life Ins Co h917 2d 

Barbour Evelyn (wid R P) hl413 Watts 

Barbour Prank H (Gladys) v-pres Barbour-Winston Tob Co Inc h2105 

N Roxboro 
Barbour Harriet (c) Indrs h422 Bailey 
Barbour Helen L r217 Acme 
Barbour Hezekiah K (Estelle) prsmn Durham Herald Co Inc h441 

S Driver av 
Barbour Hezro (Brona) h805 Rose Hill av 
Barbour J Allison mach opr rl608 Angier av 
Barbour L Brozier (Narcissus) br mgr The Kroger Gro & Baking Co 

h403 Yancey 

BARBOUR LUTHER H (Lucille P), Sec County Board of Education, 
County Supt of Schools and Capt Company B*, 120th Infantry NC 
Natl Guard h915 Dacian av, Tel L-8401 

Barbour Melvin (c; Louise) hlpr h2505 W Pettigrew 

Barbour Minnie M restr 762 9th h764% do 

Barbour Oscar rl608 Angier av 

Barbour Oscar T r915 Dacian av 

Barbour Rosa (c) dom r209b Corporation 

Barbour Salina (wid Wm R) rll3 Holloway 

Barbour-Winston Tobacco Co Inc Thos W Winston pres, Prank H 

Barbour v-pres Robt S Harris sec-treas 316 Holland 
Barbour Womack (Mary) hl612 N Dake 
Barbour Z O (Callie J) hosierywkr hl04 Spruce 
Barelift Brooks mgr Durham Union Bus Sta r413 Cleveland 
Barden Jas (c; Mario) tobwkr hlio Lodge 
Barden T Odell r827 Wilkerson av 
Barden Walter J (Cora) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h827 Wilkerson 

Barden Walter J jr whsemn r827 Wilkerson av 
Barefoot Adlie E (Myrtle M) weaver h700 13th 
Barefoot Cleveland B (Rena) hosierywkr M106 Spruce 
Barefoot L David (Ida D) knitter h914 8th 
Barefoot Lula (wid Major H) h908 9th 
Barefoot Milton M (Hazeline) clothes clnr h923 8th 
Barfleld J Franklin (Ruby) auctioneer hlOl Club blvd 
Barfield Oscar K slsmn The Peabody Drug Co Inc rl416 N Mangum 
Barge Mary Mrs rlio W Trinity av 

Bargiol John H (Bessie M) mgr Wright's hl06 Maynard av 
Barker Cora L (wid Enoch M) r704 Buchanan blvd 
Barker Douglas whol prod r504 Memorial 
Barker Eug H soft drinks r213 Morehead av 
Barker Felix S (Lessie B) sch tchr r900 12th 
Barker Geo R knitter rl320 Carroll 
Barker L Roy tobwkr rl320 Carroll 
Barker M Virgil (Iola E) sec-treas The Peabody Drug Co Inc hl601 

Lakewood av 
Barker Oscar G (Sarah T) lawyer 331 W Main R204 h908 Dacian av 
BARKER RALPH C (Sarah E), V-Pres-Mgr Budd-Piper Roofing: Co 

h704 Buchanan blvd, Tel L-5181 
Barker -Suggs Printery Inc Norwood B Lockwood pres-treas Mrs Alice 

Lockwood sec 403 N Mangum 
Barker W Russell (Grace M) knitter r919 E Main 
Barkham Odessa (c) tobwkr r906 Drew 

Barksdale Mary E nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Barlow Mary E rl401 Watts 

Barnard Packard Service (Walter E Barnard) auto reprs 308 Morgan 
Barnard Walter E (Jack E; Barnard Packard Service) h603 Watts apt 7 
Barnes Albert E (Estelle F) driver Durham Bldrs Supply Co h605 Carlton 

Barnes Alice (c) lndrs h rear 114 Cora apt 1 
Barnes Bessie (c) h806 Milton av 
Barnes Candace (wid Wm T) r605 Carlton av 
Barnes Claiborne tobwkr r906 S Alston av 

Barnes Clifford (c; Virginia) porter Royall Hotel r2219 Chautauqua 
Barnes Dorothy (c) dom r411 StJoseph 
Barnes Eddie M (c) shoe shiner rl415 South 
Barnes Edgar D (c; Isabella) carp hl415 South 
Barnes Eliz F Mrs bkpr Durham Loan & Trust Co and notary h921 

Buchanan rd 
Barnes Ernest (c) tobwkr r504 W Cobb 
Barnes Etta (c) dom r2209 Chautauqua 



Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires — Exide Batteries 
115 N. DUKE ST. TEL. N-173 

Barnes Extraplena (c) tobwkr rl308 Pine 

Barnes Prank (c) carp rl415 South 

Barnes Prank O (c; Leanna) tobwkr h415 Dowd 

Barnes Fraudie (c; Pearl) carp hl017 Rosedale av 

Barnes Henry (c; Ada) lab r2303 Chautauqua 

Barnes Henry (c; Gladys) tobwkr rl06 Umstead 

Barnes Herbert D (c) cook r508a Ramsey 

Barnes Herman (c; Nellie) tobwkr h2209 Chautauqua 

Barnes Ida M Mrs r713 E Main 

Barnes J Foster (Myrtle P) director of social and religious activities 

Duke University hll3 Watts 
Barnes Jas (c) lab r2211 Chautauqua 
BARNES JESSE H (Elizabeth FT, V-Pres Hall-Wayne & Co Inc, h 

921 Buchanan rd, Tel F-2641 
Barnes Lafayette (c; Carrie M) tobwkr h501 StJoseph 
Barnes Leslie N (Eva S) pharm r414 N Elizabeth 
Barnes Lindsay (c) rl415 South 
Barnes Lizzie (c) lndrs h306 Roney 

Barnes Lizzie L (wid Edw G) tchr Edgemont Graded Sch rl023 Gloria av 
Barnes Marie Mrs tobwkr r312 Chatham al 
Barnes Mary E (wid Wm A) h417 Walker 
Barnes Melvin tobwkr r906 S Alston av 
Barnes Minnie Co dom hlOa Adams av 
Barnes Minnie D (wid Wm D) h906 S Alston av 
Barnes Myrtle P Mrs director musical clubs woman's college Duke 

University hi 13 Watts 
Barnes Naomi B topper r417 Walker 
Barnes Ollie L (Bessie L) hosierywkr h601 S Alston av 
Barnes Pearl (c) nurse 1017 Rosedale av r do 
Barnes Robt W (Mattie E) slsmn r307 Oakwood av 
Barnes Rosa (c) tobwkr r2209 Chautauqua 
Barnes Rosalie r YWCA 
Barnes Ruby M hosierywkr r906 S Alston av 
Barnes Russell J (Bessie) h310 Smith 
Barnes Saml (c; Nina M) tobwkr r409 StJoseph 
Barnes Sarah S (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co r904 Thaxton av 
Barnes Thelma (c) student r809 Pine 
Barnes Vassie (c; Dora) hosierywkr h2221 Chautauqua 
Barnes Wiley L (Louise E) plmbr O R Blackley Plumbing Co hl002 

E Trinity av 
Barnes Wm C (Maude) agt Home Security Life Ins Co h910 Park av 
Barnett Early (c) lab rl20 Barnum 
Barnett Edna L tobwkr r615 Shepherd 
Barnett Freely (c) cook h918 N Elizabeth 
Barnett H B sta atndt Standard Oil Co of N J rll20 W Main 
Barnett Hazel (c) mattress mkr r305 Wake pi 
Barnett Helen I (wid Howard M) hl07 N Queen 
Barnett Henry D (Lillie M) pntr h608 Railroad 
Barnett Ida (c) dom r518 Carr pi 
Barnett Jas (c; Martha) lab hl307 Morehead av 
Barnett John (c; Virginia) lab hl014 Fairview 
Barnett Rufus (c; Hazel) lab hl20 Barnum 
Barnett. Sallie Mrs h615 Shepherd 
Barnett Sarah (c) tobwkr r301 Piedmont av 
Barnette Mary (c) tobwkr h604 Gray 
Barney Nannie (c) tobwkr rll08 Fargo 
Barnhardt John V (Mamie R) formn Am Tob Co Inc h203 Broadway 

apt 6 
Barnhardt Max L (Louise) formn h503 W Chapel Hill 
Barnhardt Robt L (Lorene D) hl014 6th 
Barnhill Benj R (Susan E; Ye Tastie Shoppe) filling sta N Roxboro 

nr 2d av r Bon Air av nr N Roxboro 
Barnhill Jas B (c) hlpr r522 Pine 

Barnhill Jas E elk Ye Tastie Shoppe r Bon Air av nr N Roxboro 
Barnhill John (Minnie) textilewkr r410 Toby 
Barnhill John D (Ina L) restr N Roxboro nr 2d av h N Roxboro nr Bon 

Air av 
Barnhill Lelia B nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Barnhill Mildred B r N Roxboro nr Bon Air av 

Barnhill R Homer sta atndt Benj R Barnhill r Bon Air av nr N Roxboro 
Barnhill Susie M waitress Ye Tastie Shoppe r Bon Air av nr N Roxboro 
BARRETT BONDED ROOFS, The Young Roofing- Co Dealers, 318 

Hunt, Tel J-2461 (See back cover and page 50) 
Barrett Chas L (Annie H) mach h2405 Englewood av 
Barrett Edw (c; Bettie) lab r309 Sowell al 



§ O 




PI ■■■ 

PI — %— 

50 ■■■ 



so 59 

° hsh 




1— • 




PPf && z 





















Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service — Always Open 


Barrett Lessie (c) tobwkr r906 Pine 
Barrett Minnie mach opr rll02 E Main 

Barrett Walter W slsmn Auto Salvage Co r809 N Mangum 

BaiTier Nell office sec r312 Buchanan blvd apt 201 
Barringer Russell N (Mae L) sec-treas Durham Coal Co and West Dur- 
ham Lbr Co him Oval dr 

Barringer Smith S ship elk West Durham Lbr Co rllll Oval dr 

Barrington Addie B (wid H W) hl209 Alabama 
Barrington Mattie G asst bkpr W C Lyon Co rl209 Alabama 

Barrington Pauline E techincian r809 2d 

Barrow Gene (c) firemn r518 E Proctor 

Barrow Walter J (Sadie T) textilewkr h2113 Gin 

Barrow Wm W (Mary G) supt composing rm Durham Herald Co Inc 
h507 Rigsbee av 

Barrow Willie (c) tobwkr rill E Hillside av 

Barry John R (Ann I D) teleg editor Durham Herald Co Inc hl400 
Duke University rd 

Bartholomew Dorsey B (Rosa B) h406 Canal 

Bartlette Vernon student r204 Watts 

Barton E Hugh (Minnie) textilewkr h708 16th 

Barton Eliza E (wid Alex) rl925 Erwin rd 

Barton Lee (c; Blanche) tobwkr h710 Fargo 

Barton Ruby P knitter rlOll Taylor 

Barton Sherman L (Jessie V) formn Dr Pepper Bottling Co of Durham 
Inc h812 Liberty 

Barton Wm W (Mary L) textilewkr h2612 Mulberry 

Barus Cath (wid Francis) r920 Lamond av 

Barus Ulysses F (Cora A) truck driver h821 Broad 

Basden Bros (Wilbert H and Robt L Basden) auto body rebldrs 1207 
Angier av 

Basden Hubert A (Jessie H) pntr Durham Furn Co Inc r RD 3 

Basden Mary N (wid Zadlock) rll07 Angier av 

Basden Robt L (Basden Bros) r Bahama, N C 

Basden Wilbert H (Willie; Basden Bros) h802 Frederick 

Basile Howard F musician rl007 N Duke 

Bass Albert (c; Freedie) lab h2408 Kate 

Bass Andrew (c) tobwkr r606a Branch pi 

Bass Arch L (Annie H) trav slsmn hl020 Monmouth av 

Bass Arth (c; Hattie) tobwkr h507 Bloom pi 

Bass Beatrice tobwkr r810 Cleveland 

Bass Carlton (Mildred) pntr rl01% S Elm 

Bass Chas (c; Sallie) sta firemn hl226 5th 

Bass Clovis (cj Grace) lab hl410 Albright rd 

Bass Derby (c; Ossie) lab hl304a D 

Bass Ella (c) maid r220 Poplar 

Bass Elwood r908 Ramseur 

Bass Emma (c) dom rl021 3d 

Bass Eug (c; Flora) dish washer hl08 Piedmont av 

Bass F Odell (c; Katie) lab rl410 Albright rd 

Bass Fleming (c) lab rl226 5th 

Bass Floyd H (Addie) r914 Dale av 

Bass G N chauf r Washington Duke Hotel 

Bass Geneva J (wid J Martin) h.908 Ramseur 

Bass Geo (c; Sudie) h508 South 

Bass Going R (Mabel) slsmn Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r524 Holloway 

Bass Hiawatha (c) farmer rl226 5th 

Bass Irene r504 Raynor 

Bass Irene (c) cook 1802 Chapel Hill rd 

Bass Irene M (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co S Gregson cor Peabody 

Bass Isabelle (c) tobwkr h305 Division 

Bass Jas (c) lab r412a Poplar 

Bass Jas M (Marie E) textilewkr h2007 E Peabody (E Durham) 

Bass Jas W (c) porter Duke University Hosp rl021 3d 

Bass Julia (c) h!021 3d 

Bass Lester L (c; Beatrice) sta firemn h701 Booker 

Bass Lillian (c) r509 Glenn 

Bass Lodella (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co rl226 5th 

Bass Louvenia G textilewkr r922 12th 

Bass Mabel Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co r524 Holloway 

Bass Mac (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch r811 Fayetteville 

Bass Martha (c) tobwkr h307b Lee 

Bass Mary (c) dom h607a Pine 

Bass Mary D (wid Herbert J) h201 Broadway apt 2 

Bass Mattie T (c) drsmkr 2206 Fayetteville h do 

Bass Nicholas B (Lula) textilewkr h717 10th 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Bass Novie (c) tobwkr rlll6 Lynchburg 

Bass Pearl textilewkr r908 Ramseur 

Bass Percy (c; Estelle) tobwkr r212 Macon 

Bass Reddin B (Lillie B) weaver h922 12th 

Bass Ruby Mrs tobwkr r906 Hale 

Bass Thos (c; Olivia) rl002 Fargo 

Bass W Almond (Alice) textilewkr r2007 E Peabody (E Durham) 

Bass Walter B (Eliz V) lawyer 123 W Main R600 h608 Buchanan blvd 

Bass Wm B (c; Lizzie) lab r507 Bloom pi 

Bass Wm C (Marjorie R) slsmn h917 Monmouth av 

Bass Wm G (Alice; Sunnyside Barber Shop) h407 Murphy 

Bass Willie C r407 Murphy 

Bassett Emma (wid Albert L) h2014 Ward 

Basse tt L Phipps (Lois) tobwkr hi 02 2 Wells 

Batchelder Marian P instr Duke University r do 

Batchelor Agnes Mrs rlOl S Alston av 

Satchelor Mamie (c) student nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Batchelor S Paul elk Haywood & Boone rlOl S Alston av 

Bateman Sallie A sten Durham Hosiery Mills r204 Club blvd 

Bateman Thurman W (Essie E) plant opr h701 Chapel Hill rd 

Bates Annie B (c) dom r606 Cameron 

Bates Jessie (c) lndrs h606 Cameron 

Bates Lonnie (Cordie) mach hl008 Alabama 

Batham Saml (c; Evelyn) lab h215 Haywood 

Batten L Frank (Lillian) textilewkr h21lo Block 

Batten Lonnie M (Ollie M) barber D Cary Jackson h507 S Briggs av 

Battle Beulah M Mrs sten Durham Notion Co Inc r719 Shepherd 

Battle Hattie (c) tobwkr r209 Tatum al 

Battle Jos (c; Lizzie) lab h510b S Queen 

Battle Myrtle B r719 Shepherd 

Battle Myrtle B (wid Jas P) h719 Shepherd 

Battle Robt M (Beulah M) elk r719 Shepherd 

Battle Wm (c) lab rl09 Bond 

Batts Albert (c; Minnie) lab hl213 Grant 

Batts Bessie (c) dom rl213 Grant 

Batts Fannie (c) tobwkr h607 Matthews 

Batts Lee (c) lab rl2131 Grant 

Batts Willard E ins agt r91l Green 

Baucom Dudley (Minnie E) prsmn Durham Herald Co Inc r RD 3 

Baucom Estes L (Nellie G) asst pharm Montague's Pharm h407 Liberty 

Baucom Louis F (Bertha V) textilewkr r2810 Hillsboro rd 

Baucom Matthew T (Fannie S) textilewkr h2810 Hillsboro rd 

Baucom T Victor sch tchr r2810 Hillsboro rd 

Baucom W Roy (Irma E) tobwkr h32l Clark 

Baucom Wm M ship elk B C Remedy Co r2810 Hillsboro rd 

Baucome Madge E elk R L Baldwin Co r YWCA 

Baucum Earl (c; Ollie) brklyr h51l Booker 

Baugh Chas H (Mattie F) h906 N Mangum 

Baugh Jos (c) hlpr rlll8 2d 

Baum Paiill F prof Duke University r do 

Baum Robt G tobwkr r813 Cleveland 

Baum Rupert E elk The Great A & P Tea Co r813 Cleveland 

Baxter Eldora (c) cook r615 Pine 

Baxter Margt (c) tobwkr rl012 W Proctor 

Baxter Patty (c) maid r601 Price 

Bayles T Worth (Clellie M) electa h920 9th 

Bayne see also Bain and Bane 

Bayne Georgianna (c) tobwkr r914 Morehead av 

Bayne Mary (c) r326 Matthews 

Baynes Chas (c; Anna) tobwkr h914 Morehead av 

Baynes Jas (c) porter R Blacknall & Son rl030a Moreland av 

Baynes Ralph (c) rl030a Moreland av 

Bayens Ralph H (Julia B) phys 128 W Main R403 h210 W Markham av 

Bazemore W R (Rachael) mech Carpenter Motor Co r Roxboro NC 

Beal Fannie L elk City Tax Collr r224 Morris 

Beale Lora (c) tobwkr hl002 Grant 

Beale Mary tobwkr r201 Jackson 

Beall Geo H (Minnie G) h619 Morehead av 

Beall Geo H jr ins agt r619 Moorehead av 

Beall Rachel S r619 Moorehead av 

Beaman M Eliz Mrs fctywkr r515 Willard 

Beauman Mamie hosierywkr r602 N Mangum 

Bean J DeWitt collr Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r Guess rd 

Bean Ruth instr Duke University r do 

Beane Daisy looper r417 Walker 











" »! 















212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Beane John W garage formn County Board of Education r RD 2 

Beard Francis D student rl004 Shepherd 

Beard Juanita bkpr rl004 Shepherd 

Beard Mary W (wid Junius B) hl004 Shepherd 

Beard Thos E rl04 Shepherd 

Bearden Archie D examiner Sou Fire Ins Co r519 Holloway 

Beasley Callie (o bdg 206 Division h do 

Beasley Charity (c) r20S Division 

Beasley Edwin W (Forest St Greenhouse) r407 Oakwood av 

Beasley Eulie (c; Lucille) tob wkr h804 Gurley 

Beasley Hilda M Mrs sec W Raney Stanford r603 Holloway 

Beasley Jas I (Daisy E) h407 Oakwood av 

Beasley Leonard C (wid Morris T) h220 Broadway 

Beasley Mamie E student r407 Oakwood av 

Beasley Mary K r220 Broadway 

Beasley W Barney (Hilda M) elk r603 Holloway 

Beasley W Henry (c; Margie) busmn hl023 2d 

Beasley Wm A (Hilda G) cond h305 Edwards 

Beasley Wm A jr (Elsie W) prsmn Durham Herald Co Inc r3»5 Edwards 

Beason Annie L r218 N Dillard 

Beatty Henry (c) rl216 4th 

Beavers see also Bevers 

Beavers Bernice S (Eleanor M) tob wkr h2020 Jersey av 

Beavers Chas bus driver rill Holloway 

Beavers Jas W (Ida S) truant officer h601 S Duke 

Beavers Mary E Mrs hl015 Watts 

Beavers Salhe L sch tchr r601 S Duke 

Beavers Wesley F (Lula M) slsmn Alexander Motor Co rl015 Watts 

Beck Aurelius C (Pinkie B; Beck's Cash Gro) h804 Holloway 

Beck Aurelius C (Nell L) slsmn rl08 E Markham av 

Beck Basil E (Electa W) hlOOO Hale 

Beck Basil E jr sta atndt rlOOO Hale 

Beck Bessie Mrs hosierywkr r2815 Hillsboro rd 

Beck Carlos M r212 S Guthrie av 

Beck Clellie M mach opr r701 E Main 

Beck Dorothy M student r804 Holloway 

Beck Emma E hosierywkr h210 S Alston av 

Beck Ethel C r708 Holloway 

Beck Farthing & Sorrell Inc J Ivan Beck pres Fred G Sorrell v-pres 
Roy L Farthing sec-treas clothing 104 W Main 

Beck Faustina Mrs hosierywkr rl009 Morning Glory av 

Beck Herbert F (Sybil) radiotrician Christian-Harwood Furn Co r611 
N Roxboro 

Beck Hubert A (Dora) ship elk r607 Holloway 

Beck J Bryant (Blalock & Beck) r Bon Air av 

Beck J Foster (Neva J) hlpr h2l2 S Guthrie av 

Beck J Ivan (Daisy P) pres Beck Farthing & Sorrell Inc and Dunaway 
Inc h2214 Chapel Hill rd 

Beck J R & Co (John R Beck) gros 613 Holloway 

Beck John R (Mattie; J R Beck & Co) r RD 4 

Beck Luna (wid David C) h701 E Main 

Beck Mary S (wid Jas T) rl917 Hart 

Beck Oneida B silkwkr r708 Holloway 

Beck Otho W (Minnie S) gros 909 Thaxton av h602 N Roxboro 

Beck Rachel E hosierywkr r210 S Alston av 

Beck S Helen (wid John P) h708 Holloway 

Beck Sybil Mrs slswn Raylass Chain Stores Inc r611 N Roxboro 

Beck Tempie A (wid Wm S) h2307 Proctor rd 

Beck W Coy (May W; B & B Food Store; Byrd & Beck) r708 Hollo- 

Beck W Early (Grace M) slsmn Thomas & Howard Co h503 McMannen 

Beck Wade H (Isabel) formn Durham Hosiery Mills hl016 Holloway 

Beck Walter G (Erma L) ship elk h804 S Alston av 

Beck Wm A h607 Holloway 

Beck Willie M silkwkr r607 Holloway 

Beck's Cash Grocery (Aurelius C Beck) 1102 Holloway 

Beckwith Alice (c) r610 Glenn 

Beckwith Clarence (Dora) r608 King 

Beckwith Coy A (Ruby F) mill mech h2001 E Main 

Beckwith Jos E (Bessie C) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h211 S 
Driver av 

Beckwith Oscar E (Myrtle N) bus opr Durham Public Service Co hl914 
Chapel Hill rd 

Beckwith R Danl (Sissie) textilewkr h512 Bacon 

Beckwith R Danl jr (Lottie) textilewkr r512 Bacon 

Durham Public Service Co. 

Ride the Buses 


Beckwith Roger r2001 E Main 

Beckwith Stella mach opr r2001 E Main 

Beckwith Sylvester (c; Arnetta) sta atndt h806A E Pettigrew 

Beckwith Victor A (Lorena) textilewkr h615 Middle 

Beckwith Wm (c; Pearl) trucker SALRy h503 S Elm 

Beckwith Wm C (Matilda) h611 Middle 

Becton Jos (c; Otelia) lab h302A Memphis 

Beddingfield Geo H textilewkr rl008 Franklin 

Beeker John A tob wkr r600 E Trinity av 

Beeson Annie L Mrs (Annie Lee Shoppe) r218 N Dillard 

Beeson Walter C (Myrtie) hosierywkr h214 S Holman 

Beglow Letha (c) tob wkr r211 Umstead 

Belcher Alva G silkwkr r206 Spruce 

Belcher Fannie B (wid Wm B) h206 Spruce 

Belcher Nathaniel B (Beulah) printer rl505 E Main- 
Belcher Saml M (Pansy M) silkwkr r206 Spruce 

Belden Donald L equipment atndt Am Tel & Teleg Co r 1st av nr N 

Belfield John (c; Geneva) tob wkr h406 Pine 

BELK-LEGGETT CO, Wm A Leggett Mgr, Department Store, "Durham 
Shopping Center," 322-324 W Main, Tels 2d and 3d Floors J-9331, 
Office and Street Floor L-4841 

Bell Antoinette (c) dom r216 Haywood 

Bell Buster (c) tob wkr rll4 Peachtree pi 

Bell Carey L (Lucy J; Durham Dog & Cat Clinic) and veterinarian 424 
Morgan h813 3d 

Bell Cath nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Bell Chester (c; Or a) lab h408 Nelson 

Bell Ethel (c) dom r708 Colfax 

Bell Gilbert (c) lab r2217 Fitzgerald av 

Bell Jas (c; Mary) gro 404 Piedmont av h do 

Bell Jasper (c) farm hd r404 Piedmont av 

Bell Johnnie (c) dom r506B Grant 

Bell Jos H (c; Eulalia) elk h610 Dunbar 

Bell Jos S (V E Bell & Sons) r Bon Air av nr N Roxboro 

Bell Junius L (Alma S) slsmn h204 Watts 

Bell Kathleen office sec T J Horton Co rl020 Minerva av 

Bell Lessie (c) dom hll8 Piedmont av i 

Bell Lucille (c) r708 Colfax 

Bell Madge V dental asst David K Lockhart r204 Watts 

Bell Mary M (c) r913! Willard 

Bell Melvin (c) hlpr rll8 Piedmont av 

Bell Robt (c) lab h2228 Pratt 

Bell Robt J ( V E Bell & Sons) r Bon Air av nr N Roxboro 

Bell Roy (c; Etta) tob wkr h801 South 

Bell Snoda (c) tob wkr rl311 N Alston av 

BELL V E & SONS (Vera E, Joseph S and Robert J), Heating, Air Con- 
ditioning and Sheet Metal Works 115 S Mangum, Tel L-6531 

Bell Vern E (Daisy A; V E Bell & Sons) h Bon Air av nr N Roxboro 

Bell Wm (c; Maria) r2228 Pratt j 

Bellamy Furniture Co Inc Ellis E Phillips (Rocky Mount N C) pres- 
sec-treas Ralph Phillips (Scotland Neck N C) sec Luther B Harring- 
ton mgr 931 E Main 

Bellamy Robt L (Clara T) pres-treas The F C Geer Co h836 N Man- 

Belo Harry L (Nora E; Ideal Dry Clnrs) r705 Holloway 

Belvin Chas L slsmn rll6 W Lynch 

Belvin Egbert G elk r302 E Geer 

Belvin Eliz sch tchr r918 N Mangum 

Belvin Emma (wid Jos B) hll07 N Mangum 

BELVIN EUGENE G (Rosa L), County Sheriff, h309 Markham, Tel 

Belvin Frances L student r309 Markham 

Belvin Frank L (Mary F) slsmn Carpenter Motor Co rl405 Arnette av 

Belvin Hubert B (Ella M) auditor Home Security Life Ins Co h506 Buch- 
anan blvd apt 7 I 

Belvin Irma D cash Swift & Co r302 E Geer \ 

Belvin Jennie M sch tchr rll07 N Mangum I 

Belvin Joyce O student r918 N Mangum 

Belvin Katie r N Roxboro nr Oxford hwy 

Belvin Lee D (Mary) genl mdse N Roxboro nr Oxford hwy h do 

Belvin Lois L asst sec Home Security Life Ins Co rll07 N Mangum 

Belvin Louise (c) dom rl602 E Pettigrew 

Belvin M Jeanette (wid Theo E) hll6 W Lynch 

Belvin Minnie B (wid John F) h302 E Geer 


Durham Realty and Insurance 

E- * ei t i d -ij- Telephone— Ins. Dept. F-9I3I 

First Floor Trust Building Real Estate and Rental5 F . 936l 

Belvin N Piper student r309 Markham 

Belvin Nathalie R sten Durham Bond & Mortgage Co r302 E Geer 
Belvin Orren W (Eliz E) real est h918 N Mangum 
Benjamin Eliza (c) dom hill Verbena 
Benjamin Ella (c) dom rill Verbena 
Benjamin Ethel (c) dom rl07A Verbena 
Benjamin Sallie (c) student nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 
Bennett Accasbeno B (Lenora) h317 S Alston av 
Bennett Albert L (Martha) tobwkr h506 "Warren 
Bennett Alice (c) dom r305 W Proctor 
Bennett Annie (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 
Bennett Arth P stmftr rl707 Lakewood av 

Bennett Arth R (Nettie D) pres-mgr Bennett Mach Co Inc hl903! Lake- 
wood av 
Bennett Berkley G (Mary B) electa rlll8 Broad 
Bennett Cecil L cash Belk-Leggett Co rl2l3 Glendale av 
Bennett Chas F (Bettie) civ eng h220 Parrish pi 

Bennett Chas P jr dept mgr The Great A & P Tea Co r220 Parrish pi 
Bennett Claiborne waiter rl02 S Alston av 
Bennett Clyde H (Mabel V) h610 Willard 
Bennett Donnie L (Maude O) mach hl003 Alma 
Bennett E Eunice bkpr Belk-Leggett Co rl213 Glendale av 
Bennett Effie (c) r609 Carrington 
Bennett Effie hosierywkr r407 Walker 
Bennett Fannie A tob wkr r506 Warren 
Bennett Flora G (wid Thos B) h809 N Mangum 

BENNETT FRANK W (Valeria W), Chief City Fire Dept, h926 W 
Markham av, Tel F-2691 

Bennett Geo W jr meatctr rl707 Lakewood av 

Bennett Guy H (Lucy E) eng Durham Public Service Co h2034 Engle- 
wood av 

Bennett Harbert P (Carrie D) hosierywkr h407 Walker 

Bennett Henry R (Etura F) electa h202 S Driver av 

Bennett Homer L (Lessie D) formn rl003 Alma 

Bennett Jas W (Nancy F) wtchmn hi 109 Ramseur 

Bennett Jesse H (Minnie) pntr hlll8 Broad 

Bennett Ludie (wid Chas Y) r906 N Roxboro 

Bennett Machine Co Inc Arth R Bennett pres-mgr Marvin H Bennett 
sec-treas 1507 Chapel Hill rd 

Bennett Maggie R hosierywkr r407 Walker 

Bennett Mamie A (wid Geo W) hl707 Lakewood av 

Bennett Mariah (c) r420 Cozart av 

Bennett Marvin H (Alice S) sec-treas Bennett Mach Co Inc hl903 Lake- 
wood av 

Bennett Mary L r317 S Alston av 

Bennett N Jewel sten Durham Hosiery Mills r220 Parrish pi 

Bennett Raymond W (Annie M) firemn hl007 Ramseur 

Bennett Rebecca (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Bennett Richd B knitter r809 N Mangum 

Bennett Robt F (Bessie M) textile wkr hl508 Caswell pi 

Bennett Sol (c; Golda) porter Durham Union Bus Station h506 Bloom 

Bennett Thos S (c) tailor Mallie I Page r506 Dowd 

Bennett Walter G (Retha B) tobwkr r908 9th 

Bennett Wm L (Valera M) hlpr r208 Elliott 

Benson Aldridge (Isabell) h605 Barbee 

Benson Norman L (Carolina Glass Co) rl403 Vickers av 

Benton Ambrose H pntr rl008 Cleveland 

Benton Emma (c) tobwkr r917 Thaxton av 

Benton Mayo W topper Ruth Hosiery Mills rl008 Cleveland 

Benton Pauline L textilewkr rl008 Cleveland 

Benton Wallace H (Lizzie) hl008 Cleveland 

Benton Wm C pntr rl008 Cleveland 

Berger Eric (Lottie O) physiotherapist 123 W Main R712 hll04 Vir- 
ginia av , , , 

Berghauser Albert instr Duke University r708 Buchanan blvd 

Berini Anthony (Carolina) stone mason h2908 Hillsboro rd 

Berini John r2908 Hillsboro rd 

Berini Louis student r2908 Hillsboro rd 

Berkley Pearl L (wid Wm L) tob wkr r811 Jackson 

Berkley Pearl S Mrs sten N C Joint Stock Land Bank hl002 W Trinity 

Berkley Wm T (Pearl S) billiards 1403 Chapel Hill rd hl002 W Trin- 
ity av 


Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG. Manager 

BERNARD GERMAIN (R Blacknall & Son), h520 N Mansum, Tel F- 

Beniheim Fredk asst prof Duke "University r do 

Bernheim Mary L Mrs instr Duke University r do 

Berry A Louise tchr Central Jr High Sen r813 Arnette av 

Berry Chas T sawyer r317 Murphy 

Berry Ethel H (c) office sec N C Mut Life Ins Co hl908 Fayetteville 

Berry J Chester student r907 N Gregson 

Berry J Henry (Melissa L) truck driver h813 Arnette av 

Berry Jennings B (Ruth M) elk Liggett & Meyers Tobacco Co h905 Shep- 

Berry Lena C bkpr Durham Elec Construction Co Inc r403 N Gregson 

Berry Lillie E (c) dom rl908 Fayetteville 

Berry Llewellyn M (c; Ethel H) tchr Hillside Park Sch hl908 Fayette- 

Berry Mamie hosierywkr hl04 Lyon 

Berry R Claiborne (Fannie B; Watts Street Gro) hl207 Watts 

Berry Robt L sawyer r317 Murphy 

Berry Weldon W sawyer r317 Murphy 

Berry Wm J (Lallah R; Ruth Hosiery Mills) h907 N Gregson 

Berry Wm J jr student r907 N Gregson 

Berryman Geo C (Mattie L) carp h2612 Hillsboro rd 

Berryman Inez M r2612 Hillsboro rd 

Berryman Saml E (Mary T) bag printer r2612 Hillsboro rd 

Besecker Richd mach Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc r403 N Elizabeth 

Besecker Wm mach Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc r403 N Elizabeth 

Bess Newton (c) lab h415 Roney 

Best Adolphus T (Sallie C) driver New Durham Dry Clnrs h709 Yancey 

Best Albert (c; Druetta) r514 Lyon 

Best Andrew J (Ila) hll6 Lyon 

Best Benj (Annie F; Roanoke Electric Co) r Sharon Acres 

Best Carrie (c) tob wkr h914A Whitted 

Best Dollie (c) Indrs h310 Roney 

Best Eug (c) tobwkr r310 Roney 

Best Geneva (c) r607 Colfax 

Best Geo (c; Florence) tob wkr h607 Colfax 

Best Jas E (c; Mittie) tob wkr h207 Enterprise 

Best Jas R slsmn Graybar Electric Co Inc r406 W Chapel Hill apt 2 

Best Jos (c) tob wkr rl014 Cornell 

Best Ola (c) tob wkr r424% Piedmont av 

Best Sidney (c) rl014 Cornell 

Best Thurman hosiery wkr rll6 Lyon 

Beth El Synagogue Rev Chas H Wilhamowsky rabbi 400 Holloway 

Bethea Edw (c) r212 W Piedmont av 

Bethea Elbert (c; Marie; The Tavern) h318 Umstead 

Bethea Henry (c) cementwkr r707 Pickett 

Bethea Howard C (c; Betty) h910B Oak 

Bethea Leo (c) tob wkr r504A SWoseph 

Bethea Nora E Mrs r416 N Hyde Park av 

Bethea Rosa (c) tobwkr hlll2 Willard 

Bethea Roxie (c) dom r212 W Piedmont av 

Bethea Wesley (c; Rosa) cook hlOlO Mason 

Bethea Wm (c; Lillie B) lab h603 Dowd 

Bethea Wm (c; Marie) tobwkr h32l Division 

Bethel Tabernacle (c) 735 Carrington 

Bethune Hector (c) candymkr Neamon Candy Mfg Co 430 W Main 

Bethune Jas (c; Pearl) tobwkr h502B Fowler av 

Bethune Lillian V nurse 1204 Broad r do 

Better Knit Hosiery Mill (Robt L Lee) hosiery mfr 219 Stokes 

Betts Chas (c; Lucy) h514A Elliott al 

Betts Katie (c) hosierywkr rill Division 

Betts Mabel (c) hosierywkr hill Division 

Betts Ralph slsmn rl08 N Gregson 

Betts Saunders N (Etta) poultry 214 Morgan h212 do 

Beverly The apts 107-111 Watts 

Bevers see also Beavers 

Bevers Clyde R (Hannah M; White Star Lndry) h2039 Englewood av 

Bevers Edw P tobwkr r2031 Englewood av 

Bevers Felcie (wid Earl D; Children's Boarding Home) h212 Morris 

Bevers Lillie O (wid Claude) lndrywkr White Star Lndry h2031 Engle- 
wood av 

Beves Alice Mrs elk Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co hl019 Hale 

Beves Morris D (Alice) formn Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co hl019 Hale 

Beves Pattie O rl019 Hale 

Bickett The apts 806 N Gregson 



Featuring the Most Attractive 45c Mid-Day Luneh 

— The Best in the City — All Varieties of Sea Food 

in Season 


Big Bull Warehouse Poster nw cor Corporation 

Big Pour Warehouse (Prank G and Jas S Satterfield and Sidney W and 

Walker Stone) tob leaf 200 Morgan 
Bigelow Lucius A (Mary C) asst prof Duke University hlOOl Lamond av 
Biggers Homer A barber N Roxboro nr 3d av r RD 2 
Biggerstaff Kelly J (Mollie) tob wkr hl213 Ivy 
Biggs Clarence rl025 9th 
Biggs Plorrie B rl025 9th 
Biggs Jas W textilewkr rl025 9th 
Biggs John E (Corinne) mach opr h906 W Main 
Biggs Lena L textilewkr rl025 9th 
Biggs Lewis I (Rosa M) sta mgr hl006 E Trinity av 
Biggs Nannie (wid Wm J) hl025 9th 
Biggs Notie inspr rl006 E Trinity av 
Biggs Robt L (Gertrude I) mill mech h507 McMannen 
Biggs Walter A (Lillabel M) sec-treas Home Bldg & Loan Assn h2414 

Club blvd 
Billings C Louise student r707 Chapel Hill rd 
Billings Chas L (Coy C) gr 620 Vickers av h707 Chapel Hill rd 
Billings Chas L jr elk Chas L Billings r707 Chapel Hill rd 
Billings Cora D (wid John R) h407 Milton av 
Billings John R elk r707 Chapel Hill rd 
Billings Margt B mach opr r707 Chapel Hill rd 
Billings R Bruce lawyer 331 W Main R204 r407 Milton av 
Billings Richd L elk Chas L Billings r 707 Chapel Hill rd 
Billings Wm A (Tennye) trav slsmn h809 W Main 
Billings Wm A jr baker r809 W Main 

Biltmore Drug Store Inc (c) Clyde H Donnell pres 332 E Pettigrew 
Biltmore The (c) Adell Johnson mgr hotel 332% E Pettigrew 
Binder Melvin (c) lab rl608 Albright rd 
Bindham Edw (c) tob wkr h315 Peachtree pi 
Bingham Minnie (c) dom r508 Mobile av 
Birchett E Carden hosierywkr r502 Raynor 
Birchett Esca C (Minnie J) farmer h502 Raynor 
Birchett M Madeline hosierywkr r502 Raynor 
Bird see also Byrd 

Bird Harold C (Eleanor) prof Duke University hl306 N Mangum 
Bird John M student rl3K)6 N Mangum 
Bird Robt (Emma R) textile wkr h2205 C 
Bird Robt M student rl306 N Mangum 
Bishop Annie R r911 N Gregson 
Bishop Carl M technician r517 Jackson 
Bishop Chas D student r517 Jackson 
Bishop Claude V (wid Emmett E) hll03 S Alston av 
Bishop Grace J tchr Durham High Sch r911 N Gregson 
Bishop Harry (c; Gladys) porter First Natl Bank Barber Shop h.416 

Bishop Howard C (Evelyn B) with S H Kress & Co r222 Morris 
Bishop Jesse (Eugenia T) v-pres Miller-Bishop Inc h911 N Gregson 
Bishop Jos T (Claudia O) mach r518 Warren 
Bishop Lyda J tchr Durham High Sch r911 N Gregson 
Bishop Morris J (Rosa L) bus opr h205 E Geer 
Bishop Muldrow (c; Mary) lab h9C8 Gilbert 
Bishop N Marvin (Annie J) carp h517 Jackson 

Bishop N Marvin jr blue printer Durham Blue Printers r517 Jackson 
Bishop Nellie B student r911 N Gregson 

Bishop Rupert L supt Loan & Trust bldg r212 W Main R201 
Bishop Stewart W slsmn rll03 S Alston av 
Bishop W L uphol Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r Wake Forest rd 
Bishop W Warren (Mary G) sec-treas Miller-Bishop Inc hll7 W Seeinan 
Bishop Walter (c; Hattie) gdnr r505 Gray 
Bissett Sadie B r822 Cleveland 
Bissette Jesse (Lena) pntr r602 N Elm 
Bitting Mary E student r2105 Club blvd 
Bitting Mattie R Mrs h2105 Club blvd 
Bitting Newman D jr student r2105 Club blvd 
Bitting Numa D phys 212 W Main R405 r218 N Dillard 
Bittle Anna (c) tob wkr r217 Corporation 

Bittle Frank (c) porter Parrish St Barber Shop r217 Corporation 
Bittle Irene (c) tobacco wkr r217 Corporation 
Bittle Jennie (c) r610 S Elm 
Bittle Lonnie (c; Lena) h610 S Elm 
Bittle Mary (c) tobacco wkr rl317 Tucker 
Bivins Bryant O (Lola C) truck driver rlllO 6th 
Bivins Martha (c) tobacco wkr h204A E Proctor 


Home Savings Bank 


JOHN SPRUNT HLLL, President T. C. WORTH, Cashier 

Bizzell Prince G (Carrie H) mach opr h910 W Main 

Bizzell Walter I (Thelma C) slsmn East Durham Purn Co h309 Spruce 

Black Annie B (c) dom rllOl 2d 

Black Collier T slsmn Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r226 Monmouth av 

Black Edna (c) dom rllOl 2d 

Black Edw (c) lab r305 Pleasant al 

Black Eug J r809 W Pettigrew 

Black Foster H (Lillie W) auto pntr h809 W Pettigrew 

Black Geo (c) lab r204B E Proctor 

Black Henry P (Minnie R) dyer hl09 N Goley 

Black John W (c; Matilda) waiter The Watts Hosp hl0O7 3d 

Black Lee (c; Leila) hl03 W Hillside av 

Black Mack R (Ora A) carp h717 Liberty 

Black Martin L jr (Ann L) instr Duke University h806 N Gregson apt 11 

Black Mattie (c) rl03 W Hillside av 

Black Maude B textile wkr rl707 Erwin rd 

Black Olive W hlpr r809 W Pettigrew 

Black Rowena (c) Indrs hll02 Mason 

Black Theo (c) lab r2717 Crest 

Black Wellington (c) tob wkr rl03 W Hillside av 

Black Wm R (c) lab r503 S Queen 

Blackburn A Glenn auto mech Ernest R Vickers rl910 Carden 

Blackburn Jas M (Lillie) overseer Durham Cotton Mfg Co Inc hl910 

Blackburn Lillian J bkpr Interstate Tel & Teleg Co rl910 Carden 
Blackburn W Saml (Daisy M) textile wkr h2014 Yearby av 
Blackburn Wm M (Eliz C) asst prof Duke University hl302 Vickers av 
Blackfield Jacob pdlr r702 Liberty 
Blackley David (c; Estella) tab wkr h516B Elliott al 
Blackley H Grady mech Johnson Motor Co 326 E Main 
Blackley Hester J Mrs office asst Dr Edwin H Bowling h2541 Chapel 

Hill rd 
Blackley Hewlett H (Margt E) hl201 N Mangum 
Blackley Luther W (Mabel C) auto mech hl713 Chapel Hill rd 
Blackley Madge H rl201 N Mangum 
Blackley O R Plumbing Co (O Roscoe Blackley, Murray G Jobe) 316 N 

Mangurrn * 

Blackley O Roscoe (Jane McD; O R Blackley Plumbing Co) h527 Warren 
Blackley Robt R (Hester J) h2541 Chapel Hill rd 
Blackley Rufus (c; Annie) tob wkr h518A Elliott al 
Blackley Ruth E nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Blackley W J mech Johnson Motor Co 326 E Main 
Blackley Zelma (wid Rufus B) hosiery wkr h909 S Alston av 
Blackman Bonnie O Mrs opr Interstate Tel & Teleg Co h713 Parker 
Blackman Garland D tob wkr r210 Dowd 
Blackman Henry H (Verna L) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h2517 

Chapel Hill rd 
Blackman Leo H (Bonnie O) h713 Parker 
Blackman Lillie tob wkr r210 Dowd 

Blackman Manley R (Eliza) landscape gdnr h2321 Erwin rd 
Blackman Melissa (wid Starling B) h210 Dowd 
Blackman Willis E tob wkr r210 Dowd 
Blackman Zona tobwkr r210 Dowd 

Blackmon Cath B (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co rl400 Fayetteville 
Blackmon Clyda M r404 N Driver av 
Blackmon Maggie J (wid W Trios) r2704 Mulberry 
Blackmon W Lloyd (Cora) textile wkr h2704 Mulberry 
Blackmon Wm M textile wkr hll05 Worth 
Blacknall Josephine C (wid Wm O) hl715 W Pettigrew 
Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church Rev Harry P Ruppenthal pastor 

1902 Perry 
BLACKNALL R & SON (Germain Bernard), Drug-gists, Agents for 

"Whitman's", "Norris"' and "McPhaiPs" Candies 312 N Corcoran, 

Tel L-945 (See left top lines and page 39) I 

Blacknall Sadie R (wid Robt D) hll4 N Queen 
Blackshar Mahala (c) tob wkr r309 Poplar 
Blackstock Elijah rl407 Glendale av 

Blackstone Geneva nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Blackwell Amy elk City Water Dept r318 Liberty 
Blackwell Bessie K (wid Geo R) rl09 Forest Wood dr 
Blackwell Beulah tob wkr rl902 Chapel Hill rd 
Blackwell Bonnie Mrs photog Camera Craft Studio rll7% W Main 
Blackwell Burt (c) tob wkr r313 Baxter 
Blackwell Carson F fnshr h310 Carden 
Blackwell Cath (c) lndry wkr rl400 Fayetteville 
Blackwell Dallas H (c) waiter Washington Duke Hotel r704 Booker 



"If it can be sold — it can be sold by mail" 



Blackwell Deaver C (Bonnie) oils 215 E Parrish rin% W Main 

Blackwell Ethra r310 Garden 

Blackwell Harvey (Viola) silk wkr rl902 Chapel Hill rd 

Blackwell Jas (c) auto mech r313 Baxter 

Blackwell John (c; Thelma) r706 Cameron 

Blackwell Lona tob wkr rl902 Chapel Hill rd 

Blackwell Mary (c) dom r308 Dowd 

Blackwell Myrtle Mrs rl811 W Pettigrew 

Blackwell Nannie (e) h414 Powe 

Blackwell Nora (c) h918B Whitted 

Blackwell Paul tob wkr r326 South 

Blackwell Rachel Mrs hl902 Chapel Hill rd 

Blackwell Roberta (c) tob wkr r313 Baxter 

Blackwell Saml (c; Pauline) hlnr r208 Tatum al 

Blackwell Saml (c; Rebecca) lab h209 Bell 

Blackwell Vada (c) tob wkr rll09 Kent 

Blackwell Wm (c) lab r824 New (E Durham) 

Blackwood Chas (Lottie H) auto mech rl714 Chapel Hill rd 

Blackwood Ernest (c; Callie) lab h405 Dowd 

Blackwood Eug (c) atndt Durham Bowling Center r405 Dowd 

Blackwood Eunice (wid Wiley) bdg 203 N Roxboro h do 

Blackwood Hugh H (Elsie L) mach opr hlll2 W Chapel Hill 

Blackwood John J mach opr rlll2 W Chapel Hill 

Blackwood John J jr slsmn Lakewood Dairy rlll2 W Chapel Hill 

Blackwood Minnie M rl008 Burch av 

Blackwood Ralph L (Eloise S) batterymn hl713 Chapel Hill rd 

Blackwood Robt carp hl415 Ruby 

Blackwood Roland K (Ethel M) tob wkr r702 Ramseur 

Blackwood W Alex (Hill & Co) v-pres Dunaway Inc r306 Liberty 

Blair Ella J (wid Morris) hll2 Broadway 

Blair King (c; Annie) tob wkr h214 Moline 

Blair Sadie (c) tob wkr hl09% Haywood 

Blais Paul P (Ella M) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h819 Wilkerson av 

Blake Arlene (c) h414 S Gregson 

Blake Blanche Mrs bkpr Duke University rl807 W Pettigrew 

Blake China (wid Sol) r707 8th 

Blake Delia fnshr rll05 Angier av 

Blake Edith (c) tob wkr r803 South 

Blake Frances (c) tob wkr rl612 Humphrey 

Blake Gaston (c; Lillie M) delmn Jas N Lyon r306 Dowd 

Blake I Emmett (Lizzie S) carp h754% 9th 

Blake Irma (0 hosiery wkr r709A Pine 

Blake John H (c) lab r512 E Proctor 

Blake Lillie (c) h408A Henry al 

Blake Lucinda (c) tob wkr h510 Nelson 

Blake Mallie M r707 8th 

Blake Mollie C Mrs forwn New Method Lndry r Pittsboro 

Blake Naomi (c) hosiery wkr r709A Pine 

Blake Needham (Eva) hlOOO Ramseur 

Blake Paul (Blanche) pntr rl807 W Pettigrew 

Blake Robt (c; Agnes) farmer h411 Moline 

Blake Robt A farmer h707 8th 

Blake "Wm M (Bessie M) textile wkr h813 12th 

Blakely B (c; Alberta) tob wkr r306 Enterprise 

Blakely Beldon (c; Irene) lab r413 Pine 

Blalock A Pauline student rl709 E Main 

Blalock Albert W r623 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Blalock Alice E student r623 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Blalock B Irene (wid A Jethro) rll09 W Chapel Hill 

Blalock Bunnie (Carrie) formn r512 E Chapel Hill 

Blalock C Edw (Kate) textile wkr h623 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Blalock Clifton E elev mech Otis FJev Co r Hillsboro rd 

Blalock Clyde (Beatrice) truck driver rllO Seminary 

Blalock Ella B hosiery wkr r608 N Hyde Park av 

Blalock Fred G delmn City Dairy r701 Barbee 

Blalock Ira A sta opr City Water Dept r Flat River 

Blalock J Arth r623 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Blalock John B (Carrie L) formn r207 Markham 

Blalock John R elk Hotel Malbourne Cigar Stand rl709 E Main 

Blalock Lois A elk The Seeman Printery r205 W Trinity av 

Blalock Louis M ins agt hi 109 W Chapel Hill 

Blalock Margie W Mrs sec-treas Durham Home Bldrs Inc, Newton Ina 

Agcy Inc and Pine Hill Cemeteries Inc h815 Burch av 
Blalock Marvin A (Margie W) elk W Mitchell Blalock h815 Burch av 
Blalock Ralph D (Nell) h833 Wilkerson av 
Blalock Reuben A (Pearl L) formn hll04 8th 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASCHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Blalock Reuben A jr soda dispenser Hospital Pharmacy rll04 8th 

Blalock Richd H (Bettie E) mill mech hl709 E Main 

Blalock S Otho (Mary R; Blalock & Beck) h823 Wilkerson av 

Blalock Ulys H (Sallie M) tob wkr h N Roxboro rd nr Bon Air av 

Blalock Van tobwkr r203 Morris 

Blalock Virginia D student r623 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Blalock W Mitchell (Virginia P) filling sta 1421 Chapel Hill rd h903 

Blalock & Beck (S Otho Blalock, J Bryant Beck) clnrs 419 W Main br 707 

W Chapel Hill plant 1916 Perry 
Blanchard Chas C tob wkr r702 Ramseur 
Blanchard Clarence W (Winifred) hosiery wkr r702 Ramseur 
Blanchard Claude E (Hattie L) mgr coffee shop Duke University h2110 

Erwin rd 
Blanchard Jas H (Lizzie S) carrier PO r RD 7 

Blanchard Julius L (Minnie P) mech Alexander Motor Co h208 Hammond 
Blanchard Julius W (Irene) h702 Ramseur 
Blanchard Mabel I r2110 Erwin rd 

Bland Arth B (Eva M) dentist 123 W Main R407 h629 Club blvd 
Bland Bert L (wid Franklin P) h501 E Main apt 11 
Bland Horace H r201% N Church 
Bland Jas E slsmn r224 Broadway 
Bland John A (Flossie M) police r204 N Roxboro 
Bland Katie (c) r617 Scoggins av 

Bland Margt A office sec Jones & Frasier Co r501 E Main apt 11 
Bland Mary G sten Bryant & Jones r501 E Main apt 11 
Bland Steph E (Sallie J) tob wkr h224 Broadway 
Bland W Roscoe miller r318 Gray 
Blanding Viola (c) maid h617 Ramsey 
Blane Mary T (wid Chas H) rlSOl Lake wood av 
Blane Saml E (Frances S) tob wkr hl901 Lakewood av 
Blatgras Bessie (c) lndry wkr Lee Sing r509 Ramsey 
Blease Helen nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Bledsoe Henry dairymn Lakewood Dairy r908 Shepherd 
Bledsoe Josephine L nurse Coppridge & Tyler r Watts Hosp Campus 
Blomberg Claire L Mrs mgr Lemer Shops h501 E Main apt 17 
Blomberg Sol (Claire L) ins h501 E Main apt 17 
Blomquist Hugo L (Margt M) prof Duke University hl305 B 
Bloomfield I Fred (Sarah; Peoples Fruit & Produce Market) r809 

Blossom Shop The (Mrs Sue K Williams, Mrs Alma E Green) florists 123 

E Chapel Hill 
Blount Ada H slswn Belk-Leggett Co r923 5th 
Blount Chas E (c) porter Christian Printing Co 124 W Parrish 
Blount Geo W (c; Annie B) cook h611 Dunbar 
Blount Georgie L (c) student r611 Dunbar 
Blount Rholivia (c) rll02 Moreland av 
Blount Theo (c; Jessie) pkr h702 Willard 
Blue Bertha (c) tob wkr rll2 Haywood 
Blue Bird Ice Cream Co Arth H Hampton mgr 106 E Main and 341% 

W Main 
Blue Chas (c) sta atndt rl407 Drew I, 

Blue Edw (c; Eliz) lab hl21 Jordan 
Blue Haywood (c) gdnr rll2 Haywood 

Blue LiUie (c) h810B Colfax -■ 

Blue Margt W nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Blue Rebecca (c) tob wkr r703 N Elizabeth 
Blue Virginia (c) dom r306 Hunt 
Blue Warren (c; Agnes) lab r2508 Clyde 
Blue Wm J (Grace R) textile wkr hl516 Page 
Blue Willie (c) sch tchr hl205 Fayetteville 
Bob's (Robt C Umstead) confrs 219 N Dillard 
Bob's Lunch (Robt N Hall) 221 Foster 
Bobbitt A Leo (Florence) clothes clnr hl802 Lakewood av 
Bobbitt Alex (c) lab rl05 Corporation 
Bobbitt Augusta (c) tob wkr r213 Corporation 

Bobbitt Bryant W servicemn J A Andrews Battery Co rl04 E Seeman 
Bobbitt Clarence (c; Uneeta) tob wkr h515 Branch pi \ 

Bobbitt Clifton (c) student r515 Branch pi 
Bobbitt Curtis C (Louise) prod r406 Morgan 
Bobbitt David L (Ruth) tob wkr hl410 N Duke 
Bobbitt Dewey (c) lab r213 Corporation 

Bobbitt Earl H (Jessie M) mgr North Durham Gro h204 E Trinity av 
Bobbitt F Branson (Zula) 1U411 N Duke 
Bobbitt Fay I student r204 E Trinity av 
Bobbitt Florence Mrs sec Christopher F Delmar hl802 Lakewood av 


the Gify 


Its Gates 

Copies of 
this Direc- 
tory are 

in cities 
all over the 




PHONE F-3931 

Bobbitt Frances (c) dom r213 Corporation 

Bobbitt Gaither N (Annie E) tob wkr h414 South 

Bobbitt Gladys S slswn Belk-Leggett Co rl04 E Seeman 

Bobbitt Hal r907 Ramseur 

Bobbitt Harry (c) lab rl05 Corporation 

Bobbitt Hattie (c) h814 Gattis 

Bobbitt Hoyle N plmbr rl410 N Duke 

Bobbitt Ida (c) lndrs h.213 Corporation 

Bobbitt Jefferson (c; Irene) tob wkr hl05 Corporation 

Bobbitt Lena M (Phillips & Bobbitt) r310 S Gregson 

Bobbitt Martha N tob wkr r814 W Chapel Hill 

Bobbitt Marvin G pntr D C May r Braggtown 

Bobbitt Nannie (wid Thaddeus V) hl04 E Seeman 

Bobbitt Royall G (Marguerite G) police h921 8th 

Bobbitt Ruth E r814 W Chapel Hill 

Bobbitt Sidney A (Elzettie) tob wkr hll7 Exum 

Bobbitt Walter T (Kate L) elk Union Sta h905 5th 

Bobbitt Wm K (Nellie) batterymn h814 W Chapel Hill 

Bobbitt Wm McD (Ruby M) elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co hl601 Mary- 
land av 

Bobbitt Winifred P elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co rl601 Maryland av 

Bob-O-Link Driving Range practice links Hillsboro rd nr Hillandale rd 

Bock Emmett L (Miner) farmer rl500 Newton blvd 

Bock John B (Lucinda) mach hl500 Newton blvd 

Bock John B jr (Ploride) wldr rl500 Newton blvd 

Bock Virginia rl500 Newton blvd 

Boddie John W elk Am Tob Co Inc rl026 Monmouth av 

Boddie Margt W sch tchr r509 Carlton av 

Boddie N Jas (Henrietta W) slsmn h502 Memorial 

Boddie N Jas jr r502 Memorial 

Boddie Needham P (Lela L) phys 509 Carlton av h do 

Boddie Richd P r502 Memorial 

Boddie Thos A elk rl026 Monmouth av 

Boddie Willis W slsmn hl026 Monmouth av 

Boger Gilbert H (Thelma C) mach hll5 S Driver av 

Boggs Chas (Minnie) brooms h2005 E Peabody (E Durham) 

Boing W Prank (Cornelia R) sheet metal wkr h909 Broad 

Boland Thos H (Mary O) gdnr h305 Chase 

Bolden Felix (c) tob wkr rH6 Verbena 

Bolden Ruth N (c) bkpr Mut Bldg & Loan Assn r434 Piedmont av 

Bolding Alice (c) rl410 C 

Bolding Ella (c) tob wkr r731 Walnut 

Bolding Frank (c; Emily) h910 Linwood av 

Bolding Maggie (e) r910 Linwood av 

Bolding Robt (c; Alice) lab hl410 C 

Bolich Wm B prof Duke University r do 

Boling Inez mach opr rll06 Eva 

Boling Mavilee silk wkr r606 Carlton av 

Bollenger Donald mach r413 Ashton pi 

Boiling Emma (c) hosiery wkr r306 Dodson 

Boiling Herman (c) dish washer The Martha Washington r511 S Queen 

Boiling Lassie (c) auto mech r306 Dodson 

Boiling Lula (c) maid h412 Cozart av 

Boiling Wm (c; Annie) lab h306 Dodson 

Boilings Jackson (c; Dora) millwkr h918 Thaxton av 

Bolton Alma (wid June) r406 E Geer 
Bolton Jas (c) tob wkr hl26 Rowan al 

Bolton Paul B (Estelle M) mach opr h321 South 

Bon Ton Tailors (Louis Rosenberg) 123% E Main 

Bonaparte Roberta (c) r81l Cameron 

Bond David B (Stella G) sub sta supt Duke Power Co h902 N Duke 

Bond Virgil P (c; Emma E) ins agt h509 Booker 

Boney L Bunyan Rev (Leila) h504 Memorial 

Boney O Thos (Doris) dept mgr Raylass Chain Stores Inc r216 Morris 

Boney Victoria C elk Ellis Stone & Co r504 Memorial 

Booker Eliz (c) maid r406 Hunt 

Booker Lottie O smstrs Scott & Roberts rl300 Broad 

Booker Lyle S (Kath A) phys 212 W Main R413 hll6 Buchanan blvd 

Booker Mamie (c) dom r406 Hunt 

Boone Anna B (e) tob wkr r2202 Chautauqua 

Boone Chas (c; Obleker) lab h517A Pine 

Boone Claudia (wid Wm J) h610 Scoggins av 

Boone Connie (Florence) textile wkr hl308 Marvin av 

Boone Corinne (wid Atlas) r2116 Ashe 

Boone Danl B (Blanche) weaver h2018 Ashe 

Boone Demetrius L (Mary A; Haywood & Boone) h835 N Mangum 

Boone Demetrius L jr r835 N Mangum 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Appliances, Fixtures and Supplies 



Boone Effie tob wkr r401 Jackson 

Boone Elbert L textile wkr r501 Middle 

Boone Everett A textile wkr r501 Middle 

Boone Filmore (Gertrude) b.501 Middle 

Boone Henderson hlpr r511 Barnes av 

Boone J Troy tMonnie E) h416 N Driver av 

Boone Jas (Cassie) hlpr h511 Barnes av 

Boone Jesse mach opr r511 Barnes av 

Boone John D electa rlll4 Spruce 

Boone Jos (c; Lillie M) lab h308 Stephens 

Boone Lloyd D truck driver rlll4 Spruce 

Boone M Alice r2018 Ashe 

Boone W Geo r2018 Ashe 

Boone Waldo W (Myra A; Boone & Boone) h405 Cleveland 

Boone Wm H (Eliz M; Boone & Boone) h405 Cleveland 

Boone & Boone (Wm H and Waldo W) phys 212 W Main R507 

Booth Adeline (c) rl402 Glenn 

Booth Annie (c) tob wkr r601 South 

Booth Arth G (Iola) pntr h205 Ellerbee 

Booth Casey tob wkr rl08 Seminary 

Booth Chas D pntr r335 South 

Booth Cornelia (wid John R) h203 Morris 

Booth Downey J cash Northwestern Mut Life Ins Co r RD 6 

BOOTH ERNEST S (Vallie W), Cash The Fidelity Bank and Sec F C 

Geer Co, h Guess rd, RD 2, Tel J-1362 
Booth Helen M (c) dom r420 Eric 
Booth John (c; Sarah) janitor rl403 Geerwood 
Booth John L (Laura J) wtchmn hl08 Seminary 
Booth Jos A (Mary) hosiery wkr h412 Toby 
Booth Lewis (c; Lula) hl408 Glenn 
Booth Maggie (c) tob wkr r601 South 
Booth Mattie T r401 Oakwood av 
Booth Oscar (c) lab rl214 4th 
Booth R Lee (Emma F) pntr D C May hi 10 Leon 
Booth Rosa (c) tob wkr r601 South 
Booth Sallie H (wid Hilliard) rll2 S Hyde Park av 
Booth Thurman (c; Bessie) rl603 Glenn 
Boothe Alva (wid Wm A) r2C05 Southgate 
Boothe Cath E r524 McMannen 
Boothe Either L sch tchr r522 McMannen 
Boothe John A (Mary E) h522 McMannen 

Boothe Mary E sten County Board of Education r522 McMannen 
Boothe Wm A rd wkr r522 McMannen 
Booze Celesta (c) tob wkr r515A Elliott al 
Booze Chas (c) r807 Fargo 
Borcelli Carlo (Lillian) rl0O2 N Roxboro 

Bordeaux Danl M (Nellie) wtchmn Durham Lbr Co h2208 E Main 
Bordeaux Essie K textile wkr rl910 E Pettigrew 
Bordeaux Herman W textile wkr rl910 E Pettigrew 
Bordeaux Lizzie (wid D Adolphus) textile wkr hl910 E Pettigrew 
Bordeaux Marvin W (Marie) h607 Troy 
Bordeaux Nellie B rl910 E Pettigrew 
Bordeaux Roy H textile wkr rl910 E Pettigrew 
BORDEN BRICK & TILE CO, H Spurgeon Boyce Local Mr, 704 Ramseur, 

Tel F-179 (See front cover and page 36) 
Borden Emmitt (c; Helen) tob wkr hlllO Pine 
Borden McKinley (c; Agnes E) hlpr r912 3d 
BORING HAL W (Mary C), Sec-Treas Durham Loan & Trust Co, hll07 

Minerva, Tel F-2561 
Boring J Ward jr sec-treas Tilley's Stores Inc r Rockwood 
Borland Allie (c; Celia) tob wkr h210 Ames pi 
Borland Andrew H lawyer 212 W Main R419 rl06 Watts 
Borland Jas K (c; Mary C) gro 1228 Fayetteville h611 Booker 
Borland Marvin (c) r210 Ames pi 
Borland Thos W student rl06 Watts 

Borland Wm S (Lena E) eng Sou Ry System hl06 Watts 
Boseman Lena textile wkr r739 14th 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 







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Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Bosman Lucas (c) tob wkr r710 Willard 

Boss Cora (c) cook The Woman's Club Tea Shop h319 Roney 

Bost Chas S (Laura L) stone ctr Durham Marble Wks hl903 Chapel 
HU1 rd 

Bost Sidney S Rev (Esther C) rector St Phillips Episcopal Ch hll2 N 

Bost Thos (Mildred) slsmn hl513 James 

Bostick H Edw (B Goldie) textile wkr rl008 Franklin 

Bostick Hallie r519 Barnes av 

Bostick Kizzie A (wid Hiram) h519 Barnes av 

Bostick Wade H (Zoa L) tmkpr h602 Buchanan blvd 

Boston Flora B (c) tob wkr r520 Matthews 

Boston Lucille (c) dom h303 Baxter 

Boswell David G (Ira R) slsmn Durham Dairy Products Inc hllO Exum 

Boswell Hattie B rll08 E Trinity av 

Boswell J Guy tob wkr rl09 Young av 

Boswell Jennie Mrs elk Ellis Stone & Co rl06 E Markham av 

Boswell Luther E (Jennie) flrmn Grand Central Garage rl06 E Mark- 
nam av 

Boswell Luther O (Myrtle L) custodian City Mkt hl09 Young av 

Boswell Mary E (wid Wm E) hi 108 E Trinity av 

Boswell Reed O (Mattie L) prsmn The Seeman Printery r813 N Mangum 

Bottom Jos (c; Mary) lab h910 Gilbert 

Bottom Leslie (c) tob wkr r910 Gilbert 

Bottoms Gladys M elk SALRy r Y W C A 

Bouey Viola (c) tob wkr r703 Colfax 

Boulden Chester P (Alberta) pntr rll04 Arnette av 

Boulton Robt R (Eliz H) supt College Sta P Or RD 6 

Boulware Arth (c; Cornelia) orderly Duke University Hosp h2802 Mul- 

Boulware Ben.j (c; Mattie) h2804 Mulberry 

Boulware Docia (c) dom h204 Ames pi 

Boulware Glenn (c) r2804 Mulberry 

Boulware Lula (c) maid Duke University Hosp r2804 Mulberry 

Boulware Mary (c) maid Duke University Hosp r2804 Mulberry 

Bouras Wm P (Kate E) waiter Goody Shop h807 Buchanan rd 

Bouzard Nathaniel C (Sayde T) artist Carolina Theatre h403% N Gregson 

Bowden Harold C (Mary A) mach hl303 Maryland av 

Bowden Oscar (Lena M) real est hl012 Green 

Bowden Robt W (c; Susie) tob wkr hl016 3d 

Bowden Sidney L sta atndt Standard Oil Co rl012 Green 

Bowden Susannah (c) lndrs The Watts Hosp rl016 3d 

Bowen Archie L (Sudie J) gro 2719 Hillsboro rd h2727 do 

Bowen Baxter S (Carrie E) knitter hl209 Wolf 

Bowen Clarence F textile wkr rl006 Franklin 

Bowen Clarence P (Annie H) bkpr Geo W Kane h906 W Trinity av apt 1 

Bowen Connie J textile wkr rlOOS Franklin 

Bowen Dennis S (Cora P) carp h509 Markham 

Bowen E Dickey (Lucile) textile wkr hl212 Franklin 

Bowen Ector P (Mary) auto mech Sykes & Pritchard r Bon Air av nr 
N Roxboro 

Bowen Edgar T (Thelma) formn Am Tob Co Inc r RD 6 

Bowen Edw W (Lonie) textile wkr h708 15th 

Bowen Geo G (Eliz) barber h927 Alabama 

Bowen Homer C (Naomi) elk rlll2 W Chapel Hill 

Bowen Hotel (John A Douli) 201% E Mam 

Bowen Jacob rlll6 Cole 

Bowen Jesse J ( Bertha A) supt Consolidated Construction & Bldg Co Inc 
h334 South 

Bowen Leona E textile wkr rl006 Franklin 

Bowen M Ida (wid Jas D) hl202 Taylor 

Bowen M Louise tob wkr r509 Markham 

Bowen Madge M looper rl202 Taylor 

Bowen Martha E tob wkr r509 Markham 

Bowen Martha J (wid Ephrom) r2001 W Pettigrew 
Bowen R Coston (Myrtle) elk h701 N Alston av 

Bowen Robt F (Cora E) hl006 Franklin 


"A Purpose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

E. S. PHILLIPS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 

The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 
Opposite Pest Office 

Phone L-6291 

Bowen Saml J (Magdalene) hosiery wkr rll4 N Alston av 

Bowen Sudie r513 Holloway 

Bowen Thos M (Nannie) wtchmn h412 S Alston av 

Bowen Virginia L tchr Central Jr High Sch rl005 W Trinity av 

Bowen Wm A (Glennie) textile wkr h2001 W Pettigrew 

Bowen Wm D (Ethel) elk Archie L Bowen h700 Hicks 

Bowen Wm W (Lula C) plmbr Duke University h2707 Maxwell 

Bowens Gurshum (c) lab r612 Matthews 

Bowens Milley (c) h612 Matthews 

Bowes May nurse 1116 8th r do 

Bowie Jos P slsmn Durham Public Service Co r YMCA 

Bowlden Jos (c; Robbie L) lab r819 Gerard 

Bowles Burnice B (Myra L) carp h2511 N Roxboro 

Bowles Edw H carp r507 Markham 

Bowles Edw M (Annie M) h702 Park av 

Bowles F Norman (Rebekah T) phys 123 W Main (bsmt) h218 Dacian av 

Bowles Harold E carp r2511 N Roxboro 

Bowles Lewis E hosiery wkr r702 Park av 

Bowles Luther D r912 Dale av 

Bowles Martha J (wid John W) h507 Markham 

Bowles Rebecca (wid Luther) tobwkr r912 Dale av 

Bowles Wm L (Cora L) carp h902 Frederick 

Bowling Ada L hosiery wkr rlOl % S Elm 

Bowling Andrew L (Nellie R) hosiery wkr hl908 Southgate 

Bowling Benj O elk Community Cash Store r2406 Vesson av 

Bowling Earlie T (Mary E) millwkr r804 Liberty 

Bowling Edw H (Eula V) slsmn Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co hl903 E 

Bowling Edwin H (c) rlll4 4th 

Bowling Edwin H (Mattie J) phys 204V 2 N Mangum h205 Club blvd 
Bowling Edwin H jr (Mary E) tobwkr h207 Club blvd 
Bowling Ernest L (Effie A) silkwkr h914 Exum 
Bowling Eva A hosiery wkr rlOl % S Elm 
Bowling Henry P (Carrie M) mach opr hl08 Young av 
Bowling Hettie R tobwkr r709 Parker 
Bowling Howard W student r205 Club blvd 
Bowling Hubert (Nettie) knitter hlOll Taylor 
Bowling Ida (wid T Lester) h727 Liberty 
Bowling Jack (North Durham Barber Shop) r RD 4 
Bowling Jackson M phys r205 Club blvd 
Bowling Janie P tobwkr r709 Parker 
Bowling Jennie (wid Jas T) h709 Parker 
Bowling Jos (c; Evelyn) tobwkr hlll4 4th 

Bowling Jos T asst sec-treas and mgr General Realty Co r YMCA 
Bowling Leila G smstrs R L Baldwin Co r709 Parker 

Bowling Lester L (Lessie) slsmn Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co r RD 2 
Bowling Lola J Mrs r919 E Main 
Bowling Onest P (Kath L) silkwkr r204 Jackson 
Bowling Otho W (Effie M) collr Roy S McGhee h2406 Venson av 
Bowling Pattie Mrs r204 S Blacknall 
Bowling Siddie (c) tobwkr h918A South 

Bowling Wiley (c; Claresta) janitor Loan & Trust bldg hl015 Ferrell 
Bowling Wm W dentist r205 Club blvd 
Bowman Bernard (Lela M) textile wkr rl601 W Pettigrew 
Bowman Eug (Ada) r911 Hale 
Box Marvin student rl07 Spruce 
Boy Carl A (Prances K) electa hl020 Oakland av 

Boy Scouts of America Cecil L Gilliatt executive hdqtrs City Hall R12 
Boyce Erskine E v-pres Austin-Heaton Co r Gastonia N C 
BOYCE H SPURGEON (Neola S), Local Mgr Borden Brick & Tile Co, h 

1507 Alabama, Tel J-1022 
Boyd Annie B (c) h319 Matthews 

Boyd Bertha Mrs lndrywkr Sanitary Ldnry r507 Rogers 
Boyd Betty Mrs grader New Method Lndry h405 N Maple 
Boyd Chas H (Betty) pdlr h405 N Maple 
Boyd Chas T (Carrie L) mech The Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd h806 W 

Markham av 
Boyd Delmar H (A Helen) elk Joyce Pood Store h510 Gattis 
Boyd Dora (c) tobwkr rl09 E Cobb 
Boyd Early W (Mamie) gro 2006 Hart h2004 do 
Boyd Edw (c; Annie) tobwkr r918 Gilbert 
Boyd Ethel M r2004 Hart 
Boyd Eug H (Fannie C) tobwkr hl917 Hart 
Boyd Jas T (c) janitor h611 StJoseph 
Boyd John (c) paperhngr r505 StJoseph 
'■ Boyd Julian T (Bertha) hosiery wkr r507 Rogers 







•fl pi 
















$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Boyd Margt D r2004 Hart 

Boyd Mary E asst Duke University library rl07 Watts apt 7 

Boyd Mason G hosiery wkr rl917 Hart 

Boyd Murphy R (M Edna) fixer Durham Hosiery Mills h2117 E Main 

Boyd Murphy R jr student r2117 E Main 

Boyd Nile H rl917 Hart 

Boyd Nina R tobwkr rl917 Hart 

Boyd Root B (Dorothy) mach h811 2d 

Boyd Win K (Pearl) prof Duke University hl07 Watts apt 7 

Boyer C Victor (Martha) sch tchr hl601 Duke University rd 

Boykin Johnnie M (c) dom r rear 418 W Main 

Boykin Wm L (c; Hattie) tailor 715 Fayetteville h510 Lucille 

Boykins Sarah (c) r806 Milton av 

Boylan Rena (c) dom h409 Henry al 

Boyle Jas E (Lela M) detective City Police Dept h407 South 

Boyles Ethel rll7 E Trinity av 

Boyles Marcus office asst Durham Dog & Cat Clinic 424 Morgan 

Boyles Paul slsmn rll7 E Trinity av 

Boyles Wm C auto tires 228 Rigsbee av hll7 E Trinity av 

Boyles Wm H hlpr rll7 E Trinity av 

Bracey Wm (c) tobwkr r415 Pine 

Bracher John (c) clo clnr r602 Ramsey 

Brack Lillie Mrs r309 Holloway 

Brackett Chas L (Eula E) textilewkr h2017 Acme 

Brackett Katie B (c) dom r917 Wilkerson av 

Bradeen Prank C mgr Everybody's Shoe Store r516 McMannen 

Bradel Eliz rl015 Watts 

Bradford Annie E r2017 Englewood av 

Bradford Jas H (Pearl) mach opr h2017 Englewood av 

Bradford Marie (c) r614 Ramsey 

Bradford Nannie (c) tobwkr rl04B Division 

Bradford Nelson O inspr U S Customs Bureau rl022 Rose Hill av 

Bradley Annie L tobwkr rl012 Minerva 

Bradley Dewey hosiery wkr r513 Raynor 

Bradley John D (c; Tennie) lab h820A Glendale av 

Bradley Julia (c) tobwkr r415 Pine 

Bradley Luvenia (c) tobwkr h807 Fargo 

Bradley Roy (c; Dura) lab r404 Roney 

Bradshaw Dallas (c; Minerva) hosiery wkr h603 Mobile av 

Bradshaw Jesse (c; Hattie) tobwkr h606 S Elm 

Bradshaw Mary (c) dom rllOl Morehead av 

Bradshaw Mary W (wid Michl) h508 S Duke 

Bradshaw Ollie (c) dom rllOl Morehead av 

Bradshaw Wm G asst sec-treas Durham Bldg & Investment Co h813 

Burch av 
Bradsher Brady (c; Sinnie) lab rl223 4th 
Bradsher Earl B (Kath) textilewkr h311 N Elizabeth 
Bradsher Eugenia tchr Edgemont Graded Sch r Hotel Malbourne 
Bradsher Hattie (c) tobwkr r317 Matthews 
Bradsher Lillie topper Ruth Hosiery Mills r507 Barnes av 
Bradsher Mack O (Lillie) knitter h507 Barnes av 
Bradsher Neffe Mrs r222 Morris 

Bradsher Odell (c) waiter Washington Duke Hotel r606 Ray al 
BRADSHER S MERRITT (Effie M), Genl Supt Geo W Kane, hl019 MV 

Trinity av, Tel L-2371 
Bradsher Sallie (wid Walter C) r411 Cleveland 
Bradsher Wilson (c) waiter Washington Duke Hotel r606 Ray al 
Bradway John S prof Duke University r do 
Brady Emory A (Brady's Garage) h211 Elliott 
Brady Wm W (Delia G) ins agt h217 Parrish pi 
Brady Maurice O slsmn r217 Parrish pi 
Brady Notie (wid Emory A) r211 Elliott 
Brady Paul (Eva L) textilewkr h736 14th 
Brady Shafter B (Mary E) hosiery wkr h2708 Ashe 
Brady T Clair slswn The Fashion r217 Parrish pi 
Brady's Garage (Emory A Brady) reprs 125 Orange 
Bragdon Gordon (c; Eva) restr 419% Pine h419 do 
Bragg Clement G mach Wright-Dalton Machine Co Inc h411 McMannen 
Bragg Fredda H r41l McMannen 
Bragg Jas (c; Louise) lab h806% Gattis 
Bragg Lottie C r411 McMannen 
Bragg Mamie C elk Ellis Stone & Co r411 McMannen 
Bragg Pauline Mrs elk Ellis Stone & Co r822 Cleveland 
Bragg Sidney W (Rena E) slsmn Durham Dairy Products Inc h2126 

Englewood av 
Braiden F C elk r516 McMannen 


Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires- 
115 N. DUKE ST. 

Exide Batteries 

TEL. N-173 

Braithwaite Leslie V (Josephine) chemist Duke University h2611 Chapel 

Hill rd 
Brame C Thos (Lula) textilewkr h210 Chase 
Brame David (Alice) trav slsmn 1U206 Guess rd 
Brame Henry (c; Alice) tobwkr r413 Roney 
Brame Henry (c; Lillie) truck driver h514 Lyon 
Brame Herman (c; Alter) elev o,pr The Kronheimer Co r516 Ramsey 
Brame John N (Clara M) tobwkr h505 Yancey 
Brame Lucy (c) tobwkr h511 Canal 
Brame Merle I tobwkr r210 Chase 

Brame Robt L (Mary W; Brame Specialty Co) hl005 Dacian av 
Brame Robt L jr student rl005 Dacian av 
Brame Specialty Co (Robt L Brame) paper 948 Washington 
Brame Wm J (Lora M) r210 Chase 
Bramham Wm G (Ninnon M) lawyer 123 W Main R403 hll4 Buchanan 

Bramham Winfrey P (EUz S) rll4 Buchanan blvd 
Branch Brodie D (Vela) cook Page's Restr r918 Buchanan rd 
Branch Clarence (c; Rosebud) lab r506 McCoy pi 
Branch Clyde (Danie) mach opr h705 E Main 
Branch Daisy L tobwkr r311 Jackson 
Branch DeWitt W (Mamie L) knitter h512 N Roxboro 
Branch Emma Mrs r306 Holloway 
Branch Esther L tobwkr r3ll Jackson 

Branch Harry W (Lydia M) stmftr Paschall Bros h511 Gurley 
Branch Iris L tobwkr r317 E Main 

Branch J Layton (Cophine) elk R L Baldwin Co h820 Broad 
Branch J Preston r311 Jackson 
Branch Jas (c; Jane) cooper hlOlO Rock 
Branch Jas B jr (c) rlOlO Rock 
Branch Lottie B Mrs h311 Jackson 
Branch Marshall L (Mary) h2406 Proctor rd 
Branch Mittie D Mrs elk Ellis Stone & Co hl003 Monmouth av 
Branch Myrtle C r2406 Proctor rd 
Branch Pescud P elk Five Points Service Sta rl410 B 
Branch Richd (c; Ivy) tobwkr hi 008 Rock 
Branch Talitha (wid Hector E) r823 3d 
Branch Vance (c) tobwkr r215 Corporation 
Brandon Alf (Dixie Awning & Shade Co) r Chapel Hill rd 
Brandon Chas (c; Emma) janitor St Joseph A M E Church h803B Fayette- 

Brandon Chas jr (c) carp r803B Fayetteville 
Brandon Edgar J awning hngr r512 Warren 
Brandon Ella F silkwkr r311 South 

Brandon Geo S (Nannie F) plmbr Paschall Bros hl28 Hunt 
Brandon J Ollie (c; Leria) tobwkr hi 103 3d 
Brandon Lucile (c) rl04 E Proctor 
Brandon Marshall J (Troy L) slsmn Dixie Awning & Shade Co h2113 N 

Brandon Sylvester (c) lab r813 Mebane 
Brandon Valeria (c) lndrs The Watts Hosp rll03 3d 
Brandon Wm (c) elk r803B Fayetteville 
Brandon Wm (c; Flossie) lab h511B Elliott al 
Brannon Gus T (Gertrude B) v-pres Commonwealth Bond & Mortgage 

Co h312 Buchanan blvd apt 304 
Brannon Gus T jr (Valerie B) spl agt Realty Associates Inc h312 Bu- 
chanan blvd apt 404 
Branscomb Bennett H prof Duke University r Hope Valley N C 
Branson Bessie Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co h N Roxboro nr 3d av 
Branson Guy (Ada L) elk Liggett Myers Tob Co hl009 Rose Hill av 
Branson Guy jr (Bessie) elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co h N Roxboro nr 3d 
Branson Mary L rl009 Rose Hill av 
Branson Methodist Episcopal Church (South) Rev Chas T Thrift pastor 

S Alston av se cor Angier av 
Branson Wm H (Lois S) lawyer 123 W Main R715 hl552 Hermitage ct 
Brantley A Clyde (M Olive) tobacconist h2105 Chapel Hill rd 
Brantley Beth E r2105 Chapel Hill rd 
Brantley Dolphus H (Zilphia A) knitter hlll2 Taylor 
Brantley Ettrice (wid Wm O) hl208 Taylor 
Brantley Geo S (Florence I) v-pres-mgr New Method Lndry hl415 N 

Brantley Jack W rl415 N Mangum 
Brantley Quinton R (Leila L) knitter r808 Liberty 
Braswell Howard B hlpr r808 Yancey 
Braswell Lenton J (Daisy E) hlpr h808 Yancey 
Braswell Luther E (Pearl S) tobwkr h811 Spring 












E— i 


] S3 













Reeves , American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service — Always Open 


Braswell Nannie K r811 Spring 

Braswell Nell tobwkr rll9 E Seeman 

Bratcher Elise (c) lndrs r2506 Clyde 

Bratoher Eug (c) butler rl516 Pine 

Bratcher Garland (c) truck driver rl516 Pine 

Bratcher Grover (c) lab rl012 Rock 

Bratcher Henrietta (c) dom hl516 Pine 

Bratcher Maybelle (c) lndrs r2506 Clyde 

Bratcher Minnie (o lndrs r2506 Clyde 

Bratcher Otho (c) lab rl516 Pine 

Bratcher Robt (c; Viola) tobwkr r603 Dowd 

Bratcher Robt (c; Maria) tobwkr hl012 Rock 

Bratcher Udie (c) lab rl516 Pine 

Brawley Chas H student r2422 Club blvd 

Brawley Clyde W tobwkr r2108 E Main 

Brawley Jeter B student r2422 Club blvd 

Brawley Lillian B (wid Robt S) h2108 E Main 

Brawley Mary L tobwkr r2108 E Main 

Brawley Sumter C (Margt B; Brawley & Gantt) h2422 Club blvd 

Brawley Sumter C jr student r2422 Club blvd 

BRAWLEY & GANTT (Sumter C Brawley, Robt M Gantt), Lawyers 210- 
212 Geer Bldg 128 W Main, Tel F-6921 

Braxton Jas M (Hallie P) plant supt Durham Ice Cream Co Inc h308 Ed- 

Braxton Wm (c) shoe repr Philip Dave r310A Dowd 

Bray Harry R (Margt L) solr h816 4bh 

Bray Thos M (Lula E) mach rl211 Holloway 

Bray Virginia F silkwkr rl211 Holloway 

Breadon John W (c) lab r309 Thomasson 

Breece Alice Mrs rl206 Holloway 

Breece Winifred M looper rl206 Holloway 

Breeden Theo (c; Pernel) janitor hlll7A 2d 

Breedlove Bessie B rl004 W Trinity av 

Breedlove Edw rl414 Holloway 

Breedlove Ethel M bkpr Dolian Harris hl004'W Trinity av 

Breedlove Evelyn C student rl004 W Trinity av 

Breedlove Jos P (Lucile) librarian Duke University h407 Watts 

Breedlove Lila M h207 Parrish pi 

Breese Richd P bkpr Lakewood Dairy r506 N Queen 

Breeze Laura B sten Home Security Life Ins Co r713 Shepherd 

Breidenbach Conrad L (Beulah C) asst mgr h307 Markham 

Brennan Lessie tobwkr r405 Jackson 

Brennan Thos M (Kath S) h912 Shepherd 

Brewer Annie slswn United Dollar Stores r804 W Chapel Hill 

Brewer Arth L pntr D C May hi 16 Hunt 

Brewer Fred C (c; Litha) delmn Mills P Harrell hll20 4th 

Brewer Henry piano tuner r YMCA 

Brewer John W (Eva) miller Austin-Heaton Co hll06 Holloway 

Brewer Lonnie (c) lab rl215 Moreland av 

Brewer Lottie rll06 Holloway 

Brewer Paul (c) tobwkr h514 South 

Brewer Stroud O (Anna R; Brewer's Drug Store) hl215 Alabama 

Brewer's Drug Store (Stroud O Brewer) 700 9th 

Brewington A Dewey jr (c; Minnie) tobwkr h603 Price 

Brewington Andrew D (c; Mary E) h606 Price 

Brewington Maves (c) r616 Price 

Brewington Nathan A (c; Merlie C) barber N C Barber Shop hl208 Daw- 

Brewington Wm A (c) r606 Price 

Brice Edw rl208 Franklin 

Brickes Ernest (c; Cora) waiter r402 Foster 

Bricklayers Masons and Plasterers International Union of America No 10 
Jesse Cole sec meets 2d and 4th Monday 8pm 107 N Market 

Bridgers Furman A instr Duke University rll04 Watts 

Bridgers Kath (wid Wm J) r206 N Queen 

Bridgers Wm J (Norma A) civ eng h206 N Queen 

Bridges Archie (c) janitor r508 McCoy pi 

Bridges Avery G (Mary A) printer h704 Holloway 

Bridges Bonnie (c) hlnr r828 Chapel Hill rd 

Bridges Christine (c) tobwkr r508 McCoy pi 

Bridges Delphie A (wid Wm B) rlOOl Dacian av 

Bridges Ernest (c; Susie) lab h723 Walnut 

Bridges Goldie (c; Bessie) lather r204 (116) N Elizabeth 

Bridges Grady S (Katie C) weaver hl207 Morning Glory av 

Bridges Jack (c) tobwkr r303 W Proctor 

Bridges Jesse (c) r816 High 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Bridges John (c; Sallie) cook h914 Thaxton av 

Bridges Johnnie (c) tobwkr h303 W Proctor 

Bridges Junior (c) dish washer r914 Thaxton av 

Bridges L Yome (Lela J) slsmn r815 Broad 

Bridges Lellon W (Clyde H) knitter hl210 Lin wood av 

Bridges Mary (c) r419 Henry al 

Bridges Maude (c) dom rl002 Pine 

Bridges Miles (Annie B) mach h915 Burch av 

Bridges Ora B hosiery wkr r610 Scoggins av 

Bridges Silas (c) lab r723 Walnut 

Bridges Sophie (c) h508 McCoy pi 

Bridges Thurman (c) lab r812 Gattis 

Bridges Wm B (Lottie) h423 S Driver av 

Bridges Wm H (Effie) slsmn Piedmont Furn Co h609 Cabot 

Bridwell Chas S (Lillian S) textilewkr hl211 Worth 

Bridwell Ray textilewkr rl211 Worth 

Briggs Annie L nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Briggs Bettie Mrs r2619 Angier av 

Briggs Blanche A r503 N Mangum 

Briggs Edw (c; Lizzie) tobwkr hl211 Hazel 

Briggs Ella V (wid Luther W) hl05 N Benjamin 

Briggs Fannie M (wid Peter M) h503 N Mangum 

Briggs Hessie (c) cook 517 McMannen 

Briggs Jas (c) truck driver r508B Greenberg al 

Briggs Jos E tohwkr rlOl S Briggs av 

Briggs Jos T (Mabel) elk J D Edwards & Son rll4 N Driver av 

Briggs Kate (wid Bartley G) r915 E Main 

Briggs Louise beautician Mayfair Beauty Shoppe r Tiona nr N Roxboro 

Briggs Lucy (c) tobwkr r509 Price 

Briggs M Arnold (Prances M) pres Austin-Heaton Co hl005 Gloria av 

Briggs Myrtle L inspr rl05 N Benjamin 

Briggs Sallie V inspr rl05 N Benjamin 

Briggs Tressie T mach opr rl05 N Benjamin 

Briggs Vate (c; Alice) gro 600 Glenn h do 

Bright C Lewis student r504 Watts 

Bright Courtney D slsmn r504 Watts 

Bright Dorothy E r504 Watts 

Bright Eleanor L elk rll09 Liberty 

Bright Elijah Cc) lab rl214 3d 

Bright Harold truck driver rll09 Liberty 

Bright Hattie M (c) dom r909A Glenn 

Bright Homer (c) r603 Colfax 

Bright J Wesley (Loretta R) h504 Watts 

Bright Janie C Mrs hosiery wkr rl06 S Alston av 

Bright Leanna (c) hosierywkr h909A Glenn 

Bright Leonard B elk Genada B Inscoe 1028 Holloway 

Bright M Don (Sallie S; Pope & Bright) h527 Hollcway 

Bright M Donald jr student r527 Holloway 

Bright Mattie r317 S Alston av 

Bright Minnie R rll6 E Trinity av 

Bright Mont J (Lucile C) supt Durham Hosiery Mills No 6 hl006 Park av 

Bright Oliver C cabtmkr Durham Furn Co Inc r317 S Alston av 

Bright Richd W hi 16 E Trinity av 

Bright Walter B (Mattie S) formn hl005 Alma 

Bright Wm H (Swannie B) ship elk Austin-Heaton Co hll09 Liberty 

Brigman Colon B (Virginia) textilewkr h907 Orient 

Brigman Walter N (Lillie M) r808 Railroad 

Briley Alex (c; Mabel) tobwkr h302B Memphis 

Briley Ett hi 18 Lyon 

Briley W Roscoe (Maude J) mech Carpenter Motor Co h307 Howard 

Brinegar Albert D (Etta S) detective City Police Dept h407 South 

BRINKLEY HARVEY M (Byrd P), Physician 312-313 Loan & Trust Bid? 

313 W Main, Tel L-5721, h403 Watts, Tel L-6051 
Brinkley Lee J (Barbara) sta atndt Central Oil Co of N C Inc hll04 

Arnette av 
Brinkley Wm L (Eliz P) slsmn Monitor Refrigeration Co rl08 E Seeman 
Brinn Hilton J (Lela) gdnr hl715 Pace 
Brintle Jos H (L Eliz) sch tchr r703 Vickers av 
Brisbon Eug (c; Eliz) lab rl317 Albright rd 
Brisbon Helen (c) dom rlll9 Hanover 
Briscoe Wm silkwkr r618 Shepherd 
Brison John (c- Eliza) lab h2318 Shirley 
Bristol Jos (c; Sue) lab hi 115 Lynchburg 
Bristol Jos (c) waiter Washington Duke Hotel r518 Pine 
Bristol Louvenia (c) dom h518 Pine 
Britt Chester B (Rosa) truck driver rl304 Angier av 
Britt Elneda H Mrs office sec Coppridge & Tyler r RD 6 

s o 

§ gS 

3 in 



I in 





CO ^"^J 


s 70 


" O 

I o 



8 I 

m 2 




212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-94S 

Britt Jas D (Mary E) textilewkr r2019 W Pettigrew 
Britt M Josephine student r817 6th 
Britt Paul H (Laura E) tobwkr h305 Jackson 
Britt Bobt M (Martha A) electn h817 6th 
Britton Amy (c) r910 Whitted 
Britton Lynn (c; Viola) tobwkr h910 Whitted 
Britton Orrin C (Sam M) rep h.1603 Duke University rd 
Britton Orrin C jr student rl603 Duke University rd 
Britton Sallie (c) dom r502 Link pi 
Broach Bertie asst Duke University Hosp r311 Oregon 
Broach Edw W r2024 Yearby av 
Broach Willie D (M Ellen) h2024 Yearby av 
Broadway Blanche McK tchr Geo W Watts Sch rl300 B 
Broadway Blandina asst rl300 B 
Broadway Lydia L (wid Jas T) hl300 B 

Broadwell Donie R (Laura E) formn Dillard's Stable h2105 N Roxboro 
Broadwell Edw (Annie R) textilewkr hl04 Case 
Broadwell Ethel E elk Ruffin J Broadwell r403 Jackson 
Broadwell Ha Mrs silkwkr r412 Holloway 
Broadwell Jas carp r215 Stokes 
Broadwell Janie A hosierywkr r215 Stokes 
Broadwell Kate silkwkr rl08 Holloway 
Broadwell Lena Mrs hosierywkr r215 Stokes 
Broadwell Mollie L (wid Patk) hl08 Holloway 
Broadwell Ruffin J (Ethel L) gro 501 S Duke h403 Jackson 
Broadwell Ruffin J jr elk Ruffin J Broadwell r403 Jackson 
Broadwell Saml B mech Johnson Motor Co rl08 Holloway 
Broadwell W Jethro teller The Fidelity Bank r403 Jackson 
Broadwell W Luther tobwkr rl04 Case 
Broadwell Wm C (Pearl E) mach 119 Hunt h do 
Broady Sidney (c) auto mech h416 S Plum 

Brock David L (Nannie V) dept mgr Nicholson Motor Co Inc h720 Shep- 
Brock David L jr stock elk Nicholson Motor Co Inc r720 Shepherd 
Brock Edgar S (LaRue) formn h916 Broad 
Brock Eliz C elk N C Joint Stock Land Bank r313 Holloway 
Brock Garland (Lula) adjuster hl014 Burch av 
Brock Jas L (Nora E) elk Christian-Harward Furn Co h2007 Chapel Hill 

Brock LaRue Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co h916 Broad 
Brock Mamie N inspr r2007 Chapel Hill rd 
Brock Margt S cash City Tax Collr r2115 Club blvd 
Brock Neta M sten Austin-Heaton Co r2115 Club blvd 
Brock Thos H (Minnie M) h2115 Club blvd 
Brock Thos H jr r2115 Club blvd 

Brockenbrough Edw H (Lucy L) aviator h2708 Williams 
Brockwell Berta V (wid Geo W) hl210 Club blvd 
Brockwell Bunnie L Mrs r731 Liberty 
Brockwell Ethel h731 Liberty 

Brockwell Glenn M elk B Ernest Harris r Orange County 
Brockwell J R slsmn The Peabody Drug Co Inc 
Brockwell John r711 Wilkerson av 

Brockwell Saml B (Delia A) whol gasoline hl005 Buchanan rd 
Brockwell Sterling M student rl0O5 Buchanan rd 
Brockwell Thelma silkwkr rl912% Lakeview av 
Brodie Annie (c) dom h504A Poster 
Brodie Augusta (c) rll08 South 
Brodie Lorenzo (c) lab rllOS South 
Brogden Benj J (Annie H) sec-treas Durham Mattress Co Inc h50I E 

Trinity av 
Brogden Boyd G slsmn Motor Bearings & Parts Co r RD 7 
Brogden Clarence I (Martha L) millwkr h310 Milton av 
Brogden Doris M r712 Burch av 
Brogden Edgar E truck driver rl215 E Trinity av 
Brogden Edw A (Mattie) barber h712 Burch av 
Brogden Eug M (Luesther) truck driver rl08 Jones 
Brogden Eulis T (Maude B) elk Durham Hosiery Mills h2112 Englewood 
Brogden Fannie E sch tchr rl215 E Trinity av 
Brogden Genora L sten r402 Anderson 
Brogden Geo W (Geneva) textilewkr h402 Anderson 
Brogden Georgianna R sten r402 Anderson 
Brogden Jas E (Mary E) carp hl215 E Trinity av 
Brogden Jas L slsmn rl215 E Trinity av 
Brogden Lila M Mrs pres The Woman's Club h516 Jackson 
Brogden Lonnie A (Mary U) tobwkr hill Stokes 
Brogden Mattie Mrs formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co lr712 Burch av 

Durham Public Service Co. 

Pure Crystal Scored Ice 



Brogden Ollie T r310 Milton av 

Brogden Percy G (Lizzie) hlpr Budd-Piper Roofing Co rll5 W Chapel 

Brogden Rebecca M student r501 E Trinity av 

Brogden W Oliver (Mary E) textilewkr b.1811 Erwin rd 

Brogden Willis J Hon (Lila M) judge h516 Jackson 

Bronson Chas H student r208 E Trinity av 

Bronson Chas T (Kath S) agt Ry Exp Agcy Inc h208 E Trinity av 

Bronson Henry (c; Edna) h607 Cameron 

Broocks T Albert (Elsie E) office mgr Atlantic Mortgage Co b.514 Jack- 

Brooks Alvin R (Texie L) tobwkr r834 Burch av 

Brooks Aubrey B (Ruby M) barber Washington Duke Barber Shop hl413 

Brooks Aubrey L (Lillian I) advmn h305% N Roxboro 

Brooks Baird U (Annie C; Brooks & Roberts) h507 Watts 

Brooks Bruce student r507 Watts 

Brooks Chas K (Emma E) carp h834 Burch av 

Brooks Claude D (Alma E) mill mech hl026 Wells 

Brooks Clifton J tobwkr rl026 Wells 

Brooks Clinton (c) atndt Holloway Street Service Sta r rear 114 Cora apt 1 

Brooks Coleman A (Mallie A) slsmn h917 D 

Brooks Eliz (c) tchr East End Graded Sch rlOlO Fayetteville 

Brooks Ethel H r834 Burch av 

Brooks Eug C jr (Ruth W) lawyer 212 W Main R319 hl622 University dr 

Brooks Fred G bkpr J L Wilkerson r834 Burch av 

Brooks Jas B (Minnie M) h2511 B 

Brooks Jas W (Pearl B) tractor driver h615 Milton av 

Brooks Lerina M elk r305% N Roxboro 

Brooks Louvenia (c) dom r209 Haywood 

Brooks Lucille (c) dom r2210 Pratt 

Brooks Lucy (c) dom rllO Cora apt 1 

Brooks M Kath student r917 D 

Brooks Marion (c) lab rlOll 4th 

Brooks Minnie B textilewkr r2104 C 

Brooks Patk L r834 Burch av 

Brooks R Garland dep County Register of Deeds r834 Burch av 

Brooks Rosa (c) tobwkr r525 E Proctor 

Brooks Ruby A textilewkr r2104 C 

Brooks Sonnie (c; Annie) tobwkr r809 Fargo 

Brooks Vannie R (wid Cary A) r2104 C 

Brooks Virginia H r813 W Pettigrew 

Brooks Walker S (Fannie E) carp h813 W Pettigrew 

Brooks & Roberts (Baird TJ Brooks, B Watson Roberts) phys 602 W 
Chapel Hill 

Brotherhood of Painters Decorators and Paperhangers of America No 
564 meets at call 107 N Market 

Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks No 469 meets 1st Monday 
8 p m 107 N Market 

Brothers Kath waiter Hotel Malbourne r do 

Broughton Clarence S tobwkr rl22 E Seeman 

Broughton Jos P tobwkr rl22 E Seeman 

Broughton Zackary T (Addie F) mach hl22 E Seeman 

Brouillet Chas W (Cornelia S) r517 Willard 

Browder Jos (c; Susie) porter The Peabody Drug Co Inc hl309 Glenn 

Browdy Herman A (Hannah; Carolina Market) h816 Arnette av 

Browdy Morris B (Rosa) slsmn h902 Arnette av 

Brower Lida V (c) lndrywkr Model Lndry Co r614 Pickett 

Brown Abner (c; Alice) hlll6 South 

Brown Alex (c) hlpr Puritan Lunch 120 E Main 

Brown Alice (c) r83l Dover 

Brown Almeta (c) tobwkr r7 Adams al 

Brown Alpheus E (Rossie H) formn h209 N Guthrie av 

Brown Alton (Bettie) textilewkr h914 Orient 

Brown Ambrose E (Hosie P) barber Whitaker & Murrell h604 Rigsbee av 

Brown Andrew K (Nettie) textilewkr h2807 Hillsboro rd 

Brown Annie (c) tobwkr rl218 5th 

Brown Annie (c) tobwkr r207B E Proctor 

Brown Arth (c) cook r806 Pine 

Brown B Wade (Bertha L) carp h326 Gray 

Brown Baxter R (Lucille) slsmn h2203 University dr 

Brown Benj (Beulah) police r718 8th 

Brown Benj R ball player r714 Arnette av 

Brown Bennie (c) tobwkr h7 Adams al 

Brown Bettie (wid Chas F) r712 Holloway 

Brown Beulah B r714 Arnette av 



Durham Realty and Insurance 

c- L iri t m. o mj* Telephone — Ins. Dept. F-9I3I 

First Floor Trust Building Real Estate and Rentals F-9361 

Brown Carrie (e) tobwkr r203 Peachtree pi 

Brown Chas (c; Annie M) hl019 4th 

Brown Chas (c) r610% Parker 

Brown Chas (c; Almeta) h708 E Pettigrew 

Brown Chas (c; Mary) carp hl218 5th 

Brown Chas (c; Mary) carp h506 Fowler av 

Brown Chas (c) lab h715 Walnut 

Brown Chas (c; Mary) tobwkr h204 W Cobb 

Brown Chas A (Lonie) barber Otho A McCullers r RD 3 

Brown Chas R (Marguerite H) bldr r303 Watts 

Brown Chester tobwkr r710 Willard 

Brown Clarence (c; Lula) lab h405A StJoseph 

Brown Claude (c) rlll6 South 

Brown Claude elk Lochmoor Hotel r do 

Brown Clifford (c; Essie) r511 S Elm 

Brown Clifton (c) r906A Glenn 

Brown Clyde (c; Maude) tobwkr h714 Pargo 

Brown Connie M (Annie M) weaver h928 Orient 

Brown Conway E (Anna L) firemn h907 Monmouth av 

Brown Cora L (wid Cecil C) rl806 West 

Brown Corinna (c) tobwkr rlll4 Violet 

Brown Cornelius (c; Matilda) janitor The Fidelity Bank h408 Stephens 

Brown Daisy B (c) dom r304A E Proctor 

Brown David (c) millwkr rlll6 South 

Brown Delia (wid Avery A) h405 Bernice 

Brown Dempsey H (Rosa B) textilewkr h712 10th 

Brown Dock (c; Adelaide) lab h712 Whitted 

Brown Dock W (Ruth S) clothes clnr 200 S Alston av, 314 S Driver av, 
802 W Main, 117 and 801 N Mangum h418 N Driver av 

Brown Dolen (c; Eliz) hosierywkr rl007 Mason 

Brown Dorothy V elk r209 N Guthrie av 

Brown Dorsie (c) dom r2715 Crest 

Brown Draper F Rev (c; Pearlie) hlll2 Rock 

Brown Dudley (c; Odessa) lab hl08 Neal 

Brown E Bryant elk John L Howerton r326 Gray 

Brown Edw (c) h502 Glenn 

Brown Edwin (T Evelyn) carp h324 Gray 

BROWN ELECTRIC CO (W Ewell Brown), Contractors 109 N Gregson, 
Tel L-6031 (See page 40) 

Brown Eli (c; Olivia) lab h2740 E Pettigrew 

Brown Eliz (c) dom r512% E Pettigrew 

Brown Ella (c) maid h308 Powe 

BROWN ELLEN P (Wid E A) , Sec-Treas Wm Muirhead Construction Co 
Inc, hi Beverly Apts 107 Watts, Tel L-15U 

Brown EUerson (c; Mabel) tobwkr r203 Johnson 

Brown Emma (c) r2405 Crest 

BROWN ERNEST C DR (Madeline), Chiropractor 334% W Main, Tel 
L-4351, h2301 Chapel Hill rd, Tel L-5224 (See page 36) 

Brown Estelle Mrs textilewkr rill S Briggs av 

Brown Eubanks (c) tobwkr h910A Pine 

Brown Eug (c; Carrie) h209 Johnson 

Brown Felix (c; Bertha) wood h2306 E Pettigrew 

Brown Flossie (c) tobwkr h526A Pine 

Brown Frances instr Duke University r do 

Brown Frank (c) porter Lochmoor Hotel 214 E Main 

BROWN PRANK C, Comptroller and Professor of English Duke Univer- 
sity, h410 Buchanan blvd, Tel J-1221 

Brown Gattis E (Katie F) h712 N Duke 

Brown Geneva r619 Middle 

Brown Geneva (c) tobwkr r310 Baxter 

Brown Geo (c) h305 Burnett 

Brown Geo (c) r813 New (E Durham) 

Brown Geo (c) lab h305 Avery 

Brown Geo (c; Mary) lab hll2 Cora apt 8 

Brown Geo W (Mary) bkpr The Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd h2405 Club blvd 

Brown Glenora (c) r909B Glenn 

Brown Grover (c; Avie) lab h304A E Proctor 

Brown Hallie (c) student nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Brown Harry L (Allie E) silkwkr h710 Arnette av 

BROWN HARRY N, Pres-Treas Durham Electric Construction Co Inc, 122 
W Parrish 

Brown Hazel J bkpr The Fidelity Bank (W Durham br) rlOll Lamond av 

Brown Helen M tchr Geo W Watts Sch rll09 Minerva 

Brown Helen M (wid John H) textilewkr h311 Case 

Brown Hempie (c) dom r213 Corporation 

Brown Horace J (Cornelia E) elk Sou Rv System h209 Broadway 


Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG, Manager 

Brown Hubert M (Myrtle) elk Sou Rv System r209 Broadway 
Brown Ida M Mrs hosierywkr rl04 Spruce 
Brown Isaac (c) elev opr Snow bldg 331 W Main 
Brown Isaac T (Ruth L) tobwkr r513 Gurley 

Brown J Dulon (Etta P) pharm McKay's Pharmacy hl308 Duke Uni- 
versity rd 
Brown Jas (c; Hattie) gdnr h810 Gerard 
Brown Jas ic; Millie) lab hll06 W Proctor 
Brown Jas (c) tobwkr r3 Adams av 
Brown Jas (c; Carrie) tobwkr rl007 Drew 
Brown Jas (c; Lenora) tobwkr r806 Gerard 
Brown Jas (c) tobwkr r604 South 

Brown Jas A (c; Sue) dishwasher S H Kress & Co r805 Dowd 
Brown Jas H plmbr Wm L Brown rll04 N Gregson 
Brown Jas J (c; Margie) cook hl05 Cora 
Brown Jas R tobwkr rl203 Ramseur 
Brown Jesse (c; Rosie) lab rll20 Fairview 
Brown Jessie M (cl rlll5 Kent 
Brown John (c) tobwkr rll09 N Roxboro 
Brown John D (Champion Shoe Shop) h742 9th 
Brown John D (c; Elnora) lab hl208 Avery 
Brown John M (Edna B) h2312 Ashe 
Brown Jos (c) r2916 Mulberry 
Brown Jos (Florence) r420 N Roxboro 
Brown Jos (c; Sadie) lab r613 Matthews 
Brown Julia (c) tobwkr h610% Parker 
Brown King (c; Josephine) hlpr h510 Carr pi 
Brown Kitty M elk r209 N Guthrie av 
Brown Leander (c; Sallie) pntr hlll3 3d 
Brown Lee (c) hseclnr r507 Fayetteville 
Brown Lee (c) janitor r2405 Crest 
Brown Leo (c; Nettie) tobwkr r518 Carr pi 
Brown Leo (c) tobwkr rl409 Fayetteville 
Brown Lessie (c) lndrs h608 Gray 
Brown Letha (c) cook rll02 Lynchburg 
Brown Letha K textilewkr r405 Bernice 
Brown Lillie (c) r2613 Crest 
Brown Lillie (c) dom r705 N Elizabeth 

Brown Lloyd W (Lillian B; Nehi Bottling Co) hl416 N Mangum 
Brown Lois R silkwkr rl809 Lake wood av 
Brown Lonnie (c; Ophelia) tobwkr h608 Ray al 
Brown Louise (c) dom r624 S Elm 
Brown Lucile R student rl002 E Trinity av 
Brown Lucille (c) dom r305 Division 
Brown Lucy (c) h240-5 Crest 
Brown Lucy (c) dom r812 Mebane 
Brown Lucy C Mrs (Cobb Kindergarten) rlll2 N Duke 
Brown Lula (c) tobwkr h2302 Crest 
Brown Lula A sec First Baptist Ch r826 N Mangum 
Brown Luther A (c; Leola) gro 929 Ferrell h208 Ames pi 
Brown Luther L (Mildred M) tobwkr r312 Elliott 
Brown M Alice rl308 Duke University rd 
Brown Mabel Mrs hosierywkr h702 N Alston av 
Brown Mabel C slsmn Raylass Chain Stores Inc r209 Broadway 
Brown Mack (c; Lucille) lab h rear 112 Cora apt 1 
Brown Mamie (c) cook 1636 University dr 
Brown Margt (c) elev opr r417B Cozart av 
Brown Martha J (wid Henry R) h508 Carr 
Brown Mary (c) lndrs r324B Poplar 
Brown Mary (c) tobwkr rl008 Lynchburg 
Brown Mary (c) tobwkr h517 Matthews 
Brown Mary (c) tobwkr h209 Tatum al 
Brown Mary (c) tobwkr rl05B Verbena ' 

Brown Matthew (c) tobwkr r308 Powe 
Brown Mattie Mrs silkwkr rl809 Lakewood av 
Brown Millie (wid Jas R) h718 8th 
Brown Minnie (c) r308 Powe 
Brown Minnie (c) lndrs h206 Lee 
Brown Minnie F (wid Richd) rl203 Ramseur 
Brown Mioner (c) dom rl0O7 Mason 
Brown Myrtle emp The Seeman Printery r209 Broadway 
Brown Nancy B (wid Henry D) rl204 N Mangum 
Brown Nemon (c) lab rll8 Cora 
Brown Nettie (c) sch tchr r810 Gerard 
Brown Nicev (c) tobwkr h512 Mobile av 



Restful Seclusion 

in Sumptuous Surroundings 

is available at 


Brown Nora (c) cook Forest Hills Club r do 

Brown Norman textilewkr r3U Case 

Brown Odie L (Victora) tobwkr h903 Gale 

Brown Olive tchr Geo W Watts Sen r821 2d 

Brown Otho (c) r305 W Proctor 

Brown Otis M (Marguerite D) storekpr U S Customs Bureau h924 Da- 

cian av apt 2 
Brown Paul A (Emma) h612 Arnette av 
Brown Perkins (c; Lila) tobwkr h710 Willard 
Brown Preston (c) shoe shiner Regal Barber Shop 328 E Pittigrew 
Brown Pride C (Lottie L) frt agt Norfolk-Sou RR Co and Sou Ry System 

hl05 E Markham av 
Brown Raleigh L (Mary L) gro 215 Morgan hl002 E Trinity av 
Brown Ralph (c; Corinne) tobwkr hl007 Mason 
Brown Robt (c; Janie) cook Puritan Lunch h310A Division 
Brown Robt (c) gdnr r810 Gerard 

Brown Robt C (Annie P) detective City Police Dept h305 N Maple 
Brown Roland (c) r705 Booker 
Brown Roosevelt (c) lab r803A Pine 
Brown Rowe A (Ada) textilewkr r405 Bernice 
Brown Rowland textilewkr r311 Case 
Brown Roy R (Blanche) hosierywkr hl806 West 
Brown Rubv I mach opr r2807 Hillsboro rd 
Brown S K elec supvr r214 N Dillard 
Brown Sallie B (wid Clyde J) tobwkr r327 South 
Brown Sallie G (wid Jos C) h218 N Dillard 
Brown Saml (c) driver Brame Specialty Co r RD 1 
Brown Saml (c) janitor Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r215 Kelly al 
Brown Saml (c) lab r620 Colfax 
Brown Saml (c; Louise) lab hlll6 N Roxboro 
Brown Spencer (c) porter The Ford Furn Co rll06 W Proctor 
Brown Susan M Mrs rll04 N Gregson 
Brown T Floyd (c; Annie) tobwkr hl05 Enterprise 
Brown Tena (c) dom h701 Pine 
Brown Thos (c; Mamie) cook h408% E Pettigrew 
Brown Thos (c) gdnr r810 N Elizabeth 

Brown Thos (c; Sallie) emp Washington Duke Hotel rl209 Dawkins 
Brown Thos (c) tobwkr hl06 Moline 
Brown Tisbey (c) dom r811 Colfax 
Brown Vernell A driver Crystal Laundry r Pickett rd 
Brown Vilie (c) tobwkr rl05B Verbena 
Brown Viola (c) tobwkr r410 Henry al 
Brown Virginia (c) student r306 Thomasson 
Brown W Ewell (Nettie M; Brown Electric Co) h803 Club blvd 
Brown W Roland (Sallie E) transfer hl60O James 
Brown Walter (Daisy) knitter Ruth Hosiery Mills h805 S Alston av 
Brown Walter (c) orderly Duke University Hosp rlll7B 2d 
Brown Walter L (Sallie P) h2608 C 
Brown Wesley (c; Rosa) lab hl506 E Pettigrew 
Brown Wiley (c; Lizzie) tobwkr h523A Pine 
Brown Wm (c; Emma) lab hl05B Verbena 
Brown Wm (c; Allene) tobwkr h214 Ames pi 
Brown Wm A (Nannie L) hosierywkr h909 Ramseur 
Brown Wm A (Fannie L) mach opr h2822 Angier av 
Brown Wm E (Eliz P) baker 805 3d h do 
Brown Wm E jr student r805 3d 

Brown Wm G (c) chauf Howerton-Bryan Co Inc rl005 W Main 
Brown Wm H (Ellen R) carp h714 Arnette av 
Brown Wm H (c) textilewkr rl26 Barnum 
Brown Wm H (c; Gertrude) tobwkr h831 Dover 
Brown Wm J (c; Rosia) emp Carolina Theatre h416 Lucille 
Brown Wm J (Ella R) tobwkr h513 Gurley 
Brown Wm L (Lillie W) plmbr 1104 N Gregson h do 
Brown Wm L jr plmbr Wm L Brown rll04 N Gregson 
Brown Wm R (c; Mary) cementwkr h2601 Crest 
Brown Wm S (Ruby M) hosierywkr hl012 Stokes al 
Brown Willie M (wid T J W) rl604 Angier av 
Brown Willimae mach opr r2807 Hillsboro rd 
Brown Wilson (c; Ellen) tobwkr h803A Pine 
Browne Alethea T Mrs sec-treas Dr Pepper Bottling Co of Durham Inc 

r Washington Duke Hotel 
Browne Chas L (Alethea T) pres Dr Pepper Bottling Co of Durham Inc 

r Washington Duke Hotel 
Brownell Wm A prof Duke University r Hope Valley N C 
Browning Caleb A (Ida L) carp hl704 C 


Home Savings Bank 


JOHN SPRUNT HILL, President T. C. WORTH. Cashier 

Brownirig Claude B rl704 C 

Browning David (N Eva) textilewkr hl515 Caswell pi 

Browning Dewev textilewkr r406 Oregon 

Browning Ivan H (Lillian) trav slsmn h409 N Elizabeth 

Browning J Henry textilewkr rl515 Caswell pi 

Browning Jas H (Maggie E) h905 10th 

Browning John (Sarah E) textilewkr h726 13th 

Browning John E (Noma I) overseer Durham Cotton Mfg Co Inc h405 
N Hyde Park av 

Browning Jos E (Effie T) textilewkr hi 12 Case 

Browning Leo R (Jewell) truck driver hl21 Adrian 

Browning Lewis (Lera E) textilewkr h406 Oregon 

Browning Lila R textilewkr rl515 Caswell pi 

Browning Lillian L rl018 9th 

Browning Lucy (wid Arth) hi 104 Wall 

Browning Mabel E r726 13th 

Browning Mae E (wid Chas W) textilewkr r609 Barbee 

Browning Martha office sec r815 Arnette av 

Browning Marvin rl704 C 

Browning Mary M r726 13th 

Browning Nellie E textilewkr r726 13th 

Browning Paul L elk. PO r RD 2 

Browning Robt (Ida F) pntr hllO Elder 

Browning Victor B rl704 C 

Browning Walter G (Leta) slswn r901 W Markham av 

Browning Walter M r505 N Elizabeth 

Bruce Elwood (c) shoe shiner Durham Shoe Shine & Hat Cleaning Parlor 
r507 Booker 

Bruce Leo G (c; Laura J) phys 408% E Pettigrew r507 Booker 

Bruce Wm B (c; Daisy) hlpr h507 Booker 

Brunson Jos W (Rosalie M) h901 N Mangum 

Brunson Rosalie M Mrs tchr Edgemont Graded Sen h901 N Mangum 

Brunson Wm (c; Alice) lab h503 Canal 

Bryan Ellen C (wid Junious B) hll04 N Elizabeth 

Bryan Emily P (wid Elwood L) h224 Parrish pi 

Bryan Eug J r833 N Mangum 

Bryan Eva C rll04 N Elizabeth 

Bryan J Harvey (Isla D) bkpr Durham Public Service Co hll05 N Eliz- 

Bryan J Rupert G elk White Way Cash Store r206 E Trinity av 

Bryan John J (Nina G; White Way Cash Store) h206 E Trinity av 

Bryan Kennie U (T Ethel) pres Howerton-Bryan Co Inc v-pres Durham 
Ins Service Co and Home Bldg & Loan Assn h833 N Mangum 

Bryan L Grace slswn Efird's Dept Store r206 E Trinity av 

Bryan Legrand B (Lucille T) mgr Interstate Tel & Teleg Co hl435 Acadia 

Bryan Nina G Mrs slswn Efird's Dept Store h206 E Trinity av 

Bryan Pauline H sten r206 E Trinity av 

Bryan Rebie St C elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co rll04 N Elizabeth 

Bryan Rose E home demonstration agt Durham County r224 Parrish pi 

Bryan Thos O (Iola) rdwkr r415 Salem 

Bryan W Homer elk White Way Cash Store r206 E Trinity av I 

Bryan W Jas slsmn Efird's Dept Store r206 E Trinity av , 

Bryan Wiley M (Julia M) asst formn Am Tob Co Inc h406 E Geer I 

Bryan Wm L (Mary A) asst to distributor Gulf Refining Co h2713 N 

Bryant Clara (c) r6i3 Ramsey 

Bryant Dora (c) hl015 2d 

Bryant Eliz S Mrs mgr Charity League Shop 1U012 Vickers av 

Bryant Eloise nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Bryant Ethel P Mrs textilewkr hl807 Bowen 

Bryant Geo (c) chef rl210 Fayetteville 

Bryant Gerald N (Thelma) orchestra mgr Southern Conservatory of 
Music r500 Watts 

Bryant Gilmore W (Mattie E; Sou Conservatory of Music) h500 Watts 

Bryant John R (Madie L) carp h402 Murphy 

Bryant Julia D rill Watts apt 10 

Bryant Julian elk Rogers Drug Co rl213 Angier av 

Bryant Lillian C hosierywkr rl07 Young av i 

Bryant Luna V (wid Jas B) hl07 Young av 

Bryant Mary E Mrs h710 Liberty 

Bryant Matilda (wid Victor S) hill Watts apt 10 

Bryant Max W tchr Sou Conservatory of Music r500 Watts 

Bryant Nora (c) dom h511A Elliott al 

Bryant Nora C Mrs tchr Sou Conservatory of Music r500 Watts 

Bryant P Leon elk Rogers Drug Co rl213 Angier av 

Bryant Posey L (Annie B) hl213 Angier av 






Bryant Robt L (Hassie) hosierywkr h507 N Hyde Park av 

Bryant Roy W r402 Murphy 

Bryant Saml O <c) lab rl315 Sally 

Bryant Steadman (c) tobwkr r412 Pekoe av 

Bryant Victor S (Eliz S: Bryant & Jones) hl012 Vickers av 

Bryant W Trios slsmn W R Murray Co Inc r907 Buchanan rd 

Bryant Wm G elk Rogers Drug Co rl213 Angier av 

Brvant Wm H (c) stmftr rll09 Payetteville 

BRYANT & JONES (Victor S Bryant. Claude V Jones), Lawyers 415- 
416-417 Loan & Trust BIdg, 212 W Main, Tel F-4111 

Bryson Edw C asst in legal aid clinic Duke University r Hope Valley N C 

Bryson Geo (c; Anna) porter Duke University Hosp h205 Umstead 

Bryson Thaddeus D prof Duke University r Hope Valley N C 

Buchanan Bernice L (Bessie) silkwkr hll2 N Blacknall 

Buchanan Claude H (Tula E) knitter h606 Carlton av 

Buchanan Elbert (Maggie H) hosierywkr hl05 S Blacknall 

Buchanan Graden N pntr r317 W Pettigrew 

Buchanan Irvin H (c; Lillian) mus tchr 1109 Fayetteville h do 

Buchanan John A (Mattie T) pres Home Ins Agcy Inc h411 E Main 

Buchanan John H (Missouri) wtchmn Durham Lbr Co r207 S Alston av 

Buchanan Jos B (Ardena M) textilewkr hl916 Lewis 

Buchanan Loftin C (Bessie) hosierywkr h204 S Alston av 

Buchanan Mary E Mrs rlll2 Eva 

Buchanan Oppie L (Emma) r701 10th 

Buchanan Raymond pntr r317 W Pettigrew 

Buchanan Seldon H (Bessie) textilewkr h2112 Block 

Buchanan Tempie (c) rll09 Payetteville 

Buchanan Thos G (Roberta) carp h2904 Hillsboro rd 

Buck Georgia (c) lndrs r620 Ramsey 

Buck Walter A (Lenora) textilewkr hl704 E Main 

Buckhannon Percy L textilewkr h918 Orient 

Euckhannon Vernon T r918 Orient 

Buckles Isabelle student r916 Green 

Buckles LeRoy (Alice G) h916 Green 

Buckles Virginia student r916 Green 

Buckner Howard sta atndt Prank Cook r RD 6 

Buckner Nell Mrs slswn Belk-Liggett Co rlOll Monmouth av 

BUDD-PIPER ROOFING CO, Vernon J Harward Pres, Ralph C Barker 
V-Pres-Mgr, Walter P Budd Sec-Treas, Sheet Metal Workers, Tin- 
ners. Roofing' and Heating Contractors 115-117 W Chapel Hilt Tels 
F-2121 and J-8971 (See right side lines and page 49) 

BUDD WALTER P (Pearl H), Pres Community Realty & Development 
Co, The Durham Industrial Bank, V-Pres Commonwealth Bond & 
Mortgage Co and Sec-Treas Budd-Piper Roofing Co, h903 S Duke, 
Tel F-2341 

Budd Walter P jr student r903 S Duke 

Buffalo Geo (c; Lenora) lab hl307 South 

Buffaloe Douglas T (Mary L) hosierywkr hllOl Morning Glory av 

Buffaloe L Garland hosierywkr rllOl Morning Glory av 

Buford Ernest (c; Mamie) tobwkr h522% Pine 

Buford Jack W pntr r306 New 

Bugg E Blackwell v-pres The Durham Hotel Corp r Wilmington N C 

BUGG EVERETT I (Margt H), Pres The Durham Hotel Corp and Mgr 
Hotel Malbourne, h410 E Forest Hills blvd, Tel J-7161 

Bugg Everett I jr student r410 E Forest Hills blvd 

BUICK MOTOR CARS, Sales and Service, Johnson Motor Co 326-328 E 
Main, Tels L-1841 and J-1491 (See marginal line front cover and 
page 31) 

Buie Chas (c; Fannie) shoe repr h rear 112 Cora apt 6 

Buie John (c) r909 Cox av 

Buie John B (c; Mary) hlpr h906 Ebony 

Buie Kenney (c) lab h908 Walton 

Buie Nathan (c; Sarah) blksmith hl702 Concord 

Buie Wm C (c; Ernestine) janitor h615 Matthews 

Bull City Barber (Shop (c; Geo P Holloway) 410 E Pettigrew and 514 

Bull City Bowling Center (c) Durham Bowling Center oprs Julius Davis 
mgr 408 E Pettigrew 

Bull City Cafe (c; Saml Gogos, Alex Spiros, Gus Poulos) 412 E Pettigrew 

Bull City Drug Store ( c; Sidney T James) 610 Fayetteville 

Bullard Clara nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Bullington Andrew J (Annie) mgr leaf dept Liggett & Myers Tob Co h 
503 W Chapel Hill 

Bullock Allen (c; Lida) truck driver J L Wilkerson h2810 E Pettigrew 

Bullock Annie (c) rlllO Rock 

Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASOHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Bullock Beatrice (c) tobwkr rl05 Haywood 

Bullock Benton T (Willie) mach opr h910 W Main 

Bullock Beverley C hlpr r409 E Trinity av 

Bullock Celie (c) tobwkr h617 South 

Bullock Clarence L sheet metalwkr r414 N Driver av 

Bullock Cora Mrs lndrywkr White Star Lndry hl607 D 

Bullock Dock (c) barber Bull City Barber Shop r615 Ray al 

Bullock Elsie hosiery wkr rill S Briggs av 

Bullock Elvin (Cora) textilewkr hl607 D 

Bullock Esther (c) maid 1025 Monmouth av apt 4 

Bullock G Etta (wid Wm R) hl06 N Driver av 

Bullock Geneva (c) cook 1012 Vickers av 

Bullock Glenn (Lillian) silkwkr r525 McMannen 

Bullock Jas (c; Nora) lab r215 Kellv al 

Bullock Jas (c) lab r617 South 

Bullock Jas A (Iula W) real est hl06 W Lynch 

Bullock Jas G hill S Briggs av 

Bullock Jas M soda dispenser r414 N Driver av 

Bullock Jasper (c; Mary A) plstr D C May hl008 4th 

Bullock Jesse M (Kitty E) prsmn Christian Printing Co h610 S Duke 

Bullock Jos C barber Whitaker & Murrell r713 W Chapel Hill 

Bullock Jos L (Verna M) tobwkr h601 Yancey 

Bullock Lehman H driver Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co r Raleigh rd 

Bullock Lillie (c) tobwkr rllOMs Haywood 

Bullock Mabel (wid Lonnie B) h414 N Driver av 

Bullock Mack (c) lab h413 Lee 

Bullock Mack B (Alma) printer r507 Yancey 

Bullock Mary (c) textilewkr r606 Gray 

Bullock Maude (c) prsr Model Lndry Co rl301 N Hyde Park av 

Bullock Osee L (Annie M) prsmn Christian Printing Co h203 Clay 

Bullock Robt S agt Home Security Life Ins Co r208 N Roxboro 

Bullock Robt T rl06 N Driver av 

Bullock Rosa B (c) tobwkr 413 Lee 

Bullock Seeman rll28 N Roxboro 

Bullock T Alton (Lillie) truck driver rlOll N Roxboro 

Bullock Talbert (c) lab r411 Piedmont av 

Bullock Thos (c; Mary) barber 1204 Jackson hl209 do 

Bullock Thornton (c) tobwkr rll08 N Hyde Park av 

Bullock Wm (c; Eliz) tobwkr hi 110 Rock 

Bullock Wm H <c; Susie M) taxi driver h405 Pine 

Bullock Wm T (Mae E) br mgr Pender's Stores hl310 B 

Bullock Wm W (Lula) gro 1002 Glenn hl003 do 

Bullock Willie (c) sch tchr r622B Price 

Bumpass Edmond (c) h615 Ray al 

Bumpass Frances (c) dom h522B Elliott al 

Bumpass J Dillard (Dodie J) weaver h813 8th 

Bumpass John C textilewkr r813 8th 

Bumpass Junius M (c; Cath) tobwkr hl05 Dunstan 

Bumpass Louis (c; Henrietta) tobwkr hl08 Dunstan 

Bumpass Mabel (c) hl508 Concord 

Bumpass Sylvia (c) maid 1410 Duke University rd 

Bumpus Clovis D (Clyde) weaver h810 Rose Hill av 

Bumpus Marion P textilewkr r810 Rose Hill av 

Bunch Bamma tchr Central Jr High Sch rll8 N Dillard 

Bundy Wm T (Eliz B) elk Am Tob Co Inc rlOlO Urban av 

Bunn Esther C (wid Jas O) h207 May 

Bunn Frank (Lois) bottler Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co r207 May 

Bunn Herman B (Essie) textilewkr hll06 Worth 

Bunn J Oliver r207 May 

Bunn Pauline Mrs matron The Wright Refuge Orphanage r do 

Bunnie Bessie (c) tobwkr h507B Husband al 

Bunting Baxter B (Nettie B) mill mech h2011 Acme 

Bunting Carl L (Gladys R) textilewkr rl713 Erwin rd 

Bunting Clarence W student r2011 Acme 

Bunting Gladys R Mrs elk The Fidelity Bank rl713 Erwin rd 

Bunting Glenn W student r2011 Acme 

Burch Addie (c) r207 W Cobb 

Burch Carrie W rl607 Duke University rd 

Burch Cov (c) lab h rear 107 Erie 

Burch Donald H (Mildred D) bkpr The Fidelity Bank r911 Dacian av 

Burch Estes W (Margt G) formn Interstate Tel & Teleg Co h507 N 

Burch Floyd (c) lab r rear 107 Erie 
Burch J' C Horton student r316 N Elizabeth 








C WillM P 

21.5 FOSTER ST. 



PHONE F-3931 

Burch J Scott (Lena H) justice of the peace and notary Court House 

(1st fl) h911 Dacian av 
Burch Jos (e) lab rl409 Fayetteville 
Burch Lawrence (c: Sallie) tobwkr rl05A E Cobb 
Burch Lelia (c) tobwkr h904B Pine 
Burch Lizzie P hl607 Duke University rd 
Burch Martha (c) dom hl05A E Cobb 
Burch Martha (c) lndrs r521 E Proctor 

Burch Mildred D Mrs dental asst Danl T Carr r911 Dacian av 
Burch Nannie (c) dom r904B Pine 
Burch Sam B r Hotel Malbourne 
Burch Vella J student r316 N Elizabeth 
Burch Vella L (wid Chas H) h316 N Elizabeth 

Burcham Arth E (Amy M) agt Life & Casualty Ins Co hll8 S Driver av 
Burcham Chas H (Clellie) wtchmn hill N Guthrie av 
Burcham Frances M elk rll8 S Driver av 
Burchette Herman G (lone N) elk PO h811 Parker 
Burchette lone N Mrs pkrBC Remedy Co h811 Parker 
Burchette M Kath cataloguer Duke University Library rl025 Monmouth 

av apt 5 
Burden Emma (c) dom rl401 N Hyde Park av 
Burden John (c) tobwkr r305 Memphis 
Burgess Alma C tobwkr rll5 N Blacknall 
Burgess Anna (c) dom h611 Branch Dl 
Burgess Arvey carp h2509 Hart 
Burgess Bunnie r622 King 

Burgess Calvin L (Emma) mach opr hll5 N Blacknall 
Burgess Clarence W (Lena B) truck driver Rose Purn Co rl305 E Main 
Burgess Claude (Maude) wood h612 King 
Burgess David (c; Eliz) lab h407 Matthews 
Burgess Esther rl03 S Elizabeth 
Burgess Gladys M tobwkr rll5 N Blacknall 
Burgess Helen M bkpr Interstate Tel & Teleg Co r2108 E Main 
Burgess Jos E (Nannie) h622 King 
Burgess Laura L rl07 S Briggs av 
Burgess Lillie (c) hosierywkr r2235 Fayetteville 
Burgess Margt I (wid Rufus A) rl805 Bowen 
Burgess Nannie V hosierywkr rl805 Bowen 
Burgess Norman (c; Laura) silkwkr r811 Fargo 
Burgess Orville J tobwkr rll5 N Blacknall 
Burgess Robt C (Bessie L) mach hl07 S Briggs av 
Burgess Rosa L (c) r611 Branch pi 
Burgess Sarah E (wid Eustace) r819 N Mangum 
Burgess Sarah K rl02 N Guthrie av 
Burgess Tiphaine dietitian The Watts Hosp r do 
Burgess W Ormond msngr r2108 E Main 
Burgess Wm (c; Florence) tobwkr h903 South 
Burgess Wm A sta firemn hl805 Bowen 
Burgess Wm B (Gregson Street Lunch) hi 13 N Gregson 
Burgess Wm E capt detectives City Police Dept hl03 S Elizabeth 
Burgess Wm T (Mattie V) h2108 E Main 
Burk Donald V (Olivia) whol confr h508 Forest 
Burke Blanche L tchr Geo W Watts Sch rl0l8 Monmouth av 
Burke Cleveland H (Madeline F: B & J Fruit Store) h809 Morgan 
Burke Elmer D (Vera J) tchr Durham High Sch hl009 Dacian av 
Burke Emma (c) gro 802 Cameron rlll3 Jackson 
Burke Jack stmftr r414 N Roxboro 
Burke Jas H (Lola) auto mech, hl318 Broad 
Burke Lola Mrs mlnr Mrs Sallie C Piper hl318 Broad 
Burkett Wm (c; Bessie) roofer hll4 Neal 
Burleson Rayford H rep Helm's Motor Exp rl08 N Gregson 
Burnett Abbott (c) porter Piedmont Hotel 114% N Church 
Burnett Allie (c) hosierywkr r521 E Proctor 
Burnett Chas (c; Beatrice) gro 1119 Willard hll20 do 
Burnett Colbert H (Ina L) sec-treas Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co h 

204 Morris 
Burnett Delia (wid Ira A) r207 May 
Burnett Dorothy C student rlll7 W Chapel Hill 
Burnett Earl c (Lallie M) elk Chas L Billings r907 Ramseur 
Burnett Edw R rlll7 W Chapel Hill 
Burnett Elmira (c) hosierywkr r603 Dowd 
Burnett Ernest (c) hallmn Washington Duke Hotel r311 Dowd 
Burnett Frank (c) student rl208 Fayetteville 
Burnett Ida W (wid Oliver D) h610 McMannen 
Burnett John (c; Anna) lab hlll9 Jackson 

Durham Public Service Co. 

Pure Crystal Scored Ice 



Burnett Lallie M Mrs elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co r907 Ramseur 

Burnett Laura (c) dom hl208 Favetteville 

Burnett Lucille E sten rlll7 W Chapel Hill 

Burnett Lula J drsmkr 610 McMannen r do 

Burnett Maggie (c) tobwlcr r509 Banks al 

Burnett Marvin B (Ella C) mgr Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co hlll7 

W Chapel Hill 
Burnett Marvin B jr rlll7 W Chapel Hill 
Burnett Nellie (c) r200 Enterprise 
Burnett Nixola (c) hosierywkr rl07A E Cobb 
Burnett Odessa (c) maid rl07A E Cobb 
Burnett Priscilla (c) lndrs hl07A E Cobb 
Burnett Raymond (c; Ruth) tobwkr r703 Dowd 
Burnett Thos M slsmn r610 McMannen 
Burnett Wilson (c) delmn Medlin's Mkt 518 E Pettigrew 
Burnette Amy (c) cook 606 N Mangum 
Burnette Bettie (c) cook r712 Cameron 
Burnette Camilla I r305y 2 N Roxboro 
Burnette Chas (c; Allie) tobwkr hl303 Morehead av 
Burnette Elbert C (Bertha) plant supt Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co 

h804 Jackson 
Burnette Louis (c; Mary J) sta firemn h606B Colfax 
Burnette Nathaniel (c; Lollie) section hd h422 Sowell al 
Burnette Olan H (Mahnda F) asst ship elk Austin-Heaton Co hl613 

Burnette Robt (c) hosiery wkr r606B Colfax 
Burney Mildred A rl508 Guess rd 
Burney Roy (Margt) carp hl508 Guess rd 
Burney Virginia E student rl508 Guess rd 
Burney Woodrow W dairy hd rl508 Guess rd 
Burns Albert F (Lillie A) bus opr Durham Public Service Co rl07 Par- 

rish pi 
Burns Albert L (May) textile wkr h722 14th 
Burns Clinton T (Ollie) barber h404 Milton av 
Burns D Floyd (Rosa L) genl supt mill No 14 Durham Hosiery Mills 

and Marvin -Carr Silk Mill h817 Ramseur 
Burns Hal (c; Jeanette) lab hl008 Grant 
Burns Jas H (Mary A) h702 Holloway 
Burns Jennie (c) cook 915 Club blvd 
Burns John r722 14th 

Burns John A (Margie) elk Wallace Gro h2310 Gin 
Burrage Hoyle M (Cora) knitter hl504 Lathrop 
Burrell Alice E (c) lndrs r603 S Elm 
Burrell Wallace collr r409 Yates av 
Burroughs Gaynell (c) r528% E Proctor 

Burroughs John W real est 110% N Corcoran R2 rl503 W Pettigrew 
Burroughs Lottie E <c) lndry wkr Durham Lndry Co rl400 Fayetteville 
Burroughs Louise (c) tob wkr rl400 Fayetteville 
Burroughs Marticia Mrs r406 Canal 
Burroughs Minnie (c) r508 Matthews 
Burroughs Spencer B mach r309 Holloway 

Burrows Cincie M flrmn Rayless Chain Stores Inc r409 N Roxboro 
Burrus Geo (c) lab r612 Jackson 
Burt Chas (c) butler r712 Milton av 
Burt Daisy (c) lndrs r712 Milton av 
Burt Emma (c) dom rlll3 Jackson 
Burt Florence (c) dom h712 Milton av 
Burt Hattie (c) tob wkr h719 Whitted 
Burt Jessie (c) lndrs h717 Milton av 
Burt Julian (c) delmn r717 Milton av 
Burthay Susie (c) tob wkr r204 W Cobb 
Burton Alice (c) dom h2306 Kate 

Burton Annie L (c) presser Johnson-Prevost Drv Clng Co hl306 C 
Burton Berta (c) tob wkr h410 Bailey 
Burton Carl (c) lab hl004 Juniper 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 

Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 

£ 3 

F O 

r PO 

r ae 



e Insura 

!■ ©§ 

"O - s 

D frBBXf O 


X M 




:rs sin 


2 •>-»» o 

1 IT* a 

a « 

e „ , > 


p1 t^| 

ts ^^ c 

:Z ? 






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i z 

§ r^ 

B — 

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Ul v, 

< CO 

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>- 1 



Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Burton Caroline r204 Buchanan blvd 

Burton Chas C (Virgie) hl402 Liberty 

Burton Clara E r301 W Chapel Hill 

Burton Clyde (Mary L) gro 538 Warren r301 W Chapel Hill 

Burton Conway (c) lab r702 Gray 

Burton Coy L (c) tob wkr r906 Glendale av 

Burton Edw (c; Vinnie) tob wkr h609 Canal 

Burton Ellen (c) dom r702 Gray 

Burton Elnora (c) dom r4 Peachtree pi 

Burton Emory (c) rl306 C 

Burton Ernest (c) hlpr Servall Service Sta r Happy Hill 

Burton Floyd O (Nancy) textile wkr hlllO Wall 

Burton Fredk L (c; Julia) hosiery wkr h507 Umstead 

Burton Gace L tob wkr 301 W Chapel Hill 

Burton John W (Lillie) hl206 Broad 

Burton Leon A (Mary) gro h301 W Chapel Hill 

Burton Lillian (c) lndrs r407 Umstead 

Burton Louise (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch rl012 Whitted 

Burton Lula (c) dom h203A Gould 

Burton Steph B (c; Louise) h)012 Whitted 

Burton Thornton (c: Alice) truck driver h906 Gurley 

Burton Walter N r301 W Chapel Hill 

Burton Willie (c) lndrs rl05 Cora 

Burwell Wm H formn Am Tob Co Inc r Hotel Malbouxne 

Busbee Sidney A (c; Dena) hill E Hillside av 

Bush Bates (c) lab r424 Blackwell 

Bush Bessie (c) tob wkr h424 Blackwell 

Bush Ralph (Doris K) tob wkr hlllO 1 ^ W Chapel Hill 

Bush Roy (c) r424 Blackwell 

Buskey Eva Mrs hosiery wkr rll8 Lyon 

Bussell Philo M (Ida J; Piedmont Furn Co) h816 Watts 

Busy Bee Lunch (Geo Stevens. Wm Emanuel) 114 S Corcoran 

Butler Allen J' (Martha M) filling sta hl019 9th 

Butler Allen R USA rl019 9th 

Butler Carrie (c) maid r404 Mt Vernon 

Butler DeWitt (c) delmn rl303 Jackson 

Butler Edna L tob wkr rl019 9th 

Butler Ellie Mrs h304B N Roxboro 

Butler Emma W (c) tchr East End Graded Sch r902 Fayetteville 

Butler Ethel L (c) rl303 Jackson 

Butler Eug F billiards 933 E Main r do 

Butler Franklin tob wkr r222 Monmouth av 

Butler Hattie (c) r506 Branch pi 

Butler Lester C lawyer 212 W Main R401 r2004 Club blvd 

Butler Lester F (Marguerite) sec Frost Furn Co h2004 Club blvd 

Butler M Ooristine rl019 9th 

Butler Marshall E (c; Blanche) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co rl206 Fayette- 

Butler Robt (c) mill wkr rl303 Jackson 

Butler Wm H (Myra V; Butler's Elec Shoe Shop) h2417 Club blvd 

Butler's Electric Shoe Shop (Wm H Butler) reprs 107 N Mangum 

Buttitta Anthony J (Pansy R; Moviegrame) editor Contempo r418 N 

Buttry Alton N (Nera) elk The Great A & P Tea Co hl611 Holloway 

Butts Waldo F (Bertie D) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h2106 

Byerly Chas T (Mary B) buyer The Peabodv Drug Co Inc h2400 Club 

Byers Shad (c: Nancy) brklyr r612 Jackson 

Bynum A Pearl (wid John) rl807 W Pettigrew 

Bynum Bernard (c) rllll Cornell 

Bynum Carney W mgr Whelan Drug Stores Inc r Hotel Malbourne 

Bvnum Elsie (c) r810 Cameron 

Bynum Fredk (c; Nellie) draymn hllll Cornell 

Bynum Henrietta (c) tob wkr r414 Powe 

Bynum Herman (c) .ianitor r506 Pine 

"A Puiipose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

K. S. PHILLIPS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. 

Phone J-1341 
Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

Bynum Hoyle (c) janitor Y M C A r410 Ray al 

Bynum Ida (c) dom r910 Gilbert 

Bynum Jas (c; Ruby) lab h616 Grant 

Bynum Jos G filling sta r2819 Hillsboro rd 

Bynum Leon (Eva A) auto mech h2112 Elba 

Bynum Leonidas (c) business mgr The Carolina Times 117 E Peabory 

Bynum Lizzie (c) dom r418 Piedmont av 

Bynum Maria (c) h508 Glenn 

Bynum Nathan (c) janitor h810 Cameron 

Bynum Nazarene (c) rllll Cornell 

Bynum Ora (c) dom r707 Willard 

Bynum Robt W (c: Veora) tob wkr h608 Lucille 

Bynum Saml (c) porter r619 Pickett 

Bynum Surlean (c) r810 Cameron 

Bynum Thos (c; Mary) tob wkr h2319 Crest 

Bynum Wm (c; Callie) lab h716 Milton av 

Bynum Wm (c; Gertrude) tob wkr r2319 Crest 

Bynum Wm (c; Mattie) tob wkr rl019 3d 

Byrd see also Bird 

Byrd Alex J (Myrtle) auto mech hl06 S Plum 

Byrd Alice C (wid Jefferson F) h708 1st av 

Byrd Bros & Pickett (Wm E and H Raymond Byrd and Hubert W Pick- 
ett) feed 126 W Parrish 

Byrd Chas P (Florence I) carp hl09 S Maple 

Byrd Chas L (Effie A) barber h710 Shepherd 

Byrd Claudie Mrs textile wkr r804 N Duke 

Byrd Clyde R slsmn r307 N Elizabeth 

Byrd Coal Co (H Urquhart Byrd) Rowland cor Ramseur 

Byrd Connie V (Lydia M) meat ctr Haywood A Jones rllO Wyatt 

Byrd Danl B (Jeanette) elk Byrd Coal Co hll05 Virginia av 

Byrd Earl (Emma L) tob wkr r203 Dowd 

Byrd Eliza C (c) dom hl206 Dawkins 

Byrd Etoy B slsmn Durnam Shade Wks r Bon Air av 

Byrd Fannie rll6% E Main 

Byrd Florence topper r919 E Main 

Byrd Flossie Mrs r205 N Dillard 

Byrd Frank (Oreta) huckster r508 S Alston av 

Byrd H Raymond (Florine B; Byrd Bros & Pickett) h316 E Trinity av 

Byrd H Urquhart (Vallie; Byrd Coal Co) h2513 Club blvd 

Byrd Handy M (Arietta) textile wkr r807 N Duke 

Byrd Harvey C (Hallie T) electn h2205 Englewood av 

Byrd Harvey C jr student r2205 Englewood av 

Byrd Helen C elk Durham Public Service Co r2205 Englewood av 

Byrd Herbert P eng r708 1st av 

Byrd J Claiborne plstr r710 Shepherd 

Byrd J Edw (Lena S) stmftr hl09 S Hvde Park av 

Byrd J Robt (Nora E) millwkr hl214 Eva 

Byrd Jefferson F (Roselle; B & B Food Store; Byrd & Beck) r708 1st av 

Bvrd John (May) textile wkr h701 11th 

Byrd John W (May) textile wkr h307 Clay 

Byrd Junnie D (Ellie E) mach hlOll 1st av 

Byrd Lenora M tob wkr rl823 W Pettigrew 

Byrd Lessie W elk Model Lndrv Co r405 Morris 

Byrd Lula F (wid Arth V) r809 N Duke 

Byrd Luther V (Flonnie E) asst City Tax Collr h405 Morris 

Byrd Magruda A driver Washington Duke Taxie Service r810 Wilkerson 

Byrd Margt K (wid Carlton H) tel opr rlOl E Markham av 

Byrd Marlon N (Ruth H) elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co h2513 Englewood 

Byrd Marshall B (Janie S) weigh mstr Austin-Heaton Co hll5 S Eliza- 

Byrd Marshall L rll5 S Elizabeth 

Byrd Nell M slswn Durham Clothing Co r708 1st av 

Byrd Nora hosiery wkr rl03 S Driver av 

Byrd Ollie F elk Am Tob Co Inc r2205 Englewood av 

Byrd Otho T (Lillian D) formn h807 E Trinity av 

Byrd Ralph D (Nina L) hosie.ry wkr hlll3 6th 

Byrd Reba Mrs h810 Wilkerson av 

Byrd Rozelle H Mrs bkpr Durham Herald Co Inc r708 1st av 

Byrd Ruth H Mrs sten Griswold Ins & Real Est Co Inc and notarv h2513 

Englewood av 
Byrd S C slsmn Efird's Dept Store r303 N Roxboro 
Byrd Thos (Irene) textile wkr r811 Rose Hill av 
Byrd Valler (c) lndrs h606 Jackson 

Byrd Wm D (Bertha A) projectionist Carolina Theatre r Bon Air av 
Byrd Wm E (Myrtle; Byrd Bros & Pickett) h831 N Mangum 












h- NJ} 










$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Byrd Wm F h405 Case 

Byrd Wm H (Jeffie G) real est 307 N Elizabeth h do 

Byrd Wm S r810 Wilkerson av 

Byrd Willis T (Mary P) formn hl823 W Pettigrew 

Byrd & Beck (Jefferson F Byrd, W Coy Beck) gros 103 N Maple 

Byrne B Alice tel opr N & W Ry Co rll2 Jackson 

Byrnes Thos H (Florence M) pathologist The Watts Hosp h504 E Forest 
Hills blvd 

Byrum Bettie (wid Robt D) hl02 S Alston av 

Byrum Carl V (Beulah) trav slsmn hll3 S Elizabeth 

Byrum Claude C waiter rl02 S Alston av 

Byrum Crayon D elk rl02 S Alston av 

Byrum John H rl611 Maryland av 

C & C Grocery (c; Clem Harper) 808 Pine 

C M Co (Jas R Clark) mfrs agts 402% S Driver av 

Cable see also Coble 

Cable Harry L rl807 W Pettigrew 

Cable J Irvine textile wkr rl807 W Pettigrew 

Cable Luther B (Fannie C) textile wkr hl807 W Pettigrew 

Cable Nancy M student rllO N Guthrie av 

Cable Rupert W (Mary E) tel opr hllO N Guthrie av 

Caddell J Howard textile wkr r2013 W Pettigrew 

Caddell Jas C (Annie M) textilewkr h2013 W Pettigrew 

Caddell R Annie textile wkr r2013 W Pettigrew 

Caddell Wm C (Lena E) pntr hl05 Jones 

Cadle Fred L (Eliz) bkpr rllO E Markham av 

Cadlett Mack (c; Lillie) lab h505 Dowd 

Cadlett Mary (c) dom r505 Dowd 

Cadlett Profus (c) lab r505 Dowd 

Cadwalender Wm L (Hallie) h918 Dacian av 

Caesar Cato (c; Rada) tob wkr rlOl Enterprise 

Caesar Jas (c; Hallie) lab h518 Coleman al 

Cagasta Kate (c) cook r2512 Fayetteville 

Cagle Calvin C truck driver r817 8th 

Cagle Chas H trav slsmn r903 W Chapel Hill 

Cagle Ernest T r817 8th 

Cagle Hattie L h614 Gattis 

Cagle Jos M (Thelma V) pntr Carolina Neon Sign Inc r935 Washing- 

Cagle N Lizzie textile wkr r817 8th 

Cagle Nannie R (wid Wm G) h817 8th 

Cagle Ophelia A r817 8th 

Cagler John (c) lab r306 Hunt 

Cagler Kath (c) dom rl013 Fairview 

Casley Jos (c) rl04 E Cobb 

Cagney Fredk (Addie) textile wkr h303 Case 

Cahal Chas R textile wkr r523 E Main 

Canal Wallace K elk Thaxton & Markham r523 E Main 

fiahill Adelle tob wkr r616 N Queen 

Cahoon Allen W (Minnie M) trav slsmn h207 E Geer 

Cahoon Geo O (Connie M) woodwkr Morgan's Auto Service h305 E Geer 

Cahoon Ida M asst store mkr Duke University r East Campus 

Cahoon Roy B r305 E Geer 

Cahoon Wm E student r207 E Geer 

Cain see also Kain and Kane 

Cain Albert (c; Victoria) tob wkr hl06 Chestnut 

Cain Alonzo W (Vera E) gro 1113 Angier av h409 S Alston av 

Cain Clara (wid Bernard O) examiner Ruth Hosiery Mills hll6 S Alston 

Cain Cornelia A (wid Wm H) r511 N Hyde Park av 

Cain Geo (c; Mary) lab hl305 Tucker 

Cain Gladys I r409 S Alston av 

Cain Irving A (Myrtle I) elk Alonzo W Cain h812 S Alston av 

Cain Jas (c) r502 Matthews 

Cain Jas R (Alice M) h912 Morning Glory av 

Cain John (c) billiard atndt Wm W McDaniel r911 Ferrell 

Cain Lee (c; Georgianna) .ianitor hl408 Caswell pi 

Cain Lucius (c) fnshr Durham Mattress Co Inc Peace nr E Trinity av 

Cain Maggie (c) maid h2715 Edmund 

Cain Malissa (c) rll2 Chestnut 

Cain Marie textile wkr r70O 10th 

Cain Mary (c) tob wkr r505 S Queen 

Cain Mollie (c) rl408 Caswell pi 

Cain Moselle examiner Ruth Hosiery Mills rll6 S Alston av 

Cain Ockey C (c; Reece) gro 1403 Pine hl405 do 

Cain Theo elk r407 E Geer 



Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires — Exide Batteries 

115 N. DUKE ST. TEL. N-173 

Cain Wilson (c; Eliza) hi 12 Chestnut 

Cain Wilson (c) tob wkr r502 Matthews 

Cain Wilson jr (c) r502 Matthews 

Calder Boyd hosiery wkr rllOfi E Main 

Calder Edna hosiery wkr rll06 E Main 

Calder Glenard E (Fannie) textilewkr hll06 E Main 

Calder Royall asst in medicine Duke Univ r do 

Calder Wm K textile wkr rll06 E Main 

Caldwell Anson V pres Newport Mfg Co r Greensboro N C 

Caldwell Arth L pres Durham Coal Co and West Durham Lbr Co r Hil- 
ton av (Rockwood) 

Caldwell Crawford P (Helene T) county veterinary inspr hl021 Gloria av 

Caldwell Danl E (c) phys 526% E Pettigrew r do 

Caldwell Delia (c) maid 412 McMannen 

Caldwell Eloise (c) cook r507 Carrington 

Caldwell Gladys tob wkr r312 E Trinity av • 

Caldwell Harry (c; Eureka) lab h407 Gray 

Caldwell Hazel (c) r623 Ramsey 

Caldwell Herschel asst in physical education Duke Univ r310 Holloway 

Caldwell Lucy M (c) tob wkr h622 Ramsey 

Caldwell Mabel (c) r623 Ramsey 

Caldwell Mary (c) tob wkr h623 Ramsey 

Callahan Edwin P (Mary E; Callahan's Drug Store) h2102 Englewood av 

Callahan Jas M (Cassie L) knitter h408 Milton av 

Callahan's Drug Store (Edwin P Callahan) 1113 Broad 

Callamls H Y (c) photog r716 Whitted 

Callaway Llovd P (c) lino opr The Carolina Times r704 Booker 

Callery Herbert M (Ada Ci slsmn h306 Liberty 

Callis Ella Mrs elk Ellis Stone & Co r310 Elizabeth 

Callis Louise nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Calloway Ollie (c) lndrywkr Model Lndrv Co h517B Pine 

Calvary Methodist Church Rev Oded I Hinson pastor 304 E Trinity av 

Calvert Nellie (c) dom rl313 Glenn 

Camden Sterling aviator r2708 Williams 

Camera Craft Studio (F Gilbert Whitley) photogs 117% W Main 

Cameron Abner (c; Mary) hl009 Willard 

Cameron Alex (c; Jonathan) hosiery wkr r508 Lyon 

Cameron Annie M tel opr r701 N Roxboro 

Cameron Archie M (E Ann) wtchmn h701 10th 

Cameron Bertha H textile wkr rl924 Erwin rd 

Cameron Cleveland (c; Susie) janitor rll02 Willard 

Cameron Connie B (Losey) textile wkr h700 11th 

Cameron Corinna Mrs r320 Pope 

Cameron Duncan C hlpr r420 South 

Cameron Edmund McC asst in physical education Duke Univ r813 2d 
apt 2 

Cameron Ernest (c) tob wkr r606 Parker 

Cameron Frank w (c: Saphronia) tailor hlOll Willard 

Cameron Geneva G textile wkr rl924 Erwin rd 

Cameron Helen (c) dom r211A Corporation 

Cameron Henry (c) lab rll2 Moline 

Cameron Henry (c; Estella) tob wkr h509B Elliott al 

Cameron Herman W (c; Emma) h509A Elliott al 

Cameron Ivey B (Kate B) textile wkr hl924 Erwin rd 

Cameron Jas soda dispenser Brewer's Drug Store r701 10th 

Cameron John A (Alnora E) barber h411 Yates av 

Cameron John A (c; Mattie L) porter Sou Fire Ins Co h507 Lucille 

Cameron Jos (Corinne) slsmn r206 Jones 

Cameron Junius (c; Margie) elev opr Sou Fire Bldg rl007 N Elizabeth 

Cameron Lizzie M (wid Danl B) hill E Lynch 

Cameron Mabel tob wkr r420 South 

Cameron Maggie nurse McPherson Hosp r do 

Cameron Margt J tob wkr r420 South 

Cameron Mary textile wkr r718 8th 

Cameron Nebbie (c) tob wkr h211A Corporation 

Cameron Saphronia (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co hlOll Willard 

Cameron Wm (c) rl202 N Hyde Park av 

Cameron Wm D (Jennie M) wtchmn h420 South 

Camm Edwin W (Eliz J) x-ray technician The Watts Hosp h2207 Engle- 
wood av 

Cammons Ruth (c) rlOll 2d 

Campbell Allie M hosiery wkr r2502 Englewood av 

Campbell Anne H Mrs cash Duke Univ rl07 Watts ant 12 

Campbell Annie M (c) maid r709 Pickett 

Campbell Arth S (Alta L) phys 102% W Main Rl hl09 E Lynch 



g P 


pi v^m 







O raw 

i (fi 



1— » 



CI r 

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] Sa 

E— i 








Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service • 

' Always Open 

PHONE L-4851 

Campbell Chas (c; Ethel) lab h207 Peachtree nl 

Campbell Chas M (Margie P) tob wkr h911 Spring 

Campbell Claude G (Phettie M) routemn Durham Lndrv Co h302 S 

Campbell Cora textile wkr rl301 Marvin av 
Campbell Danl P cash Citizens Natl Bank rll7 N Queen 
Campbell David (c; Lizzie) brklyr hl408 Evelyn 
Campbell Duke carp rl301 Marvin av 
Campbell Euriah (Lula) carp hl301 Marvin av 
Campbell Frank (c; Maggie) section hd h509 Husband al 
Campbell G Harvey (Myrtle) elk Durham Public Service Co r2502 

Englewood av 
Campbell Hattie (c) dom r702 Gray 
Campbell Ida Mrs rl300 Angier av 
Campbell Jas (c) r608B E Pettigrew 
Campbell Jas (c; Mary) piano tuner hlOHA Shaw 
Campbell Jesse hosiery wkr rl301 Marvin av 
Campbell Jewell Mrs cash Rialto Theatre r312 Liberty 
Campbell Jiles L r2310 Erwin rd 

Campbell John (c; Rosanna) hosierv wkr r918 Scout dr 
Campbell John A (Jessie L) textile wkr h916 11th 
Campbell John W (Lula) slsmn h704 Vickers av 
Campbell John W .ir elk r704 Vickers av 
Campbell Kenneth (Maude) tob wkr r414 South 
Campbell Lee (c; Malissa) janitor First Presby Ch h510A Grant 
Campbell Leon E shoe repr Butler's Elec Shoe Shop r2502 Englewood av 
Campbell Louis (c) lab r919 Ferrell 
Campbell Lula (c) tob wkr r308 Piedmont av 
Campbell Malcolm A student r512 Watts 
Campbell Mary (c) tob wkr r208 Gould 
Campbell Mary (wid Jas) r2108 Englewood av 
Campbell Mittie (wid Jas) h2502 Englewood av 
Campbell Norsie (c) cook h208 Gould 
Campbell Roosevelt (c) tobwkr rlB Adams av 
Campbell Ruby (c) hosierywkr r208 Gould 
Campbell Theo appr Durham Herald Co Inc r704 Vickers av 
Campbell Van C textilewkr r917 10th 
Canada Alice L rl201 Evergreen 
Canada Leamon L (Lollie B) roofer hl201 Evergreen 
Canady Lura F (wid Elijah J) r920 Dupree 
Canady Ralph L (Lois) knitter h920 Dupree 

Cannada Benj C (Alice H) asst chf City Fire Dept hlOll Holloway 
Cannada Benj C jr brklyr rlOll Holloway 
Cannada Chas F elk r208 Dowd 
Cannada Ernest I r912 Rose Hill av 
Cannada J Henry concrete contr 412 E Main r do 
Cannada John F textile wkr r912 Rose Hill av 
Cannada John O (c: Gertrude) tob wkr hl301 N Hyde Park av 
Cannada June C (Florence) h912 Rose Hill av 
Cannada Luther C (Sadie) textilewkr h715 14th 
Cannada Mollie (wid Thos L) h208 Dowd 
Cannada Norman W student rlOll Holloway 
Cannada Otha stmftr r208 Dowd 
Cannada Pauline tob wkr r616 N Queen 
Cannada Robt J r912 Rose Hill av 
Cannada Robt R elk PO r208 Dowd 
Cannada Rupert T (Vera) brklyr h713 N Hyde Park av 
Cannada Steph I elk R L Baldwin Co r412 E Main 
Cannada Thos L brklyr r208 Dowd 
Cannady Addie (c) tob wkr r204 Moore 
Cannady Amanda (c) tob wkr h909B Glenn 
Cannady Annie (c) hosierv wkr r509 Banks al 
Cannady Carie B student r602 Ross 

Cannady Gertrude (c) lndrywkr Model Lndrv Co 217 Foster 
Cannady Hubert (c) lab r909B Glenn 
Cannadv J Bruce r602 Ross 

Cannady Jesse R (Carrie L: Thompson & Cannady) h602 Ross 
Cannady John (c) lab r508A Greenberg al 
Cannady Laura (c) r410 Dowd 
Cannady Lizzie (c) dom r514 Martha 
Cannady Lizzie (c) tob wkr r204 Moore 
Cannady Mary C sch tchr h601 Cleveland 
Cannadv Ozella M student r602 Ross 

Cannadv Ruth (c) h204 Moore _ , 

Cannady Sallie H (c) tchr w G Pearson Elementary Sch r508 Dunbar 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Cannady Tremella (wid John) h408 Canal 

Cannady Wm A (Clyde B) ship elk Huntley-Stockton-Hill Co h307 Oak- 
wood av 

Cannon Aloysious T (Marian) bkpr hl20 E Lynch 

Cannon Cora L missionary rl004 W Main 

Cannon Helen (c) dom r2226 Pavetteville 

Cannon Horace S glazier rl004 W Main 

Cannon Jas III prof Duke Univ r Hope Valley N C 

Cannon Lottie W (Beatrice B) prsmn Hunt Printing Co hl06 Hunt 

Cannon Mary V (wid Thos) hl004 W Main 

Cannon Mattie Mrs looper rl913 E Main 

Cantrell Letha nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Canty Chas lab Durham Lbr Co 1708 Vale 

Caple Oscar (c; Mamie) gdnr h508B Carr pi 

Capps Alex (Minnie) h606 Barbee 

Capps Prank G mach opr rl804 E Main 

Capps Gladys S Mrs (A K Sccoville Co) r407 McMannen 

Capps Hope (Willie M) millwkr h807 Eva 

Capps J Oliver (Cora) weaver hl703 Glenn 

Capps Mary (c) dom h506 Pine 

Capps Theron (Eugenia) textile wkr r2305 Long 

Capps Vernon (c; Lessie) tob wkr h918 Gilbert 

Capps Wm A (Stella A) textilewkr h221 Anderson 

Capps Wm F (Willie L) cash Durham Public Service Co h602 N Queen 

Capsalis Manuel A (Henrietta V: The Grill & Fountain) h209 Markham 

Capsalis Odis M elk The Grill & Fountain r209 Markham 

Card Arth S (C Alice) tob wkr h918 9th 

Card Hazel M r918 9th 

Card Helen K student rlllO Minerva 

Card Martha C (wid Wm H) r918 9th 

Card Wilbur W (Anna W) dir of gymnasium Duke University hlllO 

Carden A Ruth sten Northwestern Mut Life Ins Co rl215 6th 

Carden Ada L (wid Gaston) h rear 2014 C 

Carden Albert F h418 Soutti 

Carden Annie L (wid Henry S) h20O6 N Roxboro 

Carden C Lawrence r2120 Chapel Hill rd 

Carden C Linwood brklyr r401 Carden 

Carden Carson T (Virginia) textile wkr r745 9th 

Carden Clarine Mrs rllO Elder 

Carden Clyde iab r302 N Maple 

Carden Cov (Virginia) tob wkr h2501 Hart 

Carden Effie E textile wkr r2108 Gin 

Carden Fannie F rl215 6th 

Carden Flinton msngr Duke Univ Hosp r Roxboro rd 

Carden Geo D (Lula E) mach h745 9th 

Carden Haywood S (Vessie C) slsmn Main-Duke Service Sta r403 Ander- 

Carden Hubert N (Annie M) woodwkr Durham Lbr Co h309 N Maple 

Carden Hubert W (Oneeda M) textilewkr h403 Anderson 

Carden Hugh L (AUie F) pntr h2120 Chapel Hill rd 

Carden Ida L (wid Geo W) hl08 N Guthrie av 

Carden J Arth (Martha) hl706 Pace 

Carden J Buchanan (Vera) carp rl026 W Peabody 

Carden J Vernon (Addie M) textilewkr h709 15th 

Carden Jarvis J (Addie H) electn hl215 6th 

Carden Jasper C slsmn r418 South 

Carden Jesse N (Bettie) textilewkr h806 N Duke 

Carden John C (Sadie) textilewkr h714 N Duke 

Carden John S textile wkr rl706 Pace 

Carden John S Rev (Mary S) h906 Shepherd 

Carden Jos E (Jennie F) textilewkr h2111 Gin 

Carden Julius G (Blanche) solr New Durham Dry Clnrs rl023 Syca- 

Carden Lawrence L (Carrie W) cabtmkr Durham Lbr Co h302 N Maple 

Carden Lela A r2006 N Roxboro 

Carden Louis C r2006 N Roxboro 

Carden Lula J (wid Alvis W) hll08 Chester 

Carden Martha Mrs r2305 C 

Carden Marvin C (Minnie I) earn h422 Salem 

Carden Marvin C ir delmn Green's Mkt r422 Salem 

Carden Mary smstrs rl020 Alabama 

Carden Moses McK r2006 N Roxboro 

Carden Ola r2006 N Roxboro 

Carden Olive A (Myrtle L) r403 Anderson 




212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone 1-945 

Carden Ruth E r403 Anderson 

Carden Sallie F (wid Jas J) rl215 6th 

Carden Theo R (Hosia L) textilewkr h713 10th 

Carden Victor T (Josephine) mach opr r418 South 

Carden Wm (Mattie) carp h rear 108 N Holman 

Carden Wm P carp hl026 W Peabodv 

Carden Wm H (Fannie A) mach h913 W Trinity av 

Cardwell Albert C (Addie B) carp h526 Eva 

Carey Frances nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Carlisle Cora (c) tob wkr hl014 Yancev 

Carlisle Glenn R (Mabelle L) sta ens r608 Rigsbee av 

Carlisle Mabelle L Mrs sten Sou Fire Ins Co r608 Rigsbee av 

Carlouck Lessie (c) hosiery wkr r911 Whitted 

Carlton Alonzo P (Carrie B) pres Durham Ins Service Co h519 Holloway 

Carlton Bertha (c) tob wkr h925 Ferrell 

Carlton Carrie (c) dom r307 Dowd 

Carlton Demetrius F (Dena) hosiery wkr h2012 Ashe 

Carlton Elvis J (Annie G) tob wkr h209 Spruce 

Carlton Ernest G (Mary F) v-pres Carolina Clothing Co h412 N Driver av 

Carlton Eug W (Stella C) teller The Fidelity Bank h910 Arnette av 

Carlton Eulie J (c; Pearl) lab h911 Grant 

Carlton Frances L student r203 W Trinity av 

Carlton Franklin M (Martha E) h514 McMannen 

Carlton Herbert T student r519 Hollowav 

Carlton J Eliz sch tchr r203 W Trinity av 

Carlton John (c; Ha) tob wkr hl406A E Pettigrew 

Carlton Jos P (Ivy M) bus opr Durham Public Service Co hl906 Angier 

Carlton Julian T assorter Model Lndry Co r918 Pearl 

Carlton Lon L marker Model Lndrv Co r918 Pearl 

Carlton Lonnie (c; Bertha) tob wkr h803A Fayetteville 

Carlton Lonnie jr (c) elk r803A Fayetteville 

Carlton M Everett driver Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co r Leesville rd 

Carlton M Fannie (wid Wm B) r2310 B 

Carlton Maggie (c) tob wkr r307 Dowd 

CARLTON NORMAN C (Florrie U), Cash Morris Plan Industrial Bank 
and V-Pres Security Bids & Loan Assn, h203 W Trinity av, Tel 

Carlton Oda F slswn F & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc r412 N Driver av 

Carlton Percy L elk Sou Fire Ins Co r519 Holloway 

Carlton Richd (c; Bettie B) stablemn Durham Dairy Products Inc h 
612 Glenn 

Carlton Roy (Maggie) textilewkr h305 Spruce 

Carlton Sidney F (Florence L) whsemn Durham Farmers Mut Exch h918 

Carlton W Earl (c; Sarah) truck driver Ry Exp Agcy Inc rl026 More- 
land av 

Carlton Wm (c) tob wkr r925 Ferrell 

Carlton Wm M (Maude L) h2310 B 

Carlton Wm M. (Lucy M) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h2622 W 
Chapel Hill rd 

Carmack W Henry (Carrie R) bldr h2605 Angier av 

Carmichael Alice (c) tob wkr h517B Elliott al 

Carneal Edgar P (Sallie A) h807 Burch av 

Carneal Perry G r807 Burch av 

Carneal Raymond B (Bertha G) brkmn h203 S Gregson 

Carnegie Jas (c) rl012 Cornell 

Carnegie John A (c) butler rl012 Cornell 

Carnegie Jonas (c) hl012 Cornell 

Cams Ernest L hosiery wkr r816 Henderson 

Carolina Barber Shop (c; Eug Tatum) 717 Fayetteville 

Carolina Battery & Rewinding Co (Carl C Wallace) 802% Rose Hill av 

CAROLINA CLOTHING CO INC, Ernest G Carlton V-Pres, J Lyndon 
Coz&rt Sec-Treas, 106 N Mangum 

Carolina Coach Co bus line 315 N Mangum 

Carolina Drug & Soda Shop (Isaac L Zuckerman) 713 Roney 

CAROLINA FINANCE CO, Hallie Roycroft Mgr, Salary Loans 601 Snow 
B!dg 331 W Main, Tel N-2931 

Carolina Glass Co (Norman L Benson, Cecil L Gillatt) 121 E Chapel 

Carolina Heating & Engineering Co Irl W Summerlin pres-treas contrs 
317 E Chapel Hill 

CAROLINA JANITOR SUPPLY CO (Luther P Paschall), Mfrs and Dis- 
tributors Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 413 N Mangum, Tel J-3141, 
PO Box 233 (See right top lines and page 44) 

Carolina Market (Herman A Browdy) meats 313 McMannen 


Durham Public Service Go. 

Power and Lighting Service 

*H0ME F^ISl 

Carolina Motor Club Inc C Edw Walker local mgr 124 N Market 
Carolina Neon Signs Inc Otho C Upchurch pres 321 E Chapel Hill 
Carolina Peanut Products Co Jas S Howe mgr 109A S Mangum 
Carolina Pharmacy (Mrs Mary L Carswell) 402 S Driver av 
Carolina Shoe Shop (c; Hurley H Guess) reprs 814 Fayetteville 
Carolina Theatre Publix-Kincey Theatres Inc oprs J Noble Arnold mgr 

motion pictures 215 Roney 
Carolina Times Publishing Co Inc (c) Louis E Austin pres Stella V Austin 

sec-treas publrs The Carolina Times 117 E Peabody 
Carolina Times The (O Louis E Austin editor Carolina Times Publishing 

Co Inc publrs weekly newspaper 117 E Peabody 
Carpenter Alberta rl805 Vale 
Carpenter Annie L sec to law librarian Duke University r718 W Chapel 

Carpenter Arth H (Esther) elk Carpenter Motor Co r Morrisville N C 
Carpenter Clayton S (Carpenter Motor Co) r Markham av cor Roxboro 

Carpenter David W (Edna) instr Duke Univ hl208 Arnette av 
Carpenter Edith hosiery wkr rl805 Vale 
Carpenter Elsie L elk Hardees Pharmacists rl020 Hale 
Carpenter H Perry (Nena M) elk T E Carpenter & Co hill E Seeman 
Carpenter Henry D (Leda) silk wkr h2406 B 
Carpenter Hubert J (Libbie) hosiery wkr hl313 2d 
Carpenter J Austin (M Louise) slsmn Carpenter Motor Co h631 Club 

Carpenter Jas D (Helen) hl805 Vale 

Carpenter Jas E (Lena; Carpenter Motor Co) hl06 Walker 
Carpenter John W (Vallie M: Carpenter Motor Co) hll7 N Queen 
Carpenter Juan hosiery wkr rl805 Vale 
Carpenter Laura Mrs h311 Rigsbee av 
Carpenter Lucius (c) tob wkr r205 W Proctor 

Carpenter Marcus G (Erner M; Carpenter Motor Co) hl006 W Mark- 
ham av 
Carpenter Maude L (Council & Carpenter) h812 S Alston av 
CARPENTER MOTOR CO (James E, John W, Marcus G and Clayton 

5 Carpenter), Distributors Chevrolet Motor Cars and Trucks 616 
E Main, Office and Sales Dept Tel L-3441. Service Dept Tel L-4441 
(See right side lines and page 32) 

Carpenter N Glenn rl805 Vale 

Carpenter Olivia H (wid Geo T) rl310 E Main 

Carpenter Oma hosiery wkr rl805 Vale 

Carpenter Ozie B Mrs hosiery wkr r803 N Elm 

Carpenter Ralph elk Crabtree Pharmacy rl805 Vale 

Carpenter Raymond (Mary) hosiery wkr r813 5th 

Carpenter Robt L (Laura E) carp h609 Markham 

Carpenter Rosa (c) r205 W Proctor 

Carpenter Rosa L (c) r504 Matthews 

Carpenter Stanley M (Ann L) slsmn Carpenter Motor Co h2310 Club blvd 

Carpenter T E & Co (T Edgar Carpenter) gros 1214 N Mangum 

Carpenter T Edgar (Lucy H; T E Carpenter & Co) h702 E Trinity av 

Carpenter T Edgar .ir elk PO r702 E Trinity av 

Carpenter T Robt rl805 Vale 

Carpenter Willis T (Jessie R) asst U S Postmaster h601 Holloway 

Carr A Paul D Mrs rl311 N Mangum 

Carr Alia (c) r722 Whitted 

Carr Austin H (Laura N) pres Durham Hosiery Mills and v-pres Home 

Ins Agcy Inc h909 S Duke 
Carr Claude A (Carrie B; Carr & King) h203 N Driver av 
Carr Danl T (Annie H) orthodontist 128 W Main R422 h2209 Englewood 

Carr Ella L tob wkr rll3 Hunt 
Carr Geo W (Amy W) archt 128 E Chapel Hill R301 and rep Northrup 

6 O'Brien hl5 Oak dr 

Carr Grover C (Bessie B) elk E J Latta Roofing Co Inc hl004 Mon- 
mouth av 

Carr Harry L student rl004 Monmouth av 

Carr Henry C (Mary L) dentist 212 W Main R407 h409 Watts 

Carr John W jr associate prof Duke Univ r602 Buchanan rd 

Carr Louis A investment banker r901 S Duke 

Carr Marinda (c) tob wkr r2715 Edmund 

Carr Martha (c) lndrs hl207 Dawkins 

Carr Marvin (c; Lena) tob wkr h412 Roney 

Carr Mary F (c) matron N C Mut Life Ins Co Girls Home r434 Pied- 
mont av 

Carr Mayme L (wid Rufus B) drsmkr 113 Hunt h do 



Durham Realty and Insurance 

First Floor Trust Building SSftKB JSSL HlVi 

Carr Memorial M E Church (South) Rev John A Russell pastor 107 

N Driver av 
Carr Nancy Council No 29 S and D of L Harvey O Fisher sec meets 

Thursdays 8 p m 953% E Main 
Carr Nathaniel (c) r722 Whitted 

Carr Robt G (Marion) slsmn Five Points Furn Co r Guess rd 
Carr Vivian E elk Durham Hosiery Mills r819 Ramseur 
Carr Wm A (Jennie) formn h819 Ramseur 

Carr Wm A jr office mgr Durham Bldrs Supply Co r819 Ramseur 
Carr Wm F (C Louise) v-pres-sec Durham Hosiery Mills hllO S Dillard 
Carr & King (Claude A Carr. Everett L King) barbers 310% S Driver av 
Carrawav Edna (c) tob wkr r512B Pine 
Carrigan Clyde E (Lillie) textile wkr h2201 Gin 
Carrigan Thos M (Eva L) textilewkr h761 9th 
Carrington Benj (c; Sarah) lab h2309 Shirley 
Carrington Buck (c; Martha) wtchmn h305 Poplar 
Carrington Camma R (wid Jas S) hlllO N Elizabeth 
Carrington Carl (c) lab rlll6 N Hyde Park av 
Carrington Carlisle C transmissionmn Am Tel & Teleg Co rlllO N 

Carrington Chas (c; Florence) r807 Pickett 
Carrington Christie C (wid Wm S) hl907 Lakewood av 
Carrington Clarice N elk rl907 Lakewood av 
Carrington Clyde (c; Eliz) tob wkr h2205 Chautauqua 
Carrington David (c; Bessie) elev opr h806 Drew 
Carrington David L (Josephine B) mill mech hl917 Erwin rd 
Carrington Dempsey (c; Isabella) farmer hlll4 Violet 
Carrington E Sula (wid Sterling R) hl03 W Proctor 
Carrington Elijah J (c; Jennie) lab hlll6 N Hyde Park av 
Carrington Gilbert D rl907 Lakewood av 
Carrington Jas (c) janitor Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc 1116 N Hyde 

Park av 
Carrington Jas (c) student rl303 Pine 
Carrington Jas O (Anna L) cloth printer rll3 Stokes 
Carrington John B weaver rl917 Erwin rd 
Carrington Jos (c) hlpr Junius C Gattis rl203 Hazel 
Carrington Lillie (c) tob wkr hl307 Tucker 
Carrington Louise C tel supvr rl907 Lakewood av 

Carrington Margt E opr Interstate Tel & Teleg Co rl907 Lakewood av 
Carrington Nannie F (wid Wm T) h412 McMannen 
Carrington Nina C elk Sou Fire Ins Co rl907 Lakewood av 
Carrington Olivia (c) dom rlll4 Violet 
Carrington Otho (c; Maggie) tob wkr hl203 Hazel 
Carrington Paul (c; Cath) brklyr h606 Dowd 
Carrington Pearl (c) dom rlll6 N Hyde Park av 
Carrington Ralph D textile wkr rl917 Erwin rd 
Carrington Sterling (c) tob wkr rlll4 Violet 

Carrington W Macon slsmn Efird's Dept Store rl907 Lakewood av 
Carrington Wade (c) tob wkr rl330 Pine 
Carrington Wm (c; Vinie) tob wkr rlll4 Violet 
Carrington Wm G (Mary M) circulation mgr Durham Herald Co Inc 

hl312 6th 
Carroll Beatrice Mrs textilewkr r2613 Ashe 
Carroll Berta Mrs hl015 Stokes al 
Carroll Bertha rllOl Ramseur 
Carroll Eber M associate prof Duke Univ r do 
Carroll Ernest E (Mary) hosiery wkr h Hoover rd nr Angier av 
Carroll Geo R hosiery wkr rllOl Ramseur 
Carroll Henrietta (c) dom h820B Glendale av 
Carroll Jas M r2401 Long 
Carroll Jas T tob wkr hl309 Carroll 
Carroll Jas T jr farmer rl309 Carroll 
Carroll Jos (Mabel) textilewkr h2204 E Pettigrew 
Carroll Jos D r211 Stokes 
Carroll Leo r Hoover rd nr Angier av 
Carroll Mollie (wid Chas) r Hoover rd nr Angier av 
Carroll Osborne (Beatrice) rll08 Glenn 
Carroll Sterling E rl015 Stokes al 
Carroll T Henry (Delia J) farmer hll08 Glenn 
Carroll Thos (c) r410B Poplar 

Carroll West (Vinie) textilewkr h Hoover rd nr Angier av 
Carroll Wm H (Cora F) hosiery wkr hllOl Ramseur 
Carroll Wm T tob wkr 2118 Woodrow 
Carroll Willie A (wid Lemuel) h211 Stokes 
Carroll Zoa W asst instr rll09 Minerva 

Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG, Manager 


PHONE J-4351 

Carson Alton (Louise C) hosierywkr h213 N Briggs av 

Carson Gladys S Mrs textile wkr rl006 E Main 

Carson Hubert (c; Minnie) hll07 Willard 

Carswell Abel P (Mary L) mgr Carolina Pharmacy rl514 Angier av 

Carswell Mary L Mrs (Carolina Pharmacy) rl514 Angier av 

Carswell Minnie L r722 Burch av 

Carswell Walter (Luna B) steelwkr h722 Burch av 

Cartaret Mary E Mrs slswn Raylass Chain Stores Inc 326 W Main 

Carter Anthony (c; Mary) gdnr r811 Carrington 

Carter Bayard prof Duke University r Hope Valley N C 

Carter Bessie W Mrs slswn The Kronheimer Co r308 New 

Carter Edna S Mrs jr asst librarian Durham Pub Library r216 W 

Trinity av 
Carter Estelle (c) dom r613 South 

Carter Eva R Mrs asst librarian Durham Public Library h401 Swift 
Carter Francis D (Ethel B) mach h525 Warren 
Carter Gladys (c) student nurse Lincoln Hoso r do 
Carter Hazel (c) tob wkr h206 Ames pi 
Carter J Anderson (Connie V) tob wkr hl320 Carroll 
Carter Jas (c; Rosa) lab r310 Baxter 
Carter Jennie N (c) sch tchr hl012 3d 
Carter Jessie M (c) hosiery wkr r408 Pine 
Carter Julius A (Pelsie M) tob wkr h215 S Driver av 
Carter Leonard R (Eva R) slsmn h401 Swift av 
Carter Lewis H (Mary) pntr hll08 Eva 
Carter Lillie h214 S Holman 
Carter Lucy J (wid Maxwell) rlOlO W Peabody 
Carter Matilda (wid Wm C) h220 Hargrove 
Carter Mattie Mrs rll3 N Alston av 
Carter Naomi H hllOl Calvin 
Carter Novello Mrs r204 Case 

Carter Pattie H (c) supt of nurses Lincoln Hosp r do 
Carter Raymond (c) r614a South 
Carter Raymond C elk r401 Swift av 

Carter Richd (c) porter University Pharmacy Inc rl012 3d 
Carter Riley (c; Mary S) ianitor hl308 D 
Carter Rollins (Edna S) sismn r216 W Trinity av 
Carter Ruth nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Carter Sanders (c) tob wkr r603 Cameron 
Carter Selma nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Carter Walter G (Minnie M) hosiery wkr h2610 Angier av 
Carter Walter M asst eng rl24 Hunt 
Carthean Jas T (Lillie B) r223 Oregon 

Cartner Lawrence delmn Paragon Pharmacy rll8 N Blacknall 
Cartner Mabel B rll8 N Blacknall 
Cartner Roy G (Pearl) hosiery wkr hi 18 N Blacknall 
Carver Albert C (Maie S; Edgemont Barber Shop) hll04 Eva 
Carver Arth (Star Whse) r Rougemont 

Carver Gordon M (Lula T) cash Durham Industrial Bank hl21 E Lynch 
Carver Henry (c; Geneva) rl08 Piedmont av 
Carver Jas (c; Susie) tob wkr hllOl Pairview 
Carver Jas (c; Leola) truck driver h813 Gattis 
Carver Leona (c) cook r813 Gattis 
Carver Lessie P hosiery wkr rl07 S Elm 
Carver Luther J (Emma B) hostler hl203 Watts 
Carver Obediah T fNannie B) real est h802 Cleveland 
Carver W Irvin rl07 S Elm 

Carver Wm M sta atndt Standard Oil Co of N J r501 N Mangum 
CARY LUMBER CO INC, Henry C Satterfield Pres, James H Coman 

V-Pres, Saml J Angier Sec-Treas, 208 Milton av, Tels F-161 and 

Casco Tribe No 138 (IORM> Robt Murray KofR&S meets Mondays 8 

p m 700 9th 
Case Alva T (wid H Carl) h913 Buchanan rd 
Case Jas T (Eva I) tob wkr hl309 Marvin av 
Case John C (Mollie) hl208 Marvin av 
Casey Henry W (Sudie E) hosiery wkr h303 Lyon 

Casey John R (Thelma T) wash'mn New Method Lndry h608 N Maple 
Casey Ruth Mrs hosiery wkr r809 N Mangum 
Casey Saml E (Nellie E) janitor hll4 Roberson 
Cash Arth (Hazel) mechl dentist r702 Crabtree 
Cash Bettie P Mrs assorter Model Lndry Co 217 Foster 
Cash Bractor rl203 N Roxboro 
Cash Carl (c; Emma) brklyr h210 Gould 
Cash Chas H (Texanna) tob wkr r603 N Mangum 
Cash Coal Co (Arth M Harris, Albert T Weatherly) 1408 Cross 



Featuring the Most Attractive 45c Mid-Day Lunch 

— The Best in the City — All Varieties of Sea Food 

in Season 


Cash D Frank driver r412 E Main 

Gash Doris E student rl09 Ellerbee 

Cash Ella (wid Thos) r604 Liberty 

Cash Elmer elk Chas Reddish r306 Cody 

Cash Fred G sec The Venable Tob Co Inc h Apex 

Cash Gordon tob wkr r412 E Main 

Cash Green T (Ida F) r715 Eva 

Cash Hubert Y (Ruth) roofer h507 E Trinity av 

Cash Jas L mgr Hessee Furn Co Inc r420 N Mangum 

Cash Jesse D (Lecta B) tob wkr hl607 Chapel Hill rd 

Cash Katie M slswn Efird's Dept Store r RD 6 

Cash Laura M rl09 Ellerbee 

Cash Laura V (wid Benj J) hl09 Ellerbee 

Cash Lenwood Y (Daisy P) barber h603 N Mangum 

Cash Lizzie (c) h410 Mincey 

Cash Lukie M (wid Everett) inspr h306 Cody 

Cash Mattie (c) tob wkr h906b Walton 

Cash Missie (c) tob wkr r211 Umstead 

Cash Oliver M (Zepha) printer rl09 Ellerbee 

Cash Oscar F (Nellie) r910 Exum 

Cash Otis B elk Sou Ry System r603 N Mangum 

Cash Rosa (c) cook h207 Moore 

Cash Roy (Ila) auto mech h604 Liberty 

Cash Wm T (Helen L) electn rl09 Ellerbee 

Cashwell Ella (wid John W) hl901 Yearby av 

Cashwell Harry F (Beulah; Southside Barber Shop) h217 Anderson 

Cashwell Leon F elk John A Forlines r217 Anderson 

Cashwell Lois C r217 Anderson 

Cashwell Roland B (Nola M) tob wkr h208 S Gregson 

Cassady Thos (c) lab r409 Matthews 

Cassidy Dock F (Rosa M) carp hl003 N Hyde Park av 

Cassidy Louia (c) hairdrsr Bull City Barber Shop hl'802 Fayetteville 

Cassidy Rufus (c; Lina) tob wkr hlllb Chestnut 

Castle Gertrude E (wid C W M) rll09 Minerva 

Castle Jesse F (Luna) mach opr h602 Middle 

Castleberry J David arl203 Liberty 

Castleberry Truby X> caretkr rl203 Liberty 

Castlebury Estes M (Lovie I) bus opr Durham Public Service Co hl207 

Linwood av 
Caston Lucille (c) tob wkr r512a Pine 
Caswell Inn (Abr L Causey) furn rms 1601 W Pettigrew 
Catala Emanuel (Demetra; Central Lunch) h508 N Roxboro 
Cate Anna P Mrs sten Durham Realty & Ins Co hill Briarcliff rd 
Cate Clarence C (Nola L) weaver h737 9th 

Cate Kemp S (Anna P) cash The Venable Tob Co Inc hill Briarcliff rd 
Cate Ruth A spinner r737 9th 

Cates A Payton (Beulah; Home Decorating Co) h612 Milton av 
Cates Alf B (Helen R) tob wkr h2206 Hackney 
Cates Annie T r832 Burch av 
Cates Barl C (Pearl) hl510 Caswell pi 
Cates Ben.i (c; Sarah) lab h402 Hunt 
Cates Bertha Mrs tob wkr h320 Pope 
Cates Bruce hosiery wkr r91l Pearl 
Cates C S r407 N Gregson 

Cates C Leava (Elsie L) elk Ira W Cheek h222 Chase 
Cates Clarence D (Mary E) br mgr Pender's Stores h2523 Chapel Hill rd 
Cates Clarence M (Rosa B) elk Shepherd's Market hl005 Oakland av 
Cates Colon C (Gladys I) fixer hl605 E Main 
Cates Cora rl510 Caswell pi 
Cates Cora (c) tob wkr hll2b E Proctor 
Cates Corinna F (wid Gilmore) r2410 B 
Cates Danl (Martha) h221 S Alston av 
Cates Dora B (wid Geo W) h307 Chase 
Cates Dora M fctywkr r827 Burch av 
Cates Doris M student r612 Milton av 
Cates Edgar V (Ruby) electn Durham Elec Construction Co Inc r2110 

Englewood av 
Cates Ernest W (Callie H; J B Cates & Son) h719 Wilkerson av 
Cates Etta B (wid Geo L) textile wkr h2002 Hart 
Cates Eva (wid John W) h2110 Englewood av 
Cates Fannie L r832 Burch av 
Cates Frank J (Bessie M) stmftr hl213 Spruce 
Cates Hattie H r832 Burch av 
Cates Hubert (c; Rena) tob wkr h311 Wake pi 

Cates J B & Son (John B and Ernest W) cabtmkrs 814 W Peabody 
Cates J Claiborne elk Calvin H Matthews rl005 Oakland av 


Home Savings Bank 


JOHX SPRUNT HILL. President T- C. WORTH, Cashier 

Cates J P Mason (Daisy E) h2022 Ashe 

Cates J Walter (Mattie) electa hl911 Lewis 

Cates Jas L (Gladys) r2615 Lawndale av 

Cates Jesse (Qlara) auto mech r810 Ramseur 

Cates John hlpr rl510 Caswell pi 

Cates John (c; Nollanie) lab h611 S Elm 

Cates John B (Joanna; J B Cates & Son) hl020 W Peabody 

Cates John B (Grace C) plmbr Durham Plumbing Co r2612 C 

Cates John C rl315 2d 

Cates John C (Myrtle I) textile wkr h2017 W Pettigrew 

Cates Josephine tob wkr rl003 Dacian av 

Cates Lelia (c) dom r329 Division 

Cates Leo A (Marguerite) hosiery wkr r206 S Maple 

Cates Leon P r307 Chase 

Cates Lillian (c) tob wkr r329 Division 

Cates Lillian (wid Saml) fctywkr h511 Willard 

Cates Lonnie E (Jewel M) carp hl807 Olive 

Cates Louise A r306 Oregon 

Cates Lucius G farmer rl009 Broad 

Cates Lula J sten Brawley & Gantt and notary rl07 Watts apt 2 

Cates Luther (c) lab r329 Division 

Cates Mamie (c) tob wkr r312 Wake pi 

Cates Martha E tob wkr rl911 Lewis 

Cates Marvin M r306 Oregon 

Cates McKinley (c; Caroline) truck driver Thomas & Howard Co h910 

N Elizabeth 
Cates Melissa (wid Alex) h832 Burch av 
Cates Ollie M rl315 2d 

Cates Otis M (Allie B) textile wkr h2801 Williams 
Cates Pearl rll07 Alma 

Cates Rosa (wid Albert L) textile wkr r310 S Alston av 
Cates Ruth N textile wkr rl03 S Elizabeth 
Cates Saml hll21 N Roxboro 
Cates Thos J (Ada S) textile wkr h306 Oregon 
Cates Thos W (Eliz C) tob wkr h2404 C 
Cates Victor T r306 Oregon 

Cates Virginia D sten Walter B Bass r612 Milton av 
Cates Wm r320 Pope 
Cates Wm (Lucy) tob wkr h321 Gray 
Cates Wilson hl315 2d 

Cathey Pink (c; Belle) lab rl014% Burch av 
Catlett Annie (c) tob wkr h2509 Payetteville 
Catlett Leola (C) r610 Gray 
Catlett Mary (c) cook rl08b E Cobb 
Catlett Mary (c) tob wkr r2511 Fayetteville 
Catlett Nina (c) tob wkr r2509 Payetteville 
Catney Otho (c; Ruth) tob wkr r431 Piedmont av 
Caton Wm D ins 110% N Corcoran R5 r401 Holloway 
Caudill J Howard (Bonnie M) iormn Duke University h2003 Yearby av 
Caulder Boyd hosiery wkr rl21 S Elm 
Caulder Curman W hosiery wkr rl21 S Elm 
Caulder Edna topper rl21 S Elm 
Caulder Glenard L (Fannie) textile wkr hl21 S Elm 
Caulder Mattie E looper rl21 S Elm 
Caulder Mollie (wid Louis) rl21 S Elm 
Causey A Wm (Hattie S) wtchmn h2006 Erwin rd 
Causey Abr L (Mary E; Caswell Inn) hl60l W Pettigrew 
Causey Alice W textile wkr r2006 Erwin rd 
Causey Duncan L (Margt B) textile wkr hl518 Page 
Causey Predk L (Jennie) rl601 W Pettigrew 
Causey Margt G textile wkr r20O6 Erwin rd 
Causey Robt W (Minnie B) rl601 W Pettigrew 
Causey Sadie J textile wkr rl601 W Pettigrew 
CAUTHEN ARISTA B (Ethel H), Asst Cash The Fidelity Bank, h313 

E Trinity av, Tel J-5661 
Cauthen Carl C bkpr Thomas & Howard Co r313 E Trinity av 
Cavaloris Stratos (White Way Lunch'" h526% E Main 
Cavanaugh Virginia nurse 2215 Club blvd r do 
Cave Beatrice (c) cook rl009 Rosedaie av 

Cavedo Archie C (Hallie L) agt State Mut Life Assurance Co hllO E Geer 
Cavers David F (Lelia) asst prof Duke University h414 Carolina cir 
Caviness Adolphus (c; Cora) lab hl706 Humphrey 
Cawthorne Hattie M sten Sou Fire Ins Co r205 N Dillard 
Cawthorne Ruth slswn F & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc r603 Jackson 
Cayton Alex filling sta r809 Parker 
Cayton Grayden R (Launa) knitter h616 McMannen 



"If it can be sold — it can be sold by mail" 



Cayton Lorena B silkwkr r723 Eva 

Cayton Lottie M (wid Mayhew; Friendly Home Beauty Shoppe) hl803 

Angier av 
Cayton Root M (Lillian L) mach opr h604 Willard 
Cayton Wilson W h723 Eva 

Cease Lunch System Maynard E Cooke mgr 115 S Corcoran 
Cecil Eliz V tob wkr r2026 Englewood av 
Cekada Emil B asst in medicine Duke University r do 
Central Dental Labtory (Wayland L Chappell) 128 W Main R303 
Central Pilling Station R'obt E O'Briant mgr 320 E Main 
Central Hotel (Edw H WUliams) 319% E Chapel Hill 
Central Junior High Sch Wm M Unchurch prin 800 Morgan 
Central Labor Union Robt L Christmas sec meets Thursdays 8pm 107 

N Market 
Central Labor Union Temple Robt L Christmas mgr 107 N Market 
Central Labor Union Temple 302 W Main 
Central Lunch (Emanuel Catala) 420 W Main 
Central Oil Co of North Carolina Inc M Eckey Gattis agt plant and 

office 2907 Hillsboro rd 
Certain Jos H (Verlie V) mill mech hl916 Erwin rd 
Cesar Eliz (c) rllll W Proctor 
Cesar Levy (c) rllll W Proctor 
Cesar Mary (c) tob wkr hllll W Proctor 
Cesar Quittie (c) shoe shiner rllll W Proctor 
Chadwick Robt elk Eug P Butler r Beaufort 
Chadwick Robt A (Bonnie L) steelwkr r2208 C 
Chadwick Roosevelt atndt Granite Service Sta W Main nr 9th 
Chalker Irving W rl306 Duke University rd 
Chalker Thos P (Ruth M) student rl306 Duke University rd 
Chalmers Fred (c; Margt) tob wkr r415 Ray al 
Chamberlain Jas L (Annie L) paperhngr h607 Markham 
Chamberlain Jas W brklyr r607 Markham 
Chamberlain Louis L (Lizzie E) hosiery wkr hl07 W Proctor 
Chamberlayne Louie J (Sallie P) r605 Burch av 
Chambers Allen L (Prances G) mach hl214 Holloway 
Chambers Benj L (Rebecca J) farmer h910 Eva 
Chambers Bertha hosiery wkr r310 Howard 
Chambers C Early (Ruth N) h310 Howard 
Chambers Cecelia (c) maid h922 Thaxton av 
Chambers Cora (c) r824 High 
Chambers Forest (c; Mattie) janitor h805 Macklin 
Chambers Irene slswn Summerfield's Inc rl214 Holloway 
Chambers J Romie (Dorothy) knitter h721 Eva 
Chambers Jesse (c) waiter r507 S Queen 
Chambers Katie L knitter r910 Eva 
Chambers Letha (c) tob wkr rlio Moline 
Chambers Lillian sten Brame Specialty Co r310 Howard 
Chambers Margie slswn rl214 Holloway 
Chambers Millie (c) dom r rear 1602 Vale 
Chambers Minnie (c) lndrs hl406 N Alston av 
Chambers Rosa L (c) cook Washington Duke Hotel r607 Ramsey 
CHAMBERS SIDNEY C (Cora W), Lawyer 409-412 Geer Bids 128 W 

Main, Tel J-8301, h312 W Trinity, Tel F-3021 
Chamblee Ernest M r412 N Elizabeth 
Chamblee Geo A r412 N Elizabeth 
Chamblee Inez r910 Cleveland 

Chamblee Maggie M (wid Walter R) h910 Cleveland 
Chamblee Mary L hosiery wkr r412 N Elizabeth 
Chamblee Ruby M hosiery wkr r412 N Elizabeth 
Chamblee Virginia D hosiery wkr r412 N Elizabeth 
Chamblee Walter D (Mary P) wtchmn h412 N Elizabeth 
Champion Aufice P (Caroline) hlpr h218 S Holman 
Champion Clyde B (Beatrice W) knitter rl809 E Main 
Champion Elijah J (Alpha H) printer hl05 S Plum 
Champion Jos B (Josephine) knitter rl908 Angier av 
Champion Norman C (Bettie) weigher hl703 E Main 
Champion Otho H hosiery wkr rl703 E Main 
Champion P Elton weigher rl703 E Main 
Champion Saml J (Minnie) ice dlr hl908 Angier av 
Champion Shoe Shop (John D Brown) reprs 742 9th 
Champion Wm C (Lena) brklyr h420 N Roxboro 
Champney Kath A (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch r811 Fayetteville 
Chance Fredk (c) hlpr r806 Maplewood av 
Chancey John (c) tob wkr rl226 Pine 
Chandler Anna E (wid John S) h908 N Mangum 
Chandler Aubrey (Rachel R) barber Otho A McCullers hll7 Hunt 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASCHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. 

Phone J-3141 

P. 0. Box 233 

Chandler Burla tob wkr r642 Club blvd 

Chandler C Russell (Helen S) flremn Hose Co No 2 h823 Burch av 

Chandler Chas C (Amanda G) county sanitary inspr h N Mangum 

Chandler Chas T (Plonnie) baker Paschall's Bakery h306 Holloway 

Chandler E Walton slsmn r413 Ashton pi 

Chandler Helen Mrs bkpr Blalock & Beck h613 McMannen 

Chandler J Drewery atndt East Durham Service Sta r2408 Owen 

Chandler Jos A (Helen) flremn Engine Co No 4 h613 McMannen 

Chandler Jos T (Vera L) wtchmn h208 Elliott 

Chandler Lawrence H (Ada G) mach h2028 Englewood av 

Chandler Marion L r518 N Mangum 

Chandler Minnie emp Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Chandler Vera tob wkr r642 Club blvd 

Chaney M Wynona financial sec r704 Shepherd 

Changaris Helen Mrs sec Lochmoor Hotel Co Inc h416 N Roxboro 

Changaris Steve (Helen) pres Lochmoor Hotel Co Inc h416 N Roxboro 

Chanin Henry Corp Wm F Jackon mgr cotton 128 E Chapel Hill R502 

Chapel Geo (c) lab r210 Lee 

Chaplin Eunice tchr Durham High Sch rl024 Urban av 

Chapman David S (Emma F; Owl Pharmacy) h210 Watts 

Chapman W Russell (c; Mildred J) tchr N C College for Negroes h409 

Formosa av 
Chapman Wm L rl303 S Alston av 
Chappel John (c;Viola) lab h900 Cameron 
Chappell Bessie (wid Wm T) rl05 S Plum 
Chappell Beulah O pkr B C Remedy Co r603 Jackson 
Chappell Edw H (Ida B) justice of the peace and men's furngs 1000 E 

Main hl0iy 2 S Elm 
Chappell Felsie silkwkr r319 South 
Chappell Graham E rl510 Angier av 
Chappell H Felton tob wkr r708 Jackson 
Chappell Jas E (Nannie) hosiery wkr h402 Murphy 
Chappell Jesse A r402 Murphy 
Chappell John M (Lucy W) radiotrician Rochelle's Battery & Ignition 

Service hl310 S Alston av 
Chappell Lehman A knitter Ruth Hosiery Mills rl510 Angier av 
Chappell LeRoy r919 E Main 
Chappell Mary F (wid Leroy J) h603 Jackson 
Chappell Ola (c) tob wkr rl05 Bottom al 
Chappell Reuben C r919 E Main 
Chappell Roxie (wid Jas A) bdg 919 E Main h do 
Chappell Roy M (Allie V) slsmn Rochelle's Battery & Ignition Service 

h911 Angier av 
Chappell Rufus D (Nora E) hl510 Angier av 
Chappell Wayland L (Mary L; Central Dental Laboratory) h05 Parrish pi 

Charity League Clinic Center 203 S Elm 

Charity League Shop Mrs Eliz S Bryant mgr 1002 W Main 

Charles Agnes (c) h506 E Proctor 

Charles Hulda (c) tob wkr r506 E Proctor 

Charles John E (c) hlOQS Kent 

Charles Julia (c) tob wkr r506 E Proctor 

Charles Sanders (c; Mary) tob wkr h305 Baxter 

Charles Shepherd (c; Neter) tob wkr h908a Oak 

Charles Viola (c) r506 E Proctor 

Charleston Candis (c) sch tchr r507 Price 

Charleston Thos (c) hosiery wkr h507 Price 

Charleston Virgil (c; Susie) asst Duke University Hosp r507 Price 

Chase Rodney Y (Beulah G) hlpr h818 Frederick 

Chatham Coy W (Sadie I) spl agt Life & Casualty Ins Co h2304 C 

Chatham Furniture Co (T Frank Stone, Jas W Sykes, Walter J McGhee) 

104 W Parrish 
Chatham Melissa J (wid John N) hl016 Hale 
Chatneuff Vivian M Mrs asst in physical education woman's college Duke 

University rl08 W Geer 
Chavers Alice (c) dom h507a Husband al 
Chavest Richd (c; Bertha) tob wkr r409 Roney 
Chavis Alex (c) r300 S Plum 
Chavis Alma (c) tob wkr r509 Gray 
Chavis Anne (c) dom rl309 Jackson 

Chavis Arth C (c; Lillie M) trucker N&WRyCo h604 Dowd 
Chavis Benj (c) tmstr h904 Ebony 
Chavis Claude (c; Pearl) h316 Dowd 
Chavis Clem (c; Vera) c)iauf hl032 Moreland av 
Chavis Daisy (c) dom h512 S Briggs av 
Chavis Edw (c; Julia) draymn hl09 Chestnut 
Chavis Emily (c) cook r530y 2 E Pettigrew 











In the Front 
of this Book 

They Are 



This Big 
Your City 

/^-. k J. A. ANDREWS 
C WillM J 



PHONE F-3931 

Chavis Emily (c) maid 1311 N Mangum 

Chavis Eug (c; 'Effie) h300 S Plum 

Chavis Geo (c) lab r206 W Piedmont av 

Chavis J P (c) r300 S Plum 

Chavis Josephine (c) student r604 Dowd 

Chavis Lucy (c) h305 Matthews 

Chavis Martha (c) dom rl07 Enterprise 

Chavis Moses (c) textile wkr rl002a Juniper 

Chavis Patk (c; Eugenia) lab h825b Glendale av 

Chavis Robt L (c) barber Bull City Barber Shop r316 Dowd 

Cheatham Bessie student r707 Cleveland 

Cheatham Blanche (c) dom r328 Division 

Cheatham Eliz W (wid Virginius T) h701 S Duke 

Cheatham Ethel G (wid Arch) h707 Cleveland 

Cheatham John L formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co r701 S Duke 

Cheatham Steph T (c; Lela) janitor First Natl Bank bldg h328 Division 

Cheatham Virginius A formn r70l S Duke 

Cheek A Bertie (wid Luther E) h822 Burch av 

Cheek A Clarence (Annie E) h2200 Chapel Hill rd 

Cheek Ada C Mrs drsmkr h910 Broad 

Cheek Alex W (Martha J) h212 Chase 

Cheek Amy L Mrs mgr Hotel Malbourne Cafeteria r825 Wilkerson av 

Cheek Anne L sten Home Security Life Ins Co r910 Broad 

Cheek Arlie L (Emma; University Service Sta) h2022% Chapel Hill rd 

Cheek Aubrey K rl911 Yearby av 

Cheek Aubrey M r825 Wilkerson av 

Cheek Ben B (S Blanche) elk Scott & Roberts h506 Gattis 

Cheek Bennie bkpr rl002 Urban av 

Cheek C Moody (Adna G) elk Ira W Cheek rl911 Yearby av 

Cheek C Taylor (Gene N) ins agt r406 E Trinity av 

Cheek Carl L~ (Blonnie M) carp h510 Yates av 

Cheek Clyde E textile wkr rl911 Yearby av 

Cheek Donald M (Learsa L) mach h411 N Hyde Park av 

Cheek Edgar M (Sallie W) elk hlll8 N Roxboro 

Cheek Edw H (Mattie M) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h825 Wil- 
kerson av 

Cheek Effie L Mrs r301 S Driver av 

Cheek Elsie r212 Chase 

Cheek Eug G (Myrtle S) loom fixer hl911 Yearby av 

Cheek Florence (c) dom rl002 Gilbert 

Cheek G Bernard (Kath G) pharm h522 N Mangum 

Cheek Gene N Mrs elk RJL Baldwin Co r406 E Trinity av 

Cheek Geneva R (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch rlOlO Fayette- 

Cheek Hannon H jr elk Johnson Motor Co rl002 Urban av 

Cheek Hezro H (Lillie G) formn City Water Dept hl002 Urban av 

Cheek-Holton Manufacturing Co Inc Carroll C Wall (Lexington N C) 
pres John M Cheek sec-treas lbr Angier av sw cor Ellis rd 

Cheek Inez tob wkr r310 S Gregson 

Cheek Insurance Agency (T Edgar Cheek jr) E Stewart Cole mgr genl 
ins 128 W Main R407 

Cheek Ira W (E Gladys) gro 221 Chase h212 do 

Cheek J Clifton (Pearl I) printer h607 Carlton av 

Cheek Jasper E (Ethel H) rep Gross Machy Co hi 102 8th 

Cheek John M (Maude W) sec-treas Cheek-Holton Mfg Co Inc h701 

Cheek Jos S student r716 W Chapel Hill 

Cheek Lena W sten r611 W Chapel Hill 

Cheek Lillie I textile wkr r2012 C 

Cheek Lillie M elk Ellis, Stone & Co rl002 Urban av 

Cheek Louise F silk wkr r204 Chase 

Cheek Lucile O Mrs nurse County Board of Health r Bon Air avnrN 

Cheek Martha A (wid David M) h801 Holloway 

Cheek Mary E student r701 Watts 

Cheek Maude (c) tob wkr h409 Matthews 

Cheek Maude (wid Jesse D) r810 4th 

Cheek May nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Cheek Minnie I (wid E Anderson) mender hll2 S Hyde Park av 

Cheek Nannie B r520 N Mangum 

Cheek Otis (c) lab r206 Moline 

Cheek Paul A r716 W Chapel Hill 

Cheek Robt M sta atndt Granite Service Stas r2012 C 

Cheek T Edgar (Lizzie) h406 E Trinity av 

Cheek T Edgar jr (Adelaide M; Cheek Ins Agcy) x Hope Valley N C 

Cheek T Leonard (Lottie M) acct 206y 2 N Corcoran hl305 Watts 

Durham Public Service Co. 

Power and Lighting Service 


Cheek Thelma L hosiery wkr r411 N Hyde Park av 

Cheek Tiios L jr student rl305 Watts 

Cheek Victor P sta atndt Sinclair Refg Co r716 W Chapel Hill 

Cheek W Fletcher (Sallie S) office mgr Richd E Dillard h716 W Chapel 

Cheek Wesley A elk Am Tob Co Inc r201 S Driver av 

Cheek Willard B sta opr Sinclair Refg Co r716 W Chapel Hill 

Cheek Wm O lndywkr Model Lndy Co rl911 Yearby av 

Cheek Winnie A (wid John) h2012 C 

Cherry Albert (Cleo) textile wkr h811 Ramseur 

Cherry Alma (wid Albert) r413 Walker 

Cherry Dewitt P dairywkr rl509 James 

Cherry Eleanor textile wkr r411 Walker 

Cherry Eula (c) dom rllO Verbena 

Cherry Henry (c; Mary) tob wkr r510 S Elm 

Cherry Jas (c; Pearl) tob wkr h605 Payetteville 

Cherry Lela r411 Walker 

Cherry Richd A (Eunice G) acct N C Joint Stock Land Bank h216 
Parrish pi 

Cherry W H solr Southeastern Life Ins Co r Bahama N C 

Cherry Wm J (Mollie L) formn h303 S Elm 

Chesley Calvin (Bettie L) truck driver r2305 C 

Chesson Anson K bkpr R L Baldwin Co r804 2d 

Chesson Priley (Lillian N; Sweeney Grocery) h804 2d 

Chesson Thelma E slswn The Kronheimer Co r804 2d 

Chesson Theo T (Mary R) pres Pritchard-Bright & Co Inc h528 Hollo- 

Chestnut Angeline (c) tob wkr h611 Glenn 

Chestnut Chas W (Lula B) elk PO h922 Dacian av apt 4 

Chestnut Clara M (c) dom r607 Booker 

Chestnut David L auto mech Ralph W Dennis rl908 College rd 

Chestnut Joel r914 Angier av 

Chestnut John J r311 Canal 

Chestnut Lonie (wid Robt R) hl908 College rd 

Chestnut Lunette (c) tob wkr r703a McMannen 

Chestnut Lynn (Aileen) ■auto mech rl908 College rd 

Chestnut Robt (c) tob wkr r611 Glenn 

Chestnut Saml B wtchmn r724 15th 

Chestnut Wesley (c; Ethel) tob wkr hl07 Division 

Chestnutt Jas B (Sallie P) sta atndt Ralph W Dennis r721 9th 

Chestnutt K Livy (Eula P) tob wkr h408 Morehead av 

Chevis Thelma (c) student r70C Pickett 

CHEVROLET CARS, Carpenter Motor Co Distributors 616 E Main, Tel 
L-3441 (See right side lines and page 32) 

Chick Clyde P (Mary B) formn The Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd hl019 
Gloria av 

Children's Boarding Home (Mrs Pelcie Bevers) 212 Morris 

Childress C Bruce (Willie J) slsmn Model Lndy Co hll9 E Seeman 

Childress Daisy E tob wkr r510 Warren 

Childress Garland S (Margt M) slsmn Durham Dairy Products Inc r203 

Childress Geo J (Florence L) h510 Warren 

Childress Georgia M tob wkr r510 Warren 

Childress H Dewey knitter r908 Dale av 

Childress John N auto mech r811 W Main 

Childress Jos W r811 W Main 

Childress Leonard B (Addie L) h908 Dale av 

Childress Robt T r510 Warren 

Childress Susie F silk wkr r510 Warren 

Childress Wrinnie W (Flora L) agt Continental Life Ins Co hl404 Car- 

Childs Benj G (Hermine) prof Duke University h604 Buchanan blvd 

Childs Elaine student r604 Buchanan blvd 

Chisenhall John (Laster) delmn T E Carpenter & Co h220 Hargrove 

Chissenhall Ernest tob wkr r405 W Pettigrew 

Chisholm Annie L (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch rl712 Fayetteville 

Chisom Janie (c) lndrs h812 Gattls 



Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 

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Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING. Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Choate Jos B (Annie B) formn Am Tob Co Inc h220 Monmouth av 

Choate Nan W sten The Life Ins Co of Va r W Forest Hill blvd 

Choplin T Wesley (West End Lunch) r RD 6 

Chrisp Nelson Rev (c; Ella) hl200 Cornell 

Christ Minnie rl417 W Pettigrew 

Christian Chas B teaming 804 Vickers av r do 

Christian Dennis C (Padonia) carp h710 Burch av 

Christian Dennis C jr (Nellie A) tchr Central Jr High Sch hllll W 
Chapel Hill 

Christian Ethel Mrs waitress Plaza Cafe r912 Park av 

Christian Floyd L (Delia) ship elk h2107 Ashe 

Herbert A Mason Sec-Treas, Furniture, Stoves, Ranges, Heaters and 
Heatrolas, Radios and House Furnishings 118-12* W Parrish, Tel 

Christian J Fred (Martha A) v-pres Christian Prtg Co h709 Shepherd 

Christian Jesse F (Mabel) tob wkr h2711 Ashe 

Christian John T (Mamie C) pres Christian Prtg Co h704 Shepherd 

Christian John W (Mary F) supt Duke Sta PO hl22 W Trinity av 

Christian Leonard D (Ethel) tob wkr r912 Park av 

Christian Linwood B sec-treas Christian Prtg Co r704 Shepherd 

Christian Lois r915 N Mangum 

Christian Margt A (wid Louis S) h611 W Chapel Hill 

Christian Martha A Mrs elk The Fidelity Bank h704 Shepherd 

Christian Maye P (wid Leslie M) hl605 D 

Christian Nellie E tchr North Durham Sch r704 Shepherd 

CHRISTIAN PRINTING CO, John T Christian Pres, J Fred Christian V- 
Pres, Linwood B Christian Sec-Treas, Complete Printing Service 
in Durham for Over Thirty Years, Engraving, Book Making, Adver- 
tising and Publications, 124 W Parrish, Tel F-0821 

Christian Robt L (Eva H) wtchmn h.805 Park av 

Christian Sidney L (Nell H) slsmn Johnson Motor Co h Markham av 

Christian W L (Hallie) slsmn Durham Public Service Co r Guess rd 

Christian Wm T (Margt E) collr h804 Vickers av 

Christian & Missionary Alliance Gospel Tabernacle 301 N Gregson 

Christie F Debs (Mae) b.604 Crabtree 

Christie Z Lafayette (Carrie E) h913 Alabama 

Christman Lonnie (wid Adolphus V) r209 May 

Christmas Bryant B pntr r403 Canal 

Christmas Candis (c) h509 S Elm 

Christmas Edw L (Texie L) firemn City Fire Dept h311 Canal 

Christmas Geo W (M Eliz) pntr r403 Canal 

Christmas Jochebed (c) student rl608 Merrick 

Christmas Louis T (c) student rl608 Merrick 

Christmas Margt H sten Atlantic Mortgage Co r211 W Trinity av 

Christmas Mary (c) cook r920 Gilbert 

Christmas Robt A (Lottie A) sign pntr 310% W Main h211 W Trinity av 

Christmas Robt L (Mary A) pntr h403 Canal 

Christmas Sadie E (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch r509 S Elm 

Christmas Susie R (c) hl608 Merrick 

Christmas Thos A (Virginia K) mach opr r513 S Duke 

Chronakis Geo (Despanio) waiter r507 N Roxboro 

Church of God Rev Sollie Hancock pastor 2104 E Pettigrew 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 1203 Holloway 

Pastor, 808 W Chapel Hill, Tel F-0151 

Churchi Theo (c; Mary) tob wkr hl06 W Umstead 

Churchill Dennis J (Mattie L) mech Alexander Motor Co h.829 Burch av 

Churchill Geo W (Ruby L) textile wkr r2001 Southgate 

Churchi! 1 -l^s G (Madge) mech Brady's Garage r300 N Hyde Park av 

Churchill W Earl asst service mgr Alexander Motor Co r813 Cleveland 

Cinna lola tob wkr r201 Jackson 

Citizens' Loan Society Jos A McMurtrie mgr 303% W Main 

CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK, Robt H Rigsbee Pres, M Eugene New- 
som Active V-Pres, R Lynwood Baldwin V-Pres, Daniel P Campbell 
Cashier, Eugene J Umstead Asst Cashier, 102 E Main, Tel J-8851 

"A Purpose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

E. S. PHILLIPS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

CITIZENS REALTY & INSURANCE CO (Otis A Johnson), 16 Riggsbee 
Bldg, 102^ "W Main, Tel F-2451 

City Baking Co (W Otto Moss) 505 E Peabody 

City Dairy (Mrs Kent H Barbee) 701 Barbee 

City Electric Shoe Shop (c; Wm W McDaniel) 520 E Pettigrew 

City Ice Cream Co (Jerry Porcelli, John Colella) mfrs 731 N Mangum 

CITY OF DURHAM (See Durham— City of) 

City Plumbing & Heating Co (Lucius C Roach) 502 E Chapel Hill 

City Real Estate Co Walter T Pendergraph mgr 128 W Mam R309 

City Sandwich Shop (Nick Parounagian, Mack Daniel, Pete Cocolas) 124 

E Main 
City Transfer Co (Thos L Ward) 401% N Mangum R2 
Claggett Teresa H (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch r601 Price 
Claiborne Bailey (c; Lauvenia) tob wkr h208 Tatum al 
Clapp Balina Mrs hosiery wkr h911 Dale av 
Clapp Edw E (Annie V) elk Sou Ry System h219 Dacian av 
Clarey Mary (c) tob wkr r415 Roney 
Clark Annie L student r308 Clark 
Clark Annie L (wid Theo A) v-pres Durham Mattress Co Inc h202 N 

Driver av 
Clark Beatrice Mrs nurse McPherson Hosp r818 Wilkerson av 
Clark Belle (c) hl09 E Hillside av 
Clark Benj (c; Lula) h614 Colfax 
crark Blanche M tob wkr r514 Warren 
Clark C C lino opr The Seeman Printery r Alston av rd 
Clark Chas (c; Adeline) hlpr hlll4 Jackson 
Clark Chas E carp rl04 N Guthrie av 
Clark Chas P elk Durham Public Service Co r224 Morris 
Clark Chas W jr waiter Amos & Andy Restr r207 E Chapel Hill 
Clark Chester (c; Roxanna) tob wkr hl09 Haywood 
Clark Cora Mrs bdg 108 N Gregson r do 
Clark Eliz student r818 6th 
Clark Ella M (c) cook rlOlO Willard 

Clark Ernie J (Beatrice) agt Durham Life Ins Co r818 Wilkerson av 
Clark Ethel (c) student nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 
Clark Evelyn topper rl409 Angier av 
Clark Paulkland (c; Marie) r700 Glenn 
Clark Floyd R (Gwendolyn) ins agt hll03 N Gregson 
Clark Geo (c) lab r208 Haywood 
Clark Geo M (Gladys S; Citv and County Probation Officer) h N Rox- 

boro nr 3d av 
Clark Gladys S Mrs bkpr Austin-Heaton Co h N Roxboro nr 3d av 
Clark Hezekiah rl08 N Gregson 
Clark Ha Mrs hosiery wkr h213 N Guthrie av 

Clark Isaac A plantmn Durham Dairy Products Inc h2619 Angier av 
Clark J Hugh (Allie M) h514 Warren 

Clark J Thos (Eula M) formn Am Tob Co Inc h919 Liberty 
Clark Jas (c) rl09 E Hillside av 
Clark Jas B student rl09 N Gregson 
Clark Jas R (C M Co) rl04 N Guthrie av 

Clark Jesse C (Iola J) auto mech Clark & Sorrell h205 S Goley 
Clark Jesse E h2014 Angier av 

Clark Jesse E (Allie M) reporter Durham Herald Co Inc hllll W Main 
Clark John B radio repr rl04 N Guthrie av 
Clark John C (Cora) carp hl08 N Gregson 
Clark Julia (c) lndrs hlOlO Willard 
Clark Kenneth W instr Duke University r922 Dacian av 
Clark LeRoy (Etna B; Clark & Sorrell) r RD 6 
Clark Lizzie (c) r316 Poplar 

Clark Lonnie L (Minnie N) formn Am Tob Co Inc h308 Clark 
Clark Mallie G (Evelyn E) mech Alexander Motor Co h803 Holloway 
Clark Margt (c) dom r808a Gerard 
Clark Marshall (c; Beatrice) lab h.310% Dowd 
Clark Marvin D rll2 Hunt 
Clark Mary textile wkr rlOlO Franklin 
Clark Mattie (c) dom rl09 E Hillside av 
Clark Philip B (Blennie) tob wkr h310 S Guthrie av 
Clark Rachel (c) rl09 E Hillside av 
Clark Sarah (c) r712 Cameron 
Clark Sarah E rllli W Main 
Clark Thelma L tob wkr r514 Warren 
Clark W Melvin silk wkr r514 Warren 
Clark Walter (c; Ada) formn h607 Booker 
Clark Wm (c) rlll4 Jackson 
Clark Wm A (Sallie N) carp h611 S Alston av 






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$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Clark Wm D advmn rl04 N Guthrie av 

Clark Wm E hl04 N Guthrie av 

Clark Wm H (c) barber Fredk Herndon 121 S Mangum 

Clark Wm H (Flora G) teleg opr h703 Shepherd 

Clark Wm H jr r703 Shepherd 

Clark Wm L (c; Cara) tob wkr h712 Cameron 

Clark Willie (c) dom r812a Glendale av 

CLARK & SORRELL (LeRoy Clark, Donnie A Sorrell), Automobile Re- 
pairers 317 E Parrish, Tel F-187 

Clarke J Arth (Ethel A) carp h715 Broad 

Clarke Jessie V Mrs tob wkr r807 W Chapel Hill 

Clarke Ruth C Mrs rl808 Chapel Hill rd 

Clarkson Hampton (c; Mae) restr 512 E Pettigrew h406 Hunt 

Clay Chas (c; Susie) plstr hl002 Gilbert 

Clay Foy (c) tob wkr r506 Lyon 

Clay Robt L (c) auto repr 406 E Pettigrew rl701 Fayetteville 

Clay Sallie lc) dom rl013 Evergreen 

Clay Walter (c) brklyr rl002 Gilbert 

Clayton A Winfrey jr (Eliz P) pharm Five Points Drug Co hl07 E Geer 

Clayton Bertha slswn My Shop rl006 Monmouth av 

Clayton C Leonard (Bessie) brklyr hl016 Hale 

Clayton Dewey C (Hollie R) elk Royal Ice Cream Co h209 Dowd 

Clayton Hanna J (c) r2524 E Pettigrew 

Clayton Homer (Daisy E; Clayton's Shoe Shop) hl03 Holloway 

Clayton Jas S (c; Lewie) lab h618 Pickett 

Clayton Jas S jr (c; Marie) lab r618 Pickett 

Clayton McKinley A (Sudie B) brklyr hl003 Cleveland 

Clayton Neva Mrs hosiery wkr rl003 Ramseur 

Clayton Robt L (Nora L) textile wkr h2620 Mulberry 

Clayton Thelma R elk Am Tob Co Inc r401 Morehead av 

Clayton Viola (c) dom h515 Lyon 

Clayton Walter A (Ruth A) truck driver S T Scott Coal Co h731 Broad 

Clayton's Shoe Shop (Homer Clayton) reprs 119 N Mangum 

Clavtor Annie elk Am Tob Co Inc r812 W Pettigrew 

Claytor Pattie J (wid Saml L) rl825 W Pettigrew 

Clegg Danl (c; Eula) tob wkr rl215 Dawkins 

Clegg Ethel B (c) sch tchr r820 Chapel Hill rd 

Clegg Fannie (c) tob wkr r708 E Pettigrew 

Clegg Luther L hosiery wkr h702 S Alston av 

Clegg Martin B (Pearl) mach opr hll04 Linwood av 

Clegg Wm (c; Maggie) tob wkr h616a Ray al 

Clegg Wm H jr r2318 Englewood av 

CLEGG WMH (Florence L), Mgr Durham Electric Construction Co Inc, 
b.2318 Englewood av, Tel L-4191 

Clement Donald H (Frances M) hl028 Monmouth av 

Clement E H mgr r Washington Duke Hotel 

Clement Helen (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r434 Piedmont av 

Clement Robt r Washington Duke Hotel 

Clements Annie (c) folder Model Lndy Co r522 Pine 

Clements Chas A electl eng Golden Belt Mfg Co hl003 Morning Glory av 

Clements Clarence E (Mozelle E) mech Brady's Garage hl905 West 

Clements Delia hosiery wkr r912 Dale av 

Clements Dora (wid Wm B) h2401 Long 

Clements E Pate (Vivian E) auto mech hl609 Angier av 

Clements Edw H (Meroe A) electa h2211 E Main 

Clements Eliz S (c) ironer Model Lndy Co r503 Dowd 

Clements Helen L sten N C Joint Stock Land Bank rlll6 8th 

Clements J Henderson r2401 Long 

Clements Kath mach opr r608 N Maple 

Clements M Emma Mrs h309 Raynor 

Clements Mattie A (wid Ivv C) rl905 West 

Clements Nellie L Mrs tob wkr hl809 Chapel Hill rd 

Clements Orpah S student r3n) Watts 

Clements Saml (c: Sarah) lab hl06 Corporation 

Clements Theo (Nellie C) mach opr r605 Primitive 

CLEMENTS W WALLACE (Ann M) , Real Estate, Insurance and Bonds 
426 Morgan, Tel L-7801, h310 Watts, Tel F-4201 (See page 46) 

Clements Walter G r309 Ravnor 

Clements Wm P (Myrtle T) h310 Watts 

Clemmer Ellen M hosiery wkr rl05 Lyon 

Clemmer John A (Frances) hl05 Lyon 

Clemmer Myrtle V rl05 Lyon 

Clemmer Raymond S hosiery wkr rl05 Lyon 

Clemmons Berklev (c; Helen) lab h.406 Bailey 

demons Burton H elk Thos F Andrews r2820 Angier av 

demons Hallie (c; Laura) lab rl509 Pine 



Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires — Exide Batteries 
115 N. DUKE ST. TEL. N-173 

demons John (c; Maggie) hlpr hllO Cora apt 5 

demons Lena M r2820 Angier av 

demons Mary (c) tob wkr r704 Pine 

demons Olivia (c) tob wkr r417 Eric 

denton Bessie (c) tob wkr r rear 707 Willard 

denton Raymond (c) chauf r rear 707 Willard 

Cliff John B emp Durham Bldg & Inv Co r508 Buchanan blvd 

Clifton Alice T (wid Eug) rl205 1st av 

Clifton G Dewey (Hattie L) hosiery wkr hl907 Ashe 

Clifton Julia r707 N Roxboro 

Clifton Wadfe V (Cath L) slsmn hl205 1st av 

Climer Jas (c) tob wkr rl006 3d 

Clinical Laboratory (Dr D Russell Perry) bsmt 123 W Main 

Clinton Annie (c) Ihdywkr r522y 2 Pine 

Clinton David (c; Katie) lab h829a Glendale av 

Clinton Percy (c; Carrie) tob wkr h507a Branch pi 

Clippard Kath tchr Central Jr High Sch r803 3d 

Cloer Melvin L rill S Hyde Park av 

Clopton Octavia hosiery wkr r202 N Roxboro 

Club Boulevard Barber Shop (c; Robt L Long, Wm Robinson) 1415 
Club blvd 

Clyburn Mamie (c) dom rl305 Union 

Clyman Robt (Sarah) pdlr h514 Gordon 

Coakley Nomie (c) lndrs hll04 Lynchburg 

Coan Glenn A eng Durham Public Service Co r214 N Dillard 

Coates Marina waitress r305 S Duke 

COBB ALPHONSUS (Nellie R) , V-Pres and Mgr Real Estate Dept Dur- 
ham Realty & Ins Co. h506 Morehead av, Tel F-2281 

Cobb Annie L (c) sch tchr rlOlO Thaxton av 

Cobb Arth (c; Beatrice) janitor h2800 Mulberry 

Cobb B Eliz sec Dr S Wesley Tucker rlll2 N Duke 

Cobb C Eldredge rl015 Buchanan rd 

Cobb Claude (c; Veola) tob wkr h916 Scout dr 

Cobb Danl (c; Minnie) lab h724 Walnut 

Cobb E Rawls slsmn Carpenter Motor Co r506 Morehead av 

Cobb Harriett H student r506 Morehead av 

Cobb Isham (c; Callie) tob wkr r916 Scout dr 

Cobb Jas O (Virginia W) pres Realty Associates Inc and state agt Cor- 
roon & Reynolds h507 W Chapel Hill 

Cobb Jas S (Jane W) h914 Vickers av 

Cobb John B v-pres-treas Realtv Associates Inc r507 W Chapel Hill 

Cobb John B (Isabelle F) elk WUTelegCo h310 Markham 

Cobb John B real est r914 Vickers av 

Cobb John T (Mabel W> tchr Durham High Sch rlll2 N Duke 

Cobb John W rlll2 N Duke 

Cobb Kindergarten (Mrs Lucy C Brown, Mrs Mabel W Cobb) 1112 N 

Cobb Leola (c) tob wkr h410 Ray al 

Cobb Lilla (c) maid rl06a E Cobb 

Cobb Lillie P Mrs r212 S Goley 

Cobb Louetta (c) rl411 C 

Cobb Mabel W Mrs (Cobb Kindergarten) rlll2 N Duke 

Cobb Maggie (c) maid rl06a E Cobb 

Cobb Margt A (c) sch tchr rlOlO Thaxton av 

Cobb Mary (c) dom hl06a E Cobb 

Cobb Mary E (c) hlOlO Thaxton av 

Cobb Mary P (c) dom rlOlO Thaxton av 

Cobb Walter P rl015 Buchanan rd 

Coble see also Cable 

Coble Bunn C (Lena M) elk PO hl809 Vale 

Coble Earl L (Plonnie M) knitter hl205 Taylor 

Coble Edgar M mgr Lochmoor Cigar Stand rl012 Hall 

Coble Jas B rl012 Hale 

Coble John W (Minnie R) butcher hl201 W Chapel Hill 

Coble Lena M Mrs bkpr Louise Knitting Mills Co Inc hl809 Vale 

Coble Mary A (wid Robt) rl809 Vale 

Coble Nannie hosiery wkr rl809 Vale 

Coble Thos S (Ha E) slsmn hl012 Hale 

Coble Thos S jr student r 1012 Hale 

COCA-COLA" BOTTLING CO, See Durham Coca-Cola, W Main cor 
Buchanan blvd, Tel J-7341 (See back cover and page 35) 

Cochran Lottie (c) cook 607 Shepherd 

Cochran Willard knitter r822 Ramseur 

Cochrane Bertha M slswn Efird's Dept Store r509 Forest 

Cockman Hazel student rllll Alma 

Cockman John R (Lizzie R) slsmn Singer Sewing Mach Co hllll Alma 





1— » 





























Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service — Always Open 


Cocolas Pete (City Sandwich Shop) 124 E Main 

Coder Fred A (Nell C) carp r813 Ramseur 

Coe Ernest B emp Paschall's Bakery rl022 Angier av 

Coe John P (Ruby G) electn hll2 Hunt 

Coe Luena A (wid John B) hl022 Angier av 

Coe Otis H slsmn United Dollar Stores r526 Warren 

Coe Ronald L emp Paschall's Bakery rl022 Angier av 

Cogdell Marie (c) lndrs r431 Piedmont av 

Cogdell Offie (c; Bessie) brklyr h431 Piedmont av 

Coggins John R (Gladys) matcher Dock W Brown r503 N Driver av 

Coghill Edw C (Louise R) h313 Rigsbee av 

Coghill Edw G r607 Yancey 

Coghill Sarah B (wid Thos G) h607 Yancey 

Cohen Lottie (c) smstrs hll2 Bond 

Cohen Radar C (c; Victoria) mech Fayetteville St Garage b.700 Glenn 

Cohens Jos (c; Ruth) rl014 Rock 

Cohn Elijah L (Lona M) stone mason h725 8th 

Coie J Paul (Evelyn L) student h2109 Chapel Hill rd 

Coile Theo S asst in forestry Duke University rl008 Minerva av 

Coiner Eliz H schtchr r812 W Chapel Hill 

Coiner Lizzie S (wid Norval L) h812 W Chapel Hill 

Coiner Norval L (Annette R) rd eng r812 W Chapel Hill 

Coker Jas (c; Sallie) lab hl2 Davis 

Cokley Alex C (c; Vester) tailor h507 Gray 

Cokley Hallie M (c) dom r507 Gray 

Colclough Connie L (Foy L; Parrish St Barber Shop) r RD 6 

Colclough Henry B (Minnie B) woodwkr Durham Lbr Co h206 S Als- 
ton av 

Colclough J Corbett (Ivalene E) slsmn Gulf Refg Co r RD 6 

Colclough Julius C (Buena) mach hll03 Linwood av 

Colclough Madge sch tchr rl401 E Trinity av 

Colclough Malcolm E (Thetna S) h314 Milton av 

Colclough Owen T (Delia) truck driver h315 (113%) Chatham al 

Colclough Wm S (Mattie E) gro 727 N Mangum hl401 E Trinity av 

Cole Alice E silk wkr r905 Spring 

Cole Annie (c) r317 Matthews 

Cole Armond (Zula) dairywkr rl422 James 

Cole Arth V (Bessie W) dep U S Int Rev Collr hl305 Duke University rd 

Cole Aubrey B r Cole rd nr University dr 

Cole Aurell P (Minnie A) gro 1005 Bay h214 Hargrove 

Cole Bessie P r419 Morris 

Cole Bettie G (wid Saml) h419 Morris 

Cole Brunella (c) lab r323 Matthews 

Cole C Corbett v-pres L G Cole Inc r521 N Mangum 

Cole Carey C teller The Fidelity Bank (W Durham Br) r RD 1 

Cole Carrie (c) tob wkr rl014 Thaxton av 

Cole Chas R (c; Lessie) porter h612 Cameron 

Cole Christine Mrs r711 8th 

Cole Claude L (Mollie E) mach hl013 Broad 

Cole Duncan E (Frances) with Whelan Drug Stores Inc h215 N Dillard 

Cole E Stewart (M Ethelyne) sec L G Cole Inc and mgr Cheek Ins Agcy 
hl04 W Trinity av 

Cole E Wilson r Cole rd nr University dr 

Cole Edgar L (Mattie) carp h911 Alabama 

Cole Edgar W (Coila M) farmer h Cole rd nr University dr 

Cole Edith r906 W Trinity av apt 8 

Cole Edw (c) lab r323 Matthews 

Cole Eliza (wid E J) r204 Buchanan blvd 

Cole Ellen (c) lndrs h323 Matthews 

Cole Ernest W (Bessie) productmn Lakewood Dairy h908 Shepherd 

Cole Esther M student r214 Hargrove 

Cole Eug D (Urma U) asst fcty mgr Liggett & Myers Tob Co hl006 

Cole Geo W (Alice I) carp h905 Spring 

Cole Harry E (Lillie J) mach hl308 Liberty 

COLE JAMES B (Kathleen P), Asst Sec-Treas Durham Loan & Trust 
Co, h605 S Alston av, Tel L-6733 

Cole Jas B (Nonie L) policemn h911 Burch av 

Cole Jas R (Samantha B; Cole & Green) h307 S Gregson 

Cole Jimmie A (wid Wm T) h603 S Alston av 

Cole L G Inc Lucian G Cole pres-treas C Corbett Cole v-pres E Stewart 
Cole sec real est 110% N Corcoran R6 

Cole Laura A (wid John M) r610 Scoggins av 

Cole Laura J (wid Cadd J) h223 Chase 

Cole Leah G office sec Morehead & Murdock r RD 1 

Cole Lena (c) tob wkr r904 Thaxton av 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Cole Lucian G (Lollie L) pres-treas L G Cole Inc h521 N Mangum 

Cole Lugenia (wid W Clarence) r222 Monmouth av 

Cole M Ethelyne Mrs sten Cheek Ins Agcy hl04 W Trinity 

Cole Martha A (wid W Thos) rl721 Chapel Hill rd 

Cole Mary (c) r805 Simmons 

Cole Mary L tchr Edgemont Graded Sch r603 S Alston av 

Cole Mattie (wid G Edw) r911 Club blvd 

Cole Monroe (c; Nonie) tob wkr h516a Elliott al 

Cole Ormand L (Zula W) slsmn Lakewood Dairy rl422 James 

Cole Rachael bkpr Interstate Tel & Teleg Co r Pickett rd 

Cole Robt H oiler r714 15th 

Cole Ruth E r905 Spring 

Cole W Lemuel (Mabel P) storage supt Liggett & Myers Tob Co h506 

Cole Wayne B dairymn Lakewood Dairy r908 Shepherd 

Cole Wm E elk Sou Ry System rl311 6th 

Cole Wm H (Fannie) textile wkr h714 15th 

Cole Woodrow W textile wkr r911 Alabama 

Cole Zannie B (Ila M) knitter Ruth Hosiery Mills hl004 S Alston av 

Cole & Green (Jas R Cole, Wm T Green) soft drinks 201 S Gregson 

Colella John M (Margt; City Ice Cream Co) h706 N Mangum 

Coleman Albert (c) student r304 Piedmont av 

Coleman Anna (c) mill wkr hl005 Willard 

Coleman Anne R tchr Edgemont Graded Sch r918 Urban av 

Coleman B Franklin textile wkr r713 9th 

Coleman Claudia (c) cook The Watts Hosp h402 Thomasson 

Coleman Eldridge R (c; Lossie) r502 Ramsey 

Coleman Ethel (c) tob wkr r61Q Canal 

Coleman Floyd (c) lab r410 Piedmont av 

Coleman Grace L (c) r608 South 

Coleman Henry (c) shoe shiner r608 South 

Coleman Henry G (Mary F; Coleman's Drug Store) h524 N Mangum 

Coleman Herbert (c) elk Thos Bailey h304 Piedmont av 

Coleman Horace L checker Durham Dairy Products Inc r507 Milton 

Coleman Imanuel (c) rl005 Willard 

Coleman Ina J (wid Henry G) h918 Urban av 

Coleman Jas E (Esther) slsmn hl80l Lakewood av 

Coleman John C (c; Red Bird Ice Cream Parlor) r708 E Pettigrew 

Coleman Kath (c) maid r510 Link pi 

Coleman Lossie C (c) hairdrsr Bull City Barber Shop r410 E Petti- 

Coleman Luther J (Lola) textile wkr h223 Oregon 

Coleman M A student r524 N Mangum 

Coleman Margt L elk r918 Urban av 

Coleman Martha E (wid Jos I) hlll9 8th 

Coleman Mary F Mrs elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co h915 D 

Coleman Mary L (wid Jos E) r207 Parrish pi 

Coleman Paul L (Annie) hlll9 Buchanan rd 

Coleman Reuben (c; Annie) tob wkr h612a South 

Coleman Saml D (Mary F) chiro 128 W Main R400 h915 D 

Coleman Theo (c: Essie M) cook Warren's Am Cafe h514 E Proctor 
apt 1 

Coleman Wm (c) tob wkr h608 South 

Coleman's Drug Store (Henry G Coleman) 110 N Corcoran 

Coletta Louis A (Vincent; Royal Ice Cream Co) hl002 N Roxboro 

Coley Beulah (c) dom rl009 Cornell 

Coley Bobbie (c; Daisy) tob wkr h408 W Cobb 

Coley Burch (c; Addie) tob wkr hl009 Cornell 

Coley Elam E (Bessie L) whsemn h909 Spruce 

Coley Grace tob wkr r810 Cleveland 

Coley Irma (wid R D) smstrs Sol Zuckerman r505 Yates av 

Coley Josephine B h220 Chase 

Coley Mamie rl004 E Main 

Coley Margt M (wid Jas H) rl511 Hermitage ct 

Coley Nellie G textile wkr r220 Chase 

Coley Nelson (Selena) collr h310 Club blvd 

Coley Wm (Nadine) silk wkr r305 S Duke 

Colley Ernest (c; Mary) tob wkr h309b W Proctor 

Colley Flora (c) r912 Cameron 

Colley John C (c; Lizzie) hl013 Willard 

Colley Josephine (c) dom r912 Cameron 

Colley Wesley (c) lab rl211 Drew 

Colley Wm (c) fctywkr rl013 Willard 

Collie Harvey C (Florence P) asst supt Model Lndy Co h722 Shepherd 

Collier Jos M (Eliz R) pntr h802 1st av 

Collingwood Geo F (Grace M) bkpr Albert A Murdock h405 Gattis 




212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Collingwood Root E (Sybil) h921 5th 

Collins Annie H r2011 University dr 

Collins Arth (Rosa) truck driver r737 9th 

Collins Buckley L (Mattie) whsemn Star Whse hl928 Chapel Hill rd 

Collins Carrie M (wid Paul E) h308 N Hyde Park av 

Collins Celie (c) h404 Bailey 

Collins Cora (c) tob wkr h405 E Proctor 

Collins E Lillian student r608 Shepherd 

Collins Geo magician r2602 Hillsboro rd 

Collins Gyfford D asst prof Duke University h2011 University dr 

Collins Ina L sten B C Remedy Co rll2 N Guthrie av 

Collins Jas (c; Janie) lab h706 Chapel Hill rd 

Collins Jas H jr sec Rhodes-Collins Purn Co r Washington Duke Hotel 

Collins John (c) lab r512b Elliott al 

Collins Linwood L (Ruth L) bkpr The Fidelity Bank r902 N Duke 

Collins Margt (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Collins Martin H (Jessie C; Master Service Sta) h926 Dacian av apt 5 

Collins Mollie (c) tob wkr h307 Thomasson 

Collins Moses (c) r404 Bailey 

Collins Seba J (Minnie) asst dist mgr The Life Ins Co of Va hll2 N 

Guthrie av 
Collins Trela D Rev (Eula H) pastor Temple Baptist Ch h608 Shepherd 
Collins Ulysses (c; Phyllis) delmn r507 Fowler av 
Collins Wilbur L elk Washington Duke Hotel r do 
Collins Wm (c) r512b Elliott al 

Colored M E Church Rev Henry A Washington pastor 602 Matthews 
Colter Aggie (c) hl206 4th 

Colvin Chas mgr Piedmont Hotel rll4% N Church 
Colvin John (c; Janie) tob wkr h511% Lyon 
Coman Jas H (Pearl C) v-pres Cary Lbr Co Inc h702 Shepherd 
Combs Gilbert R Rev (Sarah G) pastor Trinity M E Ch (South) hl()12 

Monmouth av 
Combs Julia M student rl012 Monmouth av 
Commander Henry (c; Katie) lab h510 George 

Southgate & Son Inc Genl Agts, 204-206 First Natl Bank Bids 123 

W Main, Tel F-4841 (See back cover and page 42) 
Commercial Realty Co (Saml W Sparger, J Lathrop Morehead) 123 W 

Main R704 
Commonwealth Bond & Mortgage Co Wm G Bramham pres Gus T 

Brannon v-pres 123 W Main R403 
Commonwealth Coal Co Inc Merritt H Head mgr Hazel se cor Canal 
Community Barber Shop (Rufus F Ferrell) 802% Rose Hill av 
Community Cash Store (Clyde L Barbee) gros 1013 W Chapel Hill 
Compton Ardelia D (c) nurse r804 Pine 
Compton Henry C (Mabel G) tob wkr h904 Spring 
Condon Basil J textile wwkr r808 N Duke 
Condon John A (Sarah) h808 N Duke 
Conelias John (Hettie) tob wkr h304 Holloway 
Congleton Leslie hlpr Union Plmbg & Htg Co r University dr 
Congos Tony cook Plaza Cafe r820 Cleveland 
Community Cash Store (Clyde L Barbee) gros 1013 W Chapel Hill 
Compton Ardelia D (c) nurse r804 Pine 
Compton Henry C (Mabel G) tob wkr h904 Spring 
Condon Basil J textile wkr r808 N Duke 
Condon John A (Sarah) h808 N Duke 
Conelias John (Hettie) tob wkr h304 Holloway 

Congleton Leslie hlpr Union Plumbing & Heating Co r University dr 
Congos Tony cook Plaza Cafe r820 Cleveland 
Conklin Cave H (Ida A) hll09 9th 
Conklin Herman P (Geneva H) paperhngr hi 13 Exum 
Conklin Laura W (wid Paul I) r910 Chester 
Conklin Nelle (wid Herman P) r402 N Driver av 
Conklin Thos H elk rll09 9th 
Connally Thos O elev opr rl515 Angier av 
Conner Russell B (Henrietta) eng r805 Club blvd 
Connor Alice (c) dom r303 Baxter 
Connor David M (Itelia C) cash Am Suppliers Inc h506 Buchanan blvd 

apt 3 
Connor Frank C (Pearl) hl901 Hart 
Connor Mabel (c) rl008 Cornell 
Conrad Annie B (c) dom h908b Glendale av 
Conrad Cora L Mrs office sec John Sprunt Hill h830 N Mangum 
Conrad Jos L (Cora L) real est 830 N Mangum h do 
Consolidated Construction & Building Co Inc Connie H Shipp pres 

Christopher C Woods sec-treas 401% N Mangum R3 



Durham Public Service Co. 

Appliances, Fixtures and Supplies 



Constable Ernest W chemist r811 2d 

Constable Nannie S (wid Wm P) h811 2d 

CONSTABLE PALMER N (Chrysteen), Asst Cash Home Savings Bank 

and Sec Hope Valley Country Club Inc, h Dover rd (Hope Valley) 

5 mi sw, Tel F-920S 
Constant Frank W (Caroline C) instr Duke University hlOll Monmouth 

Conrempo Anthon* J Buttitta editor monthly magazine 331 W Main 

Continental Life Insurance Co of Washington D C Wm H Garlington 

dist mgr 331 W Main R505 
Conway Allen r802 8th 
Conway Alvin L textile wkr r2111 C 
Conway Beulah L textile wkr r2110 C 
Conway Frank T (Effie M) textile wkr h2110 C 
Conway Geo W (Pearl) knitter hl009 Hale 
Conway Gladys H (wid Chas A) sten Durham Loan & Trust Co rill 

Watts apt 11 
Conway Henry textile wkr r802 8th 
Conway Ida V r210 Anderson 
Conway Jas E textile wkr r210 Anderson 
Conway John E ^Myrle) r428 Anderson 
Conway L C hlpr rl704 E Main 
Conway Leroy J textile wkr r2111 C 
Conway Lucius H (Claudie V) textile wkr h2111 C 
Conway Mary V textile wkr r2110 C 
Conway Mary V (wid Jas E) h210 Anderson 
Conway Richd C h802 8th 
Conyers Grace r202 N Roxboro 

Conyers Sylvester (c) lndry wkr Model Lndry Co rl014 Rock 
Cook A Moody (Maggie M) farmer h909 E Trinity av 
Cook Amos (c; Rebecca) tob wkr r708b McMannen 
Cook Andrew W (Josephine) hl211 6th 
Cook Arch B rl212 Glendale av 
Cook Claude N (Mozelle N) student r716 10th 
Cook Clifford C civil eng rl212 Glendale av 
Cook Corinna H (wid Fred H) h304 Jackson 
Cook David (c; Maggie) tob wkr h504b StJoseph 
Cook Elar (wid Luther) rlll5 Eva 
Cook Elmo M tob wkr r921 2d 
Cook Estelle (c) cook rl20 Cora 
Cook Estelle (c) dom rl406 Geerwood 
Cook Estelle tob wkr r506 N Roxboro 
Cook Frank filling sta 205 Morehead av r RD 6 
Cook Ida Y (wid Sidney D) h921 2d 
Cook Iola tob wkr r921 2d 

Cook J Clinnie (Neva V) barber Otho A McCullers rlll5 Eva 
Cook John B r605 Wilkerson av 
Cook Jos M sta atndt Frank Cook r909 E Trinity av 
Cook Lee A (c) cook r200 Enternrise 
Cook Lila F hosiery wkr r921 2d 
Cook Louis (c; Corinthia) tob wkr r418 Pine 
Cook Mary (c) r506b Grant 

Cook Moliie nurse Duke Univerity Hosp r West Campus 
Cook Nannie E (wid Euclid M) hl212 Glendale av 

Cook Nathaniel (c; Mabel) hlpr Five Points Service Sta h610 Pickett 
Cook Peggy tob wkr r812 W Main 
Cook Ruby tob wkr r812 W Main 
Cook Saml (c) cook r424y2 Piedmont av 
Cook Theo I tob wkr r921 2d 
Cook Thos (c) r_504b S Elm 
Cook Thos (c) tob wkr h303a Memphis 

Cook Walter M (Sallie) mgr King & Mathes h205 S Driver av 
Cook Wm (c; Mary) flagmn h313 Dowd 
Cook Wm B farmer r909 E Trinity av 
Cook Wm E mgr r203 N Roxboro 
Cook Wm W (Annie) truck driver hl06 Elder 
Cooke Alphonso (c; Alice) tobwkr h200 Enterprise 
Cooke Bennie D mgr r916 Burch av 

Cooke Cecil E (Jane E) tchr Central Junior High Sch h907 Shepherd 
Cooke Grover D (Archie M) radiotrician Montgomery Ward & Co r915 

Cooke Harvey C (Flossie R) textilewkr r408 Carr 
Cooke Jas P (Lonnie A) sheet metal wkr h333 South 
Cooke Lucille (c) tobwkr r200 Enterprise 
Cooke Maynard E (Emma S) mgr Cease Lunch System h2405 C 


Durham Realty and Insurance 

r>. . r1 -J- . D >iv Telephone — Ins. Dept. F-9I3I 

First Floor Trust Building Real Estate and Rentals F-9361 

Cooke R Vernard (Alice G) cafe hl008 Urban av 

Cooke Ralph R (Selena) slsmn W C Lyon Co r Roxboro rd nr city limits 

Cooke Tempie (c) dom h214 Gattis 

Cooley Donald elk r307 N Roxboro 

Cooley E Kathleen cash United Dollar Stores r RD 6 

Cooley Wm (c) porter r507 Carrington 

Coolie Green (c; Jennie) lab h308 Wake pi 

Coombs John W asst in physical education Duke University r do 

Coone Frankie (c) dom h403 Dowd 

Coone John (c) elev opr Washington Duke Hotel r403 Dowd 

Coone Myrtle (c) dom r601 Dowd 

Cooper Albert elk Independent Mkt Co r405 Gattis 

Cooper Annie T Mrs rllll N Duke 

Cooper Edw (c) r913A Pickett 

Cooper Gerald R carrier r405 Gattis 

Cooper J Howard (Ella J) h2113 Ashe 

Cooper Jas H carrier r405 Gattis 

Cooper John P lawyer 212 W Main r Malbourne Hotel 

Cooper Lacy (c) dom r612 N Elizabeth 

Cooper Lyle W (Mildred M) hostler hl301 North 

Cooper Margt (c) dom rl20 Division 

Cooper Mathias (c; Florence) lab rl07 Bond 

Cooper Nannie G (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch h409 Pine 

Cooper Robt (c) sta atndt r920 Gilbert 

Cooper Robt M (Viola L) meats 712 Liberty h405 Gattis 

Cooper Royal (c; Viola) mgr Poplar St Auto Repair Shop r403 E Peabody 

Cooper Sallie (c) rl005 Gilbert 

Cooper Tabiatha hosiery wkr r2113 Ashe 

Cooper W Ernest agt Durham Herald Co Inc r405 Gattis 

Cooper Walter (c; Estella) tobwkr hl05 Bottom al 

Cooper Walter (c; Sarah) tobwkr h2234 Payetteville 

Cope Clarence T (Lura) textilewkr h412 Salem 

Cope Commie E (Vallie E) mach hlllO Park av 

Copedge Mary Mrs textilewkr h913 Lilac al 

Copeland Baxton mach Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc r410 N Hyde Park av 

Copeland Chas J (Emma) bkpr hl018 Monmouth av 

Copeland Elie (c; Alicia) auto mech h614 Ramsey 

Copeland Eric H (Margt E) slsmn E K Powe Jr & Co h217 E Markham av 

Copeland Gordon J (Lottie D) collr Fayette Investment Co h524 Mc- 

Copeland Hulon mach r410 N Hyde Park av 
Copeland Jas T elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co rl018 Monmouth av 
Copeland Madeline rl018 Monmouth av 
Copeland Marcus refrigerator mech rll05 9th 
Copeland Vest (c) chauf r719 Whitted 
Copley David M paperhngr hlOll N Roxboro 
Copley Delia L rl601 E Main 
Copley Edgar H r2716 Mulberry 
Copley Eleanor rlOll N Roxboro 

Copley Ervin L (Jean P) elk Durham & Sou Rv Co h905 D 
Copley H Kerman (Vivian F) slsmn Henry B Gill h2114 Englewood av 
Copley Hilda r810 4th 
Copley J F slsmn City Baking Co r RD 6 
Copley Jasper M (Hamie) carp hl440 S Driver av 
Copley John J (L Goodman) carp hl601 E Main 
Copley Jos F cooper rlOll N Roxboro 
Copley Louis (Bessie) pntr h307 N Guthrie av 
Copley Lucy (wid Chas P) r213 Markham 
Copley Lucy (wid Edw) r2000 Southgate 
Copley Margt (wid John H) h810 4th 
Copley Morris r2716 Mulberry 

Copley O Thos (Marv E: Stanley & Copley) h908 N Roxboro 
Copley Sarah H (wid Wm E) h2716 Mulberry 
Copley W Henry msngr W U Teleg Co rlll3 9th 
Copley Wade W (Maude N) hlll3 9th 
Copley Wm L (Johnnie) carp h808 6th 
Copley Wm L jr r808 6th 
Coppedge Polly hl004 Angler av 
Coppedge Thos D (Lucy O) city circulation mgr The Durham Sun rl215 

Coppin A M E Church (c) 1317 Glenn 
Coppridge Wm M (Ferrie C; Coppridge & Tyler) h W Forest Hills blvd 

nr Homer dr 
Coppridge & Tyler (Wm M Coppridge, E Runyon Tyler) phys 123 W Main 

Copsalis Minos rl08 S Queen 
Corbett Alonzo (c) icemn h801B Pickett 


Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG. Manager 

Corbett Elvina (c) tobwkr r rear 107 Erie 

Corbett Jesse (c) rlll8 2d 

Corbett Mellie (c; Minnie) lab h905 Pickett 

Corbin Alonzo (c; Lena) icemkr h409B Pettigrew al 

Corbin Cath (c) cook r610A Ray al 

Corbin Charlotte student rl020% Gloria av 

Corbin Geo W (Lucy L) acct hl020y 2 Gloria av 

Corbin Geo W jr elk Durham Book & Stationery Co rl020% Gloria av 

Cordice John W V (c; Pearl M) phys 711 Fayetteville hl503 do 

Cordice Norman H (c; Eugenia) dentist 711% Fayetteville hl217 do 

Core Berlene (c) dom r807 Dowd 

Core Jas (c) lab r900 Cameron 

Core Lewis (c) tobwkr r900 Cameron 

Corigans Lee (c) hlpr rllOl Shaw 

Corley Co The J P Stephens rep collection office 128 W Main R323 

Corn Fred C (Ada E) installer Holland Furnace Co hl703 C 

Cornelison Gertrude (wid Jas E) hi 120 Buchanan rd 

Cornelison Mildred te! opr rll20 Buchanan rd 

Cornelison Rosa W rll20 Buchanan rd 

Cornigan Leo (c) hlpr Duke University Hosp rllOl Shaw 

Cornigans Annie (c) rllOS Moreland av 

Corpening Vester (c; Annie) cook h510 Coleman al 

Corroon & Reynolds Inc Jas O Cobb state agt ins 128 E Chapel Hill R302 

Corzort Henrietta (c) dom h213 Kellv al 

Cosmopolitan Barber Shop (A Clarence and Andrew M Lanier) 215 E 
Chapel Hill 

Costello Louis (Costello Quick Lunch) r416 E Pettigrew 

Costello Quick Lunch (Louis Costello) 118 S Mangum 

Coston J Allard (D Joyce) with Carpenter Motor Co h915 N Mangum 

Cothran Ethel r910 9th 

Cothran J T elk rYMCA 

Cotronis Wm hlpr The Grill & Fountain 111 E Main 

Cotten Juanita I tobwkr rl703 Chapel Hill rd 

Cotten Robt L (c; Leola H) elk O K Sandwich Shoppe h813 Glenn 

Cottle J Thos agt Home Security Life Ins Co r701 Holloway 

Cottle J Wm (Lillian B) mech Alexander Motor Co h927 E Main 

Cottle Mary Mrs r701 Holloway 

Cottle Wm D agt Home Security Life Ins Co r701 Holloway 

Cotton Andrew (c; Lorena) janitor StPhilip's Episcopal Ch hll7 Div- 

Cotton Effie (c) maid r708 Cameron 

Cotton Ernest J (c; Effie) cook h708 Cameron 

Cotton Hubert (c; Etta) lather h516 Gray 

Cotton John (c) lab r320 Dowd 

Cotton Princess (c) lndrs r715 Cameron 

Cotton Robt (c) r502 Matthews 

Cotton Viola (c) tobwkr r603 Branch pi 

Cotton Wm J H (Minnie L) proof Duke University M003 W Trinity av 

Cottrell L Merle soda dispenser Whelan Drug Stores Inc rl018 N Elizabeth 

Couch Allen A (Kathleen S) slsmn Durham Public Service Co r510 S 

Couch Alvin E elk West End Service Sta r RD 2 

Couch Anderson A h510 S Duke 

Couch Annie elk Ellis Stone & Co r Roxboro rd 

Couch Annie (c) lndrs h205 Ashley 

Couch Arth W (West End Service Sta; West End Lunch Room) r3018 
Hillsboro rd 

Couch Arth W (Linda N) sta atndt hll02 Virginia av 

Couch C Odell (Margt C; East Durham Furn Co) sec-treas Andrews- 
Couch Furn Co Inc r2821 Hillsboro rd 

Couch Donald (c) r209 Ashley 

Couch Edw W (Ada) hl707 Vale 

Couch Eliza (c) tobwkr h209 Ashley 

Couch Eston T (Ruth A) slsmn Durham Dairy Products Co hl023 9th 

Couch Foy K r902 5th 

Couch Frank (c) tobwkr r318 Roney 

Couch Georgia C Mrs wrapper rl023 9th 

Couch Hazel (c) dish washer r205 Ashley 

Couch Henry (c) tobwkr h919 N Elizabeth 

Couch Inez (c) dom r202 Barnum 

Couch J Floyd (Elsie M) slsmn Nehi Bottling Co r213 Edwards 

Couch J Leo agt Continental Life Ins Co r Chapel Hill blvd 

Couch Jas R taxi r914 9th 

Couch John B (Lida G) mach h706 Yancey 

Couch Lamon S tobwkr r902 5th 

Couch Laura (ci hsekpr r408% E Pettigrew 

Couch Leamon F slsmn Andrews-Couch Furn Co Inc r2821 Hillsboro rd 



Restful Seclusion 

la Sumptuous Surroundings 

is available at 


Couch Lelar C (wid Wm O) h2821 HiUsboro rd 

Couch Lessie M pkr B C Remedy Co r902 5th 

Couch Lona B r512 Willard 

Couch Maggie (wid Jos H) h715 Vickers av 

Couch Mallie (c; Pearl) tobwkr hl07 Moline 

Couch Margt B sten r715 Vickers av 

Couch Margt C Mrs bkpr Tilley's Stores Inc r2821 Hillsboro rd 

Couch Marie L sch tchr r512 Willard 

Couch Oscar A (May) slsmn Carpenter Motor Co r RD 1 

Couch Rachel (c) tobwkr r209 Ashley 

Couch Raymond B student r512 Willard 

Couch Sadie M r827 N Mangum 

Couch Sophia B (wid Norwood E) h827 N Mangum 

Couch Thos W (Ina W) collr Durham Public Service Co h211 W Geer 

Couch U Floyd (Erdine) plant opr Duke University h808 Burch av 

Couch Vance atndt West End Service Sta r RD 2 

Couch W L hlpr The Durham Gas Co 322 E Chapel Hill 

Couch W Henry (Martha) farmer h902 5th 

Couch W Thos (Nellie P) h902 5th 

Couch Wm C (Alie A) carrier PO h512 Willard 

Coulter C Marsh (Eufola M) sLsmn h2009 Acme 

Coulter Jas D tobwkr r828 Wilkerson av 

Council Anderson (c; Lillie M) tobwkr h405% Memphis 

Council Bishop (c; Macie) tobwkr h809 Fargo 

Council C Carlyle (Mary S) pres-treas Durham Herald Co Inc and genl 
mgr The Durham Morning Herald and The Durham Sun h26 Oak 

Council Clara I sch tchr r307 N Gregson 

Council Commodore T (Betty P; Fine Points Drug Co) v-pres Home Bldg 
& Loan Assn and mgr B C Remedy Co hlOOl Gloria av 

Council Commodore T jr^student rlOOl Gloria av 

Council Dubie S (Lena G) h831 Wilkerson av 

Council Edgar L (Tessie; S T Scott Coal Co) r821 Wilkerson av 

Council Ella (c) cook rl04 Vincent 

Council Enid (Council & Carpenter) r812 S Alston av 

Council Evelyn asst Duke University Hosp r818 Wilkerson av 

Council Everett E (Emma M) sta mgr Standard Oil Co of N J h824 Wilk- 
erson av 

Council Fallie J (wid Saml C) hl07 Wyatt 

Council Florence smstrs rl209 Angier av 

Council Frances E student rlOOl Gloria av 

Council Grady J (Gertrude J) pntr h206 S Driver av 

Council Gus (c; Mary) lab hl307 Union 

Council Hester S pkr B C Remedy Co r307 N Gregson 

Council Ida L (wid Wm L) r26 Oak dr 

Council Jennie (c) lndrs h rear 1119 Willard 

Council John L (Glendora) h307 N Gregson 

Council Jos E formn Am Tob Co Inc hl318 6th 

Council Margt waitress r216 Morris 

Council Matthew (c; Alice) hosierywkr h420 Bailey 

Council R Cary (Ada C) h807 Shepherd 

Council Rufus A (Mamie L) plmbr Durham Plumbing Co h807 Rose Hill 

Council Sallie N (c) cook r402 Dowd 

Council Wm (c; Ruby) truck driver Shepherd Furn Co h904A Walton 

Council & CarpenteT (Enid Council, Maude L Carpenter) gros 714 S 
Alston av 

Councilman Chas C (Bettie) tobwkr h313 Garden 

Councilman Raymond L (Alma) taxi service h611 Wilkerson av 

COUNTY OF DURHAM (See Durham— County of) 

Courran Geo D (Miriam C) ins agt r309 N Elizabeth 

Court Square Lunch (L Vada Keith, Alvis F Warren) 209 E Main 

Courts Lucy A (c) cook 2313 Club blvd 

Couser Sarah (c) dom h316 Poplar 

Cousins Edna V elk rll07 Urban av 

Cousins Janie (c) dom rl310 Union 

Cousins John (c) tobwkr r511 Glenn 

Cousins Major T (Mattie E) hll07 Urban av 

Cousins Mattie G elk rll07 Urban av 

Cousins Reba T asst Duke University Library rll07 Urban av 

Covert Hilda C Mrs nurse County Board of Health r Roxboro rd 

Covington Chas (c; Rosa) r314 S Plum 

Covington Edw (c) gdnr r316 Peachtree pi 

Covington Evelyn (c) tobwkr r415 Lucille 

Covington Frank (c; Helen) porter hl07B Bottom al 

Covington Grace supvr The Watts Hosp r do 

Covington Hallie (c) lab r511 E Proctor 

Covington John (c; Ellen) lab h906A Glenn 

Home Savings Bank 


JOHN SPRTJNT HILL, President T. C. WORTH, Cashier 

Covington Lena asst Duke University Library rl025 Monmouth av apt 5 

Covington Leo (c; LiUie) hlpr hlll4 Fair View 

Covington Levander (c) shoe shiner 308 Ramsey r408V4 E Pettigrew 

Covington Lottie (c) dom r715 Chapel Hill rd 

Covington Marion (c) janitor W U Teleg Co r613 Branch pi 

Covington Mary librarian Duke University r do 

Covington Ola (c) cook rl006 Mason 

Covington Robt S (c) h610B E Pettigrew 

Covington Spade (c; Alberta) hl07A Bottom al 

Covington Thos (c) tobwkr r910A Pine 

Covington Viola (c) tobwkr rllll Morehead av 

Covington Watson (c) tobwkr r511 E Proctor 

Covington Wm (c) rl07A Bottom al 

Covington Wm H jr (Dorothy W) lino opr Christian Printing Co h407 N 

Covington Wm R (Virginia L) cJk Golden Belt Mfg Co hill N Geer 
Cowan Ida tchr Geo W Watts Sch hl09 N Queen 
Cowan Jeannette (c) tobwkr r918 Morehead av 
Cowan L H lab r915 E Main 
Cowan Mary J (wid Benj P) rl203 Franklin 
Cowan Robt H (Mabel C) sec Durham Lbr Co h2016 Club blvd 
Coward Adolphus (c) rll02 Kent 
Coward Beecher (c) rll02 Kenf. 
Coward Claudine (c) rll02 Kent 
Coward Effie (c) rll02 Kent 

Coward Ernest T pres Rowe-Coward Inc r318 Holland 
Coward Jas (c) lab r916% Burch av 
Coward Owen W Rev (c; Willa) hi 102 Kent 

Cowper Fredk A G (Mary O) prof Duke University hl017 Dacian av 
Cox Albert G (Mary W) trav slsmn r2311 Club blvd 
Cox Alma C r926 Dacian av apt 12 
Cox Annie (c) tobwkr r724 Walnut 
Cox Beauford hlpr r525 Barnes av 
Cox Candace (c) tobwkr h606A Branch pi 
Cox Carrie (c) tobwkr h602B Ramsey al 
COX CLINTON C DR (Johnnie L), Chiropractor 334% W Main, Tel L- 

4351, hl24>5 Glendale av, Tel F-2892 (See nasre 36) 
Cox Cosmore L firemn City Fire Dept r212 N Mangum 
COX ED Y, Asst Trust Officer Durham Loan & Trust Co, r413 Cleveland 
Cox Emily (c) ironer Model Lndry Co r606 Lucille 
Cox Ethel M cash Amis Gro Co r208 N Driver av 
Cox Frank (c; Rebecca) h615 Hickory 

COX GEORGE W (c; Nola J). Director of Agents N C Mutual Life Ins Co. 
hl504 Fayetteville, Tel J-8813 

Cox Gertrude (c) tobwkr r2202 Chautauqua 

Cox Grace W dancing tchr r507 McMannen 

Cox Isaac (c; Ida) hosierywkr hi 106 Holt 

Cox Jennie (c) r604 Branch pi 

Cox John (c) hlpr r604 Mathews 

Cox John A h208 N Driver av 

Cox John A (c; Ella M) tobwkr r503 Carrington 

Cox John L r208 N Driver av 

Cox Kate M h208 Morris 

Cox Laura M tobwkr rl026 W Peabody 

Cox Lena M r208 Morris 

Cox Leroy elk Robt H Sykes rll09 W Chapel HOI 

Cox Louise <c) dom rl09 Lvon's al 

Cox Lovie (c) tobwkr r805 Dowd 

Cox Minnie (c) dom r912 N Elizabeth 

Cox Miriam B county Court Sten h926 Dacian av apt 12 

Cox Myrtle B (wid John I) hosierywkr h908 N Alston av 

Cox Nancy R (wid Albert G) h507 McMannen 

Cox Ora (c) hosierywkr rll06 Holt 

Cox Pattie B (wid Ira J) rl019 Hale 

Cox R Edw Rev (Marv J) hl022 9th 

Cox Ralph J B (Marv M) sausage mkr Swift & Co rl022 9th 

Cox Richd T (Julia E) butcher h810 8th 

Cox Sidney E (Ocie) slsmn h322 South 

Cox W Hansford jr (Cornelia S) slsmn Armour & Co h312 Buchanan blvd 

apt 407 
Cox Wm (Ethel) hosiery wkr r916 Dale av 
Cox Wm F Rev (c; Margt) pastor Oak Grove Free Will Baptist Church 

h804 Simmons 
Cozart Alice hosierywkr r202 N Roxboro 
Cozart Alphonso (c) h604 Ray al 
Cozart Arth (c) clothes prsr r604 Ray al 
Cozart Augustus C (c; Nora) hl022 Moreland av 






Cozart Bessie J student rl207 Eva 

Cozart Carl (c) r313 Dowd 

Cozart Carl H (Evelyn F; Big Pour Warehouse) hl723 N Roxboro 

Cozart Chas (c) tobwkr hl008 Shaw 

Cozart Claibourne (c) cook h604 Ray al 

Cozart Clara H rl723 N Roxboro 

Cozart Emma A (wid Wm W) rl013 Lamond av 

Cozart Prank T slsmn Alexander Motor Co 330 E Main 

Cozart Helen P rl207 Eva 

Cozart Hoyt P mach Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc rl207 Eva 

Cozart J Alf (Ollie J) hosierywkr hl204 Taylor 

Cozart J Lyndon (Lillian O) sec-treas Carolina Clothing Co hl207 Eva 

Cozart Jas (c) r921 Thaxton av 

Cozart Jaxie rl723 N Roxboro 

Cozart John (c; Cora) r604 Ray al 

Cozart John C routine tester Interstate Tel & Teleg Co rl207 Eva 

Cozart Martha (c) dom r610 Matthews 

Cozart Ola (c) hl006 Pairview 

Cozart Sadie G elk Am Tob Co Inc r309 Liberty 

Cozart W Thos (Annie M) silkwkr h914 Exum 

Cozart Wm (c; Anna) tobwkr hl030A Moreland av 

Cozart Wm H mach rl207 Eva 

Cozart Wm P (c) tobwkr rl006 Pairview 

Cozart Wm W tobacconist rl723 N Roxboro 

Crabtree A Blair (Pay M) slsmn Thomas-Quickel Co r2016 Club blvd 

Crabtree Aileen tobwkr r506 N Roxboro 

Crabtree Albert B tobwkr r719 Liberty 

Crabtree Argin (wid Wesley T) rl05 N Alston av 

Crabtree Augustus C (Martha F) slsmn Belk-Leggett Co h309 Anderson 

Crabtree Austin H (Nancy R) elk N&WRyCo h513 Jackson 

Crabtree Bertha B Mrs elk Ellis Stone & Co h313 Liberty 

Crabtree Bettie E (wid Geo A) h712 Vickers av 

Crabtree Blanche r309 Holloway 

Crabtree Camilla bkpr B C Woodall Co r Chapel Hill N C 

Crabtree Cecil V transfer rl306 Angier av 

Crabtree Chas T (Pattie W) formn Am Tob Co Inc hl807 Lakewood av 

Crabtree Chas T (Margt J) carp h822 6th 

Crabtree Clara E tobwkr r306 Jackson 

Crabtree Clarence tobwkr r405 South 

Crabtree Clarence A (Carrie L) hl514 Angier av 

Crabtree Clarence J (Laura) knitter h520 Willard 

Crabtree Clem G student rl514 Angier av 

Crabtree Clifton R slsmn r712 Wilkerson av 

Crabtree Clyde O formn City Water Dept r Malbourne Hotel 

Crabtree Edw W (Matilda) tobwkr r2003 Chapel Hill rd 

Crabtree Eldridge F r822 6th 

Crabtree Emma E (wid Wm D) h2612 C 

Crabtree Estelle Mrs rl24 Lyon 

Crabtree Ethel C (wid Octavius C) hl512 James 

Crabtree Fay M Mrs sten The Fidelity Bank r2016 Club blvd 

Crabtree Fletcher rll9 Morris 

Crabtree Fred I tobwkr rl512 James 

Crabtree G Wesley (Lela) tank slsmn Sinclair Refining Co h2626 Chapel 

Hill rd 
Crabtree Goldie K lndywkr Durham Lndry Co rlOl Jackson 
Crabtree Hal C (Lennie- Gregson St Barber Shop) r RD 5 
Crabtree Hal J r917 Walnut 

Crabtree Herman H (Catb B) mach hl803 Lakewood av 
Crabtree J Allen knitter hS24 Carr 
Crabtree J Floyd (Mamie L) textilewkr h807 12th 
Crabtree Jennie A (wid Chas E) r808 N Gregson 
Crabtree John L ship elk Shepherd Furn Co r413 Ashton pi 
Crabtree Julius P formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co r RD 5 
Crabtree Junie P clnr Crabtree's Dry Cleaning Co r2612 C 
Crabtree L Blanche pkr B C Remedy Co r918 Broad 
Crabtree L Irene looper rl401 E Main 
Crabtree L N r Hotel Malbourne 

Crabtree L Philip (Bertha B) elk Am Tob Co Inc h313 Liberty 
Crabtree Lawrence E (Beulah) slsmn Carpenter Motor Co h312 Buchanan 

blvd apt 205 
Crabtree Lela Z silkwkr r520 Willard 
Crabtree LiUie (wid Jasper) hl401 E Main 
Crabtree Margt L sch tchr rl807 Lakewood av 
Crabtree Matilda Mrs bkpr Predk Roll r20O3 Chapel Hill rd 
Crabtree Mattie L r712 Wilkerson av 
Crabtree Maude W mach onr rlll2 W Chapel Hill 
Crabtree Mildred rlOlO Gloria av 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co, 

L. P. PASOHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Crabtree Nannie J (wid Jesse W) M306 Angier av 

Crabtree Needham D (Nolie) servicemn Goodrich Silvertown Inc h917 

Crabtree Nellie E rl306 Angier av 

Crabtree Norman H student rl807 Lakewood av 

Crabtree Ova W (Crabtree's Dry Cleaning Co) r2612 C 

Crabtree Pattie (wid Geo W) r524 Can- 

Crabtee Pharmacy (James R King. Tillman J Mathes) 2100 Angier av 

Crabtree Richd (Minnie L) knitter hl07 S Goley 

Crabtree Robt A (Themia) h906 Orient 

Crabtree Robt A (Rose B) elk Crabtree Pharmacy hl808 Angier av 

Crabtree Ruth D Mrs sec Wm G Bramham r513 Jackson 

Crabtree Sabrina (wid Richd) rl07 S Golev 

Crabtree Saml A (Fannie) wtchmn h712 Wilkerson av 

Crabtree Saml J (Ola M) knitter Ruth Rosiery Mills h407 S Alston av 

Crabtree Savannah G r2612 C 

Crabtree Sudie E looper rl401 E Main 

Crabtree Thos N (Christine) restr 500 Pine r Malbourhe Hotel 

Crabtree W Bruce (Eliz N) rl710 Gunter 

Crabtree Wm C (Nora) slsmn hlOlO Gloria av 

Crabtree Woodrow A r712 Wilkerson av 

Crabtree's Dry Cleaning Co (Ova w Crabtree) 1103 W Chapel Hill br 219 
N Dillard 

Craddock Henry (c) plstr rll09 Cornell 

Craddock Jas (c; Mary) tobwkr h912 Morehead av 

Craddock Wm (c) lab rl217 Cornell 

Cradle Alf (c; Velma) tobwkr h415 Pine 

Craft Ernest J jr (Maribel) student r804 2d 

Craig Alice (c) r414 S Gregson 

Craig Allen I (Otelia B; Craig's Service Sta) h212 E Geer 

Craig Chas V (Margie L) slsmn h924 Dacian av apt 11 

Craig Ezra C (Sallie M) h507 Milton av 

Craig Geo (c; Levada) lab h704 Grant 

Craig Hoyle W student r507 Milton av 

Craig I Virginia student r212 E Geer 

Craig Irene (c) dom rl08 Chestnut 

Craig John T (Irene M) slsmn Belk-Leggett Co h808 Shepherd 

Craig Jos W (Velma A) inspr hl021 9th 

Craig Luther V plantmn Durham Dairy Products Inc r507 Milton av 

Craig Margie L Mrs beautician Ellis-Stone Beauty Shoppe h924 Dacian 
av apt 11 

Craig Mollie (c) dom r824 Glendale av 

Craig Raymond tobwkr r818 Cleveland 

Craig Roy (c; Susie) car washer h408A St Joseph 

Craig Wm (c) r510 Link pi 

Craig Wm C (Iva A) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h2307 Angier av 

Craig Wilma L nurse 130a Broad r do 

Craig's Service Station (ADen I Craig) 400 N Mangum 

Crain Harold S (Nelle S) mgr Wm Muirhead Construction Co W Main 
at Milton av 

Crain Mattie M (wid Jas W) r324 Gray 

Crain Roland H (Frances M) mach hl802 Angier av 

Crane Harry W (Mabel) prof hl210 Virginia av 

Crane Jacob (Rosa) hll4 Lyon 

Cranford H Clay (Minnie I) pntr h2617 Hillsboro rd 

Cranford Wm E student r708 Buchanan blvd 

Cranford Wm I (Nellie E) prof Duke University h708 Buchanan blvd 

Crank Hattie Mrs collr L B Price Mercantile Co h910 Holloway 

Crank Keeney (Hattie) local mgr L B Price Mercantile Co h910 Holloway 

Crary Hilda nurse 2215 Club blvd r do 

Cratch Hubert E (Juanita) sta opr Standard Oil Co of N J rl611 Hollo- 

Craven Erie B jr instr Duke University r do 

Craven Floyd G baker Arth P Poole r518 N Mangum 

Craven Leslie nrof Duke University r do 

Craven Lynn (c) lab rl004 4th 

Craven Virginia (c) dom r531 S Briggs av 

Crawford Ada (c) maid Loan & Trust bldg hl207 Duke University rd 

Crawford Alf (c; Novello) tobwkr hl007 Ferrell 

Crawford Allen (c) lab rll7 Piedmont av 
Crawford Carrie (c) tobwkr r513 Pine 

Crawford Clara M librarian Durham Public Librarv r406 Morehead av 

Crawford Clemmie (c) waiter rl207 Duke University rd 
Crawford Cosley (c; Willie) tobwkr rl321 Albright rd 

Crawford Dervie (c) tobwkr h711 Pickett 

Crawford Douglas E r624 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Crawford Fletcher R (Elizai dairymn h624 Reservoir (E Durham) 












PHONE F-3931 

Crawford Jas (c; Mary) lab h607 Ray al 
Crawford Jas (c; Ada) tobwkr 1U207 Duke University rd 
Crawford Jason (c: Ruth) gdnr hl509 Maplewood av 
Crawford Jos (c; Carrie) ydmn h612B Branch pi 
Crawford Lemuel (c; Carrie) hlpr rll4 Gattis 

Crawford Louis (c) lab r613 Branch pi 

Crawford Louisa Mrs h901 6th 
Crawford M Evelyn topper r420 Salem 

Crawford Margt (c) rS07 Carrington 

Crawford Mary E (c) maid r711 Pickett 

Crawford Millie (c) tobwkr T1106 W Proctor 

Crawford Nina (c) h516 Colfax 

Crawford Randolph r624 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Crawford Rosa (c) tobwkr hll7 Piedmont av 

Crawford W Predk (c; Edna) tobwkr h216 Gattis 

Crawford Wayland E r420 Salem 

Crawford Wm R (Lallie O) ice cream mkr h420 Salem 

Crawley Jesse E textilewkr h807 N Duke 

Crayon Clyde (Nellie) tobwkr h813 Ramseur 

Crayton Herbert L (Rowena L) hlpr W P Perry Transfer h2207 E Main 

Creaeh Manley (c; Sudie) farmer h2308 Chautauqua 

Creager Don B instr Duke University r916 Green 

Credle Sidney M (Gertrude P) civ eng h204 E Markham av 

Creech Bettie L (wid Erastus) office asst Drs Ernest C Brown and Clin- 
ton C Cox r2517 Chapel Hill rd 

Creech Grover C (Martha E) hosierywkr h2106 Angier av 

Creech Lillian E tobwkr r605 Wilkerson av 

Creech Nancy (wid Henry H) r2513 Hart 

Creel Ruby I r901 12th 

Creeo Linwood P (Louetta) textilewkr hll07 Wall 

Crenshaw Robt (c; Mary) mach opr Cheek-Holton Mfg Co Inc h2802 E 

Cresdy Henry R (Emma I) supt Continental Life Ins Co hl08 W Geer 

Crews Berta E Mrs elk Home Security Life Ins Co h.101'6 8th 

Crews Carrie (c) r802 Gerard 

Crews Early E (Berta E) rjolice hl016 8th 

Crews Eva bkpr W P Henry Co r612 W Chapel Hill 

Crews Prank (c; Emma) lab r3 Peachtree pi 

Crews Predk (c; Mollie) tobwkr h611 Dowd 

Crews Jas W (Mary A) mach h218 E Markham av 

Crews Jos C (Mary E) driver Standard Oil Co of N J hll06 N Elizabeth 

Crews Lillie (c) tobwkr r802 Gerard 

Crews Lucinda (c) r802 Gerard 

Crews Marguerite nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Crews Martha (c) r801 Gerard 

Crews Martha (c) dom hl07 Bond 

Crews Sudie E asst Duke University Library rl004 W Markham av 

Crews Thos H (Mary J) hl04 Broadway 

Crews Walter M (Pauline E) auto mech h910 Cleveland 

Cribb John J (Daisy M) carp h2H9 W Pettigrew 

Cribbs John P (Grace) hl008 N Gregson 

Cribbs Marie rlOOS N Gregson 

Crichton P Lyon (Mabel C) adv solr Durham Herald Co Inc hl711 Lake- 
wood av 

Crichton Marshall asst in physical education Duke University r Hope 
Valley N C 

Crim Daisy G sten r204 Buchanan blvd 

Crim Mamie D (wid Ernest B) supt The King's Daughters' Home r204 
Buchanan blvd 

Crim Sennetta M sten r204 Buchanan blvd 

Crimmons Thos (c; Eliz) tobwkr r503 Dowd 

Crissman Julian C (Annie C) troublemn Interstate Tel & Teleg Co hl408 

Crisp Chas (c) lab rl08 E Hillside av 

Crisp Chas B (Violet) knitter r73l Liberty 

Crisp Fred D (Myrtle) hosierywkr r403 N Elizabeth 

Crisp John M (Annie) slsmn Singer Sewing Mach Co r614 Arnette av 

Crisp Rountree (Margt) banker h410 Watts 

Critchard Lettie Mrs tobwkr r326 South 

Critcher Prank L (Minnie L) prod 347 W Main h806 Broad 

Critcher Gray D (Myrtle M) printer hl803 E Main 

Critcher Ira J (Mollie) printer rl804 E Main 

Critcher Lula (wid Jos I) h!804 E Main 

Critcher Luter L (Barbara) slsmn Frank L Critcher h524 McMannen 

Critcher Melvin C (Mary) knitter rl804 E Main 

Critcher Ruth I r806 Broad 

Criterion Soda Shop (Erie K Kellert) 202 N Church 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Ride the Buses 



Criterion Theatre Louis A Gregg mgr motion pictures 202 N Church 

Crocker Florence (c) lndrs h516 S Elm 

Crocker Lawrence (c; Nettie) hlpr Hatwood's Elec Shoe Shop r516 S 

Crockett Eugenia (c) cook rlOOl Gilbert 

Crockett Irene (c) tobwkr r306 Hunt 

Crockett Rosa (c) dom rllO Verbena 

Croft Claude A (Kafch C; Croft Secretarial & Accounting Sch) r314% 

Croft Secretarial & Accounting School (Claude A Croft) 123 W Main R411 

Crooks Leo (c) lab hl22 Jordan 

Croom Ananias S Rev (c; Pearl) pastor Union Baptist Ch h802 N Eliza- 

Croom Dorcas (c) sch tchr r802 N Elizabeth 

Croom Stewart L (Julia B) printer h615 Shepherd 

Crompton Ethel M r206 E Geer 

Crompton Philip C (Mamie H) elk County Auditor h206 E Geer 

Crosby Clarence K (Nellie S) carp r714 16th 

Crosby Curtis L elk Pender's Stores rl018 8th 

Crosby John B (Cora L) hl018 8th 

Crosby John B jr auto mech rl018 8th 

Crosby Roddey R (Lillie M) routine tester Interstate Tel & Teleg Co rl018 

Cross Avery (c; Nettie) stoker Durham Gas Co hlOll Morehead av 

Cross Cicero C (Effie M) bldg contr 814 4th h do 

Cross Durl B (Laura M) firemn h504 Raynor 

Cross Edith A (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co h505 Umstead 

Cross Hillman (c) tobwkr r518 Husband al 

Cross Houston (Thelma) textilewkr h610% Middle 

Cross Jas H (c: Novie) restr 1405 Chapel Hill rd hll05 Morehead av 

Cross Junie (c ; Esther) truck driver Swift & 'Co h807 Mebane 

Cross Lattie (c; Ida) lab h511 Grant 

Cross Lethia E sch tchr r814 4th 

Cross Lethia L (wid Jas F) M014 9th 

Cross Lillian (c) tobwkr r408 W Cobb 

Cross Lonnie C Rev (c) r903 Carrington 

Cross Martha (c) r408 S Gregson 

Cross Melissa (wid Columbus) r719 Liberty 

Cross Novie cook Jas H Cross hll05 Morehead av 

Cross Pauline E sch tchr r814 4th 

Cross S Vester (c; Mabel) tobwkr hl009B Moreland av 

Cross Thos E (Vira R) formn Durham Dairy Products Inc r2205 Wood- 

Cross Tiny tobwkr rl014 9th 

Cross Victor C textilewkr r504 Raynor 

Cross Walker (o truck driver Cheek-Holton Mfg Co Inc r RD 6 

Cross Walter J (E MozeUe) elk PO hll07 8th 

Cross Wilma (c) student r807 Mebane 

Crotts Carrie S rl703 Maryland av 

Crotts Luther J (Kathleen) brkmn hl703 Maryland av 

Crouch John C (Nell) flour broker 123 W Main R613 hl016 Monmouth av 

Crouch Louise (c) tobwkr r512 Matthews 

Crow Aaron (c; Carrie) h512 E Proctor apt 1 

Crow Mary Mrs r311 Rigsbee av 

Crowder Alonza L (Ella) loco eng h906 W Trinity av apt 6 

Crowder Jesse (c; Bettie) lab h617 Hickory 

Crowder Louise E sch tchr r906 W Trinity av apt 6 

Crowder Mary E nurse 701 Markham r do 

Crowder Myrtle C tobwkr 1*911 Broad 

Crowell Joe L br mgr Pender's Stores r331 South 

Crum Mason (Kath) asst prof Duke University hl308 College rd 

Crum & Poster Jas P Glass mgr ins 128 E Chapel Hill 4th fl 

Crump Emma (c) lndrs h903 Whitted 

Crump Ethel (c) lndrs rl007 Glendale av 

Crump Octavia (c) rl205 Morehead av 

Crump Sarnl W formn The Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd r806 N Greyson 
apt ■ 

Crumpacker A Louis (Bessie) bldr hl316 Broad 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 


6 2 
















































< </> 


_J CO 
O *! 

-I CO 

o in 


O 3 

tt «• « 

O o> 

2 Q i 

* < fi 
O B 

M «• 3 

S 2 g 

U| o 

-i 2 

£ • 

Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Scc'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Crumpacker Alonzo h617 Shepherd 

Crumpacker Bernice H tchr North Durham Sch r617 Shepherd 

Crumpacker J Patk r902 Burch av 

Crumpacker Louise C sten Durham Public Service Co r617 Shepherd 

Crumpacker Robt H r902 Burch 

Crumpacker Robt L (Nettie) carp h902 Burch av 

Crumpacker Ruby L sten Clarence E Phillips r902 Burch av 

Crumpacker W Jackson (Beulah) plmbr h710 Underwood av 

Crumpacker Wm J student r617 Shepherd 

Crumpler Lawrence N (Hilda C) service mgr Carpenter Motor Co h912 

Arnette av 
Crumpler Mattie S (wid Rufus H) h712 W Chapel Hill 
Crumpler Willie A lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co rl020 W Peabody 
Crumpton Blanchard (c; Rosie) lab r201 E Proctor 
Crumpton John L (Pretto B) ins h506 Buchanan blvd apt 12 
Cruse Annie (c) student rlll4 N Hyde Park av 
Cruse Mary (c) lndrs hlll4 N Hyde Park av 

CRUTCHFIELD ARTHUR T (Oma E), City Purchasing Agent, hSSZ Club 

blvd, Tel F-0483 
Crutchfield Aubrey C mgr Ferguson Gro Co r407 N Hyde Park av 
Crutchfield Dovie (c) tobwkr r605 S Elm 
Crutchfleld Ernest N (Anna R) r709 Hollowav 
Crutchfield Florence student rlOlO W Trinity av 
Crutchfield Francello (c) tobwkr h402 E Proctor 
Crutchfield Fredk F (Ethel L) textilewkr h407 N Hyde Park av 
Crutchfield Gertie B hosierywkr r2501 Ashe 
Crutchfield Isaac N (Sarah J) h309 S Guthrie av 
Crutchfield J Clarence (Estelle P) slsmn Durham Public Service Co h 

1010 W Markham av 
Crutchfield John (c) cook r323 Matthews 
Crutchfield John P (Mary K) tobwkr h404 Carden 
Crutchfield Lois F bkpr r407 N Hyde Park av 
Crutchfield Louis (c) plstr r404 Mt Vernon 
Crutchfield Louis R gro 1401 Chapel Hill rd r Chapel Hill rd extd 
Crutchfield Owen E electn r309 S Guthrie av 
Crutchfield Robt E (Anna V) textilewkr h2501 Ashe 
Crutchfield Wade H ins agt r2501 Ashe 
Crutchfleld Watson H (Agnes C) formn Golden Belt Mfg Co hlOlO W 

Trinity av 
Crutchfield Wm M r309 S Guthrie av 
Crystal Barber Shop (c; John S Shipman) 706 Fayetteville 
Crystal Laundry (Jos W and J Gilbert Doby) 510 Umstead 
Cuddy Jas D (Delia M) rl08 E Markham av 
Cuifie Edw (c; Stella) h814 Glendale av 
Culberson Ruth tobwkr rl408 Hamlin 
Culbert Horace M (Leora) tobwkr h910 Exum 
Culbreth Willie B tobwkr r604 Gattis 
Cullen Milton student rlll3 N Duke 

Cullers Jack mech Durham Dairy Products Inc r812 W Main 
Cullom Mary E (wid Julius J) gro 922 Ramseur h920 do 
Culp Mary A Mrs r708 Burch av 
Cunningham Beauty Parlor (c; Bettie E Cunningham) 203% E Chapel 

Hill R13 
Cunningham Bert (Jean L) prof Duke University hl200 College rd 
Cunningham Bettie E (c; Cunningham Beauty Parlor) r700 Pickett 
Cunningham Daisy (c) cook r303 Piedmont av 
Cunningham David (c) textilewkr rl612 Humphrey 
Cunningham Frazier (c; Lizzie) h510 Link pi 
Cunningham Geo T bkpr Liberty Whse r Apex N C 
Cunningham Grace C (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch r811 Fayetteville 
Cunningham Iola (c) cook r303 Piedmont av 
Cunningham J E Co (Jas E Cunningham) mdse brokers 128 E Chapel 

Hill R505 
Cunningham Jas E (Ruth L; JE Cunningham Co) r401 Holloway 
Cunningham Mary (c) tobwkr rl612 Humphrey 
Cunningham Pattie (c) cook r502 Ramsey 
Cunningham Peyton C (c) hlpr Paschall Bros h207 Peachtree pi 


"A Punpose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

E. S. PHILMBS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2. Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

Cunningham Robt (c) lab hl612 Humphrey 

Cunningham Robt H slsmn Durham Men's Shop Inc r608 Buchanan 

Cunningham Rosa (c) tobwkr rl612 Humphrey 
Cureton Doretha (c) tobwkr hl216 4th 
Cureton Flora (c) dom rll21 Webb al 
Cureton Jas (c; Demetre) gdnr hl209 Duke University rd 
Cureton Robt (c; Annie) r301 Johnson 
Cureton Walter (c) rlOlO 4th 
Currie see also Curry 
Currie Claude v-pres Homeland Investment Co Inc and sec-treas Security 

Bldg & Loan Assn r415 Liberty 
Currie Clyde T (Ruby M) hll4 N Queen 
Currie Dee (Delia) textile wkr hll(>9 Worth 

Currie Dorothy G beauty opr Permanent Wave Studio rll4 N Queen 
Currie John (Mary L) textilewkr hllll Wall 
Currie John D (Hilda) knitter h2207 Proctor rd 
Currie Kath welfarewkr r2541 Chapel Hill rd 
Currie Margt (c) maid r907 N Elizabeth 
Currie Margt welfare wkr r2541 Chapel Hill rd 
Currie Mattie (c) tobwkr h905B Pine 
Currie Owen D (Nettie N) textilewkr hl207 Worth 
Currier Robt W (Ethel L) auto meeh U-Drive-It Yourself Inc h20O7 

Chapel Hill rd 
Currin Allene N slswn Belk-Leggett Co r708 Vickers av 
Currin Anna L tchr Holloway St Sch r Northside N C 
Currin Edgar T r2123 Chapel Hill rd 
Currin Frances L sch tchr r210 W Trinity av 
Currin Jas W (Lena F) pntr h2123 Chapel Hill rd 
Currin John (c; Annie) lab hl08 McCollum al 
Currin John C (Clyde) tobacconist hll2 E Lynch 
Currin Wm E r2123 Chapel Hill rd 
Currin Wm L (Bessie C) slsmn h210 W Trinity av 
Curry see also Currie 
Curry Gertrude (c) lndrs h413 Cozart av 
Curry Katie (c) tobwkr r608 Pickett 
Curry Mattie (c) lndrs h513A McCoy pi 

Curry Roy (c; Nodie) prsr CTabtree's Dry Cleaning Co hi 101 Morehead 
Curry Wm H (c: Essie) barber Cosmopolitan Barber Shop rl208 Fayette- 

Curtis Bessie C (wid Hugh V) hl704 Lakewood av 
Curtis Blanche (c) rl215 Moreland av 
Curtis Dollie (c) rl030B Moreland av 
Curtis Earl D Rev pastor Fuller Memorial Presbyterian Ch hl207 N 

Curtis Ellen (c) tobwkr hl215 Moreland av 

Curtis Grady L (Bertha M) countermn The Palms Cafe r509 Forest 
Curtis Herbert (c) hl207 Moreland av 
Curtis John (c; Kittie) tobwkr rll04 Mason 

Curtis John W (c; Winella) tchr Hillside Park Sch rlOlO Fayetteville 
Curtis Katie (c) r507 Carrington 

Curtis Lava C (Estelle B) elk Hotel Malbourne h509 Forest 
Curtis Lloyd B (c) porter Modern Barber Shop r313 Umstead 
Curtis Louise (c) rll05 Willard 
Curtis Mary F (c) rllOO Moreland av ' 
Curtis Nannie (c) dom r411 Piedmont av 

Curtis Reda B (c) elk Royal Knights of King David r313 Umstead 
Curtis Sudie (c) dom h313 Umstead 
Curtis Wm (c) gdnr r507 Carrington 
Curtis Wm (c; Gertrude) lab h410 Gray 
Curtis Winella (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch rlOlO Fayetteville 

CUSTOMS BUREAU (See United States Government) 

Cut Rate Market (Morris Apter) meats 701 McMannen 

Cut Rate Store The (Mrs Icglenna Murphy) genl mdse 746 9th 

Cutchin Marie nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Cuttino Fred (c) tobwkr hl06 Mission al 

Cuttino Henry (c) gdnr hl007 Fairview 

Cutts Emma R sten Paul C Graham rl08 Hunt 

Cutts Lizzie Mrs r609 Markham 

Cutts Nell L rl08 Hunt 

Cutts Thos A (Mary S) constr formn Am Suppliers Inc hl08 Hunt 

Cypress Herman (c; Maggie) lab h314 Stephens 

Dabbs C Eug (Betty) gro 2804 Hillsboro rd r Piedmont av RD 6 

Dabbs J M knitter Ruth Hosiery Mills r RD 6 

Dackis Chas (Pashalia; Durham Shoe Shine & Hat Cleaning Parlor) h 

214 Markham 
Dagger Jas (c; Edna) confr 103 Corporation h do 







•s pi 
















$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Dail Irma L r4G8 Morehead av 

Dailey A Forrest adv solr Durham Herald Co Inc r2041 Englewood av 

Dailey John C (Bettie R) genl mdse 740 9th h2041 Englewood av 

Dailey John C jr student r2041 Englewood av 

Dailey Lucille P student r2041 Englewood av 

Dailey Simon P (e; Oriby) farmer h510 Lyon 

Dale Julia M asst prof Duke University h3C0 Monmouth av 

Dale Mary r300 Monmouth av 

Dale Wm P student r300 Monmouth av 

Dalehite J Wyatt <Ora J) textilewkr h2108 Gin 

Dalehite Robt T (Mary A) textilewkr h708 10th 

Dalehite Walter D (Mary M) textilewkr h808 12th 

Dairymple Calvin (c; Louise) lab h410y 2 Bailey 

Dalrymple Connie (c) h324 Matthews 

Dairymple Myrtle (c) tobwkr r324 Matthews 

Dalton John T (Mary W) v-pres Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc h.705 Park 

Dalton Thos B mach Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc r705 Park av 
Dalton Virginia W sten Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc r705 Park av 
Daly Mamie tobwkr r706 Wilkerson av 
Dame Pauline P (c) sch tchr h906 Cameron 
Dameron Earl C (Lillian P) supt Durham Public Service Co h2221 Club 

Dampier Wiley P barber Dixie Barber Shop r Morrisville N C 
Dancey Maggie (c) r605 Payetteville 
Dancey Mary (c) r613 Branch pi 
Dancy Chas (c; Josephine) tobwkr h612B Ramsey al 
Dancy Jas B (Melba M) pres-treas-mgr Dancy Motor Co Inc h2303 Club 

Dancy Luther (c) lab r612B Ramsey al 

DANCY MOTOR CO INC, J B Dancy Pres-Treas, C W Brook (Lynch- 
burg, Va) V-Pres, L L Gardner Sec, Dodge Brothers and Plymouth 
Motor Cars, Sales and Service 806-808 W Main, Tels L-0171 and L- 

Dancy Sallie (c) tobwkr h307 Division 

Danenberg Laura Mrs r605 N Roxboro 

Daniel Ada (c) tobwkr r401 Piedmont av 

Daniel Alice (c) rl07 TJmstead 

Daniel Annie (c) student r403 Gray 

Daniel Annie J silkwkr r207 Markham 

Daniel Benj L (M Jean) solr Home Ins Agcy Inc h918 W Trinity av 

Daniel Bettie (c) tobwkr h205 Piedmont av 

Daniel Chas P (Carrie H) carp hl601 Angier av 

Daniel Doza Mrs hosierywkr rlOl S Alston av 

Daniel Effie (c) cook rl07 TJmstead 

Daniel Ethrel J (Annie W) spl rep Jefferson Standard Life Ins Co h512 

Daniel Gertrude textilewkr rll05 Franklin 
Daniel Helen P textilewkr rll05 Franklin 
Daniel Hettie O rl304 E Main 
Daniel Ida (c) cook hl07 TJmstead 
Daniel Jas A (Minnie P) h207 Markham 
Daniel Janie (c) tobwkr h809 Macklin 
Daniel John (c; Bertha) tobwkr h!016B Moreland av 
Daniel Katie (c) tobwkr h311 Thomasson 
Daniel L Herman tobwkr rll05 Franklin 
Daniel Lee (c) tobwkr r809 Macklin 
Daniel Lena (c) dom r304B Memphis 

Daniel Mack (Sarah: City Sandwich Shop) h316 Holloway 
Daniel Mamie (c) tobwkr r809 Macklin 
Daniel Mamie E tobwkr r207 Markham 
Daniel Margt (c) hairdrsr Bull City Barber Shop r403 Gray 
Daniel Mattie (c) dom r808 Dowd 
Daniel Mildred (c) tobwkr rl07 Lodge 
Daniel Minnie A topper r!304 E Main 
Daniel Otis (c) student r401 Piedmont av 

Daniel Ralph E (Mary V) slsmn Borden Brick & Tile Co h228 Monmouth 
Daniel Robt W (Jennie L) spl police hl004 E Main 
Daniel Saml (Bettie S) v-pres-sec-treas Novelty Fur Co Inc h816 Ar- 

nette av 
Daniel Saml M (Annie E) hl304 E Main 
Daniel Thos (c) orderly Duke University Hosp rl07 Umstead 
Daniel Thos B (Flora) textilewkr hll05 Franklin 
Daniel Wayland (Margt) elk rl210 Duke University rd 
Daniel Wm L (c; Chanev) chauf Hall-Wvnne & Co Inc r812 Pine 
Daniel Wm T (c: Hattie) lab h729 Dover 
Daniels Anna (c) silk fnshr New Durham Dry Clnrs r700 Pickett 



Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires — Exide Batteries 

115 N. DUKE ST. TEL. N-173 

Daniels Beatrice (c) tobwkr h309 Lee 

Daniels Cary W agt The Life Ins Co of Va r401 Jackson 

Daniels Collie <c) emp Durham Lbr Co 1708 Vale 

Daniels Dixie elk r605 S Duke 

Daniels Edw (c: Lela) tobwkr h803 Dowd 

Daniels F Gregory (Willie) slsmn h803 Holloway 

Daniels Frank (c) lab r601 StJoseph 

Daniels Fredk D (c; Lena) hl401 Drew 

Daniels Geo (c; Bertha) lab h rear 2511 Fayetteville 

Daniels J Pearl (c) lndrywkr Model Lndry Co 217 Foster 

Daniels Jack G (Ted T) trav slsmn Dillon Supply Co r806 3d 

Daniels Jas (c; Cath) h512B Pine 

Daniels Jas A r700 Pickett 

Daniels Jas F (Florence B) bus opr Durham Public Service Co b.708 Park 

Daniels John (c: Hattie) lab hi 12 Peach tree pi 

Daniels John (c; Mary) chauf hl007 Whitted 

Daniels Leo B r708 Park av 

Daniels Lola D (c) emp Model Lndry Co r Hayestown 

Daniels Louise E rl520 James 

Daniels Marion F (c; Alzada) carp hl215 N Hyde Park av 

Daniels Martha (c) dom rl019 Cornell 

Daniels Robt F (Lula) lab h N Elizabeth cor Lottie 

Daniels Rufus (c) lab r324 Matthews 

Daniels Susie (c) dom h212 Macon 

Daniels Sylvester (c; Viola) tob wkr h502 StJoseph 

Daniels Violet (c) h700 Pickett 

Daniels W Lee (Luella) h2301 Ashe 

Daniels Wade O elk R Blacknall & Son r708 Park av 

Daniels Wayland D (Callie) br mgr The Great A & P Tea Co rl210 Duke 

University rd 
Daniels Wiley N (Mamie) tob wkr r2402 Proctor rd 
Daniels Wm (c; Marion) tob wkr rl08 W Piedmont av 
Daniels Willis (c; Carrie) lab h601 StJoseph 
Dannenberg Grover slsmn rl206 Marvin av 
Dannenburg Saml V (Flora L) h2302 Crane 
Danner Ralph J (Margt) formn Ruth Hosiery Mills r201 Morris 
Dantzler Jas (c; Lucille) tob wkr h703 Canal 
Dantzler Rebecca (c) dom h409 Memphis 
Dantzler Zinnie (c; Eliza) tob wkr hlll4 Shaw 
Danville -Durham Motor Express Park T Shepherd rep 801-3 W Main 
Darden Martha (c) tob wkr h521A Pine 
Dargan see also Dorgan 
Dargan Annie (c) tob wkr hlll5 l / 2 Willard 
Dargan Dorothy (c) tob wkr r918 Scout dr 
Dargan Marie (c) Indrs rlll5y2 Willard 
Dargan Willie (c) tob wkr r603 Mebane 
Dark Cora (c) tob wkr r417 Pine 
Dark Lela (c) dom hl209 Cornell 
Dark Lewis (c) rl209 Cornell 
Dark Roxie (c) dom rl209 Cornell 

Darkis Fredk R (Mildred M) chemist Duke University h2114 Club blvd 
Darlington John H (Sallie R) slsmn hl009 1st av 
Darnell Clyde M (Mabel) tob wkr h307 Murphy 
Darnell Jessie (c) tob wkr r423 Cozart av 
Darnell M Plumber (Ruth) cloth printer h825 N Mangum 
Darnell Nell (c) lndrywkr New Method Lndry r915 Willard 
Darnell Saml F acct r401 Cleveland 
Darrah David H (Vernus) mach Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc hlOOO 

Dash Geneva (c) dom r706 Dowd 
Dash Laymon (c; Addie) tob wkr h3!17 Dowd 
Daughteridge Marie Mrs tob wkr r605 Primitive 
Daughtery see also Daughtry Dority and Dorrity 
Daughtery Evie (c; Lottie) lab h902 Thaxton av 
Daughtry Walter C (Ellen J) mach hlll7 6th 
Dave Hyman student r904 N Roxboro 

Dave Philip (Ethel) shoe repr 136 E Chapel Hill h904 N Roxboro 
Dave Rosalie bkpr Rose Furn Co r904 N Roxboro 
Dave Sarah sten Bankers Life Co of Des Moines la r904 N Roxboro 
Davenport Boneta nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Davenport Chas B (Eliz M) textilewkr hl915 Yearby av 
Davenport Frances pkr r614 S Duke 
Davenport Jewel formn hl412 Ruby 
Davenport John L (Bessie L) timekpr hlOOl 1st av 
Davenport John M knitter rlOOl 1st av 
Davenport L Clara (wid Wm E) h611 S Duke 



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Reeves , American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service — Always Open 


Davenport Margt C tob wkr r611 S Duke 

Davenport Robt D (Lula G) elk Am Tob Co Inc rl002 Urban av 

Davenport Thurman L rlOOl 1st av 

Daves Eula M hosiery wkr r504 S Alston av 

Daves T Winston r708 S Alston av 

Daves Thos E (Myrtle) hosiery wkr h708 S Alston av 

Daves Wm M (Mary L) huckster h504 S Alston av 

Daves Wm T tob wkr r504 S Alston av 

David King (c; Mamie) lab M307 Calvin 

Davidson see also Davison 

Davidson Celia T (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch r420 Pine 

Davidson John W (c; Celia T) tchr Hillside Park Sch r420 Pine 

Davis Ada D r306 Holloway 

Davis Adolphus (c; Ida) lab hl013 3d 

Davis Alex (c; Sallie) house mover h409% Henry al 

Davis Alvin (c) rl402 Caswell pi 

Davis Amanda (c) dom rl309 Tucker 

Davis Andrew (c; Mattie) lab rlOll Morehead av 

Davis Annie (c) lndrywkr New Method Lndry hl312 N Alston av 

Davis Annie E (wid Robt D) h806 Parker 

Davis Annie M (c) lndrywkr New Method Lndry h302 Thomas 

Davis Archie R drftsmn Atwood & Weeks Inc r Chapel Hill 

Davis Arlene waiter Hotel Malbourne r do 

Davis Arnetta (c) student rl016 3d 

Davis Beachmon (c) clothes presser Edw W Lassiter r514 Pine 

Davis Beatrice G Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co 423 Morris 

Davis Belle (c) rl016 3d 

Davis Belle (c) tobwkr h410B Poplar 

Davis Benj (c; Carrie) lab h827 Gattis 

Davis Beulah (c) dom h310 Wake pi 

Davis Cayley A knitter r215 Lyon 

Davis Chas (c; Bessie) exp 1702 Payetteville h do 

Davis Chas (c; Mamie) lab h218 Fulton 

Davis Chas G (c) student rl61l Payetteville 

Davis Chas M (Clyde) mgr Five Points Fruit Store h3K)7 Liberty 

Davis Chas R (Beulah G) hl909 Southgate 

Davis Clara (c) dom r210 W Proctor 

Davis Clarence V (Thelma C) elk West Durham Sta U S PO h2500 

Davis Constancha (c) fctywkr r807 Willard 
Davis Cora F tob wkr rl218 Duke University rd 
Davis Cyril S (Pearl E) shio elk Armour & Co h916 Burch av 
Davis Dewey V (Annie G) hosiery wkr hl506 Morning Glory av 
Davis Donald F collr Montgomery's Florist r2006 Yearby 
Davis Douglas (c) tob wkr rl04 E Proctor 
Davis E Thos (Queen V) carp hll07 S Alston av 
Davis Edw L (c) orderly Duke University Hosp rl611 Fayetteville 
Davis Elbert O gro 1407 Chapel Hill rd rl009 Broad 
Davis Eliz (c) rll09 Willard 
Davis Eliz (c) tob wkr h404B Ramsey 
Davis Eliz M r510 Jackson 

Davis Estella K (wid Monrovia P) rl205 Glendale av 
Davis Estelle Mrs mach opr r713 E Main 
Davis Ethel (c) r713 McMannen 
Davis Ethel (c) fctywkr r911 Willard 
Davis Eulie A (Minnie E) tobwkr hl23 Exum 

Davis Eutrich (c; Naomi) clothes presser Wm L Boykin r618A Price 
Davis Eva (c) tob wkr hl016 4th 
Davis Fannie B (wid Jas L) h815 N Mangum 
Davis Frances (c) dom r516 Gray 
Davis Francis W jr (Reba L) office mgr Goodyear Service Inc hl210 8 

Davis Frank (c) rl016 3d 

Davis Frank (c; Daisy) tob wkr rl304 Dawkins 
Davis Frank (c; Mary) tobwkr r317 Dowd 
Davis Frank D (c; Annie M) tob wkr h302 Thomasson 
Davis Frank S (Ethel C) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co hl018 W Peabody 
Davis Fred H (Lyda) slsmn Durham Public Service Co h2017 Angier av 
Davis Geneva nurse Am Tob Co Inc r214 Forest Wood dr 
Davis Geo (c; Maggie) lab hl06B E Cobb 
Davis Geo (c; Hattie) tob wkr hl210 Cornell 
Davis Geo W (Gertie) hl617 Angier av 
Davis Gertrude (c) r408 Gray 

Davis Gertrude private sec Carolina Theatre rll05 Broad 
Davis Gertrude (wid Geo) r3000 E Main 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Davis Gifford instr Duke University r do 

Davis Grace (c) tobwkr r205b Corporation 

Davis Graham H (Minnie) h2209 Proctor rd 

Davis H Albert (Eva M) marker Model Lndry Co h323 Gray 

Davis H Frank (Eliz L) lino opr Durham Herald Co Inc h521 Holloway 

Davis Harvey J (Lalah D) textilewkr h220 Anderson 

Davis Haywood L wrapper City Baking Co r806 Parker 

Davis Henry (Fannie) r922 Orient 

Davis Henry (c; Annabelle) plstr h802 Maplewood av 

Davis Henry P (Ida T) collr Sidney E Rochelle rl26 Harward 

Davis Horace (c; Lucy) tobwkr h403 Fowler av 

Davis Hubert r718 Liberty 

Davis Iola (c) r618a Price 

Davis Irving S (Mattie) carp h805 Yancey 

Davis Isaac (c; Lula) lab h206 Kelly al 

Davis Isabella (c) dom h508a Ramsey 

Davis J J (Sallie) shop formn Carpenter Motor Co r RD 3 

Davis J Walter (Eleanor L) tobwkr h511 Jackson 

Davis Jack elk r505 E Main 

Davis Jas (c; Willis) lab hll8 Bond 

Davis Jas (c) tobwkr hl007 Cornell 

Davis Jas (c) lab rl410 Pine 

Davis Jas B (c; Sallie) lab hl402 Caswell pi 

Davis Jas H (Glennie E) lino opr Durham Herald Co Inc hl21 Hunt 

Davis Jas L formn r815 N Mangum 

Davis Jas P (Evelyn) baker r806 Parker 

Davis Jas Q (Ella H) agt and trustee The Fidelity Bank h510 Jackson 

Davis Jefferson (c) tobwkr rl007 Lynchburg 

Davis Jennie E (wid John R) h205 S Guthrie av 

Davis Jessie (c) presser Model Lndry Co r515 Mobile 

Davis John (c) hlpr r609 S Elm 

Davis John (c) gdnr r210 W Proctor 

Davis John (c) lab r503 Matthews 

Davis John (c; Henrietta) lab h611 Baxter 

Davis John H (c; Roxie E) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co rl508 Fayetteville 

Davis John N r511 Jackson 

Davis John T (c; Bessie) janitor hlll6 Fairview 

Davis John T (Ethel) pntr Durham Furn Co Inc h804 Walnut 

Davis Jos (c; Ada) tobwkr rl410 Fayetteville 

Davis Jos W (Five Points Fruit Store) r307 Liberty 

Davis Julia E office sec r806 3d 

Davis June D (c; Lilla) barber Bull City Barber Shop r605 Fayetteville 

Davis Julius (c; Pearl) mgr Bull City Bowling Center h905b Walton 

Davis King (c; Cora) tobwkr h508b Pine 

Davis Lennie (c) lab rl410 Pine 

Davis Leo W ( ; Ada E) tobwkr h401 Thomasson 

Davis Leona hosierywkr r205 S Guthrie av 

Davis LeRoy (c) lab r514a Foster 

Davis Lillian M (c) hl61l Fayetteville 

Davis Lillie (c) maid 418 Carolina cir 

Davis Lola (c) tobwkr rl410 Pine 

Davis Lonnie (c; Hattie) lab hll02 Greenwood 

Davis Lonnie L (Bertha E) meat ctr Calvin H Matthews r Chapel Hill rd 

Davis Louie H (Nora L) store mgr T Milton Davis rl009 Broad 

Davis Lucille (c) dom r503 Pamlico av 

Davis Lula (c) h618a Price 

Davis Lula (c) hl04 E Proctor 

Davis Lunsford (c) lab h713 McMannen 

Davis M Pearl looper r215 Lyon 

Davis Mabel (c) r307 Harp 

Davis Mabel (c) dom rl402 Caswell pi 

Davis Mack (c) lab r605b Ray al 

Davis Madin truck driver r315 N Mangum 

Davis Maggie (c) r804 Gerard 

Davis Manch (c; Hattie) rl014 Ferrell 

Davis Margt (c) r713 McMannen 

Davis Margt (c) dom r210 Piedmont av 

uavis Maria (c) tobwkr r210 W Proctor 

Davis Marjorie (c) maid rl402 Caswell pi 

Davis Martha (c) r408a MtVernon 

Davis Mary (c) cook r917 Ruth 

Davis Mary (c) lndrs h210 Piedmont av 

Davis Mary (c) tobwkr r406 Bailey 

Davis Mary L (c) cook hl005a Glendale av 

Davis Mary L hl218 Duke University rd 




212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Davis Mattie (c) Indrywkr New Method Lndry rlOll Morehead av 

Davis Maxie C (Vera B) whse elk Sinclair Refining Co h412 N Guthrie av 

Davis McCoy (c; Annie B) tobwkr h618b Price 

Davis Melvina (c) dom r828 Gattis 

Davis Millie (c) dom hll09 Willard 

Davis Minnie (c) tobwkr h508 Matthews 

Davis Mollie E (c) gro 104 Moline hl410 Pine 

Davis Myrtle E waitress S H Kress & Co r307 Liberty 

Davis Nancy (c) tobwkr r918 Morehead av 

Davis Nathaniel (c) r404b Ramsey 

Davis Nethonue (c) r210 W Proctor 

Davis Paul D (Alice Y) asst eng Wm M Piatt h2218 Club blvd 

Davis Phillip H (Ida T) collr hl26 Exum 

Davis Ralph T (Kate M) carp h411 Murphy 

Davis Randall V (Lillie) slsmn h502 Rigsbee av 

Davis Raymond O (Florence) tobwkr r406 Ashton pi 

Davis Richd E elk Home Ins Agcy Inc rl500 B 

Davis Robt (c; Myrtle) lab hl504 N Hyde Park av 

Davis Robt C (Mozell V) baker Paschall's Bakery hl606 Lakewood av 

Davis Rosa tobwkr r815 N Mangum 

Davis Ruth tobwkr rll5 Morris 

Davis S Wendell (Dora M) knitter hl211 Linwood av 

Davis Saml (c) lab r418 Cozart av 

Davis Saml (c) lab rl504 N Hyde Park av 

Davis Saml (c; Sadie) lab hi 116% N Roxboro 

Davis Sarious (c) h210 W Proctor 

Davis Steph (c) lab rl410 Pine 

Davis Steph N (c; Bertha) brklyr h704 Booker 

Davis Sylvia (c) tobwkr r606 Jackson 

Davis T Milton (Retter C) meats 700 Chapel Hill rd hl009 Broad 

Davis Thos elk r505 E Main 

Davis Thos R sign mkr r201% E Main 

Davis Uless T (Roxie A) elk Elbert O Davis rl009 Broad 

Davis Vallie M (wid John P; Peoples Mkt) h505 E Main 

Davis Verlena Mrs r4l2 N Guthrie av 

Davis W Leyburn baker Paschall's Bakery r806 Parker 

Davis Wade O rl23 Exum 

Davis Walter L (c) r210 W Proctor 

Davis Wesley (c; Rosa) tobwkr hllOb Chestnut 

Davis Wilbur (c; Jessie) lab h515 Mobile av 

Davis Wilbur P (Luna) textilewkr hll03 Wall 

Davis Wm (c; Moenia) r512 Lyon 

Davis Wm (c; Mattie B) r914 Morehead av 

Davis Wm (c) cook 302 Watts 

Davis Wm (c) lab h205b Corporation 

Davis Wm (c; Ella) lab h310 Peach tree pi 

Davis Wm (c; Rosa) tobwkr hl501 Pine 

Davis Wm (c) tobwkr r210 W Proctor 

Davis Wm (c; Mary) tobwkr h404a Ramsey 

Davis Wm A (Susie B) elev opr h.215 Lyon 

Davis Wm A (Cleo) farmer hll5 S Elm 

Davis Wm C (Bertie G) textilewkr h906 12th 

Davis Wm E slsmn Singer Sewing Mach Co r Rockway av 

Davis Wm T (Hazel U) mach hll9 Adrian 

Davis Willie M (c) dom r612 Grant 

Davison see also Davidson 

DAVISON WILBURT C DR (Atala T), Dean of Medical School Duke 

University r Hope Valley, N C 
Dawkins Elbert (c) carp r402 Umstead 

DAWSON BENJ H (Ethel E), Supt Budd-Piper Roofing Co h2007 

Englewood av, Tel F-6081 

Dawson Blanche L slswn F & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc r813 6th 

Dawson Elsie A cash Tilley's Stores Inc r913 Exum 

Dawson Frank D (Ida M) mach h909 Exum 

Dawson Harvey (c; Ethel) sta atndt Chas N Harris r307 Sowell al 

Dawson Helen M student r2007 Englewood av 

Dawson Leamon F (Cathline) pntr rl501 Liberty 

Dawson Lee (c; Mamie) harnessmkr rlll3 Jackson 

Dawson Lena A r913 Exum 

Dawson Marvin H elk The Great A & P Tea Co r913 Exum 

Dawson Melton (c) rl206 4th 

Dawson Minnie Mrs r805 N Mangum 

Dawson Norman (c) lab r414 Roney 

Dawson Oscar D (Carrie L) tobwkr h913 Exum 

Dawson Otis C (Linnie) slsmn Johnson Motor Co h813 6th 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Ride the Buses 


Dawson Ronnie B (Bibbie G) ins agt h2608 Ashe 

Dawson Thos M (Eliz) tobwkr r918 Burch av 

Dawson Wm R student r2007 Englewood av 

Day Alf (c; Ida) emp The Watts Hosp r204 Gattis 

Day Bettie (c) dom rlOOO Drew 

Day Brodie (c) farmer r809 Gerard 

Day Clarence (c; Bessie) lab h205% Gould 

Day Corinna (c) tobwkr hl012 Lynchburg 

Day Corrina Mrs hl07 Lyon 

Day David R (Jennie L) h509 Bacon 

Day Eliz L (wid Wm P) rlOl Club blvd 

Day Eunice (c) r906 Thaxton av 

Day Geo R (Ada M) tank slsmn Sinclair Refining Co h2112 E Main 

Day Hallie S Mrs Indrywkr Durham Lndry Co rl09 Holloway 

Day Hillard (c) waiter r610 N Elizabeth 

Day Ida (c) tobwkr h510 Henry al 

Day John (c) waiter Benj P Pitts 801 Fayetteville 

Day John E (c; Eula) tobwkr r804 Maplewood av 

Day John T (c) rl306 D 

Day John W (c) janitor Lyon Park Graded Sch r do 

Day Kath asst catalogue Duke University Library r702 Buchanan rd 

Day Kath B h806 N Gregson apt 2 

Day Kate E Mrs r806 N Gregson apt 2 

Day Katie (c) hl205 Morehead av 

Day Katie (c) dom hl305 Union 

Day Lathan (c) rl205 Morehead av 

Day Leo (c) rl205 Morehead av 

Day Lois V r509 Bacon 

Day Maynard (c) driver Williams Funeral Home r414 Pine 

Day Robt W r509 Bacon 

Day Roosevelt (c) rl308 C 

Day Sallie (c) cook r610 N Elizabeth 

Day Wm <c; Cora) blksmith h610 N Elizabeth 

Day Wm (c) tobwkr r603 Mobile av 

Daye Callie (c) maid Duke University Hosp hlll7b 2d 

Daye Claude (c; Katie) lab hlll3 Juniper 

Daye Prizzelle (c; Callie) maid Duke University Hosp hlll7b 2d 

Daye Rosie (c) cook h702 Gray 

Deadmon Chas C rl07 N Elm 

Deadmon Homer L rl07 N Elm 

Deadmon Thos J (Georgia) rl07 N Elm 

Deal Alf tobwkr h2411 Hart 

Deal Jas A (Ella A) hlpr City Incinerator h2505 E Main 

Deal Mant (wid Steven) r809 E Trinity av 

Deal Mary J (wid Wm A) r2411 Hart 

Dean A Coy (Ruby F) textile wkr h409 Bernice 

Dean Arth T (Rosa B) textilewkr hl801 Bowen 

Dean Dayton R business mgr of athletics Duke University r Duke Sta 

Dean Eliz M sten Durham Purn Co Inc r207 Hammond 

Dean Ernest M (Rosa L) eng hl07 W Lynch 

Dean Flora V tobwkr r717 W Chapel Hill 

Dean Gordon E asst to dean of sch of law Duke University r806 N 

Dean Grace M rllOl Glenn 
Dean Ley L textilewkr r513 Bacon 
Dean Jas H (Minnie) hl013% Angier av 
Dean Junie E (Allie B) pdh h717 W Chapel Hill 
Dean Junie R (Minnie C) textilewkr h513 Bacon 
Dean M Mozelle textilewkr r513 Bacon 
Dean Roy R (Mae L) textilewkr h515 Reservoir (E Durham) 
Dean Virginia C student rl07 W Lynch 
Dean Woodrow W (Ruth) textilewkr r409 Bernice 
Deans Hubert L (Sallie A) elk Noland Co Inc h305 N Roxboro 
Deans Lonnie (c; Estelle) tobwkr hl002 Drew 
Deans Wm R (Martha S) textilewkr h720 13th 
Deaton Benj F (Daisy) knitter hlOll Angier av 
Deaton Ernest D (Nettie M) textilewkr h520 Reservoir (E Durham) 
Deaton Laura office sec Duke University r East Campus 
Deaton Mary M tchr Edgemont Graded Sch r821 2d 
Deaton Mary T (wid Edw) rl711 Vale 
Deaton Roy C (Callie) collr r520 Reservoir (E Durham) 
Deaver David P (Leta O) teller The Fidelity Bank h208 Forest Wood dx 
DeBerry Delia (c) tobwkr r701 Umstead 
Deberrv Ella (c) tobwkr r305 W Proctor 
Debnam Jeanette (c) lndrs r702 Willard 


Durham Realty and Insurance 

F.r.t Floor Trust Building MK£l» Renflls fIsb! 

Debnam Otis (c; Mabel) hlpr Henry B Gill h506 Martha 

deBruyne Anton L student rl023 Monmouth av 

deBruyne Bartel L (Marie A) tchr Durham High Sch hl023 Monmouth av 

deBruyne Jacob M rl023 Monmouth av 

deBruyne Leonora M sch tchr rl023 Monmouth av 

Dedman Lola (c) dom r310 Wake pi 

Dednam Saml B (Blanche) batterymn Rochelle's Battery & Ignition 

Service h822 N Mangum 
DeHart Jas (Lois G) coach h905 N Gregson 
Dekle Bernard S reporter Durham Herald Co Inc r312 Buchanan blvd 

apt 302 
Dekle Lester R h3!12 Buchanan blvd apt 302 
Delionback Melvin L (Lottie E) hosierywkr h218 Hargrove 
Delamar Carl D student r707 Watts 
DELAMAR CHRISTOPHER F (Jessie M), Certified Public Accountant, 

Auditor and Systematizer 310-311 Geer BIdff, 138 W Main, Tel 

F-2311 h707 Watts, Tel F-3551 
Delamar Minnie W (wid Eldad S) tchr Central Junior High Sch r508 

Milton av 
Delaney Ruth slswn r506 Gurley 
DeLone Bertha rl04 N Maple 
DeLone Virginia B textilewkr rl04 N Maple 
DeLone Wm B (Eva L) carp hl912% Lakewood av 
DeLone Wm R (Alice) carp hl04 N Maple 
Delson Estelle (c) r813 Fargo 
Dement E Claude (Helen A) knitter hl208 Wolf 
Dement Edw knitter hlOll Spruce 
Dement Herman M (Alice C) M907 Angier av 
Denby Alberta r802 N Duke 
Denman Wm (c) auto mech rl005b Glendale av 
Denning Benj P (Lela A) supplymn h413! Walker 
Denning Bettie M (wid Sidney A) h414 Toby 
Denning Blanche Mrs emp The Seeman Printery r YWCA 
Denning Eva M Mrs h219 S Alston av 

Denning Hubert S (Foye P) elk Golden Belt Mfg Co hl907 Chapel Hill rd 
Denning John B hosierywkr r219 S Alston av 
Denning Mozelle R Mrs looper r402 Morris 
Denning Ruth rllO Walker 
Denning Ruth folder r414 Toby 
Denning Theo hosierywkr r414 Toby 

Denning Wm G (Lillie B) slsmn Durham Men's Shop Inc h506 Forest 
Dennis A John (Flora B) filling sta 737 Broda hlll3 8th 
Dennis Andrew L (Fannie B) elk Pilot Motor Service h2201 Englewood av 
Dennis Annie J hosierywkr rlOl S Alston av 
Dennis Beatrice G (wid Wm J) hosierywkr hll4 S Driver av 
Dennis Chas E (Minnie O) gro h813 Ramseur 
Dennis Claiborne hosierywkr rll4 S Driver av 
Dennis Edwin J (Mabel L) electn John A Dennis r420 S Driver av 
Dennis Garage (Ralph C Dennis) auto reprs 772 9th 
Dennis Green (c; Nannie) h412 Bailey 
Dennis H Julian (Lala) gdnr supvr h2620 C 
Dennis Jas (c; Maggie) h906 Massey av 
Dennis John A (Melissa) elec contr 904 2d h do 
Dennis John S (Minnie M) electn h2120 Elba 
Dennis Leland C electn John A Dennis r904 2d 
Dennis Lucille (c) tobwkr r905 Fayetteville 
Dennis Lula L student rl018 Broad 

Dennis Mabel J Mrs cash Life & Casualty Ins Co r420 S Driver av 
Dennis Margt E bkpr Knit- Well Hosiery Mills Inc rl018 Broad 
Dennis Nora (c) tobwkr h905 Fayetteville 
Dennis R Wray (Lilla G) silkwkr h611 McMannen 
Dennis Ralph W (Lila B; Dennis Garage) filling sta 770 9th hlll4 Broad 
Dennis Robt L (c) r412 Bailey 

Dennis Saml E (Lima; Pilot Motor Service) r RD Hillsboro rd 
Dennis Troy L (Mary F) hosierywkr h307 S Elm 
Dennis Virginia R bkpr C D Kenny Co rl018 Broad 
Dennis Wm J (Lizzie; Pilot Motor Service) hl018 Broad 
Dennis Wm K (Irene S) roofer hl21l Glendale av 
Dennos Geo (Anastasia; Peoples Cafe & Lunch) h525 E Main 
Denny Frank r312 Holloway 
Denny Jas W (Willie H) mgr hl902 Erwin rd 
Denny Obey B (Eloise) truck driver r402 Cleveland 
Denos Theo restr rl09 Jones 

Denson Estelle (c) ironer Model Lndry Co r813 Fargo 
Denson Jos (Rosa I) slsmn J A Murdock Co Inc h307 Canal 


Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG. Manager 

Denson Vercy L (Thelma W) pntr h916 Hale 

Denton Claude (Lala) rl06 S Maple 

Denton .Eli W (Etta P) knitter h808 Liberty 

Denton Ida M (wid Jonas) r210 S Guthrie av 

Denton Lillie r322 Gray 

Denton Logan B (Eliz) agt Met Life Ins Co h210 S Guthrie av 

Denton Loney C (Regeta) textilewkr hl805 Angier av 

Dermott John E bkpr rl022 W Trinity av 

Dermott John V (Mary A) heating contr hl022 W Trinity av 

Dermott Ralph V student rl022 W Trinity av 

Derr Beulah M Mrs textilewkr r311 Oregon 

DeVann Jas (c) r612a Branch pi 

DeVault Wm B (Ploye A) formn Am Tob Co Inc r515 S Duke 

Devaux Edw (c; Irene) hlpr Auto Salvage Co r Old Hillsboro rd 

DeVough Jennie (c) r606 Parker 

DeVough Mary (c) tobwkr r606 Parker 

Dew Ada silkwkr r713 Eva 

Dew Ophelia tobwkr r604 Carlton av 

Dew Robenia tobwkr r604 Carlton av 

Dewberry Cleola (ci cook rl02 E Hillside av 

Dewer Emma (c) Indrs r406 Bailey 

DEWITT HENRY F (McDonald-DeWitt Ice & Coal Co), r Sandford, N C 

DeWitt Murphy millwkr r815 W Pettigrew 

Dezern Alice M silkwkr r2504 B 

Dezern Geo W (Blanche M) electa h2107 Block 

Dezern Gladys D silkwkr r2504 B 

Dezern H Ernest (Minnie) h2504 B 

Dezern Lottie L silkwkr r2504 B 

Dezern M Eliz textilewkr r rear 2014 C 

Dezern Wm A (Mary R) hlpr h2306 Gin 

Dezron Preston I (Viola) mach hl003 Worth 

Dhue Claude J (M Alice) truck driver hl516 Lathrop 

Diamond Geo (Grace; Warren's Am Cafe) h205 E Main 

Dick Allie (c) gro 1203 Hanover rl210 do 

Dick Walter L (Rosa G) trav slsmn hll2 N Dillard 

Dick Wm R (c; Allie) truck driver Frost Furn Co hl210 Hanover 

Dickens Wm (c) tobwkr r913 Scout dr 

Dickerson see also Dickinson, Dickson and Dixon 

Dickerson Alpheus (Bertie) h908 Cleveland 

Dickerson Benj (c) tobwkr rl302 Dawkins 

Dickerson Cath C Mrs hosierywkr r261l E Main 

Dickerson Emma (c) rl302 Dawkins 

Dickerson Franklin E (Margt R) formn N & W Ry Co r302 E Trinity av 

Dickerson Houston D (Elsie M) filling sta h814 N Mangum 

Dickerson Isham R (Ida J) gro 917 Willard h818 4th 

Dickerson Jack (c; Lillie) hlpr hl302 Dawkins 

Dickerson Jas L r411 Canal 

Dickerson John (c) student rl302 Dawkins 

Dickerson Landon (c; Flora) inspr h406 Nelson 

Dickerson Lonnie S bkpr r411 Canal 

Dickerson Lucy drsmkr 908 Cleveland r do 

Dickerson Wm H (Capitola) truck driver h706 Gilbert 

Dickerson Wm S (Ada) hlpr h411 Canal 

Dickey Allie G (Gwendolyn) textilewkr r406 S Elm 

Dickey Bertha (c) h51l Branch pi 

Dickey Carrie L (c) cook r511 Branch pi 

Dickey David T (Martha C) sec Dickey-Foster-Wynne Co Inc h922 

Monmouth av 
Dickey-Foster-Wynne Co Inc John C Wynne pres-treas, Saml M Foster 

v-pres, David T Dickey sec shoes 117 W Main 
Dickey J Earl r406 S Elm 

Dickey Jas (c; Lorena) auto mech h508b Greenberg al 
Dickey Louise E sten r922 Monmouth av 
Dickinson see also Dickerson, Dickson and Dixon 
Dickinson John B (Mary R) tobwkr h709 Arnette av 
Dickinson Snowdeen tobwkr r709 Arnette av 
Dickson Allen A (Nan J) ins agt h401 Forest 

Dickson Clifford L (Eliz B) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h507 S Duke 
Dickson Ida E (wid Robt P) grader New Method Lndry h2104 C 
Dickson Jas E (Myrtle H) real est h416 N Mangum 
Dickson Jessie H (wid Archibald A) h504 S Duke 
Dickson Robt P r2104 C 

Diggs David (c; Annie M) lab h617 Scoggins av 
Diggs Famey (c) lndrs r409 MtVernon 
Dilahite Lucy tobwkr r706 Wilkerson av 



Featuring the Most Attractive 45c Mid-Day Lunch 

— The Best in the City — All Varieties of Sea Food 

in Season 


Dillard Bennett H shoe repr r303! Liberty 

Dillard Bertie A r303 Liberty 

Dillard Ethel M hosierywkr r303 Liberty 

Dillard Gertie W hosierywkr r303 Liberty 

Dillard Mittie (wid Lonnie W) h303 Liberty 

Dillard Richd E (Adelaide P; Dillard's Stables) real est 218 Bigsbee av 
hl311 N Mangum 

Dillard Ruth Mrs h2415 Angier av 

Dillard's Stables (Richd E Dillard) 312 Rigsbee av 

Dillehay Ivey L (Ola B) textilewkr h810 9th 

Dillehay Olhe V (Christine) auto repr 20331 Erwin rd r Hillsboro rd 

Dillehay Olon B (Bunia L) textilewkr h2512 Mulberry 

Dillehay Robt L (Sadie) printer hl512 Angier av 

Dillenbacker Alvis (Mollie) knitter h927 E Main 

Dilley Ray E (Essie C) agency mgr h807 W Chapel Hill 

DILLON SUPPLY CO, Geo P Moore Mgr, Mill Supplies, Machinery 
and Heating Equipment 209-211 N Church, Tel L-993 

Dilts Frank B (Margt G) actuary Home Security Life Ins Co h920 Urban 

DIRECTORY LIBRARY — We maintain a complete and up-to-date 
Library of American Cities for your accommodation and con- 
venience. Chamber of Commerce 122 N Market 

Dirton Mamie (c) student nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Dismuth Carl slsmn r408 N Roxboro 

Dixie Awning & Shade Co (Alfred Brandon) 221% Foster 

Dixie Barber Shop (R Harvey Palmer) 905% Angier av 

Dixie Motor Transit Lines 315 N Mangum 

Dixie Pig Barbecue (Perel F Payne) 1314 S Duke 

Dixie Tourist Agency (Saml W Sparger) 123 W Main R704 

Dixon see also Dickerson, Dickinson and Dickson 

Dixon Alysc nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Dixon Anna (c) tobwkr r520 Matthews 

Dixon Annie (c) student r2230 Fayetteville 

Dixon Bernard (Alice) h909V 2 Pearl 

Dixon Bessie (c) tobwkr r409 Memphis 

Dixon Bonnie tobwkr r512 E Chapel Hill 

Dixon Bros (David W and Lewis A) gros 703 W Chapel Hill 

Dixon Carrie M (c) hosierywkr rl326b E Pettigrew 

Dixon Chevis H (Janie L) receiver First National Bank h Acadia cor 
Knox cir 

Dixon Clarice A r907 Jackson 

Dixon Claudie (c) tobwkr r307a W Proctor 

Dixon David W (Dixon Bros) h609 Arnette av 

Dixon Delia (wid Wm H) rl202 N Elizabeth 

Dixon Doramus (c; Mary) hlpr Harris Filling Sta hl326 E Pettigrew 

Dixon Eliz hosierywkr r909 Dale av 

Dixon Eliz H (c) dom r607 Dowd 

Dixon Ellis (c) rl326b E Pettigrew 

Dixon Emma (c) hl306 Dawkins 

Dixon Emma (c) tobwkr r714 Willard 

Dixon Esther P textilewkr r901 11th 

Dixon Ethel (c) r520 Matthews 

Dixon Fannie (c) Indrs h803! Mebane 

Dixon Fate (Ruby M) tobwkr h409 Murphy 

Dixon Flora L tobwkr rl08 Holloway 

Dixon Frank (c) tobwkr r607b Pine 

Dixon Fred (c; Alice) waiter r2112 Otis 

Dixon Haywood (c; Maggie) farmer h2230 Fayetteville 

Dixon Herbert (c) hlpr Paschall Bros 317 E Chapel Hill 

Dixon Hortense (c) cook 408 McMannen 

Dixon Jacob (Rhoda) h909 Dale av 

Dixon Jas (c) lab r607 Matthews 

Dixon Jesse L (Iola M) textilewkr h911 11th 

Dixon John (c; Theresa) lab h309 Thomasson 

Dixon John D (Eloise) real est h207 N Roxboro 

Dixon John U (Estena) textilewkr hl805 College rd 

Dixon Jordan C (Lessie M) auto mech rll4 Lyon 

Dixon Julia (wid Robt) h805 Jackson 
Dixon Landis (c; Floro) lab r406 Nelson 

Dixon Lawrence F (Alexina B) chemist h916 Monmouth av 

Dixon Lessie r917 Walnut 

Dixon Lewis A (Anna D; Dixon Bros) h907 Jackson 

Dixon Lottie (c) tobwkr r802 Maplewood av 
Dixon Louvenia (c) hl326b E Pettigrew 

Dixon Luvenia (c) r307 Sowell al 


Home Savings Bank 


JOHN SPRUNT HILL, President T. C. WOKTH, Cashier 

Dixon M Louise rl202 N Elizabeth 

Dixon Margt C sten r614 Gattis 

Dixon Margt C (wid John) r201 N Roxboro 

Dixon Margt E cash Paramount Theatre rl202 N Elizabeth 

Dixon Martha A (wid Thos G) h315 Pope 

Dixon Mary (c) dom h808 Fargo 

Dixon Mary E mus tchr r315 Pope 

Dixon McKinley (c; Bertha) lab h508 Fowler av 

Dixon Melissa (c) tobwkr r2112 Otis 

Dixon Nelson (c) tobwkr r415 Roney 

Dixon Olivia (c) sten Philip A Escoffrey r416 Lucille 

Dixon Robt (c; Nathalia) fctywkr r503a Price 

Dixon Robt E cooper r203 N Roxboro 

Dixon Roy (c) hlpr Mill Park Service Sta r511 Nelson 

Dixon Russell hosierywkr r315 (1113%) Chatham al 

Dixon Saml cc) porter Thaxton & Markham 218 Foster 

Dixon Sarah (c) dom h208 Kelly al 

Dixon Theodosia (c) tobwkr r803 Mebane 

Dixon V Eva r609 Arnette av 

Dixon Vernon hosierywkr r909 Dale av 

Dixon Victor C (Lora E) carp h2305 Long 

Dixon Virginia E cash r203 N Roxboro 

Dixon Wm (c) r520 Matthews 

Dixon Wm (c) lab r316 Dowd 

Dixon Wm H lino opr rl202 N Elizabeth 

Dixon Wyatt T (Eugenia P) reporter Durham Herald Co Inc hl202 

N Elizabeth 
Dizor J Annie dept mgr Ellis Stone & Co rl006 Arnette av 
Doak Georgia (c) tchr E Durham Sen r508 Dunbar 
Doane Millard (Lillian) bag printer h518 Barnes av 
Dobbins Jenievieve nurse 1300 Broad r do 
Doby Ethel N elk Crystal Laundry r RD 2 
Doby J Gilbert (Vera V; Crystal Laundry) r723 Eva 
Doby Jos W (Crystal Laundry) r RD 2 
Doby M Bessie (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r508 Glenn 
Dock Georgianna (c) tobwkr r918 Morehead av 
Dockery Bayless E dept mgr The Great A & P Tea Co r713 9th 
Dockery Jas (c) bus boy Washington Duke Hotel r507 S Queen 
Dockery Lacy (c; Henrietta) porter Duke University Hosp hi 203 W 

Dodd Clarence C (Emma) canvasser rl704 E Pettigrew 
Dodd Rilla (wid Jas H) hl704 E Pettigrew 

Service Dancy Motor Co Inc, 806-808 W Main, Tels L-0171 and L-4341 

Dodson B Ross (Lula E) gro 117 N Holman hl212 Morning Glory av 

Dodson Brodie D (Theresa M) mach h2026 Englewood av 

Dodson Glenn M (Hazel H) sta mgr Standard Oil Co of N J hill E 

Dodson J Clyde (Vonnie C) agt Durham Life Ins Co r RD 2 
Dodson Jas M (Sallie) trav slsmn hll3 E Lynch 
Dodson Jas M jr student rll3 E Lynch 

Dodson Margt C Mrs elk Durham Dairy Products Inc r RD 1 
Dodson W I emp Washington Duke Hotel r RD 2 
Dodson Wm (c) janitor Durham Herald Co Inc rll5 E Hillside dr 
DOHERTY HBNRY L, Pres Durham Public Service Co r6© WalL 

New York City 
Dolby Roosevelt (c) tobwkr rl030 Cornell 
Doles John W (c) r2717 Edmund 
Dollar A Ashley (Sudie) h526 McMannen 
Dollar Albert prsmn Durham Herald Co Inc r516 Forest 
Dollar Allen P (Emma H) slsmn Holland Bros h.904 Dacian av 
Dollar Benj F (Tessie) knitter r728 Liberty 
Dollar Chas r2100 C 
Dollar Chas M (Mattie) hl800 Olive 

Dollar E Floyd (Violet) slsmn New Method Lndry r Pickett rd 
Dollar Gladys R Mrs sten Wright's Automatic Tob Packing Machine 

Co r2610 Lawndale av 
Dollar Harold B r526 McMannen 
Dollar Jennie (wid Wm R) h807 Vickers av 
Dollar John steelwkr rl615 Roxboro rd 

Dollar Milton E janitor Temple Baptist Ch r807 Vickers av 
Dollar Wm F (Bettie L) brklyr h2100 C 
Dollar Wm J (Gladys R) photog r2610 Lawndale av 
Do'lehite Kate r204 Buchanan blvd 
Dolson Ardelle (c) tobwkr r601 Lucille 



"If it can be sold — it can be sold by mail" 



Dolson Jesse (c) lab h.601 Lucille 

Dolson Laura (c) dom r601 Lucille 

Dolson Leora (c) dom r601 Lucille 

Dolson Louise (c) tobwki r601 Lucille 

Dolson Pauline (c) tobwkr r806 Colfax 

Dolvy Estelle (c) r 15 14b E Pettigrew 

Dominick Bertha (wid Lonnie) h607 Belt 

Donnell Bertha <c) sch tchr rlll3 N Hyde Park av 

DONNELL CLYDE H DR (c; Martha M; BUtmore Coffee Shop), Med- 
ical Director N C Mutual Life Ins Co, Pres Biltmofe Drug Store 
Inc and V-Pres The Mortgage Co of Durham h506 Fayetteville, 
Tel J-3901 

Donnell Iva (c) sch tchr rill? N Hyde Park av 

Donnell Martha (c) dom hi 113 N Hyde Park av 

Donnell Parham (c) student rlll3 N Hyde Park av 

Dooley Guy (c; Nancy) lab hl014 4th 

Dooley Nell dietitian Duke University r do 

Doom Addie (c) tobwkr r332 Division 

Doom Win (c; Clyde) lab h610 Umstead 

Dorgan see also Dargan 

Dorgan Adeline (c) dom hl210 Kent 

Dorgans Estelle (c) rlOlO Mason 

Dority see also Daugherty Daughtry and Doherty 

Dority Clarence P (Iona G) hl406 College rd 

Dority Hazel K student rl406 College rd 

Dority Lizzie M (wid Henry R) r917 11th 

Dority Louise nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Dorman Jas T (Euna M) atndt Mill Park Service Sta r614 Ramseur 

Dorrity Eunice T agt Imperial Life Ins Co r RD 2 

Dorrity W Vernon (Hallie TJ) firemn Hose Co No 2 h2726 Hillsboro 

Dorsett see also Dossett 

Dorsett E D collr Rhodes-Collins Purn Co r Hillsboro 

Dorsett Louis P (Prankie) collr Rhodes-Collins Purn Co hll03 Simmons 

Dorsey Thos B room elk Duke University r West Campus 

Dorton Peter (Evelyn; Goody Shop) h512 Buchanan blvd 

Doss E Monroe (Mary V) textilewkr h.1102 Taylor 

Dossett see also Dorsett 

Dossett Annie E (wid Jas E) h221 Dacian av 

Dossett Eug rll9 Morris 

Dossett Grover N (Dossett & Shaw) r RD 2 

Dossett Jas W roofer r221 Dacian av 

Dossett John T (Lizzie H; Dossett & Shaw) hl428 Broad 

Dossett Raymond S r221 Dacian av 

Dossett & Shaw (Edwin J Shaw, John T and Grover N Dossett) gros 
1432 Broad 

Doston Beulah (c) dom r613 Pine 

Douglas Bessie (c) dom rllO Haywood 

Douglas Jas (c; Emma) lab hi 10 Peachtree pi 

Douglas Lawrence (c; Delia) lab h307 Roney 

Douglas Thos (c; Lillie) tob wkr hl04A Division 

Douglas Thos B (Lila W) elk The Peabody Drug Co Inc M016 6th 

Doull John A (Mary; Bowen Hotel) r201% E Main 

Dove Dixon (c; Annie B) tob wkr h404 Roney 

Dove Jane topper rl07 S Guthrie av 

Dove Larry (c) r505 Lyon 

Dove Lizzie (c) dom r408 Roney 

Dove Ossie (c) dom hl604B E Pettigrew 

Dove Ruth M (c) dom r308 Hunt 

Dowd John A (Cordie I) slsmn Five Points Purn Co hl706 Gunter 

Dowd Nova nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Dowd Wilbert textile wkr rll9 Lyon 

Dowdee Cath Mrs dept mgr R L Baldwin Co h308 Oakwood av 

Dowdee Evelyn r326 Green 

Dowdee Hazel L slswn S H Kress & Co r703 N Queen 

Dowdee Herman H (Myrdie E) slsmn h326 Green 

Dowdee John W (Vera) h703 N Queen 

Dowdee Leon L (Cath) coal h308 Oakwood av 

Dowdee Wallace J msngr W U Teleg Co r703 N Queen 

Dowdy Jas R jr (Monnie A) formn Durham Herald Co Inc IU206 Hollo- 

Dowdy John R (Denie) carp hl401 Holloway 

Dowdy Lillian W rl401 Holloway 

Dowdy Louis W appr Durham Herald Co Inc rl401 Holloway 

Dowdy Margt L tob wkr rl401 Holloway 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASCHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Dowdy Martha N Mrs hl305 Angier av 

Dowdy Maybelle silkwkr rl401 Holloway 

Dowdy Norman wtchmn -r605 N Hyde Park av 

Dowdy Vallie tob wkr r605 N Hyde Park av 

Dowdy Decie silkwkr rl401 Holloway 

Downey Cary (c) cook h rear 308 Matthews 

Downey Harry (c; Cora L) tob wkr rlll8 Jackson 

Downey John (c; Sallie) tob wkr h614 Rav al 

Downey Marshall L (Lula P) carp h2210 Hart 

Downey Melda A (wid John W) rl201 S Alston av 

Downey Olivia P hosiery wkr rl201 S Alston av 

Downey Robt T (Mary P) formn Durham Hosiery Mills r RD 6 

Downey Rosa (c) r606A Mobile av 

Downey Rosa (c) cook 2009 Club blvd 

Downey Wm T slsmn Gulf Refining Co hl201 S Alston av 

Downey Zachariah R (Ada) slsmn Gulf Refining Co r RD 1 

Downing Annie L mach opr r721 Burch av 

Downs Chas (c; Ruby) tob wkr hl008 Lynchburg 

Downs Jas (O lab rlOOS Lynchburg 

Dowsett Fannie r524 Holloway 

DOYLE FLORISTS (Thos O'B and Wm M Doyle Jr), Leading Florists 

HO W Main, Day and Night, Tel L-965 
Doyle Thos O'B (Marie D; Doyle Florists) hl522 Hermitage ct 
Doyle Wm M jr (Doyle Florists) r Lynchburg Va 
Dozier Meekins (c) dom rl502 Glenn 

Chas B White V-Pres, A T Browne Sec-Treas, 125 Morgan, Tel J- 

Drake Gertrude (c) tob wkr r511 E Proctor 
Drake Luther (c; Janie) lab r317y 2 Dowd 
Drake Sarah E (wid Marshall H) rlllO Holloway 
Drakeford W W slsmn The Durham Gas Co r202 S Dillard 
Drane Jas (Ca-ssie L) r615 Yancey 
Drane Jas P (Eula R) mach h2113 Currin av 
Drane L May tob wkr r2113 Currin av 
Draper Dorothy E liosierywkr rlOlO Taylor 
Draper Lonnie A (Lula) hosierywkr hlOlO Taylor 
Draper Lonnie M rlOlO Taylor 
Draper Norman H hosierywkr rlOlO Taylor 
Draughan Chas B (Alice) spinner h920 Orient 
Draughan Lee A (Edna C) elk Wm S Colclough h215 W Trinity av 
Draughan Marie textilewkr r906 Orient 
Draughan Miles r906 Orient 
Draughan Ralph B (Sarah) h807 Foster 
Draughon Andrew J (Rosa P) real est hi 101 W Main 
Draughon Dallie W (Ruth) hl009 North 
Draughon Estelle L elk Central Jr High Sch rl008 North 
Draughon Georgia elk Cody H Smith r806 Frederick 
Draughon Lillie R (wid Chas H) hl008 North 
Draughon Lonnie C (Ella) whol gro hl013 W Main 
Draughon Lucile B student rl013 W Main 
Draughon Maybelle student rl013 W Main 
Draughon Nonie Mrs hosierywkr r413 E Trinity av 
Draughon Robt Y slsmn r413' E Trinity av 
Draughon Rosalie student rllOl W Main 

Draughon Wells R (Vena E) with Durham Life Ins Co h709 E Trinity av 
Drawhorn Edgar R (Lloyd M) truck driver r327 South 
Dresher O Larue (Grace) slsmn hlllO W Chapel Hill 
Dressel Francis G instr Duke University r do 
Driscoll John E auditor Durham Hotel Corp r Hotel Malbourne 
Driver Blanche C (wid Wm M) hosierywkr hl05 N Goley 
Driver Myrtice (wid Chas T) h2116 E Main 
Driver Steph H millwkr hl08 N Blacknall 

Driver Thos D (Hattie V) sheet metal wkr h410 N Elizabeth 
Drye D Victor chf sta opr City Water Dept r Flat River 
Dublin Lurinza (c) dom h808B Pickett 
DuBose David StP (Velinda H) treas Durham Hosiery Mills h W Forest 

Hills blvd nr Oak dr 
Dubuc Wilfred mach opr r906 Broad 
Duckett Alf F v-pres-mgr The Peabody Drug Co Inc r Washington 

Duke Hotel 
Dudley Callie (c) maid r907 Whitted 

Dudley Jas (c) emp Washington Duke Hotel r403 Umstead 
Dudley John M (Mabel P) watchmkr Jones & Frasier Co h506 Buchanan 

blvd apt 6 



the City 


Its Gates 

Copies of 
this Direc- 
tory are 




in cities 

all over the 






PHONE F-3931 

Dudley Thos E agt Continental Life Ins Co r505 E Main 

Dugger Wm H Rev (c; Kittie) hll04 Mason 

Duggins Eug (c) porter Edgemont Barber Shop r708 E Pettigrew 

Duke Buster hlpr r918 Eva 

Duke Carlton W transmissionmn Am Tel & Teleg Co r618 Gattis 

Duke Carrie (c) tob wkr r913 Scout dr 

Duke Chas r922 Broad 

Duke Chas E textilewkr r2100 Hillsboro rd 

Duke Clifford E (Bettie E) textile wkr h711 13th 

Duke Edw (Viola) knitter h717 Eva 

Duke Edw G (Rosa L) textilewkr h922 Broad 

Duke Eliz P student r607 S Duke 

Duke Gladys r918 Eva 

Duke Glenna L Mrs textile wkr r311 Oregon 

Duke Henry E rl709 N Roxboro 

Duke Iris (c) dom rl401 Buchanan rd 

Duke Jos J (Lillian I) formn h607 S Duke 

Duke Laura (wid Robt) hl709 N Roxboro 

Duke Lewis (c; Dora) lab hl401 Buchanan rd 

Duke Lillie I rl06 Buchanan blvd 

Duke Louise L sten County Sheriff r607 S Duke 

Duke Malachi (c) rl401 Buchanan rd 

Duke Mary L nurse 1102 Virginia av r do 

Pastor, Services 11 A M, Sunday School 9:30 A M 500 W Chapel Hill, 
Tel L-1091 

Duke Mollie Mrs r711 13th 

Duke Nolie F (wid Wm H) hl05 S Alston av 

Duke Power Co David B Bond sta supt sub sta Orient at N&WRy 

Duke R Denton (Margt S) mgr Miller-Jones Co rl012 Minerva 

Duke Sarah P (wid Benj N) h403 W Chapel Hill 

DUKE UNIVERSITY (Formerly Trinity College), Wm P Few LLD Pres, 
East Campus W Main, West Campus Duke University rd, Tel F-131 
(See page 3) 

Duke University Campus ss W Main ft Buchanan blvd and Broad 

DUKE UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, West Campus Duke University rd, Tel 

Dukes Chas A adv mgr Duke University rlll3 Alabama 

Dukes Haywood (Hospital Pharmacy) r Hillsboro 

Dula Wm C (Elise M; The Messenger) r915 Club blvd 

DUN R G & CO, L M Gerling Mgr, The Mercantile Agency 209 S Mc- 
Dowell, Raleigh, N C 

Dunaway Inc J Ivan Beck pres W Alex Blackwood v-pres John W Dun- 
away sec-treas printers 114 Morgan 

Dunaway John W sec-treas Dunaway Inc rll4 Morgan 

Duncan Bee (c) r505 S Queen 

Duncan Benj T (Frances) bus opr r609 Primitive 

Duncan Edwin L r718 Burch av 

Duncan Exie D sten rll6 E Lynch 

Duncan Fred M (Gladys S) formn Golden Belt Mfg Co hlll6 Oval dr 

Duncan Jane r301 S Driver av 

Duncan John H (Maud M) roadwkr h709 E Main 

Duncan Jos P (Mozelle; Ham & Duncan Mkt) r414 Morris 

Duncan Josephine Mrs assorter Model Lndry Co r2018 Englewood av 

ORD SERVICE (Margaret Duncan), 213 Loan & Trust Bldg 212 W 
Main, Tel L-6371 

Duncan Margt (Margt Duncan Advertising Stenographic & Record Serv- 
ice) rll6 E Lynch 

Duncan Mollie E Mrs nurse 718 Burch av r do 

Dunoan Rinthia W (wid Wm A) hi 16 E Lynch 

Duncan S Jos (Mollie E) mill mech h718 Burch av 

Duncan Theo R (c) mech Fayetteville Street Garage r208 Moore 

Duncan Wm E pipe coverer r805 Burch av 

Duncan Wm J (Lessie M) fixer Durham Hosiery Mills hl05 S Elm 

Dunham C Elliott elk Five Points Fruit Store r307 Liberty 

Dunham Edgar W (Lizette T) bkpr hl806 Erwin rd 

Dunham Edna A nurse 1302 Broad r do 

Dunham Jas M (Lettie A) silk wkr r408 Forest 

Dunham Jesse (c; Zola L) porter Hotel Malbourne h414 Piedmont av 

Dunham Lulu (c) student nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Dunigan see also Dunnegan and Dunnigan 

Dunigan Annie M (c) tchr E Durham Sch r616 Price 

Dunigan Chas H (c; Merma) plstr h616 Price 

Dunigan Gus (c) tmstr h805 Glendale av 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Appliances, Fixtures and Supplies 



Dunigan Lola (c) rill E Proctor 

Dunigan Patsy (c) tob wkr h804V2A Glendale av 

Duningan Wm (c; (Louise) lab h203 Corporation 

Dunlap Arth (c; Elsie) tob wkr h202 Haywood 

Dunlap Jas G (c; Sarah) h2408 Shirley 

Dunlap Jos (c) r815 Fargo 

Dunlao Mitchell (c) hlpr Master Service Sta r203 Piedmont av 

Dunlap Richd G (c; Essell M) brklyr h402 TJmstead 

Dunlap Ruby (c) tobwkr r608 South 

Dunn Alex (Ella) textile wkr h2703 Edmund 

Dunn Archie L (Lola B) textile wkr h2200 Gin 

Dunn Bessie D textile wkr r705 11th 

Dunn Bettie (c) rl214 Moreland av 

Dunn Chas D (Roxie E) knitter h916 Eva 

Dunn Clarence (c; Alberta) lab r308 W Cobb 

Dunn Cora M Mrs tob wkr h610 Ramseur 

Dunn Earl B hosiery wkr r610 Ramseur 

Dunn Edw (c; Nora) lab h605 S Elm 

Dunn Essie M textile wkr r705 11th 

Dunn Flossie (c) tob wkr h802 Gerard 

Dunn Geo T (Myrtle M) tob wkr r610 Ramseur 

Dunn German (c; VanDell) fctywkr r913 Willard 

Dunn Glenora (c) dom rl003 Ferrell 

Dunn Irluna (c) rl008 Thaxton av 

Dunn Jas L (c; Caroline) porter The Fidelity Bank hl012 Thaxton av 

Dunn Jas L jr (c) pntr rl012 Thaxton av 

Dunn Jocie V r505 Jackson 

Dunn John (c; Susie) gdnr h726 Walnut 

Dunn Jos (c) orderly Duke University Hosp r605 S Elm 

Dunn Lenelyer (c) janitor First Natl Bank bldg hl003 Ferrell 

Dunn Lexie L (Lena L) textilewkr h803 N Duke 

Dunn Lillie (c) dom r812 Mebane 

Dunn Lonnie (c) tob wkr r914A Whitted 

Dunn Lottie M r705 11th 

Dunn Lucian L r803 N Duke 

Dunn Lucy (c) tob wkr h812 Mebane 

Dunn Mamie (c) dom h419 Henry al 

Dunn Manley (c; Mamie) h508 Bloom pi 

Dunn Mary (c) lndrs r801 South 

Dunn Maude W student r509 Milton av 

Dunn Maude W Mrs prin North Durham Sch h509 Milton av 

Dunn Minerva E r705 11th 

Dunn Minnie M textilewkr rl517 Caswell pi 

Dunn Myrtle hosierywkr r2703 Edmund 

Dunn Nathaniel (c; Mamie) janitor White Rock Baptist Ch h409 Brant 

Dunn Percy Mrs r704 Cleveland 

Dunn Raymond T (Thelma) textilewkr hill S Elizabeth 

Dunn Robt G (Lorena) pntr D C May h714 North 

Dunn S Roxie (wid Wesley) h705 11th 

Dunn Saml (Julia A) tob wkr h505 Jackson 

Dunn Stella M textile wkr r2200 Gin 

Dunn Raymond T (Thelma M) textilewkr hill S Elizabeth 

Dunn Rosa (c) dom h703 Gray 

Dunn W Burrell r509 Milton av 

Dunnagan see also Dunigan Dunnegan and Dunnigan 

Dunnagan Iola (wid Jethro) asst Duke Univ Hosp r2821 Hillsboro rd 

Dunnagan Jesse T (Lucile) agt Imperial Life Ins Co h2823 Hillsboro rd 

Dunnagan Kermit E student r3001 Hillsboro rd 

Dunnagan Norman L (Velner) asst dist mgr Imperial Life Ins Co h2806 

Lawndale av 
Dunnagan Norman R (Addie B) filter plant opr Citv Water Wks h3001 

Hillsboro rd 
Dunnegan Adolphus E (Addie) meat ctr D S Miller & Son hlll4 Watts 
Dunnegan Cassie B tob wkr rl406 N Duke 
Dunnegan Clyde S technician rl406 N Duke 
Dunnegan Ernest E textilewkr hl406 N Duke 


Phones L-9II and L-9 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 

Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 

§ s 

F O 

i 5*3 

M 1 


5*p t^* £ 

I > po ° 

g 2 / ma s X 
o K C J o 

"0 • 2 

O |xzaaE$ O 

-0 +T* 2 

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1 C3 o 



> fr™"* X 
2 L 




O J»""™i P 

Z*T1 I 

5" S 

t? I»™l c 


fc/i 3 

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* — 

3 cs 

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_l c/> 

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III 1 

-J </> 







E Q 


o _ 


09 «• 



a 2 






5- 1 



— 1 






Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Dunnegan Hassie C rl406 N Duke 

Dunnegan Octavia B tob wkr rl406 N Duke 

Dunnegan Virginia D hostess Ellis-Stone Beauty Shoppe rl406 N Duke 

Dunnigan Bertha (c) cook h507 Corporation 

Dunnigan Bessie (wid John) r520 Gordon 

Dunnigan Cath (e) cook r507 Corporation 

Dunnigan Mary J (c) tob wkr h202A Kelly al 

Dunnigan Obie (c) r512 Matthews 

Dunnigan Ralph tob wkr r818 Cleveland 

Dunnigan Texana (c) r903 Willard 

Dunnigan Theo (c) auto mech r208 Moore 

Dunnigan Worth (c; Mildred) farmer h408 Mincey 

Dunston Chas (c) tob wkr r331 Division 

Dunston Chester (c) butler hll09 South 

Dunston Donnie (c) tob wkr h2309 W Pettigrew 

Dunston Floretta W (c) student r716 Glenn 

Dunston Flossie E (c) h716 Glenn 

Dunston Julius (c; Bessie) lab h807 Pickett 

Dunston Lena M (c) dom r8A Adams av 

Dunston Nathaniel (c) furn repr r424 Piedmont av 

Dunston Steph (c; Susie) hosiery wkr h505 Fowler av 

Dunston Stetson (c; Ida) fctywkr h911 Willard 

Dunston Wm (c) janitor Durham High Sch h424 Piedmont av 

Dunston Wm (c) lab rll09 South 

Dunston Willie (c) hairdrsr 424 Piedmont av r do 

Dupre Annie F (wid Jas H) hll06 S Alston av 

Dupree Bertie J rll06 S Alston av 

Dupree Delos hosierywkr rl09 N Alston av 

Dupree Henry N police rll5 S Briggs av 

Dupree Jas C (Iola F) hosierywkr rll06 S Alston av 

Dupree Otho L (Etta P) knitter hll09 S Alston av 

DuPriest Jas H (Mary) hoisting eng h2208 C 

Durham Alex D (c; Jeannette) farmer hl312 Pine 

Durham Baseball Park ws N Driver av nr West 

Durham Beni F (Lila R) testbdmn Interstate Tel & Teleg Co M703 

Chapel Hill rd 
Durham Bernice W student rl209 Liberty 
Durham Blue Printers (Hunter H Jones) 406% W Main 
DURHAM BOND & MORTGAGE CO, Dallas W Newsom Pres, Chas S 

Allen Sec-Mgr John R Holloway Treas, 415 First National Bank 

Bldff 123 W Main, Tel L-0331 
Durham Book & Stationery Co (M Eugene Newsom) 112 W Main 
Durham Bowling Center oprs Bull City Bowling Center Herman C Nolen 

mgr 316 E Chapel Hill 

Murray), 346-348 Roney, Tel J-9821 

DURHAM BUILDERS SUPPLY CO, Richd S Slattery Mgr. Milton av 
at W Main, Tel L-8551 

Durham Building & Investment Co Isham F Hill pres Wm G Frasier 
v-pres Thos F Hill sec-treas 111 N Market 

Durham Cafe (Geo L and Thos S Kerlis) 217 E Main 

Durham Camp No 15845 M W of A W F Capps elk meets 1st and 3d Tues- 
days 8 p m 107 N Market 

DURHAM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, C Carlyle Council Pres, S Parks 
Alexander 1st V-Pres, M Arnold Briggs 2d V-Pres, Frank A Pierson 
Sec, Norman C Carlton Treas, Washington Duke Hotel 122 N Market, 
Tels F-149 and F-140 

Durham Chapter No 48 RAM W L Pridgen sec meets 3d Thursday 8pm 
105 S Roxboro 

Durham Chapter No 546 UCT meets 2d and 4th Saturdays 214 E Main 

Durham Chas C (Geneva E) hosierywkr h418 Toby 


"A Purpose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

K. S. PHILLIPS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 


CITY HALL, 120-134 Morris 

Auditor Clarence J Jones City Hall Rll 

Board of Education Wm H Wannamaker chairmn, M Arnold Briggs, 
Gilbert C White, Kemo P Lewis, Mrs Mamie D Walker, John T Sal- 
mon, members, City Hall R14 

Building and Plumbing Inspector John T Still City Hall R4 

Clerk Chas B Alston City Hall RIO 

Council. Hon Delos W Sorrell chairmn. G Watts Hill. Wm C Lyon, 
Young E Smith, Wm P Carr, Arth M Harris, Kenneth U Bryan, J 
Franklin Barfield, G Emory Isaacs, Aubrey P Wiggins, Jas E Carpen- 
ter, Angus H McDonald, J Ivon Beck, members, City Hall (2d fl) 

DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS, Herbert W Kueffner, 3 City Hall 
124 Morris, Tel F-171 

Electrical Inspector Chester S Whitaker City Hall R4 

Engineer Herbert W Kueffner City Hall R2-3-5 

FIRE DEPARTMENT, Frank W Bennett Chf, Benjamin C Canada 
Asst Chf. 212 N Mangum, Tels For Fire Only Dial 116, For Business 
J-5431, Engine Co No 1, Hook and Ladder No 1 and Aerial Truck Co, 
Chas H Ross Lieut, 212 N Mangum, Hose Co No 2, Claude H Turner 
Capt, 618 W Main, Hose Co No 3, J Otho Veasey Capt, 527 E Main, 
Engine Co No 4, Claude A Wicker Capt, 619 McMannen 

Health Department Dr Jesse H Epperson supt Court House (3d fl) 

Incinerator Marvin A Gunter supt 2529 E Main branches 1201 Cates 
Shaw nr Cobb and 1216 3d 

Jail Wm L Wilburn jailor Court House (4th fl) 

Juvenile Court Hon Wilbert H Young judge Court House (3d fl) 

Machinist Fred L Hunter City Hall (bsmt) 

Manager Robt W Flack City Hall RIO 

Market Luther O Boswell custodian 218-224 Foster 

Mayor Delos W Sorrell 128 W Main R203-205 

POLICE DEPARTMENT, George W Proctor Chief, basement Court 
House, Tel 171 

Probation Officer Geo M Clark Court House (3d fl) 

PURCHASING AGENT, Arthur T Crutchfield, 1 City Hall 124 Mor- 
ris, Tel F-171 

Recreation Department Clarence R Wood supt City Hall R16 

SCHOOLS. Frank M Martin Supt, 14 City Hall 124 Morris, Tels F-Wl 
and F-175 

TAX COLLECTOR, James R Patton. 6 City Hall 124 Morris, Tel F- 

Treasurer Chas B Alston City Hall RIO 

WATER DEPARTMENT, John C Michie Supt, 8 City Hall 124 Mor- 
ris, Tel F-3371 

Water Works (pumping sta) John H Sugg chf eng Hillandale rd nr 
DURHAM CLOTHING CO (Successors to Masters & Agee; Sidney A 

Maynard), 109B S Mangum 
Durham Coal Co Arth L Caldwell ores Russell N Barringer sec-treas 

2509 W Pettigrew 
cious, Refreshing, Invigorating, W Main cor Buchanan Blvd. Tel J- 
7341 (See back cover and page 35) 
Durham College of Commerce Mrs Carrie C Lednum pres 334% W Main 
Durham Collie C (Ollie L) elk Durham Hosiery Mill h717 Broad 
Durham Colored Library Hattie B Wooten librarian 501 Fayetteville 
Durham Commandery No 3 KT W L Pridgen sec meets 1st Thursday 

8 p m 105 S Roxboro 
Durham Cotton Manufacturing Co Inc J Harper Erwin pres J Sprunt 

Hill v-pres Young E Smith sec-treas 2002 E Pettigrew 

Durham Council No 7 R&SM W L Pridgen sec meets 2d Monday 8pm 

105 S Roxboro 

COURT HOUSE, E Main se cor Church 

Auditor Dallas W Newsom Court House (1st fl) 

Supt, 3d floor Court House, Tel J-8921) 

Board of Commissioners Arth J Barbee sec Court House (1st fl) 

BOARD OF EDUCATION. Dr Wm I Cranford Chairman, James B 
Mason, H Grady Hedrick, Theron O Sorrell, H Lee Umstead Mem- 
bers, Luther H Barbour Sec. 3d floor Court House, Tel J-0781 

Board of Health Saml D McPherson chairmn Robt L Felts sec Chas 
H Livengood, J T Hicks, L Watts Norton, Thos C Worth. Robt H 
Sykes members. Court House (3d fl) 

Court Stenographer Miriam B Cox Court House (2d fl) 







H ?3 





~ l T5 









C 3 




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0) g 




warn ft. 







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(A H 





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s ©3 


<3 1 

l< 11 - 







a z 



$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Dentist John T Underwood Court House (3d fl) 
Farm Demonstration Agent W Ulmer Smith agt 801 Gilbert 
Food Inspectors Beni F Rowland Court House (3d fl) 
HEALTH DEPARTMENT, Dr Jesse H Epperson Supt, 3d floor Court 

House, Tel F-4811 
Home Demonstration Agent Rose E Bryan agt 801 Gilbert 
Jail E Percy Parrish jailor Court House (4th fl) 
Juvenile Court Hon Wilbert H Young judge Court House (3d fl) 
Manager Dallas W Newsom Court House (1st A) 
Milk Inspector Jas C James Court House (3d fl) 
Physician Herbert J Gorham Court House (3d fl) 
Probation Officer Geo M Clark Court House (3d fl) 
Purchasing Agent Dallas W Newsom Court House (1st fl) 
RECORDER'S COURT, Hon James R Patton Jr Judge, Samuel O Riley 

Clk. 2d floor Court House, Tel J-4801 
REGISTER OF DEEDS, Arthur J Barbee, 1st floor Court House, Tel 

Sanitary Inspectors Thos O Weaver. Onwood B Gurganus, Chas C 

Chandler Court House (3d fl) 
SHERIFF. Eugene G Belvin, 1st floor Court House, Tel F-6421 
Superintendent of Schools Luther H Barbour Court House (3d fl) 
SUPERIOR COURT (Judges Alternating:), Wilbert H Young- Clk, 2d 

floor Court House, Tel J-1931 
Superior Court Clerk Wilbert H Young Court House (1st fl) 
TAX COLLECTOR, Wm T Pollard, 1st floor Court House, Tel L-696I) 
TAX SUPERVISOR, James J Lawson, 1st floor Court House, Tel J-1351 
Treasurer Jos D Pridgen Court House (1st fl) 
Veterinary Inspector Crawford P Caldwell Court House (3d fl) 
V-Pres, Virgil J Ashbaugh Sec-Treas, 510 Memorial cor Gregson, Tel 
L-955 (See backbone and page 39) 
Durham David E (Rosa A) gro 123 W Chapel Hill h811 do 
Durham Delia (c) tobwkr r914 Scout dr 
Durham Dog & Cat Clinic (Carey L Bell) 424 Morgan 
Durham Dry Goods Co (Nathan Lieberman) women's clothes 347% W 

Treas, Wm H Clegg Mgr, Commercial -Industrial and Residential Elec- 
tric Work, 122 W Parrish, Tel J-4351 (See right top lines and page 40) 
Durham Eliz S cash White House Meat Mkt rllO Exum 
Durham Ellen (c) sch tchr r818 Chapel Hill rd 
DURHAM ENGRAVING CO (Chas W Spann), Photo Engravers 106% 

W Chapel Hill Tel L-7881 
Durham Farmers Mutual Exchange Clifford W Tilson mgr 801 Gilbert 
Durham Floyd T (Annie B) textile wkr h2018 Yearby av 
Durham Foundry & Machine Works (John T Kerr) 308 E Pettigrew 
Durham Fredk L> (Jessie L) textile wkr h.2602 Mulberry 
Durham Fruit & Produce Co Inc Mannes D Munn (Rocky Mount N C) 
pres Clarence A Griffin (Rocky Mount N C) v-pres Wm E Griffin 
sec-treas-mgr S Dillard se cor Ramseur 
Durham Furniture Co Inc D C May pres D Murphy Smith sec Howaid A 

Newcomb treas Essie M Baldwin supt 513 Morgan 
DURHAM GAS CO THE, Lewis T W Timberlake Mgr, Gas, Light, Heat 
and Power. GenI Offices 323 E Chapel Hill, Tel N-121, Plant 900 Gil- 
bert, Tel F-0301 
Durham Geo W (c) lab r2223 W Pettigrew 
Durham Gladys M bkpr Jones-Council Co r YWCA 
Durham Glass Works (Thos B and Raymond B Johnson) 116 N Church 
Durham Hebrew Cemetery 1106 Morehead av 

Durham Helen (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch r818 Chapel Hill rd 
Durham Henry S (Grace M) slsmn h209 Elliott 

DURHAM HERALD CO INC, C Carlyle Council Pres-Treas, Publrs The 
Durham Morning Herald and The Durham Sun 115-119 N Market, 
Tel F-115 
Durham High School W Franklin Warren prin N Duke nr Gloria av 
Durham Home Builders Inc Edw T Newton pres Mrs Margie W Blalock 

sec-treas 110y 2 N Corcoran R4 
Durham Hosiery Mills Austin H Carr pres Wm F Carr v-pres-sec David 
StP DuBose treas Wm J O'Connor jr asst sec Ernest M Hunter jr asst 
treas Main Office 803 Angier av 
Durham Hosiery Mills No 1 D Floyd Burns supt 803 Angier av. No 6 Mont 
J Bright supt 306 Walker, No 14 D Floyd Burns sunt 115 S Corco- 
ran, dye house Wm R Patton sunt 710 Gilbert 



Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires — Exlde Batteries 

115 N. DUKE ST. TEL. N-173 

Durham Hotel Corp The Everett J Bugg pres E Blackwell Bugg v-pres 
Jones Puller sec owners and operators Hotel Malbourne 225 E Main 

DURHAM ICE CREAM CO INC, James H Baer Pres. Hallette L Baer V- 
Pres-Mgr, James G Baldwin Sec-Treas 800 W Main, Tel L-963 

Durham Ida (c) h915 Thaxton av 

Durham Industrial Bank Walter P Budd pres Basil M Watkins v-pres 
Gordon M Carver cash 217 W Main 

Durham Insurance Service Co Alonzo P Carlton pres Kennie U Bryan v- 
pres Theron O Sorrell sec-treas 128 W Main R221 

Durham Irene (c) r512 S Queen 

Durham Iron Works Inc Wm R Kuker pres-treas Geo H Myers sec 712 
E Main 

Durham Jas E (Mattie) slsmn h2201 University dr 

Durham Jas M (Nancy R) firemn Hose Co No 2 hl917 Chapel Hill rd 

Durham Jas M jr elk rl917 Chapel Hill rd 

Durham Jessie Mrs lndrywkr White Star Lndry r2602 Mulberry 

Durham Jos S (Mollie T) st sunt hl817 Palmer 

Durham Julia (c) sch tchr rl312 Pine 

DURHAM LAUNDRY CO, Horace W O'Shea Mgr, S Gregson cor Pea- 
body, Tel L-991 

Durham Lena Mrs h421 N Mangum 

Durham Life Insurance Co Jonathan H Hall dist mgr 128 W Main R320 

Durham Lizzie (c) nurse rl401 Buchanan rd 

Durham Lizzie L rl016 Alabama 

DURHAM LOAN & TRUST CO, John Sprunt Hill Chairman of Board, 
George Watts Hill Pres, Wm W Sledge V-Pres and Trust Officer, Hal 
W Boring Sec-Treas, B R Roberts Credit Mgr, James B Cole Asst 
Sec-Treas, E Y Cox Asst Trust Officer, 1st Floor Loan & Trust Bldg 
212 W Main, Tel F-6821 (See left top lines and page 34) 

Durham Lodge No 1 RKKD (c) Earlie Carlton sec meets 1st and 3d Fri- 
days 8 p m 809 Fayetteville (3d fl) 

Durham Lodge No 352 AF&AM W L Pridgen sec meets 2d and 4th Tues- 
days 8 p m 105 S Roxboro 

Durham Lodge No 568 BPOE Milton McLaurin sec meets Mondays 8pm 
214 E Main 

Durham Lodge No 679 Loyal Order of Moose meets Thursdays 8pm 
107 N Market 

DURHAM LUMBER CO, Dillard C Mitchell Pres, Robert H Cowan Sec, 
Dillard C Mitchell Jr Treas, 1708 Vale, Tels L-9S7 and L-958 

Durham Mamie (c) tobwkr r704 Pine 

Durham Marble Works (Chas J Hulin) monumental wks 1501 Chapel 
Hill rd 

Durham Mary E hosierywkr rl209 Liberty 

Durham Mary E (wid Jos J .ir) hl707 Pace 

Durham Mary G tobwkr rl04 Case 

Durham Mattress Co Inc Leroyal D Rogers pres Mrs Annie L Clark v- 
pres Benj J Brogden sec-treas Peace nr E Trinity av 

Durham Men's Shop Inc Harry Van Straaten mgr clothing 111 W Main 

DURHAM MERCHANTS ASSN INC THE, Baxter H Miller Pres, Norman 
C Carlton V-Pres, Opal F Allen Sec-Treas, Mercantile Agency 218- 
219 Loan & Trust Bldg 212 W Main, Tels L-989 and L-980 

Durham Minnie E textilewkr r312 Chase 

DURHAM MORNING HERALD THE (Daily and Sunday), C Carlyle 
Council Genl Mgr, 115-119 N Market, Tel F-115 

Durham Nancy dietitian r YWCA 

Durham Notion Co Inc Nathaniel E Faucette pres-mgr Robt K Ferrell 
sec 113% E Parrish 

Durham Nurseries (Wm T Rice) office 1202 Maryland av 

Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co Colbert H Burnett sec-treas Marvin B 
Burnett mgr 303 South 

Durham Petroleum Co (Chas N Harris) end S Goley 

Durham Phoebe (c) h2223 W Pettigrew 

Durham Plumbing Co (Geo T McCracken) 116 S Corcoran 

Durham Post No 7 American Legion Jas R Stone commander meets 2d 
and 4th Mondays 8 p m 107 N Market 

Durham Poultry & Egg Market (C Saml Swartz) 615 Fayetteville and 225 

DURHAM PUBLIC LD3RARY. Clara M Crawford Librarian, 311 E Main, 
Tel F-4411 

DURHAM PUBLIC SERVICE CO, Henry L Doherty Pres, Robert L Lind- 
sey V-Pres-Genl Mgr, Allen W Gradv Sec-Treas, Lee C Goodwin SIs- 
mgr, John J Strickland Jr Genl Supt, Bus Transportation, Electrical 
Apparatus and Appliances and Ice Mfrs, Offices N Mangum corner E 
Parrish, Tels F-151, Ice Plant F-8961, Power Plant F-154, Car Barns 
F-3501 (See right top lines and page Z) 




So 50 

p— « 

>— i 




m 3?5 




























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i : 





















Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service — Always Open 

Durham Publishing Co Walter W Weaver pres Mrs Mabel M Weaver v- 
pres Henrietta Weaver sec-treas printers 113 E Peabody 

Durham Ranson (c) lab rl009B 4th 

DURHAM REALTY & INSURANCE CO, George Watts Hill Pres, Al- 
phonsus Cobb V-Pres and Mgr Real Est Dept, Wm S Markham Mgr 
Ins Dept, B R Roberts Sec-Treas. W A Lutz Asst Sec-Treas 1st Floor 
Loan & Trust Bldg 212 W Main, Through to W Parrish, Tels Ins 
Dept F-9131, Real Estate and Rentals F-9361 (See left top lines and 
page 47) 

Durham Saml (c) lab rl009B 4th 

DURHAM SANDWICH SHOP (Minos G Kountis). 815 Fayetteville, Tel 

Durham School of Music (Mrs Alberta R Wynn, Daisy L Robbins) 405 

Durham Shade Works (Ira S Eubanks) 115% E Chapel Hill 

DURHAM SHOE REBUILDERS (Eugene M Morris)', Repairers and Re- 
builders 310 S Driver av, 611 9th and E Main cor Elm, All Tels L-0951 
(See marginal line back cover and page 50) 

Durham Shoe Shine & Hat Cleaning Parlor (Chas Dackis) 120 E Main 

DURHAM SHOE STORE INC, Geo E Isaacs Pres, 110 E Main, Tel L-6811 

Durham Shrine Club E Speed Noell sec meets on call 105 S Roxboro 

Durham Spot Shop (Jas A Smith) cigars 209 W Main 

Durham Store Fixture Co (John F Swearingen) mfrs 209 E Parrish 

DURHAM SUN THE (Daily), C Carlyle Council Genl Mgr, 115- 119 N 
Market, Tel F-115 

Durham Thos W (Lydia) hl209 Liberty 

Durham Tire Exchange (Herman B Neuwirth) 126 Morgan 

Durham Title Co Delos W Sorrell sec-treas ins 128 W Main R205 

Durham Union Bus Station Brooks Barclift mgr 315 N Mangum 

Durham Vera C tobwkr r326 South 

Durham Walter (c; Willie) tobwkr h3!06 Baxter 

Durham & Southern Railway Co Talbott B Smith supt Donald Lumpkin 
genl frt and pass agt 212 W Main R203 Robt M Montgomery agt frt 
dept S Market nr Main 

Dwiggins Reuben L (Ada S) textilewkr h401 Anderson 

Dwiggins Sanford C textilewkr r401 Anderson 

Dwiggins W Grady (Earle C) textilewkr h913 12th 

D WIRE HENRY R, Director of Public Relations and Alumni Affairs Duke 
University r Union, West Campus 

Dworsky Benj slsmn Five Points Loan Co rl004 Markham av 

Dworsky Sol H (Dinah K) mgr Five Points Loan Co hl004 Markham av 

Dye Edw (c) exp 108 Whitt al r Branch pi 

Dye Lonnie (c) lab rl20 Barnum 

Dyer Edw (c; Ercelle) farmer h501 Canal 

Dyson Dora (c) dom h209 N Elizabeth 

Eadie Geo S prof Duke University r Hope Valley N C 

Eagle Barber Shop (Ernest R Tyndall) 121 W Chapel Hill 

Eagle Watt W (Virginia E) asst prof Duke University hl025 Monmouth 
av apt 1 

Eagleson Frances M (c) registrar N C College for Negroes r do 

Eaker Melvin J (Bertha) hosiery wkr h904 N Alston av 

Eakes Adell C r708 Vickers av 

Eakes Alfred L r912 Burch av 

Eakes Annie Mrs mgr work rm R L Baldwin Co h612 Gattis 

Eakes Earl W tobwkr rl506 Bivins 

Eakes Edna E sten Marshall T Spears r708 Vickers av 

Eakes Geneva (wid John W) hl506 Bivins 

Eakes Irving G bicycle mech B C Woodall Co r912 Burch av 

Eakes Jerome S (Annie) slsmn Carpenter Motor Co h612 Gattis 

Eakes Leona pkr B C Remedy Co r912 Burch av 

Eakes Nettie L (wid Marcus L) h912 Burch av 

Eakes Walter L r912 Burch av 

Eakes Wm G (Kate V) agt Imperial Life Ins Co h708 Vickers av 

Eanes Annie L textilewkr r218 Parrish pi 

Eanes Barney (c; Mittie) lab hlllO Shaw 

Eanes Bertha (c) rlllO Shaw 

Eanes Ethel textilewkr r218 Parrish pi 

Eanes Ida (c) rlllO Shaw 

Eanes Roachie (c) rlllO Shaw 

Eanes Rosa (c) rlllO Shaw 

Earle Bishop (c) millwkr rl22 Rowan al 

Earnhardt J Wilbur (Ruth K) bldg contr 1207 6th h do 

Earnhardt Johanna Mrs hemstitching 209% W Main h2024 Englewood av 

Earnhardt John C (Donnie M) bkpr Dancy Motor Co Inc h403 N Greg- 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Earnhardt Leroy S (Johanna) pleater Mrs Johanna Earnhardt h2024 

Englewood av 
Earnhardt Ruth K Mrs cash Imperial Life Ins Co hl207 6th 
Earp Chas C (Mollie M) textilewkr h2303 C 
Earp David D (Lena) textilewkr h918 12th 
Earp Earl S (Audry I) stmftr r929 Alabama 
Earp Erdeen tobwkr r707 Vickers av 
Earp Geraldine tobwkr r707 Vickers av 
Earp J Wm (Laura A) weaver hl920 Lewis 
Earp Maidie hosierywkr r419 Walker 
Earp Oscar C (Lena M) hosierywkr h419 Walker 
Earp S Pou r707 Vickers av 
Earp Sarah A (wid Wm G) rl920 Lewis 
Earp Wm H (Flora R) h707 Vickers av 
Easley Howard asst prof Duke University r Duke Sta 
Eason Daisy textilewkr r800 Broad 
Eason T Israel (Bella) textilewkr h601 Middle 
East Albert L (Ella) carp h2301 Elmwood av 
East Coast Stages bus line 315 N Mangum 
East Durham Cash Market (Lindsay P Seagroves) meats 406 S Driver av 
East Durham Furniture Co (John B Andrews, C Odell Couch) 2024 An- 

gier av 
East Durham Park Bowen at Troy 
East Durham School 107 S Driver av 
East Durham School (c) Parepa Watkins prin 415 Sowell al 
East Durham Service Station (Rov A May) 2201 Angier av 
East End Barber Shop (c; John L Holloway) 424 Dowd 
East End Graded School (c) Fredk E Marshall prin Dowd cor Tucker 
East Millard carp r2301 Elmwood av 
East Rosa B r2301 Elmwood av 
Easterly Ophelia (c) dom r217 Kelly al 
Easterly Silas (c; Martha) lab r217 Kelly al 
Eatman Eliz A (wid Jos H) hl203 Morning Glory av 
Eatman Esther (c) restr 2407 Fayetteville h do 
Eatman Lonnie textilewkr rl203 Morning Glory av 
Eatman Wm R r2016 Duke University rd 
Eaton Bettie (c) student nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 
Eaton Crawford (c; Ida) textilewkr hl312 E Pettigrew 
Eaton Dorothy (c) hosierywkr rl312 E Pettigrew 
Eaton J Thos (c) textilewkr rl312 E Pettigrew 
Eaton Jessie (c) student rl708 Fayetteville 
Eaton Mary M (c) hosierywkr rl312 E Pettigrew 
Eaton Naomi (c) dom rl204 Hanover 
Eaton Osborne (c; Mary) rl312 E Pettigrew 
Eaton Richd (c; Luvenia) lab rl708 Fayetteville 
Eaton Viola (c) student rl708 Fayetteville 

Ebenezer Baptist Church (c) Rev Thos A Grady pastor 1410 Glenn 
Eblen Howard E (Marv H) supt The Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd r521 N 

Eborn Jos S (Katie M) h2507 C 
Echols Beulah tchr Central Jr High Sch 800 Morgan 
Eckerd's of Durham Inc Archer L Pearce mgr druggist 332 W Main 
Economy Market (Saml Fagan) meats 526 E Pettigrew 
Eddings Henry (Viola) mach rl08 N Queen 
Eddins Lang S (Annie V) batterymn h213 N Guthrie av 
Eden Luvenia (c) maid David StP DuBose r do 
Edens Nedie (c) dom r331 Division 
Edens Walter (c; Lillie) tobwkr h331 Division 

Edgemont Baptist Church Rev Chas S Norville pastor 960 E Main 
Edgemont Barber Shop (Albert C Carver) 91 1 E Main 
Edgemont Cafe (Edw T Roberts and Chas H Rich) 907 E Main 
Edgemont Council No 473 Jr OUAM Benj F Denning sec meets Mondays 

8 p m 953% E Main 
Edgemont Free Will Baptist Church 1212 E Main 
Edgemont Graded School Albert A Long prin 962 E Main 
Edgemont Market (Albert D Spain) gro 953 E Main 
Edgerton Ernest C agt Imperial Life Ins Co r Raleigh rd 
Edgerton Jas (c) tobwkr h709B Pine 
Edgerton John (c; Mollie) fctywkr hl09 Lyon's al 
Edgerton Marcus tobwkr r729 Broad 
Edgeston Eulice (c; Helen) textilewkr h201 Ashley 
Edmonds Lillie E (wid Louis) hosierywkr r403 McMannen 
Edmonds Victor L (Josie A) fixer Durham Hosiery Mills hl205 S Alston 
Edmondson Cora (c) dom h52l Umstead 
Edmondson Gray (c; Roberta) tobwkr r521 Umstead 

s o 

1 jjn 

2 l?fm 

> ™ : 

z m 



i Ln 





8- fcj 

Co F"^J 


3 P0 


I n 





B t 

m 1 




212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Edmondson Lin wood L (Sallie M) carp hi 107 Spruce 

Edmondson Mittie (c) sen tchr r521 Umstead 

Edwards Albert H (Annie C) textilewkr h2116 Block 

Edwards Albert P student r818 Cleveland 

Edwards Alice (c) dom rl209 Geerwood 

Edwards Alice (c) folder Model Lndrv Co r408 Mincey 

Edwards Annie S (wid Chas E) cash Washington Duke Hotel hllll W 

Edwards Belmont (Zellas) tobwkr h310 N Guthrie av 
Edwards Bertie Mrs hosierywkr rll3 Lyon 
Edwards Bettie (wid John) r805 N Duke 
Edwards Beulah Mrs textilewkr h619 Middle 
Edwards Bratcher (c) musician r507 Dowd 
Edwards Buddy (c; Annie M) lab rl20 Powe 
Edwards Burma Mrs rl008 Cleveland 
Edwards Burnice M (Annie) tobwkr hl005 N Roxboro 
Edwards C Harry r401V4 N Mangum 
Edwards Chas A truck driver hl607 Angier av 

Edwards Chas W (Marie K) prof Duke University h406 Buchanan blvd 
Edwards Chas W jr student r406 Buchanan blvd 
Edwards Clarence C (Annie) real est 426 Morgan r Alston av cor State 

hwy 54 (Lowe's Grove) 
Edwards Claude R (Maggie L; J D Edwards & Son) hl022 Gloria av 
Edwards Cora (c) tobwkr r308 Lee 
Edwards Crettie (c) dom r428 Piedmont av 
Edwards Daisy L textilewkr r2118 Elba 
Edwards Danl K student r406 Buchanan blvd 
Edwards Delia (c) rl014 Kent 
Edwards Donnie (c) r907 Willard al 
Edwards Dora L r2118 Elba 
Edwards Dorsey C (Audrey B) asst dist mgr The Life Ins Co of Va hl512 

N Duke 
Edwards Douglas student rl512 N Duke 
Edwards Emma (c) r306 Enterprise 
Edwards Etta L r2311 E Main 
Edwards Fannie rl701 Erwin rd 
Edwards Fred J (Pearl L) formn r403 E Trinity av 
Edwards Fredk A student r818 Cleveland 
Edwards Gaither (c; Lillian B) lab r2206 Fayetteville 
Edwards Gaston A (c; Cath R) archt 1712 Fayetteville h do 
Edwards Georgiana (c) h510B Banks al 
Edwards Grady (c) rl06 W Cobb 
Edwards Henry (c; Cora) farm hd h313 Thomasson 
Edwards Henry (c; Julia) tobwkr hl311 Tucker 
Edwards Inez (c) maid rl07 Watts (bsmt) 
Edwards Isaac L (Rebecca F) rl01% S Elm 
Edwards Isaiah (c; Lula) meat ctr Saml Margolis r312A Dowd 
Edwards J D & Son (Claude R Edwards) gros 119 E Chapel Hill 
Edwards Jessie (c) maid Lochmoor Hotel r507 Dowd 
Edwards John A (c; Annie R) truck driver Tilley's Stores Inc hi 104 

Moreland av 
Edwards John H (c) rlOl Umstead 
Edwards John M (c; Hallie) carp h312A Dowd 
Edwards John M jr (c) delmn r312A Dowd 
Edwards John W (Mary E) textilewkr hl210 Worth 
Edwards Jos S (Nannie) slsmn h231l E Main 
Edwards Kate L tobwkr r2020 Jersey av 
Edwards Lena (c) tobwkr h2H6 Fayetteville 
Edwards Lillie M bkpr Huntley-Stockton-Hill Co rll3 Leon 
Edwards Linus M (Mary E) dentist 123 W Main R305 h604 Watts 
Edwards Louisa Mrs h2118 Elba 

Edwards Ludwick L (Vera M) carrier PO h909 Chester 
Edwards Mamie (c) r402 Poplar 
Edwards Margt (c) r719 Cameron 
Edwards Margt student rll5 N Queen 
Edwards Margt E student rl022 Gloria av 
Edwards Martha rl212 Glendale av 
Edwards Mary (c) dom r2220 Fitzgerald av 
Edwards Minnie M Mrs tobwkr rl020 W Peabody 
Edwards Nellie (c) tobwkr h308 Lee 
Edwards Nina (c) lndrs r408 Mincey 
Edwards Nola textilewkr r2118 Elba 
Edwards Nora (c) lndrs h428 Piedmont av 
Edwards Ollie (c; Senora) carp hlOlO Morehead av 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Pure Crystal Scored Ice 



Edwards Ophelia J Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co r Alston av cor State hwy 

54 (Lowe's Grove) 
Edwards Pollyanna C Mrs smstrs Scott & Roberts h707 N Roxboro 
Edwards Pratha (c) tobwkr r408 Mincey 
Edv.ards Preston (c) lab r308 Lee 
Edwards Retha M <c) cook Morgan St Cafe r308 Lee 
Edwards Richd A (Luna I) knitter h802 S Alston av 
Edwards Richmond (e) tobwkr r403 Fowler av 
Edwards Rufus (c) lab r428 Piedmont av 
Edwards Ruth N (c) student rl712 Fayetteville 
Edwards S P knitter Ruth Hosiery Mills r202 N Roxboro 
Edwards Saml (c: Mary) undtkr h514 Martha 
Edwards Sarah (c) nurse 408 Fowler av h do 

Edwards Thos G (Nellie V) formn Am Tob Co Inc h818 Cleveland 
Edwards Vera M Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co h909 Chester 
Edwards Viola (c) dental asst Jas M Hubbard r408 Mincey 
Edwards Virginia (c) dom r319 Matthews 
Edwards Wallace restr r812 W Main 
Edwards Walter (c; Josie) tobwkr h507 Dowd 
Edwards Wm (c) lab r508 Lyon 
Edwards Wm (c; Alice) lab hll5 Verbena 
Edwards Wm R (Lorena L) h818 3d 
Edwards Wm W (Ophelia J) office mgr Clarence C Edwards r Alston av 

cor State hwy 54 (Lowe's Grove) 
Edwards Willie P (wid Marcellus E) r310 N Guthrie av 
EFIRD'S DEPARTMENT STORE, Thos J Rowan Local Mgr 201-203 W 

Main, Tel J-7961 
Egerton Clark (c; Mabel) tobwkr h622 Price 
Egerton Graham B (Kath D) eng hill Watts apt 9 
Egerton Jos (c) lab r618B Price 

Egerton Kath D Mrs tchr Durham High Sch hill Watts apt 9 
Eings Elvin (c: Magnolia) tobwkr r.608 Glenn 
Eisenberg Morris (Gertrude; Eisenberg's) h702 Vickers av 
Eisenberg Saml student r702 Vickers av 
Eisenberg Sophia r702 Vickers av 
Eisenberg's (Morris Eisenberg) mlnrs 905 E Main 
Elam Oscar (c; Lola) tobwkr hl322 Glenn 

Elder Alphonso (c; E Louise) dean N C College for Negroes h406 Formosa 
Elder W Hubert (Iva L; Ellis-Stone Beauty Shoppe) hl222 6th 
Elkerson Jordan (c: Ola M) lab h822 Glendale av 
Elks' Home Milton McLaurine sec 214 E Main 
Ellen Mary F r719 Wilkerson av 
Eller Alice (c) hosierywkr r612 Colfax 
Eller Martha (c) h612 Colfax 
Eller Rosa B (c) hosierywkr r612 Colfax 
Ellerbee Geo (c) lab r409 Mt Vernon 
Ellerbee Jas (c; Hanna) h804A E Pettigrew 
Ellerbee Lillie M (c) tobwkr r306 Hunt 
Ellerbee Mamie (c) tobwkr r306 Hunt 
Ellerbee Sylvester (c; Lena) lab hl31l N Alston av 
Ellerbee Thos (c; Rebecca) lab h204a Peachtree pi 
EUerson Sadie (c) tobwkr r328 Matthews 

Ellington Eunice Mrs assorter Model Lndry Co rll20 N Roxboro 
Ellington J Edw (Eunice) firemn City Fire Dept rll20 Roxboro 
Ellington Jas W (Mollie F) hl014 Spruce 
Ellington John T plant mgr Johnson-Prevost Dry Cleaning Co rllll 

Ellington Lafe B (Alma C ) auto mech Tapp & White h2406 N Roxboro 
Ellington Louis G (Sallie) carp hll20 N Roxboro 
Ellington Mattie (wid John T) r2406 N Roxboro 
Ellington Mayler tobwkr rl014 Spruce 
Ellington Oris W rl014 Spruce 
Elliott Adolphus (c) lab h2619 W Pettigrew 
Elliott Benj E (Murma E) textilewkr h320 Anderson 
Elliott Beni W (Inez D; Elliott Furn Co) hl207 N Mangum 
Elliott Bfjni W student rl207 N Mangum 
Elliott Caroline (wid Alex G) r805 Watts 
Elliott Emma (c) dom rl6 Davis 

Elliott Esther M (c) Indrywkr Durham Lndry Co h2812 Mulberry 
Elliott Fannie (c) Indrywkr Rite-Way Lndry hl316 E Pettigrew 
ELLIOTT FURNITURE CO (Benjamin W Elliott), Anything- for the 

Home 300-304 E Main, Tel F-7621 
Elliott Galen (Marguerite) sch tchr hl201 Buchanan rd 
Elliott Garland O (Audrey O) silkwkr hl201 W Chapel Hill 
Elliott Geo (c; Mabel) tobwkr hl507 Maplewood av 


Durham Realty and Insurance 

First Floor Trust Building 2.^ &Ynd R™Si. R»i 

Elliott Geo (c; Mattie) tobwkr r905 Willard al 

Elliott Harry (Nannie C) h708 Jackson 

Elliott Henretta E (o) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co rl4 Davis 

Elliott Irma L (wid Percy T) h307 N Roxboro 

Elliott Jas (c; Julia) hlpr h30 Davis 

Elliott Jas (c) hosierywkr r512 Coleman al 

Elliott Jas jr (c) lab rl6 Davis 

Elliott Lee stmftr rll6% E Main 

Elliott Lettie (c) lndrywkr Rite-Way Lndry r512 Coleman al 

Elliott Lizzie (c) tobwkr h510 Greenberg al 

Elliott Mattie L Mrs tobwkr r607 Burch av 

Elliott Maud (wid Jos) hosierywkr r613 Rigsbee av 

Elliott Nannie E (wid Wm) r320 Anderson 

Elliott Reuben L (Roberta) hsemover hl819 Shelton av 

Elliott Robt (c: Minnie) lab hl07 Piedmont av 

Elliott Ruth (c) r2812 Mulberry 

Elliott Tas (c: Parthenia) lab r514 Umstead 

Elliott Thelma (c) rl507 Maplewood av 

Elliott Thos (c; Henrietta E) tobwkr hl4 Davis 

Elliott Victor P (Ruby) elk Sou Ry System r224 Broadway 

Elliott Walter (c; Belle) farmer hllll Shaw 

Elliott Wm W prof Duke University r do 

Ellis Abbie r919 Washington 

Ellis Addie J (Lessie W) truck driver Paschall Bros r207 Elliott 

Ellis Alice (wid John C) r605 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Ellis Arth (c) tobwkr h2303 Crest 

Ellis Benj F (Ella M) silkwkr r516 Forest 

Ellis Ben.i W (Georgia O) h806 N Alston av 

Ellis Bettie L hosierywkr r215 S Alston av 

Ellis Chas H (Lillie) tobwkr h719 Liberty 

Ellis Coreille C Mrs slswn Belk-Leggett Co r819 Cleveland 

Ellis Cornelia (c) tobwkr r706 Pine 

Ellis Donald H (Hazel; Sanitary Barber Shop & Beauty Parlor) h809 N 

Ellis E Lovic (Flo H) jwlr Jones & Frasier Co h507 Carlton av 

Ellis Elsie E Mrs slswn Raylass Chain Stores Inc r507 Gurley 

Ellis Eula M slswn S H Kress & Co r507 McMannen 

Ellis F Earl tobwkr r719 Liberty 

Ellis Fannie (wid Andrew J) h408 McMannen 

Ellis Floyd L brkmn rl807 Angier av 

Ellis Frances M (wid Mack) r2308 Crane 

Ellis G Allie (Maggie L) auto mech Page Service Sta hl705 Angier av 

Ellis Garland W (Margie) textilewkr h810 N Duke 

Ellis Glossie B hosierywkr r215 S Alston av 

Ellis Grizzie L rl705 Angier av 

Ellis Grover (Virgie) weaver h919 Washington 

Ellis H Davis (Lizzie M) tobwkr h308 N Guthrie av 

Ellis Hansel H (Minnie) barber Sanitary Barber Shop & Beauty Parlor 

r RD 6 
Ellis Henry (Aurelia) knitter h919 2d 
Ellis Hiram U (Minnie L) hlpr h606 Rogers 
Ellis Hubert textilewkr rll02 Wall 
Ellis J Riley rl014 Angier av 
Ellis Jas (c; Edith) hlpr r204 Enterprise 
Ellis Jas B (Elsie E) slsmn r507 Gurlev 

Ellis Jas R (Coreille C) with S H Kress & Co r819 Cleveland 
Ellis Jas S (Myrtle D) textilewkr hll02 Wall 
Ellis Jennie tobwkr r516 Carr 
Ellis John T (Leila) h2003 E Main 
Ellis Luther J collr Shepherd Furn Co r413 Ashton pi 
Ellis Mamie (wid Chas) folder h927 E Main 
Ellis Margt C slswn r516 Forest 
Ellis Minnie L (wid Chas H) h516 Forest 
Ellis N Earl textilewkr rll02 Wall 
Ellis Nancy (wid Berry A) hl3ll North 
Ellis Note (wid Peter) r214 Laurel av 
Ellis Otho R hosierywkr r215 S Alston av 
Ellis Paul (Lorene) hosierywkr h606 Spruce 
Ellis Paul C (Maude A) pntr h2308 Crane 
Ellis Paul L rl807 Angier av 
Ellis Pearl textilewkr rl311 North 
Ellis Raymond (c) chauf h rear 707 Willard 
Ellis Robt S (Minnie) gro 209 s Maple hl807 Angier av 
Ellis-Stone Beauty Shoppe (W Hubert Elder) 126 W Main 


Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG, Manager 

ELLIS, STONE & CO, Philip D Robbins Local Mgr, Department Store 
126 W Main and 123 W Parrish, Tels N-161, N-162 and N-163 

Ellis Thell R textilewkr rl014 Angier av 

Ellis Thelma Mi's knitter rl08 N Guthhrie av 

Ellis Thos H (Willie) sweeper hl014 Angier av 

Ellis Thos L (Gladys H) knitter 1822 Ramseur 

Ellis Trannie winder rl002 E Main 

Ellis Txessie nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Ellis Van phys rl807 Angier av 

Ellis Walter L (Ida) tobwkr h403 Milton av 

Ellis Wm A (Selma) asst mgr G R Kinney Co Inc r312 Oakwood av 

Ellis Wm R (Lucy N) h215 S Alston av 

Ellis Wm S (Maggie M) printer hl07 S Guthrie av 

Ellison Chas (c; Laura) tobwkr hl012 Fairview 

Ellison Ella (c) tobwkr r206 Division 

Ellison Junius (c) r510 Link pi 

Ellwood Chas A prof Duke University r do 

Elmore Chas H r301 Morris 

Elmore Florence R < wid Richd E jr) h406 W Chapel Hill apt 3 

Elmore Mary E Mrs r509 Bacon 

Elmore Nannie (c) maid 908 Vickers av 

Eloise Building The 602 W Chapel Hill 

Emanuel A M E Church (c) 710 Chapel Hill rd 

Emanuel Wm (Lillie; Busy Bee Lunch) h711 Yancey 

Emerson Annie B (c) tobwkr rll8 Dunstan 

Emerson Geo (c; Emily) tobwkr hi 18 Dunstan 

Emory Alex Z (Mollie E) slsmn Piedmont Furn Co hl511 E Main 

Emory Allie h212 S Driver av 

Emory Alvis L r209 Stokes 

Emory Arch M (Lelia) tobwkr hl02 N Briggs av 

Emory C Kemp r209 Stokes 

Emory Clara G Mrs rl02 N Briggs 

Emory E Dee (Ella) hosierywkr hl014 Stokes al 

Emory E Hudson (Ella M) truck driver h215 S Driver av 

Emory Elijah E washmn New Method Lndry r203 S Briggs av 

Emory Ethel M (wid John H) M04 S Driver av 

Emory Hillary W (Alice M) h611 Milton av 

Emory Hosiery Mill (J Wm Emory) 101 Roberson 

Emory J Fred hosierywkr r209 Stokes 

Emory J Wm (Emma G; Emory Hosiery Mill) h2109 Ashe 

Emory Jas (c) fish 701 Whitted 

Emory John H hosierywkr rl04 S Driver av 

Emory Lena (wid W Holman) hi 10 N Holman 

Emory Lois tobwkr rl04 S Driver av 

Emory Lucy A (wid Thos H) h209 Stokes 

Emory Ludie hosierywkr h904 Calvin 

Emory Maitland elk rl511 E Main 

Emory Mary E (wid Henry C) hl02 N Briggs av 

Emory Mary S topper rl511 E Main 

Emory Robt (Vallie) extractor Sanitary Lndry rl07 N Benjamin 

Emory Robt E r203 S Briggs av 

Emory Rufus (Mary E) lab h203 S Briggs av 

Emory S Ellis classifier White Star Lndry r917 12th 

Emory Sarah r904 Calvin 

Emory W H jr lndrywkr Sanitary Lndry r2505 Angier av 

Emory Wm A knitter rl511 E Main 

English Mattie L (c) tobwkr r910 Fayetteville 

English Robt (c; Rebecca) lab h702% McMannen 

English Robt jr (c) r702% McMannen 

Ennemoses C Brooks (Annie) slsmn r421 N Mangum 

Ennis Earl G (Julia B) r910 N Roxboro 

Ennis Gertrude nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Ennis Harvey hlpr r206 Walker 

Ennis Julia B Mrs slswn Efird's Dept Store r910 N Roxboro 

Eno Lodge No 210 A F & A M H W Pickett sec meets 1st and 3d Tuesday 

8 p m 105 S Roxboro 
Enoch Alverta Mrs bkpr Johnson Motor Co r407 Forest 
Enoch John R (Oda) printer h407 Forest 
Enoch John W (Alverta) slsmn r407 Forest 

Ephphntha Church Rev Roma C Fortune pastor W Geer cor North 
EPPERSON JESSE H DR (Leone M), Supt County and City Health Dept, 

hl202 N Mangrum, Tel L-5102 
Epps Alice (c) cook 407 E Geer 

Epps Cumi V bkpr Durham Men's Shop Inc r311 Liberty 
Epps Dewey (c) tobwkr r307 Avery 
Epps Edw (c; Lena) tobwkr r428 Piedmont av 



Restful Seclusion 

in Sumptuous Surroundings 

is available at 


Epps Jas (c; Beulah) r908 E Pettigrew 

Epps Virginia (wid C W) r311 Liberty 


Fred A McNeer and J S Babb Special Agents, 604-605 First Natl Bank 

Bids 123 W Main, Tel L-4421 
Erexson Chas C (Sarah E) firemn Hose Co No 2 h312 Holloway 
Erexson John E (Maude H) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h206 S 

Ervin see also Irvin 

Ervin Claude M (Bessie) pntr h2824 Hillsboro rd 
Ervin Howard T (Velma) pntr D C May r2824 Hillsboro rd 
Ervin Ira O (Minnie L) textile wkr h2619 Hillsboro rd 
Ervin Jack r2111 Club blvd 
Ervin Jas (c; Anna B) lab h314B Division 
Ervin Mary (c) dom r409 StJoseph 
Ervin Wm M (Mary E) barber h2111 Club blvd 
Erwin Apartments 312 Buchanan blvd 
ERWIN COTTON MILLS CO THE, Kemp P Lewis Pres-Treas, John 

Sprunt Hill 1st V-Pres, J C Thorne (New York City) 2d V-Pres, Wm 

H Ruffin Sec-Asst Treas, W Main cor 9th, Tels Genl Office F-5841, 

Pres-Treas L-345I, Sec-Asst Treas ,1-8481, Purchasing: Dept L-4951, 

Cotton Buyer L-5961 
Erwin Cotton Mills No 6 Paul B Parks jr supt cotton gds mfrs 807 W 

Trinity av 
Erwin Eug H artist rl507 W Pettigrew 

Erwin J Harper pres Durham Cotton Mfg Co Inc M507 W Pettigrew 
Erwin J Harper jr (Mary T) cotton broker 110% N Corcoran Rll r 

Hope Valley 
Erwin Park W Pettigrew cor Erwin rd 
Erwin Sadie S (wid Wm A) hl417 W Pettigrew 
Erwin Spencer J formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co rl411 B 
Erwin Theo (c) hlpr r520 E Proctor 

Escoffery Philip A (c) lawyer 203% E Chapel Hill R12 rl802 Payetteville 
Escourido Carmen M waitress S H Kress & Co r902 W Chapel Hill 
Escourido Estelle S Mrs emp Washington Duke Hotel h902 W Chapel Hill 
Escourido Mabel L checker Washington Duke Hotel r902 W Chapel Hill 
Escourido Olga waitress The Palms Cafe r902 W Chapel Hill 
Eskridge Stacy (c; Mary) h502 Link pi 

Estes Durell M (Eva J) br mgr The Great A & P Tea Co hl04 Club blvd 
Estes G Dayton hosiery wkr r305 Clay 
Estes Geo D (Lula B) h305 Clay 
Estes Harold S (Gertrude) textilewkr h502 Middle 
Estes Jos C (Bertha L) textile wkr hl919 Yearby av 
Estes Katie (c) tob wkr h505 Matthews 
Estes L Clyde r2825 Hillsboro rd 
Estes L Wayne hosiery wkr r305 Clay 
Estes M Ercell hosiery wkr r305 Clay 
Estes Sallie J (wid L Davis) rl919 Yearby av 
Estes Vascar D (Nellie H) mill mech hl205 Wall 
Etheridge Philip (c) lab h311 Bell 

Ethridge Chas P (Mamie W) printer The Seeman Printery h614 Vickers av 
Eubanks Anna J (wid Jas) r305 Chase 
Eubanks Byron E elk The Great A & P Tea Co r RD 2 
Eubanks Chas A (c; Lady) landscape gdnr hl005 Rock 
Enbanks Dell M (Mattie) textile wkr h301 Case 
Eubanks Grace (c) dom rl005 Rock 
Eubanks Helen K student rlll8 W Chapel Hill 
Eubanks Ira S (Ethel C; Durham Shade Wks) h205 Watts 
Eubanks J Guy (Eula C) auto mech Ollie V Dillchay h402 Case 
Eubanks Jessie M rl826 Vance 

Eubanks John B (Fannie) textile wkr hl826 Vance 
Eubanks Mid (Lessie) textile wkr h717 14th 

Eubanks Otha A (Adele) br mgr The Great A & P Tea Co h812 Broad 
Eubanks Ruie A (Bertie) truck driver h.730 15th 
Eubanks Sarah asst Duke University Hosp r817 Buroh av 
Eubanks Wm M (Mary) h708 15th 
Eudy I Hoyt (Charity B) weaver h211 Oregon 
Eudy Troy J (Emma B) carp hl702 Pickett (W Durham) 
Eure Ada T office asst Dr Burton W Passett r2002 Club blvd 
Eure Lizzie (wid Wm T) h2O02 Club blvd 
Eure Lottie M supt The Watts Hosp r do 
Eureka Cafe (Chas F Vickers) 941 E Main 
Evans A Danl (Signora) trucker hl08 N Holman 
Evans Ada (c) lndrs hl07 Haywood 

Evans Arth (c; Myrtle) stoker Durham Gas Co hl607 Albright rd 
Evans Beuna (c) tob wkr rlOlO Morehead av 

Home Savings Bank 



JOHN SPRUNT HILL, President T. C. WORTH. Cashier 

Evans Burley (c) rl322 E Pettigrew 

Evans Calvin (c; Mary) tob wkr hl207% N Hyde Park av 

Evans Carrie (c) dom h.808B Gerard 

Evans Chas (c; Maude) tob wkr hl204 Drew 

Evans Chas A (Nancy I) hll07 Angier av 

Evans Chas B (c; Maggie) barber 119 S Mangum hl207 N Hyde Park av 

Evans Chas B jr (c; Bettie B) barber Chas B Evans hl203 N Hyde 

Park av 
Evans Claiborne C r917 10th 
Evans Clara (c) tob wkr hl307 Albright rd 
Evans Clarence (c; Clara) tob wkr hl206 Moreland av 
Evans Curtis (c) tob wkr r406 W Cobb 

Evans David (c) billiard atndt Wm W McDaniel h522% E Pettigrew 
Evans Davis (c; Dollie) lab hll07 W Proctor 
Evans E Garland (Eliz) r2216 Hackney 
Evans Edw J (Frances E) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co rl206 E 

Trinity av 
Evans Emanuel J (Sarah) mgr United Dollar Stores rl005 Minerva 
Evans Ethel (c) tob wkr rl322 E Pettigrew 
Evans Eug M (Bertha L) carrier PO h513 N Hyde Park av 
Evans Florence (c) tob wkr r516 E Proctor 
Evans Flossie (c) tob wkr rl322 E Pettigrew 
Evans Frank O (Gladys) textile wkr rl006 Worth 
Evans Fred L (c) emp Washington Duke Hotel r704 Booker 
Evans Geo F (Flonnie M) formn h615 Burch av 
Evans Georgina (c) r418 Cozart av 
Evans Golie (O rl322 E Pettigrew 

Evans Grace V Mrs lndry wkr White Star Laundry h919 10th 
Evans Harry McD (c) chiropractor 618% Fayetteville rl509 do 
Evans Ida (c) dom rlll5 Cornell 
Evans Ira (c; Sadie) truck driver hi 701 Fayetteville 
Evans Isom (c; Ella M) butler r607 Fayetteville 
Evans J Haywood (Lois M) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co rll03 B 

Trinity av 
Evans Jackson B (Annie) hl407 Watts 
Evans Jas R (c; Effie) h812 Glenn 
Evans Jas T (c; Minnie) hosiery wkr h430 Eric 
Evans Jesse A (Mamie E) tob wkr b.506 Carr 
Evans John (c; Georgiana) lab b.418 Cozart av 
Evans John (c; Gertrude) tob wkr h307 Dowd 
Evans John (c; Eliza) tob wkr h616 Ramsey al 
Evans John G (Fannie) silk wkr hl408 Morning Glory av 
Evans John J formn Am Suppliers Inc Blackwell sw cor Pettigrew 
Evans John R (Eula) agt Met Life Ins Co r Carrboro 
Evans Jos elk r304 N Queen 
Evans Josephine (c) rl005 South 
Evans Jube E firemn Hose Co No 3 r527 E Main 
Evans Julia (c) dom rl207% N Hyde Park av 
Evans Kimbley Mrs elk R L Baldwin Co rl009 W Trinity av 
Evans Lammer tobwkr rl612 Bivins 
Evans Laura (c) dom h424y 2 Piedmont av 

Evans Laura (c) lndrs r303 Piedmont av t 

Evans Lee F (Grace V) textile wkr h919 10th 

Evans Leo (c) tobwkr rl810 Fayetteville , 

Evans Leona (wid Jos H) r622 Troy 

Evans Lillie (wid Fred L) h206 Laurel av I 

Evans Lois (c) cook r430 Eric 

Evans Mabel (c) cook rll23y 2 Webb al *l 

Evans Maggie (c) dom b.306 Dowd 
Evans Maggie hosiery wkr r218 S Holman 
Evans Maggie (c) hosiery wkr rl205y 2 N Hyde Park av 
Evans Marie (c) h608 Douglas 
Evans Mary C (c) maid b.508 Umstead 
Evans Mary L (c) r812 Glenn 
Evans Melinda (c) rl207 N Hyde Park av 
Evans Obie (c) hosiery wkr r701 Umstead 
Evans Octavia Mrs supt The Wright Refuge Orphanage h do 
Evans Otis (c; Myrtie) lab hl608 Albright rd 
Evans R Hamlin sign pntr rl206 E Trinity av 

Evans Rader (c) hl322 E Pettigrew .11 

Evans Ralph L (Mattie) knitter hill Exum 
Evans Raymond L student h312 Buchanan blvd apt 103 
Evans Raymond L (Clara) sub sta opr Duke Power Co r913 W Trinity av 
Evans Reger (c; Ila) tobwkr hl0O5 South 
Evans Robt L (c; Sallie) tobwkr hl810 Fayetteville 
Evans Robt L jr (c) lab rl810 Fayetteville 






Evans Ronald L tobwkr rl612 Bivins 

Evans Rosa (c) tobwkr r208 Gould 

Evans Rubye L (c) sec White Rock Baptist Church r812 Glenn 

Evans S Elsie (c) sten Lincoln Hosp r812 Glenn 

Evans S Wiley (Inscoe & Evans) 911% E Main 

Evans Sallie rl209 Worth 

Evans Saml (e; Grace) lab hl702 Humphrey 

Evans Sarah (c) h813 New (E Durham) 

Evans Sarah (wid John) r919 E Main 

Evans Sim (c; Ella) trucker SALRy hll4 Ames pi 

Evans Tempie (c) dom rl207y 2 N Hyde Park av 

Evans Thena (c) dom r808B Gerard 

Evans Thos (c) r506 StJoseph 

Evans Ulysses (c; Servater) tobwkr r"703 Pine 

Evans W Hubert (Pearl D) weaver h917 10th 

Evans Wesley (c; Mollie) barber Chas B Evans h601 Mobile av 

Evans Wm (c; Janie M) lab r311 Wake pi 

Evans Wm E (Jennie E) wtchmn hl612 Bivins 

Evans Wm J (Ella R) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co hl206 E Trinity av 

Evans Zelma (c) Indrs hl016 Ferrell 

Evans Zethea (c) cook rll23% Webb al 

Everett Annie (wid Jos) rl31l Angier av 

Everett Cath (c) tob wkr h517A Elliott al 

Everett Dollie (c) cook hll02 Lynchburg 

Everett Jas (c; Effie) tobwkr r612 Carr 

Everett Reuben O (Kath R) lawyer 128 W Main R219 hll9 N Dillard 

Everitt Wm E (May B) sta mgr Standard Oil Co of N J hl801 Lakewood av 

Evers Aaron (Bessie) hll02 Glenn 

Everybody's Shoe Store (Dutton P Kilpatrick) Frank C Bradeen mgr 117 

E Main 
Evett John S (Grace TJ) weaver h724 15th 
Ewell Carrie G sten Durham Realty & Ins Co r711 North 
Ewell Ethel E sten r711 North 
Ewell Minnie (c) dom r406 W Cobb 
Ewell Pearl (c) dom r406 W Cobb 
Ewell Roy H r711 North 
Ewell Thos J (Lula F) h711 North 
Ewing Louis (c; Lena) tobwkr h514 Carr pi 
Ewing Margt E (wid Nixon C) r505 S Alston av 
Ewing Martha J (wid John C) h505 S Alston av 
Ewing Neil C r505 S Alston av 
Ewing Pearl F Mrs r209 Laurel av 

Excelsior Barber Shop (c; Jas E Armstead, John B Leach) 112 N Church 
Ezzell Chas W (Kate F) h218 Broadway 
Ezzell Coady (wid Jas B) h20e Lyon 
Ezzell Woodrow W knitter r206 Lyon 

F & F Shoe Co (Paul T Fogleman, John A Faucette) 113 E Main 

F & S Grocery Co (Henry L Ferguson, Fred E Sweaney) gros 800 N 

Faber O Lewis (Mattie L) h402 Oakwood av 
Fagan Bessie mgr Mangel's Inc rl0O9 W Markham 
Fagan Henrietta W sten r Y W C A 

Fagan Minnie L tchr Central Jr High Sch rl005 W Trinity av 
Fagan Saml (Economy Market) rl009 W Markham av 
Fagge Delmus J elk Brown Elec Co r803 Club blvd 
Fair Lula (c) lndrs hl002 4th 
Fair Minnie (c) rl002 4th 
Fairey Allen (Pearl) textile wkr rllO Walker 
Fairey Franklin (Juanita H) formn h205 N Dillard 
Fair ley Anderson (c; Queenie) tobwkr r303 Roney 
Fairley Mattie (c) office asst Dr Israel E Turner r416 Lucille 
Fairley Namoi (c) tobwkr r506 Lyon 
Fairly Fred (c) r414 S Plum 
Fairly Jas (c; Ada) h414 S Plum 
Faison Betsy H Mrs hl212 Glendale av 
Faison Gertrude (c) tobwkr r401 Mt Vernon 
Faison Isabelle agt Home Security Life Ins Co rl212 Glendale av 
Faison John H (M Annie) farmer h713 Eva 
Faison Lucinda (c) rl004 Rock 
Faison Wm P (c; Gertrude) barber Wonderland Barber Shop h610 

Falardeau Alphonse formn Am Tob Co Inc r410 Morehead av 
Falls Andrew B (Helen Q) brklyr hlll0y 2 W Chapel Hill 
Falls Janie (c) tobwkr h617 Dunbar 
Falls Jos A (Hazel E) hosiery wkr hll3 Stokes 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASOHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Palls Lawrence A (Blanche) testboardmn Am Tel & Teleg Co h N Rox- 

boro nr 2d av 
Falls Martha J (wid Wm A) rl303 Ramseur 
Palls W Marvin rl303 Ramseur 
Falona Ledge No 75 I O O P Benj P Denning sec meets Fridays 8pm 953% 

E Main 
Panning Annie R (wid Fred D) slswn The Kronheimer Co h207 N Dillard 
Fanning P DeVeau (Mamie J) formn Durham Dairy Products Inc h2403 

Farabow Gad E (Lorena) h912 Dacian av 
Farabow I Carlisle bkpr r?06 Burch av 
Farabow Sallie F (wid Wm T) r"706 Burch av 
Farabow Walter real est lr706 Burch av 
Fargo A Jos (Lillie H) rugs 343% W Main h2804 N Roxboro 
Faris Aubrey W (Mattie H) textile wkr hl919 Erwin rd 
Faris Clinton M student rl919 Erwin rd 
Farley Alvin (c; Pearl) tobwkr h2219 Chautauqua ' 
Farley Jas E (Marian C) supvr leaf dept Liggett & Myers Tob Co hl535 

Hermitage ct 
Parley Mattie (c) dom r416 Lucille 

Farley's Store Inc Wm L Meadows mgr clothing 205 W Main 
Farlow Claudia E Mrs slswn Belk-Leggett Co rl212 6th 
Parlow Earle G (Elnora) ship elk Graybar Electric Co Inc rl212 6th 
Farlow Jas J (Claudia E) multigrapher rl212 6th 
Farlow Jos G (Mary T) inspr hl212 6th 
Parlow Rosa E rl212 6th 
Farmer Evelyn rll9 Adrian 
Farmer Gus A (Nolie E) knitter r313 Smith 
Farmer Jas (c) r823 Gattis 

Farmer Leamon (Minnie L) textile wkr h506 Bacon 
Farmer Roy W (Kathleen D) r307 S Elm 
Farmer Virginia cash Independent Mkt Co r203 Dowd 
Farmer W T Co (Wm T Farmer) clothing 408 W Main 
Farmer Wm T (B Mae; W T Farmer Co) h620 Club blvd 
Farr Gertrude tobwkr r605 Burch av 
Fair John C carp r606 N Elizabeth 
Farr John H (Zylphia A) h605 Burch av 
Farr John H (Mary) elk Smoke Shop Inc r503 Yates av 
Farr Nellie r605 Burch av 
Farr Ray r605 Burch av 
Farrar see also Farrow 
Farrar Claude wtchmn r918 Burch av 
Farrar Edgar (c) tobwkr rlOlO Rock 
Farrar Flossie (c) rll07 Shaw 
Farrar Gilbert (c; Emma) tobwkr hll07 Shaw 
Farrar Judith librarian Duke University Hosp r East Campus 
Farrar Louis (Maggie L) stone mason rl909 College rd 
Farrar Sallie (c) hl026 Moreland av 
Farrar Veola (c) tobwkr hll7 Verbena 
Farrell see also Ferrell 
Farrell Bettie (c) cook h918 3d 
Farrell Carl (c) butler r918 3d 
Farrell Edna r2302 C 

Farrell Ira T (Erma A) collr Christian-Harward Furn Co h810 Broad 
Farrell Peter (Mollie) carp h2302 C 

Farrell Wallace W slsmn Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r Pittsboro 
Farrier Ralph (Edna) prod r2713 Hillsboro rd 
Farrington Buddie (c; Iola) lab hllll Cates av 
Farrington Claude (c; Sallie) tobwkr h405 Ray al 
Farrington Daffodil (c) student r410 Cozart av 
Farrington Ernest (c) lab r811 Cameron 
Farrington Ernest (c; Daisy) tobwkr hl214 Pine 
Farrington Eugenia (c) h410 Cogart av 
Farrington Fannie (c) rlOOl Fairview 
Farrington Fronia (c) Indrs r307 Division 
Farrington Gertrude (c) tobwkr r405 Ray al 
Farrington Hudlon (c) lab r508B StJoseph 

Farrington J Walker (c) janitor The Watts Hosp hl615 Payetteville 
Farrington Jas (e) rlOOl Fairview t 

Farrington John (c) tobwkr rlOOl Fairview 
Farrington John W (Zera) electa h603 Carlton av 
Farrington Johnson (c; Bertha) lab hl625 South 
Farrington Johnson (c; Mary) tobwkr h811 Cameron 
Farrington Lillie (c) student rl214 Pine 
Farrington Mack (c; Cordie) hlpr h815 Gattis 
Farrington Margt (c) h710 Whitted 










21,5 FOSTER ST. 



PHONE F-3931 

Farrington Margt L (c) r815 Gattis 

Farrington Marie (c) tobwkr r405 Ray al 

Farrington Marvin (c) lab r315 Wake pi 

Farrington Mary (c) dom h201B Corporation 

Farrington Narvy (c; Rosa) meats 1310 Fayetteville h410 Thomasson 

Farrington Sadie (c) hosiery wkr r710 Whitted 

Farrington StClair (c) lab rl625 South 

Farrington Thos (c) r714 Whitted 

Farrington Tinie (c) cook 602 Primitive 

Farrington Vernon (c) elk r410 Thomasson 

Farrington Walter (c; Fannie) lab h819 Gerard 

Farrington Walter (c) lab r707% Pine 

Farriss Chas F (Henrietta) slsmn h903 Buchanan rd 

Farrow see also Farrar 

Farrow Geo W (Carrie M) pntr Carpenter Motor Co r Sanford 

Farrow Jos A (Iva C) pntr Johnson Motor Co hll4 N Guthrie av 

Farrow Lena slswn F & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc h904 Holloway 

Farrow Sarah (c) cook r302% Ramsey 

Farrow Tilda (c) r514 Ramsey 

Farrow Wm (c) barber Lonnie C Taylor r210 Moore 

Farrow Wm (c; Carrie) tobwkr h210 Moore 

Farthing Annie (wid Geo C) h403 McMannen 

Farthing Roy L sec-treas Beck Farthing & Sorrell Inc rl07 S Elizabeth 

Farthing Wm L (Annie D) supt Model Lndry Co hl22 E Lynch 

Farthing Wm P agt State Mut Life Assurance Co r410 Watts 

Fashion The (Chas Sawilowsky) women's clothing 129 E Main 

Fasion Lonnie M (c; Lavinia) hlpr h503A Price 

FASSETT BURTON W (Lucy T), Physician, Suite 510-511 Geer Bldg, 

128 W Main, Tel J-9861, h3©3 Watts, Tel J-6601 
Faucett Corina (c) tobwkr h307 Burnett 
Faucett Hubert (c) truck driver rl617 Short 
Faucett Jos (c; Harriett) h808 N Elizabeth 
Faucett Lindsey (c; Kath) truck driver hl617 Short 
Faucett Lyda R (c) tchr Walltown Sch r808 N Elizabeth 
Faucett Rudolph (c; Vera) r307 Burnett 
Faucette Ashton (c) janitor f716 Willard 
Faucette C Horton elk r610 E Trinity av 
Faucette Chas D (Eliz K) mechl eng r208 Markham 
Faucette Clarence (c; Jessie) shoe repr 616 Pine rll7 E Hillside av 
Faucette Corinna (c) tobwkr r307 Avery 

Faucette Ernest F (c; Connie) shoe repr 105 E Peabody hll7 E Hillside av 
Faucette Florence O (wid Jas P) h208 Markham 
Faucette Henry M (c; Gladys) janitor h716 Willard 
Faucette Irene L (c) sec Dr Jos N Mills rll7 E Hillside av 
Faucette Jessie nurse Duke University Hosp rll7 E Hillside av 
uaucette John A (Mary C; F & F Shoe Co) r Oxford rd RD 4 
Faucette Julia W sch tchr h2l0 Watts 
Faucette Mamie L r208 Markham 
Faucette Margt L (c) r717 Chapel Hill rd 
Faucette Mary E slswn rSlO E Trinity av 
Faucette Mary H r210 Watts 
FAUCETTE NATHANIEL E (Viola J), V-Pres morris Plan Industrial 

Bank and Pres-MgT Durham Notion Co Inc, hll5 Watts, Tel J-6161 
Faucette Olive C tchr Geo W Watts Sch rll5 Watts 
Faucette Rachel W (wid Adolphus J) h318 Liberty 
Faucette Rudie (c; Vera) lab r307 Avery 

Faucette Saml F (Vera F) routemn Durham Lndry Co h610 E Trinity av 
Faucette Snowden (c; Ida) transfer r716 Willard 
Faucette Violet W tchr North Durham Sch rll5 Watts 
Faucette Wm B student r208 Markham 

Faucette Wm F lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co r610 E Trinity av 
Faulcon Pattie (c) rl608 Merrick 
Faulk Doris Mrs in charge readingrin Duke University Library r2003 

Club blvd 
Faulk Rowland D (Doris) student r20O3 Club blvd 
Faulke Marie (c) sch tchr rl213 Dawkins 

Fayette Investment Co O Richd Penny mgr loans 430% W Main 
Fayetteville Street Garage (c; Harry P Pemberton) 611 Fayetteville 
Fearrington Mildred G sch tchr r720 Vickers av 
FEATBERSTONE GEORGE T (Myrtle S), Night Desk Lieut City Police 

Dept, hl213 N Mangum, Tel F-3651 
Federal Building 202 W Main 
Fee Walter M hl513 Maryland av 
Felder Chappell (c; Georgia) tobwkr h509% Lyon 
Felder David (c; Laura) tobwkr h.510 Gray 
Felder Estelle (c) r510 Gray 

Durham Public Service Co. 

Pure Crystal Scored Ice 


PHONE F- i!96l 

Felder Felix (c; Pearl) tobwkr r507 Matthews 

Felton Lucy (c) dom r509 Fowler av 

Felts Lula B sch tchr rlOO Club blvd 

Felts Robt L (Jessie A) phys 212 W Main 3d fl hllO Buchanan blvd 

Felts Virginia L student rllO Buchanan blvd 

Ferdinand Roland C (c; Cora) housemn Y W C A h606 Lucille 

Ferguson A Llewellyn (Florence E) wire chf Interstate Tel & Teleg Co h 

801 Park av 
Ferguson Clara B smstrs r407 Salem 
Ferguson Elvin H (Rebecca) printer r407 Salem 
Ferguson Graham W student r502 Barnes av 

Ferguson Grocery Co (Henry L Ferguson) 312 and 463 S Driver av 
Ferguson Henry L (Beulah A; F & S Grocery Co; Ferguson Gro Co) 

ticket agt Union Sta h501 Oakwood av 
Ferguson J Lucas (Ruby) knitter h2302 Angier av 
Ferguson Jas E slsmn George's r2407 Ashe 
Ferguson Jos r502 Barnes av 

Ferguson Myrtle elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co r721 Holloway 
Ferguson Raleigh B (Rosa) h407 Salem 

Ferguson Thos A (Lydia) sergt City Police Dept h502 Barnes av 
Ferguson Walter L (Alice E) textile wkr hl508 Morning Glory av 
Ferguson Wm (Mae) silkwkr rl08 Holloway 
Ferguson Wm J r501 Oakwood av 
Fergusson Henry W (Nannie) wtchmn h700 10th 
Fergusson Jessie M sten Cary Lbr Co Inc r404 Milton av 
Ferrell see also Farrell 

Ferrell A Clyde (Ethel G) formn hl013 Broad 
Ferrell A Inez slswn S H Kress & Co rl021 Angier av 
Ferrell Alice M hosiery wkr rl23 S Guthrie av 
Ferrell Amanda r2315 E Main 

Ferrell Anderson (c: Marcella) waiter The Watts Hosp r212 Fulton 
Ferrell Anna L r409 Holloway 
Ferf«ll Artelia (wid Wesley) h603 Troy 
Ferrell Arth (c; Lillie) tobwkr h212 Fulton 
Ferrell Bernice E (Lina) tobwkr rl702 Angier av 
Ferrell Blanche sten Liggett & Myers Tob Co rll09 Minerva 
Ferrell Bonie P rl202 Guess rd 
Ferrell C Eunic supvr r913 Park av 
Ferrell Caroline Mrs rll5 N Queen 
Ferrell Cecil J r913 Park av 
Ferrell Chas W r411 N Elizabeth 

Ferrell Clara J bkpr O R Blackley Plumbing Co rl924 Chapel Hill rd 
Ferrell D Hubert knitter r902 Ramseur 
Ferrell Dallas E (Cora A) mach hl021 Angier av 
Ferrell David T (Lucy A) farmer rl202 Guess rd 
Ferrell E Clyde (Gertrude) dyer hl404 Liberty 
Ferrell Edgar E (Sally) barber Mayfair Beauty Shoppe r RD 6 
Ferrell Eloise S slswn Tilley's Stores Inc r405 Carlton av 
Ferrell Emma slswn S H Kress & Co r RD 6 
Ferrell Emma H opr Interstate Tel & Teleg Co r913 Park av 
Ferrell Erwin elk Wallace Gro r804 Rose Hill av 
Ferrell Essie E topper rl408 Angier av 
Ferrell Eunice C hosiery wkr rl23 S Guthrie av 
Ferrell Ezra L wtchmkr Geo W Ferrell r RD 4 
Ferrell Ford rl20 S Guthrie av 
Ferrell Geo student. r822 Cleveland 
Ferrell Geo W wtchmkr 108 W Parrish r RD 4 
Ferrell Goldie (c) dom r810 N Elizabeth 

Ferrell Grover C (Mattie E) agt Mut Life Ins Co of N Y h803 Cleveland 
Ferrell Guy student rll04 Watts 

Ferrell Harry R (Lucy G) asst dept supt Am Suppliers Inc h2303 Club blvd 
Ferrell Hattie Mrs r311 Center 
Ferrell Hattie T Mrs r516 N Hyde Park av 
Ferrell Henry tobwkr r822 Cleveland 
Ferrell Isaac (c) lab r316 Peachtree pi 
Ferrell J Brondell (Lina) hosiery wkr hl410 Angier av 
Ferrell J Coy dairymn Lakewood Dairy rl20 S Guthrie av 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Nunnally's fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 

g 2 



co «-• 

_| •* 

u <? 

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CO 1 

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° 3 
Jr co i> 


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ae w 

3B< a 
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CO «• 3 







-i 2 

s « 


Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Ferrell J El wood (Beulah E) dep County Sheriff h411 N Elizabeth 

Ferrell J Leonard (Zola) tobwkr r705 Wilkerson av 

Ferrell Jas (c; Effie) lab rlll3 N Roxboro 

Ferrell Jas A (Grace M) gro 2111 W Pettigrew h2109 do 

Ferrell Jas A (M Alice) slsmn Durham Fruit & Prod Co Inc hl405 Ar- 
nette av 

Ferrell Jas A jr (Louise V) solr rl405 Arnette av 

Ferrell Jas P (Ruby F) wtchmkr 204 N Mangum rl210 Glenn 

Ferrell Jesse L r2109 W Pettigrew 

Ferrell John (c; Nellie) tobwkr h3 Peachtree pi 

Ferrell John G (Lelia P) wtchmn hl24 S Briggs av 

Ferrell Jos (c) tobwkr r306 Dowd 

Ferrell Jos D (Mary L) hosiery wkr hl206 N Roxboro 

Ferrell Julia L (wid Wm T) h403 N Elizabeth 

Ferrell Lascar C (Annie) pntr hill S Guthrie av 

Ferrell Lizzie (c) hosiery wkr r306 Dowd 

Ferrell Lonnie O textilewkr rl408 Angier av 

Ferrell Louis (c) hosiery wkr r2315 Fayetteville 

Ferrett Louis E routemn Durham Lndry Co r913 Park av 

Ferrell Mary A (wid Bud) hl408 Angier av 

Ferrell Mary E r409 Holloway 

Ferrell Mary E (wid J Marion) hl924 Chapel Hill rd 

Ferrell Mary E (wid Rufus J) hl23 S Guthrie av 

Ferrell Minnie silkwkr r814 Liberty 

Ferrell Minnie M Mrs slswn Smith-Albright Co h214 Parrish pi 

Ferrell Nannie (c) dom rl304 Dawkins 

Ferrell Nora E (c) cook 410 Morris 

Ferrell Ornie K (Lucy A) real est hl202 Guess rd 

Ferrell Ornie K jr rl202 Guess rd 

Ferrell Otis E (Minnie M) trav slsmn h214 Parrish pi 

Ferrell Pauline F elk R L Baldwin Co h409 Holloway 

Ferrell Pennie (c) dom r2315 Fayetteville 

Ferrell Percy C (Louise M) collr Christian-Harward Furn Co h206 Vine 

Ferrell Ralph A (Florence) police h603 Troy 

Ferrell Ralph A tobwkr rl021 Angier av 

Ferrell Robt K (Irene H) sec Durham Notion Co Inc hl22 Hunt 

Ferrell Rufus F (Ora E; Community Barber Shop) h804 Rose Hill av 

Ferrell Saml (c) r709 Pickett 

Ferrell Sarah textile wkr h2315 E Main 

Ferrell Tempie (c) cook 1523 Hermitage ct 

Ferrell Theressa tobwkr r312 Liberty 

Ferrell Thos A textilewkr r902 Ramseur 

Ferrell Thos G (Dora A) blksmith h902 Ramseur 

Ferrell Vera E smstrs r811 Broad 

Ferrell Viola r2315 E Main 

Ferrell Violet A (wid A Jack) nurse r2302 Club blvd 

Ferrell W Eli (Cora E) h913 Park av 

Ferrell Wm E pntr r913 Park av 

Ferrell Wm J (Muriel) knitter r902 Ramseur 

Ferrell Woodrow W tobwkr r411 N Elizabeth 

Ferrell Worth H (Viola H) dairy wkr rl305 E Main 

Fesperman Coleman W washer Crystal Laundry r RD 2 

Fetner Frank mach r411 Willard 

FEW WM P, LL D (Mary), Pres Duke University, h West Campus, Tel 

FIDELITY BANK THE, John F Wily Pres, Laurance D Kirkland V-Pres, 
Jones Fuller V-Pres and Trust Officer, Ernest S Booth Cash, M B 
Fowler Sec, J Willard Muse and Arista B Cauthen Asst Cashs, 
Frederick C Owen Asst Trust Officer, John F Wily Jr Asst Sec, Geer 
Bids: 130 W Main, Tel F-156, West Durham Branch 9th se cor Perry, 
F D Tjpchurch Mgr, Tel L-2921, East Durham Branch Driver av cor 
Angier av, H C Barbee Mgr, Tel J-9431 (See front cover and page 33) 

Fidelity Bank The Trustee Jas Q Davis agt 128 W Main R305 

Field Dennis (c) lndry wkr r507A Branch pi 

Fields Arth L (Irene) textile wkr h2105 C 

Fields Clinton student r2110 Erwin rd 

Fields Dewey R (Bettie) spinner r711 14th 


"A Puiipose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

B. S. PHILLIPS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St., 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

Fields Ernest L (Ona B) firemn Hose Co No 3 h601 N Driver av 

Fields Fannie (c) dom r908 Drew 

Fields H Luke (Lida M) carp r910 2d 

Fields Hudson (c; Mattie) tobwkr r806 Drew 

Fields Jas Y (Claudia) h711 14th 

Fields John (Gladys) textile wkr h206 Case 

Fields John E (Lizzie) eng h2001 Hart 

Fields John T (Bernice) textile wkr h2308 Dezern 

Fields Josephine (c) tobwkr r719 Milton av 

Fields L Quintes r711 14th 

Fields Maybelle (c) lndrywkr Lee Sing r516 Mobile av 

Fields Robt H (Mary B) silkwkr h721 8th 

Fields Vinney (c) tobwkr r719 Milton av 

Fields W Lauder (Martha) textile wkr h602 Troy 

Fields Wm B (Ethel M) textile wkr h2008 Yearby av 

Fields Wm G (Veola M) textile wkr h2504 Mulberry 

Fifer Ruby (c) dom h603 Cameron 

Fikes Bessie M (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Fikes Hattie (c) hl012 Rosedale av 

Fikes Ida (c) dom rl012 Rosedale av 

Fikes Lessie (c) tobwkr r802 Maplewood av 

Fikes Sarah (c) dom rl012 Rosedale av 

Fikes Willie (c) dom rl012 Rosedale av 

Fillers Alvin H (Leila D) ins agt h923 Monmouth av 

FILLERS R R (Stella), Rep New York Life Ins Co 16 Riggsbee Bldg lOZYa 
W Main, Tel F-2451, hl421 N Duke, Tel J-0403 

Fillmore Harriet (c) r414 Powe 

Fillmore Jack (c; Louise) tobwkr hl206 Cornell 

Fillmore John (c) r414 Powe 

Fillmore Sallie (c) tobwkr rl018 Burch av 

Filmore David J (c; Annie L) carp h804 N Elizabeth 

Finch Bettie L student rl05 Maynard av 

Finch Lois K nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Finch Mabel nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Finch Wm M (Lessie M) trav slsmn h2102 University dr 

Fincher John W (c) carp h808 Glenn 

Findley Wm R (Martha M) mech Budd-Piper Roofing Co rll5 W Chapel 

Finley Mildred nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Finnear Walter (c) tobwkr r310a Dowd 

FIRE DEPARTMENT (See Durham— City of) 

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Rev Ira D S Knight Pastor, Lula A Brown 
Sec, 414-418 Cleveland at Chapel Hill, Tel L-5411 

First Church of Christ Scientist 406 Cleveland 

First National Bank Chevis H Dixon receiver 123 W Main 

First National Bank Barber Shop (J Leon Weatherspoon) 123 W Main 

First National Bank Building J Otho Lunsford mgr 123 W Main 

First Presbyterian Church Rev David H Scanlon pastor 301 E Main 

Fisoher Cath C (c) dom rlll2 Pine 

Fischer Henry L Rev (c; Annie) pastor Gospel Tabernacle hlll2 Pine 

Fischer Pauline L (c) dom rlll2 Pine 

Fish Danl R (Lorena F) mach hl708 Angier av 

Fish Geo B (Delia S) elk Clark & Sorrell hl026 Alabama 

Fish Lloyd Y (Lyda) huckster hl401 Angier av 

Fish Perrian B (Mabel C) mech Carpenter Motor Co r623 E Main 

Fisher Chas S textilewkr r311 Garden 

Fisher Clarence L (Margt) collr r309 Carden 

Fisher Duncan J (Maggie B) h311 Garden 

Fisher Harvey O (Flonnie H) tobwkr h2118 E Main 

Fisher Irene (wid Amma) h309 Carden 

Fisher John (c; Beatrice) shoe shiner Jake's Valetor Service h407 Pied- 
mont av 

Fisher Leon A (Jessie V) textilewkr h401 Carden 

Fisher Mary <e) tobwkr h430 Sowell al 

Fisher Mary L (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch r811 Fayetteville 

Fisher Mattie B (c) dom rl204 Hanover 

Fisher O Evelyn textilewkr r311 Garden 

Fisher Raymond T doffer r309 Carden 

Fisher Robt W knitter rll07 Taylor 

Fisher Ruby Mrs tobwkr r309 Holloway 

Fisher Spicv j (wid Amos V) hl04 N Blacknall 

Fisher Walter E (Daisy E) ontr hll07 Taylor 

Fisher Wm J r309 Carden 

Fissel Richd E (Mary Z) drftsmn Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc h908 Spruce 






E T3 
















$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Pitch Braudie R (Ruby L) welder Durham Brazing & Welding Wks hll03 
Virginia av 

Fitch Henry C (Frances B) asst mgr Belk-Leggett Co h521 Holloway 

Fitch J Frank (Bertha F) tobwkr h406 Yates av 

Fitch Wm F slsmn r521 Holloway 

Fitchett Louise (wid Jas M) h924 Ramseur 

Fitchett Norman E (Mamie E) pntr h608 Primitive 

Fitts Andrew (c) auto mech r904 South 

Fitts Exie B (wid Frank M) hll28 N Roxboro 

Fitts Nonie (c) tobwkr rl312 Pine 

Fitts Ruth (c) tobwkr r904 South " 

Fitts Wm B (c; Margt) gdnr h904 South 

Fitzgerald Cemetery (c) 834 Chapel Hill rd 

Fitzgerald Mary J (c) r820 Chapel Hill rd 

Fitzgerald Ora (c) hl213 Duke University rd 

Fitzgerald Thos (c; Eva) carp h801 Gerard 

Fitzhugh Margt W hd dietitian The Watts Hosp r911 Green 

Fitzhugh Mary W (wid Parke) h911 Green 

Fitzhugh Nancy L sch tchr r911 Green 

Fitzhugh Rebecca W elk Am Tob Co Inc r911 Green 

FIVE POINTS DRUG CO (Commodore T Council), Wayland A Liles Mgr, 
415 W Main at W Chapel Hill, Tel F-8341 

Five Points Fruit Store (Jos W Davis) 106 Morris 

FIVE POINTS FURNITURE CO (Successors to Royal W Smith Co), Odell 
C KimbreU Mgr, 412-414 W Main, Tel F-7801 (See page 41) 

Five Points Loan Co Sol H Dworsky mgr pawnbrokers 339 W Main 

Five Points Service Station (Leslie L Marshburn) 431 W Main 

Flack Robt W (Rachel B) city mgr r Washington Duke Hotel 

Flat Iron Building 104 W Chapel Hill 

Fleetwood John V (Bedie I) hosiery wkr h511 Rigsbee av 

Fleming David K (Irene T) carp hl602 James 

Fleming Ernest (c; Artilee) h701 Dowd 

Fleming Fallie (c) h815 New (E Durham) 

Fleming Isaac (c) auto mech r701 Dowd 

Fleming John (c; Blanche) tobwkr h204 W Piedmont av 

Fleming Lottie (c) dom r510% Carr pi 

Fletcher Amos R student rllll Taylor 

Fletcher C Thos (Fannie M) slsmn Taylor & Phipps h2705 Maxwell 

Fletcher Carey W (Julia) knitter h807 N Elm 

Fletcher Daisy T tobwkr r909 Park av 

Fletcher David W (Lena) agt Imperial Life Ins Co r RD 5 

Fletcher Florence L (c) hl212 Moreland ar 

Fletcher Florence N (c) tobwkr rl212 Moreland av 

Fletcher Geneva (c) hl214 Moreland av 

Fletcher Jas O hlpr r909 Park av 

Fletcher Janie (c) tobwkr rl214 Moreland av 

Fletcher John (c; Maybelle) lab rl005 Gilbert 

Fletcher John G (c) rl214 Moreland av 

Fletcher Lillie S Mrs v-pres Snider-Fletcher Co Inc hl406 N Mangum 

Fletcher Lula K r909 Park av 

Fletcher Mack A student rllll Taylor 

Fletcher Martin I (Anna) dyer hllll Taylor 

Fletcher Mary F (wid Jas A) h909 Park av 

Fletcher Maude A hosiery fnshr rl2li Taylor 

Fletcher Maynard D (Viola) rodmn City Eng hl801 Angier av 

Fletcher Myrtle I looper rl211 Taylor 

Fletcher Nellie B textilewkr r909 Park av 

Fletcher Percy E (Lura L) dyer hll09 Taylor 

Fletcher Robt (Queen V) hl211 Taylor 

Fletcher Robt L (Lillie S) sec-treas Snider-Fletcher Co Inc hl405 N Man- 

Fletcher Wm (c) truck driver rl212 Moreland av 

Fletcher Wm O collr Farley's Store Inc r Braggtown 

Flintall Isaac (c) h613 Price 

Flintall Jos (c) lab rl200 Hanover 

Flintall Lottie R (c) dom rl200 Hanover 

Flintall Wm (c; Pearl) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co hl200 Hanover 

Flintall Willie (c) dom r601 Dowd 

Flintall Willie A (c) dom rl200 Hanover 

Flintom Effie L r914 N Mangum 

Flintom Junius M (Mary E) hdw 415 E Chapel Hill h914 N Mangum 

Flintom Mary E (wid Wm T) r914 N Mangum 

Flintom Saml H (Bessie) solr Durham Herald Co Inc r RD 2 

Florence L M Mrs r Washington Duke Hotel 

Florence Martha (c) r715a McMannen 

Flournoy Beatrice (c) tobwkr r702 Fargo 



Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires - 

115 N. DUKE ST. 

Exide Batteries 

TEL. N-173 

Flournoy Irma (c) tobwkr 1*708 Glenn 
Flournoy John (c; Mozelle) tobwkr r712 Fargo 
Flournoy Lillie ic) tobwkr h702 Fargo 
Flournoy Myrtle (c) tobwkr r712 Fargo 

Flowers Bros (Claude M Flowers) leaf tobacco UOY2 N Corcoran Rll 
Flowers Chas atndt Durham Bowling Center r506 Fowler av 
Flowers Claude M (Mary W; Flowers Bros) hl005 Monmouth av 
Flowers Ernest C (Mary E) glazier Carolina Glass Co h608 Wilkerson av 
Flowers Florence (c) lndrs rlOOO 3d 
Flowers Grady R (Myrtle) carp h708 Liberty 
Flowers Jesse G elk r506 Can- 
Flowers May (c) dom r510 Ramsey 
FLOWERS ROBT LEE (Lilly P), V-Pres-Sec-Treas Duke University, h 

West Campus, Tel F-3901 
Flowers Walter J carp r708 Liberty 
Flowers Wm C (Susan L) mach h605 Primitive 
Flowers Wm O (Nannie B) beauty shop hl09 N Guthrie av 
Flowers Wm O jr rl09 N Guthrie av 
Floyd Bettie S Mrs bkpr Floyd Coal Co h403 Forest 
Floyd Coal Co (Murray M Floyd) 100 Adrian 
Floyd Fannie E (wid Raleigh) rll24 Lynchburg 

Floyd Fred J (Annie E) plant mgr San Dry Cleaning Co rllll N Mangum 
Floyd Isabelle (c) tobwkr r316 Dodson 
Floyd Jessie elk Am Tob Co Inc rll2 Broadway 
Floyd Julia (c) cook r905 Willard 
Floyd Mary nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Floyd Murray M (Bettie S; Floyd Coal Co) h403 Forest 
Floyd Saml (c; Zula M) gdnr r807 Macklin 
Fluence Priscilla (c) h512B Elliott al 
Fluitt Lillie M (c) rll09 Shaw 

Flynn Richd E (Mary A) car repr h N Roxboro nr Oxford hwy 
Flynn T Carl (Inez) mgr ins dept Citizens Realty & Ins Co rllO Watts 
Flythe Roland D (Ruth E) pipe insulator rll4 W Lynch 
Fogg Eliz M (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co rll 19 Jackson 
Fogg Norman (c) bellmn Hotel Malbourne r704 Booker 
Fogle Perry (c) lab r807 Willard 
Fogleman Abr C r812 Holloway 

Fogleman Alonzo R (Beulah) wtchmn h812 Holloway 
Fogleman Alonzo R jr r812 Holloway 
Fogleman Annie r812 Holloway 
Fogleman Bernice r812 Holloway 
Fogleman Bertha M r812 Holloway 
Fogleman Clarence elk King & Mathes r812 Holloway 
Fogleman John r812 Holloway 

Fogleman Luther L (Myrtle L) elk Stone Bros h226 Monmouth av 
Fogleman Paul T (Lela L; F & F Shoe Co) h907 Cleveland 
Fontanella Valentine A (Reta B) supt Ruth Hosiery Mills h611 N Hyde 

Park av 
Fonville Annie R mach opr r2309 Angier av 
Fonville Isaac B (Lydia I) checker Durham Dairy Products Inc h424 S 

Driver av 
Fonville J Gilbert (Lois) sta atndt Standard Oil Co hl415 James 
Fonville Jas M (Vara D) truck driver Durham Fruit & Prod Co Inc h406 

Fonville Louis B (Kate L) h2309 Angier av 
Fonville Wm B (Sudie A) rec elk Durham Fruit & Prod Co Inc h307 N 

Driver av 
Foote Henry A printer The Seeman Printery r Guess rd 
Forbes Bennett agt The Life Ins Co of Va r401 Jackson 
Forbes Jack (c; Eliz) janitor rlll9 Jackson 
Forbes Norman (Virgie G) mach rlOlO Urban av 
Forbis John teleg opr r414 S Driver av 
Forbus Jos A cooper r512 Forest 

Forbus Wiley D prof Duke University r Hope Valley N C 
Forbush Walter H (Essie M) elk PO r RD 1 
Ford Amos (c; Minnie) tobwkr hl201 Hazel 
Ford Berkley (c; Lou M; Foster Street Grocery) h302 Hunt 
Ford Bernetha (c) dom r515 Pine 
Ford Cecil (e) lab r812 Fargo 

Ford Creaney F ( Golar M) knitter Ruth Hosiery Mills hl08 Lyon 
Ford Ella (c) tobwkr r906 Ebony 

Ford Frazier (c; Emily M) waiter Washington Duke Hotel h504 Fowler av 
FORD FURNITURE CO THE (Walter S Ford), Furniture and Household 

Requisites 106 W Parrish, Tel F-83K1 
Ford Helen E r2101 Englewood av 
Ford Laura (c) tobwkr h515 Pine 






pi mam 




70 mm * 






1— • 




^H ^W z 
































j 1 

s : 

| a> 














■ FN 








Reeves , American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service — Always Open 


Ford Leslie sten Puller, Reade & Fuller h924 Dacian av apt 1 

Ford Mary (c) maid r208 Moore 

Ford Walter S (Nonie E; The Ford Furniture Co) h2101 Englewood av 

Ford & Co (Julius M Penny) loans 105% W Parrish 

Foreman Consuela M (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r702 Pickett 

Foreman Ronald C (c; Consuelo M) auditor h702 Pickett 

Forest see also Forrest 

Forest Hills Club Clarence R Wood mgr 1639 University dr 

Forest Street Greenhouse (Edwin W Beasley) florists 410 Forest 

Forest Thelma tobwkr r405 N Elizabeth g 

Forest Virginia asst Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Forester Dora B Mrs hosiery wkr h209 S Elm 

Forlines John A (Nancy H) gro 1801 Erwin rd hl014 Broad 

Forlines Ruth R student rl014 Broad 

Forman Joshua G (Ella) hosiery wkr rl009 Spruce 

Forman M Bonnar (Beatrice) hosiery wkr hl009 Spruce 

Fornes Guy L (Julia A) barber h820 Buchanan rd 

Forrest see also Forest 

Forrest John (Stella) shrubs h903 Broad 

Forrest Lloyd B (Kath N) slsmn Huntley-Stockton-Hill Co r2007 Chapel 

Hill rd 
Forrest Walter S (Mabel) gro 808 Rose Hill av h2602 Hillsboro rd 
Forrester Clem D (Carrie A) printer Morris Printing Co h716 Shepherd 
Forrester R Lane (Alma S) sch tchr hl704 G 

Forsythe Geo G (Helen E) formn Am Tob Co Inc h311 E Trinity av 
Forsythe Josephus B (Mollie A) hl015 Angier av 
Forte Wm (c; Minnie) porter Duke University Hosp r603 Booker 
Fortune Alex (c) bellmn Hotel Malbourne r706 Booker 
Fortune Benj (c) lab r207 W Cobb 
Fortune David (c; Lessie) hl005A Shaw 
Fortune Fannie (c) r207 W Cobb 
Fortune Jas R (Juanita B) student r908 N Alston av 
Fortune Robena L student r408 E Geer 

Fortune Roma C Rev (Elsie C) pastor Ephphntha Church h408 E Geer 
Fortune Rosa R (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co h706 Booker 
Fortune Wm (c; Rosa R) cook Hotel Malbourne h706 Booker 
Foster Anna M Mrs (Madam Wray) h511 E Main 
Foster Anne L student rl207 N Gregson 

Foster Arth L (Hazel) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h909 W Markham 
Foster Bettie (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch r512 Dunbar 
Foster Chas (Mary) slsmn hl711 Lakewood av 
Foster DeWitt W (Sudie F) textilewkr hl808 Perry 
Foster Edw V (Eliz) mgr Moskin's Credit Clothing Co r408 E Main 
Foster Ethel C tobwkr r708 Burch av 
Poster Geo A Rev asst pastor Duke Memorial M E Church (South) r 

West Campus 
Foster H Clyde (Johnnie T) service mgr Johnson Motor Co h314% Liberty 
Foster Hazel Mrs cash coffee shop Duke University h909 W Markham av 
Foster Herbert G (Leila B) mgr Singer Sewing Machine Co hl203 Park av 
Foster Homer L tchr Durham High Sch rlOll Minerva 
Foster Irene B elk The Fidelity Bank r Hillandale rd 
Foster J Curtis (Maud I) r708 Burch av 

Foster Jesse R (Thelma) elk The Grill & Fountain r508 McMannen 
Foster John (Susie) h921 Washington 
Foster John (c; Annie) tobwkr r303 Johnson 
Foster Jos R (Agnes K) sergt in charge USA Recruiting Sta r414 N Rox- 

Foster Lemuel E slsmn Dickey-Foster- Wynne Co Inc r202 Maple 
Foster Leroy S (c; Margt) truck driver h611 Douglas 
Foster Lucy (c) h327 Matthews 
Foster Mary (c) tobwkr r327 Matthews 
Foster Mary M elk Am Tob Co Inc rl711 Lakewood av 
Foster Matilda dep County Tax Collr r Hillandale rd 
Foster Minnie D textilewkr rl808 Perry 
Foster Nina Mrs r204 Markham 

Foster Roy S (c) truck driver Thomas & Howard Co 330 E Peabody 
Foster Saml M (Ella I) v-pres Dickey-Foster- Wynne Co Inc hl207 N 

Foster Sarah r511 E Main 

Foster Street Grocery (c; Berkley Ford) 302 Hunt 
Foster Thos C (Anna M) mgr Lakewood Park h511 E Main 
Foster Walter (c; Eva) tobwkr rllO W Piedmont av 
Foster Wm (c) pntr rl215 McCall 

Foster Wm G (Nodie G) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h202 S Maple 
Foster Wm M (c; Mamie) tobwkr hl02 Chestnut 
Fouchee John A (c) elk rl005 Fayetteville 
Fourgurean Frank (Ruth C) slsmn hl209 E Trinity av 



5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Foushee Annie W (wid Howard A) h810 Proctor 

Foushee Clinton (c) janitor rl022 Kent 

Foushee Ella (c) tobwkr h709 Cameron 

Foushee Eug (c; Odessa) tobwkr 1U016 Cornell 

Foushee Frances L r810 Proctor 

Foushee Fredk W (Ethel E) gro 113 W Chapel Hill h308 do 

Foushee Howard L r810 Proctor 

Foushee Wm L (Grace H) knitter hl604 Club blvd 

Foushee Wm L lawyer 128 W Main R518 r810 Proctor 

Foust Delia (c) dom rl205 Morehead av 

Fowler A Arth r2908 Mulberry 

Fowler Ambrose (Effie M) textilewkr h801 N Duke 

Fowler Ansel E slsmn Huntley-Stockton-Hill Co r Malbourne Hotel 

Fowler Atlas T driver Paris-Leonard French Dry Clnrs r309 Edwards 

Fowler Betty elk Ellis Stone & Co rl003 W Main 

Fowler Clifton (Thelma) hosiery wkr h912 Dale av 

Fowler Edwin D sec The Seeman Printery Inc r Chapel Hill N C 

Fowler G Watts artist Hoyt Martin & Massey Inc r309 Edwards 

Fowler Geo (c; Charity) tobwkr hll08% N Hyde Park av 

Fowler Helen M r2908 Mulberry 

Fowler Henry O formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co r Stem N C 

Fowler Horace W formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co r616 W Chapel Hill 

Fowler Jas W (Monnie) hosiery wkr hl209 Glenn 

Fowler John M collr Fayette Investment Co 430% W Main 

Fowler Jos E mgr Royall Hotel rl06 S Church 

Fowler Lillian M tobwkr rl209 Glenn 

FOWLER M B (Hazel H), Sec The Fidelity Bank, hl021 Monmouth av, Tel 

Fowler Marvin M (Pearl D) business mgr City Schools hl500 B 

Fowler Mary E (wid Atlas T) h309 Edwards 

Fowler Maude Z nurse Dr Burton W Fassett r309 Edwards 

Fowler Nancy C r707 Morehead av 

Fowler Preston L (Florence E) mgr Am Tob Co Inc h707 Morehead av 

Fox Blois K (Swannie) mech Nicholson Motor Co Inc h270l Proctor rd 

Fox Julia J (wid Jos) elk Ellis Stone & Co r707 Shepherd 

Fox Mary (c) tobwkr rl013 Shaw 

Foy Enoch H (Kate) gro 310 Morehead av hl02 Young av 

Foy Percy L (Virginia) knitter h206 Lyon 

Francis Chas F (Oma) tobwkr hl06 S Maple 

Francis Frank (Sudie) r510 McMannen 

Francis Wm B (Louise A) brkmn h606 N Roxboro 

Francisco Peter T (Mabel) slsmn r301 Morehead av 

Franck Horace N (Sallie E) formn Am Tob Co Inc hl713 N Roxboro 

Franklin Ada (c) tobwkr r810 Cameron 

Franklin Annie M Mrs rl305 6th 

Franklin C Otho (Minnie) h507 Yancey 

Franklin Court The apts 501-03 E Main 

Franklin Coy M formn r409 N Hyde Park av 

Franklin Dora (wid Wiley P) h522 Can- 
Franklin Ellen G r409 N Hyde Park av 

Franklin Green B (Juis) wtchmn h705 S Alston ay 

Franklin Harry N (Sarah F) r409 Ashton pi 

Franklin Jas M formn Scott & Roberts r Chapel Hill rd 

Franklin John B (Estelle E) tobwkr h526 Carr 

Franklin Jos (c) tobwkr h506 Lyon 

Franklin Lillian silkwkr r522 Carr 

Franklin Maggie M (wid Sollie S) h409 N Hyde Park av 

Franklin Martha M cash Durham Dairy Products Inc r522 Carr 

Franklin Marvin H hosiery wkr r409 N Hyde Park av 

Franklin Nora r507 Yancey 

Franklin Royal W (Martha M) cooper h516 Gordon 

Franks Wm D (Beulah F) lab h415 Canal 

Franz Wm C (Martha K) slsmn Christian-Harward Furn Co rl008 Mon- 
mouth av 

Frasier Carrie (c) maid h613 Ramsey 

Frasier Minnie K Mrs v-pres Jones & Frasier Co h2019 Club blvd 

Frasier Wm G (Minnie K) pres Jones & Frasier Co and v-pres Durham 
Bldg & Investment Co h2019 Club blvd 

Frasier Wm G jr sec-treas Jones & Frasier Co r2019 Club blvd 

Frazier Arvie R (Ethel M) wtchmn h2809 Hillsboro rd 

Frazier Clarence truck driver r205 Dowd 

Frazier Delia (wid Richd U) r204 Buchanan blvd 

Frazier Dossie (c) tobwkr h506 StJoseph 

Frazier Ella (c) maid 2300 Englewood av 

Frazier Fred (c) busmn rl307 Lincoln 

Frazier Hallie (c) lndrs rl213 Drew 






212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Prazier John H (Sadie M) sign pntr h323 Pope 

Frazier Lindbergh (c) lab rll06 Willard 

Frazier Louise L (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co rll4 Lodge 

Frazier R Marie asst Duke University Library r702 Buchanan blvd 

Frazier Raiford (c) rl307 Lincoln 

Frazier Richd (c; Louise) lab rll4 Lodge 

Frazier Theoderic T dentist h702 Buchanan blvd 

Frazier Wm (c; Hattie) stone mason hl307 Lincoln 

Frederick Calvin E (Iva M) h509 Yates av 

Frederick Gene E r509 Yates av 

Frederick Jas (Ruth) butcher h407 Cooke 

Frederick Lorene Mrs tobwkr r326 South 

Free Will Baptist Church 1004 Morning Glory av 

Freedman D Co Jacob Freedman mgr genl mdse 341 W Main 

Freedman David slsmn D Freedman Co r817 N Mangum 

Freedman Israel mgr The Young Men's Shop r817 N Mangum, 

Freedman Jacob (May) mgr D Freedman Co hl003 N Gregson 

Freedman Lena r817 N Mangum 

Freedman Minnie (wid Danl) h817 N Mangum 

Freedman Saml slsmn D Freedman Co r817 N Mangum 

Freeland Bessie M silkwkr r306 S Gregson 

Freeland Chas A tobwkr r306 S Gregson 

Freeland Edw (e; Lottie) textilewkr hl26 Barnum 

Freeland Harvey (c) lab h907 Pine 

Freeland Irving D (Minnie M) slsmn h306 S Gregson 

Freeland Jacob (c; Dellie) h2700 Crest 

Freeland Jas M (c) tobwkr r610 Price 

Freeland Lorena (c) h509 George 

Freeland Mabel L (c) dom r610 Price 

Freeland Margt E (c) student r610 Price 

Freeland Mary E (c) h610 Price 

Freeland Robt (c; Denicia) orderly Duke University Hosp h919 Thaxton 

Freeland Roy (c; Annie) firemn Lincoln Hosp r603 Douglas 
Freeland Wm F (Mollie E) wtchmn h505 S Duke 
Freeman Benj F (c; Jessie) tobwkr h425 Henry al 
Freeman Chas (c; Lula) lab h301 Moline 
Freeman Chas A (Delia B) h613 Rigsbee av 
Freeman David (c; Viola) lab h514B Foster 

Freeman Dobson W (Ruth) fireman Hose Co No 2 hl520 James 
Freeman Ernest G rl06 Lyon 

Freeman Estelle (c) prsr Model Lndry Co r810 N Elizabeth 
Freeman Fairy E tobwkr r613 Rigsbee av 
Freeman Guy slsmn r309 Holloway 
Freeman Helen (c) tobwkr rlll2 N Roxboro 
Freeman Jas (c) lab r609 Carrington 
Freeman John (c) brklyr r417 Pine 
Freeman John H (c) lab r801 South 
Freeman Julia E tobwkr r721 W Chapel Hill 
Freeman Lizzie Mrs h204 S Blacknall 
Freeman Lottie (wid Gerome) hosierywkr hl06 Lyon 
Freeman Lucille (c) dom r512 South 
Freeman M Eleanor choir director h809 2d 
Freeman Mary (c) tobwkr r512 South 
Freeman Minnie Mrs textilewkr hl009 N Roxboro 
Freeman Nora M Mrs hosierywkr r503 Bruce 
Freeman Oscar (c; Josephine) lab h810 N Elizabeth 
Freeman Richd A elk Am Tob Co Inc r616 W Chapel Hill 
Freeman Richd .ir (c; Nannie) tobwkr h908 N Elizabeth 
Freeman Robt E tchr Durham High Sch r403 N Gregson 
Freeman Rubv Mrs r216 Laurel av 
Freeman Scott (c; Mary) tobwkr h326 Division 
Freeman Spencer tobwkr r709 N Hyde Park av 
Freeman Thos (c: Mattie) rl09 W Cobb 
Freeman Wildon E tobwkr r613 Rigsbee av 
Freeman Wm (c) lab r810 N Elizabeth 
Freeman Wm D (Lillie E) formn h607 Ramseur 
Freeman Wilma P tobwkr r613 Rigsbee av 
Freewill Baptist Church Rev Henry Melvin pastor 1004 Morning Glory 

Freland Pauline nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
French Kenneth R (Lillie) elk rlOOl W Trinity av 
French Roy (c) tob wkr r906 Glendale av 
Frey Alex H prof Duke University r Hope Valley N C 
Frick Alpheus E truck driver Ray Lmbr Co r317 E Main 
Friendley Home Beauty Shoppe (Mrs Lottie M Cayton) 1803 Angier ar 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Power and Lighting Service 

Frisbie Robt B (Alice M) pntr h209 W Geer 

Prison Jas (c; Bessie) tob wkr hlll7 Kent 

Prison Louise (c) rl404 Caswell pi 

Prison Wallace (c) fctywkr r915 Willard 

Prison Wm (c) tob wkr r204 Moline 

Fritz Bessie r904 S Duke 

Pritz Viola office sec John Sprunt Hill r904 S Duke 

Prizzelle John L ((Jennie B) chiropractor 104 W Chapel Hill RIO h2103 

Englewood av 
Promme David A student r528 E Proctor 
Promme Esther (wid Max) gro 528 E Proctor h do 
Frontis David (c; Myrtle) lab r506 Link pi 
Frost Furniture Co Milton C Frost pres Geo C Royall v-pres Lester F 

Butler sec D Thos Sausser treas 313 E Chapel Hill 
Frost Milton C pres Frost Furn Co r2414 Club blvd 
Pryar Rose (c) elk Royal Knights of King David rl326. E Pettigrew 
Frye Chas P (Amelia) h2705 Williams 
Frye Hattie M tob wkr r2705 Williams 
Frye Jessie L r2705 Williams 
Frye Nettie (wid Chas A) h516 McMannen 
Frye Wm slswn r601 N Mangum 
Fuel Oil Equipment Co Inc Irl W Summerlin pres oil burners 317 E 

Chapel Hill 
Fulbright Lessie Mrs textile wkr rl009 N Roxboro 
Fulenwider P E tchr Durham High Sch r Braggtown 
Fulford Alma student rl25 Hunt 
Fulford Realty Co (Wm A Fulford) 120 E Parrish 
Fulford Vera C hlpr r2005 Erwin rd 

Fulford Wm A (Rosa R; Fulford Realty Co) h512 N Mangum 
Fulford Wm A student r512 N Mangum 

Fuller Adelaide G Mrs tchr iJolloway St Sch rl025 Gloria av 
Fuller Alease (c) rl400 Caswell pi 
Fuller Annie J (wid Frank L) hl06 N Hyde Park av 
Puller Beatrice (c) maid rl400 Caswell pi 
Fuller Benj L rl06 N Hyde Park av 
Puller C Henry (Alma R) hlpr hl305 E Main 
Fuller Caroline D rl7 Oak dr 
Fuller Cornelia (c) office asst r611 Mobile av 
Fuller David (c) lab rl08 Haywood 
Fuller Edn§. (c) Indrs hl08 Haywood 
Puller Edw (c) farmer r509 George 
Fuller Effie (c) cook hl400 Caswell pi 
Fuller Ellen (c) hosierywkr h507A Elliott al 
Puller Ellen G (wid Wm A) h804 1st av 
Fuller Enest (c) r2309 Crest 
Fuller Eva mach opx r601 Liberty 
Fuller Floyd D knitter rl805 Angier av 
Fuller Foster F (Adelaide G) buyer rl025 Gloria av 
Fuller Frank (Laura) hosiery wkr h722 Walnut 
Fuller Frank L jr (Eliz W; Puller Reade & Fuller) h702 W Cobb 
Fuller Frank W (Eliz M) rl06 N Hvde Park av 
Puller G Wesley (Lottie) hl516 Morning Glory av 
Fuller Garland (c) clothes prsr rl08 Haywood 
Fuller Gordie (c; Anna M) clothes oresser rll04 Lynchburg 
Fuller Henry R (Jacqueline T) mech Alexander Motor Co r804 1st av 
Fuller Ida L mach opr r804 1st av 

Fuller Jas (c; Carrie) porter John L Howerton hl08 Cora 
Fuller Jas G (c; Maria B) h807 Willard 

Fuller Jas N (Lelia) auto mech Clark & Sorrell hll2 S Maple 
Fuller Jennie (c) dom r611 Mobile av 
Fuller Jessie A r207 N Driver av 

Fuller John (c; Gertrude) sta atndt Ezra L Wilson h610A Ray al 
Fuller John (c) textilewkr r2309 Crest 
Fuller John (c; Prances) tob wkr h508 Dowd 
Fuller John F (c; Rebecca) tob wkr hll21 Jackson 
Fuller John H (c) farmer rl08 Haywood 
Fuller John H (c; Pauline) tobwkr h314 Dowd 
FULLER JONES (Mattie P; Fuller, Reade & Fuller), V-Pres and Trust 

Officer The Fidelity Bank, hl7 Oak dr. Forest Hills, Tel F-9911 
Fuller Jos K (Ethel) mill wkr r601 Liberty 
Fuller Josephine y r207 N Driver av 
Puller Kate H (wid Milton R) h207 N Driver av 
Fuller Kinnie (c; May E) tob wkr h815 Fargo 
Puller LeRoy (c) lab r427 Eric 
Puller Lon L (Florence G) prof Duke University hlOll Dacian av 



1 ^ 


Durham Realty and Insurance 

First Floor Trust Building KfiKS A& tl&\ 

Fuller Louis (c) r512 Dowd 

Fuller Lucy (c) h611 Mobile av 

Fuller M Maude sch tchr r804 1st av 

Fuller Margt H (wid Zackariah) gro 603 Liberty h601 do 

Fuller Mary (c) lndrs h2309 Crest 

Fuller Mary E (c) dom rl08 Haywood 

Fuller Memorial Presbyterian Church Rev Earl D Curtis pastor E Main 
cor Alston av 

Fuller Nellie (c) tob wkr r2309 Crest 

Fuller Odelia (c) dom r508 Dowd 

Puller Otis (c; Goldie) lab h8B Adams av 

Fuller Ralph B ins 128 W Main R520 r Dover rd (Hope Valley) 

Fuller Ralph B jr artist Durham Engraving Co r Dover rd (Hope val- 

FULLER, READE & FULLER (Jones Fuller, R Percy Reade, Frank L 
Fuller Jr), Lawyers 512-516 Loan & Trust Bids 212 W Main, Tel 

Puller Robt W (Emma P; Puller & Thomas) h208 S Driver av 

Puller Ruby nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Fuller School Maggie E Holloway prin 501 Cleveland 

Fuller Susie W Mrs tchr Edgemont Graded Sch r224 Parish pi 

Fuller T Fred pntr r601 Liberty 

Fuller Thelma (c) maid r810 Fayetteville 

Puller Thos R (Nobie V) auto mech Clark & Sorrell h.204 Southgate 

Fuller Wm (c) tob wkr rl400 Caswell pi 

Fuller Wm H Rev (c; Lucilla) pastor Good Hope Baptist Ch h402 Dowd 

Fuller Wm M (c; Ida) janitor h512 Dowd 

Fuller Wm P former Liggett & Mvers Tob Co rl7 Oak dr 

Fuller & Thomas (Robt W Puller, Prank L Thomas) auto reprs 117 Mor- 

Fulton Benj (c; Lula) lab h608b E Pettigrew 

Fultz Anna B hosierywkr rl204 N Roxboro 

Funderburk Ernest (c) lab r905 4th 

Funderburk Hattie (c) maid h905 4th 

Funderburk Henrietta (c) r905 4th 

Funderburk Jas (c; Jessie) barber r905 4th 

Fung Chas (Lee Sing) rl07 E Chapel Hill 

Fuqua Cecil C (Effie E) tob wkr h2114 E Main 

Fuqua Ida Mrs tob wkr h408 N Mangum 

Fuqua John L (Cordie J) textilewkr h726 15th 

Fuqua Sarah E (wid Jas T) r2303 Chapel Hill rd 

Fuqua Wm A (Ida) carp r305 S Duke 

Puquay D Carmel (Nellie L) mach h923 D 

Fuquay David M bottler Nehi Bottling Co r Roxboro rd 

Fuquay Felix R (Bessie A) slsmn Durham Public Service Co h2802 N 

Fuquay Jas I (c: Lessie) lab rlOOl Gilbert 

Fuquay Lewis T (Mamie V) ice delmn hl309 N Duke 

Fuquay Roy C (Dora S) supt Continental Life Ins Co h223 N Briggs av 

Furgest Thos (c; Mittie) lab h609 Grant 

Fye Arth (c; Addie) porter Durham Book & Stationery Co hl009 2d 

G & G Lunch (Dennis W and Robt B Grady) 1203 Angier av 

Gaddie Keller (c) dom r405 Bailey 

Gaddy Benj D (Pauline P) supt hosiery mill Golden Belt Mfg Co hl411 N 

Gaddy Dock (c) tobwkr r424 Blackwell 
Gaddy Duncan (c; Ellie) tob wkr h310 E Proctor 
Gaddy Franklin hosiery wkr r205 N Dillard 
Gaddv Virginia rl411 N Gregson 
Gaddy Wm (c) lab r312 Bass 
Gaines John (c) r2214 Pratt 
Gaines Wm (c) lab r2210 Pratt 
Gainey Clarence M (Janie) knitter r203 Stokes 
Gainey Felix W (Mattie O) hl712 Dean 
Gainey Jas A hosierwkr r203 Stokes 
Gainey John A (Nannie E) h203 Stokes 
Gaither Jos C (c; Martha) plstr hl009 Morehead av 
Galbraith John T (Minnie) mech Carpenter Motor Co rll26 N Roxboro 
Galifianakis Manuel (Sophie; Lincoln Cafe) h308 Markham 
Gallagher Jas P (Mamie E) mach hl301 N Mangum 
Gallagher Patk N Rev asst pastor Church of the Immaculate Conception 

r810 W Chapel Hill 
Galphin Robt W (Margt) mgr Producers Mut Exch of N C h2321 Club 

Gamble Dora H Mrs bdg 601 N Mangum h do 

Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGO, Manager 

Gamble Fitzhugh L (Sallie A) linemn h302 Cheek 

Gamble Isaac (c; Angie) h604 Ramsey 

Gamble Varies (c) tobwkr r604 Ramsey 

Gantt Eva G student r520 S Duke 

Gantt Robt M (Kath C; Brawley & Gantt) hl007 Gloria av 

Gantt Stough B student r520 S Duke 

Gantt Summie O (Ann M) cam h520 S Duke 

Garber Paul N prof Duke University r do 

Gardiner Ann H asst prof Duke University r do 

Gardner Bertha (c) lndrywkr hl019A 2d 

Gardner Chester L pntr rl817 Vale 

Gardner Clarence jr instr Duke University r do 

Gardner Cora M (c) lndrs The Watts Hosp rl019a 2d 

Gardner Eileen (c) dom r708 Willard 

Gardner Floy slswn rlOOl Sunshine la 

Gardner Geo (c; Annie) sta firemn r708 Willard 

Gardner Hazel student r910 Park av 

Gardner J Claudia tob wkr r504 N Roxboro 

Gardner J Harvey (Mamie G) transfer hl007 Angier av 

Gardner Jas (c; Christine) hlpr h826 Gattis 

Gardner Jas W rl817 Vale 

Gardner L Landon (Eva) hl817 Vale 

Gardner Lawrence L (I Gertrude) sec Dancy Motor Co Inc r Bon Air av 

Gardner Leonard S rl817 Vale 

Gardner Morton L (Khiva E) carp h407 E Geer 

Gardner R Earl (Janie R) elk Haywood & Boone h614 S Duke 

Gardner Roosevelt (c; Mary) tobwkr h304a Memphis 

Gardner Roy T r407 E Geer 

Gardner Veola Mrs textile wkr r919 Washington 

Garett Robt L (Millie J) hill N Maple 

Garfield Thos (c; Rena) lab hi 12b E Cobb 

Garland Dorsey G Rev (c) pastor StMark's A M E Zion Ch h800 Pine 

Garland Rosa (c) tobwkr r704 Pine 

Garland Virgie (c) cook r704 Pine 

Garlington Wm H dist mgr Continental Life Ins Co r Raleigh N C 

Garner Annie twid Rufus S) hi 101 Angier av 

Garner Annie M hosiery wkr r406 Toby 

Garner Artis (c; Elnora) tob wkr rl015 Rosedale av 

Garner Bessie (c) maid rl015 Rosedale av 

Garner Claiborne W textilewkr rl008 Angier av ,.« 

Garner Clarence P (Nannie D) carp hl008 Angier av 

Garner Clyde J (Flonnie) rllOl Angier av 

Garner Ernest (c; Donnie) tobwkr h908B Oak 

Garner Etheleen hosierywkr r406 Tobv 

Garner Fred (c) lab r403 Memphis 

Garner Geo L asst Duke University Library rl025 Monmouth av apt 5 

Garner Hattie (c) tob wkr rl307 D I '. 

Garner Hubert (Bessie) hosiery wkr r403 N Elizabeth 

Garner Jennie (c) dom rl307 Tucker 

Garner Jos (c; Matilda) tobwkr h403 Memphis 

Garner Needham B (Ethel) countermn Edgemont Cafe hll3 S Elm , 

Garner Wm E (Georgia) cloth printer h406 Toby 

Garner Wm E printer rllOl Angier av 

Games Alice (c) lndrs rll3 Umstead 

Garrard Annie W asst in education Duke University rl023 Gloria av 

Garrard Caleb E (Ettie V; Hillsboro Rd Mkt) gro 2608 Hillsboro rd h 

2618 do 
Garrard Chas (Nannie E) textilewkr h710 13th 
Garrard David N rl08 W Trinity av 
Garrard Edith P r402 Milton av 
Garrard Eliz rl909 Erwin rd 
Garrard Emma (wid David L) hl213 Carolina av 
Garrard Fletcher D (Mary E) plmbr h720 16th 
Garrard Florence E h616 Shepherd 

Garrard G Edw stockkpr J L Wilkerson r708 Burch av 
Garrard Hubert L drftsmn Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc rl213 Carolina 

av j n< 

Garrard J Thos (Lela) elk Edw T McCoy h2610 Hillsboro rd 
Garrard John L rl213 Carolina av 
Garrard Katie C student r2618 Hillsboro rd 
Garrard Lelia M (wid Wm T) h402 Milton av 
Garrard Lewis G student r402 Milton av 
Garrard Lillie B r616 Shepherd 

Garrard Lorena sec City Dir of Public Wks rl08 W Trinity av 
Garrard Louise E rl913 Yearby av 



Featuring the Most Attractive 45c Mid-Day Lunth 

— The Best in the City — All Varieties of Sea Food 

in Season 


Garrard Ludie M opr Interstate Tel & Teleg Co r616 Shepherd 

Garrard M Louise sch tchr rl213 Carolina av 

Garrard Mollie (wid David N) hl08 W Trinity av 

Garrard Nellie C rl023 Gloria av 

Garrard Otho A (Nellie) textilewkr hl918 Yearby av 

Garrard S Jack (Mary S) textilewkr hl909 Erwin rd 

Garrard Saml D (Willie O wtchmkr 804 W Main M205 Watts 

Garrard Vernie C (Myrtle M) agt State Mut Life Assurance Co b.323 E 
Trinity av 

Garrard Vesta B r616 Shepherd 

Garrard W Preston (Lillie D) textilewkr hl901 Erwin rd 

Garrard W Shirley (Bettie C) textilewkr hl913 Yearby av 

Garrard Willie JVl tob wkr rl205 Watts 

Garrell Maior I r923 10th 

Garrell Olin C (P Carrie) textilewkr h923 10th 

Garrell Pearl Mrs lndrywkr White Star Lndry h923 10th 

Garrett Archie r807 Spring 

Garrett C Grady (Florence C) sch tchr hl005 Homer dr 

Garrett Chas (Charleen) slsmn Durham Shoe Store Inc rl009 Green 

Garrett Coleen (c) dom r815A Mebane 

Garrett Daisy (wid Wm) weaver hl700 E Main 

Garrett David R (Anne W) bus opr Durham Public Service Co hl07 

Garrett E Thos (Mamie) hlOOl Washington 

Garrett Elijah W textilewkr hl013 Hale 

Garrett Henry A (Anna B) r219 Anderson 

Garrett Henry B textilewkr h219 Anderson 

Garrett Jas T (Mabel M) knitter hl608 E Main 

Garrett John W textilewkr rl70O E Main 

Garrett M Annie textilewkr r219 Anderson 

Garrett Malcolm P (Lillian) elk r506 Memorial 

Garrett Mattie L sch tchr rl013 Hale 

Garrett Onie M Mrs spinner r602 Middle 

Garrett Robt L elk Byrd Bros & Pickett r510 Rigsbee av 

Garrett Sudie hosierywkr r402 Morris 

Garrett Wm T (Annie C) mech Carpenter Motor Co h309 N Guthrie av 

Garris Allie M (c) dom rl007 Fairview 

Garris Carrie (wid Henry) rlll9 6th 

Garris Chas (c; Mamie) tob wkr rl205 Cornell 

Garris O Fenton (Henrietta) textile wkr h2706 Hillsboro rd 

Garris Oscar V (Gladys M) mach hlll9 6th 

Garris Pattie E tob wkr rlll9 6th 

Garrison Robt D (Rosa B) bkpr r403 Jackson 

Garrison Rosa B Mrs sten Durham Chamber of Commerce r403 Jackson 

Garrison S Mark (Bessie) chf eng Duke University h2212 Erwin rd 

Gary Ellen (c) dom hllO Haywood 

Gaskin Lillian r2405 Hart 

GasKins Grover (c) fctywkr rll03 Willard 

Gaskins Harvey A (Annie E) h410 N Roxboro 

Gaster A Gertrude textilewkr r908 8th 

Gaster Chas A millwkr r908 8th 

Gaster Ethel J silk wkr r908 8th 

Gaster Percv S r908 8th 

Gaster Saml D (Lottie J) silkwkr b.908 8th 

Gaster Stacie C (Bert M) textilewkr h309 Case 

Gaston Margt (c) tob wkr r4 Peachtree pi 

Gaston Sallie nurse 2020 Club blvd r do 

Gate City Life Insurance Co 206% N Corcoran 

Gates Arth M (Minnie P) asst prof Duke University hl03» W Trinity av 

Gates Caswell J (c; Rowena) lawyer 106 % W Parrish R2 hlOlO Fay- 
ette ville 

Gates Henry T (Elsie G) box mkr h704 15th 

Gates Irene (wid John H) hll05 Watts 

Gates J Clyde elk D S Miller & Son rll05 Watts 

Gates Jas L (Beulah B) h719 W Chapel Hill 

Gates Lonnie (Eliz) hosierywkr h201 Morris 

Gates Margt L pkr rl013 Burch av 

Gates N Eliz pkr B C Remedy Co rl013 Burch av 

Gates Nora L (wid Hiram W) hl013 Burch av 

Gates Norman rll05 Watts 

Gates Robt H (Kath) hl203 Buchanan rd 

Gates Rowena J (c) tchr East End Graded Sch rlOlO Fayetteville 

Gates Ruth M elk The Watts Hosp rl203 Buchanan rd 

Gates Steph F (Fannie) hl319 Watts 

Gates Thos G (Nola) mill mech h406 Yancev 


Home Savings Bank 


JOHN SPRUNT HILL. President T- C. WORTH, Cashier 

Gates W Elmo (Atress L) police rll05 Watts 

Gatewood Addie (c) sch tchr r907 N Elizabeth 

Gatewood J Snead (Pansy I) pdlr rl023 9th 

Gatewood Lander (c; Ollie) lab h206 Haywood 

Gatewood Mary (c) rl310 Sally 

Gatewood Mattie (c) dom r308 Stephens 

Gatlin Robt H instr Duke University r310 Holloway 

Gatson Sylvia (c) dom rll02 Cates av 

Gattis Clara L rl410 Arnette av 

Gattis Claude (c) tobwkr rll2B E Proctor 

Gattis Dock (c) r211 Tatum al 

Gattis Hattie H (wid Robt L) h514 Milton av 

Gattis Herbert F tob wkr r405 Yates av 

Gattis Junius C (c; Rebecca) fish 218 Foster h410 Dowd 

Gattis LeRoy (Gertrude V) sec-treas Lipscomb-Gattis Co hl410 Ar- 
nette av 

Gattis Louise A tobwkr r405 Yates av 

Gattis Lula C (wid Cyrus W) h405 Yates av 

Gattis M Eckey agt Central Oil Co of N C Inc r2907 Hillsboro rd 

Gattis Mary (c) tob wkr h211 Xatum al 

Gattis Nancv (c) tobwkr r417 Lucille 

Gattis Raymond (Elsie L) teleg opr h2525 Chapel Hill rd 

Gattis Sallie S elk r405 Yates av 

Gattis W Andrew (Ruth L) bkpr Jourdan Transfer r514 S Duke 

Gattis Walter R (Audrey B) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co hl617 Guess 

Gaulden E Louise tobwkr r307 S Gregson 

Gaulden Jas C pntr r307 S Gregson 

Gaulden Maude (wid Wm C) r307 S Gregson 

Gaulden W Delmas pntr r307 S Gregson 

Gay Jas W (Mildred S) rlOlO Gloria av 

Gay Mattie E (wid Jos C) h905 12th 

Gay Mildred S Mrs sten Eug C Brooks ir rlOlO Gloria av 

Gay Oliver E (Jessie P) mach hlOlO Gloria av 

Gay Victor R textile wkT r905 12th 

Gay Wm (c) lab r2203 Concord 

Gaynus Neal H (Mary) textilewkr hl211 Wall 

Gear aids Maggie (c) maid 611 Watts 

Gearhart Wm student r2409 Club blvd 

Gee Harvey (c) farmer r213 Kelly al 

Gee Jeanette (c) cook h417B Cozart av 

Geer Beatice (c) dom rl609 Merrick 

Geer Building The F C Geer Co owners 128 W Main 

Geer Chanie (c) r303 Johnson 

Geer Crusoe (c) janitor Snow bldg rl609 Merrick 

Geer Edw (c; Ella) tob wkr hlll4 Willard 

Geer F C Co The Robt L Bellamy pres-treas Jones Fuller v-pres Ernest S 
Booth sec real est 128 W Main R408 

Geer Hosea (c) butler r402 Enterprise 

Geer Jas (c) porter Durham Sport Shop rl609 Merrick 

Geer John (c) h826b Glendale av 

Geer Maior (c) porter The Seeman Printery rl609 Merrick '«' 

Geer McKinley (c; Luvenia) chauf hlll6 Shaw 

Geer Rebecca (c) hl609 Merrick 

Geer Rita (c) cook 506 Cleveland 

Geer Skid (c; Hattie) formn h402 Enterprise 

Geer Street Service Station I E Preston and Wm C Williams) E Geer cor 

Roxboro .m: 

Geer Viola (c) student r302 Umstead 

Geer Wm (c) lab r903 Willard 

Gelonis Jas tob wkr rl20y 2 E Main 

General Lee Council No 48 Jr O U A M meets Thursdays 8 p m 700 9th 

General Realty Co John W Howard v-pres Jos T Bowling asst sec-treas 
and mgr 128 E Chapel Hill R506 

Gentle Anna M Mrs h604 N Roxboro 

Gentry B Thos (Virginia E) slsmn Model Lndry Co h722 Shepherd 

Gentry Benj O lndrywkr Model Lndry Co r412 South I 

Gentry Caroline (wid John) hosierywkr hll9 Lyon 

Gentry Eliz rl!9 Lyon 

Gentry Elmore P slsmn Efird's Dept Store r411 Willard 

Gentry Frank E rl05 Jones 

Gentry Frank W waiter rl05 Jones 

Gentry M Eliz slswn Efird's Dept Store r411 Willard 

Gentry Ruell D (Minnie) hosierywkr h910 Dale av 

Gentry Susie (wid Clem J) rl608 Jackson 



"If it can be sold — it can be sold by mail" 



Gentry Truesdale hosierywkr rll9 Lyon 

Gentry W Allen (Marietta) barber h411 Willard 

George Ada (wid Wiley) hosierywkr h2620 Proctor rd 

George Angus D (Mary E) mach opr Durham Lmbr Co hl09 S Briggs av 

George Aretta topper r2620 Proctor rd 

George Beulah hosiery wkr rl09 S Briggs av 

George Blannie slswn r201 Jones 

George Delmer rlOl N Ben.iamin 

George Delos W (Ruth) hosierywkr hl913 "West 

George Edna E rl505 Echo rd 

George Eliza M (wid Wm G) looper h2304 Hart 

George Ethel E hosierywkr rl09 S Briggs av 

George Gaston (Addie O) tobwkr hl505 Echo rd 

George Gus A (Hattie H) carp hlll5 Eva 

George Izzie M r619 Reservoir (E Durham) 

George L Pervis (Bernice) carp h912 Eva 

George Lala hosierywkr r2620 Proctor rd 

George Louis (c; Lucy) tobwkr rl218 Dawkins 

George Lula (wid Edw) spinner rll07 E Main 

George Peggy M slswn Belk-Leggett Co r201 Jones 

George Raymond A (May A) agt Home Security Life Ins Co r907 W 
Chapel Hill 

George Rosetta (wid Albert H) textilewkr h619 Reservoir (E Durham) 

George Sulah hosierywkr rl09 S Briggs av 

George Thos J rl505 Echo rd 

George Thos J (Fannie L) mach opr Durham Lmbr Co hlOl N Benja- 

George Tony (Peoples Cafe & Lunch) h403 Holloway 

George's (Geo A Switzer) men's clothing 115 E Parrish 

Georges Penelope Mrs r305 Markham 

Gerald Louise (c) r912 Walton 

Gerald Trov (c; Earlie) lab h320 Division 

Geralds Pink (c; Willie) tob wkr h208 Johnson 

Gerard Kenneth asst in Physical education Duke University r do 

Germain Fritz pntr r910 N Roxboro 

Germain Garland B (A Gertrude) sign pntr rl901 Yearby av 

Germain Minnie E (wid John G) h910 N Roxboro 

Germino Antonio (Julia; Sou Tool Mfg Co) h508 McMannen 

Germino Dante J (Nellie S) aud Durham Herald Co Inc h520 McMannen 

Germino Hugo student r508 McMannen 

Germino Nellie S dep elk Countv Recorder's Court r520 McMannen 

Germino Norma slswn Raylass Chain Stores Inc r508 McMannen 

Germino Romeo student r508 McMannen 

Gerst Mittie (c) maid 406 Watts 

Gery Chas H (Gery Motor Service) rl707 Erwin rd 

Gery Delma L rl707 Erwin rd 

Gery E Frank (Mincha S) electn hl707 Erwin rd 

Gery Florine M rl707 Erwin rd 

Gery Lyman E rl707 Erwin rd 

Gery Motor Service (Chas H Gery) auto reprs 2715 Hillsboro rd 

Gethsemane Baptist Church (c) 908 Pine 

Gholson Belle C Mrs tchr Durham High Sch h302 Milton av 

Gholson Claude S (Mae M) bkpr r302 Milton av 

Gholson Jos C bkpr r302 Milton av 

Gholson Jos O D (Belle C) antiques h302 Milton av 

Gibbons Alf T (Lillian S) asst mgr Am Tob Co Inc r412 E Main 

Gibbons Eula M (c) tob wkr r916 N Elizabeth 

Gibbs Ethel (c) dom rl06 Moline 

Gibbs Jeff H silkwkr r214 Parrish pi 

Gibbs Staley A (Naomi) asstmgr Singer Sewing Mach Co r Guess rd 

Gibbs Wilbur G rl519 Caswell pi 

Gibbs Wm L (Mabel E) knitter hl208 E Main 

Gibson Anna M (c) dom r422 Henry al 

Gibson Bessie (c) dom h812 Pine 

Gibson Bettie C (wid W Chester) mach opr Kearney Mfg Co h834 Wil- 
kerson av 

Gibson Bettie M tobwkr r834 Wilkerson av 

Gibson Beulah (c) tob wkr h rear 507 S Queen 

Gibson Drucilla Mrs sten Sou Fire Ins Co h916 W Trinity av apt 7 

Gibson Eli (c; Estelle) hlpr h613 Pine 

Gibson Flora (c) tobwkr r606 Parker 

Gibson Geo L r809 Spring 

Gibson Geo W (Ada C) carp h809 Spring 

Gibson Gertrude (c) tobwkr h817 New (E Durham) 

Gibson H T tchr Durham High Sch r403 N Gregson 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASCHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Gibson Harold student r512 Watts 

Gibson Hattie (c) dom rl3Q9 N Alston av 

Gibson Henry (c; Dora) lab hllO Gattis 

Gibson Herman W (Myrtle) r313 Rigsbee av 

Gibson Irene (c) r502 E Proctor apt 1 

Gibson Jas (Hannah) tob wkr h604B Chess pi 

Gibson Jas (c) tobwkr r602 Pine 

Gibson Jas R (Pauline S) tobwkr h812 Wilkerson av 

Gibson Jefferson D (Drucilla) claims supt Sou Fire Ins Co h916 W 
Trinity av apt 7 

Gibson John H (Ploy T) bldg contr 509 Gattis h do 

Gibson Jonas (c) lab hl310 Sallv 

Gibson Jos E (Mary L) elk Southeastern Exp Co h502 S Duke 

Gibson Kath nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Gibson Lacey A student r824 Burch av 

Gibson LeRoy bkpr J S Bache & Co r201 N Roxboro 

Gibson Lettie Mrs rll5 Holloway 

Gibson Mae P (wid Steph P) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co r514 Willard 

Gibson Marie (c) lndrs r808 Dowd 

Gibson Mary (c) dom rll20 Jackson 

Gibson Nathan (c: Charlotte) tob wkr h808 Dowd 

Gibson Pauline S elk Am Tob Co Inc r812 Wilkerson av 

Gibson Pear lie (c) lndrs h521 S Briggs av 

Gibson Sallie (c) rl014% Burch av 

Gilbert Allen H (Kath E) prof Duke University h516 Carolina cir 

Gilbert Claiborne (Ada) pntr r806 Spring 

Gilbert Everett E student r516 Carolina cir 

Gilbert Predk H (Blanche) rl07 Lyon 

Gilbert Kath E prof Duke University r516 Carolina cir . 

Gilbert Lessie waitress Washington Duke Hotel r304 N Queen 

Gilbert Lillie r213 Markham 

Gilbert Maggie r213 Markham 

Gilbert Sudie (wid John H) h213 Markham 

Gilbert Virginia E (wid Aaron L) h304 N Queen 

Gilchrist Alex (Berta) bus opr Durham Public Service Co r RD 5 

Gilchrist Bertha (c) tob wkr r304B E Proctor 

Gilchrist Edwin N (Beulah M) r702 Ramseur 

Gilchrist Harrison (c) tobwkr r208 Johnson 

Gilchrist Jas (c) barber Pine St Barber Shop r702 Ramseur lit 

Gilchrist Jas H msngr C E King & Son rlll2 Holloway hi 

Gilchrist John (c; Rosabelle) tob wkr r510 Nelson 

Gilchrist Lillian tobwkr rl!12 Holloway l!l! 

Gilchrist Rufus (c; Peggie) lab hl04 Haywood 

Gilchrist Walter (c; Alice) lab hl012 4th 

Gilchrist Walter (c) waiter rl04 Havwood 

Gilchrist Wm J (Grace B) supt Cheek-Holton Mfg Co Inc hlll2 Hollo- 

Giles Ola tchr Geo W Watts Sch r605 Watts apt 7 

Gill Hattie M (c) tob wkr h207 Tatum al 

Gill Henry B (Alice K) mgr sta No 1 Am Oil Co filling sta 902 W Main 
h N Roxboro rd nr Bon Air av 

Gill Jerdv rl005 S Alston av II 

Gill Lucy (c) ticket tkr h203% Ramsey 

Gill Paul sta atndt Henry B Gill r N Roxboro rd nr Bon Air av igg 

Gill Ray A (Naomi) detective City Police Dept hl005 S Alston av 

Gill Thelma (c) r302y 2 Ramsey , . 

Gillespie Garfield (c) lab rl2 Davis 

Gillette Edna E r714 Liberty 

Gillette Herbert (Katie) millwkr h714 Liberty 

Gilliam Geo W (Lucille) formn h824 N Mangum 

Gilliam Wm M (Nodie) gro 1108 Morning Glory av hll06 do 

Gilliard Fred (c; Mary) tob wkr hlOHB Shaw 

Gilliatt Cecil L (Carolina Glass Co) rl009 Dacian av 

Gillis Emma (c) maid 2216 Club blvd 

Gillis Henry (c) student r604B Mobile av 

Gillis Myrtle waitress The Palms Cafe r304A N Roxboro 

Gillis Ruby M tob wkr rll6 Jackson 

Gillis Walter (c; Carrie) tobwkr h604B Mobile av ii 

Gilmer Bessie S (c) treas Royal Knights of King David r407 Fowler av 

Gilmer J Edw (c; Bessie) brklyr h407 Fowler av 

Gilmer Lillie (c) dom r433 Piedmont av 

Gilmer Thelma C (c) tchx W G Pearson Elementary Sch r407 Fowler 

Gilmer Thos (c; Augusta) meat ctr Mrs Eva Zuckerman h703 Glenn 

Gilmore Ada (c) tobwkr hl016V4 Burch av 

Gilmore Chas (c; Lizzie) tobwkr h202 Enterprise 











Id the Front 
of this Book 

They Are 


This Big 
Catalog of 
Your City 

CYvr-a-fl storage « -v *»• A» AINLJl\.l!«Wij 



PHONE F-3931 

Gilmore David (c; Union Tailor Shop) rl006 Lynchburg 

Gilmore Goldie (c) cook rl405 Glenn 

Gilmore Grover C (Angie M) meat ctr Haywood A Jones rl917 West 

Gilmore Henry H (Lila P) pntr D C May hl201 Evergreen 

Gilmore Isabelle (c) lndrs hl006 Lynchburg 

Gilmore Junious (c) tob wkr 1006 Lynchburg 

Gilmore Lula Mrs hlOlO Franklin 

Gilmore Lydia R (c) dom rl006 Lynchburg 

Gilmore Mabel (c) dom rl006 Lynchburg 

Gilmore Melvin (c) gdnr rll02 Willard 

Gilmore Robt (c; Minnie W) brklyr rl615 Fayetteville 

Gilmore Rosa (c) hosiery wkr r509 Booker 

Gilmore Theo R (Edna E) hlpr r2002 Hart 

Gilpriest Jas (c; Mabel) tob wkr h619 Ramsey 

Giobbi Jos r2504 Englewood av 

Giobbi Peter (Maria) stone mason h2504 Englewood av 

Givens Irene (c) rlOOO 3d 

Gladden Amy (c) r327 Matthews 

Gladden Clyde (c; Mozelle) tob wkr r813 Fargo 

Gladden Henrietta (c) lndrs rl07 Mission al 

Gladden Jas (c; Maude) hlpr r513 Branch ol 

Gladden Jos (c; Katie) tob wkr h812y 2 Pickett 

Gladden Joshua (c) r814 Pickett 

Gladden Leanna (c) tob wkr r610B E Pettigrew 

Gladden Mozelle (c) ironer Model Lndry Co r813 Fargo 

Gladden Robt (c; Matilda) tobwkr h814 Pickett 

Gladden Susie (c) maid Duke University Hosp r West Durham 

Gladden Wm (c) tobwkr r814 Pickett 

Gladman Lillie H Mrs asst Duke Univ Hosp r416 Mangum 

Gladgtein Louis (Lillie) dry gds 1112 Angier av h802 N Roxboro 

Gladsteip Louis jr (Fannie) mgr Stem's h807 N Mangum 

Glastein Melvin E store mgr Louis Gladstein r802 N Roxboro 

Gladwell Hessie smstrs rl305 Angier av 

Glasco Carrie (c) maid rlOlO 2d 

Glasco Elsie (c) r424 Bailey 

Glascock S Cath (wid Chas W) r704 Buchanan blvd 

Glasgow Chas E (Ollie B) tobwkr h507 Jackson 

Glasgow Herbert W tob wkr r507 Jackson 

Glasgow-Stewart & Co Lonnie W Rogers mgr whol auto supplies 405 N 

Glass Edw W (Ludie C) agt Met Life Ins Co h502 Milton av 

Glass Geo O (Edith) soft drinks N Mangum cor Morgan h211 Dowd 

Glass Jas F (Nancy) pres-mgr Sou Fire Ins Co and mgr Crum & Foster 
hl533 Hermitage ct 

Glass Jennie B (wid John J) r211 Dowd 

Glass Littleton J (Estelle T) sec-treas Pritchard-Bright & Co Inc hllO 
Briarcliff rd 

Glasson Agnes A Mrs r710 Buchanan blvd 

Glasson Marjorie student r710 Buchanan blvd 

Glasson Wm H (Mary P) dean of graduate sch of arts and sciences 
Duke University h710 Buchanan blvd 

Gleis Ella (c) dom r502 Gray 

Glenn Adolphus J (Mabel B) stock mgr Carpenter Motor Co h211 May 

Glenn Barney G (Tempie) hosiery wkr rllO N Blacknall 

Glenn Bros (Howard E and Clarence A) gros 109 Morgan 

Glenn Chas E (Lillie G) cond h304 E Geer 

Glenn Clarence A (Maggie; Glenn Bros; Glenn Coal Co) h816 N Man- 

Glenn Clyde E (Arline M) formn Am Tob Co Inc h821 Ramseur 

Glenn Coal Co (Howard E and Clarence A Glenn) 1509 E Pettigrew 

Glenn Edw D (Coy) gro hl402 E Main 

Glenn Ethel rll4 Guthrie av 

Glenn Garland D (Bessie R) silk wkr h717 Holloway 

Glenn Gorman H (c; Rebecca) brklyr hl02 Piedmont av 

Glenn Howard E (Ethel S; Glenn Bros; Glenn Coal Co) h206 W Mark- 
ham av 

Glenn J Sidney (D Frances) tob wkr h213 W Trinity av 

Glenn J Wm P (Lanie M) textile wkr h317 Anderson 

Glenn Jerome (c; Kitty) fctywkr r717 Willard 

Glenn Otho (Lucille) knitter hll05 Ramseur 

Glenn Ozaah (wid Jas) r728 Liberty 

Glenn Rueben (Nora) rl016 Angier av 

Glenn Susan (c) cook h2007 Haywood 

Glenn The apts 924 Dacian av 

Glenn Velos elk Geo P Whitley r RD 4 

Durham Public Service Co. 

Power and Lighting Service 


Glenn Wallace D tobwkr r204 E Geer 

Glenn Walter M sec-treas Myers-Glenn Inc r RD 4 

Glenn Wm H (Mary E) gdnr h2704 Ashe 

Glenn Wm I elk The Gt A & P Tea Co r RD 4 

Glenn Woodrow W rl300 Angier av 

Glenn Zelma r610 Carlton av 

Glisson Doris M rl007 1st av 

Glisson Ella Mrs hosiery wkr rll3 Lyon 

Glisson Howard B (Lelia) brklyr rl09 N Guthrie av 

Glisson Ressie L (Cleo) brklyr rl007 1st av 

GLOBE JEWELRY CO INC, Joseph E Weaver Mgr, Jewelers, Watches, 
Diamonds, Etc, Also a Complete Line of Men's, Ladies' and Misses' 
Clothing 109 E Main, Tel L-3341 (See page 44) 

Glosson Chas A (Gertrude R) tobwkr r823 Cleveland 

Glosson Chas W hlpr rl219 N Roxboro 

Glosson Danl W (Mae L) trav slsnm hl219 N Roxboro 

Glosson Danl W jr elk rl219 N Roxboro 

Glosson Mildred rl219 N Roxboro 

Glosson Saml T (Bessie M) millwkr h814 Frederick 

Glover Ada (c) r2116 Fayetteville 

Glover Amy (c) tob wkr rll04 Willard 

Glover Annie (c) maid Ellis Stone & Co r508 Lucille 

Glover Beatrice (c) tob wki- r31J Matthews 

Glover Bettie (c) maid Y M C A r522 Matha 
Glover Campbell O (c; Annie M) chauf h508 Lucille 

Glover Ethel L nurse 117 S Driver av r do 

Glover Gary I (University News Co r412 McMannen 

Glover Irving S (Annie M) carp h306 Garden 

Glover J Robt (Mary F) carp r Chapel Hill rd 

Glover Jas R (Lucy R) hi 17 S Driver av 

Glover Jas R jr prsr Dock W Brown rll7 S Driver av 

Glover Laura (c) hll07 W Pettigrew 

Glover Lela (c) tob wkr h9I6 N Elizabeth 

Glover Selma (c; Louvina) hlpr Walker's Auto Lndy N Mangum cor 

Glover Teenie (c) maid 311 E Trinity av 

Glover Wm (c; Janie) lab hi 103 2d 

Glover Wm G (c; Janie) lab hl515 Albright rd 

Glymph Grover C (May K) ordinary agcy mgr Home Security Life Ins 
Co h2040 Englewood av 

Glymph H Kelly (Gertie M) truck driver rl905 Angier av 
Glymph Virginia J student r2040 Englewood av 
Goad Wm tobwkr r410 Morehead av 
Gobend Stanford (c) h902B Pickett 

Godbey Allen H prof Duke University rl511 Maryland av 
Godett John (c; Hestoria) h607 Carrington 
Godfrey Earl hlpr O R Blackley Plmbg Co 316 N Mangum 
Godfrey Emma M nurse 1115 8th r do 

Godwin Abner L (Vera) gro 2125 W Pettigrew hlOOl Alabama 
Godwin Flora A tobwkr rlOOl Alabama 
Godwin Jas W elk Mack's Drug Store rlOOl Alabama 
Godwin John H carp 1410 Cross 

Godwin Merjnan M (Elsie B) textilewkr hl828 Bynum 
Godwin Wm E (Olen L) knitter h825 N Mangum 
Goforth Clarence E carp r500 Oregon 
Goforth John I (Bessie G) carp h500 Oregon 
Goforth Vernon J (Sallie M) carp r500 Oregon 
Gogos Saml (Bull City Cafe) r408 E Peabody 
Gohdes Clarence asst prof Duke University r do 
Goines Cornelia (c) lndrs h204B E Proctor 
Goings Charlotte (c) tob wkr hlll2 Kent 
Goings Geo (c) rlll2 Kent 
Goings Mary (c) silk wkr hll04 Shaw 

Goins Jack F Rev (Laura M) pastor Pentecostal Holiness Ch hll5 Lyon 
GOINS MARTIN A (c; Eva L), Asst Sec N C Mutual Life Ins Co hll05 
Fayetteville, Tel L-3233 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 



- s 

» i~ 
a s 

a c/i 

























53 C 

o» ■ j c 

1-1 ^^^^ s 


{ CX3 3 

9 i : o 


! > 

1 2 

1 <"5 

? o 


«a co 



_l CO 

o tt 



M 1 


■11 | 

-J v> 
O 111 







o ._ 


o> •*» 



Q S 




> 5 


£ 1 








Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Gold Aliene nurse The Watts Hosrj r do 

Goldberg Carolyn L student rl008% Gloria av 

Goldberg Florence D elk r414 Canal 

Goldberg Jos (Ida) slsmn h414 Canal 

Goldberg Julian (Mattie L) trav slsmn hl0O8% Gloria av 

GOLDEN BELT MFG CO, George W Hundley Pres-Treas, James M 
McNutt V-Pres, Eugene J Hellen Sec, Mfrs of Tobacco Bags, Cotton 
Sheeting, Paper Labels and Hosiery E Main at N & W Ry Tracks, 
Tel F-4961 

Golden Wm (c; Janie) lab h717 Walnut 

Goldston Julia (c) cook hll3 Umstead 

Goldston Lucius (c) tob wkr h305 Amber 

Goley H Haywood student r210 S Goley 

Goley H Oscar (Lillie C) police h210 S Goley 

Colston Mildred (c) drsmkr 606 Ramsey h do 

Gooch A Pearl textile wkr rl703 Bvnum 

Gooch Alice O hosiery wkr r211 N Guthrie av 

Gooch Alma tobwkr r811 W Main 

Gooch Annie B tob wkr rl311 Palmer 

Gooch Aubrey T tob wkr rl703 Bynum 

Gooch Chas L (Estelle) farmer hl311 Palmer 

Gooch Clifton rll22 5th 

Gooch Clyde C ( Carrie D truck driver r925 Alabama 

Gooch Eva E Mrs elk Sanitary Dry Clng Co h709 Parker 

Gooch Garland E (Gooch & Hall) r Hillsboro rd 

Gooch Geo W cooper r222 S Holman 

Gooch Hester D (Margt F) elk S H Kress & Co r502 Oakwood av 

Gooch Jack tob wkr rl311 Palmer 

Gooch Jas D (Sudie C) auto mech Ernest R Vickers h211 N Guthrie av 

Gooch Jas D jr him- r211 N Guthrie av 

Gooch John D carp r925 Alabama 

Gooch Jos Cc; Trilby) lab h619 Branch pi 

Gooch L Florence textilewkr hl020 Hale 

Gooch Lillie D (wid Aubrey S P) hl703 Bynum 

Gooch Lonnie hlpr rl311 Palmer 

Gooch Margt F Mrs slswn Miller-Jones Co r502 Oakwood av 

Gooch Nettie tobwkr rl311 Palmer 

Gooch Oscar W (Hettie M) tob wkr h2105 W Pettigrew 

Gooch Roland S (Leola) pntr h920 Libertv 

Gooch Roy E (Mamie G) elk Am Tob Co Inc h616 Swift av 

Gooch Roy T (Eva E) slsmn Tilby's Stores Inc h709 Parker 

Gooch Saml C (Bessie A) carp h925 Alabama 

Gooch Sudie F r404 Smith 

Gooch Thaxton (Annie) meat ctr hll22 5th 

Gooch Wm A (Olive P) traffic mgr Austin-Heaton Co h912 W Mark- 
ham av 

Gooch Wm R (Dora V) carp h2205 Pratt 

Gooch & Hall (Garland E Gooch, A Jack Hall) auto reprs 2602 Angier 

Good Cora (c) tobwkr r625B Ramsey al 

Good Hattie (c) h625B Ramsey al 

Good Hope Baptist Church (c) Rev Wm H Fuller pastor 2223 Fayette- 

Good Mary (c) dom r!412 N Hyde Park av 

G&ode Louis (c) truck driver r515 Grant 

Goode Lucy (c) dom hll05 Hazel 

Goodin Dora (c) fctywkr h915 Willard 

Gooding Jos (c: Ivey) lab hl015 4th 

Goodjohn Calvin (c; Clara) tob wkr h807 Glenn 

Goodioe Allen L (c; Flonnie) ins agt h710 Glenn 

Gcodloe Geo (c) ins agt r710 Glenn 

Goodioe Jos W (c) chf elk M C Mut Life Ins Co r710 Glenn 

Goodioe Luia (c) maid h714 Glenn 

Goodioe Nathan (c) blksmith 106 Whitt al r708 Glenn 

Goodioe Obe D (c) lab r714 Glenn 

Goodioe Rebecca (c) rl607 Merrick 

Goodioe Robbie L (c) r714 Glenn 


"A Purpose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

Ew S. PHTTJ/TPS, Manager 

Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 
Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

Goodloe Steph J (c) lab r714 Glenn 

Goodlow Jas (c) tobwkx r80i Mebane 

Goodman Chas (c) lab r505 Grav 

Goodman Eliza nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Goodman Forrest M (Jennie) textilewkr hl07 S Elm 

Goodman Ida Mrs textilewkr r211 Spruce 

Goodman Louis elk r916 W Trinity av apt 2 

Goodman Ruth (c) r528V2 E Proctor 

Goodman Sophia Mrs h916 W Trinity av apt 2 

Goodrich Harry L (Lela H; Lakewood Filling Sta) hl311 2d 

Goodrich Henrietta (wid Lewis F) r2121 Club blvd 

Goodrich J Floyd (Lena D) sis mgr B C Kennedy Co h2121 Club blvd 

Goodrich Silvertown Inc Jas E Magee mgr 416 E Main 

Goods Eugenia (c) cook 1411 N Gregson 

Goodson Leonard (c) emp Washington Duke Hotel r403 Umstead 

Goodwin Ada S Mrs slswn Tilley's Stores Inc hlOll Burch av 

Goodwin Adolphus D (Ossie L) cooper h207 S Driver av 

Goodwin Arth E r406 Smith 

Goodwin Brower N (Nancy C) elk Ry Exp Agcy Inc hl07 Leon 

Goodwin Coy F r313 Smith 

Goodwin Danl (c; Rebecca) janitor hl306 Jackson 

Goodwin Doris tobwkr r207 S Driver av 

Goodwin Edw E (Rosa B) .janitor Edgewood Graded Sch h406 Smith 

Goodwin Ella (wid Robt) r904 N Alston av 

Goodwin Emma ( wid Johnson P) bdg 915 E Main h do 

Goodwin Ethel r904 N Alston av 

Goodwin Ferdinand C (Kate) h2108 Angier av 

Goodwin Frances H r2607 Lawndale av 

Goodwin Fred (c; Grace) chauf r406 Ray al 

Goodwin Garland O (Coline R) sergt in charge N C State Hwy Patrol h 

2105 Midway 
Goodwin Grace (c) lndrywkr New Method Lndry r406 Rav al 
Goodwin Helen (c) dom rll20 Jackson 

Goodwin Hoyle T clo clnr Dock W Brown r913 W Trinity av 
Goodwin Hubert C (Delphine L) elk h906 Dale av 
Goodwin J Toy (Ada S) slsmn Sou Battery & Elec Co hlOll Burch av 
Goodwin John USMC rl802 E Pettigrew 
Goodwin John W (Addie) h506 N Driver av 
Goodwin Lattie F (Sallie L) hosiery wkr h408 Smith 
GOODWIN LEE C (Noma L), Sales Mgr Durham Public Service Co. 

r Roxboro rd, one mile north city limits, Tel J-2763 
Goodwin Leo (Delitha) tob wkr r207 Club blvd 
Goodwin Lyda slswn S H Kress & Co r405 South 
Goodwin Margt tobwkr r207 S Driver av 
Goodwin Minnie J r2108 Angier av 
Goodwin Nancy C Mrs cash Ry Exp Agcy Inc hl07 Leon 
Goodwin Nancy E elk r506 N Driver av 
Goodwin Nell beauty opr Mrs Mattie Smith rl07 Leon 
Goodwin Nina H Mrs sten Reade Ins Agcy and notary r336 South 
Goodwin Robt L (Pearl) tobwkr h606 Barnes av 
Goodwin Ruth tobwkr r207 S Driver av 
Goodwin Thos H r2607 Lawndale av 
Goodwin V Carl (Lula) textilewkr hl802 E Pettigrew 
Goodwin Wallace R slsmn The Young Men's Shop r2105 Midway 
Goodwin Wm A (Lena M) supt West Durham Sta PO h2607 Lawndale 
Goodwin Wm J r406 Smith 

Goodwin Zera M opr Hotel Malbourne Beauty Shoppe r207 S Driver av 
Goodwyn John D (Hattie L) formn Am Tob Co Inc h.2219 Club blvd 
Goodwyn Moses N (Virgie I) asst R T Howerton & Sons Inc r320 N 

Goodwyn Pressley P (Lulu W) formn Am Tob Co Inc hl210 Broad 
Goody Shop (Peter Dorton) restr 1000A W Main 
GOODYEAR SERVICE INC, Geo M Miller Genl Mgr 115 N Duke, Tel 

N-173 (See right top lines and page 31) 
Gordon Annie H (c) tob wkr rll07 Scout dr 
Gordon Ben.i (c; Mattie) silk wkr hl08 W Piedmont av 
Gordon Ben.i (c; Hannah) tob wkr hll07 Scout dr 
Gordon Erasmus (c; Henrietta) rl209 Duke University rd 
Gordon Florence sten Alexander Motor Co r610 N Roxboro 
Gordon Georgia (c) rl209 Duke University rd 
Gordon Helen r610 N Roxboro 

Gordon Israel (Rebecca) gro 712 Liberty h610 N Roxboro 
Gordon Jas (c) rl209 Duke University rd 
Gordon Julia E (c) dietitian N C College for Negroes do 
Gordon Lawrence (c; Lizzie) tob wkr hl207 Hazel 







Tl fl 



o jAJ 

J> ^K^r 













$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOB $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Gordon Mabel A (c) sec to pres N C College for Negroes r do 

Gordon Mary (c) tob wkr b.903 Glenn 

Gordon Rebecca (c) tob wkr r208 Johnson 

Gordon Robt L (Kate) servicemn rllOl S Guthrie av 

Gordon Thelma J (c) sten N C Mut Life Ins Co r434 Piedmont av 

Gordon Walter (c; Daisy) hlpr r608 Gray 

Gore Mattie McC Mrs h2607 C 

Gore Phenia (c) r310 E Proctor 

Gore Spurgeon P paper clnr D C May r2607 C 

Gorham Herbert J (Aileen R) county phys hllO E Geer 

Gorham Mattie (c) tob wkr h512 South 

Gorman Thos M trust officer h321 E Main 

Gorner Henry (c; Mary) tob wkr r304 Enterprise 

Gornto Delia (wid Jacob R) h.447 S Driver av 

Gornto Gladys textile wkr r447 S Driver av 

Gornto Leon V (Mamie E) mach h215 N Briggs av 

Gornto Lucille textilewkr r447 S Driver av 

Gornto Paul tob wkr r447 S Driver av 

Gornto Percy C (Fannie B) mach h2313 E Main 

Gornto Ruth textile wkr r447 S Driver av 

Gospel Tabernacle (c) Rev Henrv L Fischer pastor 420 Piedmont av 

Goss Aubrey L (Pansy L) truck driver r201 S Guthrie av 

Goss Augustus G (Lorena) cook Pages Restr h809 Gale 

Goss Carrie tob wkr r707 Vickers av 

Goss Carrie L topper rl702 E Main 

Goss Chas M r614 Ramseur 

Goss Claiborne M barber Edgemont Barber Shop rl807 E Main 

Goss Edw J slsmn r213 Parrish nl 

Goss Emma (wid Arth) hl702 E Main 

Goss Gladys C slswn r213 Parrish pi 

Goss Henry M r501 Rigsbee av 

Goss Henry T (Callie B) supt Durham Hosiery Mill No 14 h.614 Ramseur 

Goss Ira S r215 Parrish pi 

Goss John rl807 E Main 

Goss John R (Bera A) formn h213 Parrish pi 

Goss Laura P (wid Julius C) hl807 E Main 

Goss Lofton H formn Durham Hosiery Mills rl208 N Elizabeth 

Goss Lois M bkpr r213 Parrish pi 

Goss Norman W br mgr Scott & Roberts rl807 E Main 

Goss Pender T pntr r213 Parrish pi 

Goss Saml H (Vurla A) hosiery wkr hl518 Morning Glory av 

Goss Sarah H Mrs h501 Rigsbee av 

Goss Wm R (Velma M) h210 N Briggs av 

Goswick Claude B (Agnes S) aud Nello L Teer hlOlO Minerva 

Goudge Mabel E phys 102% W Main R9 rl210 Virginia av 

Gould Wilbur (Alice M) adding mach mech hl312 Broad 

Gowen Raymond H (Annie L) collr r402 South 

Grace Baptist Church Rev Geo T Watkins pastor r Mangum cor E 

Trinity av 
Grace Jas (c; Rozener) hlpr r618 Ramsey 
GRADY ALLEN W (Kate P), Sec-Treas Durham Public Service Co, h212 

W Trinity av, Tel F8641 
Grady Alonzo L (Mary M) hl401 Angier av 
Grady Benj (c; Viola) lab r906 Juniper 
Grady Blake r2507 Angier av 
Grady Cornelia A Mrs bdg 305 S Duke h do 
Grady DeLon F (Louise E) elk Dock W Brown rl005 N Roxboro 
Grady Dennis W (Alene; G & G Lunch) rlOlO E Main 
Gradv Eliz hosierywkr r405 N Hyde Park av 
Grady J Overton (Sudie) tob wkr h2507 Angier av 

Grady Jas pntr r2214 E Pettigrew ' 

Grady L Chester (Myrtle) slsmn Raylass Chain Stores Inc r407 Jackson 
Grady Mollie C hosiery wkr r216 Parrish ol 
Grady Nannie W (wid Ausie W) rl006 Park av 
Grady Oren L elk Durham Snort Shop r209 W Main 
Gradv Robt B (Sadie: G & G Lunch) hl615 Angier av 
Grady Sherwood L elk G & G Lunch rl401 Angier av 
Grady Thos A Rev (c; Dovie) pastor Ebenzer Baptist Ch h2202 Fay- 

Grady Wm C r906 Ramseur 
Grafton Eliza (c) h610 Canal 
Graham Abr (c; Carrie) tob wkr h411 Matthews 
Graham Ahasuerus H (Bertha M) overseer h814 Ramseur 
Graham Andrew (c) delmn r828 Glendale av 
Graham Annie (c) r608 Ray al 



Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires — Exide Batteries 

115 N. DUKE ST. TEL. N-173 

Graham Annie (c) hosiery wkr rl205 Fayetteville 

Graham Annie (c) tob wkr rll2B Piedmont av 

Graham Beatrice (c) dom rll2B Piedmont av 

Graham Carlin (c) pntr rl20 Rowan al 

Graham Chas (e; Rosetta) lab r802 Gattis 

Graham Emma F (wid John V) r412 Cleveland 

Graham Ethel (c) r218 Fulton 

Graham Frank (c; Janie) lab r401 Fowler av 

Graham Geneva (c) tob wkr r815 Gattis 

Graham Geo (c) hlpr r208 Moore 

Graham Henry (c; Hattie) cook h603 Dunbar 

Graham Jas (c; Helen) tob wkr r515 South 

Graham John B r412 Cleveland 

Graham Laura (c) hosiery wkr rl205 Fayetteville 

Graham LeRoy E (Elsie S) bkpr Lipscomb-Gattis Co and tchr Fuller 
Sch h2026 Club blvd 

Graham Lizzie (c) cook h508A Greenberg al 

Graham Louisa (c) tob wkr rll3 E Hillside av 

Graham Lucille (c) tob wkr r211 Umstead 

Graham Luther T (Edna) lab h208 Hargrove 

Graham Lydwell N elk rl025 Gloria av 

Graham Mingo (c) tob wkr r409A Pettigrew al 

Graham Nathaniel (c; Nora) sta firemn h724A Whitted 

Graham Neil A (Mary L) asst mgr Hotel Malbourne h412 Cleveland 

Graham Nora (c) lndrywkr Rite -Way Lndry r724A Whitted 

GRAHAM PAUL C, Lawyer 302 First Natl Bank Bide 123 W Main, Tel 
J-6951, h402 Morehead av, Tel F-5051 

Graham Paul W hosiery wkr r814 Ramseur 

Graham Pearl (c) tob wkr r616B E Pettigrew 

Graham Peter (c; Henrietta) maeh hd h208 Moore 

Graham Rasmus (c; Mary) lab rl006 Cornell 

Graham Saml (c; Bessie) lab rlio Peachtree pi 

Graham Thos A (Mary B; Graham's Gro Store) hl025 Gloria av 

Graham Thos C Rev (c; Martha M) pastor West Durham Baptist Ch h 
120 Rowan al 

Graham Thos N (Eva B) elk Am Suppliers Inc r2206 University dr 

Graham Vernon T barber Lonnie E Warren r809 Liberty 

Graham Wm (c; Azalee) lab h905A Pine 

Graham Wm F (Mary W) auto mech r402 South 

Graham Wm R (Annie K) carp h402 South 

Graham's Grocery Store (Thos A Graham) 505 N Gregson 

Grand Central Garage E Hubert Pendergraft mgr 310 E Chapel Hill 

Grand F & W Silver Stores Inc Bennie D Wyndham mgr 5c to $1.00 dept 
store 120 W Main 

Grandy Clemuel D (c) sch tchr r606 Dunbar 

Grandy Laura A (c) h606 Dunbar 

Granison Furman (c) lndrywkr Model Lndry Co r513 Pine 

GRANITE SERVICE STATIONS, E Spurgeon Phillips Mgr, Gasoline, 

Oils, Goodyear Tires and Exide Batteries, Stations: No 1 W Main 

cor 9th, Tel J-1341, No 2 9th cor Hillsboro rd, Tel N-2791 (See left 

bottom lines and page 31) 

Grant Etta B cataloguer women's college Duke University Library rl025 

Monmouth av apt 5 
Grant Louise instr Duke University r do 
Grant Lucius (c) hlpr Paschall Bros 319 E Chapel Hill 
Grant Ruth M (c) rl222 Fayetteville 
Graves Alphonso (c; Ella) tob wkr h511 S Queen 
Graves Alphonso jr (c) r511 S Queen 
Graves Annie (c) rlll2 South 
Graves Carrie (c) r420 Blackwell 
Graves Edith (c) r602 Pickett 
Graves Henry D (c) tob wkr r206 Moline 
Graves Isaac (Ivey) firemn r603 Ramseur 
Graves Jas (c) rlll2 South 
Graves Jos (c; Parthenia) elk hlll2 South 
Graves Loraine (c) drsmkr 511 S Queen r do 
Graves Mamie (wid Jas M) h603 Ramseur 
Graves Wesley (c; Ethel) tob wkr h806 Matthews 
Gravitt John T (Lottie L) textile wkr h2016 Acme 
Gray Alton (Minnie G) tob wkr h2326 Huron 
Gray Anna L (wid Thos F) h2313 Proctor rd 
Gray Annie (c) tob wkr r211 Umstead 
Gray Beulah (c) tob wkr r320 Dowd 
Gray Blaine (c; Maria) lab h903b Pine 
Gray Chas (c; Lelia) rl21 Jordan 






















Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service ■ 


Always Open 

PHONE L-4851 

Qray Eliz C tchr Geo W Watts Sch hill Watts apt 8 

Gray Elsie (c) rlll5a 2d 

Gray Emma B r204 Buchanan blvd 

Gray Geo W (Helen F) blksmith 314 Rigsbee av h702 N Queen 

Gray Inez r702 N Queen 

Gray Irving E (Virginia R) asst prof Duke University h2409 Club blvd 

Gray Jos C (Irene) pntr h2702 Proctor rd 

Gray Julia P r216 W Trinity av 

Gray Lee (c; Rachel) tob wkr h705 Pickett 

Gray Lucy D slswn P & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc r2313 Proctor rd 

Gray Maggie L (wid Danl W) r2407 C 

Gray Sarah P Mrs knitter rl07 N Benjamin 

Gray Wm A (Vida) h2101 Huron 

Gray Wm P student r216 W Trinity av 

Gray Wm R (Mary) tob wkr h2101 Huron 

Gray Willie (c) tob wkr r206 Division 

Graybar Electric Co Inc Leslie A Womeldorf mgr elec supplies 303 S 

Great A & P Tea Co The Eug D McCain asst supt dist office 333 W 
Main branches 1208 Angier av, 709 and 1001 W Chapel Hill, 316 S 
Driver av 619 Fayetteville, 209 N Gregson, 949 E Main, 333 W Main, 
209 and 719 N Mangum and 704 9th 

Greater Durham Building & Loan Assn Eug C Brooks jr trustee 212 W 
Main R318 

Green Aaron (c; Belle) lab hl019 Rock 

Green Addie r310 S Alston av 

Green Addie Mrs hosiery wkr r501 S Alston av 

Green Albertis (c) r605 Mobile av 

Green Allen (c; Annie) lab h511 S Elm 

Green Allen J (Margt C) sign pntr r713 N Hyde Park av 

Green Allene r301 S Driver av 

Green Allye R (wid Thos M) hl304 Broad 

Green Alma E Mrs (The Blossom Shop) h602 Buchanan blvd 

Green Alvarata (c) h829 Gattis 

Green Amanda (c) tob wkr r316 Dodson 

Green Annie (c) tob wkr rl004 5th 

Green Annie M elk Am Tob Co Inc rl016 Burch av 

Green Arch >c; Johnsie) carp rl004 Lynchburg 

Green Arth (c) elk Edw D Green h2218 Fayetteville 

Green Arth (c; Ida) farm hand hl214 Dawkins 

Green Arth fc; Exie) lab h404 Poplar 

Green Arth L (Maggie E) roofer h408 Macon 

Green B Henry r713 N Hyde Park av 

Green Bernard O sta atndt Gulf Refg Co rl304 Broad 

Green Bertha J pkr B C Remedy Co r717 Shepherd 

Green Bessie Mrs lndry wkr Sanitary Lndry r2505 Angier av 

Green Bettie S hosiery wkr rll2 Hunt 

Green Brodie L (Lurline W) tob wkr h611 S Duke 

Green C Trogge (Martha D) barber Modern Barber Shop h205 May 

Green Cain (c; Candis) hlpr hll8 Cora 

Green Caleb B Mrs r204 Buchanan blvd 

Green Carrie (c) r702 McMannen 

Green Celia tel opr r301 S Driver av 

Green Chas (c; Mary) lab h704 Fargo 

Green Chas (c) tob wkr h217 Corporation 

Green Cicero (c; Rosa) tob wkr rl503 Pine 

Green Clandessie (c) r411 StJoseph 

Green Clyde (c) maid r506 Branch pi 

Green Coleman W (c) barber 406 Ramsey h506 do 

Green Columbus D (Maude S) woodwkr Durham Lbr Co h301 S Driver 

Green Cora (c) rll04 Lynchburg 

Green Corinna (wid Jas C) hl015 Simmons 

Green Daisy (c) maid r511 Fayetteville 

Green Danl (c: Cath) h701 Umstead 

Green Dora A (c) tob wkr hl012 Ferrell 

Green Doris H student r404 W Chapel Hill 

Green Edw (pj Mabel) tob wkr hllll% Willard 

Green Edw D (c; L Dora) gro 614 Fayetteville hl502 do 

Green Edw W (c; Mary) ins agt hl209 McCall 

Green Edw Y (Minnie) pntr h404 Smith 

Green Elijah (c; Callio) driver Durham Bldrs Supply Co h409a Petti- 
grew al 

Green Ellis L (Minnie R; Green & High Mkt) r211 N Queen 

Green Elmore (c) textile wkr r201 Ashley 

Green Erceline (c) student r412 Pine 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Green Ernest B (Pearl I) asst formn h401 N Elizabeth 

Green Felix hosiery wkr r501 S Alston av 

Green Flora (c) dom r214 Poplar 

Green Floride tchr Central Jr High Sch rl007 Lamond av 

Green Forrest M tank slsmn Standard Oil Co of N J r Angier av nr 

Green Frances student r832y 2 N Mangum 
Green Frances H student r404 W Chapel Hill 
Green Frank (c) draymn r607 Ramsey al 
Green Frank H (Alma E) slsmn h602 Buchanan blvd 
Green Geo (c; Emma ) lab h622 Ramsey al 
Green Gertrude (c) dom hllll Shepherd 
Green Gilmer G (Edna M; Green's Mkt) rll5 S Driver av 
Green Grant (c; Mary) tob wkr h rear 112 Cora apt 3 
Green H Clarencfi (Bessie) textile wkr h406 Salem 
Green Hazel B (Susie) hosiery wkr r804 Walnut 
Green Hubbard (c) lab r724 Walnut 
Green Huley (c) lab rl902 Concord 
Green Ida Mrs r822 N Mangum 
Green Idonia (c) dom rl2l4 Dawkins 
Green Iva M tob wkr r317 E Main 
Green Jas (c; Mary) gdnr rl404 Caswell pi 
Green Jas (c) lab r705 Cameron 
Green Jas (c; Leta B) lab r827 Glendale av 
Green Jas (c) tob wkr r316 Dodson 
Green Jas (c; Bertha) tob wkr h2112 Otis 
Green Jas B h2210 Angier av 
Green Jas J car inspr Sou Ry System r RD 6 
Green Jesse (c) cook rll2 Cora apt 4 
Green John L (Ida A) hl016 Burch av 
Green Joshua (c; Alice) h2309 Kate 
Green Kate D elk Am Tob Co Inc r214 E Markham av 
Green Kelly K mach opr h2304 Angier av 
Green Kelly K jr r2304 Angier av 
Green Lawrence (c; Willie) r603 Dunbar 
Green Lela (c) cook h51l Fayetteville 
Green Lena (c) tob wkr rl305 Union 
Green Lesbia slswn F W Woolworth Co r Morrisville 
Green Leslie farmer rl214 Virginia av 
Green Loretta (c) rl08 Neal 
Green Louisa (c) r rear 911 4th 
Green Lucy (c) dom h620 Ramsey 
Green Lucy (c) Indrs hll2 Cora apt 4 
Green M Edna Mrs r505 S Alston av 

Green M Virginia tchr Edgemont Graded Sch rl304 Broad 
Green Major A (c; Lula; Rogers & Green) h412 Pine 
Green Mamie (c) tob wkr r9l8 Morehead av 
Green Margt (c) r506 Branch pi 
Green Maria (c) indrs h806 Pickett 
Green Mary (c) dom r724 Walnut 
Green Mary A (wid Jas T) r705 N Mangum 
Green Mary E r204 Buchanan blvd 
Green Mary E (c) dom r806% Drew 
Green Matthew (c; Fannie) hlpr 1U026 Juniper 
Green Mattie (c) cook rl902 Concord 

Green Moyle H (Ada L) agt Durham Life Ins Co r404 Oakwood av 
Green Myrtle r302 S Dillard 

Green Nathaniel E (Emily E) h404 W Chapel Hill 
Green Nettie (c) dom h506 Branch pi 

Green Nettie (c) maid Hotel Malbourne r2218 Fayetteville 
Green Odell wtchmkr 209 E Main rl214 Virginia av 
Green Pauline agt State Mut Life Assurance Co r601 Cleveland 
Green Peter h906 Park av 
Green Philip L tobacconist r404 W Chapel Hill 
Green Purcell (c; Bertha) tob wkr rlOll Kent 
Green Robt B (Hallie; The Palms Cafe) h305 E Chapel Hill 
Green Robt R (Annie B) auto wkr h311 S Guthrie av 
Green Rosa L (c) tob wkr r613 Branch pi 
Green Rosabelle (c) tob wkr h510a Pine 
Green Roy (c) r2309 Kate 
Green Rufus (c; Dora) lab r216 Haywood 
Green Rufus E Rev <c; Eliz) h805 Simmons 
Green Ruth slswn F W Woolworth Co r Morrisville 
Green Saml (c) r829 Gattis 

Green Saml (c) hlpr Nicholson Motor Co Inc r RD 4 
Green Saml (c) lab rl214 Dawkins 




212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Green Saml T (Geneva) carp h210 S Driver av 

Green Sarah (c) r605 Mobile av 

Green Scobie (Adell) knitter hl502% Angier av 

Green Serena (c) tob wkr h.613 Branch pi 

Green Thos (cj tob wkr r506 Pine 

Green Thos L (c; Ada M) h411 StJoseph 

Green Thos M slsmn rl304 Broad 

Green Thos M tob wkr r717 Shepherd 

Green Wallace (c) porter Duke University Hosp r2210 Pratt 

Green Walter (c; Mary) tob wkr h320 Dowd 

Green Walter (c) truck driver The R E Quinn Co Inc 215 E Main 

Green Walter H (Bessie L) formn Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co h724 

Green Wellford r404 W Chapel Hill 
Green Wm (c; Margt) hl208 4th 
Green Wm (c) cook r607 Ramsey 
Green Wm (c) lab r603 South 
Green Wm (Katie) textile wkr hl009 Ramseur 
Green Wm (c) tob wkr r904 Ebony 
Green Wm (c; Eliza) tob wkr r505 Lyon 
Green Wm (c) waiter r701 Umstead 

Green Wm G (c; Janie) shoe repr Morris Sher h404 Poster 
Green Wm I formn h310 S Alston av 
Green Wm J (Minnie C) formn h717 Shepherd 
Green Wm J (Carrie G) truck driver h211 N Briggs av 
Green Wm M (Rachel M) watchmkr 113 N Mangum r820 Henderson 
green Wm R (c) fish 612 Payetteville h904a Pine 
Green Wm T (Mattie J; Cole & Green) h509 Yates av 
Green Wm W (Ethel B) formn hl211 Holloway 
Green Wilmer (c) waiter r406b Pettigrew al 
Green Zebulon B (Bessie I) asst mgr Durham Life Ins Co h613 Vickers 

Green & High Market (Ellis L Green, John A High) meats 200 W Proctor 
Green's Market (Gilmer G Green) meats 431 Salem 
Greene Jane asst Duke University Library rl004 W Trinity av 
Greene Saml R (Addie M) supt Durham Lbr Co h2219 Club folvd 
Greene Stuart M carrier PO r Chapel Hill 
Greene Walter K dean of undergraduate instruction Duke University 

r do 
Greenhill A Elijah (India S) h409 Walker 
Greenhill Clyde E slsmn r913 Angier av 
GreenhiU Eug M (Avie E) auto mech hlOlO E Pettigrew 
Greenhill Predk hosiery wkr r409 Walkei 
Greenhill Jas E (Alice B) oiler h510 Bacon 
Greenhill John H (Gladys E) projectionist Rialto Theatre hl002 S Alston 

Greenhill Lynwood (Rosa) meat ctr hl701 Vale 
Greenhill Noah W (Carrie) gro 919 Angier av h913 do 
Greenhill Ralph (Nellie) rl007 Glenn 

Greenhill Wm W (Irene E; Parrish St Barber Shop) r913 Angier av 
Greensboro-Fayetteville Line bus line 315 N Mangum 
Greenwood Geo (c; Arcelia) tob wkr hl008 Rosedale av 
Greenwood Jas T trav slsmn r904 Dacian av 
Greenwood Jos A (Neva L) instr Duke University h806 N Gregson 
Greer Hattie (c) lndrs r314 Peachtree pi 
Greer Wm (c; Luma) lab r501 Fowler av 

Gregg Louis A (Cath) mgr Criterion Theatre h506 Buchanan blvd apt 5 
Gregoris Nicholas (Coula) tob wkr h512 N Roxboro 
Gregory Alton W washmn Rite-Way Lndry rlli N Hyde Park av 
Gregory Bonnie M (Inez; Rite-Way Lndry) hl402 Holloway 
Gregory Callie T (M Myrtle) textile wkr h809 12th 
Gregory Chas W (Nellie M) office asst Rite-Way Lndry hl05 N Hyde 

Park av 
Gregory Claiborne B student rl206 College x& 
Gregory Clement (Ada) textile wkr h908 Ramseur 
Gregory Edw W (Linda P) agt Met Life Ins Co hill N Hyde Park av 
Gregory Elbert lndrymn rl402 Holloway 
Gregory Eliza (c) tob wkr r513a Elliott al 
Gregory Freddie L forwn Rite-Way Lndry rl03 S Alston av 
Gregory Geo M (Edith L) instr Duke University h906 W Trinity av apt 3 
Gregory Hubert (c; Arlene) lab h708 Fargo 
Gregory Iva nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Gregory Jas T rl03 S Alston av 
Gregory Jennie E (wid Jas M) hl03 S Alston 
Gregory John (c; Birdie) lab h703 Umstead 
Gregory John (c; Mary E) soft drinks 709 South hl20 W Hillside av 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Appliances, Fixtures and Supplies 



Gregory John M M (Mary B) pres Gregory Sales Co Inc and sec-treas 

Hotel Gas & Storage Inc hl206 College rd 
Gregory John M M jr buyer rl206 College rd 
Gregory Lester lndrymn rH02 Holloway 
Gregory Lillie M textile wkr rl808 Perry 
Gregory Lina (c) dom h612 StJoseph 
Gregory Martha L (wid Glenn W) rl808 Perry 
Gregory Mary (c) dom rl20 W Hillside av 
Gregory Mary (o lndrs h717b Whitted 
Gregory Nathaniel A rl206 College rd 
Gregory Priscilla R sen tchr rl206 College rd 

Gregory Sales Co Inc John M M Gregory pres real est 317 E Chapel Hill 
Gregson Street Barber Shop (Ollie J Poe, Hal C Crabtree) 111 N Gregson 
Gregson Street Lunch (Wm B Burgess) 113 N Gregson 
Gresham Alphus J (Sue W) dep elk County Superior Court h823 Burch 

Gresham Chas H (Lillie J) wtchmn h709 Chapel Hill rd 
Gresham Clyde A slsmn City Baking Co r709 Chapel Hill rd 
Gresham Ida J (wid John D) h811 Rose Hill av 
Gresham John N baker City Baking Co r709 Chapel Hill rd 
Gresham Myrtle B cash Met Life Ins Co r709 Chapel Hill rd 
Gresham Robt B (Barbara A) textile wkr rl901 Yearby av 
Gresham W R elk Piedmont Hotel rll4V 2 N Church 
Greshem Mary A Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co rl02O Holloway 
Gresson Clara beautician Ellis-Stone Beauty Shoppe r812 W Main 
Grice Maduro Mrs silk wkr r906 Liberty 
Grier Harvey R (Mary E) rl012 Cleveland 
Griffin B Vester (Lillian B) truck driver hll05 Linwood av 
Griffin Belton J (Annie R) mech Carpenter Motor Co h212 N Briggs av 
Griffin Benton (Annie) mill wkr h606 Carr 
Griffin Bettie C textile wkr r2710 Mulberry 
Griffin Bettie I tob wkr r606 Can- 
Griffin Chas A (Naomi F) carp hl211 Carolina av 
Griffin Chas D (Mary N) tob wkr rl712 Dean 
Griffin Clarence E (Ruby M) mach hl214 Ivy 
Griffin Corinne (c) cook r823 Gattis 
Griffin Delia L sten r812 W Chapell Hill 
Griffin Edna M hosiery wkr rl06 N Briggs av 
Griffin Floyd B (Irene J) textile wkr hl212 Wall 
Griffin Frank C 'Nellie R) hosiery wkr h417 S Driver av 
Griffin H Linwood (Alma) hosiery wkr hll05 S Alston av 
Griffin Henry N slsmn Miller-Bishop Inc rl503 Alabama 
Griffin J Wilson r818 Wilkerson av 

Griffin Jas B slsmn Hotel Gas & Storage Sta 325 E Chapel Hill 
Griffin John D textile wkr r2710 Mulberry 

Griffin John P (Lizzie K) elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co h818 Wilkerson av 
Griffin Jos J (Mary E) pntr h803 S Alston av 
Griffin Louise silk wkr r415 Canal 
Griffin Lydia (wid Jos T) hl05 Spruce 
Griffin Mabel J sch tchr rl211 Carolina av 
Griffin Madelle (c) tob wkr r808 Formosa av 
Griffin Maggie (c) tob wkr h808 Formosa av 
Griffin Malissa (c) tob wkr h404 Pettigrew al 
Griffin Margt (c) r615 Ramsey 
Griffin Mary H silk wkr rl05 Spruce 
Griffin Mat tie textile wkr rll05 Worth 
Griffin Pearl (c) student nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 
Griffin R Curtis (Lennie) hll05 Worth 
Griffin Robt G textile wkr r2710 Mulberry 
Griffin Robt J (Carrie L) textile wkr hll09 Franklin 
Griffin Roscoe Shoe Co Inc Roscoe T Griffin (Rocky Mount N C) pres 

Sidney H Griffin sec-treas 118 W Main 
Griffin Rufus D (Leila Z) h2710 Mulberry 
Griffin Sidney H (Esther) sec-treas Roscoe T Griffin Shoe Co Inc rll8 

W Main 
Griffin T Alton knitter rl211 Carolina av 

Griffin Vance F (Winnie C: Griffin's Market) rl06 N Briggs av 
Griffin Victor C (Thelma V) supt hl09 W Geer 
Griffin W Saml (Thelma R) mill mech hl07 N Guthrie av 
Griffin Wade E silk wkr rl05 Spruce 

Griffin Walker P (Maude B; Griffin's Market) hl06 N Briggs av 
Griffin Walter (c) lab r808 Formosa av 
Griffin Wm E (Clyde S) sec-treas-mgr Durham Fruit & Prod Co Inc 

hl520 Hermitage ct 
Griffin Wm M hlpr r2710 Mulberry 
Griffin Wm W ins 123 W Main R600 r Malhourne Hotel 


Durham Realty and Insurance 

First Floor trust Building JSST.Mnd A. W 

Griffin's Market (Walker P and Vance P Griffin) 801% N Mangum 

Griffis Mittie (c) dom r304 Enterprise 

Griffith Auto Exchange (Geo B Griffith) used cars 322 N Mangum 

Griffith Edw (c; Allie) lab r414 Eric 

Griffith Emily C tchr Edgemont Graded Sch rl024 Urban av 

Griffith Geo B (Julia P; Griffith Auto Exch) h216 W Trinity av 

Griffith Mary office sec r312 Buchanan blvd apt 201 

Grigg Prank (c; Verda) lab h612 Willard 

Griggs Alf F r510 Buchanan blvd 

Griggs Chas (c; Sallie) tob wkr hll3b Beamon av 

Griggs Irene M tob wkr rlll0y 2 W Chapel Hill 

Griggs Lillian B (wid Alf P) librarian woman's college Duke University 

h510 Buchanan blvd 
Grill & Fountain The (Manuel Capsalis) restr 111 E Main 
Grimes Sadie (c) tob wkr h705 Cameron 
Grimstead Jesse B (Martha A) knitter hll06 Hester 
Grimstead Martha asst Duke University Hosp r2118 Woodrow 
Grindstaff Dorothy nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Grinstead Eug A (Annie B) refrigerator mech h2020 Huron 
Grinstead John I (Mamie L) mach opr h504 Carr 
Grissom Bessie H tob wkr rl805 Chapel Hill rd 
Grissom Cannon (c; Mary) tob wkr h610 Gray 
Grissom Caroline (c) rl003 Ferrell 
Grissom Delia P r411 Cleveland 

Grissom Frances E (c) tchr East End Graded Sch r605 Gray 
Grissom Herbert (Annie) tob wkr h215 Morehead av 
Grissom John (c; Minnie) tob wkr rl403 Union 
Grissom John H (c) h605 Gray 
Grissom Ruby B (c) sch tchr r605 Gray 

Pres, Wm S Griswold Sec-Treas, Realtors, Real Estate and General 

Insurance, Fire and Casualty 107 % S Mangum, Tel F-3811 
Griswold J Bryan (Eleanor E) pres Griswold Ins & Real Estate Co Inc 

hl614 University dr 
Griswold Merritt N (Daisy H) with Ellis, Stone & Co h506 Forest 
Griswold Wm S (Virginia O) sec-treas Griswold Ins & Real Est Co Inc 

hl516 Hermitage ct 
Groat Adeline nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Groom Fred (c) truck driver The Ford Furn Co rl015 Fairview 
Gross Lizzie (c) dom rl312 Union 

Gross Machinery Co Jasper E Cheek rep 353% W Main 
Gross Paul M prof Duke University r Hope Valley 
Grout Julia R physical director woman's college Duke University r do 
Groveland Presbyterian Church (c) Rev John L White pastor Douglas 

at end 
Grubb Luther V (Jessie; Snow Bldg Cigar Stand) r822 Burch av 
Guess Chas weaver rl705 Glenn 

Guess David G (Minnie) textile wkr h605 Reservoir (E Durham) 
Guess Harriett (c) h311b Poplar 

Guess Hurley H (c; Pearlie; Carolina Shoe Shop) h405 Memphis 
Guess J Atlas rl705 Glenn 

Guess Jackson (c; Mary) farmer h2306 Payetteville 
Guess Jos J (Martha) textile wkr rl211 E Main 
Guess Julia (c) dom rlOl Piedmont av 
Guess Lester textile wkr r805 Reservoir (E Durham) 
Guess Maggie rl705 Glenn 

Guess Newton (c) barber Bull City Barber Shop No 2 r617 S Elm 
Guess Thelma lndry wkr Sanitary Lndry rl705 Glenn 
Guess Vernon E (S Eliz) mach hl211 E Main 
Guess Victor (Lueedna) knitter rl705 Vale 
Guess Wm A (Cath) weaver hl7]j5 Glenn 
Guest John (c) r214 Gattis 
Guest Lula M (c) r214 Gattis 
Guill Virginia tob wkr r405 Milton av 
Guill Walter L (Virginia P) slsmn h405 Milton av 
GOLF REFINING CO, John F Taylor Distributor, Oils, Bulk Plant 2311 

Gulf, Tel J-9941 
Gulf Refining Co filling station 1316 S Duke, 702 E Main, 814 W Main, 

325 and 900 N Mangum 
Gulley Allen (c; Katie) h201 E Proctor 
Gulley Quinton B (Sarah E) hl405 Holloway 
Gullie C Vernon (Grace) mill wkr rl08 N Blacknall 
Gullie Hattie Mrs slswn r813 N Mangum 
Gullie Maggie (wid Thos C) r313 Gray 
Gullie Ollie V (Bettie J) tob wkr h513 E Trinity av 
Gunn Bertha (c) cook McPherson Hosp r920 Thaxton av 


Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG, Manager 

Gunn Henry (c; Bertha) orderly McPherson Hosp h920 Thaxton av 

Gunn Malvin (c) orderly McPherson Hosp r920 Thaxton av 

Gunn Marshall (c; Essie) tob wkr hl015 Rosedale av 

Gunn Mildred slswn S H Kress & Co r910 Ramseur 

Gunn Truman E (Ella) slsmn r910 Ramseur 

Gunter Benj L (Inez E) elk Am Tob Co Inc hl415 James 

Gunter C Walton mach Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc rl603 E Main 

Gunter Edw T (Mary I) gro 1931 Chapel Hill rd hl806 Lakewood av 

Gunter Elbert C (Swanee B) formn hI603 E Main 

Gunter G Watts textile wkr r2004 Stack 

Gunter Geo W (L Eliz) loom lixer h21B Anderson 

Gunter Inez E Mrs bkpr Lakewood Dairy hl415 James 

Gunter Jas C (Lois C) elk Am Tob Co Inc r2714 Hillsboro rd 

Gunter John P (Lucy) mill mech h2000 Erwin rd 

Gunter John W elk Edw T Gunter rl806 Lakewood av 

Gunter Jos E (Edith M) mill mech h202 Spruce 

Gunter Lalah R student rl806 Lakewood av 

Gunter Marvin A (Sallie M) supt City Incinerator hl209 Linwood av 

Gunter Mary L bkpr Thomas-Quickel Co rl806 Lakewood av 

Gunter Melba A student r202 Spruce 

Gunter Rosa A office asst rl209 Linwood av 

Gunter Ruth slswn rl603 E Main 

Gunter Thos E (Mary K) truck driver h201 S Maple 

Gunter W Thos (Annie B) textile wkr h2004 Stack 

Gunter Walter G (Edith B) mgr Herbert's Greensboro Corp r202 Spruce 

Gunter Wm L elk Edw T Gunter rl806 Lakewood av 

Gunyard Afth (c; Georgia) lab hl006 Morehead av 

Guoin Jane (c) r916 3d 

Gupton Betty V textile wkr r208 Watts 

Gupton David A (Maggie) driver h308 W Chapel Hill 

Gupton Ervin J stmftr r330 South 

Gupton Irene M r YWCA 

Gupton Pauline M student r208 Watts 

Gurganus Florrie E slswn Efird's Dept Store r609 McMannen 

Gurganus On wood B (Mary T) county sanitary inspr h.2718 Hillsboro rd 

Gurley Clarence M printer r707 Shepherd 

Gurley Ernest C (Annie) mach opr hl204 B 

Gurley Fred B carp rl407 Angier av 

Gurley Hardy E (Mary) cabtmkr h707 Shepherd 

Gurley Harvey truck driver rl204 B 

Gurley Jeannette (c) dom rll3 Haywood 

Gurley Mary L Mrs rl204 B 

Gurley Nellie M rl407 Angier av 

Gurley Raymond C textile wkr rl407 Angier av 

Gurley Susanna A (wid David A) hl407 Angier av 

Gurley Wm C rl407 Angier av 

Gurse Sallie (c) cook 1005 W Trinity av 

Gurtner Jacob E elk Am Tob Co Inc r601 N Queen 

Guthrie Eleanor J tob wkr rl07 Spruce 

Guthrie Hallie M tob wkr rl07 Spruce 

Guthrie Helen L tob wkr rl07 Spruce 

Guthrie Jennie W (wid Jos) hl07 Spruce 

Guthrie Kath S r911 N Mangum 

Guthrie Mary (c) h601 Corporation 

Guthrie Mercer W (Guthrie & Guthrie) r911 N Mangum 

Guthrie Verona E rl07 Spruce 

Guthrie Wm B (Mary S; Guthrie & Guthrie) h911 N Mangum 

Guthrie & Guthrie (Wm B and Mercer W) lawyers 128 E Chapel Hill 

Guyton Freemon (c; Phoebe) tob wkr r515 Mobile av 
Gwyn Claude N (Margt M) slsmn h814 2d 
Gyant Kanoy (c; Zela) hlpr h200 Powe 

Haas Geo C (Edna M) knitter hl711 Vale 

Hackney Bunn W (Addie A) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h530 

Hackney Chas (Elsie O) gro 1918 E Main h2O00 do 
Hackney Chas (c; Maude) lab h714 E Pettigrew 
Hackney Corina (c) tob wkr h423 Cozart av 
Hackney Dorothy Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co 423 Morris 
Hackney Eliz (c) h2715 Crest 
Hackney Elmer r530 Warren 

Hackney Ernest H (Sannie M) knitter hllll 6th 
Hackney Frank M sta atndt Chas N Harris r RD 6 
Hackney Geo L (Carrie B) archt h210 W Trinity av 
Hackney Harriett (wid Joshua W) r204 N Roxboro 



Restful Seclusion 

In Sumptuous Surroundings 

is available at 


Hackney J Leonard (Erna M) ice cream mkr Durham Ice Cream Co Inc 

hll9 Exum 
Hackney John B hi 105 Angier av 
Hackney Julia (c) dom h916y 2 Burch av 
Hackney Louise (c) tob wkr rll06 Fayetteville 
Hackney Love M r530 Warren 
Hackney Lula h2301 Hackney 

Hackney Malcolm E elk Root Hackney Co Inc rll9 W Parrish 
Hackney Nell L r530 Warren 
Hackney Norman A slsmn r530 Warren 
Hackney Robt Co Inc Benj C Woodall pres Dudley K Hackney (Phoenix 

Ariz) v-pres Robt P Hackney sec-treas feed 119 W Parrish 
Hackney Robt P sec-treas Robt Hackney Co Inc h308 Cleveland 
Hackney Ruby B looper rll05 Angier av 
Hackney Rufus R elk Standard Oil Co of N J r530 Warren 
Hackney Sallie A textile wkr r230l Hackney 
Hackney Tinnie (wid Chas M) rl501 Lathrop 
Hackney Troy (c; Ottie M) gdnr h2305 Shirley 
Hackney Virginia D rll05 Angier av 
Hackney W Broadus (Louise) hosiery wkr h2217 Hackney 
Hackney Walter S (Kate C) textile wkr h615 Reservoir (E Durham) 
Hackney Wm F (Plonnie) h204 N Roxboro 
Hackney Wm J (Bettie) textile wkr h2302 Hackney 
Hagerty Robt (c) lab r703 Gray 
Haggins Mollie (c) h623 Ramsey al 

Hagler Ellis asst in physical education Duke University r310 Holloway 
Hagwood Drucilla (c) dom hl514 Pine 
Hagwood Nellie (c) dom rl514 Pine 
Haines see also Haynes 
Haines Ben] D (Sarah E) h2023 Club blvd 
Haines Howard N (Prances P) archt hl019 Rose Hill av 
Haines Jennie M Mrs r2023 Club blvd 
Haines Wm (c) tailor h206b Corporation 
Haines Wm A jr mach opr r2023 Club blvd 
Hair Orgie H (Pearl) carp r510 Yates av 
Hair Wiley M welder rl808 Vale 
Haire S Troy (Fannie J) carp h210 Spruce 
Hairston Fletcher (c; Annie) tab wkr h516 Pine 
Hairston Gladys (c) h514 E Proctor apt 4 
Haith Danl (c) rl703 Humphrey 
Haith Ira T elk Southeastern Exp Co r413 Morris 
Haithcock Berta textile wkr r204 Case 
Haithcock Dewey C (Lenda G) slsmn Durham Dairy Products Inc h302 

S Gregson 
Haithcock Eric textile wkr r202 Case 
Haithcock Eunice I r204 Case 
Haithcock Fonnie (Stella) textile wk r h202 Case 
Haithcock Garland C (Lukie V) carrier hl203 N Roxboro 
Haithcock Herbert textile wkr r202 Case 
Haithcock Ida L r710 Liberty 
Haithcock Jack (Muriel) tob wkr hll6 Jackson 
Haithcock Jas M textile wkr hi 10 N Alston av 
Haithcock Lenda G Mrs slswn Efird's Dept Store h302 S Gregson 
Haithcock Lula I (wid John D) r302 S Gregson 
Haithcock M Ava r204 Case 
Haithcock Nellie G rllO N Alston av 
Haithcock Nina M tob wkr rllO N Alston av 
Halburton Martha (c) hl209% N Hyde Park av 
Hale Annie B tob wkr r208 Liberty 
Hale Delia Mrs silk wkr r713 Holloway 
Hale Edgar T r208 Liberty 
Hale Edw T (Mattie E) h208 Liberty . 
Hale O Floyd tobacconist r208 Liberty 

Hales Chas (Pauline M) prsmn Durham Herald Co Inc r727 13th 
Hales Claud (Kathleen O) pntr h910 Hale 
Hales Ellis M (Josie L) lndry wkr r917 12th 
Hales Harold classifier White Star Lndy r Hillsboro 
Hales Henry F (Nettie S) h917 12th 
Haley Bettie hosiery wkr r706 S Alston av 
Haley C Archie (Linna) mach r721 Holloway 
Haley Chas D r507 Forest 
Haley Christine H elk r210 N Driver av 
Haley Edw L (Fannie M) textile wkr hl705 Vale 
Haley Francis R (c) hl007b Moreland av 
Haley John W (Georgia P) mach h507 Forest 
Haley Mary r2109 E Main 

Home Savings Bank 



JOHN SPRTJNT HILL, President T. C. WORTH, Cashier 

Haley Mollie h706 S Alston av 
Haley Wm E (Lila F) mill mech h210 N Driver av 
Haley Wm E jr knitter r210 N Driver av 

Hall A Edw (L Grace) plantmn Durham Dairy Products Inc h811 Shep- 
Hall A Jack (Gooch & Hall) r RD 6 
Hall A Moody r730 14th 
Hall Alice R (c) tab wk r rl501 Albright rd 
Hall Allie M spinner r730 14th 

Hall Alma C Mrs mlnr The Kronheimer Co hl013 Lamond av 
Hall Annie M (c) r910 Pickett 
Hall Arth (c; Emma) lab rl306 Jackson 
Hall Arth (c) lab r305a Lee 

Hall Arth H (Bertha E) bkpr Carpenter Motor Co h610 Carlton av 
Hall Bessie I mach opr r2714 Hillsboro rd 
Hall C Headley oiler r730 14th 
Hall Chas C (Sallie E) h730 14th 
Hall Chas D (Eliza) r2416 Angier av 
Hall Chas G (Fannie J) chf eng hl914 Yearby av 
Hall Chas W (Thelma) asst mgr Commonwealth Coal Co Inc r704 Vick- 

ers av 
Hall Charlotte C (c) hairdrsr Warrenetta Hair Shop r603 Price 
Hall Chester (Rosa G) h904 Oakland av 
Hall Clarence M (Ludie L) inspr hi 15 N Goley 
Hall Clarence W associate McLendon & Hedrick r Hotel Malbourne 
Hall Cora E (wid John T) h911 Eva 
Hall Danl (c) barber r908 Ebony 
Hall Danl (c; Cornelia) tob wkr h905 Linwood av 
Hall Dixon (c; Tillie) lab hl018 2d 
Hall Dora r911 Eva 

Hall E Thos <Odie P) pntr hl715 Chapel Hill rd 
Hall E Thos jr (Erma B) tob wkr rl715 Chapel Hill rd 
Hall Edgar Z (Iola M) h819 4th 

Hall Edison C (c) cook The Palms Cafe 305 E Chapel Hill 
Hall Edw D formn Hunt Lbr Co r Alston av bey city limits 
Hall Elliott (c) tob wkr r609 Mobile av 
Hall Emanuel (c; Martha) lab hl210 4th 
Hall Emma L (c) smstrs r910 Pickett 

Hall F Gregory (Stephanie D) prof Duke University hlOll Dacian av 
Hall Florence L (wid Jos S) hll04 N Mangum 
Hall Fredk S (Mary K) truck driver h501 Anderson 
Hall G Wm textile wkr h622 Troy 
Hall Georgia Mrs hsekpr Hotel Malbourne r do 
Hall Georgia C wrapper Belk-Leggett Co rl023 9th 
Hall Georgia E (wid Alf J) h418 Oregon 
Hall Georgianna (wid Wm J) r704 10th 
Hall Gilliam G (Susie) textile wkr hlOll Franklin 
Hall Grace M Mrs elk Ellis, Stone & Co h402 Holloway 
Hall Graham T (Bertie) textile wkr h704 10th 
Hall Helen L r410 Anderson 
Hall Herman (Ida B) pntr hl202 S Alston av 
Hall Heyward C (Mary E) pntr D C May h701 Markham 
Hall Horace N plant formn Durham Gas Co r202 N Roxboro 
Hall Horace W (Vera A) textile wkr hl702 West 
Hall Hugh A (Grace M) elk Lochmoor Hotel h402 Holloway 
Hall Ida (c) cook r720 Dover 
Hall Ha M tob wkr rlOll Franklin 
Hall J Albert rlOlfi 6th 

Hall J Edgar slsmn J A Murdock Co Inc rlOll Franklin 
Hall Jas (c) lab h720 Dover 
Hall Jas (c) lab r307 Harp 
Hall Jas E (Annie E) truck driver hl208 Eva 
Hall Janie (c) cook r203 Peachtree pi 
Hall Janie D slswn S H Kress & Co r303 N Guthrie av 
Hall John (c; Nonie) lab h307 Harp 
Hall John H (Stella) mach h502 Markham 
Hall John K textile wkr r418 Oregon 
Hall John T mach r527 Holloway 

Hall Jonathan H (Edna E) dist mgr Durham Life Ins Co h712 1st av 
Hall Kenneth T (Florence) lino opr Durham Herald Co Inc h926 

Dacian av apt 6 
Hall L D (c) barber Bull City Barber Shop r908 Ebony 
Hall Lawrence C (Lillie M) asst dist mgr The Life Ins Co of Va hl03 

Maynard av 
Hall Lena (wid John D) hll2 N Driver av 
Hall Leon (c; Ethel) textile wkr r210 Ashley 







Hall Leroy (c) r307 Harp 

Hall Lillie N (wid J Monroe) hi 023 9th 

Hall Lormie M (Beatrice B) textile wkr h907 12th 

Hall Louise (c) dom rl05 Bottom al 

Hall Louise instr Duke University rll07 Minerva 

Hall Lovie J (wid Donald C) h215 Stokes 

Hall Lucile tob wkr r303 N Guthrie av 

Hall Lydia (wid Wm E) h2714 Hlllsboro rd 

Hall Mabel (c) dom r905 Linwood av 

Hall Mack (c; Mary) tob wkr hl09 Bottom al 

Hall Mack (c) tob wkr r823b Glendale av 

Hall Maggie Mrs tob wkr rl024 Green 

Hall Magnolia M (c) h309 Umstead 

Hall Margt A elk rll2 N Driver av 

Hall Maria (c) r720 Dover 

Hall Marvin G (Emma P) whol gro h712 Holloway 

Hall Mary E smstrs r208 S Guthrie av 

Hall Mary E student rll06 Arnette av 

Hall Mary E (wid J Newton) b.208 N Guthrie av 

Hall Mattie (c) tob wkr hl305 Jackson 

Hall Maxine elk Hotel Malbourne r do 

Hall Milia (c) dom h608 Glenn 

Hall Millard O (Ida L) knitter h505 Jackson 

Hall Minnie (c) h611 Ray al 

Hall Minnie L stewardess S H Kress & Co r916 W Trinity av apt 9 

Hall Odie T (Nannie T) butcher h212 Anderson 

Hall Ola J elk Am Tob Co Inc r206 S Guthrie av 

Hall Onus Y (Margt E) dep County Sheriff hlll2 Hillandale rd 

Hall Pattie (c) dom h305a Lee 

Hall Paul E (Nellie) r920 Ramseur 

Hall Pauline (c) r801b Pickett 

Hall Pearl (c) tob wkr r604 Fowler av 

Hall Preston (c) r204 Ames pi 

Hall R Walker (Delia B) live stock dlr hllO E Markham av 

Hall Raymond (I Pearl) collr W R Murray Co Inc h303 N Guthrie av 

Hall Reedy B gdnr r212 Anderson 

Hall Robt sta opr City Water Dept r Flat River 

Hall Robt (Allene) textile wkr h207 Anderson 

Hall Robt E (Mabel H) tobacconist h N Roxboro nr 3d av 

Hall Robt N (Ethel A; Bob's Lunch) h208 S Guthrie av 

Hall Rosena (c) student nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Hall Rowland (c; Sadie) h2401 Crest 

Hall Ruby tob wkr r211 N Queen 

Hall Sallie B r604 Primitive 

Hall Sallie P elk Am Tob Co Inc r206 S Guthrie av 

Hall Saml H (c; Cath) ins agt 1U122 Drew 

Hall Saml L r214 N Guthrie av 

Hall Sidney M tob wkr r911 Eva 

Hall Spencer (Beulah) mach Wright-Dai ton Mach Co Inc r806 Brye 

Hall Steph S textile wkr r212 Anderson 

Hall Sterling (c; Viola) porter Duke University Hosp rl015 3d 

Hall Susan M (wid Calvin H) h706 Wilkerson av 

Hall Thos (Irma) r702 Burch av 

Hall Thos (c; Fannie) truck driver h609 Umstead 

Hall Thos J tob wkr r911 Eva 

Hall Thos R (Annie) slsmn r 1212 S Duke 

Hall Travis V routemn White Star Lndry rl208 Eva 

Hall V Emma h206 S Guthrie av 

Hall Vernon (c) porter Whelan Drug Stores Inc h910 Pickett 

Hall Vernon H (Margt E) mech E J Latta Roofing Co Inc r821 N Man- 

Hall Vernon P (Bettie F) slsmn h410 Anderson 

Hall Viola student r2006 House av 

Hall Viola N r706 Wilkerson av 

Hall Virginia H rll06 Arnette av 

Hall W Kenneth (Eliza M) plantmn Durham Dairy Products Inc h2006 
House av 

Hall W Thos slsmn Commonwealth Coal Co Inc r RD 6 

Hall Wilbur G Rev (Callie) pastor Angier Av Baptist Ch h301 N Driver 

Hall Wiley A (Eva M) textile wkr h905 11th 
Hall Wm (c) brklyr r610 Dowd 
Hall Wm E (Lunie) hlOl S Alston av 
Hall Wm G (Alma C) hl013 Lamond av 
Hall Wm H prof Duke University r do 
Hall Wm L rl023 9th 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASOHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Hall Wm R tob wkr r208 S Guthrie av 

Hall Winston R pntr rl715 Chapel Hill rd 

HALL-WYNNE & CO INC^ George V Wynne Pres-Treas, Jesse H Barnes 
V-Pres, Clyde M Kelly Sec, Funeral Directors and Embalmers 1113 
W Main, Tel F-2441 (See front cover and page 41) 

Haller Viola (wid Lucius B) tob wkr r YWCA 

Halliburton A Josephine sten J Beverly Redford rll02 N Elizabeth 

Halliburton Geo W (Josephine E) jwlr hll02 N Elizabeth 

Ham see also Hamm 

Ham Aaron (c; Corina) tob wkr h409 Cozart av 

Ham D Turner (Rosa B; Ham & Duncan Market) h811 Gale 

Ham Isaiah (c) tob wkr rll9b Chestnut 

Ham Jenattie (c) dom r510 Dunbar 

Ham John elk The Gt A & P Tea Co r811 Gale av 

Ham Marion A (M Louise) cigars h312 Buchanan blvd apt 106 

Ham Melvin E (Hilda V) elk r811 Gale 

Ham & Duncan Market (D Turner Ham, Joseph P Duncan) meats 544 
(543) E Pettigrew 

Hamblen Edwin C (Agnes A) associate prof Duke University h418 Caro- 
lina cir 

Hamill Burnell B textile wkr rl701 Bynum 

Hamill John W (Pauline E) carp hl701 Bynum 

Hamilton Andrew J (Lulia E) hl602 Angier av 

Hamilton Bessie M rl410 Cross 

Hamilton Earl J prof Duke University r do 

Hamilton Prank E (Lina) bkpr hl625 Erwin rd 

Hamilton Hazel R student rl602 Angier av 

Hamilton Jas r306 Liberty 

Hamilton Leona I (c) sten h811 Payetteville 

Hamilton Lonnie (c) hl005 Whitted 

Hamilton Maria <c) presser Model Lndry Co rl005 Whitted 

Hamilton Sol (c; Mary) mill wkr hllOl Shaw 

Hamilton W Clyde (Daisy) barber Lonnie E Warren r909 Spruce 

Hamilton Willis T (Rosa L) hi 102 Simmons 

Hamlet Bessie I r403 W Pettigrew 

Hamlet Cornelia R (wid Jas G) h403 W Pettigrew 

Hamlet John A (Betty S) textile wkr hl201 Wall 

Hamlett Chas T (Abbie) weaver h904 11th 

Hamlett Elihu L (Freda E) textile wkr h2216 Hillsboro rd 

Hamlett Howard H tob wkr r904 11th 

Hamlett Jas J (Sallie) formn rl02 N Maple 

Hamlett Jas O r821 3d 

Hamlett John R (Bessie) dairy hand h719 Broad 

Hamlett N Benj eng hl019 Broad 

Hamlett N Benj jr rl019 Broad 

Hamlett Ruby F rl019 Broad 

Hamlett Valley F textile wkr r904 11th 

Hamlett Virginia L textilewkr r904 11th 

Hamlett Wm (c; Rosa) tob wkr h608 Dowd • ; 

Hamlett Wm H (Minnie) stock elk Durham Public Service Co hl02 N 

Maple 1 1 

Hamlick Sallie (c) dom r910a Ebony 

Hamlin Aldona hosiery wkr rl205 Morning Glory av i \ 

Hamlin D Vinson student r401 E Trinity av 

Hamlin Daisy M rl205 Morning Glory av 

Hamlin Ida (wid Walter) rll05 Watts 

Hamlin Ida F (wid Major W) hl205 Morning Glory av < 

Hamlin Iretta hosiery wkr rl205 Morning Glory av 

Hamlin Jasper W (Inez J) elk Am Suppliers Inc h201 W Trinity av 

Hamlin Junnie H (Fannie) truck driver hl311 Marvin av 

Hamlin Mabel V (wid Lonnie D) h401 E Trinity av 

Hamlin Wm T trav slsmn r401 E Trinity av 

Hamm see also Ham 

Hamm Hattie Mrs rl414 Holloway 

Hamm Jas (wid Turner) hl414 Holloway 

Hammack Geo T (Gertie L) formn Am Tob Co Inc hl221 6th 

Hammack Robt L (Lena) electn rl014 Burch av 

Hamme Thos A (c; Lillian) slsmn h2109 Otis 

Hammet Bessie E r501 N Queen I 

Hammet Frances M (wid Jas H) h501 N Queen •" 

Hammet M Duke real est r501 N Queen 

Hammet Sallie V tchr Central Jr High Sch r501 N Queen 

Hammie Emaline (c) rlOOO Scout dr 

Hammie Wm G (c; Mattie) lab hlOOO Scout dr 

Hammitt Archie (c) farm hand r512 Carr pi 

Hammock Josephine P Mrs bdg 111 Holloway h do 






PHONE F-3931 

Hammock S Alma Mrs looper h205 Lyon 

Hammond. Chas S lawyer 206% N Corcoran h do 

Hammond Edw M (Mary R) hosiery wkr h216 N Maple 

Hammond Emily C h916 W Trinity av apt 11 

Hammond Emma L (wid Wm) tob wkr rl22 Lyon 

Hammond Garfield (Gladys) hosiery wkr h616 N Queen 

Hammond Geo C dept mgr The Great A & P Tea Co rl08 N Gregson 

Hammond Grace looper H02 S Alston av 

Hammond Haynes L (Lillie M; Subway Elec Shoe Shop) h905 Buchanan 

Hammond R Alex (Ida M) elk h609 W Chapel Hill 
Hammond Root (c; Daisy) lab h711a McMannen 
Hammond Ruth (wid. Nathaniel) h.402 S Alston av 
Hammond Wm M (Ethel) tobacconist h N Roxboro nr 3d av 
Hammonds Dewey (c) tob wkr rl07a Beamon av 
Hammonds Elijah (c; Bessie) cement fnshr h408 Pine 
Hammonds Essex (c; Lela) lab h609 Matthews 
Hampton Arth H br mgr Blue Bird Ice Cream Co r RD 2 
Hampton Belle tchr Durham High Sch r Chapel Hill 
Hampton Birdie Mrs hi 16 N Alston av 
Hampton Emma (c) student nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 
Hampton Prances nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Hampton Jas (c) tob wkr h519 Pine 
Hampton Lelia tchr Durham High Sch r Chapel Hill 
Hampton Wilburn L (Vivian) associate sec YMCA r Roxboro rd 
Hampton Zachariah T mgr Blue Bird Ice Cream Co r RD 2 
Hamrick Waite C jr (Virginia P) student r903 Green 
Hancock Clarence J (Ada B) countermn h315 Liberty 
Hancock Ethel L Mrs tob wkr hl901 Lakewood av 
Hancock Jos r204 S Alston av 

Hancock Sollie Rev (Myrtle M) pastor Church of God h612 Middle 
Hancock Walter L (Lillie J) textjje wkr hl203 Franklin 
Hanes Predk M associate prof Duke University r do 
Haney Cath Mrs topper rlll5 Spruce 
Haney Predk L (Annie L) sports editor Durham Herald Co Inc h528 

N Mangum 
Hankins Jury (c; Gertrude) tailor 542 E Pettigrew hlll5 Fargo 
Hanks John R (Mary) weaver hl806 E Pettigrew 
Hannah Ella M Mrs society editor Durham Herald Co Inc r901 Vickers 

Hansen-Pruss Oscar C E asst prof Duke University r Hope Valley 
Hansley Prank (Jessie) hosiery wkr hllOl Simmons 
Hansley Lacy (c; Helen) tob wkr r318 Roney 
Hansley Quiilie (Pennie) hosiery wkr hll05 Simmons 
Hanson Wyoline tchr Central Jr High Sch rl004 Minerva 
Happer Wm W (Mattie B) elk Am Tob Co Inc h214 Cheek 
Haraway Ella I Mrs h204 Chase . 

Harbison John P (Irvie F) genl mdse r702 Buchanan blvd 
Hard Ivey (c) tob wkr r405 Fowler av 
Hardaway Bessie A (wid Travis E) h304 Markham 
Hardaway Eliz A sch tchr r304 Markham 
Hardaway Horace F (Kathleen M) bkpr Durham Public Service Co r724 

Burch av 
Hardaway R Travis sch tchr r304 Markham 
HARDEE NORMAN K (Mary B) , Day Desk Lieut City Police Dept, h820 

Burch av, Tel L-3352 
Hardee Parrott B (Burdette C; Hardees Pharmacists) h506 N Queen 
Hardee Walter P (Florence M) phys 102% W Main R3 h319 E Trinity av 
Hardee Wm C (Clara L) carp r830 Burch av 
Hardees Pharmacists (Parrott B Hardee) 130 E Main 
Harden Flora (c) r510 Henry al 
Harden Isaiah (c; Eliza) carp hl217 N Alston av 
Harden Jas L (Nancy L) doffer h925 Orient 
Harden M Ray (Lillie) supt hl801 W Pettigrew 
Harden Thos tob wkr r305 Liberty 
Hardesty Benj (Lena) clothes clnr h2816 Hillsboro rd 
Hardie Eliz P elk Durham Dairv Products Inc r YWCA 
Hardin J Ella osteo 331 W Main R503 r Washington Duke Hotel 
Harding Olive nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Harding R Edw tob wkr r307 Liberty 
Hardis Brice (Edna) barber r700 13th 
Hardison Elbert E textile wkr r452 S Driver av 
Hardison Herbert P (Nellie) knitter h2107 Angier av 
Hardison Jacob (cu Laura) lab h609a Pine 
Hardison Jos (Lessie) textile wkr h452 S Driver av 
Hardison Mamie hosiery wkr r452 S Driver av 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Ride the Buses 



Hardison Mary resident nurse Duke University r do 

Hardison Willard hosiery wkr r452 S Driver av 

Hardister R Barton (Katie E) carp h507 McMannen 

Hardy Alice tc) ironer Model Lndry Co r708 Dowd 

Hardy Annie Mrs h405 N Queen 

Hardy Bailey (c; Janie) tob wkr h405 Fowler av 

Hardy Geo L (Edith) elk Durham Book & Stationery Co r2401 Club blvd 

Hardy Jesse (c) sta atndt r rear 911 4th 

Hardy John B formn Am Tob Co Inc r Hotel Malbourne 

Hardy Julia knitter rl402 E Main 

Hardy Mary F Mrs r911 Angier av 

Hardy Walter (c; Alice) tob wkr h708 Dowd 

Hardy Walter (c) ydmn 403 W Chapel Hill 

Hardy Whittle R r 109 N Guthrie av 

Hare Jasper F (Irma W: Sou Battery & Elec Co) hill Ellerbee 

Hare Wm E (Lena) heating eng City Schools h2209 University dr 

Hargett David (c) r613 FayetteviUe 

Hargett E Nathaniel (c; Scarborough & Hargett) r Greensboro 

Hargis Jurney T brklyr r209 Dowd 

Hargis Noble G (Grace) slsmn hl003 Ramseur 

Hargis Novella Mrs r209 Dowd 

Hargis Zelma hosiery wkr rl003 Ramseur 

Hargitt Geo T (Thelma M) prof Duke University h606 Buchanan blvd 

Hargitt Susan E (wid Chas W) r606 Buchanan blvd 

Hargrave Eddie B (c) tob wkr r623 Ramsey al 

Hargrave Ray <c; Ruby) lab r2_702 Hay 

Hargrove Alex (c) tob wkr h514 S Elm 

Hargrove Augustus R eng Durham Public Service Co r224 Morris 

Hargrove Caroline (c) tob wk r rll3 Chestnut 

Hargrove Edw (c; Mary) tob wkr h304 W Cobb 

Hargrove Hezzie plmbr r414 Ashton pi 

Hargrove Jas J (c) r514 S Elm 

Hargrove Jos (c) tob wkr r601 St Joseph 

Hargrove Lucinda B (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r514 S Elm 

Hargrove Maceo (c) porter The Fashion r514 S Elm 

Hargrove Peter (c) lndry wkr Model Lndry Co hi 13 Chestnut 

Hargrove Rivers (c) porter Haywood & Boone r514 S Elm 

Hargrove Sexton Y elk "M" System Store r RD 3 

Hargrove Viola (c) tob wkr r609 Mobile av 

Hargrove Wiley (c) tob wkr r416 Cozart av 

Hargrove Wm (c) hll05 Willard 

Harkel Vinson J (Hannah E) hlpr h312 Smith 

Harkey Louise nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Harkless Fred (c; Nancy) tob wkr rll02 Rock 

Harmon Danl F cqllr Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r209 Elliott 

Harmon Jennie r915 E Main 

Harner Frank (c) tob wkr r503 South 

Harp Josephine R (wid John R) hllO N Driver av 

Harp O Gertrude bkpr rllO N Driver av 

Harper Chas B (Louise D) supt Swift & Co hl08 Maynard av 

Harper Clem (c; Lena; C & C Grocery) h414 Fowler av 

Harper Connie (c) student rl404 Geerwood 

Harper Dock (c) tob wkr r7 Adams al 

Harper Fred (c; Mabel) tob wkr h730 E Pettigrew 

Harper Frenos (c) lab r908b Glendale av 

Harper Geneva (wid John T) r N Roxboro nr 3d av 

Harper J Thos (Carrie) elk SALRy h N Roxboro nr 3d av 

Harper John (c) lab h410 Piedmont av 

Harper Leon (Lora R) asst office mgr Liggett & Myers Tob Co b.711 

Harper Lillian (c) r414 Fowler av 

Harper Lora R Mrs cash Golden Belt Mfg Co h711 Parker 
Harper Marie sch tchr r 711 Parker 
Harper Mary F student rllll Taylor 
Harper Richd W mach r N Roxboro nr 3d av 
Harper Rosa H (wid Robt L) r711 Parker 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 





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-J *•> 





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CO «* 








>- 1 









Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Harper Saml D (Lonie) textile wkr h806 12th 

Harper Susie (c) tob wkr r7 Adams al 

Harper Tessie nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Harper Walter (c; Janie) lab hl404 Geerwood 

Harper Willis Y (Delitha) carp hl028 W Peabody 

Harrell Anne V elk r926 Dacian av apt 11 

Harrell C Grady I Iva M) slsmn Elliott Purn Co hl014 Holloway 

Harrell Danl (e) hl08 E Proctor 

Harrell Edw (c; Ella) tob wkr hi 10 Cora apt 6 

Harrell Frances (c) maid rl08 E Proctor 

Harrell Henry (c) tob wkr r413 Cozart av 

Harrell Jas H (Annie B) h418 Walker 

Harrell Lillian M silk wkr r803 9th 

Harrell Lula (c) tob wkr rl08 E Proctor 

Harrell Mattie I silk wkr r808 9th 

Harrell Mills P (Mary L) gro 1117 W Main r Hillsboro rd 

Harrell Mollie (wid Jos H) with Ellis, Stone & Co h926 Dacian av apt 11 

Harrell Paul H asst mgr Paramount Theatre r926 Dacian av apt 11 

Harrell Stanley C Rev (Alberta B) pastor Main St Christian Church 

h725 Burch av 
Harrell Wm (c) tob wkr rl08 E Proctor 
Harrell Wm J (Cora A) h808 9th 

Harrill Odell O slsmn Alexander Motor Co r205 E Main 
Harrington Alma K nurse 2023 Club blvd r do 
Harrington Amos (c: Lena) tob wkr h912a Oak 
Harrington Carrie (c) r315b Poplar 
Harrington Donnie (c) tob wkr rl05b E Cobb 
Harrington Effie (c) hosiery wkr rl03 Chestnut 
Harrington Eliz (c) dom rl218 Dawkins 
Harrington Prank <c; Lillie) tob wkr r713 Cameron 
Harrington Gladys (c) dom rl218 Dawkins 
Harrington John (c; Naomi) truck driver r506 McCoy pi 
Harrington Jos (c; Eva) auto mech rl206 Dawkins 
Harrington Kitty waiter The Grill & Fountain r314 Liberty 
Harrington Lelia (c) hosiery wkr h709a Pine 
Harrington Luther B (Cornelia E) mg r Bellamy Furn Co Inc r919 E 

Harrington Mildred (c) cook r713 Cameron 
Harrington Pattie (c) tob wkr hl218 Dawkins 
Harrington Prince (c) tob wkr rl207 Morehead av 
Harrington Vera nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Harrington Wm (c; Martha) lab h506 McCoy pi 
Harrington Willie (c) tob wkr r413 Pine 
Harris Ada (c) r611% Matthews 
Harris Ada C (wid John) h913 Green 
Harris Albert (c; Nina) truck driver Sou Feed & Grocery Co Inc r614 

Harris Albert T (Sallie B) mach h507 Willard 
Harris Alma tob wkr r216 Morris 
Harris Alva (c) dom h614 Canal 
Harris Alvin (c; Bertha) lab hllll Fargo 
Harris Anderson F (Eva E) plstr hlll5 Park av 

Harris Andrew G (Sadie I) slsmn J A Murdock Co Inc h509 Barnes av 
Harris Andrew S (Lena M) mach h708 Yancey 
Harris Anne B (wid Jas K) rl009 Minerva 
Harris Annie (c) tob wkr r615 Pickett 
Harris Annie D (c) student rl208 Dawkins 
Harris Arth M (Kate L; Cash Coal Co) hll5 N Dillard 
Harris B Ernest (Annie) gro 800 Liberty h802 do 
Harris Beely (c; Maude) tob wkr hl216 Fayetteville 
Harris Bertha (c) dom r904 Thaxton av 
Harris Bertha (c) tob wkr r429 Piedmont av 
Harris Bessie (c) tob wkr r506 Matthews 
Harris Bessie Mrs inspr Durham Hosiery Mills h305 S Elm 
Harris Blanche (c) dom r211 Ames pi 
Harris Bonnie (c) tob wkr r205a Corporation 


"A Pimpose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

E. S. PHILMPS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

Harris Boyd W (Alma L) carp h809 Cleveland 

Harris Boyd W jr (Homerzelle) acct J Beverly Redford h2223 Club blvd 

Harris Boykins (c) r70l Cameron 

Harris Bros CSaml G and Franklin P) plmbrs 113% W Chapel Hill 

Harris Callie (c) lndrs r303 Lee 

Harris Carl R (Estelle) mfg eng hl542 Hermitage ct 

Harris Cath (c) dom r503 Pamlico av 

Harris Chas (c) blksmith h612 N Elizabeth 

Harris Chas (c; Malonie) frt trucker hll6 W Hillside av 

Harris Chas (c; Beatrice) meat ctr Mrs Lena Katz r511 Glenn 

Harris Chas (c) tob wkr r307b Lee 

Harris Chas A (Jackie M) truck driver h402 Carr 

Harris Chas J (c: Eleta) sch tchr r612 Carr 

Harris Chas M (Durham Pet Co) r Rockwood 

Harris Chas N (Pearl; Harris Pilling Sta) filling sta 2620 Angier av and 

901 Fayetteville r University dr (Rockwood) 
Harris Charlotte (c) lndrs h313 Wake pi 
Harris Clarence W (Myrtle S) truck driver Shell Eastern Pet Products 

Inc h2309 Long 
Harris Cleveland textile wkr r308 Spruce 
Harris Cleveland (c; Rebecca) tob wkr h301 Lee 
Harris Connie A (c; Eulalia R) hl213 Fayetteville 
Harris Cora (c) dom h208 Havwood 
Harris Curtis (c) lab rl516 South 
Harris David (c; Blanche) tob wkr h51l Glenn 
Harris David T (Josie) hopper fdr h527 Eva 
Harris Delia (c) lndry wkr Durham Lndry Co r428 Bailey 
HARRIS DOLIAN (Annie LI, Real Estate and Insurance and Notary 

213-214 Geer Bids 128 W Main, Tel J-1891, h312 Watts, Tel J-5591 

(See right side lines) 
Harris Dora (c) dom r804b Glendale av 
Harris Draper H barber First Natl Bank Barber Shop r Bon Air av nr 

N Roxboro 
Harris E A (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r612 Can- 
Harris E Ploy (c) tob wkr r428 Bailey 
Harris Early (c; Nora) tob wkr r325 Matthews 

Harris Earskin W (Lora) barber Whitaker & Murrell r818 Ramseur 
Harris Edna (c) dom r603 Cameron 
Harris Edw (c) tob wkr r614 Matthews 
Harris Edw truck driver Durham Pet Co r Sheron Acres 
Harris Edwin L (Nellie C) auto mech Durham Public Service Co h722 

Harris Edwin T (Fannie B) h2109 Chapel Hill rd 
Harris Eleanor O student rlll5 Park av 
Harris Elijah (c> delmn rllO Division 
Harris Eliz (c) tob wkr r830 Gattis 
Harris Ellen (c) maid Washington Duke Hotel r916 4th 
Harris Elsie W rl607 Jackson 
Harris Emma L smstrs r707 14th 

Harris Ernest (c; Monia) auto mech hl703 Fayetteville 
Harris Essa O (c) mgr Hayti Service Sta rl208 Dawkins 
Harris Estelle E (c) folder Model Lndry Co rl506 N Hyde Park av 
Harris Esther (c) r508 Colfax 
Harris Ethel (c) tob wkr h916 4th 
Harris Ethel M r618 Vickers av 
Harris Eug hlpr r511 Barnes av 
Harris Evangeline (c) dom rllO Division 
Harris Everett C (Willie L) sawyer r405 Milton av 
Harris F Evie tob wkr r2611 C 

Harris Filling Station (Chas N Harris and John A Roberts) 1114 E Main 
Harris Fletcher (c: Lula) lab hl08 Jordan 

Harris Florence E cash Home Security Life Ins Co r705 N Mangum 
Harris Floyd O (Annie) hlpr r2611 C 
Harris Frank (c; Carrie) lab h918b South 
Harris Franklin P (Eva C; Harris Bros) h618 Vickers av 
Harris Fred (c: Addie) hlpr h614 Matthews 
Harris Fredk (c; Nettie) lab h822 Gattis 
Harris Fredk D (c: Flossie) hlpr h615 Pickett 
Harris G Clyde (Lena B) mech Alexander Motor Co h2002 E Main 
Harris Garland delmn Chas L Billings r619 Vickers av 
Harris Geneva <c) tob wkr r702 Grant 

Harris Geo E slsmn Hotel Gas & Storage Sta rl02 E Markham av 
Harris Georgianna (c) maid 710 Morehead av 

Harris Gladys D bkpr Bagwell-Small Plumbing & Htg Co r507 Willard 
Harris Grace I bkpr Christian-Harward Furn Co r821 3d 
Harris Grady V decorator Belk-Leggett Co r501 Rigsbee av 




W faun* 

fir ™ 






I i; 





$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Harris Graham (Pay) tob wkr rl013 Burch av 

Harris Guy (c; Kate) tob wkr h315 Division 

Harris Hallie (c) tob wkr rl013 Shaw 

Harris Harold (c; Alma) lab r406 Gray 

Harris Hattie (c) maid rl08 Jordan 

Harris Haywood H (c; Gussie) inspr Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co h 

716 E Pettigrew 
Harris Helen L spinner- r707 14th 
Harris Henry C (c) rllOl Juniper 
Harris Henry C (Hattie L) hosiery wkr hll08 Taylor 
Harris Henry D elk Piggly Wiggly Stores Inc r809 Cleveland 
Harris Herbert (c; Lona) hlpr hl304 Union 
Harris Herman B doffer r707 14th 
Harris Hilda nurse 2032 Englewood av r do 
Harris Homerzelle Mrs elk Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co h2223 Club 

Harris Howard roofer r521 E Main 
Harris Howard (c; Victoria) tob wkr r704 McMannen 
Harris Hurley (c; Ora) tob wkr h410 Fowler av 
Harris Ida (c) tob wkr hl516 South 
Harris Idell (c) tob wkr h515A E Proctor 
Harris J Alex (Lula A) carp h619 Vickers av 
Harris J Brye bus opr Durham Public Service Co r312 Liberty 
Harris J Claxton (Virginia S; West Side Pharmacy) hll2 E Geer 
Harris J Buss wtchmn Geer bldg rll05 Watts 
Harris Jas (c) r916 4th 

Harris Jas H (Ella Z) saw filer hl709 Erwin rd 
Harris Jas W carp r210 S Driver av 
Harris Jas W (Halsie) knitter r402 Carr 
Harris Jas W transmissionmn Am Tel & Teleg Co r821 3d 
Harris Janie (c) tob wkr r205A Corporation 
Harris Janie (wid Hartwell C) h707 14th 
Harris Jeane C elk Am Tob Co Inc rl020 Monmouth av 
Harris Jerome (c; Sarah) shoe shiner 514 E Pettigrew h2205 Otis 
Harris Jesse (c) lab r428 Sowell al 
Harris Jesse J (Margt E) tob wkr r311 W Pettigrew 
Harris John (c) h318 Dowd 
Harris John (c; Ola) cooper hl406 Geerwood 
Harris John (c) hlpr r716 Willard 
Harris John (c; Prances) hosiery wkr r511 S Elm 
Harris John (c) janitor r916 4th 
Harris John (c; Lucille) lab rl308 Union 
Harris John H (Lelia L) hl02 E Markham av 
Harris John L (c) lab r211 Ames pi 

Harris Jos W (c) chf elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r624 Dunbar 
Harris Julia (c) dom h810 Fargo 

Harris Julia (c) Indrywkr New Method Lndry r810 Dowd 
Harris Julia (c) tob wkr r702 Grant 
Harris L Mae (c) r411 Cozart av 
Harris Laura nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Harris Leathey (c) h306 S Plum 
Harris Leaton M (Mittie M) collr hl607 Jackson 
Harris Lee (c; Arietta) hosierywkr h end 5th 
Harris Lee A (c; Florence) tob wkr h428 Bailey 
Harris Lena (c) tob wkr h506 Matthews 
Harris Leon Y (Irma B) plstr hll02 1st av 
Harris Leonard J pntr r2720 Ashe 
Harris Levy (c; Blanche) tob wkr hlOlO Cole 
Harris Lewis textile wkr r2009 W Pettigrew 
Harris Lillie B (c) h624 Dunbar 
Harris Lillie G (c) r624 Dunbar 
Harris Lillie M (c) cook rlOlO Kent 
Harris Lillie M (c) tob wkr h414 Cozart av 
Harris Lizzie (c) lndrs r318 Dowd 
Harris Lloyd (c; Deanna) lab h431 Eric 
Harris Lois tob wkr r521 E Main 
Harris Louetta Mrs hosiery wkr h521 E Main 
Harris Lucile (c) tob wkr r514 E Proctor apt 4 
Harris Lucille (c) dom r318 Dowd 
Harris Lucy Mrs nurse 1208 Wolf r do 
Harris Lucy B (wid Isaiah J) r614 Wilkerson av 
Harris Lula (c) student rl208 Dawkins 
Harris Lulu (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 
Harris Luther (c) lab r521 S Briggs av 
Harris Luther (c; Kaola) tob wkr h512% E Pettigrew 



Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires — Exide Batteries 
115 N. DUKE ST. TEL. N-173 

Harris Luther C (c; Lizzie) tob wkr b.406 Ray al 

Harris Luttie T (Evelyne S; Harris & Ray Ins Agcy) hi 19 Forest Wood 

Harris M Gena tob wkr r2611 C 

Harris Mack C (c) carp h428 Sowell al 

Harris Mack D sta atndt Lee Meadows rl03! Broadway 

Harris Margt (c) dom r205 N Elizabeth 

Harris Margt (c) janitor Geer bldg rlOlO Moreland av 

Harris Margt J topper r402 Carr 

Harris Margt L student rlll5 Park av 

Harris Martha (c) cook h210 Lee 

Harris Martha (c) tob wkr h211B Corporation 

Harris Martha (c) tob wkr r903 Whitted 

Harris Marvin D sta atndt Lee Meadows rl03 Broadway 

Harris Mary (c) r428 Sowell al 

Harris Mary (c) dom hl217 Cornell 

Harris Mary (c) janitor Geer bldg rlOlO Moreland av 

Harris Mattie (c) maid r701 Cameron 

Harris Mattie (c) textile wkr rllOl Juniper 

Harris Minnie (c) cook 27 Oak dr 

Harris Minnie (c) tob wkr r205 N Elizabeth 

Harris Mollie (c) dom r503 Pamlico av 

Harris Monia (c) cook Lincoln Hosp rl703 Fayetteville 

Harris Mozelle (c) tob wkr rl217 Cornell 

Harris Myra E rl607 Jackson 

Harris Myrtle (c) student r403 E Peabody 

Harris Myrtle V (wid E Carter) r412 E Main 

Harris Nathaniel (c) r428" Bailey 

Harris Noah (c; Mary) hlOlO Moreland av 

Harris Novella (c) r411 Cozart av 

Harris Orpheus F (Ada) agt Home Security Life Ins Co h705 N Man- 

Harris Oscar C (c; Julia) lab h810 Dowd 

Harris Paul H (Virgie) slsmn Andrews Furn Co h2611 Hillsboro rd 

Harris Queen (c) tob wkr r431 Eric 

Harris R Henry (Flonnie R) slsmn Alexander Motor Co hl310 Duke Uni- 
versity rd 

Harris R Howard hlpr r2611 C 

Harris Rebecca (c) lndrs h205 N Elizabeth 

Harris Rell (c) h702 Grant 

Harris Rencher N (c; Plassie W) ins agt h409 Formosa av 

Harris Robt C (Fannie E) sawyer h261l C 

Harris Robt H (Myrtle W; South Duke Street Filling Sta) hl304 S 

Harris Robt S (Nancy) sec-treas Barbour-Winston Tob Co Inc hl410 N 

Harris Roosevelt (c) shoe shiner 712 Fayetteville r315 Division 

Harris Roy (c; Janie) lab h401A Dowd 

Harris Roy F tob wkr r618 Vickers av 

Harris Rufus (Bettie) auto mech Holbrook Motor Co h2306 Hart 

Harris Sadie (c) tob wkr r614 Matthews 

Harris Salena (c) lndrywkr New Method Lndry h807 Drew 

Harris Sallie (c) r8031 Chapel Hill rd 

Harris Sallie (c) tob wkr h405 Henry al 

Harris Saml (c; Eva) h517 Coleman al 

Harris Saml (c) lab rl003 2d 

Harris Saml (c) tob wkr r830 Gattis 

Harris Saml G (Olive C; Harris Bros) h407 Jackson 

Harris Spencer (c; Murda) tob wkr r301 Johnson 

Harris Sterling H (Thelma H) h822 6th 

Harris Susan F Mrs h402 Carr 

Harris Tessie (c) maid 702 Buchanan blvd 

Harris Thos (c) r211 Ames pi 

Harris Thos (c; Estelle) car washer hl506 N Hyde Park av 

Harris Thos (c) lab r511B McCoy pi 

Harris Thos J (Fannie L) elk Am Suppliers Inc r2109 Chapel Hill rd 

Harris Turner L r507 Willard 

Harris Victor B (Cornelia M) barber Whitaker & Murrell h901 Cleve- 

Harris Victor H (c; Nancy) truck driver Perry Lbr Co h711 Grant 

HARRIS W PAGE (Mary C), Dist M^r The Mutual Benefit Life Ins Co 
of Newark, N J, r Hope Valley 

Harris Walter (c; Viola) lab r305 Baxter 

Harris Walter (c; Cleo) tob wkr hl002 Pine 



1 ° 






3 3- 




O km 

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3 J 





• p* 





Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service 


Always Open 

PHONE L-4851 

Harris Walter E genl mgr Hotel Gas & Storage Inc rl02 E Markham av 

Harris Walter M (Beulah) delmn h821 3d 

Harris Walton C (McDonald & Harris) r317 E Main 

Harris Wash (c; Laura) tob wkr h916 South 

Harris Washington (c; Anna) lab hllO Division 

Harris Willard (c; Delia) tob wkr r907 Linwood av 

Harris Wm (c; Christine) h2206 Otis 

Harris Wm (c) cook 804 S Duke 

Harris Wrn (c) lab h406 MtVernon 

Harris Willie (c; Georgiana) firemn h509 E Proctor 

Harris Zelma (c) tob wkr h7 Peachtree pi 

Harris & Ray Insurance Agency (Luttie T Harris, G Dewey Ray) 123 W 
Main R408 

Harrison Annie mach opr r629 E Main 

Harrison David R (Dora E) floor fnshr hl808 House av 

Harrison Dona A rill S Hyde Park av 

Harrison Evelyn J chf of order dept Woman's College Duke University 
Library r806 3d 

Harrison Glenn instr Duke University r do 

Harrison Henry O (Rosa L) pntr D C May hl024 Wolf 

Harrison Ina r411 Walker 

Harrison Irene student rl06 E Trinity av 

Harrison Jas (Belle) pntr h629 E Main 

Harrison Noah W Rev (Cecelia C) hill S Hyde Park av 

Harrison Rufus A pntr rill S Hyde Park av 

Harron Annie (c) dom rl302 Jackson 

Harry Grady V window trimmer r501 Rigsbee av 

Hart Annie (c) lndrs h614 Willard 

Hart Bessie (c) lndrs h828 Chapel Hill rd 

Hart Carrie (c) r602 Douglas 

Hart Chas (c; Daisy) lab h703 N Elizabeth 

Hart Clyde R (Annie) eng hi 18 S Guthrie av 

Hart Deryl (Mary J) prof Duke University h803 2d apt 4 

Hart Faithie (c) rl05 Haywood 

Hart Floyd (c) hlpr r614 Willard 

Hart Henry (c; Lucy M) lab h905 Wilkerson av 

Hart Howard D (Elisabeth S) supt Durham Cotton Mfg Co Inc h402 

Hart John (c; Jessie) h700 Milton av 

Hart Jonah (c) chauf r803 Chapel Hill rd 

Hart Jos (c) student r706 Pickett 

Hart Lizzie (c) dom r905 Wilkerson av 

Hart Malachi A (c) tob wkr rl05 Haywood 

Hart Mary (c) cook rl406 Caswell pi 

Hart Saml (c) tob wkr hl05 Haywood 

Hart Tempie (c) tob wkr rl05 Haywood 

Hartfield Howard (c; Lou) h505 Gray 

Hartis Frank E (Selma R) pres-treas-mgr Modern Electric Co Inc h509 
N Guthrie av 

Hartman Chas E (Gertrude) br mgr The Gt A & P Tea Co hl004 Cleve- 

Hartman Sudie (c) maid Duke University Hosp h608 S Elm 

Harton see also Horton 

Harton A Roman (Edith) student r809 Wilkerson av 
Harton Arth W (Lina; Modern Barber Shop) h809 Wilkerson av 

Harton Flora M r410 Yates av 

Harton J Weldon r809 Wilkerson av 
Harton Lee M (Ola) gro 709 Wilkerson av r809 do 
Harton Mattie E pkr B C Remedy Co 423 Morris 

Harton Nell K r410 Yates av 

Harton Wm R ((Delia K) meatctr Holt's Market h410 Yates av 

Hartsell Bruce V student rl419 James 

Hartsell Caroline M Mrs fctywkr h513 Willard 

Hartsell Emma M sch tchr rl419 James 

Hartsell Luther T fctywkr h517 Willard 

Hartsell Wallace H Rev (Bessie) pastor Lakewood Baptist Church hl418 

Hartsock Bettie (wid Marion W) hosiery wkr h2505 Hart 

Hartsoe Nonie silkwkr rlll2 Eva 

Hartsook Granville S jr slsmn Tomlinson Co Inc r814 Cleveland 

Hartwell Anna (c) dom hll21 Webb al 

Hartwell Cllaudia (c) dom rll21 Webb al 

Hartzell Hattie T asst mgr The Martha Washington r404 Forest 

Harvell John R (Repsey L) carp h912 8th 

Harvell Wm R (Lucille) stone plshr r912 8th 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Harvey Ann R hsekpr 810 W Chapel Hill r do 

Harvey Christopher K (Lula E) bldg contr 1207 6th h do 

Harvey J Shields jr genl mgr w P Henry Co r Washington Duke Hotel 

Harvey Lucinda (wid Wm H) r213 S Elm 

Harvey Sarah (c) maid Durham High Sch r802B Pine 

Harvey Wardell (c; Sarah) janitor h803B Pine 

Harward see also Howard 

Harward Alice A (wid J Prank) hl006 Monmouth av 

Harward Alice M (wid Wm) h719 Reservoir 

Harward Chas E (Ida C) solr hi 808 Yearby av 

Harward Dalphene P r210l C 

Harward Donnie C (Mary E) tobwkr h302 Raynor 

Harward Earl F rl006 Monmouth av 

Harward Edgar J (Minnie D) ins agt r906 Shepherd 

Harward Frank (Edith) knitter hl410 James 

Harward Geo W agt Durham Life Ins Co rl06 N Driver av 

Harward Harvey (Gertrude F) lawyer 128 W Main R308 h204 Forest 

Wood dr 
Harward Hubert B (J Clarene) agt The Life Ins Co of Va h2616 Lawn- 
dale av 
Harward Hubert B (Ruth M) elec eng hl508 Club blvd 
Harward J Bunn gro Angier av bey city limit h do 
Harward J Frank tob wkr r312 E Trinity av 
Harward J Henry (Florence) textilewkr h912 W Main 
Harward Jas L (Geneva C) spl rep Jefferson Standard Life Ins Co h.716 

Burch av 
Harward Jesse J (Bessie J) textile wkr h2101 c 
Harward John R meat ctr T Milton Davis r9l2 W Main 
Harward John T (Minnie L) tob wkr r312 E Trinity av 
Harward Landon D atndt Holloway Street Service Sta rl006 Monmouth 

Harward Laura (c) tob wkr hll6 Piedmont av 
Harward Lemon J textile wkr r719 Reservoir 
Harward Lessie M slswn r312 E Trinity av 
Harward Lila B textile wkr rl808 Yearby av 
Harward Lois K tob wkr rl006 Monmouth av 
Harward Lonnie R (I May) textile wkr h2105 Block 
Harward Lottie L tob wkr rl006 Monmouth av 
Harward M Beatrice sch tchr rl006 Monmouth av 
Harward Mabel P (wid John F) h512 Milton av 
Harward Maggie B hl06 N Driver av 
Harward Margt B (wid Louis T) h308 Raynor 
Harward Margt L bkpr r716 Burch av 

Harward Nancy bkpr Christian-Harward Furn Co r?19 Holloway 
Harward Pender L (Minnie) mach hi 01 S Benjamin 
Harward Roy J roadmn Durham Herald Co Inc r716 Burch av 
HARWARD VERNON J (Mozelle N) , Pres Budd-Piper Roofing Co, h613 S 

Duke, Tel J-9581 
Harward Virginia D sten r716 Burch av 
Harward Wm G (Margt G) elk Budd-Piper Roofing Co h312 Buchanan 

blvd apt 405 
Harward Wm J (Cora E) h312 E Trinity av 
Haskell Blanche (c) r508A Grant 

Haskell Morris (Jennie; Haskell & Morris) rl08% E Parrish 
Haskell & Morris (Morris Haskell, Ferdinand Morris) men's clothing 

110 E Parrish 
Haskins Aggie (c) tob wkr r301 Lee 
Haskins Alberta (c) hosiery wkr r rear 1606 Glenn 
Haskins Alvin (c; Carrie) tob wkr hl215 Cornell 
Haskins Bertha (c) tob wkr hl09 Moline 
Haskins Calvin (c; Ella) tobwkr hll09 Fail-view 
Haskins Christine (c) dom rl411 C 
Haskins Dora (c) lndrs hl402 Geerwood 
Haskins Elisha (c; Ferbie) h414 Bailey 
Haskins Eliz (c) hosiery wkr r rear 1606 Glenn 
Haskins Exie (c; Ilonia) tob wkr r312 Lee 
Haskins Ferbie (c) lndry wkr Rite-Way Lndry r414 Bailey 
Haskins Fred (c) fctywkr rll03 Willard 
Haskins Garland (c; Frances) tob wkr hllOA Beamon av 
Haskins Graham (c) lab h506B Ray al 
Haskins Helen (c) tob wkr h504B Foster 
Haskins Hunter (c) lab r319 Roney 
Haskins Ha (c) rl215 Cornell 

Haskins Jasper (c; Rebecca) tob wkr hll03 Fairview 
Haskins Laura (c) smstrs h602 Lucille 






212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Haskins Lillie M (c) tob wkr r504B Foster 

Haskins Louetta (c) Indrs hl411 C 

Haskins Louisa (c) dom rl402 Geerwood 

Haskins Love (c) tob wkr r308 Piedmont av 

Haskins Major (c; Marv) hlpr hl412 N Hyde Park av 

Haskins Marion (c) tob wkr r512 E Proctor 

Haskins Mary (c) dom rl412 N Hyde Park av 

Haskins Nathaniel (c) rll09 Fairview 

Haskins Oscar (c) rll03 Fairview 

Haskins Rosa (c) dom r402 Dodson 

Haskins Wm (c) lab r319 Roney 

Haskins Wm (c) tob wkr rll03 Rock 

Hastings J Clyde (Edna L) truck driver Durham Fruit & Prod Co Inc 
h513 Gordon 

Hastings Virginia (c) r404 Pettigrew al 

Hastings Wm H (Emma E) carp h703i W Pettigrew 

Haswell Bertha B Mrs slswn Tilley's Stores Inc r607 Vickers av 

Haswell Cora E (wid Edw J) r311 N Elizabeth 

Haswell S Justice (Bertha B) elk Durham Hosiery Mills r607 Vickers av 

Haswell Theron D (Bernice) collr h716 Arnette av 

Haswell Willis C (Mary O) hlllO 5th 

Hatch Annie rl012 Angier av 

Hatch Durant T (Bessie) millwkr h602 Carr 

Hatch Ernest (c; Christiana) cook Underpass Quick Lunch r907 Willard 

Hatch Grover H rl012 Angier av 

Hatch Mary J (wid Richd J R) hl012 Angier av 

Hatch Palmer A (Lillie P) mgr field dept h916 W Trinity av apt 4 

Hatch Thos W (Sarah C) wtchmn hi 10 S Driver av 

Hatcher Corrie Z (Stella M) slsmn Alexander Motor Co h211 N Queen 

Hatchett Nancy J Mrs tchr Holloway Street Sch r506 Buchanan blvd apt 

Hatfield C Henry (Carrie L) slsmn Singer Sewing Mach Co hllOl Lin- 
wood av 
Hatfield Juanita waiter Royal Cafe rllOl Linwood av 
Hatley Chas C prof Duke University r708 Buchanan blvd 
Hatley Danl (c) lab rll4 Peachtree pi 

Hatwood Jas (c; Lena) billiard atndt Wm W McDaniel h620A E Petti- 
Hatwood Luther W (c; Mary E; Hatwood's Elec Shoe Shop) r516 S 

Hatwood's Electric Shoe Shop (c; Luther W Hatwood) 116 S Mangum 
Hauser Chas R (Madge L) instr Duke University h2119 Club blvd 
Hawkins Blanche M (c) smstrs r2212 Chautauqua 
Hawkins Ernest (Ethel) tob wkr r403 W Pettigrew 
Hawkins Etta B (c) student r2212 Chautauqua 
Hawkins Inez Mrs r507 Willard 

Hawkins Jas A (c; Blanche; Hiilside Service Sta) h2212 Chautauqua 
Hawkins Jas T (c; Lila) atndt Hillside Service Sta r403 Pekoe av 
Hawkins Jas T (c) sch tchr r2212 Chautauqua 
Hawkins John (c; Mary) hlOOl South 
Hawkins John (c; Leomie) msngr hl407 Pine 
Hawkins L J timekpr Duke University r West Campus 
Hawkins Martha (wid John) rl211 Wall 
Hawkins Mary (c) rl302 Glenn 
Hawkins Melvin P r405 Gattis 

Hawkins Narcissus (c) tob wkr h rear 2718 E Pettigrew 
Hawkins Ola (c) r423 Cozart av 
Hawkins P Hugue (Bessie L) ins agt h405 Gattis 
Hawkins Pollie (c) Indrs h206 Moline 
Hawkins Virginia (c) maid Tilley's Stores Inc rl302 Glenn 
Hawkins Walter (c; Flora) lab h902 Ebony 
Hawkins Wyatt (c; Virginia) trucker hl302 Glenn 
Hawley Cleta M looper r401 Clay 
Hawley John E textile wkr r401 Clay 
Hawley Josephine L sten rl017 Broad 
Hawley Lucy T (wid Wm J) hlio Case 
Hawley Malissa C winder rl007 Angier av 
Hawley Nellie J textile wkr rllO Case 
Hawley Oney W textilewkr rllO Case 
Hawley Sampson shoe repr hl007 Angier av 

Hawley Walter L (Martha J; Hawley's Barber Shop) M017 Broad 
Hawley Wm B (Lela E) textile wkr h401 Clay 
Hawley Winifred P elk Durham Hosiery Mills rllO Case 
Hawley's Barber Shop (Walter L Hawley) 728 9th 
Hay Beautys B Mrs sten Realty Associates Inc r2014 Ward 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Ride the Buses 


Hay Nola (c) tob wkr h311 E Proctor 

Hay Wellington J (Beautys B) mech Durham Foundry Sz Mach Wks r 
2014 Ward 

Hayes Ardelia (c) dom r rear 2718 E Pettigrew 

Hayes Arth (c) lab rl07 Erie 

Hayes Bennett A (Betty L) bkpr Kinton's h214 Forest Wood dr 

Hayes Bernice (c) r409 Bailey 

Hayes Buster (c) tob wkr r620 Ramsey 

Hayes Chili (c) dom h505 Henry al 

Hayes Clyde D soda dispenser Brewer's Drug Store r409 Anderson 

Hayes Daphne R Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co r2707 Hillsboro rd 

Hayes Delma T textile wkr r620 Troy 

Hayes Dennis F (Dora O) weaver h409 Anderson 

Hayes Dutchie (c) dom rl07 Erie 

Hayes Ector P (Daphne R) slsmn r2707 Hillsboro rd , 

Hayes Edw (c; Nannie) h809 Carrington 

Hayes Edw (c; Frances) h824 New (E Durham) 

Hayes Eliza (c) hosiery wkr h813 Grant 

Hayes Elker (c; Roberta) janitor h332 Division 

Hayes Eric G rl200 Broad 

Hayes Eva (c) dom r907 N Elizabeth 

Hayes Eva H slswn O'Briant Music Store rl09 Jones 

Hayes Felton D elk Lochmoor Cigar Stand r2212 E Main 

Hayes G Ewell (M Louise) projectionist Carolina Theatre h2212 E Main 

Hayes Geo C hosierywkr hl02 N Guthrie av 

Hayes Geo C jr hosierywkr rl02 N Guthrie av 

Hayes Geo O (Mary E) carp h2212 E Main 

Hayes H Deward elk r212 S Driver av 

Hayes Harold W student r802 3d 

Hayes Harriet (c) r2708 Hay 

Hayes Hubert (c; Martha) h533 Coleman al 

Hayes Iva (c; Lena) brklyr hl224 Dawkins 

Hayes Jas (c; Nettie) janitor Ruth Hosiery Mills h409 Bailey 

Hayes Jas (c; Rosa) porter Whitaker & Murrell r906 Linwood av 

Hayes Jas (c) tob wkr r522A Elliott al 

Hayes Jas A hosiery wkr rl02 N Guthrie av 

Hayes Jennie (c) dom rl208 Geerwood 

Hayes John (c) lab rl008 Grant 

Hayes John (May) textile wkr" h907 Lilac al 

Hayes John A (c; Connie) lab h904B Pickett 

Hayes John L (Allie) elev opr hi 103 Taylor 

Hayes Jos (c) r202 E Proctor 

Hayes Jos A hosiery wkr rl02 N Guthrie av 

Hayes Julius (c; Mamie) tob wkr h222l Fayetteville 

Hayes Lantie L textile wkr r409 Anderson 

Hayes Lee D (c; Lillie) tob wkr h71l Carrington 

Hayes Le L (Marjorie D) elk PO h.1208 N Roxboro 

Hayes Leonard E hosiery wkr rl02 N Guthrie av 

Hayes LeRoy (c) lab r:07 Erie 

Hayes Lessie M (c) r809 Carrington 

Hayes Lizzie (c) tob wkr r334 Division 

Hayes Lucile A sen tchr r2707 Hillsboro rd 

Hayes Mabel C tob wkr r2707 Hillsboro rd 

Hayes Mamie (c) h202 E Proctor ««| 

Hayes Marvin J sheet metal wkr r409 Anderson 

Hayes Mary (c) dom r520 George ,|«rj 

Hayes Norman (c) brklyr r323 Umstead 

Hayes Paul L (Eva R) knitter h509 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Hayes Percy (c; Rebecca) tob wkr h203 Ashley 

Hayes Preston W elk Ferguson Gro Co rl02 N Guthrie av 

Hayes R Benton (Janie C) shoe repr h212 S Driver av 

Hayes R Donald (Hazel L) elk Am Tob Co i University 

Hayes Rebecca (c) dom h808B Glendale av 

Hayes Roosevelt (c; Rosa) tob wkr hl41i Lincoln 

Hayes Roxanna (c) tob wkr r208B Lee 

Hayes Ruby O (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co hl030 Cornell 

Hayes Rufus (c) wood b.804% Simmons 

Hayes Thos (c) r409 Bailey 

Hayes Thos (c; Ethel) tob wkr IU401 N Hyde Park av 

Hayes Thos J (Ethel C) firemn Model Lndry Co hl20 E Lynch 

Hayes Thos J (Annie P) routemn Durham Lndry Co hl08 E Markham 

Hayes Thos R (Effie) ice sta mgr Durham Public Service Co h2707 Hills- 
boro rd 

Hayes Thos T (Alta S) weaver h620 Troy 



Durkaift Realty and Insurance 

First Floor Trust Building Lt.^aVa"^ R»s £!£! 

Hayes Vernon J (c) r409 Bailey 

Hayes Victor F electn r212 S Driver av 

Hayes Virginia (c) dom r906 Linwood av 

Hayes Walter Rev (c; Roberta) hl208 Geerwood 

Hayes Walter P (Bessie E) sandwiches 801 3d h do 

Hayes Willie E (c) sten Cecil A McCoy r520 George 

Hayes Willie M (c) tob wkr r725 Walnut 

Hayes Woodrow W student r2707 Hillsboro rd 

Haygood Mildred (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Haynes see also Haines 

Haynes Alice J Mrs sten Home Ins Agcy Inc hl208 Arnette av 

Haynes Chas C (Alice J) formn Am Suppliers Inc hl208 Arnette av 

Haynes Ethel M (c) cook rll05 Lynchburg 

Haynes Eula (c) r303 Matthews 

Haynes Grover C (Jessie E) teleg opr h310 N Driver av 

Haynes Grover C jr student r310 N Driver av 

Haynes Jas P (c; Lula) lab h210 Tatum al 

Haynes Lillie Mrs weaver r619 Barbee 

Haynes Mattie (c) lndrs hll05 Lynchburg 

Hays Etta (c) dom rll2 Gattis 

Hays Geo P (Pearl) r604 Crabtree 

Hays Saml (c) chauf h708 Milton av 

Hayti Barber Shop (c; Walter T Pipkin) 528 E Pettigrew 

Hayti Drug Store (c; John W Pearson) 618 Fayetteville 

Hayti Service Station (Walter L Lednum) filling sta 701 Fayetteville av 

Haywood Chas L (Zoa L; Haywood & Boone) h425 N Mangum 

Haywood Chas L jr (Marguerite) phys 123 W Main R506 h214 Swift av 

Haywood Egbert L tchr Durham High Sch r425 N Mangum 

Haywood John (c; Carrie M) plstr h524 S Elm 

Haywood Robt E (Ruby L) inspr h811 Club blvd 

HAYWOOD & BOONE (C L Havwood, D L Boone), "The Drug and Seed 
Store" 102 W Main, Tels L-911 and L-912 (See right bottom lines) 

Hazell Chas C jr dist mgr Equitable Life Assurance Society r Raleigh 

Head Merritt H (Lena M) mgr Commonwealth Coal Co Inc hl503! Ala- 

Headen Lucy (c) tob wkr h2213 Chautauqua 

Headen Wallace (c) tob wkr r2213 Chautauqua 

Hearn Fred G (Eliz) tob wkr h603 Barnes av 

Heartt Julia (c) h506 Dowd 

Heath Eliz (c) dom r300 Thomason 

Heath Ira r413 Morris 

Heavner Mattie L nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Hedgepath Vernon B (Nealie C) hosiery wkr h313 S Alston av 

Hedgepeth Adelaide (c) r806 Juniper 

Hedgepeth Chas (c; Blanche) tob wkr h806 Juniper 

Hedgepeth Don (c; Maggie) tob wkr h802 Juniper 

Hedgepeth Jas (c; Delia) tob wkr I16O6 Ray al 

Hedgepeth Katie (c) tobwkr r303 Lee 

Hedgepeth Matthew (c) draymn r511 Carrington 

Hedgepeth Odell (c) waiter r6C6 Ray al 

Hedgepeth Wilson (o waiter r606 Ray al 

Hedgespeth Dana (c) folder Model Lndry Co r910 N Elizabeth 

Hedgespeth Elijah (c) tob wkr r916 Thaxton av 

Hedgespeth Ethel (c) cook 802 Vickers av 

Hedgespeth Jas (c) r916 Thaxton av 

Hedgespeth Lida (c) tob wkr r916 Thaxton av 

Hedgespeth Matthew (c; Harriet) millwkr h916 Thaxton av 

Hedgespeth Nina (c) dom r317% Dowd 

Hedgespeth Richd (c) r916 Thaxton av 

Hedgspeth Calvin (c; Annie) oiler h310 Mincey 

Hedrick Adelle R (wid E Lawrence) sten B C Remedy Co rl013 Gloria av 

Hedrick Carroll L elk The Kroger Gro & Baking Co r605 Carlton av 

Hedrick Clarence F (Thelma B) slsmn Huntley-Stockton-Hill Co rlOll 
N Mangum 

Hedrick H Grady (Mary S; McLendon & Hedrick) h902 Vickers av 

Hedrick Rov C (Susie W) elk h605 Carlton av 

Hedrick W Raymond (Esther) sta opr h605 Hicks 

Hedspeth Floyd (c) tob wkr r2210 Fayetteville 

Hedspeth Martha (c) lndrs h2210 Fayetteville 

Heffner Thos E (Lillian I) trav slsmn h321 E Trinity av 

Heflin Chas F (Bessie) rl601 Chapel Hill rd 

Heflin D Addie rl601 Chapel Hill rd 

Heflin Edgar S (Hattie G) formn The Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd hl709 
Roxboro rd 

Heflin Fannie tob wkr rl601 Chapel Hill rd 

Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG. Manager 

Heflin John H steam shovel opr hl601 Chapel Hill rd 

Heflin Lula M sten Budd-Piper Roofing Co r912 N Mangum 

Heflin Maude B Mrs tchr Central Jr High Sch h3112 Buchanan blvd apt 

Heflin Theo S (Maude B) tobacconist h312 Buchanan blvd apt 301 

Heflin Woodrow rl601 Chapel Hill rd 

Heilig Geo M (Lou) h2213 Hackney l,,. 

Heldman Jas M (Margt H) dept supt hl815 W Pettigrew 

Hellen Eug J (Mattie H) sec Golden Belt Mfg Co hl534 Hermitage ct 

Helms Blanche (c) cook r808 TJmstead 

Helms Ernest (Addie) h605 Troy 

Helms Howard J (Myrtle R) watchmkr Wyatt J Womble hl211 Alabama 

Helms Marie (c) r611 Matthews 

Helms Motor Express Rayford H Burleson rep 801 W Main 

Helms Vinie (c) r808 Umstead 

Hemby Jas (c; Louisa) lab h803 Macklin 

Hemmerle Annabelle (wid Jos H) hl609 D 

Hemper Wm watchmkr Kinton's r310 Watts 

Henderson Annie B (wid Jos T) h523 N Mangum 

Henderson Bettie (c) dom r906 Pine 

Henderson Cath hosiery wkr r504 N Hyde Park av 

Henderson Chas W (Julia K) mgr University Pharmacy Inc hl403 Ala- 

Henderson Clarkie J (wid Wm H) textile wkr r509 Reservoir (E Dur- 

Henderson Cora D (c) maid B C Remedy Co hll22 Willard 

Henderson Cora J (wid Henry L) r404 Case 

Henderson Easter (c) dom r315 Wake pi 

Henderson Eug L Rev (c; Lula) rector StTitus Episcopal Church h401 
Pekoe av 

Henderson Henrietta (c) h704 E Pettigrew 

Henderson J Rudolph r523 N Mangum 

Henderson Jas (c; Mary) cement wkr h622 Colfax 

Henderson Jas K student rl403 Alabama 

Henderson Jas L (Beatrice H) asst mgr P W Wool worth Co r307 Liberty 

Henderson Jesse J (Gladys; Henderson's Soda Shop) rl907 Hart 

Henderson John (c) cement wkr r622 Colfax 

Henderson L Benj textile wkr r911 W Trinity av 

Henderson Louise E tob wkr r523! N Mangum 

Henderson Margie Mrs textile wkr h504 N Hyde Park av 

Henderson Mary (c) student r622 Colfax 

Henderson Pearl (c) nurse County Board of Health hl206 Fayetteville 

Henderson Ralph E (Aileen) textile wkr hl512 Caswell pi 

Henderson Richd B jr slsmn rl416 N Mangum 

Henderson Roxie (c) r309 Amber 

Henderson Sallie (c) tob wkr r622 Colfax I W 

Henderson W Fred (c; Mary P) gro 1401 Glenn h309 Amber ijirl 

Henderson Walsa R (Hannah W) tob buyer h325 E Trinity av ' 

Henderson Wm (c) r309 Amber 

Henderson's Soda Shop (Jesse J Henderson) 315 N Mangum 

Hendley John V (Lillie) tob wkr hl212 Ivy ■ l «| 

Hendley Myrtle nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Hendrick Saml G jr (Annie E) body repr A K Scoville Co hl707 Dean ,,,,« 

Hendricks Frances (c) tob wkr r615 StJoseph 

Henley Edna L sch tchr rl909 W Pettigrew ,„. 

Henley John H (Thelma; Jolnay Laboratories) h401% N Mangum R9 

Henley Sol D (Berta A) overseer hl909 W Pettigrew 

Henry Allen A (Eliz) truck driver h806 N Alston av 

Henry Beatrice (c) rlOOl Fargo 

Henry Claudie (c) elev opr Efird's Dept Store rlOOl Fargo 

Henry Earl H (Pearl) truck driver h709 Ridgeway av 

Henry Ernest (c; Beulah) tob wkr hlOOl Fargo 

Henry Ethel M (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch r811 Fayetteville j „ 

Henry Evelyn (c) rll8 W Hillside av 

Henry Faye slswn Ladies' Sport Shoppe 115 E Main 

Henry Frances r612 W Chapel Hill 

Henry Hattie (c) sch tchr h706 Pine j* 

Henry John (Nellie M) hlpr r403 W Pettigrew 

Henry John (c) lab r810 C 

Henry Lillian (c) rlOOl Fargo 

Henry Monroe tob wkr r323 South 

Henry Mozelle (c) rlOOl Fargo 

Henry Robt (c; Annie) tob wkr hl003 Fargo 

Henry Robt L tobacconist r604 S Duke 

Henry W P Co (Wm P Henry) leaf tob 314 Foster 



Featuring the Most Attractive 45c Mid-Day Lunch 

— The Best in the City — All Varieties of Sea Food 

in Season 


Henry Wm P (Julia C; W P Henry Co) h612 W Chapel Hill 
HERALD -SUN PAPERS THE, See The Durham Morning: Herald and The 
Durham Sun 

Herbert Revia (c) maid 117 W Seeman 

Herbert's Greensboro Corp Walter G Gunter mgr shoes 314 W Main 

Herndon Alice M h321 Pope 

Herndon Alvis (Ellen) tob wkr r409 N Roxboro 

Herndon Annie E (wid Wm R) h534 Barnes av 

Herndon Arth G (Viola T) br mgr Pender's Stores rl2131 Holloway 

Herndon Avie I pkr B C Remedy Co r814 N Mangum 

Herndon C Theo (Aurelia) farmer h Lavender at end 

Herndon Chas (c) barber Predk Herndon rl21 S Mangum 

Herndon Chas H (c; Mary) presser Dock W Brown hlOl W Hillside av 

Herndon Chas M jr (Thaxton & Markham) r Rockwood 

Herndon Clair M collr Durham Realty & Ins Co hl008 N Roxboro 

Herndon Claude N (F Pearl) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h609 

Vickers av 
Herndon Cora (c) dom h516 South 
Herndon Corinna (c) tob wkr h615 Ramsey al 
Herndon David (c) tob wkr r509 Matthews 
Herndon Edgar (c; Mary) tobwkr h315B Poplar 
Herndon Edgar W r312 N Hyde Park av 
Herndon Emma (c) r405 Henry al 
Herndon Ernest (c) tob wkr h616 Ramsey 
Herndon Esther (c) dom r314 S Plum 
Herndon Ethel (c) r615 Ramsey al 
Herndon Eug (c) r615 Ramsey al 
Herndon Predk (c) barber 121 S Mangum r516 South 
Herndon Gaither (c) r614A Ramsey al 
Herndon Garland (c) tob wkr r2306 Chautauqua 
Herndon Geo T (Carelena) knitter h207 Lyon 

Herndon Gladys B Mrs asst cash Montgomery Ward & Co r RD 3 
Herndon Grace (c) tob wkr r2224 Fitzgerald av 
Herndon H Lin wood (Delia) printer h40i Jackson 
Herndon Hattie M sch tchr r401 Jackson 
Herndon Henry c (Viola) knitter hi 10 S Hyde Park av 
Herndon Howard (c; Cornelia) tob wkr hl002 Fargo 
Herndon Hoy C (Anna) huckster h414 Smith 
Herndon Jesse (Frances) textile wkr r402 S Alston av 
Herndon John A Rev (Zilphia C) hlll9 W Chapel Hill 
Herndon L Harmon (Clara) hl09 Adrian 
Herndon Lonnie (c; Mittie) hosiery wkr h2306 Chautauqua 
Herndon Louise nurse 2215 Club blvd r do 
Herndon Lula (c) elk Mack's Sport Shop r332% E Pettigrew 
Herndon M Louise tob wkr r Lavender at end 
Herndon Marvin (c) hlpr r615 Ramsey al 
Herndon Marvin (c) lab h314 S Plum 
Herndon Nancy T sten rlll9 W Chapel Hill 
Herndon Otis (c) tob wkr r615 Ramsey al 
Herndon Paul C (Annie M) bus opr Durham Public Service Co hl204 S 

Alston av 
Herndon Pauline M tob wkr r Lavender at end 
Herndon Plassie (c) tob wkr r2306 Chautauqua 
Herndon Richd (c; Geneva) lab h2508 E Pettigrew 
Herndon Robt F (Eliz) hl08 S Hyde Park av 
Herndon Sallie (wid C Geo) rl09 Adrian 
Herndon Snodeen r609 Vickers av 
Herndon Stella B Mrs slswn rl008 N Roxboro 
Herndon Taft (Leila) lab r730 Walnut 
Herndon Thos (c) tob wkr r2306 Chautauqua 
Herndon Thos E (Winnie H) tob wkr h312 N Hyde Park av 
Herndon Walter R (c; Hattie) emp Raschall's Bakery h709 Glenn 
Herndon Wm (c; Vera) tob wkr r410 Fowler av 
Herndon Wm E truck driver Armour & Co r Fayetteville rd 
Herndon Zora hosiery wkr rl08 S Hyde Park av 
Herr Marguerite M tchr Durham High Sch rl009 Minerva 
Herrin Clarence A (Bessie) supt h926 Urban av 
Herring A Eulee inspr r3X)5 Liberty 
Herring Elbert textile wkr r407 N Guthrie av 
Herring Frances (c) tob wkr rill E Hillside av 
Herring Herbert J (Virginia) asst dean Duke University h916 W Trinity 

av apt 8 
Herring Isoline slswn Raylass Chain Stores Inc r216 Morris 
Herring Marvin J (Roma J) elk New Durham Dry Cleaners hlll9 8th 
Herring Mary E r305 Liberty 


Home Savings Bank 


JOHN SPRUNT HILL, President T. C. WORTH, Cashier 

Herring Minnie (wid John B) h305 Liberty 

Hershey E topper Ruth Hosiery Mills r703 N Alston av 

Hershey Sidney (Etta) tob wkr h703 N Alston av 

Hesse The apts 109 Broadway 

Hessee Ada E r903 Monmouth av 

Hessee Chas F rl300 Club blvd 

Hessee Elsie K Mrs hl300 Club blvd 

Hessee Eug A (Evelyn C) pres Hessee Furn Co Inc hl304 Club blvd 

Hessee Furniture Co Inc Eug A Hessee pres Wm H Hessee v-pres Lacy N 
Hessee sec-treas 407 N Mangum 

Hessee Julius A r903 Monmouth av 

Hessee Lacy N (Estelle G) sec-treas Hessee Furn Co Inc M007 Dacian 

Hessee Lena L (wid John H) h412 E Main 

Hessee M Clyde (Mary M) br mgr Pender's Stores r412 E Main 

Hessie Mary M Mrs lino opr Durham Herald Co Inc r412 E Main 

Hessee Walter L (Carrie) hl309 2d 

Hessee Wm H (Ella M) v-pres Hessee Furn Co Inc h.713 North 

Hessee Wm H jr student r713 North 

Hester Alice (c) dom h709 N Elizabeth 

Hester Annie (c) Indrs hll8 Seminary 

Hester Annie (c) sch tchr rllOl Pine 

Hester Annie B (c) elev opr Ellis Stone & Co 126 W Main 

Hester Annie L textile wkr r900 11th 

Hester Cora Mrs lndrywkr White Star Lndry h2205 Gin 

Hester Ernest C sch tchr r2903! Hillsboro rd 

Hester Esther (c) lndrs r405 Dodson 

Hester Frank (c) tob wkr rl200 Moreland av 

Hester Geo (c; Amelia) janitor hl20O Moreland av 

Hester Geo W (Maggie L) textile wkr h305 Oregon 

Hester Henrietta (wid Elijah J) textile wkr h2023 W Pettigrew 

Hester Herbert (Iris) lab hl808 College rd 

Hester Jas (c) lab h609B Pine 

Hester John C (Velma M) mill mech h2809 Hillsboro rd 

Hester John L (Sadie L) h2903 Hillsboro rd 

Hester John W lawyer 123 W Main R505 r Oxford 

Hester Jos H (c) truck driver Huntley-Stockton-Hill Co r201A Corpora- 

Hester Ludie B (c) maid Durham High Sch rllOl Pine 

Hester Macon C (c; Eliz) tob wkr hl035 Cornell 

Hester Martha J Mrs r204 Buchanan blvd 

Hester Mary (o smstrs h405 Dodson 

Hester Mary E (c) hlll3 W Pettigrew 

Hester Mary L textile wkr r305 Oregon 

Hester Mildred C r2903 Hillsboro rd 

Hester Milton (Nannie M) textile wkr h900 11th . „ 

Hester Robt (c) lab r201A Corporation 

Hester Robt M tob wkr r2903 Hillsboro rd lift 

Hester Roger L (Blannie M> sta firemn rl218 Duke University rd ■•■.** 

Hester Ruby E textile wkr r2023 W Pettigrew 

Hester Saml (c; Ludie B) cement fnshr hllOl Pine 

Hester Sidney M (Cora) textile wkr h2205 Gin :|J 

Hester Thos (c; Leitha) lab r428 SoweU al 

Hester Wm (c) horse shoer A L Holloway & Son r405 Dodson ! JfS 

Hester Wm (c) tob wkr rl20O Moreland av 

Hester Wm B textile wkr r2023 W Pettigrew 

Hester Wm L (Pansy B) tobwkr r608 Crabtree 

Heston Rotha (c) dom r317% Dowd 

Hetherington Duncan C associate prof Duke University r do 

Hewitt Pennie knitter r822 Ramseur 

Hiatt H Bazel Rev (Helen E) pastor Wesleyan Methodist Ch h2014 C 

Hibberd Christy N (Pauline V) mgr Hibberd Florist h926 Monmouth av 

Hibberd Florist Christy N Hibberd mgr 109 W Main 

Hibberd Reuben (Edith S) h919 Lamond av 

Hibbs Anna A r302 N Roxboro 

Hibbs M Margt elk r3»2 N Roxboro 

Hickman Franklin S (Veva) prof Duke University hl308 College rd 

Hicks see also Hix 

Hicks Alonzo (c) tob wkr r916 Morehead av 

Hicks Alton (c; Thelma) lab h€05 Cameron 

Hicks Anna Mrs hl612 E Main 

Hicks Annie Mrs hll4 N Driver av 

Hicks Arth (c; Augusta) cook Lincoln Cafe h404B E Proctor 

Hicks Asbury (c) lab r8 Peachtree pi 

Hicks Aubrey W (Edna L) brklyr r753 9th 




"If it can be sold — it can be sold by mail" 



Hicks Beatrice B Mrs sten Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co h525 Holloway 

Hicks Benj L (c; Luvenia) barber h508 Dunbar 

Hicks Bettie B (c) r605 Carrington 

Hicks Calvin S phys 353 % W Main hl09 E Lynch 

Hicks Cecelia (c) presser Model Lndry Co r916 Morehead av 

Hicks Chas D (Annie M) wrapper White Star Lndry h505 N Hyde Park 

Hicks Claiborne R student r204y 2 E Peabody 

Hicks Clarence R (Addie L) barber First Natl Bank Barber Shop h501 

Hicks Claude rll4 N Driver 

Hicks Cornelia (c) Indrs h916 Morehead av 

Hicks David (c) h528 Elliott al 

Hicks Eddie B (c) tchr East End Graded Sch r605 Carrington 

Hicks Edw D (c; Rosa) janitor h605 Carrington 

Hicks Geo S carp r204% E Parrish 

Hicks Hannah (c) tob wkr r908 Drew 

Hicks Hudie A (Jennie B) mech Johnson Motor Co h706 N Hyde Park av 

Hicks Hugh C cash Armour & Co r312 Liberty 

Hicks J T member County Board of Health r RD 6 

Hicks J Thos (Fannie B) weaver h923 Orient 

Hicks Jennie (c) rll20 4th 

Hicks Jeptha B (wid Wm R) h202 S Gregson 

Hicks Jesse (c) farm hd r407 Dowd 

Hicks John M (Bessie) textile wkr h709 13th 

Backs Jos (Marie) tobwkr r617 Arnette av 

Hicks Jos J (Nellie D) elk Byrd & Beck r713 Holloway 

Hicks Julia M (c) elk Bankers Fire Ins Co rll02 Fayetteville 

Hicks Katie (c) r607 Chess pi 

Hicks Laura B (c) matron nurses' home Lincoln Hosp r606 Booker 

Hicks Leo H (Gerlie) carp h912 Hale 

Hicks Lucille M Mrs rl305 6th 

Hicks Luther C (Anna) carp h204V 2 E Parrish 

Hicks Mary (wid Chas H) r706 N Hyde Park av 

Hicks Mary A sten Durham Hosiery Mills rllO E Lynch 

Hicks Minnie (c) dom h814 Chapel Hill rd 

Hicks Mozelle (c) presser Model Lndry Co r501 Fowler av 

Hicks Myrtle A hosiery wkr r505 N Hyde Park av 

Hicks Nora L textile wkr r818 8th 

Hicks Octavia (c) tobwkr h407 Dowd 

Hicks Oliver H elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co rllO E Lynch 

Hicks Ora (wid Geo) textile wkr rll5 Adrian 

Hicks Paul S (Addie T) huckster h501 S Alston av 

Hicks Percy J (c; Delia) lab hl023 4th 

Hicks Percy L (Beatrice B) bkpr Durham Public Service Co h525 Hollo- 

Hicks Ross (Mary B) truck driver Cash Coal Co hl300 Angier av 

Hicks Roy (c) r814 Chapel Hill rd 

Hicks Sallie Mrs hosiery wkr h406 S Briggs av 

Hicks Saml (c; Kate) lab r512 S Elm 

Hicks Susie E student rllO E Lynch 

Hicks Verta (c) tobwkr r916 Morehead av 

Hicks Vivian Mrs r908 N Alston av 

Hicks Wm (c; Annie) lab h913 Willard 

Hicks Wm H (M Susie) hllO E Lynch 

Hicks Wm R r202 S Gregson 

Hickson Arth O (Lillian W) asst prof Duke University hl511 W Petti- 

Hickstown Cemetery (c) Crest at end 

Hickstown School (c) 2510 Crest 

Higgins Arth (c; Maggie) tobwkr rl018 3ti 

Higgins Herbert R (Cornelia F) formn Durham Hosiery Mills No 6 h814 

Higgins Horace (c; Katrina) tobwkr rlll3 3d 

Higgs Helen J knitter r211 S Holman 

Higgs Nancy V (wid Jas H) r412 Smith 

Higgs Nathaniel E Rev (c; Nancy) pastor Mt Cavalry Christian Ch h604 
Branch pi 

Higgs Thos L (Beulah F) supt Nello L Teer h302 N Roxboro 

Higgs Wm F (Jennie B) gdnr h211 S Holman 

High Alex (Arnettia) hi 112 Glenn 

High Alse L silkwkr r406 Ashton pi 

High Annie B dep elk County Superior Court rl005 Demarius 

High Annie T tobwkr rl08 N Driver av 

High Cavie Mrs h713 E Main 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASCHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

High Columbus A carp h819 4th 

High Curtis M r2405 Proctor rd 

High Ethel M r2405 Proctor rd 

High Flora B tobwkr rlll3 Buchanan rd 

High Graham R r713 E Main 

High Hallie (c) r608 Douglas 

High Herman G (Zilphia) h711 Wilkerson av 

High Irving (Bertie) h513 Reservoir (E Durham) 

High J Blanco asst dist mgr Home Security Life Ins Co r306 Morris 

High J Otis (Artee R) mech Carpenter Motor Co h!012 S Alston av 

High John (c) rllOS Willard 

High John A (Ina M; Green & High Mkt) h409 South 

High Lelia W tobwkr r819 4th 

High Leo C (E Pearl) rlll3 Buchanan rd 

High Lettie I tobwkr r712 Burch av 

High Lewis T r603 Wilkerson av 

High Lillie rl506 Duke University rd 

High Luther (c) tobwkr r706 Pine 

High Luther C (Nina) slsmn Barbour-Winston Tob Co Inc r RD 4 

High Melvin E (Nara) h603 Wilkerson av 

High Mildred D r2405 Proctor rd 

High Minnie (wid Jos) r722 Burch av 

High Nina M Mrs cigars lobby 128 E Chapel Hill r RD 7 

High Otis S (V Grace) knitter hl203 Taylor 

High Robt (Bertha) carp h2405 Proctor rd 

High Sidney R (Effie M) barber h717 Burch av 

High Thos (c; Jennie) lab h806 Pine 

High Victor R (Ann E) h711 Wilkerson av 

High Wm (c) tobwkr hll08 Willard 

High Wm J (Lucille) yd cond h302 S Gregson 

High Wm T (Pauline W; Washington Duke Taxi Service) h809 Wilkerson 

Highsmith Frances H student r505 Yates av 
Highsmith Geo R (Mary E) tobwkr h505 Yates av 
Highsmith Jasper N (Nola W) dep collr in charge US Customs Bureau 

r Bon Air av nr Roxboro rd 
Highsmith Leola cash Criterion Theatre r505 Yates av 
Highsmith Lucille F student r802 W Chapel Hill 
Highsmith-Wells (Wm J Highsmith, Roscoe L Wells ir) plmbrs 113 S 


Highsmith Wm J (Trannie B; Highsmith-Wells) h802 W Chapel Hill 

Hight Anna B tobwkr rl409 James 

Hight Clecie M (Pella) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h2416 Club blvd 

Hight Estelle W Mrs sten Home Security Life Ins Co hi 114 Oval dr 

Hight Marvin L (Estelle) agt Home Security Life Ins Co hlll4 Oval dr 

Hight Noyes H r308 N Driver av 

Hight Presley R (N Etna) h308 N Driver av 

Hight Richd P (Ada R) slsmn New Method Lndry h2929 Angier av 

Hight Theophelous H (Vallie) janitor hl409 James 

Hightower Ola Mrs cash Mangel's Inc r Bon Air av nr N Roxboro 

Hightower Robt E equipment atndt Am Tel & Teleg Co r Bon Air av nr 

N Roxboro 
Hilburn David M firemn r2010 Southgate 
Hilburn Fred E r2010 Southgate 

Hilburn Josephine Mrs slswn Raylass Chain Stores Inc 12010 Southgate 
Hilburn Leslie V (Lola B) pipeftr r2010 Southgate 
Hilburn Michl H h2010 Southgate 
Hilburn Norton W student r2010 Southgate 
Hildebrand Morton S (Louise M) acct Durham Hosiery Mills h300 N 

Hildreth Harry E (Alice M) meat ctr The Kroger Gro & Baking Co h 

1918 Chapel Hill rd 
Hilemon Cornelius W (Georgia) state mgr Independent Life Ins Co h 

1717 James 
Hilemon Lloyd hlpr rl717 James 
Hill Allen (c; Lula) tobwkr h804V 2 b Glendale av 
Hill Alonzo (c) r909 3d 
Hill Annie (c) tobwkr h312 Wake pi 

Hill Beatrice nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Hill Bedford (Mary E; Bedford Hill & Son) h2726 N Roxboro 
Hill Bedford & Son (Bedford and Jos D) gros 2728 N Roxboro 
Hill Benj D (Kath B) agt Home Security Life Ins Co hl007 E Trinity av 
Hill Brooklyn B h2609 C 
Hill Caleb (c; Goldie) hi 106 4th 
Hill Chas delman Haywood A Jones 406 W Main 


the City 


Its Gates 

Copies of 
this Direc- 
tory are 




in cities 

all over the 


Willar cl 

21,5 FOSTER ST. 



PHONE F-3931 

Hill Chas D (Susan) firemn City Fire Dept h610 McMannen 

Hill Chas E (Lilia M) slsmn Alexander Motor Co r RD 2 

Hill Danl (c; Novella) auto mech r305 Hovey 

Hill Delas A (Vanzer) silkwkr h319 South 

HILL DIRECTORY CO INC, City Directory Library 122 N Market, Home 

Office 4th Floor Presbyterian Bldg 8 N 6th, Richmond, Va 
Hill Douglas instr Duke University r909 N Gregson 
Hill Effie R slswn r510 McMannen 
Hill Eliz (wid Duncan H) r N Roxboro nr Oxford hwy 
Hill Emma (c) r909 3d 
Hill Frances F r904 S Duke 

Hill Frank U (Coma L) projectionist Paramount Theatre hl206 6th 
Hill G Robt (Estelle) hosierywkr h305 Lyon 
Hill Geo (c; Nettie) h513 Banks al 
HILL GEO WATTS (Ann McC), Pres Durham Loan & Trust Co and 

Durham Realty & Ins Co; Office 301-303 Loan & Trust Bldg 212 

W Main, Tel L-5421, h806 S Duke, Tel F-0231 
Hill Gordon B (Mittie I) auto mech Pilot Motor Service h2609 C 
Hill Gresham O (Anna C) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h314 Liberty 
Hill Hallie M slswn Summerfield's Inc r510 McMannen 
Hill Harry (c) lab rl412 Albright rd 

Hill Henry D (Hattie E; Home Decorating Co) h404 N Driver av 
Hill Hosea V (Addie H) collr Christian-Harward Furn Co h805 Oakland 

Hill Isaac H (Lessie E) transfer hl904 College rd 
Hill Isaiah (c; Lena) driver Five Points Furn Co r709 Gray 
Hill Isham F (Kath F) pres Durham Bldg & Investment Co and sec- 

treas Homeland Investment Co Inc h336 E Main 
Hill J Meade (Lydia B) slsmn Alexander Motor Co r313 E Main 
Hill Jas (c) lab rl03 Haywood 
Hill Jas C (c; Annie) cook hl310 Jackson 
Hill Jas F (Sallie M) inspr hl612 Lakewood av 
Hill Jas J pntr r601 Middle 

Hill John J (Virginia B) slsmn The Durham Gas Co hlOOl Lamond av 
HIIX JOHN SPRUNT (Annie W; Hillandale Golf Course), Chairman 

of the Board Durham Loan & Trust Co, Pres Home Savings Bank, 

V-Pres Durham Cotton Mfg Co Inc and Erwin Cotton Mills Co, 

Office 306 Loan & Trust Bldg 212 W Main, Tel F-2421, h904 S 

Duke, Tel F-4741 
Hill Jos (c) auto mech rl03 Haywood 
Hill Jos D (Bedford Hill & Son) r2726 N Roxboro 
Hill Josephine B (wid Calvin) rl205 Watts 
Hill Kermit C r2609 C 
Hill Lattie M tobwkr r510 McMannen 
Hill Leon G (Berdie M) asst dye hse supt Durham Hosiery Mills h709 

Hill Lorena h N Roxboro nr Oxford hwy 
Hill Mack (c; Adele) hlpr h612 Pickett 
Hill Mack K (c; Josephine) tobwkr h909 3d 
Hill Marie (c) tobwkr r606 Jackson 
Hill Marie O pkr B C Remedy Co rl014 Green 
Hill Mildred waitress r526 Eva 
Hill Minnie (c) r608b E Pettigrew 
Hill Nancy (c) cook hl03 Haywood 
Hill Nannie (c) tobwkr r508 Gray 
Hill Neaton E r510 McMannen 

Hill Norman stockmn F & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc r707 S Alson av 
Hill Norman E (Stella G) lbrmn h510 McMannen 

Hill Norman M (Lena M) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co hl014 Green 
Hill Robt (Lottie) knitter h2416 Angier av 

Hill Roy (Maggie) frame bldr West Durham Lbr Co h707 S Alston av 
Hill Roy T (Ercell C) troublemn Interstate Tel & Teleg Co r2726 N 

Hill Sandy (c; Octavia) lab r817 Gattis 

Hill Shepherd M (C Ruth) gro 1103 W Main M20 W Markham av 
Hill Stattie (c) dom rl03 Haywood 
Hill Thaddeus C (Estelle) piano tuner 211 Dowd h do 
Hill Thos F (Lucy L) sec-treas Durham Bldg & Investment Co h908 

Vickers av 
Hill Viola (c) Indrs rl409 Pine 
Hill Wm (c) r909 3!d 

Hill Wm (c) cook The Palms Cafe r Hickstown 
Hill Wm (c; Hattie) lab hl412 Albright rd 
Hill Wm (c; Jessie) tobwkr h810b Pickett 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Appliances, Fixtures and Supplies 


HILL WM D (c; Ethel), Asst Sec and Auditor NC Mutual Life Ins Co 
hl202 Fayetteville, Tel J-2851 

Hill Wm D (c) lab rl412 Albright rd 

Hill & Co (W Alex Blackwood) loans 117% W Parrish 

Hillandale Golf Course (John S Hill) 2514 Club blvd 

Hillard Clarence (c; Bertha) tobwkr h310a Dowd 

Hiller Wm H jr ticket agt Durham Union Bus Sta rl03 Holloway 

Hilliard Annie M rlll3 Eva 

Hilliard Chas N (Sallie) tobwkr h920 Spring 

Hilliard Clea (c) farmer r320 Division 

Hilhard Danl H (Edith M) barber Hawley's Barber Shop h2501 B 

Hilliard Ernest E textilewkr r2205 C 

Hilliard Eug (Pauline) textile wkr r309 Case 

Hilliard Grace r2205 C 

Hilliard Hazel L r2501 B 

Hilliard L Paul bkpr Citizens Natl Bank rl007 E Trinity av 

Hilliard Leonard O (Effie M) printer h806 Liberty 

Hilliard Lovey r2205 C 

Hilliard Mary C tob wkr rlll3 Eva 

Hilliard Minnie slswn Mangel's Inc r N Roxboro nr Bon Air av 
1 Hilliard Nathan W (Minnie L) mech Nicholson Motor Co Inc h N Rox- 
boro nr Bon Air av 
' Hilliard Norman J tobwkr r2006 Englewood av 

Hilliard Percy (c; Mary L) servicemn r607 Ray al 

Hilliard Roy tobwkr r908 Spring 

Hilliard Wesley A (Christine) tobwkr h808 Spring 

Hilliard Wm (c; Fannie) h206 W Proctor 

Hilliard Wm E (Callie) carp rlll3 Eva 
1 Hills Wm (c; Lucille) lab h314 Wake pi 
' Hillsboro Road Drug Co (Malcolm McKay) 2609 Hillsboro rd 

Hillsboro Road Market (Caleb E Garrard) meats 2606 Hillsboro rd 
■ Hillside Baptist Church (c) 1105 Pine 

Hillside Park High School (c) Wm G Pearson prin Umstead at end of 

Hillside Service Station (c; Jas A Hawkins) 528 Pine 

Hilton Henrietta (c) tobwkr r525 E Proctor 

Hime Eldridge H (Lillian H) slsmn r809 Watts 
! Hines Eli (c) hlpr r610 Ramsey 
'■ Hines Fredk (c) tobwkr h705 Pine 

Hines Irene M Mrs inspr Model Lndry Co h914 Rose Hill av 

Hines Martha L Mrs rlOOO Lamond av 

Hines Noah (c) cook The Tavern r322 Umstead 
1 Hines Sarah (c) tobwkr rl08 Piedmont av 

Hines T Harry (Irene M) installer h914 Rose Hill av 

Hines Wm G slsmn Roscoe Griffin Shoe Co Inc rYMCA 

Hines Winfield msngr r201 S Driver av 

Hinnant J Bryant (Irene B) researchmn hl607 Maryland av 

Hinnant Monie waitress r216 Morris 
: Hinsdale Arth F (Pearl) hosierywkr hl921 Hart 

Hinsdale H Claiborne rl921 Hart 

Hinshaw Henry W elk Sou Ry System r Hillsboro N C 
' Hinshaw Wm B slsmn Noell Bros Hdw Co rll22 8th 

Hinson Atlas P (Lula M) textilewkr h609 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Hinson Chas E (Stella) textile wkr r606 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Hinson Ella F sch tchr rl207 N Elizabeth 

Hinson Floyd L r609 Reservoir (E Durham) 
. Hinson Oded I Rev (Estella F) pastor Calvary Methodist Ch hl207 
N Elizabeth 

Hinson Sarah (wid Geo) h3000 E Main 

Hinton Billy (c) r714 Cameron 
, Hinton Bud (c) lab r202 E Proctor 

Hinton David B ic; Ada) butler hl207 Cornell 

Hinton Estelle (c) tobwkr r525 E Proctor 

Hinton Henry (c; Agnes) truck driver Christian-Harward Furn Co h 
1206 Hanover 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Nunnaily's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 

i ss 

r © 

F S* 3 

I >H 

F rt 

^p ► * 

l> W° 




O |KBH| O 

•s +-& 2 

x 3 


50 j^*™^ g 


O fsxmi > 

2 •>=-. o 

•z L 




O *~a* P 



S c 

*> teBCMj <" 

s S^ 



o pg . 

1 > 

35 *^-* 

I o 

* — 

- 3 rs 

? o 

Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

HINTON HOWARD, Auditor Durham Dairy Products Inc h4 The Powe 

Apts 603 Watts, Tel J-4061 

Hinton Jas A (c; Maggie) lab h2322 Crest 

Hinton Jas A jr (c) lab r2322 Crest 

Hinton John (c; Annie) tobwkr h801 Pine 

Hinton Josephine (c) h410 Henry al 

Hinton Leona L rl005 Lamond av 

Hinton Lula (c) lndrs hl034a Moreland av 

Hinton Mary (c) r410a Poplar 

Hinton Mildred J elk Durham Book & Stationery Co rl006 Lamond av 

Hinton Moses (c) tobwkr r801 Pine 

Hinton Robt (c; Georgie) lab h804b E Pettigrew 

Hinton Robt H (Louetta B) hl005 Lamond av 

Hinton Sylvester (c; Josephine) waiter h615 Branch pi 

Hite Ethel Mrs textilewkr rl919 Erwin rd 

Hite Sue L Mrs r207 Morris 

Hix see also Hicks 

Hix Aileen P Mrs waitress Reeves Am Cafe r812 4th 

Hix Clarence E (Anna W) slsmn Durham Public Service Co h900 Dacian 

Hix Clarence E jr student r900 Dacian av 
Hix Edwin J asst Duke University Library r812 4th 
Hix Imogene D (wid Milton D) h812 4th 
Hix M Rone (Aileen P) electa r812 4th 
Hix Malcolm D bkpr r812 4th 
Hix Mary E sch tchr r812 4th 
Hix Wilk W student r900 Dacian av 

Hixon Predk A (Nelva E) h3!12 Oakwood av 

Hobbie see also Hobby 

Hobbie Clara W elk Sou Fire Ins Co rl823 Chapel Hill rd 

Hobbie Gerald A rl823 Chapel Hill rd 

Hobbie Jos C (E Blanche) carp hl823 Chapel Hill rd 

Hobbie W Marjorie sten rl823 Chapel Hill rd 

Hobbie Wm H rl823 Chapel Hill rd 

Hobbs Aaron (c; Ludie) lab r316 Wake pi 

Hobbs Alice (c) tobwkr hl09 E Cobb 

Hobbs Benj r911 Washington 

Hobbs Edw (Ida M) doffer h911 Washington 

Hobbs Eliz C slswn Tilley's Stores Inc r609 Arnette av 

Hobbs Fannie (wid J Henry) r911 Washington 

Hobbs Gladys C Mrs r2123 W Pettigrew 

Hobbs Henry C sub sta opr Duke Power Co r911 Washington 

Hobbs Jane K textilewkr r51l Barbee 

Hobbs John H (Mildred) mech Durham Book & Stationery Co r501 N 

Hobbs Leamon W (Mary) hosiery wkr h211 S Elm 

Hobbs Lena L tobwkr r609 Arnette av 

Hobbs Marcus chem Duke University r W Campus 

Hobbs Minnie L (c) rl09 E Cobb 

Hobbs Nannie Mrs r809 W Main 

Hobbs Oscar B (Julia) tobwkr h2111 Currin av 

Hobbs Raymond L (Margie) textilewkr h508 Barbee 

Hobbs Wm (c) tobwkr r920 South 

Hobby see also Hobbie 

Hobby Allie M r826 Burch av 

Hobby Curtis (Carrie) brklyr hlll3 Eva 

Hcbby Esther textilewkr r303 Spruce 

Hobby Thos M (Lydia R) gro 536 Walnut h826 Burch av 

Hobby Virgie E r826 Burch av 

Fob^ood Bailey W jr (Margt B) acct Golden Belt Mfg Co h319 Holloway 

Hob?ood Bernice V (wid Bailey W) hlOl E Markham av 

Hobgood Clyde r402 N Queen 

Hobgood Dorothy M Mrs rl415 N Mangum 

Hobgood E Burke student r306 Edwards 

Hobgood Elvaleigh r710 Morehead av 

Fob?ood Hoyt C (Evada V) hl517 Caswell pi 


"A Purpose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

E. S. PHIT.T/TPS, 'Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J- 1341 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

Hobgood Nolie M nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Hobgood R Maynard elk. PO h402 N Queen 

Hobgood Reba N (wid E Burke) sec h306 Edwards 

Hobgood Robt M elk r401 Holloway 

Hobgood Ruby M r402 N Queen 

Hobgood Saml H (Mattie P) br mgr The Imperial Tob Co Ltd h710 More- 
head av 

Hobgood Saml H jr student r710 Morehead av 

Hobgood Seth A (Ruth V) mill mech h825 Burch av 

Hobgood Virginia L sch tchr rlOl E Markham av 

Hobgood Wm H (Lyda M) dyer hi 104 Taylor 

Hobson Jos (c; Lucinda) truck driver h913 3d 

Hobson Winnie (c) tobwkr h406 Memphis 

Hockaday Annie (c) rl306 C 

Hockaday Mary E (wid Jos C) h2513 Hart 

Hockfleld Herman H hosiery wkr rll3 N Queen 

Hockfield Jos M student rll3 N Queen 

Hockfield Saml jr (Ida) slsmn h926 Dacian av 

Hockfield Saml H (Rosie) hosiery hll3 N Queen 

Hocutt Coy H (Maggie) tobwkr h2113 Angier av 

Hocutt Edgar J reporter Durham Herald Co Inc r312 Buchanan blvd apt 

Hocutt Jos S (Nettie A) wtchmn hlOlO W Cobb 

Hocutt Lillie slswn r2113 Angier av 

Hocutt Raymond (c) student rl707 Fayetteville 

Hodge Andrew (c; Annie) lab rl023 2d 

Hodge Finder (c; Ola) lab hl04 W Umstead 

Hodge Jennie (c) tobwkr h526% E Pettigrew 

Hodge Jesse (c; Mary) lab h2224 Fitzgerald av 

Hodge Julius (c; Mary) fish 506 E Pettigrew and soft drinks 500 Link pi 
hlllO Cole 

Hodge Robt J (Willie B) carp r2604 E Main 

Hodge Theo (c) rl408A E Pettigrew 

Hodges Abr (c; Rose) lab h2217 Fitzgerald av 

Hodges Claude M elk rlll4 Holloway 

Hodges Clyde carp r601 N Mangum 

Hodges D Frank (Effie A) hlpr h614 Rigsbee av 

Hodges Howard G (Maude B) textilewkr h2306 B 

Hodges John M (Bessie) ins agt h919 Walnut 

Hodges Lonnie T (Gladys) textilewkr h912 12th 

Hodges Loomis (e) lab r2217 Fitzgerald av 

Hodges Myrtle slswn United Dollar Stores rlOl S Guthrie av 

Hodges Olivia (c) h908B Whitted 

Hodges Saml C (M Elise) garage supt Durham Public Service Co h2010 
Englewood av 

Hodges Sarah (c) tob wkr r918 Morehead av 

Hodges Thos W (Belle A) tobwkr h208 S Goley 

Hodges Virnal C Rev (c; Annie A) pastor St Joseph A M E Church h806 

Hodnett Emma L (wid Saml A) r701 Barbee 

Hodnett Lloyd R tobwkr r309 N Driver av 

Hoffler Cadmus W barber 1303 E Main h do 

Hoffler Earl V (M Pearl; Piedmont Clothing House) hl206 Eva 

Hoffler Hazel L student rl206 Eva 

Hoffman Geo instr Duke University r312 Buchanan blvd apt 202 

Hoffstatter Helen K Mrs mgr beauty shop Tilley's Stores Inc hl800 Hollo- 

Hoffstatter Robt W (Helen K) music tchr hl800 Holloway 

Hofler W Hance (Winnie D) lawyer 128 W Main R402 hl016 Homer dr 

Hogan Alton (Lettie) pntr h914 Hale 

Hogan Chas (c; Nannie) tobwkr hl207 Morehead av 

Hogan Clifton G (Gladys L) pntr r2005 Erwin rd 

Hogan Cora L h411 Morris 

Hogan Dora (c) dom h602% Price 

Hogan Emma (c) h715A McMannen 

Hogan Geo (c) tobwkr r715A McMannen 

Hogan Hugh F (Alma M) hlpr hl811 Yearby av 

Hogan Jesse (c) millwkr r2509 Clyde 

Hogan Mary (c) hlOll Kent 

Hogan Mary (c) tobwkr h6B Adams av 

Hogan Mary L r411 Morris 

Hogan Oscar Z 'Mary G) pntr h906 Spring 

Hogan R Frank (Bessie) carp h220 Oregon 

Hogan Thaddeus (c) tobwkr rlOll Kent 

Hogan Thos H (Alline) mono opr The Seeman Printery h2617 Lawndale 

Hogan Wm (c) rl207 Morehead av 












h- *?! 











$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Hoggard Chas R asst mgr Whelan Drug Stores Inc r Hotel Malbourne 

Hoggard R Norfleet (Ruth M) student r915 Club blvd 

Holbrook Jas E (Christine; Holbrook Motor Co) hl016 Sycamore 

Holbrook Motor Co (Jas E Holbrook) auto repairing 310 Foster 

Holden Etta N (wid Henderson S) hl03 S Driver av 

Holden Howard (e; Emma) flagmn h401 Piedmont av 

Holden Louis (c; Connie) lab h207 Moline 

Holden Rothschild H (Emma D) dentist 128 W Main R217 hl208 Virginia 

Holder Arth A rl0O2 Monmouth av 

Holder Cheslie A carp h214 N Guthrie av 

Holder Cornelia (c) r206 Johnson 

Holder Estelle (c) r206 Johnson 

Holder Eva (c) r2505 W Pettigrew 

Holder Jas L (Minnie) carp hlll4 E Pettigrew 

Holder John W delmn Walter L Andrews 2104 Angier av 

Holder Lionel M (Luna G) supt New Method Lndry rl003 Burch av 

Holder Louisiana (c) r206 Johnson 

Holder Luna G Mrs elk Home Security Life Ins Co rl003 Burch av 

Holder Madge E sten Golden Belt Mfg Co r214 N Guthrie av 

Holder Myrtle L r214 N Guthrie av 

Holder Robt (May) textilewkr hl209 Franklin 

Holder Ronald E textilewkr r214 N Guthrie av 

Holder Sue I (c) tobwkr r514 Matthews 

Holdman Henry (c; Luna) hosiery wkr h805 N Elizabeth 

Holdman Lillian (c) tobwkr r213 Moore 

Holeman see also Holman 

Holeman Edw (c; Ada) butler h722 Dover 

Holeman Hallie sch tchr hl515 W Pettigrew 

Holeman Jean C sch tchr rl515 W Pettigrew 

Holeman Martha (c) cook hl08 Chestnut 

Holeman Mary R hl202 Broad 

Holeman Pearl (c) Indrvwkr Model Lndry Co r528y 2 E Proctor 

Holladay Angeline (c) lhdrywkr New Method Lndry rl014 Rock 

Holladay Henry (c; Angie L) hl014 Rock 

Holland Alton R (Ursal C ; Holland Bros) hl532 Hermitage ct 

HOLLAND BROS (Alton R and N Deck Holland), Furniture, Stoves, 
Ranges and Floor Coverings, "Quality Furniture Since 1902," 210-212 
Foster and 315 Holland, Tel F-8331 

Holland Carv T r514 Milton av 

Holland Chas A (Mary E I knitter h823 3d 

Holland Clem W (Kittie M) textilewkr hl808 E Pettigrew 

Holland Furnace Co Carl E Sonderman local mgr 603 E Main 

Holland Jeannette E sten rlll3 Watts 

Holland Joel musical director r214 N Dillard 

Holland Marv E tchr Durham High Sch rl208 Glendale av 

Holland Mary E Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co h823 3d 

Holland N Deck (Lula A; Holland Bros) hl705 N Roxboro 

Holland Nathaniel T (Margt J) dentist 331 W Main R511 hlll3 Watts 

Holland Robt J (Fannie B) knitter rl021 Holloway 

Holland Saml (Ruth) mech Dancy Motor Co Inc r604 Vickers av 

Holland Willis W student r720 Vickers av 

Holleman see also Holliman and Holloman 

Holleman Iva A (Bedie) mach hl07 N Blacknall 

Holleman J Raymond (Etta L) h711 Gilbert 

Holleman Julius D (Zada I) auto mech h920 Pearl 

Holleman Lassie G (Connie) gro N Roxboro nr 3d av r 3d av nr N Rox- 

Holleman Lizzie (cl cook The Wright Refuge Orphanage r do 

Holleman Luther J (Florence M) carp h2303 Chapel Hill rd 

Holleman Nathan H (Kate) prsmn hl405 Angier av 

Holleman Robt D elk Lassie G Holleman r 3d av nr N Roxboro 

Holleman Ruth M waiter Warren's American Cafe rl308 Liberty 

Holley F Marion (Eleanor A) mgr Jefferson Standard Life Ins Co h906 W 
Trinity av apt 9 

Holliday Irene (c) rl007 Fairview 

Holliday Lessie (c) dom h505 Lucille 

Holliman see also Holleman and Holloman 

Holliman Chas A (Florence B) fixer Durham Hosiery Mills h608 Spruce 

Hollinshead Wm H (Isobel) instr Duke University h2313 Englewood av 

Holloman see also Holleman and Holliman 

Holloman Arth (Julia) printer rlllO E Main 

Holloman Maud T Mrs tobwkr hl007 Bay 

Holloman Pearl (c) lndrywkr r528% E Proctor 

Holloman Robt G (Octavia L) knitter h330 South 

Holloman Rona hosiery wkr rl07 N Queen 

Holloway A L & Son (A Lee and Walter F) blksmiths 113 (117%) Morgan 

Holloway A Lee (Annie R; A L Holloway & Son) hl203 6th 




Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires • 
115 N. DUKE ST. 

Exide Batteries 

TEL. N-173 

Holloway Addie (c) tobwkr h507B Branch pi 

Holloway Agnes S r219 Broadway 

Holloway Alice (c) student r511 Bloom pi 

Holloway Anna E rl603 Glendale av 

Holloway Annie L rl203 6th 

Holloway Bettie Cwid Edgar) r317 Liberty 

Holloway Bros Drug Store (c; John L and Geo P) 424 Dowd 

Holloway C Thelma elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co r219 Broadway 

Holloway Carrie (c) maid h612A Branch pi 

Holloway Chas (c; Mozella) pntr rl004 Lynchburg 

Holloway Chas V (Lelia A) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h205 S 

Holloway Clyde B Mrs sten E K Powe Jr & Co h2203 Englewood av 

Holloway Corinna (c) tobwkr h511 Bloom pi 

Holloway Edith B elk rl028 Gloria av 

Holloway Etta (c) cook Culpepper W Kendall r N Roxboro nr Oxford hwy 

Holloway Geo B student rl028 Gloria av 

Holloway Geo P (c; Delida; Bull City Barber Shop; Holloway Bros Drug 
Store) h601 Dowd 

Holloway Geo P jr (c) student r601 Dowd 

Holloway Halliburton tel opr Liggett & Myers Tob Co r219 Broadway 

Holloway Hallie W tchr Edgemont Graded Sch rl0O5 W Trinity aV 

Holloway Harold M fHelen A) agt Imperial Life Ins Co hll09 N Duke 

Holloway Hattie tobwkr r811 W Main 

Holloway Henrietta (c) tobwkr h306 Wake pi 

Holloway Henrietta M (wid Wm G) h219 Broadway 

Holloway Ida (c) tobwkr r806 Pine 

Holloway Irene A rl22 W Lynch 

Holloway Jas (c) r813 New (E Durham) 

Holloway Jas H student r219 Broadway 

Holloway Jas T tobwkr rl603 Glendale av 

Holloway Jesse P (Mittie) textilewkr h2002 Ashe 

Holloway John (c) brklyr r410 Ramsey al 

Holloway John porter Lochmoor Hotel r214 E Main 

Holloway John C (Lizzie T) knitter h410 N Mangum 

Holloway John L (c; Rosa'D; East End Barber Shop; Holloway Bros Drug 
Store) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co h905 N Elizabeth 

Holloway John R (Eliz E) sec-treas N C Joint Stock Land Bank treas Dur- 
ham Bond & Mortgage Co and Mortgage Securities Corp h517 Hollo- 

Holloway John T (c; Mollie) floormn h209 Moore 

Holloway Jos (c; Elsie) butler h2701 Hay 

Holloway Jos C phys 212 W Main R413 rll09 N Duke 

Holloway Julius J (c) farmer r306 Wake pi 

Holloway Laura W rl203 6th 

Holloway Leitha (c) lndrs hl004 Lynchburg 

Holloway Lillie (c) dom r2802 E Pettigrew 

Holloway Lilly C tchr Fuller Sch rl22 W Lynch 

Holloway Lucius (c; Ethel) tobwkr h700 Nelson 

Holloway Lucy B tobwkr r206 Club blvd 

Holloway Maggie E prin Fuller Sch r411 Cleveland 

Holloway Marie (c) dom r824 Glendale av 

Holloway Marion E rl06 Case 

Holloway Martha (c) lndrs h908A Glendale av 

Holloway Mary E (c) dom r2802 E Pettigrew 

Holloway Mary E (wid Albert W) hl22 W Lynch 

Holloway Mary I (wid Saml T) hl603 Glendale av 
, Holloway Mary J tobwkr rl203 6th 

Holloway O Owen (Cora K) blksmith hl306 Broad 

Holloway O Woods dentist 212 W Main R413 rl411 Acadia 

Holloway Otho (c; Lottie) fnshr Durham Mattress Co Inc r804 Dowd 

Holloway Otho L servicemn 1-219 Broadway 

Holloway Owen (c; Lucy) truck driver h2207 Chautauqua 

Holloway Robt C slsmn r411 Cleveland 

Holloway Robt L phys 736% 9th hl06 Case 

Holloway Roberta (c) dom r511 Bloom pi 
! Holloway Saml P (Mary I) pntr h206 Club blvd 
i Holloway Sophia (c) dom r908A Glendale av 

Holloway Street Christian Church 1202 Holloway 

Holloway Street School Lucy W Umstead prin 1107 Holloway 

Holloway Street Service Station Vander C Miller mgr 211 Holloway 

Holloway Thos (c) hlpr r209 Moore 

Holloway Venable (c) farmer r2802 E Pettigrew 
I Holloway Virgie (c) ironer Model Lndry Co r209 Moore 

Holloway Walter F (Tessie E; A L Holloway & Son) h706 Club blvd 
i Holloway Wm (c) tobwkr r308 Piedmont av 












-1 I 

£ i 








Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service — Always Open 


Holloway Wm H (Clyde B) formn Durham Public Service Co h2203 Engle- 
wood av 

Holloway Wm H slsmn Nehi Bottling Co rl203 6th 

Holloway Wm J h411 Cleveland 

Holloway Wm N (Blanche R) asst sec-treas Home Ins Agcy Inc hl028 
Gloria av 

Holly Harriet (c) r501% Fayetteville 

Holman see also Holeman 

Holman Alex (c; Carrie) farmer hl008 Washington 

Holman Allene (c) rl208 Jackson 

Holman Annie M (c) dom r816 Glendale av 

Holman Archie (c; Annie) lab h305 Piedmont av 

Holman Archie jr (c) tobwkr r305 Piedmont av 

Holman Bessie topper r417 Walker 

Holman Carrie (c) tobwkr r906 Gurley 

Holman Edw (c) waiter rl008 Washington 

Holman Fannie (c) tobwkr h816 Glendale av 

Holman Prank (c) lab rl07 Haywood 

Holman Henry (c; Emma) tobwkr hl208 Jackson 

Holman Hubert (c) lab rl008 Washington 

Holman Jas (c) delmn r816 Glendale av 

Holman Jas (c; Ada) tobwkr hl412 Club blvd 

Holman L Ashley (c; Margt; O K Sandwich Shoppe) r408 Fowler av 

Holman Lewis (c) rl208 Jackson 

Holman Otis (c) hallmn Hotel Maibourne rl208 Jackson 

Holman Paul (c; Maria) chauf r205 W Proctor 

Holman Percy (c) tobwkr rl208 Jackson 

Holman Peter (c; Lucille) tobwkr h401 Fowler av 

Holman Roberta (c) dom r908 Drew 

Holman Viola (c) tobwkr r308 Wake pi 

Holman Wm L (c) lab rlOOS Washington 

Hclmes Carrie (c) tobwkr r9Q8 Fayetteville 

Holmes Chas L (c; Florice J) tchr N C College for Negroes rl806 Fayette- 

Holmes Florice J (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch rl806 Fayetteville 

Holmes Greita (c) dom h612B South 

Hclmes Herbert W r612 Middle 

Holmes J Wm (Bertha) plmbr h.801 Ridgeway av 

Holmes Jas W asst mgr Rialto Theatre r303 Short al 

Holmes Laura (c) tobwkr h711B Pine 

Holmes Mack (c; Etta) hl!8 W Hillside av 

Holmes Maggie (c 1 tobwkr r502y 2 Foster 

Holmes Manlin msngr Postal Tel-Cable Co r801 Ridgeway av 

Holmes Marie (c) dom r402 Cozart av 

Holmes Mollie (wid Jos A) hl204 N Roxboro 

Holmes Oren (Nannie) slsmn h303 Short al 

Holmes Phoebe (wid Jas) r303 Short al 

Holmes Rosella K r891 Ridgeway av 

Holmes Saml (c) r513 Husband al 

Holmes Willis W (Roberta) textilewkr h612 Middle 

Holsclaw Robie textilewkr r514 Bacon 

Holsenback Geo tobwkr r512 Forest 

i-ioLsenback Lester R (Pattie) tobwkr h512 Forest 

Holsonback Benj G tmkpr rl014 Broad 

Holsonback Claudia (wid Wm) r410 Toby 

Holsonback Inez slswn F & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc r503 S Alston av 

Holsonback Jack H (Elise) tobwkr r503 Yates av 

Holsonback Luther S (Tavie) delmn Mrs Maggie G Pate h410 Toby 

Holt Andrew S (Meta M) h510 S Alston av 

Holt Ashley (c) lab rl409 Pine 

Holt Beulah L rl710 Chapel Hill rd 

Holt Calvin M elk Wm B Kirkland r901 Cleveland 

Holt Carl E msatctr Holt's Mkt rl710 Chapel Hill rd 

Holt Chas T (Bert) slsmn New Method Lndry r Wake Forest rd 

Holt Clara G pkr B C Remedy Co rlOlO Gloria av 

Holt Dorothy M student r5l0 S Alston av 

Holt Edw tobwkr r413 Ashton pi 

Holt Edw B (Irene S) mgr Rayloss Chain Stores Inc h506 Buchanan blvd 
ant 2 

Holt Edwin M (Eliz) asst. mgr hl814 Erwin rd 

Holt Emory J (Marguerite) carp h2329 Huron 

Holt Georgiana (c) Tridrs hl40S Pine 

Holt Gladvs sch tchr r812 Eva 

Holt Henry (c; Mary) hlpr Budd-Piper Roofing Co rll5 W Chapel Hill 

Holt Jesse (c) groundmn Interstate Tel & Teleg Co hll2 Moline 

Holt John L (Lena) gro 800 N Alston av h812 Eva 

Holt John R slsmn Carpenter Motor Co r414 N Roxboro 





5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Holt Margt G Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co rl013 Burch av 

Holt Marguerite Mrs cash Arth P Poole h2329 Huron 

Holt Minnie E (wid Wm E) hl710 Chapel Hill rd 

Holt Pattie (c) dom hlOll 4bh 

Holt Paul M elk John L Holt r812 Eva 

Holt Raymond H (Ella E; Holt's Market) rl710 Chapel Hill rd 

Holt Richd B (Holt's Modern Food Shop) r901 Cleveland 

Holt Russell (O lab r320 Matthews 

Holt Savannah (c) dom rlOll 4th 

Holt Thos D (c) barber Bull City Barber Shop No 2 rl006 Fayetteville 

Holt Vaden tobwkr r413 Ashton p! 

Holt Wm B (Lillian E) textilewkr h712 13th 

Holt Willie E elk Holt's Mkt rl710 Chapel Hill rd 

Holt's Market (Raymond H Holt) meats 705 W Chapel Hill 

Holt's Modem Pood Shop (Richd B Holt) gros 600% N Roxboro 

Holton Alf J student r810 Watts 

Holton Aura C (wid Saml M) h810 Watts 

Holton Grace sch tchr r810 Watts 

Holton Holland (Lela Y) director of summer sch and prof Duke Univer- 
sity h809 Watts 

Holton Quinton tchr Durham High Sch rBIC Watts 

Holzgrefe Marie B r912 Shepherd 

HOME BUILDING & LOAN ASSN, R Lynwood Baldwin Pres, Keunie U 
Bryan and Commodore T Council V-Prests, Walter A Biggs Sec-Treas, 
Walter S Lockhart Counsel, Washington Duke Bldg 204 E Chapel Hill, 
Tel F-2981 

Home Cash Store (Walter J Williams) gros 457 S Driver av 

Home Construction Co (Thos W Poe) genl contrs 212 W Main R402 and 
1612 Angier av 

Home Decorating Co (O Perry Sessoms, Henry D Hill, A Payton Cates) 
215 N Gregson 

HOME INSURANCE AGENCY INC, John A Buchanan Pres, Austin H 
Carr V-Pres, Charles T Zuckerman Sec, Tr omas D Wrirht Treas, Wm 
N Holloway Asst Sec-Treas, 212J4 N Corcoran, Tel F-146 

HOME SAVINGS BANK, John Sprunt Hill Pres, Wm W S'edge V-Pres, 
Thomas C Worth Cash, Palmer N Constable Asst Cash, 302-304 W 
Main, Tel F-4341 (See right top lines and page 34) 

Home Security Life Insurance Co Alvis M Moise pres Edw N Moize v-pres 
Geo W Munford sec Thos C Worth treas Harvey A Keene dist mgr 
107 N Market and 212 W Main R215 

Homeland Investment Co Inc Wm W Sledge pres Claude Currie v-pres 
Isham F Hill sec-treas real est 212 W Main R308 

Honeycutt Bessie E (wid John A) h807 W Chapel Hill 

Honeycutt Elmore W roofer rl410 James 

Honeycutt Ethel O Mrs slswn The Kronheimer Co r Chapel Hill N C 

Honeycutt Herbert P agt The Life Ins Co of Va r Sheron Acres 

Honeycutt Herbert P (Ada) ins agt hl09 S Hyde Park av 

Honej'cutt J Hoyle electn Brown Elec Co r807 W Chapel Hill 

Honeycutt Laura H (wid Wm H) r614 Vickers av 

Honeycutt Nannie H (wid Edw P) rl410 James 

Honeycutt Naomi (wid Arth J) slswn hl09 Broadway apt 2 

Honeycutt Orien B usher Criterion Theatre rl09 Broadway apt 2 

Honnecutt Oscar A (A Laura) slsmn Durham Dairy Products Inc h910 
Burch av 

Honeycutt Rayford B (Eunice M) hosiery wkr r906 W Main 

Honeycutt W Wellons elk Durham Hosiery Mills r614 Vickers av 

Hood Arth (c; Lela) plstr h605 Booker 

Hood Donald W (Bonnie) slsmn h714 Burch av 

Hood Jas (c) tobwkr r605 Booker 

Hood Siddie D nurse 714 Burch av h do 

Hooker Almeta (c) tobwkr r605B Branch pi 

Hooker Arlander (c; Iola) h908 3d 

Hooker Chas (c; Maude) lab h903 Willard 

Hooker Chas W student r930 W Markham av 

Hooker Edw H (Mary R) rllO E Markham av 

Hooker Effie (c) cook r408 S Gregson 

Hooker Geo T doorkpr Paramount Theatre r930 W Markham av 

Hooker Henry (c) rl308 D 

Hooker L J (c) porter Hibberd Florist r409 StJoseph 

Hooker Leila student rllO E Markham av 

Hooker Lucille (c) cash Carolina Theatre r!223 Payetteville 

Hooker Luther (c; Goldie) janitor hl006 3d 

Hooker Mary R Mrs sten Fuller Reade & Fuller and notary rllO E Mark- 
ham av 

Hooker Percy H (Delphia V) collr Shepherd Furn Co r400 Swift av 

Hooker Richd (c) delmn r612 Jackson 

Hooker Robt R (Ella C) elk Durham Dairy Products Inc h930 W Markham 




212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Hooker Susan B r930 W Markham av 

Hooker Wrn (c; Lucille) janitor Paramount Theatre rl223 Payetteville 
Hooks Walter (c; Annie) factory wkr h717 Willard 
Hoomes J T slsmn Rhodes-Collins Purn Co r408 N Roxboro 
Hooper Connie S (Eliz O) asst mgr Met Life Ins Co h306 Milton av 
Hooper Connie S jr r306 Milton av 
Hooper Eliz O r306 Milton av 
Hooper Mary L student r306 Milton av 
Hoots John L (Gladys) knitter r220 Parrish pi 
Hoots Marvin D (Lucy) knitter hl514 Angier av 
Hoover Calvin B (Faith M) prof Duke University h2413 Club blvd 
Hoover Hal V (Lela C) lino opr h902 Glendale av 
Hoover Norman ic; Mary) tobwkr rl004 Fargo 
Hope Divvie (c) roofer 1*709 Carrington 

Hope Valley Country Club Inc Palmer N Constable sec Chapel Hill rd RD 1 
Hope Valley Inc W Murray Jones res mgr real est 128 W Main R521 
Hopkins A Thos knitter r908 Park av 
Hopkins Addie (c) rll06 Willard 
Hopkins Albert (c; Eliza) truck driver hlll3 Fargo 
Hopkins Alice (wid Sandy) rl521 Caswell pi 
Hopkins Annie (c) hi 106 Willard 
Hopkins Annie M (c) dom r409 Dowd 
Hopkins Arch (c) lab h202 Barnum 
Hopkins Benj (c; Adeline) tmstr hlOOO N Elizabeth 
Hopkins Bettie A (wid John W) h608 S Alston av 
Hopkins Caldwell (c) r409A Pettigrew al 
Hopkins Christine (wid John R) r801 Park av 
Hopkins Corinne (c) dom rlOOO N Elizabeth 
Hopkins David (c) lab r615 StJoseph 

Hopkins Dwight L (Bernice E) asst prof Duke University h922 Demarius 
Hopkins Edw (c) lab r906 Thaxton av 
Hopkins Ella Mrs tobwkr rll4 S Alston av 

Hopkins Gordon C (Sally) elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co hll7 W Trinity 
Hopkins Harvey D electn r608 S Alston av 
Hopkins Henry (c; Ethel) dom h611 Jackson 
Hopkins Homer P electn r608 S Alston av 
Hopkins J Hal (Claudia) slsmn h809 W Chapel Hill 
Hopkins J Thos (Carrie A) hlpr h908 Park av 
Hopkins Jennie B (c) tob wkr r607a South 
Hopkins Jethro (c) rll06 Willard 
Hopkins John (c; Willie) tobwkr h603 Mebane 
Hopkins John (c) tobwkr r607A South 
Hopkins John (c) truck driver rll05 Lynchburg 
Hopkins John I student r922 Demarius 
Hopkins Jos E (c; Henrietta) lab h806 Gattis 
Hopkins Joshua (c; Sarah) ianitor h404 Memphis 
Hopkins Lillian (c) dom r806 Gattis 

Hopkins Louis C Indrywkr Durham Lndry Co rlOlO W Peabody 
Hopkins Lula (c) dom h817 Gattis 
Hopkins Mary (c) dom hlOlO 3d 
Hopkins Maxwell M (Martha L) rl207 N Roxboro 
Hopkins Moise ic) dom r806 Gattis 
Hopkins Otho W (Mamie) textilewkr hl521 Caswell pi 
Hopkins Pearl M (c) rll06 Willard 
Hopkins Robt (c; Bertha) clothes presser h409 Dowd 
Hopkins Robt M (Maggie J) meoh Durham Lndry Co hlOlO W Peabody 
Hopkins Rosa L (wid Jas A) r215 Monmouth av 

Hopkins W Warner (Alice S) elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co h2019 Wa Wa av 
Hopkins Wallace (c; Mary) clothes presser h611A South 
Hopkins Wm (c; Maggie) lab hl517 Albright rd 
'Hopkins Wm (c; Hattie) tobwkr h507A South 
Hopkins Wm (c) truck driver Umstead Hdw Co Inc rlll3 Fargo 
Hopkins Wilson W student r2019 Wa Wa av 
Hopson Anna (c) student rl09 E Hillside av 
Hopson Beatrice (c) tobwkr r511 Canal 
Hopson Cath (c) cook r725 Walnut 
Hopson Cora (wid Carl) r406 N Mangum 
Hopson Eliza (wid Alvis) rll07 Eva 
Hopson Harvey E (Hettie J) stamp ctr hl07 S Alston av 
Hopson Helen (c) tobwkr hl305 Pine 
Hopson Jas (c) tobwkr h614A Ramsey al 
Hopson Julia (c) tobwkr r607 Cameron 
Hopson Leo B (Bettie M) h516 Barbee 
Hopson Mary (c) tobwkr rl09 E Hillside av 
Hopson Sheffield (c; Sallie) wood 1302 Pine h do 
Hopson Thos H (c; Sallie) janitor hl306 D 
Horack Hugo C prof Duke University r do 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Pure Crystal Scored Ice 


PHONE F-8961 

Horn Nellie M (wid Edw) tobwkr rl020 8th 

Horn Theo (c) porter Durham Union Bus Sta r502 Ramsey 

Hornbuckle Benj B (Bertha B) service mgr Alexander Motor Co rll07 N 

Hornbuckle Ernest C (Jeppie E) agt Met Life Ins Co hl003 Dacian av 
Hornbuckle Lillian V inspr rl07 Jones 

Hornbuckle Pansy M Mrs slswn Montgomery Ward & Co r306 S Gregson 
Home Dewey L (Addie J) tobwkr h2619 Ashe 
Home Eloise M pkr B C Remedy Co r915 W Markham av 
Home Elwood C delmn r915 W Markham av 
Home I Eula hosiery wkr r2619 Ashe 
Home J Lucian (Bertie A) janitor h915 W Markham av 
Home Junius P (Hattie C) driver New Durham Dry Clnrs h607 Buroh av 
Home Mary P twid Jas L) rl22 W Trinity av 
Home Mary L hosiery wkr r2619 Ashe 

Horner Cecilia elk American Tobacco Co Inc r520 McMannen 
Horner Emma M r509 Gordon 
Horner Era G r510 Gattis 
Horner Esther L sch tchr r920 Dacian av 
Horner Eug (Leona) truck driver hl223 Pungo 
Homer Gertrude (c) r508 South 
Horner Jas E (Geneva A) h312 Chase 
Horner Jas H (Cora L) h336 South 
Horner Lela V millwkr r510 Gattis 
Horner Lorena C r510 Gattis 
Horner Luther r321 Pope 
Horner Martha E (wid Steph R) r507 Gordon 
Horner Mary (c) tobwkr r508 South 
Horner Mary V (wid Robt E) h509 Gordon 
Horner Maxine L sten r336 South 
Horner R Arth (Effie E) textile wkr h705 13th 

Horner Robt D (Sudie W) genl contr 920 Dacian av h do 
Horn6r Sue R sch tchr r920 Dacian av 
Horner Thos A (Ida C) h510 Gattis 

Horner Walter H I Margt) mech Carpenter Motor Co r RD 5 

Horton see also Harton 

Horton A Caroline r317 Liberty 

Horton Alma tobwkr rlOl Jackson 

Horton Ameta (c) dom rl06 Moline 

Horton Annie (c) dom h607 Canal 

Horton Bess F sten rl004 Minerva 

Horton Bessie (c) tobwkr r521 E Proctor 

Horton Chas M (Bessie) hosiery wkr hl006 E Main 

Horton Chas S (Bessie M) mgr P W Woolworth Co hl06 E Trinity av 

Horton Clarence B rl006 E Main 

Horton Danl W h317 Liberty 

Horton Danl W jr slsmn Nicholson Motor Co Inc r317 Liberty 

Horton Don W (Effie) police hl309 Shawnee 

Horton Dora (wid Parham P) h618 Shepherd 

Horton Elmus L (Flora) weaver h612 Barbee 

Horton Emma (c) h2410 Shirley 

Horton Emma W (wid Wm P) rl603 Hermitage ct 

Horton Flora P (wid Jas W) hl515 James 

Horton Helen E sten rl004 Minerva 

Horton J Thos (Martha) farmer h2800 Chapel Hill rd 

Horton Jas (c; Bettie) lab h714 Dover 

Horton Jas E elk rl004 Minerva 

Horton Joffre L elk The Intimate Book Shop r716 Liberty 

Horton John A lino opr Durham Herald Co Inc r315 Holloway 

Horton John H (c) butler 15 Oak dr 

Horton John M (Era B) paperhngr h601 Gurley 

Horton John W (Ethel O) rl926 Erwin rd 

Horton Kimp (c; Lottie) janitor Snow bldg h521 E Proctor 

Horton L Wyche W (Nancy J) slsmn Belk-Leggett Co rl309 Shawnee 

Horton Lida D (wid Benj) h716 Liberty 

Horton Lottie R (wid Grover A) h705 Wilkerson av 

Horton Lucy i c) tobwkr r rear 2718 E Pettigrew 

Horton Maggie B (wid E Monroe) rl006 E Main 

Horton Marcellus (c; Corrina) ianitor Duke Memorial M E Church 
(South) h830 Chapel Hill rd 

Horton Mary P tobwkr rl515 James 

Horton Nannie (c) r830 Chapel Hill rd 

Horton Ora L tobwkr r705 Wilkerson 

Horton Paul asst cash Sou Fire Ins Co r YMCA 

Horton Percy R formn rl515 James 

Horton Raymond tobwkr rl515 James 

Horton Remy mgr The Intimate Book Shop r418 N Roxboro 


Durham Realty and Insurance 

First Floor Trust Building ffilM £&. R2! 

HORTON T J CO (Thos J Horton) , Real Estate, Rentals and Loans 121 N 
Elarket, Tel L-6981 (See backbone and page 47) 

Horton Theo E makeupmn Durham Herald Co Inc r9r7 Burch av 

BOSTON THOS J (Alice G; T J Horton Co), hl004 Minerva, Tel L-2881 

Kcrton Virgie M topoer rlCOS E Main 

Korton W Stewart (Nell B) trav slsmn hl09 Forest Wood dr 

Horton W Wayno plantmn Durham Dairy Products Inc rl515 James 

Horton Walter B mach opr r6l8 Shepherd 

Horton Wm (c) tobwkr r521 S Briggs av 

Korton Wm (c; Janie) tobwkr r505B Elliott al 

Horton Wm J (c) lah r806 Maplewood av 

Horton Willie V r618 Shepherd 

Hoskins Bessie (c) r80S Cameron 

Hospital Pharmacy (Buxton W Spencer jr. Haywood Dukes) 1122 Broad 

Hostettler LeRoy W tchr Durham High Sch rl006 Minerva 

Hostettler Ruth L tchr Durham High Sch rl006 Minerva 

Hotel Gas & Storage Station R Percy Reade pres John M M Gregory sec- 

treas Walter E Harris genl mgr 325 E Chapel Hill 
HOTEL MALBOURNE, Everett I Busrg Mgr, Neil A Graham Asst Mgr, 225 

E Main cor N Roxboro, Tels F-176 and F-177 (See left top lines and 

page 42) 
Hotel Malbourne Barber Shop John E Pergerson mgr 225 E Main 
Hotel Malbourne Beauty Shoppe (John E Pergerson) 225 E Main 

cor N Roxboro, Tels F-176 and F-177 (See left top lines and page 42) 
Hotel Malbourne Cigar Stand (Clyde A Sears) 225 E Main 
Hotel Malbourne Garage 207 Holloway 
HOTEL WASHINGTON DURE, Marvin S Llewellyn Directing Mgr, 207 N, 

Corcoran, Tel F-101 (See left top lines and page 42) 
Houck Jack carp r208 Liberty 
Hough Lydia A (wid Jas M) r701 Markham 
House Archie D (Zelma B) textilewkr hll06 1st av 
House Foy ( Nancy) hosiery wkr h803 Ridgeway av 
House Geo R (E Beatrice) auto mech County Board of Education hl008 

1st av 
House Harvey L (Mary) lndrywkr Duke University h2621 Hillsboro rd 
House Ida E tchr Holloway St Sch r RD 6 
House Irene C Mrs dental asst Henry C Carr r RD 1 
House J M jr knitter Ruth Hosiery Mills r2005 Englewood av 
House J Marvin (Irene C) agt Life & Casualty Ins Co r605 N Mangum 
House Jas W (Emma) textilewkr hl520 Morning Glory av 
House Maggie S sten r2109 Hart 
House Matthew M (Lora) knitter hl209 E Main 
House Mattie hosiery wkr rl05 Spruce 
House Nancy flrwn Ruth Hosiery Mills r803 Ridgeway av 
House of Prayer (c) church 909% Drew 
House Percy J (Pearl T) textilewkr h212 N Maple 
House Wm T (Sallie) hl716 Chapel Hill rd 
Householder Frank J (Jessie) h2501 Club blvd 
Houston Arth B (Willie V) woodwkr Durham Lmbr Co h207 S Plum 
Houston Fredk I (Glenora) mach hll02 Eva 
Houston Ovid H (Viola) electa John A Dennis r904 2d 
Houston Wm (c; Sarah) tobwkr h912 Cameron 
Howard see also Harward 
Howard Alta L student r313 E Main 
Howard Annie (c) dom r408 Roney 
Howard Annie (c) lndrs r616 St Joseph 
Howard Berkley rlll9 Glenn 

Howard Caesar W (c; Ellen) ianitor Riggsbee bldg h410 S Gregson 
Howard Carey (c; Margt) tobwkr h510B Euphane 
Howard Cecil J elk rl408 Carroll 
Howard Cora (c) lndrs r404 Hunt 
Howard Earl C (Jennie C) rlagmn h403 South 
Howard Edgar T (Willis M) tobwkr rl408 Carroll 
Howard Ef fie < c) dom r517 Martha 

Howard Eliz M Mrs elk Ellis, Stone & Co r2015 Club blvd 
Howard Elsie (c) hosiery wkr rl606 Albright rd 
Howard Ervin H (D Rebecca) mill mech h3004 Hillsboro rd 
Howard Eug W tobacconist r313 E Main 
Howard Fannie M slswn W C Lyon Co r313 E Main 
Howard Fletcher (c; Margt) tobwkr rl600 Albright rd 
Howard Frank (c) lab r2116 Duncan 
Howard Furman (c; Minnie) lab h2116 Duncan 
Howard Gordon rlll9 Glenn 
Howard H Donas (Bettie I) h403 South 
Howard Helen S r403 South 


Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG, Manager 

Howard Ira J (Estelle) tobwkr h610 S Alston av 

Howard J E supt The Bankers Reserve Life Co 

Howard Jack collr r403 South 

Howard Jack (c; Lillie) tobwkr hl215 W Pettigrew 

Howard Jas ic; Luna) h310 Powe 

Howard Jas C elk Dixie Pig Barbecue rl408 Carroll 

Howard Jas S jr (Marion) mgr Rialto Theatre r403% N Gregson 

Howard Jesse M (Corinna F) police r906 Park av 

Howard John W (Sarah H) v-ores General Realty Co r Washington Duke 

Howard Josephine E sten Duke University r313 E Main 
Howard June (c; Annie B) lab h211 Enterprise 
Howard Laura (c) tobwkr hl301 South 
Howard Leo (c) lab r2116 Duncan 
Howard Leonard (c; Anna) lab h.411 Piedmont av 
Howard Leonzo (c) r310 Powe 
Howard Lila M (c) tobwkr r517 Matthews 
Howard Lorena (c) tobwkr hlOC4 Drew 
Howard Louise V sten Sou Fire Ins Co r403 South 
Howard Lovett (c; Bertha) tobwkr hlll5 N Hyde Park av 
Howard Luther B (Delia F) weaver h715 13th 
Howard Mabel D r713 Arnette av 
Howard Martha (wid John W) r406 Canal 
Howard Mary rll8 E Seeman 
Howard Mary J (wid Bart) r2606 C 

Howard Mattie D nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Howard Pattie (c) rl215 W Pettigrew 

Howard Pearl Mrs lndrywkr Sanitary Lndry h2609 Angier av 
Howard Raymond (c; Annetta) porter Beck, Farthing & Sorrell Inc h2221 

Howard Robt (e) tobwkr rl606 Albright rd 
Howard Robt (c) tobwkr r203 Johnson 
Howard Robt (c) tobwkr rl215 W Pettigrew 
Howard Saml L H (Pearl) h2609 Angier av 
Howard Sarah (c) tobwkr h2513 Clyde 
Howard Sudie Mrs rlll9 Glenn 

Howard Thelma L (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch r811 Fayetteville 
Howard Valera (c) dom hl606 Albright rd 

Howard Waitt W (Alta) soft drinks Morgan cor Rigsbee av h.313 E Main 
Howard Wm E (Bettie A) tobwkr hl408 Carroll 
Howard Wm M (c; Florence) lab h517 Martha 
Howard Wm M jr (c) lab r517 Martha 
Howe Henry E (Carrie) mach htl06 Linwood av 
Howe Jas S mgr Carolina Peanut Products Co r523 N Mangum 
Howe Jas W (Lula B) tmkpr h903 S Alston av 
Howe Jas W jr elk rS03 S Alston av 
Howe Lonza (e; Ella) brklyr hl404 Pine 
Howe Marion M (Berlene) prod hll07 Linwood av 
Howell Annie (c) dom rl215 McCall 
Howell Bettie (wid Wm) r310 Chatham al 
Howell Boothe elk American Tob Co Inc r401 Oakwood av 
Howell Clifton textilewkr rl715 W Pettigrew 
Howell Edw L (Emma B) musician h401 Cleveland 
Howell Emily (c) h606 Matthews 
Howell Emma M (wid Jas M) tobwkr h713 Arnette av 
Howell Evan (Ina) sign nntr r201 N Roxboro 
Howell Frank C (Lillie A) agt Met Life Ins Co hll04 1st av 
Howell Helen (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 
Howell Henry G (Annie) carp h310 Chatham al 
Howell Herman (c) cement fnshr hl317 Albright rd 
Howell Jas (c) tobwkr r606 Matthews 
Howell Jas R tobwkr r401 Oakwood av 
Howell John (c; Mary) auto meoh r30 Davis 
Howell Lee (Eva L) textilewkr h812 12th 
Howell Lila M (c) r606 Matthews 

Howell Mary L elk Durham Hosiery Mills r401 Oakwood av 
Howell Maynard (c; Irene) tobwkr hlll3% Willard 
Howell Mollie J (wid Walter H) r825 Burch av 
Howell Norman (c) tobwkr r606 Matthews 
Howell Octavia (c) r606 Matthews 
Howell P Chonis (Annie L) hl309 Watte 
Howell Robt C a,gt Sinclair Refining Co r Chapel Hill rd 
Howell Sallie C (wid Benj C) h401 Oakwood av 
Howell Vera r409 N Roxboro 

Howell Winfred J (Blanche M) tobwkr rl913 West 
Howells J Lloyd asst formn American Tob Co Inc r404 Liberty 



Restful Seclusion 

in Sumptuous Surroundings 

is available at 


Howerton-Bryan Co Inc Kennie U Bryan pres Richd T Howerton sec 

undtkr 1005 W Main 
Howerton J Byron (Prances) pharm r802 Cleveland 

Howerton John L (Mary T) druggist 401 N Mangum and v-pres R T How- 
erton & Sons Inc h703 Cleveland 
Howerton Matilda (c) lndrs rll8 Rowan al 
Howerton R T & Sons Inc Thos J Howerton (Washington D C) pres John 

L Howerton v-pres Richd T Howerton sec-treas funeral directors 320 

N Mangum 
Howerton Richd T (Mamie R) sec-treas R T Howerton & Sons Inc and 

sec Howerton-Bryan Co Inc hill Wyatt 
Howerton Sallie (wid Chas P) r204 Buchanan blvd 
Howerton Sarah T student r703 Cleveland 
Howerton Wm L (c; Lula) hll8 Rowan al 
Howie John (c; Addie) lab rl209 Duke University rd 
Howie Sarah (c) tobwkr hlOlO 4th 

Howington Geo L tmkpr Durham Hosiery Mills r202 N Roxboro 
Howington John T (Ruth) h202 N Roxboro 
Howington Ruth Mrs (Afton Inn) r202 N Roxboro 
Hoyt, Martin & Massey Inc C Knox Massey v-pres-mgr adv agcy 128 E 

Chapel Hill R503 
Hubbard Jas M (c; Ethel R) dentist 106% W Parrish R4 h612 Lucille av 
Hubbard Nora L (wid Frank S) hl002 W Trinity av 
Hubbell Jay B prof Duke University r Pinecrest rd 

Huckabee Jas D (Tessie E) projectionist Carolina Theatre h313 Holloway 
Huckabee Jas G (Kate B) tobacconist h502 N Roxboro 
Huckabee John S (Almeda L) formn Golden Belt Mfg Co h810 Burch av 
Huckabee Weyman C Rev (Susan B) pastor Lakewood M E Church 

(South) hl810 Lakewood av 
Hudgins John W r Hotel Malbourne 
Hudgins Lee S (Emma) sta atndt h308 Milton av 
Hudson Cad M (Bessie M) agt Life & Casualty Ins Co r RD 3 
Hudson Chas P Rev (Helen B) pastor West Durham Baptist Church h 

1010 Broad 
Hudson Clara (c) cook r606 N Elizabeth 
Hudson Clarence (c; Bertha) hlpr h914 Pickett 
Hudson Dora (c) maid h912 3d 

Hudson Edw D slsmn Carpenter Motor Co r202 N Roxboro 
Hudson Edwin H student rl800 Angier av 
Hudson Furman D (Lurla R) mstr mech Durham Cotton Mfg Co Inc hll6 

S Driver av 
Hudson Haskell (c) delmn Bull City Drug Store 610 Payetteville 
Hudson Jas E (Dolly H) pntr r426 W Main 
Hudson Jesse M (Lena P) textilewkr h704 11th 
Hudson Jos P (Bessie M) knitter h608 N Driver av 
Hudson Lonnie C (Annie I) textilewkr h2114 Block 
Hudson Lucille hosiery wkr r902 Calvin 

Hudson Luther (c) porter Eckerd's of Durham Inc r914 Pickett 
Hudson Minerva H r2022 Ashe 

Hudson S Vance (Ora A) funeral dir 1800 Angier av h do 
Hudson Sanders V jr funeral asst S Vance Hudson rl800 Angier av 
Hudson Steph E (Margie B) slsmn hl907 Southgate 
Hudson Tim A pianos 126 N Market r Washington Duke Hotel 
Hudson Wm B (Stella) slsmn h902 Calvin 
Huey Edith C rlllS 6th 
Huey Geneva G Mrs textilewkr hlll8 6th 
Huey John carp rll02 Franklin 
Huff Connie M r310 South 
Huff Edw D (Mildred R) mach hl204 Holloway 
Huff Ernest Y slsmn Singer Sewing Machine Co r310 South 
Huff Virgil L hosierywkr r909 Cleveland 

Huff Wm T (Eula B) genl slsmn Standard Oil Co of N J hl320 Broad 
Huffiens Jesse M (Berta) textilewkr h208 Atlas 
Huffine Stanley prod r408 N Mangum 
Huggins Annie (c) r613 South 

Huggins John (c; Mamie) hlpr r514 E Proctor apt 4 
Huggins Jos (c) tobwkr rll2 Peaohtree pi 
Huggins Wm (c; Lela) hl302 Jackson 
Hughes Benj (c; Nora) cook h809 Pine 
Hughes Cornelia (c) tobwkr r502% Poster 
Hughes Ethel (c) tobwkr h519B Coleman al 

Hughes Eug A (Nannie T) real est 104 W Chapel Hill R8 hl203 N Mangum 
Hughes Jacob (c; Lillie) lab h513B Elliott al 
Hughes Jennings L (Myrtle J) textilewkr h511 Bacon 
Hughes John (c; Virginia) brklyr hl215 Pargo 
Hughes John (c; Cornelia) pntr h!05 Division 

Home Savings Bank 



JOHN' SPRUNT HILL, President T. C. WORTH, Cashier 

Hughes Laura M (c) dom r516 Husband al 

Hughes Mary (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r809 Pine 

Hughes Nelson (c; Alma) porter N C Barber Shop h512B Banks al 

Hughson J S (c) bkpr N C Mut Life Ins Co r Biltmore Hotel 

Hulin Al K (Nettie) slsmn Durham Marble Wks hl08 Briarcliff rd 

Hulin Chas J (Durham Marble Works) rl23 E Lynch 

Hulin Chas J jr (Grace D) polisher Durham Marble Wks hl25 E Lynch 

Hull Blanche (c) tobwkr r602 Fowler av 

Hull Claude W designer Doyle Florists rl09 E Seeman 

Hull J Otis (Eliz; The Messenger) hl416 Broad 

Hull Minnie (wid Marcus E) hl09 E Seeman 

Hulse J Edw mach Wright -Dalton Machine Co Inc r RD 2 

Humber Edw (c; Rosetta) tobwkr h2315 Crest 

Humphrey Ethel (c) tchr East End Graded Sch rl608 Fayetteville 

Humphrey Fleeta ( c) tobwkr r717 Milton av 

Humphries Cornelius C plantmn Durham Dairy Products Inc rlll9 8th 

Humphries Daisy E slswn Raylass Chain Stores Inc r313 South 

Humphries Ethel J r205 S Gregson 

Humphries J Thos (Mollie M) pdlr h313 South 

Humphries J Virginia elk Durham Book & Stationery Co r313 South 

Humphries Lissia (c) cook 911 N Gregson 

Humphries Maude K Mrs br mgr Scotts & Roberts Dry Cleaning Co h205 
S Gregson 

Humphries Saml J hlpr Central Lnuch 418 W Main 

Humphries Vernice E nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Hundley Alice music tchr 115 N Dillard r do 

Hundley Danl C (Anna) textilewkr h731 8th 

Hundley Geo W (Lottie M) pres-treas Golden Belt Mfg Co h507 Hollo- 

Hundley Geo W jr slsmn r507 Holloway 

Hundley Henrietta (wid John C) rll5 N Dillard 

Hundley J Camden (Eloise M) factory supt Liggett & Myers Tob Co Inc 
h90I Vickers av 

Hundley Jessie V tMona W) paymstr Golden Belt Mfg Co r RD 7 

Hundley John M student r507 Holloway 

Hundley Lottie M student r507 Holloway 

Hundley Thelma textilewkr r731 8th 

Hunely Clem L (Clara M) textilewkr hllOl Franklin 

Hunely Henry J rllOl Franklin 

Hunnicutt Fab J ( Etta G) pharm R Blacknell & Son h219 W Trinity av 

Hunnicutt J Drew (Cecil) r219 W Trinity av 

Hunt Ann E rl709 Maryland av 

Hunt Arth S (Vonnie) auto meeh r609 Vickers av 

Hunt B Macon Mrs sten Carolina Heating & Engineering Co r Chapel Hill 

Hunt Clarence S Mrs sten N C Joint Stock Land Bank h821 6th 

Hunt Clyde H (Edna) r216 Morris 

Hunt Clyde W printer Durham Herald Co Inc r703A Burch av 

Hunt Dewey S (Coy L) tobwkr h303 Clark 

Hunt Genola B r309 Jackson 

Hunt Geo W r827 Morgan 

Hunt Hattie M Mrs (Hunt Lumber Co) r Chapel Hill rd beyond limits 

Hunt J Walter (Olivia M) Indrywkr Duke University h216 Chase 

Hunt Jefferson (c; Jessie) tobwkr hl505 N Alston av 

Hunt Lewis R (Estelle) r817 4th 

Hunt Lula H see to librarian Duke University rl004 W Trinity av 

Hunt Lumber Co (Saml L and Mrs Hattie M Hunt) Hoover rd nr Angler 

Hunt Luther A (Pattie J) truck driver hl709 Maryland av 

Hunt M Grace nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Hunt Margt E (wid Robt L) r2223 Club blvd 

Hunt Margt W elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co r2223 Club blvd 

Hunt Millard C (Norma) mach hlllO Burch av. 

Hunt Nora O slswn Belk-Liggett Co r Guess rd 

Hunt Printing Co I Walter W Hunt) 110 W Parrish 

Hunt Saml L (Hunt Lumber Co) r Chapel Hill rd beyond limits 

Hunt Saml R (Flora F) supt of bldgs and grounds Duke University h8l7 

Hunt Sue M (wid Jas A) h2009 Angler av 

Hunt Walter (c) lab rl403 Geerwood 

Hunt Walter W (Clarene S; Hunt Printing Co) h821 6th 

Hunt Warren (c; Bettie) brklyr hl403 Geerwood 

Hunt Wm M (Margt) plmbr 1503 Glendale av h do 

Hunt Winfred A plmbr r305 Clark 

Hunter Alex S (c; Nell E) dentist 106% W Parrish Rl hl204 Fayetteville 

Hunter Belle rl208 Franklin 

Hunter Bonney (c; Daisy) lab h702 Goodwin al 






Hunter Edgar (c; Lelia) hosiery wkr h708 Colfax 

Hunter Ernest M jr (Hazel P) asst treas Durham Hosiery Mills and. office 
mgr Durham Hosiery Mills No 1 h233 Forest Wood dr 

Hunter Essie M (c) dom rll06 Holt 

Hunter Euerline V r2107 C 

Hunter Eural (c; Lucinda) maid r604 Ray al 

Hunter Evans (c; Renetta) tobwkr h509 Mobile av 

Hunter Floyd M rll05 8th 

Hunter Fred L (May R) city mach h606 Cleveland 

Hunter Hollie (c) tobwkr rl311 Union 

Hunter Ida (c) rll22 South 

Hunter Irvin (c; Roxie S) bellmn Hotel Malbourne r912 Ebony 

Hunter J Albert (Mollie L) sign pntr hl05 Holloway 

Hunter Julia (c) tobwkr r419 Pine 

Hunter Julia E (c) sch tchr r812 Glenn 

Hunter Laura (c) maid Washington Duke Hotel r401 Piedmont av 

Hunter Lois (c) dom r408 Mincey 

Hunter Lonnie C (C Gladys) loom fixer hl907 Lewis 

Hunter Mabel (c) dom r906B Glenn 

Hunter Mamie (wid Chas A) rll05 8th 

Hunter Margt L r606 Cleveland 

Hunter Mattie (wid Harry W) rl534 Hermitage ct 

Hunter May sch tchr rll09 Minerva 

Hunter Melvin (c; Nellie) tobwkr r404 Memphis 

Hunter Nannie Mrs textilewkr hl208 Franklin 

Hunter Nathaniel R (Sallie F) inspr City Eng hll5 N Queen . 

Hunter Nathaniel R jr student r606 Cleveland 

Hunter Ralph (c; Rosa) tobwkr h523 S Briggs av 

Hunter Rebecca (c) tobwkr h906B Glenn 

Hunter Robt (c) delmn Walter L Anderson r2104 Angier av 

Hunter Sallie F Mrs cash State Mut Life Assur Co hll5 N Queen 

Hunter Savater (c) lndrywkr Sanitary Lndry r2505 Angier av 

Hunter Swannie tobwkr rl201 Spruce 

Hunter Sweetie (c; Savater) tobwkr h2305 Kate 

Hunter Tank r32 6South 

Hunter Vonnie T (Mattie M) textilewkr h2107 C 

Hunter Walter (c; Pearl A) bellmn Hotel Malbourne hll22 South 

Hunter Wm (c) porter Lochmoor Hotel rll22 South 

Huntley Algie G (Louise) cablemn Interstate Tel & Teleg Co hlll4 Hollo- 

Huntley Geo (c) tobwkr r617 S Elm 

HUNTLEY-STOCKTON-mLL CO, Junius A Schoenberg Local Mgr, "Dur- 
ham's Greater Furniture Store," Furniture, Floor Coverings and 
Radio Sets 309 E Chapel Hill, Tels F-193 and F-194 

Huntsinger Lena nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Hurley Coley R (Daisy M) brklyr 1H211 E Main 

Hurley Dora A rl215 Angier av 

Hurley Sallie (c) tobwkr r909 Cox av 

Hurley Walter A (Maude) textilewkr hll08 Wall 

Hurley Wm truck driver rl215 Angier av 

Hursey Geo W (Mary C) formn hl308 Liberty 

Hursey Henry W (Leola F) hosiery wkr h216 Laurel av 

Hursey Julia M textilewkr r304 Gray 

Hursey Julian C (Hallie S) slsmn F & F Shoe Co h304 Gray 

Hurst Andrew C (Tempie I) carp h407 N Guthrie av 

Hurst Claiborne C elk Carpenter Motor Co r209 Parrish pi 

Hurst Claude A (Maggie) barber 1003 Holloway r RD 8 

Hurst Fred E elk "M" System Store r RD 3 

Hurst Julian D (Edna J) elk Rufus E Hurst h606 Holloway 

Hurst Luther M (Southern Neon Sign System) rlOlO N Markham av 

Hurst M Leonard elk Rufus E Hurst r209 Parrish pi 

Hurst Minnie L (wid Chas E) rll3 Stokes 

Hurst Robt A auto mech r407 N Guthrie av 

Hurst Robt E jr (Edna D) firemn City Fire Dept h2610 Sater 

Hurst Rufus E (Mattie L) gro 621 E Main h209 Parrish pi 

Hurst Sophie (wid Wm C) h402 Canal 

Husband Frank T (c; Amy) lab h722 E Pettigrew 

Husband Jas M (c; Laura A) tobwkr h620 Dunbar 

Husband Wm (c) tobwkr r707 Pickett 

Husketh Maybelle slswn Belk-Leggett Co r303 N Guthrie av 

Husketh Ralph E (Addie) hosiery wkr hl04 Young av 

Huss Huskie O r216 Chase 

Huston Alice J (c) bursar N C College for Negroes r do 

Hutchings Philip W acct Beverly D Ashlin r Chapel Hill rd 

Hutchins Arminta r906 N Roxboro 

Hutchins Blanche sch tchr r813 Cleveland 

Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASOHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Hutchins Ella I (wid John W) h813 Cleveland 
Hutchins Etta A r906 N Roxbo'ro 
Hutchins Jas L (Ella J) dairywkr h2111 Lafayette 
Hutchins John C (Lola C) cash N&WRyCo h2410 Club blvd 
Hutchins John R jr (Helen P) supvr American Suppliers Inc 1U523 Her- 
mitage ct 
Hutchins Lela C (wid Thos A) h506 Memorial 
Hutchins Lillie slswn F W Woolworth Co r RD 6 
Hutchins Lora J rll2 Exum 
Hutchins Narcissus C h906 N Roxboro 

Hutchins Pearl E r506 Carr 

Hutchins Wm E L (Annie) tobwkr hll2 Exum 

Hutto Gladys Mrs tobwkr h902 W Chapel Hill . 

Hux Bertha L nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Hux Chas G (Katie) textilewkr hl207 Franklin 

Hux G Coppridge (Sudie) guard rl014 Spruce 

Hyatt Wm (c; Hattie) janitor First Baptist Church hl706 Concord 

Hydrick Emily A technician r YWCA 

Hyett Minnie L (c) maid 901 Vickers av 

Hyman Annie B (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co r616 StJoseph 

Hyman Ernest (c; Sarah) lab rl210 Hanover 

Hyman Gertrude (c) dom h906 Linwood av 

Hyman Robt B (c; Mary) gro 502 Glenn J16I6 S Elm 

Ickes Sheridan (Lillian) mach h2613 Hillsboro rd 

Ideal Dry Cleaners (Harry L Belo) 420 Morgan 

Her Muzette W Mrs bkpr Lakewood Dairy r203 Watts 

Imperial Life Insurance Co Edgar A Williamson dist mgr 128 W Main 

Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd The (of Great Britain and Ireland) Saml H 

Hobgood mgr 215 Morris 
Independent Life Insurance Co Cornelius W Hileman state mgr 128 W 

Main R309 
Independent Market Co (Martin Willis) meats 349 W Main 
Inge Ashby C plmbr Highsmith-Wells 113 S Mangum 
Ingle B Harrison Rev (Maude J) pastor Advent Christian Church h514 

Park av 
Ingold Earl H (Nova) tobwkr r505 Forest 
Ingold Frances slswn Raylass Chain Stores Inc r505 Forest 
Ingold Jas E knitter rS18 Ramseur 
Ingold Jas W (Eliz) well driller h505 Forest 
Ingold John M (Tular) textilewkr hllOO Buchanan rd 
Ingold Louise L tobwkr r505 Forest 
Ingold Wm A (Mary P) h818 Ramseur 
Ingraham Pearl (c) cook 21 Oak dr 

Ingram Alice (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co r211 Johnson 
Ingram Carl (c; Ellen) rl309 Morehead av 

Ingram Chas J (c; Bernice) collr Union Ins & Realty Co r508 Dunbar 
Ingram Ernest (c; Ida) trucker r211 Johnson 
Ingram J Vernon (Lucille) brkmn h430 S Driver av 
Ingram J Wm (Mary L) flremn Hose Co No 3 hl212 Linwood av 
Ingram Jesse (c) tobwkr r706 Willard 
Ingram John H (Edith) plmbr hl309 N Duke 
Ingram Junius (c; Alice) lab h211 Johnson 
Ingram Lou I (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co r211 Johnson 
Ingram Marie P (c) sten N C Mut Life Ins Co r434 Piedmont av 
Ingram Pearl (c) cook rolO Fowler av 
Ingram Pollie (c) tobwkr h206 Peachtree pi 
Ingram Wiley (c; Anna) tobwkr h717A Whitted 
Ingram Wm (c; Lizzie) lab r706 Milton av 
Ings Milton (c; Georgia) tobwkr r505 StJoseph 
Inn The (Mrs Lily P Slade) restr 1300 Broad 
Inscoe Genada B (Eliz F) gro 1028 Holloway hf>08 N Hyde Park av 
Inscoe Glenn (Beulah) r218 S Guthrie av 
Inscoe H Ozer (Lettie O; Inscoe & Evans) gro 909 E Main h502 N Hyde 

Park av 
Inscoe John E (Mary J) meatctr h507 Gurley 
Inscoe John W r608 N Hyde Park av 
Inscoe Viola (wid Henry K) hosiery wkr h506 N Mangum 
Inscoe Willard elk H Ozer Inscoe r507 Gurley 
Inscoe & Evans (H Ozer Inscoe, S Wiley Evans) restr 911% E Main 
Inscore Chas L (Bertha M) textilewkr hl713 Maryland av 
Inscore John T (Frances) h2815 Hillsboro rd 

INTERNAL REVENUE AGENT (See United states Government) 
INTERNAL REVENUE COLLECTOR (See United States Government) 
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture 

Machine Operators meets 1st Sunday 2:30 p m 107 N Market 











21.5 FOSTER ST. 



PHONE F-3931 

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers No 450 Robt Suggs sec 
meets Thursdays 8 p m 107 N Market 

International Typographical Union No 125 John A Horton sec meets 1st 
Sunday 2 p m 107 N Market 

Legrand B Bryan Mgr, 104 Holloway, Tel 118 

Intimate Book Shop The Remy Horton mgr 331 W Main R602 

Ireland Julia G rl707 E Main 

Ireland Mollie P (wid John) rl707 E Main 

Irvin see also Ervin 

Irvin Julius (c; Rachel) tobwkr h316 Division 

Irving Alonzo (c; Nealie) tobwkr h402 Piedmont av 

Irving Emmett (Betsy) textilewkr r803 S Alston av 

irving John (c; Lillie) musician r507 Dowd 

Irving Thos H wtchmn r415 Willard 

Irwin Chas N (Essie B) filling sta 2640 Chapel Hill rd h809 Shepherd 

Irwin Clarence B (Aileen T) hll3 Broadway 

Irwin Theo (c) fndrywkr r rear 507 S Queen 

Isaacs Fred W (Inez W) chiropodist 212 W Main R502 hl413 Acadia 

Isaacs Geo E (LaRue H) pres Durham Shoe Store Inc h207 E Trinity av 

Isaacs Wm B (Martha S) spl agt Mut Life Ins Co of N Y hl411 Acadia 

Isenhour Cath E student r810 2d 

Isenhour S Wilhelmina sten r810 2d 

Isenhour Vance O (Lela P) bkpr h810 2d 

Isler W Coell Co; Willie M) elk h rear 114 Cora apt 5 

Isley Nellie anaesthetist The Watts Hosp r do 

Israel Kate O cataloguer Duke University Library r do 

Ives Brittie (wid Frank) hl005 Morning Glory av 

Ives John S (Bertha M) ship elk hl209 Taylor 

Ives Walter M (S Eliz) elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co h.611 N Roxboro 

Ives Wm W (Anna K) knitter h514 Barnes av 

Ivey Blonde dept mgr Tilley's Stores Inc r903 Shepherd 

Ivey Downer R (Elsie B) auditor The Seeman Printery hl06 W Proctor 

Ivey Gertrude (c) dom rlOlO Mason 

Ivey Jos wtchmn rl06 N Great Jones 

ivey Mary F rl06 W Proctor 

Ivey Robt (Bettie) h2403 Hart 

Ivey Rose mender r2403 Hart 

Ivey Viola r2403 Hart 

Ivey Wellington H (Thelma) truck driver hll2 Roberson 

Izzell Mary (wid Henry) r707 S Alston av 

Jaby Clarence (c: Rosa) cement fnshr hl020 4th 

Jackson Ada Mrs rill Roberson 

Jackson Andrew T (Lida E) pntr hl925 Erwin rd 

Jackson Arth (c) porter Eagle Barber Shop rllO Vincent 

Jackson Bertha Mrs rl016 Stokes al 

Jackson Bessie textilewkr rll06 Franklin 

Jackson Beulah E (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Jackson Beulah L rllio Franklin 

Jackson Byrdie D (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch r811 Fayetteville 

Jackson Cecil B jr tobwkr r609 Shepherd 

Jackson Chas (c; Cora) butler h303 Enterprise 

Jackson Chester (c; Rachel) r804 Gerard 

Jackson Clifton (Annie) h2306 Dezern 

Jackson D Cary (Martha M) barber 2026 Angier av h420 S Driver av 

Jackson Edw (c) brklyr r911 Willard al 

Jackson Edw (c) clothes presser Royal Tailoring Co r607 Booker 

Jackson Eliz (c) nurse N C Mut Life Ins Co rl509 Fayetteville 

Jackson Frank (c; Irene) hlpr r202 Powe 

Jackson Fred (c) porter O'Briant Music Store 118 E Main 

Jackson G Elmore USN r609 Shepherd 

Jackson G Wm (Helen P) slsmn r302 S Driver av 

Jackson Geo R (Eula) stmftr Rowe-Coward Inc h716 Arnette av 

Jackson Hattie (c) tobwkr rl204 Hanover 

Jackson Haywood (c) truck driver Granite Service Sta rlO06A 4th 

Jackson Howard (c) tobwkr r506 Carr pi 

Jackson J Bennett (Virginia T) collr Martin Jwlry Co Inc hl903 Chapel 

Hill rd 
Jackson J Borden (Margt L) slsmn Goodyear Service Inc h922 Dacian av 

apt 6 
Jackson J Orvid (Annie B) factory wkr hl519 Page 
Jackson Jack (Minnie) pntr h731 Broad 
Jackson Jas O (Leila O) carp h519 Warren 
Jackson Jas W (Lydia) textilewkr h813 Harper 
Jackson Jesse (c) cook i-303 Enterprise 
Jackson John (c; Cora) carp b.504 Glenn 

Durham Public Service Co. 

Pure Crystal Scored Ice 



Jackson John (c; Maude) cook rl207 W Pettigrew 

Jackson John A (Survader) textile wkr h620 Middle 

Jackson John E rl03 S Blacknall 

Jackson John N (Meadie F) asst supt of bldgs Duke University h816 

Jackson Jos A (Nettie) textilewkr hllio Franklin 
Jackson Jos M (Nellie M) tobwkr hlOOl N Roxboro 
Jackson Lannie (c) h605B Ray al 
Jackson Lannis (c; Pearl) tobwkr I16O6 N Elizabeth 
Jackson Leila (wid Percy) winder rl007 Angier av 
Jackson Lillie (c) dom rl306 Glenn 
Jackson Lonnie (c; Lannie) hlpr r605B Ray al 
Jackson Lucion (c) plstr h306 Lee 
Jackson Lucy (c) h313B Poplar 
Jackson Macie (c) dom h506 Carr pi 
Jackson Marinda (wid Whit) r402 Murphy 
Jackson Martha (c) r808B Gerard 
Jackson Martha E textile wkr r2306 Dezern 
Jackson Mary (c) hl306 Glenn 
Jackson Maude tob wkr r2008 House av 
Jackson Minnie (c) tob wkr h502y 2 Foster 
Jackson Nora F (wid Arch M) h806 9th 
Jackson Norman C r2620 Lawndale av 
Jackson Reva (c) r408y 2 E Pettigrew 
Jackson Rosa L textile wkr r2306 Dezern 
Jackson Sarah J (wid Danl B) hl904 E Pettigrew 
Jackson Scott (c: Carrie) rllO Vincent 
Jackson Sophronie (wid Arch M) h2620 Lawndale av 
Jackson Sudie M (c) maid rl506 Concord 
Jackson Trios J (c) gro 2916 Mulberry h do 
Jackson Tolden (c) tob wkr rll20 Jackson 
Jackson Vada Mrs tob wkr h609 Shepherd 
Jackson W Andrew (Zola I) lndrymn rl807 Polmer 
Jackson Wesley (Flora) tob wkr rill N Alston av 
Jackson Wm (c; Mamie D) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co hl400 Fayette- 

Jackson Wm (Lee V) linemn hl907 Perry 

Jackson Wm F (Kath) mgr Henry Chanin Corp hl012 Shepherd 
Jackson Wm G (Helen P) slsmn h2503 Hart 
Jackson Willie I weaver rl904 E Pettigrew 
Jacobs Bryant (c) lab rl007 4th 
Jacobs Chas V (Bettie) mach hl209 E Main 
Jacobs Clifton M (Annie I) mach hl307 E Main 
Jacobs Donnie H (Nellie C) knitter rl209 E Main 
Jacobs Edgar J (M Lucille) plant opr Duke TJniversitv rll8 Exum 
Jacobs Edw (c; Ernestine! tob wkr rl313 Tucker 
Jacobs Goldie (c) r817 Willard 
Jacobs Isaac E (Annie) hosierywkr hl502 James 

Jacobs John B (Rosa B) watch repr 115V2 E Chapel Hill hl605 Lakewood 
Jacobs Kath E asst in physical education woman's college Duke Univ 

r dr> 
Jacobs Lillie M (c) dom h817 Willard 
Jacobs Minnie (wid W David) r805 Ridgeway av 
Jacobs Robt L (Corinna B) h905 Alabama 
Jaffe David student r704 N Roxboro 
Jaffe Ethel sten Phipps & Ranson r704 N Roxboro 
Jaffe Louis (Sadie: Philadelphia Bakery) h704 N Roxboro 
Jaffe Ruth sten Sigmund Meyer r704 N Roxboro 
Jake's Valetor Service (Jake Nurkin) clnrs and prsrs 112 E Main 
James Anthonv W (Susan N) wtchmn h724 13th 
James B (c: Lillie) h616B South 
James Beulah inspr r407 Morris 
James Callie (c) tob wkr r900 Pine 
James Cary (c; Bessie) lab r406 Piedmont av 

James David J (c: Annie) blksmith rear 611 Fayetteville h513 Euphane 
James Ella (c) dom rl504 N Hyde Park av 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 

i z 

F O 

i PO 

1 1—3 

a - 

Bf O P^*" S 



> f™* ^ 

O K»ii 11 j O 


1 >* 5 

I M 



O jllMuj > 

3 « 

2 L 


* i 

*» ti 1] c 


I c/as 




I 5>" 

s ^ • 

f o 



? O 


w 2 


< CO 


=3 S 
_l V> 


O * 



M 1 


111 | 
-J to 




z < 


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v> «• 






si 1 









Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Sanking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

James Elmo (c; Mary) lab b.606 Pickett 

James Geo W bus opr Durham Public Service Co r923 Dacian av 

James Helen E student r917 Green 

James Henry (c; Betty) groundmn Interstate Tel & Teleg Co r812 

James Hollis H (Maybelle) agt Imperial Life Ins Co h509 E Trinity av 
James Ira J textilewkr r717 14th 
James J Leslie (Plonnie H) supt hl825 W Pettigrew 
James Jas C (Ida B) County Milk Inspr h917 Green 
James Jasper T (Mvrtlei textile wkr h216 Anderson 
James Julia E (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sen r310 Umstead 
James Katie (c) tob wkr r419 Henry al 
James Laura (wid Steph) textile wkr h2305 C 
James Lee (c; Sarah) janitor Carolina Theatre hl031 Cornell 
James Lillie M tob wkr r2305 C 
James Lormie E (Cassie) textile wkr h917 11th 
James M Eloise student v917 Green 
James M Lois student rll9 Morris 
James Melton (c) student r529B Coleman a 1 
James Minnie (c) r422 Henry al 
James Nannie G (c) sch tchr r310 TJmstead 
James Nellie (c) tobwkr r908 Payetteville 
James P Watson (Ella) r910 Exum 
James Percy L (Corinne) silk wkr h702 Burch av 
James Perry R (Missour A) h204 Markham 
James Ralph C tobwkr r204 Markham 
James Robt cc; Willie) lab r417 Pine 
James Sallie (c) cook rl09 E Hillside av 
James Saml C tobwkr r2305 C 

James Sidney T (c; Julia E; Bull City Drug Store) b.310 TJmstead 
James Sidney T jr (c) student r310 TJmstead 
James Sylvia (c) tob wkr hll08 3d 

James Wm (Mamie L) barber North Durham Barber Shop h707 S Alston 
James Wm A (Ruth O) hll9 Morris 
Jamison Gabriel (c; Lula) tobwkr rl318 N Alston av 
Jamison Lois (c) student r607 Booker 
Jamison Maggie (c) tob wkr rl318 N Alston av 
Jamison Robt (c; Evelyn) tob wkr hl600 Albright rd 
Jamison Thos (c) lab rl318 N Alston av 
Janis Ray slsmn Summerfield's Inc r922 Monmouth av 
Jannetta Peter (Susanna) pdlr r414 Matthews 
Janney Emily instr Duke University r do 
Janutsos John (Unity Lunch) r407 N Queen 
Jarrett Arth W (Laura A) h2011 Ashe 
Jarrett Chas H supt West Durham Lmbr Co r Hillsboro rd 
Jefferies Floyd W auto mech Sou Battery & Elec Co r418 N Roxboro 
Jeffers see also Jeffreys and Jeffries 
Jeffers Fordyce (c) student r625 Dunbar 
Jeffers Frank (c; Janie) tob wkr h211 Gould 
Jeffers J Dennis (c; Anna) lab hl602 Albright rd 
Jeffers Jas (e; Johnnie) lab rllOl Willard 
Jeffers Marie L (c) drsmkr 1012 Morehead av h, do 
Jeffers Mary (c) dom r415 Roney 
Jeffers Pattie (c) cook h505 Umstead 
Jeffers Thebaud (c) student r625 Dunbar 
Jefferson Saml (c; Viola) lab h514 S Griggs av 

Ethrel J Daniel, James L Harward, Alonzo L Weatherspoon and Paul 

J Potts Special Representatives, 215-216 Geer Bldg 128 W Main, Tel 

Jefferys Dillard whsemn rl002 N Hyde Park av 
Jeffreys see also Jeffers and Jeffries 
Jeffreys Claudie L anaesthetist The Watts Hosp r do 
Jeffreys David E agt Life & Casualty Ins Co r614 Milton av 
Jeffreys Hazel F elk Ellis, Stone & Co r614 Milton av 
Jeffreys Leslie R elk r614 Milton av 


"A Pimpose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

E. S. PHILLIPS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 X. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

Jeffreys Lyle C r614 Milton av 

Jeffreys R Alvin elk McKay's Pharmacy r614 Milton av 

Jeffreys Rufus J (Florence C) gro 906 Jackson h614 Milton av 

Jeffreys Seymour B (Viola) spl officer h2417 Club blvd 

Jeffreys W Frank (Myrtle R) driver Durham Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co n 

2117 Englewood av 
Jeffreys Warren (c) barber Carolina Barber Shop h709 Whitted 

Jeffries see also Jeffers and Jeffreys 

Jeffries Alex (c; Vella) lab h310B Dowd 

Jeffries Allen (c; Alice) lab hl007 Hazel 

Jeffries Arth R Rev (c; Mattie) r601 Mobile av 

Jeffries Chas (c; Cornelia) tob wkr hll03 Geerwood 

Jeffries Claiborne D inspr r720 Liberty 

Jeffries Curtis (c) r510 Dowd 

Jeffries Delia (c) lndrs r603 Fowler av 

Jeffries Ellen (c) cook rll07 W Pettigrew 

Jeffries Elnora (c) dom hl204 Hanover 

Jeffries Ethel (o r603 Fowler av 

Jeffries Everett O (Edna) student roll W Chapel Hill 

Jeffries Guv L millwkr h720 Liberty 

Jeffries Lillian (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co rl007 Hazel 

Jeffries Lula (c) lndrywkr New Method Lndry rl609 Fayetteville 

Jeffries Marvland (c) waiter r510 Dowd 

Jeffries Payton (c; Surluta) brklyr hl609 Fayetteville 

Jeffries Plumber (c) lab hl606A E Pettigrew 

Jeffries Richd <c) rl606A E Pettigrew 

Jeffries Rov E r720 Liberty 

Jeffries Sanford S (c) truck driver Ry Exp Agcy Inc h510 Dowd 

Jeffries Walter (c) brklvr hl514A E Pettigrew 

Jeffries Wm L (c; Janie) cooper h601A Gray 

Jenkins Addie (c) lndrs r309 Roney 

Jenkins Arch (c; Lity) lab h2323 Crest 

Jenkins Berta (c) maid The Watts Hosp r2404 Fayetteville 

Jenkins Bertha (c) hosiervwkr r520 Martha 

Jenkins Blanche E (wid Wm A) h809 2d 

Jenkins Bobby L r420 N Mangum 

Jenkins Chas (c) hosiery wkr r426 Piedmont av 

Jenkins Chas (c) lab h905 3d 

Jenkins Clarence (c) tobwkr r520 Martha 

Jenkins Clarence L (Lillian) knitter h503 N Hyde Park av 

Jenkins Clavon B carp rl809 Bivins 

Jenkins Delia rl007 Glenn 

Jenkins Dempsey (c) hlnr Durham Plmbg Co r ws Odell 2 n Angier av 

Jenkins Dora (c) hosiervwkr h520 Martha 

Jenkins Earl (c) rll09 3d 

Jenkins Edgar (c) tob wkr r520 Martha 

Jenkins Eola (c) hll09 3d 

Jenkins Ethel (c> cook 1715 N Roxboro 

Jenkins Fredk (c) lab r512 South 

Jenkins Goldie (c) tobwkr rll09 3d 

Jenkins Hattie M (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch r512 Dunbar 

Jenkins Henrietta (c) lndrs h504 Hickorv 

Jenkins Henry C (Mollie G) formn h420 N Mangum 

Jenkins Herbert C crane opr r420 N Mangum 

Jenkins Ivory (c) tob wkr r503 Carrington 

Jenkins Jos (c: Lula) tob wkr h717 Cameron 

Jenkins Jos (c; Maggie) tob wkr r327 Matthews 

Jenkins Jos T (Harriett C) h2109 Angier av 

Jenkins Lessie (c) lndrs r316 Peachtree pi 

Jenkins Lillian (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Jenkins Lillie (c) r516 Grant 

Jenkins Lindsay (c) truck driver r717 Chapel Hill rd 

Jenkins Lisbon (c; Kate) carp r818 Chapel Hill rd 

Jenkins Lizzie (c) dom h707 Dover 

Jenkins Lula (c) dom r2315 Fayetteville 

Jenkins Luther (c) tob wkr h531 S Briggs av 

Jenkins Matilda (c) maid r905 3d 

Jenkins Mellie (c) h2726 E Pettigrew 

Jenkins Minnie (c) hosierywkr h704 Goodwin al 

Jenkins Minnie (wid Calvin C) rl506 Caswell pi 

Jenkins Nelson (c) h818 Chapel Hill rd 

Jenkins Fauline (c) cook h519B E Proctor 

Jenkins Polly B sten r420 N Mangum 

Jenkins Rosa (c) student r905 3d 

Jenkins Roy E (Pauline E) pntr M106 Hester 




$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Jenkins T Lonnie (A Blanche) carp hl809 Bivins 
Jenkins Theo R (Ormah H) instr h2003 Club blvd 
Jenkins Thos (c) lab rll09 3d 
Jenkins Thos (c; Magnolia) tob wkr h710 Dover 
Jenkins Thos Cc; Verna) tob wkr h2404 Favetteville 
Jenkins Walker (c) lab r905 3d 
Jenkins Walter A rl006 W Feabodv 

Jenkins Wannell (c) delmn University Pharmacy Inc r905 3d 
Jenkins Waverlv L tobwkr rl8C9 Bivins 
Jenkins Wilbert A instr Duke University rl0O6 Shepherd 
Jenkins Wm (c; Sabra) lab hll07 3d 
Jenkins Wm C (Elmma G) auto wkr hl706 College rd 
Jenkins Wilson B r2109 Angier av 
Jennings Arth E (Selma C) loomfixer hl207 Wall 

Jensen Evelyn cataloguer Duke University Library r206 N Gregson apt 2 
Jensen Howard E (Blanche E) prof Duke University h411 Gregson 
Jernigan Claude W textilewkr r718 8th 
Jernigan Emma (wid John) r2611 Hillsboro rd 
Jernigan Ernest M (Vallie B) tobwkr h920 Burch av 
Jernigan Hilda Mrs slswn Lerner Shops r206 Broadway 
Jernigan Mae nurse 2020 Club blvd r do 
Jernigan Roy F ship elk City Baking Co r920 Burch av 
Jervay Margt L (c) sten N C Mut Life Ins Co rl003 Fayetteville 
Jeter John (c) cook Peoples Cafe & Lunch r610B Ray al 
Jeter John D (Mary E) h2009y 2 Chapel Hill rd 
Jett Lizzie (c) tobwkr r502 Gray 
Jett Mattie (c) tobwkr h605 Mobile av 
Jewell Sarah (c) r415 Cozart av 
Jinnette Wm S trav slsmn rll03 N Duke 

Jobe Murray G (Ruby B; O R Blackley Plumbing Co) h2405 B 
Johns Bettie (wid Patk H) hl200 6th 
Johns Chas H (Rachael) mstr mech n806 6th 
Johns Dora (c) tobwkr h207B E Proctor 
Johns Douglas L (wid Thos J) r924 W Trinity av 
Johns Hazel V sch tchr r806 6th 
Johns May tobwkr r415 Canal 
Johns Patk H (Emily W) collr rl200 6th 
Johns Pearl M rl200 6th 

Johnsen Helen Mrs (Permanent Wave Studio) h331 W Main (7th fl) 
Johnsen Kath F student r331 W Main (7th fl) 
Johnson A Carl (Delia) carp rl602 Lathrop 
Johnson Adell (c) mgr The Biltmore r332y 2 E Pettigrew 
Johnson Agnes (wid Jas S) h503 Bruce 
Johnson Alex B (Virginia L) auto mech h2206 Hackney 
Johnson Angier (wid Floyd W) r210 S Alston av 
Johnson Anna (c) h511 Husband al 
Johnson Anna (c) tobwkr r2107 Favetteville 
Johnson Anna F (c) lndrywkr r511 Husband al 
Johnson Annie (c) dom r710 Dover 
Johnson Annie (c) fctywkr h707 Willard 
Johnson Annie C (wid Clyde E) hlOll Minerva 
Johnson Annie L Mrs r605 N Elm 

Johnson Archie C (Nettie H) opr Postal Teleg-Cable Co h215 Manmouth 
Johnson Arth (c; Bertha) lab h507A South 
Johnson Arth (c; Eliza) tobwkr hlll5 Willard 
Johnson Autrey M (c) dom r208 N Elizabeth 
Johnson Benj (c) r2307 Crest 
Johnson Benj (c) lab r412A Poplar 
Johnson Benj (c; Eulaj pkr hl223 Fayetteville 
Johnson Benj (c) tobwkr r413 Pine 
Johnson Bennett J printer r503 Bruce 
Johnson Bertha (c) dom r502y 2 Foster 
Johnson Bessie (c) tobwkr r602 Pickett 
Johnson Billie Mrs rl07 N Queen 

Johnson Blanche (wid Ernest) looper rl015 Angier av 
Johnson Bruce W (Sadie B) servicemn hl003 Burch av 
Johnson Bunnie (c; Novella) textilewkr h2930 Mulberry 
Johnson C mach Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc r2110 Gin 
Johnson C A v-pres N C Joint Stock Land Bank r Tarboro N C 
Johnson C Baxter miller Austin-Heaton Co r2322 Englewood av 
Johnson Caleb (c; Willie) lab r307 Avery 
Johnson Callena (c) dom rl008 Kent 
Johnson Callie M (wid Wm P) h708 N Mangum 

Johnson Caughey C (Delia A) cost acct Durham Cotton Mfg Co Inc h 
1011 Park av 



Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires — Exide Batteries 
115 N. DUKE ST. TEL. N-173 

Johnson Chas (c) sten r606 Dunbar 

Johnson Chas E (M Bertha) bus opr Durham Fublic Service Co h205 
N Driver av 

Johnson Chas E jr elk r205 N Driver av 

Johnson Chas R slsmn Alexander Motor Co rl08 S Queen 

Johnson Clarence (c> lab r416 Roney 

Johnson Clarence tobwkr r414 Ashton pi 

Johnson Clarence A (Roberta) mach h4l2 Morris 

Johnson Clarence H shoe repr Durham Shoe Rebuilders r725 8th 

Johnson Claudie (c) maid r613 Branch pi 

Johnson Connie L (Nettie) hosierywkr rl005 Morning Glory av 

Johnson Cornelia (c) Indrywkr New Method Lndry r809 Drew 

Johnson Currv R (Sallie) r910 9th 

Johnson Cyrus B millwright h2322 Englewood av 

Johnson Daisy Mrs textilewkr r415 Anderson 

Johnson Danl (c; Rebecca) tobwkr h712 Pargo 

Johnson Danl A (Mary) hosierywk h405 Walker 

Johnson David (c) r506 Lyon 

Johnson David (c; Sophronia) lab hl308 C 

Johnson David (c; Mary) lab h2107 Fayetteville 

Johnson David jr (c) lab r2107 Fayetteville 

Johnson David D ins agt h205 Dowd 

Johnson Dillie h609 Primitive 

Johnson Dora (c) rl007 Willard 

Johnson Dwight hlpr rl024 Angier av 

Johnson Dwight W (Clarine) pntr h511 Barbee 

Johnson Earl (Nora K) textilewkr hll07 Franklin 

Johnson Edw (c; Nezzie) lab h413 Pine 

Johnson Edw (c) truck driver r802 Pickett 

Johnson Edw C (Ellie C) bdg 106 N Great Jones h do 

Johnson Edw L (c) lab r511 Husband al 

Johnson Edwin P wtchmn r201 Jackson 

Johnson Eliz (c) maid Bowen Hotel r201% E Main 

Johnson Ella (c) cook hl402 Glenn 

Johnson Ella (c) dom h2508 Clyde 

Johnson Ella L (wid Chas) h609 N Maple 

Johnson Elmer emp Durham Public Library rllO Wyatt 

Johnson Emma (wid Allen J) r706 N Hvde Park av 

Johnson Ernest J (c) porter Raylass Chain Stores Inc rl211 W Pettigrew 

Johnson Estelle Mrs hosierywkr h2503 Hart 

Johnson Esther W stmftr r725 8th 

Johnson Ethel Mrs h704 Liberty 

Johnson Ethel F rl08 W Poctor 

Johnson Eula (c) maid Durham High Sch rl223 Fayetteville 

Johnson Eva r2322 Englewood av 

Johnson Eva M (wid Edwin P) h201 Jackson 

Johnson Evan (c) tobwkr r715 Whitted 

Johnson Fleta (c) tobwkr r423 Bailey 

Johnson Flora E elk Crabtree's Dry Clng Co r609 W Chapel Hill 

Johnson Fred A (Lebbie) auto mecn David H Moore r2110 Gin 

Johnson Fredk r715 Vickers av 

Johnson Fredk (c; Lula) lab h302 Fulton 

Johnson Geo (Nora) r907 Glendale av 

Johnson Geo (c; Pattie) lab h906A Walton 

Johnson Geo (Victoria) silkwkr r821 Burch av 

Johnson Geo G cash r302 Watts 

Johnson Geo I (Ethel M) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h813 Hollo- 

Johnson Gertrude hosierywkr r207 Stokes 

Johnson Gladys slswn S H Kress & Co r Morrisville N C 

Johnson Glenn W (L Beulah) sch tchr hl511 Maryland av 

Johnson Grover C fixer Durham Hosiery Mills r709 Holloway 

Johnson Hallie (c) rl304 Jackson 

Johnson Harriet (c) maid r615 Ray al 

Johnson Harry truck driver r310 Gray 

Johnson Harvey E knitter r921 Ramseur 

Johnson Hattie (c) dom rl004 Juniper 

Johnson Haywood (c; Mary) lab rl012 3d 

Johnson Hazel (c) r311 E Proctor 

Johnson Henry (c) lab r511 Husband al 

Johnson Henry (c) textilewkr r2307 Crest 

Johnson Herbert T elk Sou Ry System hl08 W Proctor 

Johnson Herman (c) brklyr r507B Branch pi 

Johnson Herman V textilewkr r213 Anderson 

Johnson Hubert L (Mabel T) formn h222 Monmouth av 



o O 


^ i^ - 

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m warn 





lo 30 

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m 50 § 


































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»— 3 























Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service • 

' Always Open 

PHONE L-4851 

Johnson Hyacinth r2322 Englewood av 

Johnson Ida E Mrs rl313 2d 

Johnson Ida L (c) lndrs rl004 5th 

Johnson Inez (c) tobwkr r715 Whitted 

Johnson Irene r310 Gray 

Johnson Isaac (c) clothes prsr r908 Ebony 

Johnson Isaiah <c) lab r715 Whitted 

Johnson Ivar M (Bertha O) h803 Kolloway 

Johnson Ivey W (Ella B) hosierywkr h907 S Alston av 

Johnson J A formn Am Tob Co Inc r408 Morris 

Johnson J Elwood uphol Durham Furn Co Inc r406 Morgan 

JOHNSON J ERIC (Helen N; Johnson Motor Co), h617 Morebead av. 

Tel L-5731 
Johnson J Monroe ship elk Swift & Co r413 Ashton pi 
Johnson Jack P (Nannie la sis supvr h908 Broad 
Johnson Jacob (c) barber Regal Barber Shop r522 Pine 
Johnson Jas (c) lab rl223 Fayetteville 
Johnson Jas (c) waiter rll2 Cora apt 4 
Johnson Jas B (Dora) mach h905 Washington 
Johnson Jas C (Ada Y) textilewkr h416 Anderson 
Johnson Jas J r416 Anderson 
Johnson Janie (c) tobwkr r813 Gerard 
Johnson Jasper (c) rlOOS Kent 
Johnson Jesse (c; Martha) lab h rear 911 4th 
Johnson Jesse S (c; Julia) gdnr hl211 W Pettigrew 
Johnson Jocelyn N slswn S H Kress & Co rlOOl Cleveland 
Johnson Joel G r2702 Williams 
Johnson John (c; Mary) textilewkr h2509 Clyde 
Johnson John B assorter New Method Lndry r609 Primitive 
Johnson John B (Lizzie J) pntr h207 Stokes 
Johnson John H (Nettie J) bldg contr 1001 Oakland av h do 
Johnson John K (Annie) fruits 310 Gray h do 
Johnson John P r921 Ramseur 

Johnson John T (Laura L) emp Abstone Iron Wks h2114 Angier av 
Johnson John W (c; Lennie) hosierywkr hSIOA S Queen 
Johnson John W (c) lab r418 Piedmont av 
Johnson Jos (Katie) knitter r206 Walker 
Johnson Jos (c) lab rl09 Piedmont av 
Johnson Jos E firemn City Fire Dept r212 N Mangum 
Johnson Jos Q Rev (c; Alice) h802 Pickett 
Johnson Josephine (c) hl007 Willard 
Johnson Josie (c) lndrs h rear 507 S Queen 
Johnson Juanita cash Criterion Theatre rlOOl Cleveland 
Johnson Junie H (Ada A) hl024 Angier av 
Johnson Katie tobwkr r715 Vickers av 
Johnson L Ruth r222 Monmouth av 
Johnson Laura (c) r802 Pickett 
Johnson Lee (c; Sarah) lab h2412 Crest 

Johnson Lela B (c) lndrywJsr Rite-Way Lndry r511 Husband al 
Johnson Lemuel (c; Mamie) cementwkr h309A E Proctor 
Johnson Lennie (wid W Herbert) h725 8th 
Johnson Leo (c; Hattie) tobwkr h513 Coleman al 
Johnson Leona slswn F W Woolworth Co r Morrisville N C 
Johnson Leona (c) tobwkr r715 Walnut 
Johnson Lewis (c) lab r402 Bass 
Johnson Lillian M textilewkr r416 Anderson 
Johnson Lillie Mrs hlOOl Cleveland 

Johnson Lucius (c; Nettie E) chf cook Lincoln Hoso h613 Dunbar 
Johnson Lula (c) rl007 Willard 
Johnson Macie (c) tobwkr r208 Division 
Johnson Mai r2503 Hart 
Johnson Malissa r2322 Englewood av 
Johnson Mamie (c) cook r418 Henry al 
Johnson Mance F (Lula A) barber Washington Duke Barber Shop hl410 

Johnson Margt (c) tobwkr r813 Gerard 
Johnson Margt M r921 Ramseur 
Johnson Marie (c) rl008 Kent 
Johnson Martha (c) lndrs h2307 Crest 
Johnson Martha J (wid M Jesse) hl205 N Roxboro 
Johnson Martha L rl005 Demarius 
Johnson Mary (c) h715 Whitted 
Johnson Marv (c) cook rl004 5th 
Johnson Marv B r804 Walnut 
Johnson Mary E elk Eckerd's of Durham Inc r718 W Chapel Hill 





5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Johnson Mary M elk Am Tob Co Inc r214 E Markham av 

Johnson Matthew (Rosa) hosierywkr h2407 Ashe 

Johnson Mattie textilewkr hi 107 Alma 

Johnson Maybelle (c) dom rl211 W Pettigrew 

Johnson Mavbelle Mrs pkr r326 South 

Johnson Melvin (c) cook 1120 w Main 

Johnson Mittie (c) dorn h520B Elliott al 

Johnson Mittie C (wid Claude L) h214 E Markham av 

Johnson Mollie L Mrs h921 Ramseur 

Johnson Morrison nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

JOHNSON MOTOR CO (J Eric Johnson), John M Tiller Business Mgr, 

Distributors of "Buick and Pontiac Motor Cars" 326-328 E Main, Tels 

L-1841 and J-1491 (See marginal line front cover and ,page 31) 
Johnson N Lucile (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sen r613 Dunbar 
Johnson Nannie hosierywkr r201 N Driver av 
Johnson Nannie (wid Randall) r901 Washington 
Johnson Naomi (c) tobwkr h508B Ray al 
Johnson Nettie P (wid John G) r916 Broad 
Johnson Nola tobwkr r708 N Mangum 
Johnson Nora (c) maid r514 Ramsey 
Johnson Nora Mrs hosierywkr r201 N Driver av 
Johnson Norman M (Bettie B) phys 128% E Main h302 Watts 
Johnson Novella E r416 Anderson 
Johnson Odelia (c) hosierywkr r906 Macklin 
Johnson Onie L carp rlOOl Oakland av 

Johnson Otis A (Florence E; Citizens Realty & Ins Co) hi 105 Eva 
Johnson Padgett M elk r2509 B 
Johnson Paul (c) dish washer rl211 W Pettigrew 
Johnson Pauline r704 Liberty 
Johnson Pauline (c) tobwkr h518 Husband al 
Johnson Pearl (wid Fred K) textilewkr rll5 S Hyde Park av 
Johnson Pearley pntr r911 Liberty 

Johnson Peter (c) sta atndt Chas N Harris r715 Whitted 
Johnson Phoebe (c) lndrs r908 Macklin 
Johnson Polly (c) dom r531 Coleman al 
Johnson-Prevost Dry Cleaning Co Inc John M Prevost mgr 424 W Main 

plant 1106 Broad 
Johnson Priscilla (c) rl05 Barnum 

Johnson R Tyson (Georgianna) ship elk hl511 Angier av 
Johnson Rachel (c) midwife 604 Guy al r do 
Johnson, Randall L (Annie B) tobwkr h809 Harper 
Johnson Raymond B (Durham Glass Wks) r2509 B 
Johnson Rena (c) dom r806% Glendale av 
Johnson Reuben J agt Durham Life Ins Co r818 Wilkerson av 
Johnson Robt H (Lola D) tobacconist hl709 N Roxboro 
Johnson Roman r908 Broad 
Johnson Rosa (c) dom rl03 Corporation 
Johnson Rosa (c) dom r317 Division 
Johnson Rosa (c) lndrs r512 Ramsey 
Johnson Rov (c; Luvenia) tobwkr r721 Walnut 
Johnson Ruffin R (Mattie B) fruits h318 Gray 
Johnson S Lewis (c; Nonie) barber 1405 Chapel Hill rd h801 do 
Johnson Sadie (c) tobwkr r316 Dodson 

Johnson Sadie B Mrs elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co hl003 Burch av 
Johnson Sallie (c) hl004 5th 
Johnson Sallie (c) tobwkr rll20 South 
Johnson Sallie M smstrs ri024 Angier av 
Johnson Saml r806 9th 
Johnson Saml (c) fctywkr rl007 Willard 
Johnson Saml (c) lab h807 Colfax 
Johnson Sarah (c) midwife 110 Piedmont av h do 
Johnson Sarah A (c) r517 S Elm 
Johnson Scale J slsmn W T Former Co r820 Broad 
Johnson Sidney (c) lab r205 N Elizabeth 
Johnson Sol (c; Annie) lab h402 Bass 
Johnson Squire (c; Armelia) tobwkr h2309 Fayetteville 
Johnson Stanford (c) rl007 Willard 
Johnson Stella (c) tobwkr h416 Roney 

Johnson Studio The Chas J Sasscer mgr photogs 103% E Main 
Johnson Sylvester D (Alvanie) carp h405 Salem 
Johnson Sylvester G (Leona) knitter h2702 Williams 
Johnson Sylvia (c) tobwkr r606 Jackson 
Johnson T Hendricks (Bessie D) formn Durham Hosiery Mills No 6 h709 

Johnson T Moyle slsmn Shepherd Furn Co r2509 B 




212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Johnson T Wiley (c; Ida M) h705 Booker 

Johnson Thelma (c) dom h206 W Piedmont av 

Johnson Theny elk r605 S Duke 

Johnson Theo (c) cook Washington Duke Hotel r403 Umstead 

Johnson Thos (c; Marie) lab h511 Carrington 

Johnson Thos (c; Curlev) tobwkr rl208 Averv 

Johnson Thos c) tobwkr r513 Coleman al 

Johnson Thos (c) tobwkr hll20 South 

Johnson Thos B (Ollie L: Durham Glass Wks) h2509 B 

Johnson Thos M (Pauline Z) bus driver h902 Cleveland 

Johnson Tildon (Lorena) weaver h901 Washington 

Johnson Troy weaver r901 Washington 

Johnson Troy F (Sadie B) truck driver h618 Yancey 

Johnson Umphrey (c; Florence) farmer hlOlO Washington 

Johnson Varney M Mrs h516 Barbee 

Johnson Vernon W (Louise P) hllO Wyatt 

Johnson W Ernest hosierywkr r921 Ramseur 

Johnson W Holt (Ella E) mach opr h615 McMannen 

Johnson Wallace S (c; Rosa) hlpr hll03 Morehead av 

Johnson Walter (c) lab rl05 Barnum 

Johnson Walter (c) lab r402 Bass 

Johnson Walter (c; Lucy) lab hl200 Calvin 

Johnson Walter J (c; Cornelia) plstr n809 Drew 

Johnson West (c) lab h309 Foster 

Johnson Wm (c) r714 Willard 

Johnson Wm (c) lab r531 S Briggs av 

Johnson Wm (c; Ida) lab h304 Fulton 

Johnson Wm (c; Onia) lab h506B Grant 

Johnson Wm (c; Louise) tobwkr r607 Canal 

Johnson Wm (c) tobwkr h422 Henry al 

Johnson Wm (c; Mary) tobwkr h418 Piedmont av 

Johnson Wm A (Mary) textilewkr h213 Anderson 

Johnson Wm J (Theresa L) hosierywkr h406 N Elizabeth 

Johnson Wm L (Rebecca M) textilewkr hl201 Wolf 

Johnston Christopher (Lucy G) asst prof Duke University I1II8 W See- 

Johnston Frank O r408 Morris 

Johnston Howard W (Pearl E) mgr U-Drive-It Yourself Inc h830 Wil- 
kerson av 

Johnston J' Howard (Laura L) textilewkr hl209 Worth 

Johnston John S (Maude N) elk r410 N Queen 

Johnston Maude Mrs elk R L Baldwin Co r410 N Queen 

Johnston Robt L (Mary B) agt Continental Life Ins Co Ji604 E Trinity av 

Jolley John L (Lillian A) electn h909 Holloway 

Jolley Louise L silkwkr r909 Holloway 

Jolley Woodrow W r909 Holloway 

Jolnay Laboratories (John H Henley) toilet preparation mfrs 401% N 
Mangum R9 

Jones A C Mrs r2Q4 Buchanan blvd 

Jones A Floyd (Lula F) slsmn J A Murdock Co Inc b.513 Barbee 

Jones Aaron (c; Cora) janitor r509 Gray 

Jones Aaron (c) lab rll2 Ames pi 

Jones Adolphus D (c; Dillie) h605 Dowd 

Jones Adolphus G (Anna) h805 Broad 

Jones Alba Mrs cash Ellis. Stone & Co r508 McMannen 

Jones Albert B (c; Sarah) janitor hl213 Pine 

Jones Albert W (Alba) collr Shepherd Furn Co r508 McMannen 

Jones Allen (c; Lizzie) tobwkr r711 Milton av 

Jones Almena tobwkr r614 Rigsbee av 

Jones Altimore A (c) hl210 Colfax 

Jones Alton L (Clara W) elk Haywood A Jones h2002 E Main 

Jones Andrew J (Nettie V) mech Alexander Motor Co rllll Buchanan 

Jones Anna (c) dom h607 Ramsey 
Jones Annie (c) tobwkr r607 Branch pi 
Jones Annie (c) dom r217 Moline 
Jones Annie (c) tobwkr h215 Corporation 
Jones Annie B (c) maid r2320 Erwin rd 
Jones Annie B (c) tobwkr rl027 Moreland av 
Jones Archie (c) stoker hl207 Hanover 
Jones Arnice M (c) Indrywkr Model Lndry Co r311 Roney 
Jones Augustus S (Margt) h319 Smith 
Jones Azalene r905 S Alston av 
Jones B Buck (Nora) mach opr hl06 Young av 
Jones Beatrice nurse The Watts Hosp r do 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Power and Lighting Service 


Jones Bernice C tobwkr r419 Morris 

Jones Bernice U (wid Robt M) h52l Holloway 

Jones Bertha M Mrs h2204 E Pettigrew 

Jones Beryl tchr Edgemont Graded Sen r404 Morris 

Jones Bessie (c) cook r421 Piedmont av 

Jones Bessie (c> tobwkr r700 Pine 

Jones Betsy McL (wid M Henry) h222 Morris 

Jones Burkett S (A Mozelle) barber Community Barber Shop h2402 

Jones Cabell jr ship elk Durham Fruit & Prod Co Inc r603 Watts apt 4 

Jones Cecil R lOma R) colir Christian-Harward Furn Co rl09 N Hyde 
Park av 

Jones Celesta (c) sch tchr r807 Pine 

Jones Cephus (c) lab r208 1 /4 Haywood 

Jones Chas (c) pntr rl032 Cornell 

Jones Chas C (Ratha M) slsmn Nicholson Motor Co Inc h823 Buchanan 

Jones Clara W Mrs mgr collection dent The Durham Merchants Assn 
Inc h2002 E Main 

Jones Clarence J (Evelyn M) City Auditor h605 Club rd 

Jones Claude M (Lillie L) knitter h712 Eva 

Jones Claude V (Placyde P; Bryant & Jones) hllO E Geer 

Jones Clifton (c; Eunice) hlpr r514 Gray 

Jones Clifton (c; Sallie) textilewkr h409 StJoseph 

Jones Cora (c) dom h505B Poster 

Jones Cora L (c) tobwkr hl027 Moreland av 

Jones Corbin R (Hyacinth) inspr h903 w Markham av 

Jones Corinne (c) lndrs h912 N Elizabeth 

Jones-Council Co (Marvin T and J Troy Jones) whol gros 326 E Peabody 

Jones Cyrus D (Mamie F) bkpr Durham Hosiery Mills No 6 hl09 N Hyde 
Park av 

Jones David (c) porter Lochmoor Hotel h512A Banks al 

Jones Delia (wid Beary M) hlll3 Buchanan rd 

Jones Diamond (c) hlpr h828 Glendale av 

Jones Docia (c) maid 1808 College rd 

Jones Dorothy elk Am Suppliers Inc r912 N Mangum 

Jones Dorothy (wid Jas A) r505 E Chapel Hill 

Jones Dorsey (c) lab h305B Lee 

Jones Dothan (c; Mary) tobwkr h704A Dowd 

Jones Douglas (Celia) trav slsmn r520 McMannen 

Jones Doward (c) lab hll2 Ames pi 

Jones Drucilla Mrs r818 Morgan 

Jones E Leyburn elk Durham Hosiery Mills r404 Morris 

Jones E Linwood student r216 Parrish pi 

Jones Earl T (Nancy M) slsmn h603 Eva 

Jones Earlie E Rev (c; Ida M) hll08 Holt 

Jones Early (c; Ora) hlpr hl004 Fargo 

Jones Edw (c) janitor r205 Bell 

Jones Edw (c; Estelle )lab h6A Adams av 

Jones Edw (c; Annie L) orderly Duke University Hosp rll02 Mason 

Jones Edw E (Lillie B) rdwkr h2410 Owen 

Jones Edw T (Dora G) slsmn Ai'mour & Co h402 N Queen 

Jones Edwin B ship elk Thomas & Howard Co r Cary N C 

Jones Effie (c; Rosa A) tobwkr hl016 2d 

Jones Eliz r405 W Pettigrew 

Jones Eliz (c) tobwkr r514 Gray 

Jones Eliz M (wid Elbert T) h308 E Trinity av 

Jones Ella (c) dom r309 Lee 

Jones Ella (c) tobwkr rl05 Piedmont av 

Jones Ellis D (c; Ruby) pharm h401 Umstead 

Jones Elmer S typewriter mech The Rose Agcv Inc r Old Oxford hwy 

Jones Elzie (c) gdnr r2319 Shirley 

Jones Elzie M (Clara) carp h2607 Ashe 

Jones Emanuel (c; Drucilla) butler h305 Enterprise 

Jones Emma hostess First Presbyterian Ch r305 E Main 

Jones Erdine hosierywkr r307 N Maple 

Jones Ernest (c; Rosa) h704 South 

Jones Ernest L (Ollie B) transfer 117 S Mangum h216 Parrish pi 

Jones Ernest O (Rachel) mgr Shepherd Furn Co r Bon Air av 

Jones Ervin (c: Mildred) tobwkr h508A StJoseph 

Jones Ervin C (Alice D) formn Durham Herald Co Inc hh832y 2 N Man- 

Jones Estelle tobwkr rl06 N Gregson 

Jones Esther (c) matron Daisy E Scarborough Day Nursery r525 E Proc- 


Durham Realty and Insurance 

First Floor Trust Building ItT^Z R?,Ki. RS! 

Jones Ethel (c) r511 Branch pi 
Jones Ethel (c) dom h317% Dowd 
Jones Eula L tobwkr r310 S Gregson 

Jones Eunice asst in education Duke University r805 Broad 
Jones Everlee (c; Lina) cook h811 Grant 
Jones Fannie (c) dom r605 Dowd 
Jones Fannie (c) tobwkr h504 Ramsev 
Jones Farris L (wid Atlas H) hll7 Holloway 
Jones Faylene tchr Edgemont Graded Sch rlOl N Driver av 
Jones Flem C carp r2509 B 

Jones Florence P Mrs elk Ellis, Stone & Co rl013 Holloway 
Jones Florrie L asst dept mgr R L Baldwin Co h916 W Trinity av apt 9 
Jones Flossie (c) h711 Milton av 
Jones Frances (wid Chas E) rll07 Alabama 
Jones Frank (c; Lillie) cement fnshr h518 Carr pi 
Jones Frank (c; Lula) lab hl207 Jackson 
Jones Frank (c; Rosa) lab r811 Willard 

Jones Frank (c) prsr Johnson-Prevost Dry Cleaning- Co rill Verbena 
Jones Frank (c) tobwkr h311 Roney 
Jones Frank W (Lucile M) elk h215 Parrish pi 
Jones Frazier (c: Mary) tobwkr r908 Walton 
Jones Fred tobwkr r209 May 
Jones Fred T rllll Buchanan rd 
Jones Fredk (c; Beatrice) truck driver h218 Poplar 
Jones G N Walters student rll6 W Seeman 
Jones Garland (c; Dora) tobwkr h704 Gray 
Jones Geneva (c) dom h607 Branch nl 
Jones Geo (c: Bessie) hl610B E Pettigrew 
Jones Geo (c; Louella) brklyr hi 109 Cornell 
Jones Geo L car repr Sou Rv System r RD 6 
Jones Geo P (Texanna) hosiery wkr h209 May 
Jones Geo W cabtmkr Harry F Jones r2008 Englewood 
Jones Geo W (Era) farmer h905 S Alston av 
Jones Geo W (c) shoe shiner Rogers & Green h508 E Pettigrew 
Jones Georgia (c) cook r701 Dowd 
Jones Gernie W (A Margt) pntr r612 Milton av 
Jones Gertrude hosierywkr r307 N Maple 
Jones Gertrude millwkr rlll5 Liberty 
Jones Gladys hosierywkr rl015 Simmons 
Jones Gladys nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Jones Gladys tobwkr r508 S Alston av 
Jones Gladys V slswn S H Kress & Co rl303 S Alston av 
Jones Graham C (Felca B) mgr Ray Lbr Co h207 Hammond 
Jones Gretchen (c) elk Hezekjah & Shouard r804 Pine 
Jones Guy (c) lab r909 Willard al 
Jones H Dennett slsmn r Washington Duke Hotel 
Jones Hallie (c) tobwkr h320 Matthews 

Jones Harold (c; Mary) cook Cease Lunch System rl22 Division 
Jones Harrv F (Cleo T) cabtmkr 214 Hunt h20C8 Englewood av 
Jones Haywood (c; Mabel) tobwkr h2406 Favetteville 
Jones Haywood A (Lela D) meats 406 W Main hlOl N Driver av 
Jones Haywood A jr (Edith J) elk Haywood A Jones h507 N Driver av 
Jones Henry (c; Mary) tobwkr hlll2 Shaw 
Jones Herman (c; Bertha) tobwkr h605A Branch nl 
Jones Herman jr (Hattie) printer h511 Carlton av 
Jones Hillman (c; Flora) lab rl05 Cora 
Jones Hilton L (c; Pearlie) firemn Geer bldg h915 Ferrell 
Jones Hoffman r508 Gurley 
Jones Hotel (c; Josephine Young) 502 Ramsey 
Jones Hunter H (Durham Blue Printers) r703 S Duke 
Jones Hurley L formn Rochelle's Battery & Ignition Service r712 Mark- 
Jones Ida F elk PO r805 Broad 
Jones Ha M topper rl015 Simmons 
Jones Iola (c) dom r704 Cameron 
Jones Isaac (c; Gloria) shoe repr h508A Pine 
Jones J Council (Addie) wtchmn h616 Reservoir (E Durham) 
Jones J Donie r715 W Chapel Hill 
Jones J Elwood (Gaynelle E) rl214 Broad 

Jones J Marvin (Nancy G) bkpr Borden Brick & Tile Co r506 N Driver av 
Jones J Troy (Ruby; Jones-Council Co) r Cary N C 
Jones Jas (c; Alice) r2320 Erwin rd 
Jones Jas (c) chauf r803 Chapel Hill rd 
Jones Jas (c; Fannie) gdnr h205 McCollum al 
Jones Jas hosierywkr rl015 Simmons 


Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG, Manager 

Jones Jas (c) janitor r808 Chapel Hill rd 

Jones Jas (c: Annie) lab rlll2 Shaw 

Jones Jas A (Ruby) knitter hl06 N Blacknall 

Jones Jas C (Nina B) hl305 Liberty 

Jones Jas T (Rosa W) meatctr h401 Canal 

Jones Jasper (c) hlpr r408% E Pettigrew 

Jones Jennie (wid Henry P) tobwkr hllll Buchanan rd 

Jones Jesse (c; Ella) hlpr hl204 Pine 

Jones Jesse (c; Mary) lab h206 Johnson 

Jones Jesse (c; Nannie) lab b.1404 E Pettigrew 

Jones Jesse J (Beulah A) slsmn h708 Markham 

Jones Jessie E cash Haywood A Jones rlOl N Driver av 

Jones Jetson (c) shoe shiner r608 Dowd 

Jones Jimmie sch tchr rll09 Minerva 

Jones John A CO r507B Elliott al 

Jones John A (c) tobwkr h807 Pine 

Jones John B (Mary B) slsmn h707 Chapel Hill rd 

Jones John C (Hallie P) tobwkr r614 Rigsbee av 

Jones John O (c) rl015 2d 

Jones John R (Johanna) overseer hl214 Broad 

Jones John W (Myrtle) pntr r319 Smith 

Jones Jonnie T (Essie L) ins agt h710 Holloway 

Jones Jos (c) rl008 Rosedale av 

Jones Jos D (Madge I) tobwkr hl316 S Alston av 

Jones Jos L (Geneva) slsmn h20iy2 N Church 

Jones Jos W (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co h713 Booker 

Jones Josephine (c) tobwkr rlOlO W Proctor 

Jones Josie (c) maid r918 Thaxton av 

Jones Josie (c) tobwkr r818 Gattis 

Jones Julia (c) r509 E Proctor 

Jones Julia (c) cook r624 Price 

Jones Junius (c; Olivia) lab h217 Moline 

Jones K Dennis (Nettie) mach h409 Ashton pi 

Jones Katie (c) cook r908 Pickett 

Jones Lacy (c) cook hll23y 2 Webb al 

Jones Laura (c) tobwkr h313A Poplar 

Jones Lee (c; Bessie) lab r326 Matthews 

Jones Lee E (c) rll2 Ames pi 

Jones Lelia (wid Frank) r207 S Guthrie av 

Jones Lena <c) Indrs r212 Macon 

Jones Leonard E silkwkr r710 Holloway 

Jones Leonidas J (Lula H) h703 S Duke 

Jones Lettie (c) tobwkr r707 Pickett 

Jones Lewis A mach rl221 6th 

Jones Lexie (c: Adelle) lab h2524 E Pettigrew 

Jones Lillian rll7 Holloway 

Jones Lillian B r502 McMannen 

Jones Lillie (c) maid 1411 Alabama 

Jones Lillie A (wid Lambert C) h814 2d 

Jones Lily N prin Geo W Watts Sch r608 W Church Hill 

Jones Lizzie (c) dom rlOlO W Proctor 

Jones Lois student rlOl N Driver av 

Jones Lonnie (c; Amie) tobwkr r307 Roney 

Jones Lonnie (c; Mary) truck driver hi 107 Pine 

Jones Louis (c) tobwkr rl312 Pine 

Jones Louise (c) r407 Mt Vernon 

Jones Louise (c) tobwkr r320 Matthews 

Jones Lubie B (Eugenia F) bkpr W C Lyon Co h909 Arnette av 

Jones Lucille (c) tobwkr rl513 Albright rd 

Jones Lucius (c) tobwkr h514 Gray 

Jones Luelyn J r712 Markham 

Jones Lula (c) h2320 Erwin rd 

Jones Luvenia (c) maid hl027 Moreland av 

Jones Lydia A Mrs h712 Markham 

Jones M L fleldwkr Mt Zion Baptist Assn r403 Jackson 

Jones M Louise sch tchr r703 S Duke 

Jones Mabel L (c) maid Huntley-Stockton-Hill Co r402 Pine 

Jones Maggie (c) h816 Fargo 

Jones Maggie (c) hosierywkr rl404 E Pettigrew 

Jones Mallie textilewkr r217 S Alston av 

Jones Margt (c) maid 1012 Vickers av 

Jones Margt A (wid Henry B) r202 S Gregson 

Jones Margt S (wid Thos J) h404 Morris 

Jones Marie B (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Jones Marion (c; Millie) tobwkr h503 S Queen 



Featuring the Most Attractive 45c Mid-Day Lunch 

— The Best in the City — All Varieties of Sea Food 

in Season 


Jones Marion A r714 2d 

Jones Martha rllll Buchanan rd 

Jones Marvin T (Lorie; Jones-Council Co) r Cary N C 

Jones Mary (c) cook r6 Peachtree pi 

Jones Mary (c) dom hl513 Albright rd 

Jones Mary (e) dom r401 Pine 

Jones Mary (c) dom rl008 Pine 

Jones Mary (c) dom h2210 Pratt 

Jones Mary (c) dom h612 Ramsey 

Jones Mary (c) lndrs r606 Dowd 

Jones Mary textilewkr r2722 Hillsboro rd 

Jones Mary B (c) tobwkr rl215 N Alston av 

Jones Mary B Mrs sec to sunt The Watts Hosp h707 Chapel Hill rd 

Jones Mary I Mrs h502 McMannen 

Jones Mary L sec Dr Hunter Sweaney r513 Jackson 

Jones Marv T silkwkr r712 Markham 

Jones Maryland (c; Jessie) gdnr r918 Thaxton av 

Jones Matthew (c; Ella) fish 520 Pine hl0O8 do 

Jones Mattie (c) student r607 Branch nl 

Jones Mattie S (wid Thos D) h307 W Chapel Hill 

Jones Maude A (wid J Joshua) hl006 Lamond av 

Jones Mayhew (c) rl212 Colfax 

Jones Mell T r404 Morris 

Jones Melvin (c) lab r608 Canal 

Jones Melvin L r606 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Jones Milton (c) delmn rl513 Albright rd 

Jones Minnie asst Duke University Hosp r do 

Jones Minnie A (wid Thos) nurse 2102 Englewood av r do 

Jones Minnie M sten rll09 E Trinity av 

Jones Minus <c) tobwkr r905 Gurley 

Jones Mollie M waiter Warren's Am Cafe r317 W Pettigrew 

Jones Mollie M (wid Jas S) hl513 S Alston av 

Jones Monroe E (c: Sallie) shoe repr 700 Pine h do 

Jones Nancy E Mrs elk City Purchasing Agt r506 N Driver av 

Jones Naomi (c) r704 Cameron 

Jones Nathaniel (c) lab r217 Moline 

Jones Nettie M Mrs tobwkr r821 W Pettigrew 

Jones Nora (c) gro 904 Fargo r902 do 

Jones Nora Mrs textilewkr r223 Chase 

Jones Nora I (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r434 Piedmont av 

Jones Ollie (c) dom r319 Division 

Jones Ollie tobwkr rl513 S Alston av 

Jones Ophelia (c) r816 Fargo 

Jones Ossie (c) tobwkr r505 S Queen 

Jones Ossillo (c; Rodessa) janitor Durham Herald Co Inc hlll6 Juniper 

Jones Otho G (c) elev opr Raylass Chain Stores Inc r918 Thaxton av 

Jones Otis (c) lab rll09 Cornell 

Jones Owen F (Notie L) printer h207 S Guthrie av 

Jones Paris (c; Rosanna) lab h919 N Elizabeth 

Jones Parthenia (c) dom r704 Cameron 

Jones Paul emp Paschall's Bakery 121 N Duke 

Jones Paul C (Hattie G) elk Independent Mkt Co rll28 N Roxboro 

Jones Pauline (c) dom rl09 Haywood 

Jones Pearlie (c) r218 Poplar 

Jones Posey D ( Gertrude) collr Moskin's Credit Clothing Co h2110 Hart 

Jones R Dent (Mary) rep Motor Transit Co rl600 James 

Jones R Don r Washington Duke Hotel 

Jones Ralph G (Frances W) office mgr h207 Watts 

Jones Ralph W (Carrie M) tobwkr h710 Park av 

Jones Ratha M Mrs asst sec-treas Homeland Investment Co Inc h323 

Buchanan rd 
Jones Raymond L knitter r712 Markham 
Jones Reba nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Jones Reller (c) tobwkr r608 Canal 
Jones Reuben F (c; Sallie) hlpr r700 Pine 
Jones Rex F (Mattie M) pntr D C May hl602 Lakewood av 
Jones Richd C (Laylon) h606 Reservoir (E Durham) 
Jones Robena tobwkr r614 Rigsbee av 
Jones Robt (c) r405 Branch nl 
Jones Robt (c) lather r404 Mt Vernon 
Jones L (c; Fannie) carp hi 12 Enterprise 

Jones Robt N (Eliz L) opr Postal Teleg-Cable Co h405 Carlton av 
Jones Robt R jr asst in surgery Duke University r do 
Jones Rosa (c) hairdrsr h818 Gattis 
Jones Rosa (c) maid r504 Ramsey 
Jones Roy (c) lab rill Verbena 
Jones Roy C (Velma H) body repr A K Scoville Co hl605 Angier av 


Home Savings Bank 


JOHN SPRTJNT HILL, President T. C. WORTH, Cashier 

Jones Ruby S (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r401 Umstead 

Jones Rufus (c; Agnes) cook hllO Enterprise 

Jones Rufus hosierywkr r822 Ramseur 

Jones Rufus (c; Fannie) plstr h309 Dowd 

Jones Rufus H hl805 E Main 

Jones Rufus P (Beulah L) h508 Gurley 

Jones Sallie r709 Arnette av 

Jones Sallie M Cc) tobwkr rl021 Moreland av 

Jones Saml (c; Leoma) lab h704B Dowd 

Jones Saml W student rl 115 Liberty 

Jones Sarah (c) cook rll02 Lunchburg 

Jones Saunders (c) elev opr rll09 Cornell 

Jones Sidney (c: Helen) emp Washington Duke Hotel hll3% E Hillside 

Jones Sidney (c) taxi driver r3C6 Umstead 

Jones Southgate (Nannie G) pres N C Joint Stock Land Bank h307 W 

Chapel Hill 
Jones Spurgeon (c) lab rl217 Cornell 
Jones Stroney silkwkr rll7 Holloway 
Jones Sudie hosierywkr rl513 S Alston av 
Jones Sue Mrs rl013 Watts 
Jones Susan (c) lndrs h610 South 
Jones Susan M (wid I Atlas) h709 Arnette av 
Jonas Susie (c) tobwkr r417 Pine 
JoneS Susie (c) tobwkr r515A E Proctor 
Jones Talmadge r702 Crabtree 
Jones Thaddeus (c) lab r208V4 Haywood 
Jones Thaddeus (c; Leddrea) tobwkr h314 Lee 
Jones Theo T silkwkr r710 Holloway 
Jones Thos (c) hlpr r410 Cozart av 
Jones Thos P r401 Anderson 
Jones Thos J (Lula E) h61] Arnette av 
Jones Thos J elk Erwin Cotton Mills No 6 r404 Morris 
Jones Thos J (c: Nora) draymn h902 Fargo 
Jones Thos J (c) lah r401 Umstead 
Jones Twila R student rl303 S Alston av 

Jones Vernon C (Edna W) elk County Tax Supvr hll6 W Seeman 
Jones Viola (c) tobwkr h402 Foster 
Jones Virgie L (c) tchr Hillside Park Sch h804 Pine 
Jones Virginia tobwkr r222 Monmouth av 
Jones W Calvin student rll6 W Seeman 
Jones W Gurney (Margt A) pntr h511 Milton av 
Jones W Murray (Jeanette B) real est 128 W Main R521 hl528 Hermitage 

Jones W Murray jr r!528 Hermitage ct 
Jones Walter (c) r614B South 
Jones Walter (c; Flossie) tobwkr h908 Drew 

Jones Wayland R flrmn F & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc r512 Willard 
Jones Weldon C (Daisy) auto mech h N Roxboro nr Oxford hwy 
Jones Wilbert (c; Ora) lab r717 Milton av 
Jones Wilbert W r2410 Owen 
Jones Wm (c) r309 Foster 
Jones Wm r910 W Main 

Jones Wm awning mkr Northcutt's Awning Shop r Cary N C 
Jones Wm (c) butelr N Roxboro nr Oxford hwy 
Jones Wm (c) driver Williams Funeral Home r414 Pine 
Jones Wm (c) lab r612A Branch pi 
Jones Wm (c; Hattie) lab hl207 Drew 
Jones Wm (c) lab h910 Juniper 
Jones Wm (c) lab r408 Pine 
Jones Wm (c; Ola) tobwkr r315% Dowd 
Jones Wm (c; Florence) tobwkr h312 Powe 
Jones Wm Cc) tobwkr hlOlO W Proctor 
Jones Wm (c; Hattie) tobwkr h708 South 
Jones Wm (c) tobwkr rl407 Union 
Jones Wm A hlpr rl912y 2 Lakeview av 
Jones Wm D rl316 S Alston av 
Jones Wm D (Annie L) tobwkr hi 303 S Alston av 
Jones Wm M (Eunice F) mach hlll5 Liberty 
Jones Wm R (Florence) bkpr hl013 Holloway 
Jones Wm R (c; Minnie) pntr h602 Ramsey 
Jones Wm T (c: Susie) lab M401 Geerwood 

Jones Wm T (Blanche G) tank slsmn The Texas Co h2001 Southgate 
Jones Willie (c) r406 Bailey 

Jones Willie M (c) elev opr The R E Quinn Co Inc r903 Fayetteville 
Jones Winston rll7 Holloway 
JONES & FRASIER CO, Wm G Frasier Pres, Mrs Minnie K Frasier V- 

Pres, Wm G Frasier Jr Sec-Treas, Jewelers 121 W Main, Tel L-917 



"If it can be sold — it can be sold by mail" 



Jordan see also Jourdan 

Jordan Alice J (c) student rl801 Fayetteville 

Jordan Arch C asst prof Duke University r do 

Jordan Brady R prof Duke University r Pinecrest rd 

Jordan Chas E asst sec Duke University r do 

Jordan Delia topper rl409 Angier av 

Jordan Detta (c) r604A Chess pi 

Jordan Dock J (c; Carrie T) tchr N C College for Negroes hl801 Payette- 

Jordan Eug hosierywkr r403 Toby 

Jordan Gatlin (c; Vida) h616 Payetteville 

Jordan Grace T Cwid Raymond) r800 Broad 

Jordan Jesse W elk Saunders N Betts r212 Morgan 

Jordan John (c; Mamie) tobwkr h207A Corporation 

Jordan Jos M (Myrtle D) h403 Toby 

Jordan Louisa (c) r413 Sowell al 

Jordan Mamie C (c) sten N C Mut Life Ins Co r313 Umstead 

Jordan Motor Rebuilding Co (Wm Jordan) auto reprs 2004 Angier av 

Jordan Muriel Mrs cataloguer Durham Public Library r Pine Crest rd 

Jordan Rachel D Mrs opr Hotel Malbourne Beauty Shoppe r702 Burch 

Jordan Saml L asst mgr Singer Sewing Mach Co r919 E Main 

Jordan W David (Rachel D) elk The Great A & P Tea Co r702 Burch av 

Jordan Walter K (Mae) furn repr h803 N Alston av 

Jordan Webb (c: Ada) h2501 W Pettigrew 

Jordan Wm (Azile W; Jordan Motor Rebuilding Co) h505 E Trinity av 

Joseph Wm H (Cora; ParrLsh St Lunch) h208% E Parrish 

Josephs Jos (Sadie) trav slsmn hl009 Green 

Josephs Wm H meter reader The Durham Gas Co 322 E Chapel Hill 

Josey Geo W (c; Clara) firemn The Watts Hosp h303% Sowell al 

Josey Raymond (c) r303% Sowell al 

Josey Zollie B (c; Bessie L) bellmn Washington Duke Hotel hl313 Glenn 

Joslyn Clarence waiter r412 Canal 

Jourdan see also Jordan 

Jourdan Chas E (Alverta B) slsmn h501 McMannen 

Jourdan Minnie B Mrs elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co rll04 N Elizabeth 

Jourdan Robt L (Lona E) mach opr h914 Morning Glory av 

Jourdan Robt P elk Jourdan Transfer r University dr (Rockwood) 

Jourdan Stanislaus (Mollie B; Jourdan Transfer) h514 S Duke 

Jourdan T Paul (Minnie B) gdnr rll04 N Elizabeth 

Jourdan Transfer (Stanislaus Jourdan) 108 Morris 

Journeymen Barbers International Union No 666 meets 3d Monday 8pm 
107 N Market 

Joy Time Inn (Rex H Yarber) restr 451 S Driver av , 

Joyce Food Store (Thos R Walls) gro 351 W Main 

Joyner Chas (c) rllOO Moreland av 

Joyner Drucie S (wid K Petway) hl607 Angier av 

Joyner E David (Clara) knitter hl713 Vale 

Joyner Frank E (Dora D) textile wkr rl208 E Main 

Joyner Georgia (c) tchr Hillside Park Sen r808 Fayetteville 

Joyner Grover C Rev (Allie V) h408 Toby 

Joyner Irene Mrs office asst Dr Michel Roberson h902 Cleveland 

Joyner J Robt supt r202 S Dillard 

Joyner John W (c) ins agt rl209 McCall 

Joyner L Saml (Polly A) knitter hllll Liberty 

Joyner Magnolia hosiery wkr rl25 Hunt 

Joyner Mattie R (c) dom rllOO Moreland av 

Joyner Maynard hosiery wkr h601 Ramseur 

Joyner Melvin (Ida) tob wkr r 803 Walnut 

Joyner Nannie B looper rl607 Angler av 

Joyner Otha M (S Eliz) knitter Ruth Hosiery Mills hll9 S Hyde Park av 

Joyner Pete (c) shoeshiner Jake's Valetor Service rllOO Moreland , 

Joyner Peter J (c; Cora) plmbr hllOO Moreland av 

Joyner Simon (c; Missie) lab h809 N Elizabeth 

Joyner Wiley V (Irene M) truck driver h902 Cleveland 

Joyner Wm (c; Beatrice) lab hllOl Hazel 

Joyner Wm E asst Duke University Library r Duke Sta 

Joyner Zeb (e; Georgiana) tob wkr hl405 Gunter 

Judd Essie (c) tob wkr r305 W Proctor 

Judd J Herbert jr mgr lndry Duke University r 506 Buchanan blvd apt 2 

Julian Lloyd A (Ada P) mach Sou Ry System h705 N Roxboro 

Julian Lloyd P student r705 N Roxboro 

Julian Wm B student r705 N Roxboro 

Junior Order United American Mechanics Hall 953% E Main and 700 9th 

Jurnigan Wm F (Hilda) driver San Dry Cleaning Co r206 Broadway 

Justice Amey (c) cook 1304 N Mangum 

Justice Arth (c) r600 St Joseph 

Justice Burt (c; Maude) rl008 2d 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASCHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Justice Cath (c) cook 1709 N Roxboro 

Justice Clara M r914 Burch av 

Justice Clyde (c) lab rll4 Dunstan 

Justice Clyde (c) too wkr r319 Dowd 

Justice Danl (c; Carrie) lab h319 Dowd 

Justice Danl jr (c) tob wkr r319 Dowd 

Justice Dodridge (c) tob wkr r319 Dowd 

Justice Gordon S (Eula V) policemn hl518 James 

Justice Grady D sheet metal wkr rl518 James 

Justice John W (c; Leila) stoker Durham Gas Co h609 Gray 

Justice Julian (c; Cath) truck driver Swift & Co M206 Geerwood 

Justice Kate S (wid Walter R) tob wkr h914 Burch av 

Justice Lewis (c; Beatrice) tob wkr h806B Glendale av 

Justice Lula (c) maid May'fair Beauty Shoppe r319 Dowd 

Justice Mary (c) maid h907 Whitted 

Justice Mary (c) tobwkr h2A Adams av 

Justice Maude (c) maid Duke University Hosp rl008 2d ' 

Justice Rachel (c) r412 Cozart av 

Justice Ruth recreation director r204 Buchanan blvd 

Justice W Lee (Rosa C) hlpr hl203 Liberty 

Justice Winfred (c) meat ctr Shirley L Owen r6C9 Gray 

Kafina Saml asst formn Am Tob Co Inc r510 N Driver av 

Kain see also Cain and Kane 

Kain Preston (c; Celeste) tobwkr h806 Gerard 

Kalathar Ernest N (Puritan Lunch) rl20% Main 

Kale Geo P (Ethel M) slsmn r820 Wilkerson av 

Kale Nathan A elk PO r201 N Roxboro 

Kam Drug Manufacturing Co Harris L King mgr 104 W Chapel Hill R 6 

Kanas Andrew cook The Grill & Fountain h412 Canal 

Kane see also Cain and Kain 

KANE GEORGE W. General Contractor 605-606 Snow Bids: 331 W Main. 
Tel F-2941, r Roxboro, N C (See front cover and paere 3S) 

Kaplan Louis (Kaplan's Shoe Shop) rll8 Hunt 

Kaplan Osa (Hannah; O K Elec Shoe Shop) h307 Elliott 

Kaplan's Shoe Shop (Louis Kaplan) reprs 102 Morris 

Karriker Thurman R (Lillian R) with Durham Life Ins Co h204 N Guth- 
rie av 

Katz Jacob slsmn D Preedman Co r YMCA 

Katz Lena (wid Morris) gro 510 Payetteville h512 do 

Katzenell Arth (Lena R) v-pres Summerfleld's Inc h316 Morehead av 

Kearney see also Kerney 

Kearney Arth (c; Inez) tobwkr h2208 Chautauqua 

Kearney P Lucille slswn rl20O Broad i| 

Kearney Lonnie E (Theola M) agt The Life Ins Co of Va h821 Burch av 

Kearney Mabel sch tchr h812 Cleveland 

Kearney Manufacturing Co (Marcellus W Kearney) bag mfrs 205 Foster 

Kearney Marcellus W (Kearney Mfg Co) r812 Cleveland 

Kearney Robt G (Florence L) clothes clnr hl200 Broad 

Kearney Robt G jr student rl200 Broad 

Kearney W. Willard auto mech David H Moore rl709 Pace 

Kearney Wm A (Maxine E) slsmn Paschall's Bakery rl707 Pace 

Kearney Wm I (Henrietta) h212 S Goley 

Kearns see also Kerns 

Kearns Mary inspr rl607 E Main 

Kearns Vance M (Lydia D; The Army and Navy Store) hl607 E Main 

Keaton Geo H (Eunice A) slsmn The R E Quinn Co Inc hl311 6th 

Keck Dewey W (Beatrice) cabtmkr hlU9 N Roxboro , 

Keck John A (Ruby) slsmn h309 Garden 

Keck Joseph (Sarah M) h2021 Acme 

Keck Myrtle millwkr r2021 Acme 

Keck Paul (c) hlpr rll4 Dunstan av 

Keck Thos W (Mamie E) textilewkr hl516 Caswell pi 

Keech Jas M instr Duke University r406 Buchanan blvd 

Keel Chas r907 Pearl 

Keel John r907 Pearl 

Keen Arth F (Bermie) h411 Holloway 

Keen W Alf meat ctr Ollie F Sally r411 Holloway 

Keene Eunice cataloguer Duke University Library rl004 W Trinity av 

Keene Harvey A (Nora B) dist mgr Home Security Life Ins Co r528 Hollo- 

Keener John D sta atndt rl06 W Seeman 

Keener Ruth M Mrs rllO W Proctor 

Keener Walter N (Ruth A) editor Durham Herald Co Inc hl06 W Seeman 

Keeth Dorsey (c; Maria) hlpr hllOS South 

Keever Helen sec Dr D Russell Perry r20O2 Club blvd 

Keilson Chas (Goldie) h811 Yancey 

Keith Arth (c; Eliza) tobwkr hl002 Scout dr 










In the Front 
of this Book 

They Are 



This Big 
Catalog of 
Your City 

C WillM J 



PHONE F-3931 

Keith Arvid L (Tessie L) elk PO h91l Chester 
Keith Carey A (Lorena G) printer r607 Milton av 
Keith Dora (wid Lee A) r2401 Proctor rd 
Keith Effie A hosierywkr r803 N Elm 
Keith Elijah (c) hlpr Goodyear Service Inc 115 N Duke 
Keith Ella J (wid Sarnl) h803 N Elm 
Keith Geo N (Huldie F) sweeper hl013 Angier av 

Keith H Clellan (Ila Y) cablemn Interstate Tel & Teleg Co hl211 Spruce 
Keith Harvey (c) rl002 Scout dr 
Keith Hettie (c) dom r512 S Briggs av 
Keith Jas tc) emp The Watts Hosp r do 

Keith L Vada (Hattie M; Court Square Lunch) h607 Milton av 
Keith Lellie (wid Hudie) irspr r701 E Main 
Keith Marvyn F hosierywkr r803 N Elm 
Keith Mary E r2305 Ashe 

Keith Nannie B (wid Clarence S) r405 N Hyde Park av 
Keith Olga M looper rl511 Angier av 
Keith Owen (c; Mary) lab rl012 Lynchburg 
Keith Rada (c) tobwkr rl008 Lynchburg 
Keith Ruth L sch tchr r607 Milton av 
Keith Venus (c) dom r917 N Elizabeth 
Keith Vera (c) dom r512 S Briggs av 
Kellam see also Kellum 

Kellam J W Co (Jas W Kellam) gros 123 E Chapel Hill 
Kellam Jas W (Lottie L: J W Kellam Co) hl705 Lakewood av 
Keller Rufus A (Stella) textilewkr h.514 Bacon 
Kellerman Frank A (Fannie) tailor 108 W Parrish h414 N Roxboro 
Kellerman Frank A jr tailor Beck, Farthing & Sorrell Inc r414 N Rox- 
Kellerman Gracie r414 N Roxboro 

Kellert Erie K (Ida Z; Criterion Soda Shop) r506 Oakwood av 
Kelley see also Kelly 

Kelley Clyde beauty opr Permanent Wave Studio r402 N Queen 
Kelley D Earl r910 Burch av 
Kelley Henry E (Mary C) hl306 Carroll 
Kelley Jas (c) tobwkr r6C2 Chess pi 
Kelley Jos A (Alice S) formn hl0O8 Hale 
Kelley Jos C (Ida C) textilewkr h738 14th 
Kelley Julia (c) tobwkr h515B E Proctor 
Kelley Larry D atndt University Service Sta rl306 Carroll 
Kelley Norman B tmpkr rl306 Carroll 
Kelley Paul J (Ila) hll3 N Maple 
Kelley Reuben E (Helen P) baker h508 Warren 
Kelley Simon elk rl4l4 Holloway 
Kelley W Clarence r7CK5 WJlkerson av 
Kellum see also Kellam 

Kellum Jas A (Onie) fish warden City Water Dept h222 S Benjamin 
Kelly see also Kelley 

Kelly Banks C (Mary N) textilewkr h211 Anderson 
Kelly Buck (c; Henrietta) baker h610A E Pettigrew 
Kelly Carl c (Mattie) textilewkr hll03 Franklin 
KeDy Carl W student r727 15th 

KELLY CLYDE M (Helen M), Sec Hall- Wynne & Co Inc and Notary 
hlll3 W Main, Tel F-2441 

Kelly Daisy rl603 Guess rd 

Kelly Delia (c) dom rlOl Division 

Kelly E Roy (Gladys) textilewkr hl202 Worth 

Kelly Ezekiel (c; Ella) lab h308 Hunt 

Kelly Harold D (»Wilma) weaver h811 Harper 

Kelly J Lee (Blanche O) knitter hl018 N Elizabeth 

Kelly Jas (c; Sallie) tobwkr h603 Fowler av 

Kelly Jas A (Rose M) office mgr Am Tob Co Inc h2302 University dr 

Kelly John (c; Mary) tobwkr h302 Division 

Kelly John D (Daisy D) mach h727 15th 

Kelly L Byrd linemn r504 N Hyde Park av 

Kelly Lillie (c) tobwkr r40€ Hunt 

Kelly M David slsmn Paschall's Bakery rl603 Guess rd 

Kelly M Jane (wid David) rl603 Guess rd 

Kelly M Ruth student rl603 Guess rd 

Kelly Minnie (wid Edw W) r218 S Guthrie av 

Kelly Nell tobwkr rl206 N Roxboro 

Kelly Pauline M rll03 Franklin 

Kelly Percy textilewkr rll03 Franklin 

Kelly Rhoda A sch tchr r727 15th 

Kelly Root (c) tobwkr r206 Division 

Kelly Robt L knitter rl603 Guess rd 

Kelly Saml J (Mary L) hosierywkr hl603 Guess rd 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Power and Lighting Service 


Kelly Toy M tobwkr rl603 Guess rd 

Kelly Walker (c) hlpr r322 Matthews 

Kelly Walter (c) hlpr City Baking Co 509 E Peabody 

Kelly Wm E hosierywkr r218 S Guthrie av 

Kelly Wm J (Flonnie) huckster hi 101 S Alston av 

Kelly Zachariah R CAnnie B) farmer h907 Glendale av 

Kemp Chas (Hazel) slsmn r809 Morgan 

Kemp John (O lab r308 Fulton 

Kemp Noah P (Annie L) slsmn h502 Gattis 

Kendall Culpepper W (Margt) rilling sta N Roxboro nr 3d av h do 

Kenion Wm J (c; Sadie) lab h918 Club blvd 

Kennedy Edw (c; Judie) tobwkr n408 Roney 

Kennedy Fannie (c) dom rl210 Kent 

Kennedy Floyd T (Ollie W) mech Nicholson Motor Co Inc hllOO 1st av 

Kennedy J A asst dist eng N C State Hwy Comn 212 W Main R404 

Kennedy J Everett (Grace B) auto pntr Nicholson Motor Co Inc r805 3d 

Kennedy Jennie (wid Thos M) textilewkr h810 Railroad 

Kennedy Julia L Mrs r908 N Mangum 

Kennedy Kath r908 N Mangum 

Kennedy Kath O (c) sten N C Mut Life Ins Co r434 Piedmont av 

Kennedy Kenneth B (Josephine) acct h2416 Huron 

Kennedy Mary (c) bkpr r434 Piedmont av 

Kennedy Mary (c) tobwkr r604 South 

Kennedy Mary E (c) bkpr Lincoln Hosp r434 Piedmont av 

Kennedy Ophelia (c) tobwkr r604 South 

KENNEDY WM J JR (c; Margaret L), V-Pres-Sec N C Mutual Life Ins 

Co hl008 Fayetteville, Tel J-9021 
Kennett H Cannon (Grace S) mgr poultry dept Durham Farmers Mut 

Exchhllll NDuke 
Kennison Allen tobwkr r924 W Trinity av 
KENNY C D CO, Clarence D Nabers Local MgT. Tea, Coffee and Suear 

327 W Main, Tel F-4301 
Kent Root S slsmn Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r226 Monmouth av 
Kenyear Cleola (c) tobwkr h600 Fowler av 
Kenyear Grady (c) tobwkr r600 Fowler av 
Kenyear Odessa (c) tobwkr r600 Fowler av 
Kerney see also Kearney 
Kerney Robt L (c) lab r302 Division 

Kernodle Robt J (Ruth J) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co hl013 Watts 
Kerns see also Kearnes 

Kerns Thos C (Nell E) attending phys McPherson Hosp h2212 Club blvd 
Kerr Alice C (wid Richd T) hlf06 West 
Kerr Beulah I (wid Carvie C) hl412 Cross 
Kerr Carvie C tobwkr r2612 Angier av 
Kerr Chas S (Geneva T) plmbr r501 Yates av 
Kerr Claude (wid Henry D) h301 Jackson 
Kerr Hubert M (Ruby B) knitter h315 South 

Kerr John T (Mary P; Durham Foundry & Mach Wks) h310 Oakwood av 
Kerr John T mgr Simon P Williams r918 Eva 
Kerr John T jr (Nell) mgr Durham Foundry & Mach Wks h2217 Club 

Kerr Lee O (Melda) tobwkr h2613 Angier av 
Kerr Luther J (Daisy G) tobwkr h2616 Angier av 
Kerr Mabel textilewkr r601 Troy 
Kerr Minnie looper rl502% Angier av 
Kerr Robt A r214 N Maple 

Kerr Robt H (Mamie L) slsmn Gulf Refining Co h214 N Maple 
Kerr Ruby I hosierywkr rl412 Cross 
Kerr Ruth E hosierywkr r214 N Maple 
Kerr T Edw (Ina) h601 Troy 

Kerr Theo (Ethel M) truck driver Rite- Way Lndry h811 Eva 
Kerr Thos (Bertha) tobwkr h918 Eva 
Kerr W Claiborne tobwkr r301 Jackson 
Kerr W Otho (Ernestine B) mach opr h2018 Angier av 
Kerr Wm R (Cora) carp h2612 Angier av 
Kersey John A (Margt K) tobacconist h501 N Mangum 
Kestler Mary head of Jarvis House Duke University r do 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 

i 2 

r © 

r P$ 

2L *"=5 

f ac 

g*Q J^* = 

3 > PO ° 

• B Q o 

> ^ ' Pi 

D N*""^ o 



*< H 

ac m 





2 t^ o 

O >■-»! r 




«B - 3 

•=2 f 






i > 

s as 

? o 

3 o 

2 o 

p ~ 






«S CO 

m x 

-1 CO 
O S*S 
C3 U 

• ■■■ 

CO \ 

111 I 

-I CO 
C9 Ul 

S = 



r: to <d 

O oi 

^ o £ 

as cn 

I* E 

3) «0 3 

* 1 1 

< © 


Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Ketchum Marshall D instr Duke University r903 6th 

Ketring Ruth A in charge of manuscripts Duke University Library r do 

Kidd Martha S (wid Chas R) r738 14th 

Kiefer Pehx (Erne) lecturer Duke University hl700 Lakewood av 

Kiefer John B (Uldine R) bkpr The Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd rl013 
Gloria av 

Kiefer Uldine R Mrs slswn Thomas-Quickel Co rl013 Gloria av 

Kiester Edith nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Kiftard Tutsie B (c) Indrywkr Durham Lndry Co r607 Colfax 

Killebrew Lena (wid John T) r739 14th 

Kilpatrick Dutton P (Everybody's Shoe Store) r711 North 

Kimball W Watson (Bain-Kimball-Milam Co) r Cole Mill rd 

Kimbrell Horace W (Helen M) mgr Christian-Harward Furn Co h901 N 

Kimbrell Odell C (Lee) mgr Five Points Furn Co h321 W Trinity av 

Kimbro Blondie tobwkr r612 S Alston av 

Kimbro Dora A (wid Geo W) h612 S Alston av 

Kimbro Gilbert tobwkr r612 S Alston av 

Kimbro Hoyt H (Bessie G) emp The Durham Gas Co h614 S Alston av 

Kimbrough Corinne Mrs elk Ellis, Stone & Co r206 Jones 

Kime John M (Mary E) barber 2721 Hillsboro rd h916 Alabama 

Kimrey Addison (Sallie L) farmer h811 Club blvd 

Kimrey J Otis (Ella E) formn h807 Club blvd 

Kimrey Terrence L (Beulah E) traffic mgr Durham Hosiery Mills hl02 
Parrish pi 

Kincey Leon (c) truck driver Holland Bros r922 Thaxton av 

King Alice J nurse 1118 W Chapel Hill r do 

King Annie (c) lndrywkr New Method Lndry rl317 Tucker 

King Anthony (c) lab rl613 Fayetteville 

King Benj R (Minnie S) knitter M916 Hart 

King Bessie A hosierywkr r418 Smith 

KING C E & SON (Harris L King:) , Drug-grists, Whitman's and Norris Can- 
dies, Fountain Service, 109 N Market, Tel F-6341 

King Carl C rl914 Lewis 

King Chas H 'Margt S) pharm Hardees Pharmacists hl906 University dr 

King Claude A (Cora H) billiards 2012 Angier av h225 Monmouth av 

King Claude W (Lizzie M) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h401 W Petti- 

King David (c) r512 Link pi 

King David L (Vida) filling sta h2909 Angier av 

King Denzel r811 Buchanan rd 

King Edmund D (Annie) hllO Roberson 

King Edw (Ethel) brklyr r812 N Mangum 

King Ella (c) h616B E Pettigrew 

King Elvis F r428 Smith 

King Ernest E (Eliz P) elk h508 Buchanan blvd 

King Everett L (Elsie; Carr & King) rl21 S Guthrie av 

King Frank D clothes elm- rll03 Linwood av 

King H C Service Station (H Clinton King) 101 Rigsbee av 

King H Clinton (H C King Service Sta) rl06 Walker 

King H Otis (Jeannette) formn Durham Lbr Co h701 N Roxboro 

King Harris L (Zula H; C E King & Son) mgr Kam Drug Mfg Co h604 S 

King Harry R (Lillian L) tobacconist h922 Dacian av apt 3 

King Harvey M (Louise C) truck driver r811 Buchanan rd 

King Helen (c) night supvr Lincoln Hosn r do 

King Herbert H (Nellie S) agt Life & Casualty Ins Co r RD 7 

King Hope (c; Mary) h709 Willard 

King Howard C (Irene) tobwkr r401 W Pettigrew 

King Hubert E (Lizzie E) detective City Police Dept h703 N Roxboro 

King Hugh W textile wkr rl020 Alabama 

King I Lee (Mary L) maintenance formn Duke University hll05 Vf 

King Irving J textilewkr rl922 Erwin rd 

King Iva M elk City Water Dept hlll8 W Chapel Hill 

King J Hezro (Lessie F) gro h307 Spruce 

King J Roy (Fern G) supt Life & Casualty Ins Co r RD 3 

King Jack (c) lab r60<7 George 



"A Purpose to Serve as Mrm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

%. S. PHILMBS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 

The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

King Jack H (Flossie L) h909 Braswell 

King Jas (c; Dora) brklyr h20l Beacon 

King Jas H (Mary T) farmer h418 Smith 

King Jas R (Lena C; Crabtree Pharmacy; King & Mathes; Paragon 

Pharmacy) h303 N Driver av 
King Jas W (Susie) weaver hl922 Erwin rd 
King Jeff B (Elinor S) buyer h312 Buchanan blvd apt 308 
King Jettie A (Esker E) h904 Club blvd 

King John H (Lillian A) formn Am Tob Co Inc hl026 Gloria av 
King Josephine E r401 W Pettigrew 
King Lawrence (c; Annie) tobwkr rl317 Tucker 
King Lela (c) cook rlOOO 3d 
King Lena (c) dom r602 South 
King Lillian student r703 N Roxboro 
King Lillie (wid Rufus) rllOl Angier av 
King Lola D (wid W Delie) hl914 Lewis 
King Lonnie A (Mary B) textilewkr hl824 Vance 
King Lucy r211 Parrish pi 

King Lura E slswn F & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc rl301 North 
King Luther J hauling r418 Smith 

King Malvern D (Ina G) dentist 102% W Main R12 r915 Green 
King Margt H r604 S Duke 
King Margt M sch tchr r303 N Driver av 
King Marvin rl824 Vance 
King Mary J (wid Felix) rl08 Jones 
King Mattie (c) dom rl06 W Umstead 
King Milton H (Vivian N) ins h315 Liberty 
King Minnie hosierywkr r509 N Driver av 
King Minnie J (wid Wm E) h412 Cleveland 
King Ned (Dora) h921 Oakland av 
King Nettie L (wid Chas E) h605 S Duke 
King Odell R rl922 Erwin rd 
King Otis E (Margt D) br mgr h201 N Driver av 
King Richd (c) tobwkr r618 Pickett 
King Robt E (Cora L) textilewkr rl914 Lewis 
King Robt L (Viola E) h206 Broadway 
King Rosa E cash Continental Life Ins Co r901 Broad 
King Roy N elk The Great A & P Tea Co r RD 6 
King Rufus (c; Novella) carp rll8 Dunstan 
King S Claiborne (Bessie B) bus opr Durham Public Service Co hl214 S 

Alston av 
King Sidney R (Alma B) carrier PO r RD 3 
King Thos B (Blanche L) carp h713 Chapel Hill rd 
King Victor L elk Great A & P Tea Co r RD 6 
King W Edw (Bettie) sewer contr 811 Buchanan rd h do 
King W Luther (Ona) loom fixer h709 16th 
King W Oscar formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co r RD 2 
King Wilbert H r2909 Angier av 
King Wm E student r401 W Pettigrew 
King Wm Q (King's Service Sta) r210 Cheek 
King Wm T (Matilda) textilewkr hl020 Alabama 
King Willis J (Peggie M) hosierywkr rllO Roberson 
King Worth L r709 10th 
King & Mathes (Jas R King, Tillman J Mathes) druggists' sundries 1026 

King's Daughters' Home The Mrs Mamie D Crim sunt 204 Buchanan 

King's Service Station (Wm Q King) 2014 N Roxboro 
Kinlaw Annie E (wid Alvis) r411 Salem 

Kinney G R Co Inc Hiram B Phillips mgr shoes 313 W Main 
Kinsey Jimmie A <c) lndrs h912 Thaxton av 
Kinsey Leonidas (c; Annie L) truck driver r912 Thaxton av 
Kinton Robt M (Mary I; Kinton's) h2109 Club blvd 
Kinton's (Robt M Kinton) jwlrs 108 W Main 

Kirby Annis (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch r818 Chapel Hill rd 
Kir by Fannie (c) dom hl007 N Elizabeth 
Kirby Kemp (c) furn repr h2221 Fitzgerald av 
Kirby Lillie (c) dom hl205 Drew 

Kirby Nelson B (Corina M) winder Ruth Hosiery Mills h21S S Alston av 
Kirby Saml (c) r6 Peachtree pi 

Kirk Faydine slswn F W Woolworth Co r203 S Driver av 
Kirk Ralph A (Lillie E) tobwkr r822 Burch av 
Kirk Vera hosierywkr r203 S Driver av 

Kirkland Alex M (Vella L) bkpr Durham Plumbing Co b.2510 Chapel Hill 

Kirkland Arth textilewkr r2607 Angier av 
Kirkland Dorothy F r919 Lamond av 






$■ *0 


£ ?0 


o *0 




































Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service — Always Open 

Lakewood M E Church (South) Rev Weyman C Huckabee pastor 1811 

Lakewood Park Thos C Poster mgr 2000 Chapel Hill rd 
Lakewood School 2119 Chapel Hill rd 
Lamb see also Lamm 
Lamb Chas M textilewkr rll08 Franklin 
Lamb Fred E (Mary E) truck driver h310 N Guthrie av 
Lamb Jas A (Lula) textilewkr hll08 Franklin 
Lamb Nurney (Nuvell) textilewkr rl301 Ramseur 
Lamb Ferry car inspr r312 E Trinity av 
Lamb Saml L (c) tobwkr r7 Adams al 
Lambe Walter T r301 Morris 
Lambert Agnes O r608 Rigsbee av 
Lambert Geo (c; Lillie) lab hlOOl 3d 
Lambert Harriette A (wid Thos O) h608 Rigsbee av 
Lambert Horace D tobwkr r611 Troy 
Lambert Needham B (Edith A) textilewkr h611 Troy 
Lamberth Robt (c; Mabel) tobwkr h207 Kelly al 
Lambeth Earl W section cablemn Am Tel & Teleg Co r Bon Air av nr N 

Lambeth Garland (c ; Mildred) porter Duke University Hosp hl404 C 
Lambeth Grace L (c) dom rl004 3d 

Lambeth Thos B (c; Mattie) janitor Home Savings Bank hl004 3d 
Lambeth Thos E (c) janitor rl004 3d 
Lamm see also Lambe 

Lamm Carlin T v-pres Pritchard-Bright & Co Inc r412 McMannen 
Lamm Jos H (Claudia) elk hll2 E Seeman 
Lamm Thelma L r506 Barbee 

Lancaster Haywood B (Mary E) eng J A Murdock Co Inc h616 Milton av 
Lancaster John S (Mary A) br mgr The Great A & P Tea Co 1U308 Broad 
Lancaster Katie rl923 Erwin rd 
Lancaster Paul F (Blumie F) civ eng hllOO 8th 
Lancaster Robt D (Roseanna) textilewkr hl923 Erwin rd 
Lancaster Robt D ir (Vester) stmftr rl923 Erwin rd 
Lance Packing Co Robt D Ramsay mgr whol confrs 1911 Chapel Hill rd 
Land Marie (c) student rl210 Fayetteville 
Land Saml (c; Ellen) cook rl210 Fayetteville 
Land Thos (c) cook rl210 Fayetteville 

Landis Eug V genl formn Sou Ry System h919 Monmouth av 
Landis John C stm roller opr r408 South 
Landis Margt V r919 Monmouth av 

Landis Warren P (Rebecca L) sta mstr Union Sta h509% Forest 
Landon Chas E (Helen K) asst Drof Duke University hl214 6th 
Landon M Eliz tobwkr r917 Alabama 
Landon Marat L tobwkr r917 Alabama 
Landon N Delia (wid Archie) h917 Alabama 
Lane Ansel Mrs tobwkr r311 N Elizabeth 

Lane Chas A (Grace E) slsmn Huntley -Stockton-Hill Co h808 Parker 
Lane Earl r906 N Maneum 
Lane Ellis (c; Hazel) fetywkr r901 Willard 

Lane Eula B beautician Ellis-Stone Beauty Shoppe r702 Holloway 
Lane Grace E Mrs br mar Blalock & Beck h808 Parker 
Lane Heury (c: Lucille) tobwkr h905B South 
Lane Ira D nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Lane Julius (c: Arabella) lab h901 Fargo 
Lane Lawrence (c; Mary) lab h703A Gerard 
Lane Lyman (c: Lula)' hosierywkr h2212 Fitzgerald av 
Lane Oscar O (Blanche M) meatctr h909 2d 
Lane Paul A collr Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r Raleigh rd 
Lane Wm (c; Pattie) tobwkr hll08 Fargo 
Laney Margt (c) tobwkr r204 W Cobb 
Laney Wm (c; Geneva) plstr h418 Blackwell 
Lang Pearl (c) tobwkr h207 W Cobb 
Langas Chas waiter Durham Cafe r217 E Main 
Langdon Roscoe tobwkr r405 W Pettigrew 
Lange Jos S r211 Elliott 

Langley Alonzo (c; Addie) tobwkr hl014 Cornell 
Langley Arth (c) tobwkr rl019 Cornell 
Langley Delia (c) hl019 Cornell 
Langley Eli (c) rl019 Cornell 
Langley Hollie P (Mary M) h301 Center 
Langley Howard P r813 Burch av 

Langley Irene beautician Ellis-Stone Beauty Shoppe rl500 James 
Langley Jacob W jwlr 126 N Market r Malbourne Hotel 
Langley Jos hlSOO James 
Langley Jos (c; Mary) lab h512A Pine 
Langley M Eliz slswn S H Kress & Co r301 Center 
Langley Mabel r310 Center 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Ijangley Mabel textilewkr r210 S Holman 

Langley Maggie (c) tobwkr rl019 Cornell 

Langley Mary (c) dom rl019 Cornell 

Langley Mary Mrs bkpr Christian-Harward Furn Co r321 W Trinity av 

Langley Noah (c) tobwkr rl019 Cornell 

Langley Perren E mach opr r301 Center 

Langley Robt D (Vesta) h408 Morgan 

Langley Susie (c) tobwkr rl019 Cornell 

Langley Walter G tobwkr r207 Spruce 

Langley Walter M (Lucy A) tobwkr h207 Spruce 

Langley Wm O (Mary) usher Carolina Theatre r321 W Trinity av 

Langston Arth E (Iola S) collr Durham Realty & Ins Co hill Watts 

apt 14 
Langston Martha (c) dom rl09 Piedmont av 

Lanier A Clarence (c; Cosmopolitan Barber Shop) rl710 Fayetteville 
Lanier Alice (wid Spicer) h616 Shepherd 

Lanier Andrew M (c; Cosmopolitan Barber Shop) hl710 Fayetteville 
Lanier Grace (c) sch tchr rl710 Fayetteville 
Lanier Wayne (Gertrude E) farmer h2125 Highland av 
Lanier Wm A (Excell) elk The Great A & P Tea Co r609 Shepherd 
Lanier Wm I elev qpr h403 Carden 
Lanier Wm R r403 Carden 
Lanius Ruth M Mrs hi 806 Angier av 
Larmier Nettie (c) tobwkr r207 Piedmont av 
Lanning E M Mrs slswn Efiird's Dept Store r401 Cleveland 
Lanning John T instr Duke University r do 
Lansley Ha B (c) tobwkr h902 E Pettigrew 
LaPrade Lloyd S reporter Durham Herald Co Inc r312 Buchanan blvd 

apt 105 
Laprade Wm T (Nannie C) prof Duke University hll08 Monmouth av 
Larry see also Lowery 

Larry Bruce L (Pauline C) firemn City Fire Dept h911 Club tolvd 
Lasane Wm (c) hlpr rl602 E Pettigrew 
Lasater see also Lassiter 
Lasater Annie silkwkr h806 Spring 
Lasater Cora Mrs r313 Spruce 

Lasater Floyd M elk Rogers Drug Co r2501 N Roxboro 
Lasater Geo D hlOO N Maple 
Lasater Janette J (wid Robt A) r817 6th 
Lasater Kate E textile wkr rlOO N Maple 
Lasater L Dexter (Beatrice I) sheet metal wkr 808 W Peabody h504 Yates 

Lasater L Donald r504 Yates av 
Lasater Lee H (wid John S) r828 Wilkerson av 
Lasater Rosa rlOO N Maple 

Lasater Rupert A glassmn E J Latta Roofing Co Inc r305 S Guthrie av 
Lasater Senora A r610 Vickers av 

Lasater W Clarence (Carrie L) mech The Young Roofing Co hl33 Hunt 
Lascelette Harry (Maude) police h203 Morris 
Lashley Alice hosiery wkr h908 Angier av 
Lashley Claude carrier PO rll9 W Lynch 
Lashley Donald B r308 W Chapel Hill 

Lashley Jas B (Katie B) soft drinks 304 W Chapel Hill h308 do 
Lashley John r406 S Elm 

Lashley Lee asst dist eng N C State Hwy Comn 212 W Main R404 
Lassiter see also Lasater 
Lassiter Amanda (c) dom r413 Dowd 
Lassiter Amelia (c) tob wkr r615 Ramsey 

Lassiter Edw W (c; Mary) clothes presser 514 Pine hll6 Chestnut 
Lassiter Eliz (c) cook r610 South 

Lassiter Eliz V sten Durham Loan & Trust Co r514 S Duke 
Lassiter Florence A (wid David B) rll3 Holloway 
Lassiter Joanna (c) tob wkr r312 Division 
Lassiter John N (Hattie L) h401 South 
Lassiter Julia (wid Haston F) rll02 E Trinity av 
Lassiter Leonard (c) r409 Cozart av 
Lassiter Louella (c) r508 Link pi 
Lassiter Mary (c) lndrs h511b McCoy pi 

Lassiter Mavour (wid Frank J) elk Duke University Hosp r514 S Duke 
Lassiter Minnie tob wkr r305 S Guthrie av 
Lassiter Ruford A (Carrie) roofer r305 S Guthrie av 
Lassiter Sarah J (wid John T) r209 S Elm 
Lassiter Thelma asst Duke University Hosp r818 Wilkerson av 
Lassiter Thos E technician r708 1st av 
Lassiter Tressie M (c) dom h508 Link pi 
Lassiter Wm (c) r610 South 
Lassiter Wm (Flozy) textile wkr h616 King 

i— » 




212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Lassiter Wincie sten rll3 Holloway 

Laster Lewis T (c; Beatrice) tob wkr r2224 Pratt 

Laster Wm (c; Mary J) textile wkr h2224 Pratt 

Lastinger Danl L (Johnnie M) linemn r812 Wilkerson av 

Latta A Bruce (Nannie G) sen tchr rl912 Echo rd 

Latta All (c; Fannie) tob wkr hll05 Fargo 

Latta Bertha (c) cook rlOOl 2d 

Latta Bettie E inspr r715 Arnette ay 

Latta Bettie E (wid Wm C) r715 Arnette av 

Latta Chas W (Annie) truck driver Austin-Heaton Co h2408 N Roxboro 

Latta Dora (c) tob wkr hl203 Scout dr 

LATTA E J ROOFING CO INC, Edward J Latta Pres-Treas, Roofing 

Contractors and Sheet Metal Workers, Paint, Glass, Roofing and 

Hardware 216 Rigsbee av, Tels F-2401 and L-0461 (See bottom stencil 

and page 49) 
LATTA EDWARD J (Matha E), Pres-Treas E J Latta Roofing Co Inc, 

hl421 James, Tel J-6C61 
Latta Emma (c) r918 Club blvd 
Latta Ernest (c; Laura) tob wkr h409 Lee 
Latta Estelle S Mrs bkpr Rochelle's Battery & Ignition Service h2309 N 

Latta Eug (c) clothes clnr rll05 Fargo 
Latta Flora (c) smstrs hl007a Moreland av 
Latta Frank L (Estelle S) elk PO h2309 N Roxboro 
Latta Fredk A (Laura H) elk N&WRyCo h412 N Roxboro 
Latta Haywood B hlpr rl421 James 
Latta Henry J hlpr rl421 James 
Latta Iva (c) dom r918 Club blvd 

Latta Jack T (M Annie) auto mech h2021 Chapel Hill rd 
Latta Luther C (Mamie E) carrier PO h305 Clark 
Latta Maggie M tob wkr r715 Arnette av 

Latta Margt (c) lndry wkr New Method Lndry r907 N Elizabeth 
Latta Mozelle (c) cook r608 Ray al 

Latta Nannie G Mrs slswn Montgomery Ward & Co hl9l2 Echo rd 
Latta Saml C (Rosa) tob wkr h715 Arnette av 
Latta T Marcus r2021 Chapel Hill rd 
Lattie Oscar (c) lab r923 Ruth 
Lawler Nancy L Mrs instr Duke University r do 
Lawrence Carey (c) cook r908 Walton 
Lawrence Daisy r410 S Briggs av 
Lawrence Emma (c) h213 Moore 
Lawrence Ernest H (Lillie A) h606 N Mangum 
Lawrence Harry (c; Lucille) h931 Ruth 

Lawrence Hedie L washmn White Star Lndry r410 S Briggs av 
Lawrence J'as T r610 Vickers av 

Lawrence John W (Lettie L; White Star Lndry) h214 N Briggs av 
Lawrence Jos P (Rebecca) carp h610 Vickers av 
Lawrence Lattie L (May B) formn r402 South 
Lawrence Leslie U (Ruby M) lino opr The Seeman Printery h609 Milton 

Lawrence Marshall V (Nettie) h213 Liberty 
Lawrence Marshall V jr student r213 Liberty 
Lawrence Minzy W (Lura J) farmer hl222 Holloway 
Lawrence Paul (c: Lottie) tob wkr r213 Moore 
Lawrence Robt E h410 S Briggs av 
Lawrence Telphor H (Lottie R) bldg contr h811 Watts 
Lawrence Viola Mrs textile wkr hl009 Angier av 
Lawrence & Hale dentists 602 W Chapel Hill 
Laws Floyd M (Emma M) carp hl30l Carolina av 
Laws Henry (c; Eunice) truck driver rl206 Hanover 
Laws Ida B (c) dom r408b Lee 
Laws Jas (c) farm hand r706 N Elizabeth 
Laws John (c: Sadie) tob wkr h417 Piedmont av 
Laws Leo P (c; Rosa B) tob wkr h912 4th 
Laws Mav (c) rl602 Vale 
Laws Melissa (c) dom h203 Bell 
Laws Roxie (wid Julius) r207 Chase 
Laws W Lafayette (Mittie) stitcher h720 14th 
Lawson Andrew (c) rl206 Averv 
Lawson Arth (c; Flora) lab h512 Colfax 
Lawson Asa C (c: Katie) tob wkr hlll2 Juniper 
Lawson Chas h401% N Mangum R7 

Lawson Claibourne H (Alina L) firemn Engine Co No 4 r414 S Driver av 
Lawson Edna J student r416 Milton av 
Lawson Eliza (c) gro 2208 Fayetteville rl03 Enterprise 
Lawson Elsie C Mrs drsmkr 104 W Chapel Hill R5 h923 Buchanan rd 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Appliances, Fixtures and Supplies 



Lawson Estelle L (wid Harry E) elk Home Security Life Ins Co rllO E 

Lawson Howard (c; Nellie) lab r2524 E Pettigrew 
Lawson J Bryar (Elsie C) tob wkr h923 Buchanan rd 
LAWSON JAMES J (Ada H), County Tax Supervisor, h416 Milton av, 

Tel F-9181 
Lawson Lovie (c; Blanche) lab hl217 N Hyde Park av 
Lawson Mary E (wid Thos H) h414 S Driver av 
Lawson McDowell D (Ada) tob wkr h504 N Roxboro 
Lawson Oscar <c; Mary) lab hlll4 N Roxboro 
Lawson Ralph C (Libbie J) tob wkr h918 Buchanan rd 
Lawson Rosa B (c) dom rlll4 N Roxboro 
Lawson Thos J (Gladys) stmftr h711 Wilkerson av ■ 
Lawson Victoria (c) tob wkr hl013 Rock 
Lawthorp Flora B (wid Jas P) h418 N Roxboro 
Lawton Anne asst in pediatrics Duke University r do 
Laxton Augusta instr Duke University r do 
Lay Dorcas (c) sen tchr r610 Douglas 
Laycock Wm J hi 24 E Lynch 
Layton see also Leighton 
Layton Austin A textile wkr hl206 Franklin 
Layton Chas P (Sarah H J) h915 Hale 
Layton Jas W carp rl09 Holloway 
Layton Junious <c) porter r613 St Joseph 
Layton Mary (wid Austin H) rl206 Franklin 
Lea see also Lee and Leigh 
Lea Addie M elk PO r429 S Driver av 
Lea Bertie r221 S Guthrie av 
Lea Beulah C (wid Jack) hl920 Chapel Hill rd 
Lea Birda G rl308 N Mangum 
Lea Callie Mrs h406 S Elm 

Lea Carrie L sten B C Remedy Co. r203 Broadway apt 7 
Lea Carter V (Bertha M) carp h309 Pope 
LEA CORRAL L, Office Sec E J Latta Roofing Co Inc, rt The Markham 

Apts 203 Broadway 
Lea Deward W elk N C State Hwy Comn r221 S Guthrie av 
Lea Eula r221 S Guthrie av 
Lea Howard M tobacconist rl07 S Elizabeth 
Lea Ida elk Ellis, Stone & Co r2305 Chapel Hill rd 
Lea John C tob wkr r309 Pope 
Lea Leah F (wid Edw T) h203 Broadway apt 7 
Lea Lucy R (wid John T) hl07 S Elizabeth 
Lea Martha B (wid Wm A) rl308 N Mangum 
Lea Nannie (wid John A) r428 S Driver av 
Lea Paul D (Eddie) h429 S Driver av 
Lea Rosa r2305 Chapel Hill rd 
Lea Rufus T (Jennie L) carp hllO Seminary 
Lea Sarah E rl07 S Elizabeth 
Lea Sidney M h221 S Guthrie av 
Lea Silas B (Nannie B) auto mech Durham Public Service Co hl809 

Angier av 
Lea Susan r429 S Driver av 

Lea W Henry (Lou O) mill wkr h312 Milton av 
Lea Walter V (Mildred L) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co rl705 N 

Lea Wiley E (Bessie) pntr hl70l Chapel Hill rd 
Lea Wm A (Josephine) tob wkr h308 N Roxboro 
Lea Wm W slsmn rl920 Chapel Hill rd 
Leach Anna (c) tob wkr r605 Ramsey 
Leach Hattie (c) tob wkr r318 Roney 
Leach Jas (c) r516 E Proctor 

Leach John B (c; Isabella; Excelsior Barber Shop) hl617 Fayetteville 
Leach Marcellus (c) tob wkr r303 Matthews 
Leach Wm (c; Louella) r408a Ramsey al 

Leach Wm T (c; Ada) news dlr 612% Fayetteville h2212 do 
Leadbetter LeRoy <c) brklyr r904b Pine 
Leak Adam (c) lab r409 Matthews 
Leak Bozie (c) hairdrsr r611 Mobile av 
Leak Dorsey (c) lab r903a Pine 

Leak Ethel (c) maid Duke University Hasp r715 Chapel Hill rd 
Leak Evalina (c) tob wkr rl08 Molihe 

Leak Haywood (c) porter Cosmopolitan Barber Shop rl609 Fayetteville 
Leak Jas (c; Carrie) brklyr h507 Lyon 
Leak Jerry (c; Ethel) h715 Chapel Hill rd 
Leak Jesse (c) r903a Pine 
Leak John (c; Rachel) tob wkr 2i610 Ramsey 


Durham Realty and Insurance 

First Floor Trust Building J?.7^«i A. RSI 

Leak Julia (c) dom hl07 Mission al 

Leak Sallie (c) tob wkr hlb Adams av 

Leak Steph (c; Daisy) lab h909 Ebony 

Leak Thos (c; Hattie) tob wkr h903a Pine 

Leak Walter (c; r307 Poplar 

Leak Wm (c) lab h.412 Henry al 

Leak Zebulon (c; Ida) wtchmn h307 Poplar 

Leake Jessie D (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Leary Ervin R (Truletta H) detective City Police Dept hl301 Angier av 

Leary Eug A (Fannie) rl03 N Alston av 

Leary Garland C (Lillie B) policemn 1U03 N Alston av 

Leary Thelbert C (Trixie) knitter hl922 Hart 

Leathers Annie (c) dom rl004 South 

Leathers Arbin (c) delmn r313 Lee 

Leathers Benj P truck driver Amis Gro Co r208 N Guthrie av 

Leathers Claiborne (c; Aileen) lab h412 Mincey 

Leathers Clarence (c) lab rl512 Albright rd 

Leathers Clyde (c; Margt) tob wkr h2203 Fitzgerald av 

Leathers Delia D (wid John D) hl409 Angier av 

Leathers Dora (c) h606 Grant 

Leathers Emma (c) dom hl508 Fayetteville 

Leathers Irene (c) dom rl004 South 

Leathers J Moses r2701 Ashe 

Leathers Jackson W (c; Cynthia) pntr h510 S Elm 

Leathers Jas P (Mary) gro 2117 Ashe h do 

Leathers Joanna (c) hl019 3d 

Leathers John (Edna) knitter rl901 E Main 

Leathers John (c; Emma) tob wkr h516 Grant 

Leathers Junius G (Leoma M) fixer Durham Hosiery Mills h223 S Ben- 

Leathers Lester (c) lab r411% Henry al 

Leathers Lonnie (c) chauf rl004 South 

Leathers Mabel B (c) bkpr Union Ins & Realty Co r434 Piedmont av 

Leathers Mack (c; Estelle) tob wkr hl008 Colfax 

Leathers Mamie (wid Jas) silkwkr r208 N Guthrie av 

Leathers Mary C hl023 Gloria av 

Leathers Mattie (c) cook 1013 W Main 

Leathers Mollie (c) dom hl512 Albright rd 

Leathers Raymond (Omie) hosiery wkr h2701 Ashe 

Leathers Robt (c) tob wkr rl512 Albright rd 

Leathers Rosa (c) rl008 Colfax 

Leathers Sallie (c) tob wkr r411 Moline 

Leathers Silas (c; Armetta) furn repr rl05 Division 

Leathers Sophia (c) cook r411% Henry al 

Leathers Thos E (c; Jane) pntr h91l' Walton 

Leathers Timothy L (c; Pauline) hl004 South 

Leathers Wm (c) r510 S Elm 

Leathers Wm G (c; Lela) janitor N C Mut Life Ins Co h320 Umstead 

Leathers Willie M (c) dom rl05 Division 

Leatherwood E Frank (Margt) carp h907 S Alston av 

Leavitt Jos student r307 Corporation 

Leavitt Morris (Annie) gro 514% Pine h307 Corporation 

Ledbetter Geneva B (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co rl07 W Hillside av 

Ledbetter Maggie (c) hl07 W Hillside av 

Ledbetter Margt M elk rl024 W Trinity av 

Ledbetter Virginia (c) student rl05 Dunstan 

Ledford Robt N (Cora M) sch tchr h2315 Chapel Hill rd 

Lednum Carrie C Mrs pres Durham College of Commerce and supvr 
Public Stenographers' Bureau r Washington Duke Hotel 

Lednum Walter L (Carrie C; Hayti Service Sta) r Washington Duke 

Lee see also Lea and Leigh 

Lee Alene hosiery wkr rl016 Stokes al 

Lee Allison D (Cornelia C) tob wkr h932 Orient 

Lee Annie (c) rlOl Enterprise 

Lee Arth r319 Gray 

Lee Arth C chf eng Duke University r do 

Lee Arth M (Eliz P) bkpr Five Points Drug Co 1U322 6th 

Lee Benj J (c; Ada) tob wkr h718 Milton av 

Lee Bessie (c) lndrs hl006B 4th 

Lee Callie M slswn r306 Jackson 

Lee Chas pntr rl818 House av 

Lee Chas N (Temesia) circulation mgr h312 Elliott 

Lee Chas N (Mildred A) elk r211 S Guthrie av 

Lee Colonel E (Mattie E) textile wkr h723 14th 

Lee David E (Nervie J) oiler h2021 Erwin rd 


Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG, Mimgw 

Lee David I textile wkr r2021 Erwin rd 

Lee Delia (c) r922 3d 

Lee Docia (c) tob wkr 1-903 South 

Lee Dumer (c) shoe shiner rl015 Fairview 

Lee Edna E student rl901 Chapel Hill rd 

Lee Effie (c) dom r306 Division 

Lee Elma T slswn F W Woolworth Co r312 Elliott 

Lee Elsie B (wid E Prank) h312 Buchanan blvd apt 201 

Lee Emmett T mach r217 Stokes 

Lee Etta D (wid Jas A) hl016 Stokes al 

Lee Frank T hosiery wkr r217 Stokes 

Lee Fulton (Julia H) typewriter mech hll3 W Seeman 

Lee Geo C (c; Blanche) gdnr hi 12 Lodge 

Lee Gladys E (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch rlOlO Fayetteville 

Lee Harvey (c) truck driver Borden Brick & Tile Co 704 Ramseur 

Lee Hattie (c) h604 Colfax 

Lee Hattie (c) lndywkr Sanitary Lndy r Odell (Hayestown) 

Lee Henderson (c; Nannie) janitor h800 Simmons 

Lee Hubert (c) r800 Simmons 

Lee Inez textile wkr r2021 Yearby av 

Lee Irving (c) janitor hlOOO 3d 

Lee J Grover (Ila H) lawver 128 W Main B416 h217 Knox cir 

Lee Jas (c; Willie) r702 Milton av 

Lee Jas B (c; Lucia) rl018 2d 

Lee Jas B (c; Mary) cement fnshr hl07 Lodge 

Lee Jas T (Emma C) printer Durham Herald Co Inc h604 N Queen 

Lee Jas V h319 Gray 

Lee Jasper (c; Mattie) tob wkr r510 Gray 

Lee Jennie (c) dom rl511 Jackson 

Lee Jesse M (Viola) hl502 Morning Glory av 

Lee John (c) h702 Milton av 

Lee John A (Lee's Confr) h405 Canal 

Lee John D tob wkr r312 Elliott 

Lee John W (Emma) carp hl901 Chapel Hill rd 

Lee Leonard L slsmn Rhodes-Collins Purn Co r809 Morgan 

Lee Lillie M rl901 Chapel Hill rd 

Lee Louise M (c) tob wkr r905 Pickett 

Lee Mack (Estelle) hl007 Glenn 

Lee Maggie (c) lndrs r918 N Elizabeth 

Lee Mamie (c) maid 2203 Woodrow 

Lee Marie L tob wkr r312 Elliott 

Lee Martha hosiery wkr rl016 Stokes al 

Lee Mary (c) tob wkr h729 Walnut 

Lee Mary A (wid Wm E) h217 Stokes 

Lee Mattie (c) prsr Dock W Brown r Commonwealth 

Lee Merton (Katie) tob wkr h311 S Alston av 

Lee Mildred nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Lee Myrtle M tob wkr r2118 Woodrow 

Lee Nettie (c) dom r2305 Kate 

Lee Otis (c) rl015 Fairview 

Lee Owen <c) lab r307 Pleasant al 

Lee Pattie S (c) dom rlll9 Webb al 

Lee Raymond (c; Virginia) car greaser Carpenter Motor Co h608 St 

Lee Richd (c; Minnie J) truck driver Borden Brick & Tile Co r Com- 

Lee Robt E (Gertrude) mach opr h705 Ridge way av 

Lee Robt E (Mary C) slsmn Holland Bros hl811 Chapel Hill rd 

Lee Robt E jr (Cecelia) drftsmn City Eng rl811 Chapel Hill rd 

Lee Robt L (Better Knit Hosiery Mill) r217 Stokes 

Lee Rosa (c) tob wkr r620 Ramsey 

Lee Rufus L (Monie) textile wkr r932 Orient 

Lee Ruth (c> tob wkr r702 Milton av 

Lee Sallie (c) lndrs h302 Macon 

Lee Sallie W nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Lee Sing (Chas Fung) lndy 107 E Chapel Hill 

Lee Stella Mrs silkwkr rl301 Duke University rd 

Lee Thos (c) elev opr r610 S Elm 

Lee Thos (c) lndy wkr Durham Lndy Co r608 StJoseph 

Lee Veola (c) dom rlllO Moreland av 

Lee Virginia (c) lndy wkr Durham Lndy Co r608 StJoseph 

Lee W Virgil tob wkr r723 14th 

Lee Wallace (Beatrice) magician h505 N Elizabeth 

Lee Wm (c; Martha) lab rl013 Evergreen 

Lee Wm (Maude) mach h804 N Roxboro 

Lee Wm J (Eva E) mach h214 Stokes 



Restful Seclusion 

In Sumptuous Surroundings 

is available at 


Lee Wm L truck driver r607 Wilkerson av 
Lee Willie L (c) lndy wkr Durham Lndy Co r702 Milton av 
Lee's Confectionery (John A Lee) 500 E Main 
Leecraft Patsie (c) tob wkr r912 N Elizabeth 
Leek Prances (c) dom r206 Peachtree pi 

Leesnitzer Edw J (Maude L) mech Carpenter Motor Co h400 N Elizabeth 
Letter Danl D (Lou) carp, r402 Canal 

Leftwich Geo E orchestra dir Duke University r512 Watts 
Leftwich Wayne B (Margt B) stge supt Am Suppliers Inc hl009 Minerva 
Leggett Julia A sch tchr r411 Liberty 

LEGGETT MILTON M, Lawyer 105 N Church, Tel J-4551, rll3 N Greg- 
Leggett Minnie C (wid Alex L) h411 Liberty 
Leggett Wm A mgr Belk-Leggett Co r411 liberty 
Legrande Dora (c) dom r314 Dowd 
Lehman Birdie rl015 Minerva 

Lehman Harry W treas-mgr The Kronheimer Co rl015 Minerva 
Leigh see also Lea and Lee 

Leigh Arth V (Dora M) lino opr Durham Herald Co Inc r RD 2 
Leigh Eliz cash Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r928 Urban av 
Leigh Emily bkpr Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r928 Urban av 
Leigh John S (Lola A) carp r906 N Roxboro 
Leigh Louise S student r506 Buchanan blvd apt 10 
Leigh Richd H bkpr h506 Buchanan blvd apt 10 
Leighton see also Layton 
Leighton Jas A r407 N Roxboro 
Leighton M Eliz Mrs h407 N Roxboro 

Lemert Benj F (Rosa V) instr Duke University h916 W Trinity av apt 15 
Lemon J Walter (Maude) linemn h213 Parrish pi 
Lemon Lois tob wkr r213 Paarish pi 
Lemons Arth W (Ha M) h603 W Chapel Hill 
Lemons Beadie (wid Wm M) r603 W Chapel Hill 
Lemons Dewey W (Bessie) stone ctr Bam-Kimball-Milam Co h.503 3 

Lemons Ethel tob wkr r603 W Chapel Hill 
Lemons John J (Annie M) mach opr h503 S Duke 
Lemons Lehman W (Essie) truck driver r811 Yancey 
Lemons Mozelle tob wkr r326 South 
Lemons Realdina (c) maid r511 Branch pi 
Lemons Rosanna (c) maid r511 Branch pi 
Lemons Sallie (c) tob wkr r504b Foster 
Lennon Maggie A (c) r605 Fayetteville 

Lens Edw B Dkpr Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corp h2700 Angier av 
Lenthus Arline (c) hlpr r313 Lee 
Lentz Thos L (Emma V) motorcycle mech Sidney E Rochelle hl214 

Leon Helen (wid John) r510 N Driver av 
Leon Peter mach r510 N Driver av 
Leonard Bertha (c) tob wkr r506 Lyon 
Leonard Grady L (Omie_ M; Paris-Leonard French Dry Clnrs h2118 

Leonard Lucille (c) sch tchr r403 Dunstan 
Leonard Mittie (c) r809 Gerard 

Leonard Robt P (c: Clara M) cook Hotel Malbourne h403 Dunstan 
Lerner Shops Mrs Claire Blomberg mgr women's wear 119 W Main 
Lesesne Elma A r212 Morris 
Leslie Archie M (Hettie) hl304 Angier av 
Leslie Dolly rl304 Angier av 

Leslie J Oliver (Alma B) prsmn The Seeman Printery h309 N Driver av 
Leslie John rl304 Angier av 
Leslie Maggie Mrs h521 E Main 
Leslie Otis M rl304 Angier av 
Lester Jennie rllOl Ramseur 
Lester Lessie M Mrs textile wkr r917 12th 

Letchworth W Fredk (Pearl) slsmn J A Murdock Co Inc r307 Canal 
Lethlow Walter (c) tob wkr r514 Ramsey 
Lett Robt (c; Frances) gro 819 Colfax h do 
Lett Sarah (c) tob wkr h415 Lucille 
Letzing Christian A (Eliz J) h817 Broad 
Levick Douglas G G sta supvr Standard Oil Co of N J r218 Forest 

Wood dr 
Levine Abr L cash Sou Fire Ins Co r309 Canal 
Levine Annie (wid Henry) h309 Canal 
Levine Jacob elk Sou Fire Ins Co r309 Canal 
Levine Jos elk r309 Canal 
Levy Bros (David W and Roy I) confrs 108 N Mangum 


Home Savings Bank 


JOHN SPRUNT HILL, President T. C. WORTH, Cashier 

Levy Carrie J (wid Jacob) rlio E Geer 

Levy David W (Levy Bros) hllO E Geer 

Levy Nathan D (Gertrude) mgr h918 W Trinity av 

Levy Rita C rllO E Geer 

Levy Roy I (Levy Bros) rllO E Geer 

Lewis Ada E (w^d John R) hl709 Bynum 

Lewis Alice M slswn S H Kress & Co rll05 9th 

Lewis Ann F_r418 S Duke 

Lewis Annie (c) cook h322 Matthews 

Lewis Bessie B Mrs rl013 Green 

Lewis Calista E rll05 9th 

Lewis Clara A (wid Robt E) beauty shop 609 W Chapel Hill h do 

Lewis Clarence r718 8th 

Lewis David (c; Margt) lab h209 W Proctor 

Lewis Elic J (Lora) ins agt h904 Glendale av 

Lewis Eliza beauty opr Mrs Clara A Lewis r609 W Chapel Hill 

Lewis Eliz (c) tchr East End Graded Sch r413 Dowd 

Lewis Elva sten Durham Public Service Co r816 4th 

Lewis Emily A (wid Geo) r2017 W Pettigrew 

Lewis Ethel P topper Ruth Hosiery Mills h409 N Guthrie av 

Lewis Flora B topper Ruth Hosiery Mills rl013 Green 

Lewis Prank L elk C E King & Son r814 8th 

Lewis Fred (c; Addie) lab hl212 Colfax 

Lewis Geo <c; Ethel) lab rl09 Bottom al 

Lewis Geo M (Lillie M) major in ehge The Salvation Army hlOl Morris 

Lewis Harry (c; Prances) tob wkr h209b Corporation 

Lewis Hattle D (wid Gilbert I) h816 4th 

Lewis Hattie W (c) cook S H Kress & Co r209b Corporation 

Lewis Henry J (E Ida) tob wkr hlOll Alabama 

Lewis Howard H (Mary) elk hl020 Minerva 

Lewis Irene pkr C M Co r409 N Guthrie av 

Lewis Joel H (Lona H) slsmn Piedmont Furn Co hl801 Palmer 

Liewis John E (Addie) gro 1001 Glendale av h2616 Sater 

Lewis Kemp P (Lottie S) pres-treas The Erwin Cotton Mills Co h418 

S Duke 
Lewis Kermit G agt Home Security Life Ins Co rlOll Alabama 
Lewis Kirby R (Mildred E) slsmn h912 2d 
Lewis L Deletha rlOll Alabama 
Lewis Lessie F student r2616 Sater 
Lewis Lula (c) dom h510b Pine 
Lewis Maggie (c) tob wkr r204 W Cobb 
Lewis Martha E (c) dom h413 Dowd 
Lewis Mary (c) h305 Foster 

Lewis McKinley (c; Anna M) lab hllOa Chestnut 
Lewis Mollie (c) tob wkr h817 Fargo 
Lewis Nathan A truck driver r814 8th 
Lewis Odom (c) lab r603 St Joseph 
Lewis Peayton H textile wkr rl709 Bynum 
Lewis Ralph H (Ruth P) elk Am Tob Co Inc rl801 Palmer 
Lewis Raymond A (Ruth S) sht mtl wkr h814 8th 
Lewis Rex T carrier PO r2616 Sater 
Lewis Robt E textile wkr rl709 Bynum 

Lewis Roma G (Idalia C) meat ctr Pender's Stores r820 Cleveland 
Lewis Roosevelt (c; Naomi) tob wkr h703 Colfax 
Lewis Roscoe B lawyer 123 W Main R300 r YMCA 
Lewis Russell D (Flora B) tmkpr Durham Hosiery Mills hl013 Green 
Lewis Ruth elk Am Tob Co Inc r408 E Main 
Lewis Smithye E sec Wm L Foushee and notary rll05 9th 
Lewis Thelbert J ins agt r816 4th 
Lewis Theo E elk John E Lewis r2616 Sater 
Lewis Viola (c) tob wkr r509 Branch pi 
Lewis Wm U (Calista E) bldg contr 1105 9th h do 
Lewis Wm U jr rll05 9th 
Lewis Winifred (c) tob wkr r607b Mebane 
Lewter Emma (wid Fonnie A) hl707 Gunter 
Lewter Florine T tchr Durham High Sch r810 Vickers av 
Lewter Jas R (Ida L) pntr h705 Chapel Hill rd 
Lewter Jas R jr elk Mack's Drug Store r705 Chapel Hill rd 
Lewter Mildred G slswn S H Kress & Co r705 Chapel Hill rd 
Lewter Robt U (Ora A) carp h810 Vickers av 
Lewter Wade O elk University News Co r705 Chapel Hill rd 
Lewter Waldron J elk Sou Ry System r705 Chapel Hill rd 
Liasidis Louis restr r610 Rigsbee av 
Liasidis Nick restr r610 Rigsbee av 

Liberty Warehouse (Frank G and Jas S Satterfield and Sidney W and 
Walker Stone) tob leaf 318 Rigsbee av 






Licomb Julia (c) dom r408a StJoseph 

Lieberman Nathan (Eva; Durham Dry Gds Co) h2300 Englewood av 

Life Insurance Co of Va The Lonnie T Matthews dist mgr 212 W Main 

Life & Casualty Insurance Co of Nashville Term Eric L Tilley dist mgr 

331 W Main R402 
LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO CO, Cigarette and Tobacco Mfrs, J 

Camden Hundley Supt, Office Fuller cor W Main, Tels F-181 and 

F-300I, Factory W Main from Cigarette to Fuller 
Liggetts Peter (White Way Lunch) r343 W Main 
Liggins Wm (c; Mary) lab h510b Grant 
Ligon Annie L r615 Yancey 

Ligon Fleming G (Etta R) farmer h Hoover rd nr Angier av 
Ligon Paul J (Ethel M) tob wkr h704 15th 
Ligon Pearl (c) sch tchr r609 Fayetteville 
Ligon Wm H (Rossie) h615 Yancey 
Liles see also Lyles 
Liles Callie (c) dom r423 Bailey 
Liles Carl B mach r615 Arnette av 
Liles Cindie B (wid Chas C) h615 Arnette av 

Liles Lumis R (Janie W) slsmn Elliott Furn Co h900 W Chapel Hill 
Liles Mabel E Mrs slswn The Kronheimer Co h819 Arnette av 
Liles Robt W meat ctr The Great A & P Tea Co r722 Arnette av 
Liles T Odell (Mabel E) h819 Arnette av 

Liles Wayland A (Eliz S) mgr Five Points Drug Co hl02 N Driver av 
Lilley John (c) r501 S Plum 

Limer Danl (Effie M) rep Atlantic & Western Motor Exp h410 Milton av 
Limer Effie M Mrs sten Beverly D Ashlin h410 Milton av 
Lincoln Cafe (Manuel Galifian'akis) 114 S Mangum 
Lincoln Hospital (c) Dr Chas H Shepard supt 1301 Fayetteville 
Lincoln Hospital (c) Laura B Hicks matron nurses' home 606 Booker 
Lindly W Edw knitter r307 S Elm 
Lindsay Boyce (c; Lillian) truck driver Christian-Howard Furn Co h911 

Lindsay Clarence L (Thelma) elk h514 McMannen 
Lindsay Donald (c; Maggie) prsr Durham Shoe Shine & Hat Clng 

Parlor hl013 Fairview 
Lindsay Geo L bill poster rl304 Broad 
Lindsay Kath student rl405 Watts 
Lindsay Katie sch tchr r602 S Duke 
Lindsay Nannie C (wid John M) h602 S Duke 
Lindsay Seaton G (Daisy M) sch tchr hl405 Watts 
Lindsay Thelma Mrs elk Sou Ry System h514 McMannen 
Lindsev I Arth jr stndent r911 5th 

Llndsey Isaac A (Lessie W) bondsmn 205% E Main h911 5th 
Lindsev J Thos waiter Reeves Am Cafe r612 S Duke 
Lindsey Lelia A r612 S Duke 
Lindsey Mary E mach opr r612 S Duke 
LINDSEY ROBT L (Katie T), V-Pres-Genl Mgr Durham Public Service 

Co, h214 N Dillard, Tel F-3241 
Lindsey Wm C (Annie G) h612 S Duke 
Lineberry Lessie (c) tob wkr r305 W Proctor 
Link Alex (c; Susie) lab hl208 N Hyde Park av 
Link Alice D (wid Isaac N) h506 N Roxboro 
Link Anna (c) maid YWCA rl013 Evergreen 
Link Bessie (c) dom h608b Ramsey al 
Link Colin slsmn r214 E Geer 
Link Edw L (Helen) mill wkr h604 Eva 
Link Erna U Mrs dep U S Int Rev Collr r RD 2 
Link Henry L USA r604 Eva 
Link Jas (c) hosiery wkr rl309 Union 
Link L Frances silk wkr r604 Eva 
Link Leo W (Maytag, Link & Sons) r214 E Geer 
Link Susan (c) dom hl013 Evergreen 

Link Susie (c) lndy wkr New Method Lndy rl208 N Hyde Park av 
Link Wm C (Maytag, Link & Sons) r214 E Geer 
Link Wm H (Ada B; Maytag, Link S$ Sons) h214 E Geer 
Linker Garfield L formn Am Tob Co Inc rl210 N Mangum 
Linker Harold R (Ruby M) textile wkr h2017 Yearby av 
Linnear John r601 N Mangum 

Linthicum Allen C (Elsie A) mill mech h811 Wilkerson av 
Linthicum Hill E elk The Peabody Drug Co Inc r Holloway rd 
Linthicum Wm H (Sadie E) mach h210 N Queen 
Lions Club Wyatt Dixon sec meets Wednesdays lpm at Washington 

Duke Hotel 
Lipscomb Beulah (c) tob wkr r409 MtVernon 

Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASCHALL. Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Lipscomb Claude T r2713 Ashe 

Lipscomb Edw (c; Bessie) rl406b Club blvd 

Lipscomb Ethel C student r913 S Duke 

Lipscomb Ethel C (wid John M) h913 S Duke 

LIPSCOMB-GATTIS CO, Wm E Lipscomb Pres, LeRoy Gattis Sec- 

Treas, Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings 213 W Main, Tel 

Lipscomb Gazella P (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r802 Macklin 
Lipscomb Geo L (Nancy) barber Edgemont Barber Shop hll3 S Elm 
Lipscomb John M student r913 S Duke 
Lipscomb John R (Nancy) h2713 Ashe 

Lipscomb Jos A barber Edgemont Barber Shop r625 E Main 
Lipscomb Lucy (c) tob wkr h409 MtVernon 
Lipscomb Roosevelt (c; Navie) hl406a Club blvd 
Lipscomb Rosa textile wkr r724 13th 
Lipscomb Wm (c; Gazella P) orderly Duke University Hosp h802 

Lipscomb Wm E (Nonie F) pres Lipscomb-Gattis Co h402 Watts 
Lipson Angellne (c) dom hllO% Haywood 
Lipson Anna (c) tob wkr rllO% Hajcwood 
Lipson Fannie (c) dom rl318 N Alston av 
Lipson Pearl (c) tob wkr rll0y2 Haywood 
Litaker Bessie nurse 1300 Broad r do 
Littaker Ruth I (wid Buford) silk wkr r335 South 
Little Bessie L slswn Moskin's Credit Clothing Co rllll 6th 
Little Burnette (c) office asst Dr John W V Cordice r508 Fayetteville 
Little Calvin (c; Annie) tob wkr r202a Kelly al 
Little Cecil tel opr rllll 6th 

Little Clyde (c; Minnie) tob wkr b606b Mobile av 
Little Columbus (c; Editor M; Regal Barber Shop) h510 Price 
Little Edgar (Maxine) lbr r2406 Ashe 
Little Elmer C (Letha) hosiery wkr hill N Goley 
Little Ethel (c) dom rl406 Geerwood 
Little Fay E r2401 Owen 

Little Garfield (c; Kath) tob wkr h517 E Proctor 
Little L Lucille slswn r2401 Owen 
Little Lafayette (Fannie I) lbr h2401 Owen 
Little Leoma M tel opr r2401 Owen 

Little LeVonda E elk Durham Hosiery Mills r2401 Owen 
Little Lula (c) dom r906 Pine 
Little Macie (c) tob wkr r203 Piedmont av 

Little Marvin L (Mabel M) slsmn Lakewood Dairy rl418 James 
Little Mary rll21 N Roxboro 
Little Nathan (c) lab r906 Pine 

Little Nezzie (c) maid Hotel Malbourne h509 Ramsey 
Little Otis (c; Cora) tob wkr r707 Pine 
Little Ralph M elk Thaxton & Markham r809 Yancey 
Little Sidney S (Nicey A) formn Am Tob Co Inc r RD 6 
Little Simon (c; Olivia) tob wkr hl20 Division 
Little Theo (c; Daisy) lab rl07 Mission al 
Little Viola A (wid Bascom) waitress h809 Yancey 
Little Waddell (c; Veola) tob wkr r503 Pine 
Little Watson (c; Dora) lab h204 (116) N Elizabeth 
Little Watt (c) r906 Pine 
Little Wm (c; Julia) lab r607 Carrington 
Little Wm (c) tob wkr h906 Pine 

Littlejohn Chas B (c; Susie) servicemn Long's Service Sta r608 Glenn 
Littles Eliz (c) lndrs r505 Lucille 

Livas Hattie L (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co hl507 Fayetteville 
Livengood Chas H (Mary J) fcty mgr Liggett & Myers Tob Co hll08 

Livengood Chas H jr student rll08 Minerva 
Livingston Mildred (c) tob wkr r312 E Proctor 
Llewellyn Anne R (wid Wm H) mgr h924 W Trinity av 
Llewellyn Garland C (Eoline S) examiner Sou Fire Ins Co r924 W 

Trinity av 
Llewellyn Laura C Mrs elk Home Security Life Ins Co r526 Holloway 
LLEWELLYN MARVIN S (Sara E), Directing Mgr Washington Duke 

Hotel, r do, Tel F-I01 
Llewellyn Sidney J (Laura C) eng r526 Holloway 
Llewellyn Wm H (Grace W) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co r924 W 

Trinity av 
Llovd Abbott E (Eleanor T) h2100 Club blvd 
Lloyd Bennie L stmftr r929 Alabama 
Lloyd Berkely L (c) lab r508 Lucille 
Lloyd Bernice (wid Louis) r215 Stokes 










21.5 FOSTER ST. 



PHONE F-3931 

Lloyd Bernice L (wid Louis H) r206 Lyon 

Lloyd Claude M hlpr rl09 Holloway 

Lloyd Clyde L tank slsmn Standard Oil Co of N J r Chapel Hill N C 

Lloyd Curtis r2208 Hackney 

Lloyd Decatur C (Edna H) h320 E Trinity av 

Lloyd Edw (c; Mary) orderly The Watts Hosp h509 Lucille 

Lloyd Eug <c) hosiery wkr rll2a E Proctor 

Lloyd Flora V (wid Jos M) h515 Willard 

Lloyd Frances nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Lloyd Fredk N r515 Willard 

Lloyd Irving (c; Annie B) hlpr r508 Lucille 

Lloyd J Mack (Lillie L) filter plant opr City Water Wks h2514 Woodrow 

Lloyd Jas B (Zella D) janitor h214 Spruce 

Lloyd Jas G C (Swannanoa) elk PO h820 Morgan 

Lloyd John (c; Jennie) lab hll2a E Proctor 

Lloyd John (c; Sarah) tob wkr h511 Gray 

Lloyd Katie B Mrs slswn Jones & Frasier Co r Chapel Hill N C 

Lloyd Lee L (wid Abbott E) h607 W Chapel Hill 

Lloyd Lizzie (c) maid rll2a E Proctor 

Lloyd Lossie tob wkr rl09 Holloway 

Lloyd Mack N (Alice N) hosiery wkr h217 S Alston av 

Lloyd Mary F silk wkr r406 Swift av 

Lloyd Nellie bkp r Hibberd Florist r YWCA 

Lloyd Nellie Mrs rl212 Worth 

Lloyd Obediah (c; Julia) tob wkr h408 Bailey 

Lloyd Ophelia M (wid Robt L) h929 Alabama 

Lloyd Oppie R (Viola S) mach h406 Swift av 

Lloyd Paul (c) hosiery wkr rll2a E Proctor 

Lloyd Pearl C tob wkr rl09 Holloway 

Lloyd Thelma Mrs slswn Belk-Leggett Co h N Roxboro nr 2d av 

Lloyd Thos M (Thelma) slsmn h N Roxboro nr 2d av 

Lloyd Thos W sta opr City Water Dept r Flat River N C 

Lloyd Wade L "(Ida M) mach h810 N Alston av 

Lloyd Zalene r810 N Alston av 

Loan & Trust Building Rupert L Bishop supt 212 W Main office R201 

Lochmoor Cigar Stand Edgar M Coble mgr 214 E Main 

Lochmoor Hotel Lochmoor Hotel Co Inc oprs 214 E Main 

Lochmoor Hotel Co Inc Steve Changaris pres Sidney C Chambers v-pres 
Mrs Helen Changaris sec oors Lochmoor Hotel 214 E Main 

Lockam DeWitt W elk Joyce Food Store r606 Carr 

Lockamy Homer tob wkr r909 Eva 

Lockamy John M (Mamie) textile wkr hl211 Morning Glory av 

Lockamy Malcolm (Myrtle) hosiery wkr hlOll Morning Glory av 

Lockamy Mary (wid Jos F) r909 Eva 

Lockamy Patk (Kath) pntr h800 8th 

Lockamy Wm (Rosa) tob wkr h909 Eva 

Lockamy Wm M (Kate W) textile wkr h814 9th 

Lockamy Wm W r814 9th 

Lockamy Woodrow M textile wkr rl211 Morning Glory av 

Lockett Richd (c; Etta) lab h811 Gerard 

Lockhart Bingham (c; Lottie) oiler h402 Pine 

Lockhart David K (Ruby E) dentist 128 W Main R504 h805 Watts 

Lockhart Jas (c; Ida M) marker h613 Hickory 

Lockhart Walter S (Florence G) lawyer 212 W Main R409 hl527 Hermit- 
age ct 

Locklear Alf H (Mary S) textile wkr hl004 Worth 

Locklear Mabel R (c) r203 Enterprise 

Locklear Richd (c; Nellie) tob wkr h203 Enterprise 

Lockley Herman (c) lab r2627 Hay 

Lockwood Alice Mrs sec Barker-Suggs Printery Inc h910 Arnette av 

Lockwood Norwood B (Alice) pres-treas Barker-Suggs Printery Inc h9l0 
Arnette av 

Loftin Needham H (Margt S) electn Brown Elec Co hl005 Burch av 

Loftis Emmett F CPattie L) h407 Holloway 

Loftis Emmett F jr tob wkr r407 Holloway 

Loftis J Lois tob wkr r407 Holloway 

Logan Geo W (Lucy) h2011 Angier av 

Logan Geo W (c; Maude E) theatre opr h601 Thomasson 

Logan John (c; Lucy) janitor Carolina Theatre hl019b 2d 

London A Hill jr (Jeannette B) phys 123 W Main R602 hl07 Watts apt 6 

Loney Claude L (Ida) plmbr r708 Vickers av 

Long A Raymond pntr r820 Wilkerson av 

Long Albert A (Ruth P) prin Edgemont Graded Sch h909 Monmouth av 

Long Alma E wrapper Efird's Dept Store r615 Vickers av 

Long Anna V slswn Efird's Dept Store r615 Vickers av 

Long Benj (c) lab rl08 Division 


Durham Public Service Co, 

Ride the Buses 


Long Bertha W (wid Jas M) hl305 Marvin av 

Long Chas slsmn rll9 Morris 

Long Clovene sec Dr W Benson McCutcheon rl209 N Roxboro 

Long Cora inspr r312 E Trinity av 

Long Daisy silk wkx r910 9th 

Long David W (Blanche M) carp hl209 N Roxboro 

Long Dorothy L office asst Drs Geo T Watkins jr and Wm M Watkins 

r715 Shepherd 
Long Earle (Helen P) formn Am Tob Co Inc hl210 N Mangum 
Long Edw J (Laura B) pntr 820 Wilkerson av h do 
Long Ella (c) tob wkr r408 Pine 
Long Emma (wid Jas H) rl711 Dean 
Long Ethel F nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
Long Prances E student r820 Wilkerson av 

Long Gordon E (Annie M) clothes clnr Duke University r715 Shepherd 
Long Hazeline B student r715 Shepherd 

Long Henry R (Janie J) supt Austin-Heaton Co h905 W Markham av 
Long J Artn (Lonie W) carp h615 Vickers av 
Long J Elmer (Lessie P; Long & Young) nil Oak dr 
Long Jas M pdlr hl711 Dean 
Long Jas R (M Lola) tob wkr h711 Vickers av 
Long Jas R jr r711 Vickers av 

Long John (c) cook The Martha Washington rll2 Umstead 
Long Julia L rl202 Vickers av 
Long Julia M (c) dom rll2 Umstead 
Long Kathleen R student r820 Wilkerson av 
Long Katie (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 
Long Lizzie Mrs r311 Rigsbee av 
Long Lucy (c) dom hill Umstead 
Long Major (c) lab rl08 Division 

Long Marianna head cataloguer Duke University Library r407 Watts 
Long Mary D wrapper Efird's Dept Store r615 Vickers av 
Long Maude sten Monitor Refrigeration Co rl209 N Roxboro 
Long Nerissa L (c| tchr Hillside Park Sch r811 Fayetteville 
Long Oscar elk The Gt A & P Tea Co r801 Vickers av 
Long Oscar W (Myrtle B; Long's Service Sta) h801 Vickers av 
Long Peter (c; Minnie) tob wkr hl08 Division 
Long R Fab tob wkr rl202 Vickers av 
Long R Thos (Lessie P) inspr h715 Shepherd 
Long Robt L (c; Pah-lee; Club Blvd Barber Shop) rl016 2d 
Long Saml C carp rl209 N Roxboro 

Long W Albert (Ruth) textile wkr h519 Reservoir (E Durham) 
Long 3l Young (J Elmer Long, Victor V Young) lawyers 123 W Main 

Long's Service Station (Oscar W Long) 703 N Mangum 

Longmire Jeannette R sten Standard Investment Co r2509 Englewood av 

Loos Louise asst cataloguer Duke University Library r do 

Lorbacher Alvenia M hosiery wkr r307 N Hyde Park av 

Lorbacher Edgar L (Alda R) hlpr r7Q5 Markham 

Lorbacher Jos L (Marsh Wood Yd) r307 N Hyde Park av 

Lorbacher Jos M (Maggie B) gdnr h705 Markham 

Lorbacher Pressley L (Estelle) wtchmn h307 N Hyde Park av 

Lord Harold L (Lillian I) sht mtl wks r707 Jackson 

Lore Eva nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Louckes John (c; Lula) lab h503 Matthews 

Loudermilk John D (Lois P) carp h914 8th 

Lougee Edgar G (Edrah H) r710 North 

Lougee Emmie H (wid Wm J) hll8 Broadway 

Lougee Geo E (Mollie G) formn The Seeman Printery h710 North 

Lougee Geo E jr student r710 North 

Lougee John H student rll8 Broadway 

Lougee Nell A student r710 North 

Lougee Saml B r710 North 

Lougee Virginius B (Mary T) paperhngr D C May h712 North 

Lougee Virginius B jr (Maggie R) formn Am Tob Co Inc hl006 Broad 

Lougee Wm M r710 North 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Nunnally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 









V M 

S w 




































C/o s 





° era 


3 /^\ 




< CO 



_1 CO 

O * 

u u 

1 ° 

1 _! 

co i 


-1 CO 






S a 



SB «S 

o _ 


CO **» 


< s 




s- 1 



— i 








Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Louis Dillard D (Lina) slsmn W R Murray Co Inc h2612 HUlsboro rd 
Louise Knitting Mills Co Inc Edw C Stone pres Kerney C Stone sec- 

treas hosiery mfrs 201 N Maple 
Love Clifton (c; Blanche) porter Lipscomb-Gattis Co h902a Pine 
Love Dock W (Blanche M) textile wkr h716 14th 
Love Donald (c; Maggie) lab h412 S Gregson 
Love Donald (c; Mildred) porter Duke University Hosp r915 Perrell 
Love Geo C (Mary D) civ eng hl003 E Trinity av 
Love Herbert (c; Geneva) tob wkr hl407 Buchanan rd 
Love Ira T (c; Olive) hl023 Cornell 

Love Jas C (c; Annie) barber Club Blvd Barber Shop rlOOl 2d 
Love John (c; Essie) lab h209 Moline 
Love John E (c; Geneva) multigraph opr h916 3d 
Love John R (Janet S) construction supt hl025 Dacian av 
Love John R jr student rl025 Dacian av 
Love Louis (c) porter Duke University Hosp r205 Bell 
Love Margt (c) dom rl023 Cornell 
Love Margt M r2108 Englewood av 
Love Mary (c) dom rl023 Cornell 
Love Milton (c) tob wkr rl023 Cornell 
Love Minnie (c) cook h205 Bell 
Love Otho (c; Eliz) janitor hl201 4th 
Love Purina (c) dom rl310 D 
Love Roderick M (Zoe A) eng Durham Public Service Co h2505 Chapel 

Hill rd 
Love Saml E (Ruth) slsmn Durham Dairy Products Inc r409 South 
Love Sandy (c; Grace) tob wkr hl613 Fayetteville 
Love Vance W (c) dentist 203Y 2 E Chapel Hill Rl r Mebane N C 
Love Wm (c; Esther) hl310 D 
Lovelace Bessie T textile wkr r207 Chase 
Lovell B Curtis (Ethel H) meat ctr hl209 Rumseur 
Lovell Geo M (Arpha M) rl209 Ramseur 
Lovell Mamie (wid Geo W) r2405 Hart 
Lovell Ray palmist 128% E Main r511 do 
Lovely Harmon (c) lab r711 Carrington 
Lovely Margt (c) cook rl05 Bottom al 
Lovett Amanda Mrs textile wkr rll2 Case 
Lovett Clyde r923 12th 
Lovett Emma D (wid Wm C) h923 12th 
Lovett Glenn textile wkr r923 12th 
Lovett Hardy (c; Rachel) h905 Willard al 
Lovett John textile wkr r923 12th 

Lovett Walter P (Mary W) waiter White Way Lunch h402 Yates av 
Lovett Wm (Ruth) textile wkr h910 11th 
Loving Ivory (c) lab r324 Matthews 
Lowe Arth C (Fannie B) flgmn h205 W Trinity av 
Lowe Baxter meat ctr Green's Mkt r410 S Driver av 
Lowe Bessie F (wid Andrew D) rl203 Taylor 
Lowe Carey W mgr Man-wy Service Sta r RD 3 
Lowe Edgar (c; Nina) tob wkr r709 N Ehzabeth 
Lowe Edw (c) lab h2310 Shirley 
Lowe Ernest W (Minnie I) supt Geer Bldg r RD 3 
Lowe Esther r410 S Driver av 
Lowe Ethel r410 S Driver av 
Lowe Ethel (c) fctywkr r717 Willard 

Lowe Fannie B Mrs copy holder The Seeman Printery h205 W Trinity a v 
Lowe Frank mach r913 Angier av 
Lowe Gladys (c) dom hl307 D 
Lowe Helen F rl203 Taylor 
Lowe Henry (c; Gladys) lab h805 Drew 
Lowe J M inspr Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Co r RD 3 
Lowe Jas r410 S Driver av 

Lowe Jas U (c; Lottie B) tob wkr h801 N Elizabeth 
Lowe Major (c; Leona) lab r805 Drew 
Lowe Marcellus (c; Hattie) hl06 Neal 
Lowe Mary (c) dom r504 Lucille 


"A Purpose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

E. S. PHILMPS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran Si. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone 1,-6291 

Lowe Bobt (c; Flossie) rl06 Neal 

Lowe Thos atndt Nan-wy Service Sta r RD 3 

Lowe Wm N (Nettie E) h410 S Driver av 

Lowe Willie L tel opr r410 S Driver av 

Lowery see also Larry 

Lowery Henry (c; Maude) lab h312b Dowd 

Lowery Jack (c; Annie) lab hll09 N Roxboro 

Lowery Leota silk wkr r908 Holloway 

Lowery May Mrs h908 Holloway 

Lowery N Clarence (Nellie) elk Amis Gro Co r819 Burch av 

Lowery Wm (c) r508 Link pi 

Lowry Chas V (Maggie O) beautician Tilley's Stores Inc h518 Carr 

Lowry Norman P (Ida J) h907 Ramseur 

Loy Alliene nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Loy Eliz nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Loy Laura L Mrs r918 Broad 

Loyd EUa (wid Jas A) r2525 Chapel Hill rd 

Lubow Louis slsmn Peoples Fruit & Produce Mkt r809 Cleveland 

Lucas Arth E (Myrtle L) knitter hl509 Angier av 

Lucas Clinton (c) tob wkr r206 Moline 

Lucas Geo E (Ethel) hll06 Angier av 

Lucas Grace tchr Central Jr High Sch r Washington Duke Hotel 

Lucas Helen rl223 Pungo 

Lucas Helen Mrs rl223 Pungo 

Lucas John (c) countermn Jas S McLean r910 Pine 

Lucas Norman (c; Daisy) farmer h207 Nelson 

Lucas Paul W hlpr rlOO Club blvd 

Lucas Pauline sch tchr rlOO Club blvd 

Lucas Russell (c) tob wkr r207 Nelson 

Lucas Thos M (Martha) r2407 Ashe 

Lucas Virginia r2406 Proctor rd 

Lucas Wm (c; Maude) tob wkr hll02 Hazel 

Lucas Wm P (Mittie S) 2d v-pres Waverly Ice Cream Co Inc hlOO Club 

Lumford Bettie (c) tob wkr r507 Gray 

Lumford Jas (c) tob wkr r206 W Cobb 

Lumley Agatha slswn S H Kress & Co r Morrisville N C 

Lumpkin Donald (Mae B) genl frt and pass agt Durham & Sou Ry Co 
hl06 W Geer 

Lumpkin Donald R city circulation mgr The Durham Morning Herald 
rl06 W Geer 

Lumpkin Wm (c) hlpr rl517 Albright rd 

Lumpkins Minnie (c) hllO Vincent 

Lumsden Floyd W student r509 Rigsbee av 

Lumsden Geo A news agt r509 Rigsbee av 

Lumsford Nannie (c) dom hl211 Drew 

Lunceford Eva (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 

Lundeberg Olav K (Vivian) associate prof Duke University h204 E 

Lundholm Helge (Julia) associate prof Duke University hlll8 N Duke 

Lunnon Ella (c) r616b E Pettigrew 

Lunsford Alice E (c) hairdrsr 306 Ramsey r408% E Pettigrew 

Lunsford Dennis T (Eva M) h809 Park av 

Lunsford Dennis T jr student r809 Park av 

Lunsford Early (c; Callie) lab r422 Bailey 

Lunsford Effie (c) tob wkr hl306 Union 

Lunsford Fay nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Lunsford Geo (c) rllll 4th 

Lunsford Gertrude (c) maid The Watts Hosp rllll 4th 

Lunsford J Otho (Mayde M) bldg mgr First Natl Bank bldg office mez- 
zanine hl014 Markham av 

Lunsford John (c; Lula) r426 Sowell al 

Lunsford Katie L (c) dom rl306 Union 

Lunsford Laura (c) tob wkr rl208 4th 

Lunsford Laura E student rl014 W Markham av 

Lunsford Leo (c; Luncy L) janitor hl002a Juniper 

Lunsford Luther (c; Virginia) elev opr First Natl Bank bldg Mill 4th 

Lunsford M Ruth sch tchr r809 Park av 

Lunsford Mary E student r809 Park av 

Lunsford Odell (c; Adeline) lab r208 Tatum al 

Lunsford Thos J r809 Park av 

Lunsford Virginia (c) Indrs The Watts Hosp rllll 4th 

Lunsford Walter J (Kath) hl401 Maryland av 

Lunsford Wesley (c; Eloise) tob wkr rl304 Union 

Lunsford Wm A r809 Park av 

Lupton John W student r512 Watts 






















$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.I2-^SAVE 25% 

Lupton Pocahontas S I wid Edw A) r913 W Markham av 

Lupton Vera O nurse 2032 Englewood av r do 

Luquire Carl D knitter r2305 Ashe 

Luquire Claude R (Eleanor) sch tchr h201 S Driver av 

Luauire Eleanor Mrs bkpr Home Bids; & Loan Assn h201 S Driver aiw 

Luquire Eug A (Cleo) mach h2404 Owen 

Luquire Hugh A (Lillie D) knitter h205 Spruce 

Luquire Lillie C hosiery wkr r2305 Ashe 

Luquire Lloyd C (M Gladys) silk wkr r918 9th 

Luquire Mary E (wid Jos A) h2305 Ashe 

Luster Cleveland (c) rl016 Simmons 

Luster Henry (c; Julia) tob wkr hl016 Simmons 

Luter Wm (c; Hannah) lab rl007 Juniper 

LUTZ WORTH A (Margt L), Asst Sec-Treas Durham Realty & Ins Co, 

b.1025 Alabama, Tel L-3691 
Lyde Dock (c; Mattie) tob wkr hl021 Moreland av 
Lyde Jas (c) tob wkr rl021 Moreland av 
Lyde Lucy (c) tob wkr rl021 Moreland av 
Lyde Maggie (c) tob wkr rl021 Moreland av 
Lyde McKinley (c) tob wkr rl021 Moreland av 
Lyde Scarlie (c) tob wkr rl021 Moreland av 
Lyde Vivian (c) rl021 Moreland av 
Lyde Wesley (c) tob wkr rl021 Moreland av 
Lyerly Arnold A (Polly A) student r710 Burch av 
Lyerly Jack (Myrtle D) dairy 318 Cheek h do 
Lyles see also Lues 

Lyles Hassie L (c) dom r410 S Gregson 
Lyles John (c) lab rl207 Moreland av 
Lyles Mary (c) tob wkr r610 Canal 
Lynam Orvis W slsmn C D Kenny Co r Pickett rd 
Lynch Jeanette C (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch r811 Fayette- 

Lynch R Allen (Willie W) sch tchr hl60l Duke University rd 
Lynch Richd H (M Eliz) sta mgr Gulf Refg Co h504 Yates av 
Lynch Vic waitress Washington Duke Hotel rll23 Buchanan rd 
Lynn Adolphus (Ronalda) truck driver r723 Holloway 
Lynn Baxter D bus opr Durham Public Service Co E Main nr Elizabeth 
Lynn Beulah Mrs rl20 Lyon 

Lynn Clarence L (Estelle M) lawyer 212 W Main R504 hll3 Leon 
Lynn Dallas W rl810 Angier av * 

Lynn P Julian h2506 Angier av 
Lynn Floyd E (Minnie E) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h.723 

Lynn Ira M slsmn City Baking Co r642 Club blvd 
Lynn John W (Lillian P) inspr hl810 Angier av 
Lynn John W (Noilar M) policemn hl918 Chapel Hill rd 
Lynn M Earle (Lillie B) h2504 Angier av 
Lynn Otis (c) porter Bailey Motor Co r322 Matthews 
Lynn Rebecca (wid Jos) h.509 Scoggins av 
Lynn Swannie Mrs tob wkr r422 Salem 
Lynn Theo D (Pearl G) policemn hl805 Chapel Hill rd 
Lynn Wm (c; Mary) lab hl212 4th 
Lynn Wm E rl211 Spruce 

Lynn Wm H (Lizzie) furn repr h509 Scoggins av 
Lynn Zollie (Beulah) textile wkr h517 Barbee 
Lyon Colie (c; Jessie) lab hl604a E Pettigrew 
Lyon Cornell (c) tob wkr r507 Carrington 
Lyon Coy H (Vera) hl211 Wolf 

Lyon Doyett H (Pauline M) bkpr The Fidelity Bank hl24 W Lynch 
Lyon E Buck r803 S Duke 

Lyon E Frank (Effie F) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h407 Yates 
Lyon Emma F student 1-407 Yates av 
Lyon Emsey A (c) cook r807 Drew 
Lyon Ernest (c; Esther) cook h210 Ashley 
Lyon Ernest (c; Agnes lab h616 Canal 

Lyon Fred M (Kath M) slsmn W C Lyon Co hl207 Alabama 
Lyon Geo W (c; Callie) tob wkr h426 Sowell al 
Lyon Harvey (c; Addie) tob wkr h2301 Crest 
Lyon Henry R (c; Viney) carp h2211 W Pettigrew 
Lyon Herman T (Mattie R) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co h818 W 

Markham av 
Lyon Jas E h818 3d 

Lyon Jas F (Frances E) pharm C E King & Son h410 N Queen 
Lyon Jas N (c; Annie) gro 422 Dowd h403 Gray 
Lyon Jos T (Mary C) mgr Noland Co Inc h2222 Club blvd 


Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires — Exide Batteries 
115 N. DUKE ST. TEL. N-173 

Lyon Laura E r803 S Duke 

Lyon Lottie E elk Am Tob Co Inc r529 Holloway 

Lyon Mabel (c) dom rl204 Hanover 

Lyon Mann (c; Anna) tob wkr h507 Carrington 

Lyon Marion N r803 S Duke 

Lyon Mary (c) cook r807 Drew 

Ljon Mary (c) dom h529a Coleman al 

Lyon Mary I elk r529 Holloway 

Lyon N Ruth r529 Holloway 

Lyon Park Graded School (c) Halley cor Cornell 

Lyon Pattie (c) tob wkr h208 N Elizabeth 

Lyon Robt L (c; Sallie) brklyr h2702 Hay 

Lyon Robt L truck driver r2423 Club blvd 

LYON W C CO (Wm C, Wm A and Wortham C Lyon), Hardware, 

Paints, Oils and Varnishes, 213 E Chapel Hill, Tels L-947 and L-948 

(See page 41) 
Lyon W Duke r803 S Duke 
Lyon Wm (c) lab r208 N Elizabeth 
Lyon Wm A (W C Lyon Co) r Chapel Hill N C 
LYON WM C (Mary C; W C Lyon Co), V-Pres Morris Plan Industrial 

Bank, r2423 Club blvd, Tel F-3621 
Lyon Wm R (Mary L) collr Durham Public Service Co h529 Holloway 
Lyon Wm R jr elk University News Co r529 Holloway 
Lyon Wortham C (Eliz C; W C Lyon Co) h2503 Club blvd 
Lyons Adelle (c) r813 New (E Durham) 
Lyons Alvin (c) tob wkr r613 Carrington 
Lyons Beauty (c) r520 Husband al 
Lyons Bettie (c) lndrs hll08 N Roxboro 
Lyons Effie (c) dom r411 Dowd 
Lyons Elvira (c) lndrs r502 Foster 
Lyons Ernest (c) gdnr h613 Carrington 
Lyons Ernest (c) tob wkr h315 Lee 
Lyons Ethel (c) tob wkr h427 Piedmont av 
Lyons Harrison (c; Lena) shoe shiner First Natl Bank Barber Shop h704 

Lyons Hiawatha (c) lab r613 Carrington 
Lyons Jas L (c) r701 Glenn 
Lyons Leonard (c; Mabel) tob wkr h411 Dowd 
Lyons Lonnie (c; Lena) lab h408b Lee 
Lyons Lucille (c) student r404 StJoseph 
Lyons Major (c) lab rl407 Union 
Lyons Martha (c) r701 Glenn 
Lyons Mathie (c) dom hl407 Union 
Lyons Melvin (c) lab r808b Glendale av 
Lyons Minnie (c) tob wkr r315 Lee 
Lyons Monroe (c) r613 Carrington 

Lyons Morado (c) office asst Dr Jas S Thompson r701 Glenn 
Lyons Nathaniel (c) butler r427 Piedmont av 
Lyons Otho (c; Lugenia) lab h514 Dowd 
Lyons Sula (c) tob wkr h316 Wake pi 

Lyons Sylvester (c) shoe repr Kaplan's Shoe Shop rl09 W Cobb 
"M" System Store (Raymond A Sorrell) gros 318 S Alston av 
Maban see also Mebane 
Maban Finley (c) tob wkr r610 Matthews 
Mabbette Jos L (Willie L) canvasser h406 Murphy 
Maben Alex (c; Ada) tob wkr hlOOSb Glendale av 
Maben Theodosia (c) dom rll7 Division 
Mabry Francis L ship elk Tomlinson Co Inc r Guess rd 
Mabry Nellie (wid Wm A) mgr The Woman's Club Tea Shop hll09 

Mabry Wm A (Jennie G) instr Duke University h2303 Englewood av 
Macadie Donald (Margt W) stone mason h901 E Trinity av 
Mack Abr (c; Rebecca) truck driver Cash Coal Co h620 Colfax 
Mack Annie (c) tobwkr r205 W Cobb 
Mack Braudie (c) r903B 4th 
Mack Carrie (c) h903B 4th 

Mack Claude (c) elk Robt L Albright rl407 Geerwood 
Mack Ethel (c) cook rl207 Hazel 
Mack Florida (c) dom r903B 4th 
Mack Janie (c) dom r903B 4th 

Mack Joe (c) waiter The Martha Washington r511 S Queen 
Mack John A (Clara B) slsmn h510 Buchanan blvd 
Mack Lela (c) cook rl2ff7 Hazel 
Mack Lillie (c) tobwkr r205 W Cobb 
Mack Mabel (c) r418 Blackwell 



§ D 

is 2 



pi bbm 






i (0 



t— • 

SO _ 





























E— i 






s 1 






















Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service ■ 

Always Open 

PHONE L-4851 

Mack Nathaniel (c; Blanche) tobwkr h301 Piedmont av 

Mack Nekoda (c; Jeannette) tobwkr h205 W Cobb 

Mack Norwood (c; Margt) rlll4 2d 

Mack Phoebe (c) cook h506 Gray 

Mack Robt (c; Addie) lab h202B Kelly al 

Mack Viola (c) dom r903B 4th 

Mack's Drug Store (Danl McN McKay) 903 E Main 

Mack's Meat Market (Chas L McNay) 713 Fayetteville 

Mack's Sport Shop (c; Chas McLaurin) billiards 330 E Pettigrew 

MacKay Alex I mach hl502 N Duke 

MacKay Dorothy L asst prof Duke University r do 

MacKay Kenneth P student rl502 N Duke 

MacKay Ruth P rl502 N Duke 

MacKenzie see also McKenzie 

MacKenzie Florence Mrs laboratory technician The Watts Hosp r do 

Mackler Hyman instr Duke University r do 

Macklin Roy (c) auto mech r914 Scout dr 

Macon Lura L hosiery wkr r402 Morris 

MacRae see also McRae 

MacRae Bettie Mrs r2506 Angier av 

MacRae Theo H (USN) r2506 Angier av 

Maddox see also Mattox 

Maddox John M rlOl S Ma.ple 

Maddox John W (Lucy) slsmn Brame Specialty Co h2615 Hillsboro rd 

Maddox John W jr elk r2615 Hillsboro rd 

Maddox Lula C textile wkr rlOl S Maple 

Maddry Nell nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Madison Elzina (c) tobwkr h502 Gray 

Madison Hester (c) dom r502 Gray 

Magee see also McGee and McGhee 

Magee Jas P (Cath W) mgr Goodrich Silvertown Inc hl014 N Mangum 

Magee Thos T student rl014 N Mangum 

Maggs Douglas B prof Duke University rl026 Gloria av 

Main-Duke Service Station (P Thos Shepherd) 801 W Main 

Main Street Christian Church Rev Stanley C Harrell pastor 813 W Main 

Mainor Jesse H hl005 Urban av 

Mainor Josephine B nurse 1005 Urban av r do 

Mainor Mattie J rl0O5 Urban av 

Major Esther M (c) lndrs h306 Hunt 

Major Martha (c) dom r306 Hunt 

Major Robt (c) tobwkr r507 Foster 

MALBOURNE HOTEL, Everett I Bugg Mgr, Neil A Graham Asst Mgr, 

225 E Main cor N Roxboro. Tels F-176 and F-177 (See left top lines 

and page 42) 
Mall Margt A elk PO rll2 N Driver av 
Mallard Harvey M elk S H Kress & Co r210 Morris 
Mallery Roberta (c) r512 E Proctor 
Mallett Estelle (c) dom r326 Matthews 
Mallett John (c) porter The Blossom Shop h508A Elliott al 
Mallett Lillie (c) h326 Matthews 
Mallett Millard (c) r326 Matthews 
Mallette Foy L (c) r512 Matthews 
Mallette Julius (c) tobwkr r509 Matthews 
Mallette Mary (c) h512 Matthews 
Mallette Walter (c) tobwkr h703A McMannen 
Malloy Edw H millwkr rl215 Liberty 
Mallov Elisha (c) fctywkr r717 Willard 
Malloy Ethel I (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sen r811 Fayetteville 

Malloy Eulace (c) lab r603 Douglas 
Malloy Geo (c; Maggie) tobwkr h509 Banks al 
Malloy Jamie (c) tobwkr h811 Pine 
Malloy Lottie (c) r608A E Pettigrew 
Malloy Mabel (c) r513 South 
Malloy Mollie maid 403 W Chapel Hill 
Malloy Neal (c) lab rlll6 Lynchburg 
Malone Booker (c; Carrie) pntr hl212 Dawkins 
Malone Chas (c) hallmn Hotel Malbourne rl210 Fayetteville 
Malone Chas (c: Augusta) lab h406 St Joseph 
Malone Chas W knitter hl08% E Parrish 
Malone Clarence C (c; Willie H) head bellmn Hotel Malbourne hl605 

Malone Cornelia O (wid John H) r2328 Huron 
Malone Eliz (c) maid rl605 Merrick 
Malone Eugenia (wid Geo B) h804 3d 
Malone Eva C cataloguer Duke University Library r804 3d 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Malone Henrietta (c) rl3G7 Tucker 

Malone I Vallie r823 6th 

Malone J Aubrey r407 Rigsbee av 

Malone J Robt student rl312 N Gregson 

Malone Jas C (Lois D) mach h2328 Huron 

Malone Lois D Mrs cash Huntley-Stockton-Hill Co h2328 Huron 

Malone Mary hosiery wkr rl05 Parrish pi 

Malone Nathan (c) taxi driver r207 Piedmont av 

Malone B Brooks sta atndt A John Dennis r823 6th 

Malone Richd (c) rl212 Dawkins 

Malone Sarah E (wid David A) hl312 N Gregson 

Malone Thos C (Bertha E) dist mgr Matthews Mfg Co h407 Rigsbee av 

Malone Thos C jr asst bkpr Paschall Bros r407 Rigsbee av 

Malone Wm <c) bellmn Hotel Malbourne rl605 Merritt 

Malone Wm R (Bettie M) agt Met Life Ins Co h823 6th 

Maloney Edw (c; Sallie) lab r507 Canal 

Malpass Hannie (wid Duncan E) tobwkr h805 Burch av 

Manchester Alan K instr Duke University r do 

Manchester The apts 813 2d 

Maness Chas M (Flary P) pdlr h2401 B 

Maness Dora M (wid Gaston T) hl403 Angier av 

Mangel's Inc Bessie Fagan mgr women's clothing 312 W Main 

Mangum Adolphus D (Augusta) hl07 S Blacknall 

Mangum Aurelia (c) Indrywkr Durham Lndry Co r Broad extd 

Mangum Baptist Church (c) 1213 Cornell 

Mangum Baxter B (c) knitter h910 Angier av 

Mangum Bud (c) rll06 Cole 

Mangum Cagasta (c) maid 11 Oak dr 

Mangum Carl E (c; Eva) porter Motor Bearings & Parts Co r605 Price 

Mangum Clarence D (Myrtle) slsmn C D Kenny Co rl02 Young av 

Mangum Clarence I (Lillie F) knitter hl602 Lathrop 

Mangum Conway (c) lab r702 Gray 

Mangum Dolly (c) rlOll 2d 

Mangum Duke (c) r414 s Plum 

Mangum E Kath student rl07 W Proctor 

Mangum Earl W (R Muriel) elev mech h502 Milton av 

Mangum Elmore (c; Mildred) lab r414 S Plum 

Mangum Emma (c) cook r318 Roney 

Mangum Emma D (wid Fendal S) hl09 Jones 

Mangum Ernest A (Sara L) truck driver hlOlO Bay 

Mangum Ernest H (Sara L) driver hi 10 E Trinity av 

Mangum Eunice nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Mangum Evelyn M Mrs r!704 Bynum 

Mangum Fannie (c) hosiery wkr h603 Colfax 

Mangum Frank (c; Minnie) farmer h2512 Fayetteville 

Mangum Frank jr (c) farmer r2512 Fayetteville 

Mangum Geo M (Eliz) tobwkr h210 Hargrove 

Mangum Harvey L (Lucy O) supt Carolina Heating & Engineering Co 

h2507 Englewood av 
Mangum Ira (Minnie) slsmn h806 Gale 
Mangum J Marvin (Hallie) plmbr 907 Park av h do 
Mangum J Marvin (Kath E) slsmn Dancv Motor Co Inc h312 Buchanan 

blvd apt 408 

Mangum Jas H (Valeria H) slsmn Dancy Motor Co Inc h607 Vickers av 
Mangum John (c) rll06 Cole 

Mangum John (c) hlpr Jerry McCullough r510B Mobile av 
Mangum John A (Rosa D) elk h901 Cleveland 
Mangum John A (Octavia) mill mech h303 Oregon 
Mangum John W (Kizzie) carp h204 Cody 
Mangum Jos (c) lab r2315 Fayetteville 
Mangum Katie hosiery wkr rl204 Morning Glory av 
Mangum Lecta tobwkr r2107 Angier av 
Mangum Lee (c) tobwkr r422 Henry al 
Mangum Lena (c) tobwkr hll06 Cole 
Mangum Lula E (wid Thos J) r613 Milton av 
Mangum Luther (c) tmstr rl504% Albright rd 
Mangum Luther A (Myrtle) agt Imperial Life Ins Co h811 Broad 
Mangum M Ruth r811 Broad 

Mangum Mabel L elk Durham Hosiery Mills r RD 2 
Mangum Mamie r209 Elliott 
Mangum Margt H r607 Vickers av 
Mangum Marion (c) shoe shiner Jake's Valetor Service rl013 Fairview 
Mangum Marshall elk Alonzo W Cain r Roxboro rd 
Mangum Mary (c) lndrs r823B Glendale av 
Mangum Mary Mrs hosiery wkr r404 Murphy 
Mangum Mary T Mrs rlll7 Wolfe 









































i^> % 

1**1 * 

UsmA a 

|h| _ * o 

Km ? 

|p f 

IS2l " 

bnJi & 




212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Mangum Mattie (c) tobwkr rll06 Cole 

Mangum Mattie A (wid Marion) h2107 Angier av 

Mangum Mavis R r607 Vickers av 

Mangum Maybelle cash Efird's Dept Store r607 Vickers av 

Mangum Meta (c) dom rlllS Lynchburg 

Mangum Millard (c; Maggie) pntr r907 Willard 

Mangum Minnie V inspr r806 Gale 

Mangum Nannie S r308 E Trinity av 

Mangum Nellie F student r303 Oregon 

Mangum Otis textile wkr rl311 North 

Mangum Pauline waitress Washington Duke Hotel rl24 Hunt 

Mangum Pearl (c) cook r2512 Payetteville 

Mangum Rosa (c) tobwkr h208 W Piedmont av 

Mangum Rosa D Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co h901 Cleveland 

Mangum Rosa L elk r413 Morris 

Mangum S hlpr 307 Smith 

Mangum S Inez h2631 Chapel Hill rd 

Mangum Saml N (Rene L) formn Budd-Piper Roofing Co 115 W Chapel 

Mangum Sarah (c) h614B South 
Mangum Tessie (c; Mary) tobwkr r716 Willard 
Mangum Verna asst Duke University Hosp rl907 Yearby av 
Mangum W Edgar (Rosa) carp hl016 Angier av 
Mangum W Marvin (Virginia) gro h2707 Chapel Hill rd 
Mangum W Marvin jr gro 1909 Chapel Hill rd r2707 Chapel Hill rd 
Mangum Walter B (Lena R) elk Am Tob Co Inc hl25 E Seeman 
Mangum Wiley T (Luna) textile wkr hl410 Angier av 
Mangum Wm (c) lab r414 S Plum 
Mangum Wm (c; Maggie) tobwkr hl321 Albright rd 
Mangum Winder (c; Madgline) lab rl014 Fairview 
Maneum Y Proctor (Myrtle I) br mgr Pender's Stores h2701 Chapel 

Hill rd 
Mangum Zelma L elk Durham Hosiery Mills r608 N Mangum 
Mangum Zola M topper r2107 Angier av 
Manigault Geo (c) lab r402 Foster 
Manley Victoria (c) r816 Chapel Hill rd 
Manley Vinie (c) h816 Chapel Hill rd 
Manley Wm (c) butler r816 Chapel Hill rd 
Mann Annie M (c) hosiery wkr r405 Sowell al 
Mann Bernace C rl310 6th 

Mann Glenn E (Evelyn C) publicity director h2401% Club blvd 
Mann Hubert B (Lessie) elk D Earl Miles h709 S Alston av 
Mann Jas (c; Dora) tobwkr h405 Sowell al 
Mann Jas R student rl026 W Trinity av 
Mann Joe L barber Parrish St Barber Shop r413 Ashton pi 
Mann Lester G textile wkr r307 S Elm 

Mann Levi C (Leah L) with Tilley's Stores Inc hl026 W Trinity av 
Mann Lovie (c) hosiery wkr r405 Sowell al 
Mann Mary A Mrs smstrs hl410 Cross 
Mann Roscoe C (Zola B) mach hl310 6th 
Mann Thos A phys rl08 Buchanan blvd 
Mann Walter (c) tobwkr rl022 2d 
Mann Walter C textile wkr hll06 Franklin 
Mann Wm H (Hattie K) carp hl513 Page 
Mann Wm P barber Parrish St Barber Shop rl08% E Parrish 
Manning Geo D (Irene J) storekpr U S Customs Bureau hl022 Rose 

Hill av 
Manning Wm (c; Bertha) lab rll4 Neal 

Manning Wm M (Omie S) truck driver West Durham Lbr Co h418 Oregon 
Manor Virginia hosiery wkr r201 Spruce 
Manos Alex asst mgr Star Cafe r532 E Pettigrew 
Mansom Selina (c) tobwkr r608 Canal 

Manson Clarence (c; Sarah) lab Borden Brick & Tile Co r East Durham 
Mansfield Abner C (Mamie A) carp hl917 West 
Mansfield Clarence J rl209 Angier av 

Mansfield J Herbert (Etta I) textile wkr hl611 Maryland av 
Mansfield Lillie S (wid Henry) hl008 E Main 
Mansfield Mamie M sch tchr rl611 Maryland av 
Mansfield V Claibourne (Mary) mgr Piedmont Clothing House h604 N 

Hyde Park av 
Mansfield W Daley (Vista G) br mgr The Great A & P Tea Co rl008 E 

Mansfield W Fuller (Margt S) bkpr Paschall Bros h2109 Englewood av 
Mansfield W Odell (Vada C) steward The Palms Cafe h218 S Guthrie av 
Manuel Louise (c) tobwkr r514 South 
Man-wy Service Station Carey W Lowe sta mgr 502 N Mangum 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Ride the Buses 


Maples Predk (Bessie L) textile wkr hl926 Erwin rd 

Maples Henry R (Mary R) h20O5 Yearby av 

Maples Leonard L (Esther) textile wkr h2014 Acme 

Maples Mary E rl926 Erwin rd 

Maples W Harvey rl926 Erwin rd 

Maplewood Cemetery Duke University rd nr Swift av 

Marble Alex (c) lab hl05A Bern 

Marble Fred (c; Harriett) lab r603 Pine 

MARCOM CHARLES R (Ruth E), Asst Chief City Police Dept, hl08 E 

Trinity av, Tel L-7113 
Marcom J Clarence (Foye E) bus opr Durham Public Service Co hl815 

Marcom John L oiler rl914 Carden 
Marcom John W (Jennie C) textile wkr hl914 Carden 
Marcom Julius E (Lillie) hosiery wkr hl907 Carden 
Marcom Lonnie G (Pearl M) bus opr Durham Public Service Co rl703 

Angier av 
Marcom Nellie E r2106 Ashe 

Marcom Walter M (Fannie) knitter hl703 Angier av 
Marcus Louise (c) maid Washington Duke Hotel r419 Cozart av 
Margolis Abr r705 N Queen 
Margolis Cecelia (wid Michl) h705 N Queen 
Margolis Chas (Lena) gro 116 E Proctor h do 
Margolis Irving r705 N Queen 
Margolis Saml gro 418 Dowd r705 N Queen 
Marguerette The (e) apts 512 E Proctor 
Markham A Leonard (Olivia) trav slsmn h510 Rigsbee av 
Markham Ada (c) tobwkr hl009 Traxton av 
Markham Adeline (c) r612 Grant 

Markham Allen B formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co r507 Cleveland 
Markham Allen V (Gertrude) textile wkr hl201 Taylor 
Markham Anna L (wid Jas W> h507 Cleveland 
Markham Anne E student r303 N Roxboro 
Markham Annie R (wid Matthews G) h205 N Roxboro 
Markham Arth (c; Lillie) lab h514 George 
Markham Arth jr (c) lab r514 George 
Markham Arth A (Geneva L) meat ctr r513 Willard 
Markham Blackwell phys 123 W Main R311 h506 Cleveland 
Markham Cary slsmn r403 N Elizabeth 
MARKHAM CHAS B (Sadie H), Asst Treas and Prof of Mathematics 

Duke University, h204 N Dillard, Tel F-62S1 
Markham Clothing Co Inc Felix D Markham pres Wm D Southerland 

sec-treas men's clothing 103 E Main 
Markham Danl C knitter rl201 Taylor 
Markham Eleanor M student r204 N Dillard 
Markham Ernest (Z Artelia; Thaxton & Markham) carrier West Durham 

Sta PO hl817 Chapel Hill rd 
Markham Evelyn waitress S H Kress & Co r908 N Mangum 
Markham Fannie B music tchr rl817 Chapel Hill rd 
Markham Felix D (Daisy K) pres Markham Clothing Co Inc h405 N 

Markham Fred (Addie E) asst agt N & W Ry Co hl03 E Markham av 
Markham Garland E (Louise) hauling r<508 Barbee 
Markham Geo (c) lab r505 Bloom pi 

Markham Herbert (c; Wattie) hosiery wkr r2115 Fayetteville 
Markham Hosea (c; Mary) lab h2115 Fayetteville 
Markham Isabel (wid Geo D) rl817 Chapel Hill rd 
Markham J C & Sons (John C Markham) feed 302 Morgan 
Markham J Roland r608 Barbee 
Markham Jack (c; Agnes) tobwkr h510 Euphane 
Markham Jas J (c; Flossie; Warren & Markham) h412 Dowd 
Markham Jas J (Gladys A) tobwkr r701 Chapel Hill rd 
Markham Jas W (Joyce P) slsmn J C Markham & Sons h922 Dacian av 

apt 11 
Markham John (c; Peroell) janitor Loan & Trust bldg h805 W Chapel 

Hill rd 
Markham John C (Bessie B; J C Markham & Sons) h714 W Chapel Hill 
Markham John C jr elk r*714 W Chapel Hill 
Markham John L (Pattie C) h203 Broadway apt 8 
Markham John M dep county Tax Collr r801 Cleveland 
Markham Jos I carp r2120 Chapel Hill rd 

Markham Joyce P Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co h922 Dacian av apt 11 
Markham Kath sch tchr r507 Cleveland 
Markham Kelco B carrier rl303 Holloway 
Markham Lela V tchr Fuller Sch rl817 Chapel Hill rd 
Markham Lena tobwkr r615 Shepherd 


Durham Realty and Insurance 

First Floor Trust Building KSTfelS B^nflis Hill 

Markham Lonnie G (Pearl) bus driver hl701 Angler av 

Markham Louis M rl817 Vale 

Markham M Freeland (Jessie I) h801 Cleveland 

Markham Mackie (c) cook h211 Moore 

Markham Maggie (c) dom r805 Mebane 

Markham Mary (c) tobwkr h921 Thaxton av 

Markham Millie (c) lndrs r805 Mebane 

Markham Mittie r308 Oakwood av 

Markham Nannie (c) h322 Division 

Markham Nellie r211 S Driver av 

Markham Pearl Mrs dep County Register of Deeds r205 N Boxboro 

Markham Rebecca sch tchr r507 Cleveland 

Markham Roy Carlton (Ethel A) elk PO hl09 N Maple 

Markham Roy L (c) student r2115 Fayetteville 

Markham Ruby L tchr Edgemont Graded Sch r507 Cleveland 

Markham Ruby L tobwkr r510 Rigsbee av 

Markham Ruth student r205 N Roxboro 

Markham Sarah (c) dom r921 Thaxton av 

Markham Sarah student r204 N Dillard 

Markham The apts 201-203 Broadway 

Markham Thos C (Lula N) purch agt Am Tob Co Inc h409 N Gregson 

Markham Thos C .ir student r409 N Gregson 

Markham W Walter slsmn Lipscomb-Gattis Co rl817 Ohapel Hill rd 

Markham Walter B (Gertie) slsmn hl905 Angier av 

Markham Wesley (c) tobwkr rl032 Moreland av 

Markham Wesley S (Pennie) dairy hd City Dairy h608 Barbee 

Markham Wilfred H r510 Rigsbee av 

Markham Willard P rl201 Taylor 

Markham Wm (c) barber Crystal Barber Shop r2114 Fayetteville 

Markham Wm student r205 N Roxboro 

Markham Wm (c; Mabel) tobwkr h612 Grant 

MARKHAM WM SULLIVAN (Annette B), Mgr Ins Dept Durham Realty 

& Ins Co, h303 N Roxboro, Tel F-0141 
Markham Wm S r Hotel Malbourne 

Markley R R & Co (Robt R Markley) archts 123 E Chapel Hill R510 
Markley Robt R (Julia; R R Markley & Co) hl301 Alabama 
Marks Calvin R (Kathleen) knitter hl604 E Mam 
Marks Esther M hosiery wkr r602 N Elm 
Marks Eug T silk wkr r602 N Elm 
Marks John M h415 Salem 

Marks Paul G (Luna L) sta mgr Harris Filling Sta h606 N Hyde Park av 
Marks Ralph B (Frances) h514 Scoggins av 

Marks Thos C Rev (Alice R) shoe repr 905% Angier av h602 N Elm 
Marlow Wm F (Nola P) textile wkr r20O5 W Pettigrew 
Marsh Charlotte (c) Indrywkr Durham Lndry Co rllO Piedmont av 
Marsh Christine (c) elk Caswell J Gates hl214 Carnell 
Marsh Isaiah (c) tobwkr hll02 Moreland av 
Marsh John (Marsh Wood Yard) 811% Fayetteville 
Marsh John A (Pattie J) farmer hl702 Pace 
Marsh Lula (c) tobwkr rl402 Glenn 

Marsh Wood Yard (John Marsh, Jos L Lorvacher) 811% Fayetteville 
Marshall A Cleveland (Hattie S) cond h314 N Driver av 
Marshall Bessie H (wid Robt) rll2 N Driver av 
Marshall Cate P rll05 N Duke 

Marshall Chas E (Flora J) hlpr Sou Ry System r205 Dowd 
Marshall Clay (c; Minnie) lab h rear 805 Simmons 
Marshall Elsie M (wid Mitt M) rl04 Broadway 
Marshall Frank H (Virgie V) rep h313 Chase 
Marshall Fredk D (c) prin East End Graded Sch r506 Dowd 
Marshall Graham R (Pauline) hosiery wkr h2106 Angier av 
Marshall Grover R textile wkr r209 N Briggs av 
Marshall Ina M rl04 Broadway 

Marshall Jessie H (wid Jas H) nurse 1114 Spruce r do 
Marshall Julian R formn Am Tob Co Inc rl302 Broad 
Marshall Lewis A real est h604 N Gregson 
Marshall Madelyn V sec Dr Foy Roberson r613 N Roxboro 
Marshall Mary L nurse 1114 Spruce r do 
Marshall Nade N r312 Raynor 
Marshall Rosa (c) h324B Poplar 
Marshall W Edw (Ellen H) tobwkr h209 N Briggs av 
Marshall Wm (c) sta firemn h2502 Pettigrew 
Marshall Wm M (Myrtle A) mach Am Tob Co Inc h613 N Roxboro 
Marshall Wm T (Hattie B) slsmn Wright's h208 N Roxboro 
Marshburn Clayton (c) hlpr Harris Filling Sta r607 Grant 
Marshburn Dallas C tobwkr r707 Vickers av 
Marshburn Jos L rl012 Angier av 

Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG. Manager 

Marshburn Leslie L (Margie; Five Points Service Sta) hl410 B 

Martenson Jos L tree surgeon rl08 N Queen 

Martha The (c) apts 514 E Proctor 

MARTHA WASHINGTON CANDIES, Mrs Lena H Stradley Mgr, 112 N 
Corcoran, Tel L-6291 

MARTHA WASHINGTON THE, Mrs Lena H Stradley MgT, Lunch and 
Supper, Open Sundays, 112 N Corcoran, Tel L-62S1 (See right top 
lines and page 48) 

Martin Aimer rl505 E Main 

Martin Anna (c) tobwkr r416 Cozart av 

Martin Annie G Mrs bkpr r612 S Duke 

Martin Arth elk Independent Mkt Co r513 Willard 

Martin C Rufus r290O Hillsboro rd 

Martin Carlos C (Azzie) formn Liggett & Myers Tob Co hl013 N Gregson 

Martin Chas P Rev (c; Alice) pastor Mt Olive Methodist Oh hlllO 
Thaxton av 

MARTIN CHESTER B (Mary B) , Pres Durham Dairy Products Inc, r215 
E Markham av, Tel F-5091 

Martin Ciblon H student rl013 N Gregson 

Martin Clinton (c; Florence) lab rl09 Bottom al 

Martin David B (c: Theola) chf elk N C Mut Life Ins Co hl404 Lincoln 

Martin Donald S (Beryl H) phys rll9 Forest Wood dr 

Martin Elmira (c) tobwkr hll03 Hazel 

Martin Elsie W Mrs prof Duke University r do 

Martin F Jack rl601 Hermitage ct 

Martin Fannie W (wid Wm A) r706 North 

MARTIN FRANK M (Alberta H), Supt City Schools, hl601 Hermitage 
ct, Tel F-2541 

Martin Geo T r2900 Hillsboro rd 

Martin Gertrude (c) tobwkr r608 Umstead 

Martin Harvey J (Fannie B) knitter h2308 E Main 

Martin Henry E (Mozelle B) rllO Case 

Martin Irvin (Agnes) tobwkr r721 Holloway 

Martin Jas B student r815 3d 

Martin Jas W gro 2900 Hillsboro rd h do 

Martin Jewell tchr Durham High Sch rl007 Lamond av 

Martin Jewelry Co Inc Mrs Dorothy H Rosenthal pres Harry R Rosenthal 
sec-treas 205 W Main 

Martin John G (Bessie E) elk PO hl319 Arnette av 

Martin John M (Joella) cabtmkr h815 3d 

Martin John R (Ollie F) mach Jordan Motor Rebuilding Co h909 Ala- 

Martin Jos A student r315 3d 

Martin Kathleen textile wkr r721 9th 

Martin Leonard (c) r7113 Carrington 

Martin Lester G (Clara E) emp Durham Dairy Products Inc hlOOO Ar- 
nette av 

Martin Lily S Mrs supvr of dormitories Duke University r819 4th 

Martin Lokie G student rl013 N Gregson 

Martin Lottie J (wid Bradley W) hl505 E Main 

Martin Lydia J (c) tchr N C College for Negroes r do 

Martin Maggie J (wd Wm E) h721 9th 

Martin Mary (c) r624 S Elm 

Martin Mary (c) cook h713 Cameron 

Martin Mary (c) cook r518 E Proctor 

Martin Morain (c; Bettie) lab h311 Dowd 

Martin Nora E tobwkr r901 W Chapel Hill 

Martin Olive slswn r814 W Chapel Hill 

Martin Q Edw (Ollie) tobwkr h903 S Alston av 

Martin Rachel C textile wkr r721 9th 

Martin Rosebud (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r504 Lucille 

Martin Saml M (Virginia) marker Model Lndry Co h2002 Erwin rd 

Martin Tennie (c) dom rll03 Hazel 

Martin Timothy (c; Susie) hlpr r308 Hunt 

Martin Walter G (Lillie S) h906 Buchanan rd 

Martin Wm T r402 Morris 

Marvin-Carr Silk Mill D Floyd Burns genl supt hosiery mfrs 115 S Cor- 

Marvin John J (Grace) auto mech r509 N Elizabeth 

Mashack Elijah (c; Carrie) h614A South 

Mashie Geo (c; Odessa) tobwkr rlll2 Moreland av 

Mason A Frerre waitress Washington Duke Hotel rl24 Hunt 

Mason Bernice D (Hattie) tobwkr h322 Gray 

Mason Birtle r913 Washington 

Mason Burnice (c; Clara) farm hd h301 Bell 

Mason Chas A textile wkr r308 Spruce 



Featuring the Most Attractive 45o Mid-Day Lunch 

— The Best in the City — All Varieties of Sea Food 

in Season 


Mason Claude B (Vera B) bkpr Nicholson Motor Co Inc h906 Dacian av 

Mason Estella (c) r616 Fayetteville 

Mason Henrietta (c) dom h310 Piedmont av 

Mason Henry (c; Edna) hosiery wkr hl304 Glenn 

Mason Herbert A (Clyde M) sec-treas Christian-Harward Furn Co hl08 

Mason Herbert A jr student rl08 Wyatt 

Mason Hessie (c) h714 McMannen 

Mason Howard (c) tobwkr r811 Pine 

Mason Jas (c; Rosannah) tobwkr hl704 Fayetteville 

Mason Jas B member County Board of Education r RD 2 

Mason Jas B jr (Virginia B) real est hl304 N Mangum 

Mason Jessie (c) restr 720 Chapel Hill rd r do 

Mason John (c; Pearl) gdnr rl404 Gunter 

Mason John (c; Lettie) lab hl511 Jackson 

Mason Jos (Mary B) hl602 E Main 

MASON JOSEPH K (Louise S), United States Postmaster, h608 W Chapel 
Hill, Tel F-6161 

Mason Lillie (wid Wesley M) h614 N Queen 

Mason Louise M r608 W Chapel Hill 

Mason Mary (c) hl019 Rosedale av 

Mason Mary L Mrs asst in education Duke University r Roxboro rd 

Mason Mavis textile wkr r913 Washington 

Mason Morton asst in bio chemistry Duke University r806 N Gregson 

Mason N Herbert (Mamie H) textile wkr h913 Washington 

Mason Paul (Essie) truck driver r814 Frederick 

Mason Robt (c) barber Wonderland Barber Shop rl506 Concord 

Mason Rowena student r512 N Mangum 

Mason Saint (c; Jessie) h720 Chapel Hill rd 

Mason Tinie tobwkr r712 Burch av 

Mason Wesley R (c; Lavanna) lab hl03 Erie 

Mason Wm (c) lab r511 E Proctor 

Masonic Temple 105 S Roxboro 

Massenberg Laura (c) dom rlll6 N Roxboro 

Massenburg Doss (c; Cosey) lab h2627 Hay 

Massenburg Elsie (c) tobwkr hl311 Union 

Massenburg John L (c) tobwkr rl3U Union 

Massengill Ransom J (Bertha L) formn Durham Hosiery Mills h818 Hen- 

Massengill Wm B (Nannie) knitter h706 E Main 

Masser Wm L (Dessie E) barber Whitaker & Murrell h909 Cleveland 

Massey C Knox (Annie L) pres-mgr Hoyt Martin & Massey Inc hlll3 Vir- 
ginia av 

Massey Cecil R auto mech r824 Frederick 

Massey Chas W (Cora L) h507 S Alston av 

Massey Clyde W (Mala B) carp h824 Frederick 

Massey Danl D (Nancy L) teleg opr hl20 S Guthrie av 

Massey Edgar T (Emma E) ins agt h306 Markham 

Massey Eleanor (wid John H) r2513 Club blvd 

Massey S Vance (Addie U) slsmn Carolina Neon Signs Inc M202 N Greg- 

Massey Gordon firemn White Star Lndry r714 8th 

Massey Herbert P student r507 S Alston av 

Massey Howard (c) plstr h308 Peachtree pi 

Massey Ivey S (Eva M) silk wkr r508 Warren 

Massey Jas P (Fidelia J) hl901 E Main 

Massey John L (Katie) farmer h714 8th 

Massey Jos (c; Eula) lab hllO Verbena 

Massey Leila. R sten rl901 E Main 

Massey Louisa F r507 S Alston av 

Massey Luta E waitress Washington Duke Hotel r306 Markham 

Massey Marian student r507 S Alston av 

Massey Mary E r306 Markham 

Massey Norman W real est r507 S Alston av 

Massey Press (c) h921 Wilkerson av 

Massey Ralph S (Alston Av Grocery) r507 S Alston av 

Massey Robt tobwkr r709 N Hyde Park av 

Massey T Woodrow student r507 S Alston av 

Massey Wm (c) r921 Wilkerson av 

Massey Wm (c; Eula) lab h507 Nelson 

Massingale Chas W (Carrie) h2111 Ashe 

Massingale Georgianna textile wkr r2111 Ashe 

Massingale Thos E (Frances) rlll7 6th 

Massingale Zula B r2111 Ashe 

Masten Fred L tmkpr r208 Liberty 

Master Service Station (Martin H Collins) W Chapel Hill cor Yates av 


Home Savings Bank 


JOHN SPRUNT HILL. President T. C. WORTH. Cashier 

Mathay John (c; Rosa) tobwkx h613 Matthews 

Matherly Henry S (Fannie M) textile wkr rl203 Worth 

Matherly Sidney J (Ella A) textile wkr hl203 Worth 

Mathes J M Co Inc Jas M Mathes pres Helen Sears sec-treas whol confrs 
210 E Parrish 

Mathes Jas M (Roxie 10 pres J M Mathes Co Inc h313 N Driver av 

Mathes John F (Margt L) supt East Durham Sta PO h.435 S Driver av 

Mathes Sarah L (wid Jas C) hl710 Angier av 

Mathes Tillman J (Crabtree Pharmacy; King & Mathes; Paragon Phar- 
macy) hl604 Angier av 

Mathews Edw G (Alice M) br mgr J S Bache & Co h406 Watts 

Mathews Eug asst in oto-laryngology Duke University r do 

Mathews Ralph T instr Duke University r do 

Matthews Addie (wid Henry) rl522 Echo rd 

Matthews Adolphus D (Mamie K) trav auditor hl020 Monmouth av 

Matthews Alonzo B (F Orrie) h407 Ashton pi 

Matthews Bertha S h701 Shepherd 

Matthews Bessie (c) dom h908 Fayetteville 

Matthews Bryant (c; Martha) hlpr hl211 Cornell 

Matthews Calvin H (Lillian) gro 810 W Main h919 W Markham av 

Matthews Chas bus opr r516 McMannen 

Matthews Chas H (Julia) evangelist hi 12 S Holman 

Matthews David D (Myrtle M) firemn Hose Co No 2 h820 Green 

Matthews Eliz K sch tchr rl020 Monmouth av 

Matthews Frances L rl809 E Main 

Matthews Grace slswn S H Kress & Co r812 W Main 

Matthews Herbert L (Daisy) elect nr503 Rigsbee av 

Matthews Jas A (Lottie B) slsmn Johnson Motor Co hl809 E Main 

Matthews John F student rl020 Monmouth av 

Matthews Jos F (Thelma R) slsmn hllOl 1st av 

Matthews Julia F (wid Wm R) rl05 N Alston av 

Matthews June J (Meta M) weaver hl211 Franklin 

Matthews Lannie T (Kate S) dist mgr The Life Ins Co of Va r Chapel 
Hill rd 

Matthews Mfg Co Thos C Malone dist mgr women's clothing 118 Morgan 

Matthews Mary M (wid N Henry) rl500 James 

Matthews Nora E Mrs h601 N Queen 

Matthews Norman M mus tchr hl500 James 

Matthews Oscar W (Bertha) cooper h603 N Elm 

Matthews Otto A (Mildred A) slsmn Durham Dairy Products Inc h207 S 
Alston av 

Matthews Robt C lino opr Durham Herald Co Inc r507 Rigsbee av 

Matthews Roy T (Mariah H) elk Am Tob Co Inc h922 Dacian av apt 7 

Matthews Smithy (wid David W) r713 North 

Matthews Vorgan C (Pattie E) tobwkr hl522 Echo rd 

Matthews W Henry (Emma E) truck driver h602 Gurley 

Matthews Wm (c) rl016% Burch av 

Matthews Wm A formn Am Tob Co Inc r916 W Trinity av apt 7 

Matthie Pearl L (c) tobwkr r524 Husband al 

Matthis Geo M Rev (Clara) pastor Trinity Av Presbyterian Ch h703 Watts 

Mattox see also Maddox 

Mattox Elmer D (Lillie) br mgr The Kroger Gro & Baking Co hl005 

Maughan Wm (Margot) asst director Duke Forest asst prof Duke Uni- 
versity h2307 Club blvd 

Maul Geo W jr (Thelma) asst mgr F & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc r303 

Mauldin Clay textile wkr r745 9th 

Maultsby Ivan delmn Rogers Drug Co rl015 Green 

Maultsby L Alex hosiery wkr rl017 Green 

Maultsby Lena (c) h314 E Proctor 

Maultsby Margt slswn rl017 Greer 

Maultsby Margt (wid Louis A) hl017 Green 

Maultsby Wm L tobwkr rl017 Green 

Maxwell Fannie (wid Mark) rl217 Liberty 

Maxwell Myra nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Maxwell Ruth (c) r408B Mt Vernon 

Maxwell Wm C instr Duke University r do 

May Ben (Johnie A; May fair Beauty Shoppe) r Chapel Hill rd 

May Chas B (Minnie E) h2025 Yearby av 

May Chas C (Lillie B) textile wkr hl08 N Driver av 

MAY CLAUDE M (Ida C), Paint, Oil, Varnish and Wall Paper Dealer 
and Contractor 417 W Main, Tel L-038L r712 Vickers av, Tel F-7601 
(See front stencil and pages 45 and 51) 

MAY D C (Mande G), Interior Decorator, Painter and Paperhanger 316 
Morgan, Tel J -5321, and Pres Durham Furniture Co Inc, h915 Club 
blvd, Tel J -5614 (See marginal line front cover and page 46) 



"If it can be sold — it can be sold by mail" 



May Delia M Mrs smstrs hi 115 N Roxboro 

May Fred E (Grace) sllkwkr r418 N Driver av 

May H E mech Alexander Motor Co r818 Morgan 

May Johnie A Mrs mgr Mayfair Beauty Shop r Chapel Hill rd 

May Jos T (Mary A) gro 201 N Church h205 Elliott 

May Julia R r915 Club blvd 

May Lucy nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

May Luke R (Pearl H) agt Met Life Ins Co hlll2 Oval dr 

May Nathan W elk Jos T May r422 N Roxboro 

May Ned H pntr D C May r915 Club blvd 

May Oliver N student rl08 N Driver av 

May Ollie B (Nellie L) mach rl805 Angier av 

May Robt L pntr D C May r Raleigh rd 

May Roy A (Maude B; East Durham Service Sta) h2408 Owen 

May Wiley M (Alice R) h422 N Roxboro 

May Wm B (Lucy) h2823 Angier av 

Maye Hessie E Mrs r212 S Goley 

Mayer Annie Y W (c) tchr E Durham Sch rl61<5 Fayetteville 

Mayer Walter (c; Annie) embalmer McLaurin Funeral Home rl61« 

Mayer Walter B asst in medicine Duke University r806 N Gregson 

Mayes see also Mays 

Mayes J Garwood elk Ira W Cheek rl824 Bynum 

Mayes Otto (Garnella) textile wkr h2112 Gin 

Mayes Thos C (Annie R) textile wkr hl519 Caswell pi 

Mayes Wm (c) lab hlA Adams av 

Mayes Wm W (Rena E) hl824 Bynum 

Mayfair Beauty Shoppe (Ben May) 107 W Main 2d fl 

Mayfield Bertha (c) maid 207 Watts 

Mayfield Helen (c) dom hl027 Kent 

Mayfield Sarah (c) cook hllOl Willard 

Maynard Atlas (Mary) electn r510 N Elm 

Maynard Alton W (Zelda R) collr Durham Clothing Co r709 1st av 

Maynard Dalton B tobwkr r709 1st av 

Maynard Dennis T huckster rl210 Glenn 

Maynard Edgar H (Ruth E) mach hl417 James 

Maynard Edw B wtchmn rl09 N Blacknall 

Maynard Ella L (wid Henry C) hl210 Glenn 

Maynard Ernest (Iola) h610 Troy 

Maynard Eva A nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Maynard Garth L (Sarah) elk hl09 N Blacknall 

Maynard Graham B (Beatrice S) mill mech h2501 E Main 

Maynard Herbert H (Mollie S) tobwkr h2411 B 

Maynard Hubbard D (Mamie) truck driver h710 S Alston av 

Maynard Jettie W hlpr Modern Electric Co Inc rl09 N Blacknall 

Maynard Lucile student r709 1st av 

Maynard Newman W (Alberta) tobwkr h2314 Crane 

Maynard Onie C knitter rl210 Glenn 

Maynard Rosa C (wid Jas M) h201 Spruce 

Maynard Sallie rl09 N Blacknall 

Maynard Sarah (wid Merritt J) hosiery wkr hl802 West 

Maynard Sidney A (Annie M; Durham Clothing Co) h709 1st av 

Maynard Vernon H tank slsmn Sinclair Refining Co r RD 6 

Maynard Wm M (Ethel G) car repr Sou Ry System hll07 1st av 

Maynard Wm T (Sarah) h510 N Elm 

Maynor Alex A (Maggie M) wtchmn h523 Warren 

Maynor Beatrice hosiery wkr rl34 Hunt 

Maynor Georgia G (wid Geo) hosiery wkr hl34 Hunt 

Maynor J Oscar (Alice C) cabtmkr fa 1213 N Roxboro 

Maynor Lacy R weaver h733 14th 

Maynor Laura J (wid Martin T) r733 14th 

Maynor Malton J r523 Warren 

Maynor Marvin G slsmn Royal Ice Cream Co rl005 N Roxboro 

Maynor Mary R slswn Efird's Dept Store r523 Warren 

Maynor Robbie rl34 Hunt 

Maynor T Cortez (Marjorie E) chf elk to fit agt SALRy fa213 Edwards 

Maynor Vera L sten McLendon & Hedrick and notary rl003 Mon- 
mouth av 

Maynor Wm M (Virgie A) weaver h701 13th 

Mayo Daisy M (c) lndrs The Watte Hosp r907A 4th 

Mayo Emma B (c) ironer Model Lndry Co h308 Dowd 

Mayo Grace (c) maid 805 Brye 

Mayo Jas H (c; Mary E) orderly Duke University Hosp h907A 4th 

Mayo John (c; Annie) porter The Kronheimer Co hl405 Glenn 

Mayo Leola (c) student r612 Lucille 

Mayo Lewis (c) rl406A E Pettigrew 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASCHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages. Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Mayo Maggie J (c) cook r907A 4th 

Mayo Richd (c; Emma B) cook Hotel Melbourne h308 Dowd 

Mays see also Mayes 

Mays Albert C (Maude V) textile wkr h208 Case 

Mays Ethel r313 Garden 

Mays Harold (c) hlpr r611 Branch pi 

Mays Mary E (wid John H) r706 13th 

Mays Mattie (c) dom h514 Coleman al 

Mays Simon (c) lab r518 Pine 

Maytag Link & Sons (Wm H, Wm C and Leo W Link) washing machines 

118 Morgan 
Mayton Early slsmn City Baking Co r502 Bruce 
Mayton Inez fnshr r502 Bruce 
Mayton Manley W (Siddi) h502 Bruce 
Mazyck Alex (c; Mary) lab h8A Adams av 
Mazyck Guy (c; Estelle) tobwkr h603 Pine 
McAdam Damon (c) lab h705 Umstead 
McAdam Rosa (c) dom r705 Umstead 
McAdams Christine (c) r615 Glenn 
McAdams Ernest (c) rlO30B Moreland av 
McAdams Evelyn nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
McAdams Fidelia (c) r615 Glenn 

McAdams Isaac (c; Lillie) clothes presser Duke University h903A 4th 
McAdams Isabella (c) cook rl407 Page 

McAdams Jas D (c; Fannie) truck driver Swift & Co h704 Glenn 
McAdams Janie (c) tobwkr hl030B Moreland av 
McAdams John T (c) tobwkr hl407 Page 
McAdams Martha (c) lndrs r913 Morehead av 
McAdams Silas (c; Cora) brklyr h615 Glenn 
McAdams Silas jr (c) r615 Glenn 
McAdams Walter (c) r615 Glenn 

McAlbster Benj fc; Flonnie) elev opr Geer bldg h907 Walton 
McAllister Clina (c) dom r905 Gurley 
McAllister Harry (c) lab rll3 Piedmont av 
McAllister Hector (c; Blanche) bellmn Washington Duke Hotel hl210 

McAllister Henry (c; Minnie) porter Washington Duke Hotel r907 

McAllister John E (Eva R) eng Sou Ry System hl20 W Lynch 
McAllister Mabel (c) dom r204 Dunstan 

McAllister Millard (c; Ella) hosiery wkr h2211 Fitzgerald av 
McAllister Wm H (Bessie P) eng Sou Ry System hll3 Watts 
McArthur Glenn T lawyer 128 W Main R300 r407 N Gregson 
McArthur Hattie <c) dom rl07B Bervena 
McArthur Wm (c; Bertha) tobwkr rll02 Lynchburg 
McArthur Willie M waitress Silver Moon Cafe rl05 Holloway 
McAteer Rose Mrs beauty opr Sanitary Barber Shop & Beauty Parlor r 

809 N Mangum 
McBloom Chas (c; Gertrude) sta firemn h204 Gattis 
McBride see also McBryde 
McBride D Virgil (Laura L) r511 Rigsbee av 
McBride Edgbert L (Myrtle S) shoe repr hl05 N Maple 
McBride Mary (c) dom r401A Dowd 
McBroom Bettie (c) cook 514 Holloway 

McBroom Chas (c; Gertrude) firemn The Watts Hosp rl201 Broad 
McBroom Chas S (Ruth) sta firemn rl704 Bynum 
McBroom Garland H (Emma G) bus opr Durham Public Service Co h209 

Parish pi 
McBroom Haywood (c) tobwkr rl007 Ferrell 
McBroom Hazel (c) maid rl031 Cornell 
McBroom Jas E (Aurelia L) textile wkr h727 8th 
McBroom Jefferson S (Myrtle) overseer hl08 Case 
McBroom Jos I bus opr Durham Public Service Co r312 Liberty 
McBroom Kathleen L rl08 Case 
McBroom Pattie E textile wkr r727 8th 
McBroom Robt L (Beulah B) textile wkr h2104 Block 
McBroom Saml delmn University News Co r731 8th 
McBroom Saml A (M Opal) bus opr Durham Public Service Co hl03 

Parrish pi 
McBroom Steph C (Lillie M) slsmn h734 9th 
McBroom Wm A (Myrtle E) truck driver r754% 9th 
McBryde see also McBride 
McBryde Angus instr Duke University r do 
McCain Angus (c) r606 Parker 

McCain Eug D asst supt The Great A & P Tea Co r602 W Chapel Hill 
McCain Robt (c) barber Bull City Barber Shop r Old Pine St rd 



the City 


Its Gates 

Copies of 
this Direc- 
tory are 




in cities 

all over the 






PHONE F-3931 

McCall Boisy (c) tobwkr r503 South 

McCall Dock <c; Clara) tobwkr hllO W Piedmont av 

McCall Fletcher (c) r503 South 

McCall John (c; Sarah) h503 South 

McCall Margie (c) tobwkr h614B Ramsey al 

McCall Marshall A (Millie) mill mech 1U904 Yearby av 

McCall Sarah J (c) tobwkr r503 South 

McCall Welton (c) lab h304 Division 

McCallum Everta (c) r509 Booker 

McCallum Sandy H (c; Clara) presser Scott & Roberts h615 S Elm 

McCann John A (c; Geneva) lab r917 N Elizabeth 

McCarson Eulis (Anna R) plmbr r923 Broad 

McCarson Lloyd C (Lillie) dept mgr The Great A & P Tea Co r504 S 

McCarthey Fred (c) r513A Elliott al 
McCaskill Booker T (c) hlpr r207A E Proctor 
McCaskill Colon J (Pearl) hosiery wkr h219 S Alston av 
McCaskill Dennis (c) delmn r207A E Proctor 
McCaskill Janie (c) tobwkr h207A E Proctor 
McCaskill Johnola (c) r207A E Proctor 
McCauley Austin Y tobwkr r2511 B 
McCauley C Fletcher (Emma) textile wkr h904 12th 
McCauley Chas C (Mamie) textile wkr h2206 C 
McCauley Clarence textile wkr r904 12th 
McCauley Clifton (c) lab r610B Ray al 

McCauley Eliz A waitress Minnie M Barbour rl014 Alabama 
McCauley Frances (c) dom h408A Mt Veronn 
McCauley Giles (c; Flora) wtchmn Liberty Whse h704 Milton av 
McCauley Haywood (c) elk Thos Bailey r207 Memphis 
McCauley Herbert U (Mamie E) police hl705 C 
McCauley Jas L textile wkr r904 12th 
McCauley Jesse B sta atndt rl014 Alabama 
McCauley John F (Etta) eng h402 Corporation 
McCauley Julius (c) lab r207 Memphis 
McCauley Lizzie A waitress rl014 Alabama 
McCauley Lucinda (c) student rl07 Chestnut 
McCauley Mary J (c) maid rl08 Chestnut 
McCauley Onie r904 12th 

McCauley Paul C (Viola) hosiery wkr rll03 Glenn 
McCauley Sarah (c) dom h207 Memphis 
McCauley Sophia (c) tobwkr r207 Memphis 
McCauley Thos H (Nellie W) hl320 6th 
McCauley Wm (Irene) hl014 Alabama 
McCauley Wm (c; Shellie) carp hl07 Chestnut 
McClain see also McLain, McLane and McLean 
McClain Andrew (c) tobwkr hlOl Enterprise 
McClain Archie (c) r902 Walton 
McClain Claudia (c) maid r707 Pickett 
McClain Fannie (c) tobwkr r902 Walton 
McClain Fletcher (Lillie) knitter rll07 Alma 
McClain Geo (c) batterymn r 515 Lyon 
McClain Ha (c) dom r908 Juniper 
McClain Janett (c) tobwkr hl014 Ferrell 
McClain Lillie (c) rl04 E Cobb 
McClain Lonnie (c; Mozelle) tobwkr h912 Gilbert 
McClain Lula (c) dom h707 Pickett 
McClain Lydia (c) maid h418 Bailey 
McClain Mary (c) tobwkr h908 Juniper 
McClain Pearl (c) r813 New (E Durham) 
McClain Robt (c; Haydee) barber hll6 Moline 
McClain Wm (c; Julia) lab h423 Henry al 
McClain Wm (c; Tola M) tobwkr h910 Walton 
McClain Willie (c) dom r911 Scout dr 
McClain Winnie (c) dom rl005 Gilbert 
McClamroch Wm L (Novella) bldg material 418 Morgan r Tiano nr N 

McClamroch Wm L jr (Flora P) tilestr Wm L McClamroch hl3OT Ar- 

nette av 
McClanahan Herbert J (Julia F) textile wkr r309 Oregon 
McClanahan Merton P auto mech r317 E Main 
McClary Maggie (c) rl22 Rowan al 
McClees Cecil C (Mamie S) constable h901 5th 
McClennham Vinie (c) rl024 3d 
McClennham Wm H (c) gro 1022 3d hl024 do 
McClennon Ida (c) dom h523B Pine 
McClenny Nettie C Mrs h903 Monmouth av 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Appliances/ Fixtures and Supplies 



McCline Georgia ic) dom h401 Pine 

McCloud see also McLeod 

McCloud Addie (O tobwkr r207 Tatum al 

McCloud Arth (c; Ophelia) tobwkr h503 Fowler av 

McCloud Cornelia (O lndrs r412 S Gregson 

McCloud Edna (c) dom rllOl Pine 

McCloud Geo (c) tobwkr rlll4 Willard 

McCloud Gordon (c) hlpr Newport Mfg Co S Goley at end 

McCloud Henry (c; Anna) lab hol2 Husband al 

McCloud Nathaniel (c; Eva) hlpr h207 W Proctor 

McCloud Ophelia (c) maid Duke University Hosp r300 Division 

McCloud Pearl (c) dom r307 Pleasant al 

McCloud Rayford (c; Polly) lab h907 Willard 

McCloud Tracy (Ethel) carp r703 N Alston av 

McCloud Walter (c) hlpr r907 Willard 

McCloud Wm (c; Pearl) porter r413 Dowd 

McCloy Shelby T instr Duke University r909 N Gregson 

MeClung Arth H (Ethel L) ins r2316 Club blvd 

McClure Hallie J technician County Board of Health r801 Cleveland 

McClure Helen sten h806 N Gregson apt 5 

McClure Jas B (Espra A) mach Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc r608 S 

Alston av 
McClure Matilda nurse McPherson Hosp r do 
McCollum Andrew (c; Odessa) lab h303 Roney 
McCollum Belton (c; Maude) lab h314A Division 
McCollum Hezekiah (c; Dotsy) lab r730 E Pettigrew 
McCollum Matthew W (Ethel S) formn PO h2312 Chapel Hill rd 
McCollum Nannie (c) dom r303 Roney 
McCollum Sadie (c) tobwkr r509 Bloom pi 
McConnell Kate (c) rl218 Payetteville 
McConnell Robt P acct r401 E Trinity av 
McCorkle Brewster r216 S Holman 
McCorkle Myrtle M hosiery wkr r216 S Holman 

McCorkle Roy D (Eliz A) elk Dock W Brown hl204 Morning Glory av 
McCorkle Saml L (Laton) hosiery wkr h216 S Holman 
McCorkle Worth icemn r216 S Holman 
McCormac Olivia C (wid Eug C) proof rdr The Seeman Printery r401% N 

McCormick D Julius (c) slsmn r418 Cozart av 
McCormick Mary (c) dom hl308 Union 
McCorquodale Agnes M Mrs looper hl314 Marvin av 
McCorquodale Geo L (Luella) barber Service Barber Shop hll04 E Main 
McCowan John H (Ruth) roofer hl309 North 
McCowan Mary (c^ rll7 Verbena 
McCowan Sarah (wid Jas H) r807 Harper 
McCown Mary (c) tobwkr h513A Elliott al 
McCoy Ada (c) hosiery wkr r606 Umstead 
McCoy Alma (c) dom r514 E Proctor apt 1 
McCoy Bessie (c) tobwkr r608 South 
McCoy Beulah (c) hosiery wkr h214 Gould 
McCoy Cecil A (c) lawyer 809 Payetteville R4 r818 do 
McCoy Ceetta (c) dom hl08 Lodge 
McCoy Charlotte (c) r715 Chapel Hill rd 
McCoy Clara (c) r411 W Cobb 
McCoy Edw (c; Essie) h505A Elliott al 

McCoy Edw (c; Nancy) hlpr Duke University Hosp h203 Johnson 
McCoy Edw J (c; Agnes) hlpr Duke University Hosp h412 Piedmont av 
McCoy Edw T (Carrie N) gro 764 9th hl018 Minerva 
McCoy Frank L (c; Ida H) sec Mutual Bldg & Loan Assn h311 Umstead 
McCoy Giles (c) tmstr h807 Umstead 
McCoy Jerry M (c; Fannie) carp h816 Linwood av 
McCoy Madison (c; Mariah) hosiery wkr h606 Umstead 
McCoy Mattie (c) dom rl609 Fayetteville 
McCoy Miles (c) gro 1619 Fayetteville h do 
McCoy Owen (c: Essie) tmstr h808 Umstead 
McCoy Roosevelt (c; Anna) oiler r702 Grant 
McCoy Saml L (c) elk r707y 2 Fayetteville R8 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Six Years 
Wunnalty's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 














































111 „, 

a ? 

o ^ 
o o 

S I 

-I v> 

O 4) 

S* e 






Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING. Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

McCov Sarah (c) h707% Fayetteville B10 

McCoy Virgil (c; Sirvada) exp 803 Grant h do 

McCoy Wm (c: Willie) sxo 811 Glenn h603% Colfax 

McCoy Wm (c) janitor Criterion Theatre r214 Gould 

McCracken Fannie r413 Morris 

McCracken Geo T (Blanche P; Durham Plumbing Co) h907 N Mangum 

McCracken Jas T (Margt) dentist 128 W Main R307 h2031 Club blvd 

McCracken Jos P student r907 N Mangum 

McCracken M Cassie r413 Morris 

McCracken Marian student r2031 Club blvd 

McCracken Maude elk r907 N Mangum 

McCray Anderson (c) porter Bowen Hotel r503 Pine 

McCray Anthony (c; Julia) hlll9B 2d 

McCray Arth (c) r510 Link pi 

McCray Elise (c) hosiery wkr rl204 Colfax 

McCrav Prank (c) car washer Carpenter Motor Co r813 Willard 

McCray Jas (c; Lena) lab h806% Glendale av 

McCray Jas (c) tobwkr r410 Henry al 

McCray Jas (c; Julia) truck driver h503 Pine 

McCray John (c; Stella) lab h510 Ramsey 

McCray Louise (c) tobwkr rl09 Moline 

McCray Russell (c; Odessa) lab h800 Glendale av 

McCrea Forrest D (Valeria D) associate prof Duke University hlOlO 
Monmouth av 

McCrea Henrietta (c) tobwkr h607 George 

McCrimmon Willie (c) dom r817 Willard 

McCubbins Kath V Mrs beauty opr r708 Jackson 

McCuffin Jerry (c) lab r306 Fulton 

McCullen Alverius (Marie) h2423 Club blvd 

McCullen Fredk (c; Lula) billiards 801 Cameron h720 Milton av 

McCullen Gladys J Mrs sec Dr Arth H London rll3 W Geer 

McCullen Mary P (wid Jas S) r307 W Pettigrew 

McCuller Theo (c; Amanda) r902 Thaxton av 

McCullers Addie (c) rl005 3d 

McCullers Archie L (c; Pauline) hl005 3d 

McCullers Chas' (c) curbmn University Pharmacy Inc rl005 3d 

McCullers Hurley (c; Geneva) tobwkr hl504 1 /4 Albright rd 

McCullers John <c) folder Model Lndry Co r432 Piedmont av 

McCullers Leo F sta opr Standard Oil Co of N J r714 Shepherd 

McCullers Linwood J r714 Shepherd 

McCullers Mamie (c) ironer Model Lndry Co r522 Pine 

McCullers Otho A (Callie A) barber 207 E Main h.714 Shepherd 

McCullers Otho S waiter Dixie Pig Barbecue r714 Shepherd 

McCullers Rubv L sten County Board of Charities and Public Welfare 
r714 Shepherd 

McCullers Troy (c) elev opr First Natl Bank bldg rl005 3d 

McCulley Blanche (c) tobwkr rll05 Fargo 

McCulloch Isaac G (Dora L) slsmn Durham Dairy Products Inc h605 N 

McCullough Adam (c) lab r506 Gray 

McCullough Geo (c; Etta) plstr h803 South 

McCullough Jas (c) tobwkr rl504 Concord 

McCullough Janie (c) dom rl07 piedmont av 

McCullough Jerry (c; Johnnie) billiards 702% Fayetteville h432 Pied- 
mont av 

McCutcheon Ernest P dentist 123 W Main R702 rl07 Watts apt 4 

McCutcheon W Benson (Julia P) phys 123 W Main R702 hl07 Watts 
apt 4 

McDade Annie (c) tobwkr hl006 Whitted 

McDade Arth K msngr r625 E Main 

McDade Cath (c) tobwkr rl025 Cornell 

McDade Dora (wid J Walter) h625 E Main 

McDade John I auto mech r832 Burch av 

McDade L Hughes sta atndt Gulf Refining Co r625 E Main 

McDade Lossie (c) tobwkr rl025 Cornell 

McDade Nathaniel (c; Lillie) tobwkr h915 Whitted 

McDade Saphronia (c) tobwkr hl025 Cornell 


"A Purpose to Serve as Firm as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

E. S. PHILLIPS, Manager 


Number I, Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J- 1341 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 


The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sundays 

Opposite Post Office 

Phone L-6291 

McDade T Jefferson confr rllOl Calvin 

McDade W Lacy sta atndt Gulf Refining Co rl07 E Markham av 

McDaniel Chas (c; Lula) lab li509 Canal 

McDaniel Eug W (Eliz McC) mgr W C Lyon Co h312 Buchanan blvd 
apt 307 

McDaniel Jas (c) lab rl009A 4th 

McDaniel Laura ic) dom h508 Colfax 

McDaniel Mollie (c> lndrs hl009A 4th 

McDaniel Robt G auto mech County Board of Education rS21 W Petti- 

McDaniel Robt L (F Ella) h821 W Pettigrew 

McDaniel Virginia B tobwkr r821 W Pettigrew 

McDaniel Wilbert (c) lab rl009A 4th 

McDaniel Wm W (c; City Electric Shoe Shop) billiards 518% E Pettigrew 
h520 do 

McDaniels Etta nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

McDaniels Mack (c) janitor h513 Nelson 

McDay Ida (c) tobwkr h505 Mobile av 

McDearman Hortense C Mrs sec Durham County Farm Demonstration 
Agt h909 Dacian av 

McDermon Andrew tobwkr r333 South 

McDermon Inman r333 South 

McDermon Lyda G (wid Alonzo) h602 Jackson 

McDermott Malcolm prof Duke University r do 

McDevett Wm S (Mae S) slsmn Durham Public Service Co h909 N Greg- 

McDonald Angus H (Beatrice; McDonald's Drug Store) hl204 Broad 

McDonald Angus H jr rl204 Broad 

McDonald Annie (c) h514B Grant 

McDonald Annie nurse 1105 8th r do 

McDonald Arth A (Mary R; McDonald & Harris) hl006 Buchanan rd 

McDonald Cassie tobwkr rll9 S Briggs av 

McDONALD DAVID L (Anna G: McDonald-DeWitt Ice & Coal Co). 
hlOOS Urban av 

McDONALD -De WITT ICE & COAL CO (David L McDonald, Henry F 
DeWitt), 9th cor B, Tel J-7511 (See back cover and page 37) 

McDonald Donnie M (c) tobwkr 1-705 Umstead 

McDonald Edw (c) rl511 Maplewood av 

McDonald Ethel tobwkr rll9 S Briggs av 

McDonald Eugenia T hl008 Broad 

McDonald Jas (c) lab r503 Canal 

McDonald Jas C student rl008 Urban av 

McDonald John B (Melissa) gdnr hi 19 S Briggs av 

McDonald John E (Eliz) brklyr hl21 Exum 

McDonald Lossie N (Lorena E) electn Durham Elec Construction Co Inc 
h903 Dale av 

McDonald Mack B elk McDonald's Drug Store rl008 Broad 

McDonald Madison <c> tobwkr r208 Gould 

McDonald Malcolm (Roame) h323 Clark 

McDonald Marie (c) r514B Grant 

McDonald Martha L Mrs r215 Parrish pi 

McDonald Mary E student r202 Broadway 

McDonald Minnie E (wid Locke C) h202 Broadway 

McDonald Murray (c; Hattie) lab r503 Pamlico av 

McDonald Richd L (Juanita) slsmn Johnson Motor Co h215 Parrish pi 

McDonald Sallie F Mrs elk r608 Vickers av 

McDonald Viola textile wkr r812 Rose Hill av 

McDonald Wm electn r814 W Markham av 

McDONALD & HARRIS (Arthur A McDonald and Walton C Harris), 
Lawyers 322 Greer BIdg 128 W Main 

McDonald's Drug Store (Angus H McDonald) 732 9th 

McDougal Betsy (c) maid 411 Cleveland 

McDougal E Troy (Carrie) rll02 Glenn 

McDougald Clem (c) rl05 Chestnut 

McDougald Edna (c) maid rl05 Chestnut 

McDougald Ella (c) dom hl05 Chestnut 

McDougald Henry (c; Mary) tobwkr h707A McMannen 

McDougald Jacob (c) rl05 Chestnut 

McDOUGALD RICHD L (c; Dorothy M), V-Pres-Cash The Mechanics 
& Farmers Bank, V-Pres N C Mutual Life Ins Co, Sec The Mortgage 
Co of Durham, Treas Mutual Bldg & Loan Assn and Union Ins & 
Realty Co, h609 Fayetteville, Tel F-2072 

McDougall John (c) h904A Oak 

McDougall Neely (c) cook rll8 Rowan al 

McDougall Wm prof Duke University h813 2d apt 4 

McDowell Emory (c; Minnie) tobwkr h907 Oak • 







$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

McDowell Josephine (c) r419 Henry al 

McDowell Lizzie (c) h530 l / 2 E Pettigrew 

McDuffie Benton C (Ruth S) asst cash N & W By Co r911 Exum 

McDuffie Ruth Mrs slswn Belk-Leggett Co r911 Exum 

McDuffy Annie (c) tobwkr r611 Jackson 

McDuffy Bishop L (Ella) carp hl506 Caswell pi 

McDuffy Mary (c) dom r302 E Proctor 

McDuffy Wm (c; Marie) lab r6ll Jackson 

McDustrell Howard G elk Am Tob Co Inc rl012 Burch av 

McDustrell John (Sallie J) carp hl012 Burch av 

McEachern Roosevelt (c; Ardella) tobwkr rl04 W Piedmont av 

McEachin Dee K lino opr Durham Herald Co Inc rll2 Buchanan blvd 

McElduff Wm mach rl08 N Queen 

McElroy Robt M (Mamie P) formn E M Valentine Roofing & Sheet Metal 

Wks halO Oakwood av 
McEwen Noble R instr Duke University rl017 Gloria av 
McPadden Kendrick (c; Maggie L) plstr hl08 Moline 
McPadyen Duncan G (M Pauline) asst mgr nlOlO Arnette av 
McFall Robt (c; Dora) tobwkr rl006 Pine 

McFarland Caleb J (Margt) slsmn City Baking Co h642 Club blvd 
McFarland Christine V Mrs asst cash Belk-Leggett Co r920 Lamond av 
McFarland Connie (c) tobwkr r907 Whitted 
McFarland Edgar C (Lona P) carp h2018 Duke University rd 
McFarland Eldridge (Christine V) hosiery wkr r920 Lamond av 
McFarland Eugene H rl208 N Elizabeth 
McFarland Ezra V (Claudia H) h923 12th 
McFarland Harvey (Ida F) wtchmn hl208 N Elizabeth 
McFarland Henry J (Lillian M) carrier PO h2401 Proctor rd 
McFarland Lula Mrs textile wkr r713 10th 
McFarland Myrtle M rl208 N Elizabeth 

McFarland Ted (c) hlpr The R E Ouinn Co Inc 215 E Main 
McFarland Thos L (Naomi B) slsmri Model Lndry Co h609 Burch av 
McFarland Wade lino opr The Seeman Printery r Y M C A 
McFarland Wm G (Mary T) driver Paris-Leonard French Dry Clnrs 

r906 W Main 
McFarland Wm L (Eva) icemn hl04 S Hyde Park av 
McFarley Ida (c) Indrs hl703 Humphrey 
McFee John (c) whse wkr r422 Henry al 

McGalliard Wm aviator r2708 Williams ™, OT ^, -m 

McGarity A Sue waitress S H Kress & Co r811 W Chapel Hill 
McGary Margt E sch tehr r914 Shepherd _ mh . 

McGary Nelson G bkpr The Fidelity Bank r914 Shepherd 
McGary Wm B (Margt E) h914 Shepherd 
McGee see also McGhee and Magee 
McGee Carl R textilewkr rl512 Moring Glory av 
McGee Chas F (Esther L) hl512 Morning Glory av 
McGee Danl R r304 S Briggs av 

McGee Earl C textilewkr rl512 Morning Glory av T <„ m ~~i «■» 

McGee Edgar C (Lelia C) collr Bellamy Furn Co Inc hl211 Linwood av 
McGee Eliza (c) lndrs h721 Walnut 
McGee Ella (c) tobwkr h401 MtVernon 
McGee Ethel silkwkr r407 Holloway 
McGee Grover (c; Rosa) cement wkr r917 Ferrell 
McGee H Frank textilewkr rl512 Morning Glory av 
McGee Kibet C (A Nova) restr opr r906 W Main 
McGee Murphy hosierywkr r202 N Roxboro 
McGee Rosa silkwkr rl05 Spruce 
McGee Sallie L (wid Chas P) hl09 N Alston av 
McGhee Claude rl21 S Briggs av 
McGhee Earl H hosierywkr rl008 S Alston av 

McGhee Florence Mrs r610 Troy 

McGhee Geo W (Maude S) firemn City Fire Dept r703! S Alston av 

McGhee Henry (c; Martha) lab h702 Chapel Hill rd 

McGhee Isaiah (c) msngr R Blaeknall & Son rlOll Fairview 

McGhee Jas (c) cook The Palms Cafe r305 E Chapel Hill 

McGhee John M (Eunice) textilewkr h610 S Alston av 

McGhee Lillie E (wid Henry G) hl008 S Alston av 

McGhee Marvin J (Mina E) knitter h2500 E Main 

McGhee Obie C (Helen) textilewkr hfill Reservoir (E Durham) 

McGhee Paul E elk Roy S McGhee r Pickett rd 

McGhee Raymond M rl008 S Alston av 

McGhee Roy S (Annie) coal 537 E Pettigrew r Pickett rd 

McGhee Thos (c; Olivia) lab hlOH Fairview 

McGhee Thos jr (c) rlOll Fairview 

McGhee Walter J (Bessie E; Chatham Furn Co) h309 N Hyde Park av 

McGhee Wm A (Mattie A) hl21 S Briggs av 



Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires — Exide Batteries 

115 N. DUKE ST. TEL. N-173 

McGilvary David S (Essie P) service sta supvr Standard Oil Co of N J 

h2101 Chapel Hil lrd 
McGinn Frank P (Mary E) carp h507 Scoggins av 
McGirk Ethel M tobwkr r819 Broad 

McGirk N Milton (Novella) auto mech Gery Motor Service h819 Broad 
McGlosson Viola (c) tobwkr r819 Gilbert 
McGlothlin C Horace (Henrietta) adv solr Durham Herald Co Inc h 

1405 Alabama 
McGlothlin Thos H student rl405 Alabama 
McGranahan Anna B Mrs hse sec YWCA r do 
McGranahan Fred N (Thelma H) bkpr Durham Public Service Co h 

1110 8th 
McGranahan Jas A (Kuma) tobwkr h823 Broad 
McGranahan Robt A yd formn Cary Lbr Co Inc r Bon Air av nr N 

McGranahan Robt A jr (Emmie R) slsmn Lakewood Dairy hl008 Broad 
McGranahan Thelma H Mrs sten N C Joint Stock Land Bank hlllO 8th 
McGranahan Wm S (Annie L) truck formn Cary Lbr Co Inc hl205 

McGrath Martin E elk The Great A & P Tea Co r307 Liberty 
McGregor Nathaniel (c; Ida) lab h512 Bloom pi 
McGuire Jas P (Ruth) cement contr hll03 Oval dr 
McGurk J J jr formn Am Tob Co Inc r813 Vickers av 
McHenry Carrie (c) h410 Cozart av 
McHenry Ernest (c) r410 Cozart av 
McHenry Jos (c) r410 Cozart av 
Mcintosh Annie L Mrs tobwkr r310 Milton av 
Mcintosh Irene textilewkr rl003 Sunshine la 
Mclntyre Boise (c) hlpr Georgia Monroe r602 Pickett 
Mclntyre Chas (c; Ruth) lab hl06 Haywood 
Mclntyre Claudius (c; Annie) tobwkr h302% E Proctor 
Mclntyre Columbus (c; Odessa) tobwkr hl05b Bern 
Mclntyre Coy (c) lab r412 S Plum 
Mclntyre Jennie (c) tobwkr h810 C 
Mclntyre King (c; Meater) lab r412 S Plum 
Mclntyre Lula B (c) hosierywkr h512 Coleman al 
Mclntyre Richd (c) lab rl408 Glenn 
Mclntyre Rose beauty opr r809 N Mangum 
Mclntyre Rosa M (c) r302% E Proctor 
Mclntyre Sadie (c) dom r810 C 
Mclver Annie (c) r902 e Pettigrew 
Mclver Belle (c) tobwkr r608 Gray 

Mclver Ernest E (c; Mamie) orderly The Watts Hosp hlll6 4th 
Mclver Eva (c) maid Washington Duke Hotel r908 Ebony 
Mclver Evan G (Hattie O) h802 Vickers av 
Mclver Evan G jr student r802 Vickers av 
Mclver Jas (c; Winnie) sta firemn hlOOT 4th 
Mclver Jessie (c) student rl205y 2 N Hyde Park av 
Mclver Jordan (c) lab h824 Gattis 
Mclver Leona (c) tobwkr r824 Gattis 
Mclver Olin (c) tobwkr r509 Carrington 
Mclver Ollie (c) tobwkr h509 Carrington 
Mclver Rena (c) tobwkr r824 Gattis 
Mclver Satira (c) hl205% N Hyde Park av 
McKay Danl Mc N (Mack's Drug Store; McKay's Pharmacy) rl009 W 

Chapel Hill 
McKay Danl Mc N jr elk McKay's Pharmacy r903 E Main 
McKay John W elk r822 3d 

McKay Malcolm (Hillsboro Rd Drug Co) h2607 Hillsboro rd 
McKay Ned F elk McKay's Pharmacy ^03 E Main 
McKAY'S PHARMACY (Danl McN McKay), 1009 W Chapel Hill, 

Tel L-5821 
McKee Colon W (Reva) tobwkr h808 Spring 
McKee Currie H (Elda M) tobwkr h912 Spring 
McKee Henry C (Clara S) tobwkr r903 Spring 
McKee Jas E (Ida) carp hl03 S Blacknall 
McKee Jos (Carrie E) pntr h502 N Queen 
McKee Lewis M (Helen D) student r507 S Duke 
McKee Lillian nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
McKee Luther D (Jessie M) mach opr h903 Spring 
McKee Margt nurse The Watts Hosp r do 
McKeever Ernest (c) hosierywkr r404 Bailey 
McKeever John (c) lab h913 Walton 

McKeithan Guy C (Kate M) servicemn Monitor Refrigeration Co h 
408 Morris 



























J 1 

\ \ 























Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service ■ 

Always Open 

PHONE L-4851 

McKeithan Harold S elk The Great A & P Tea Co r819 2d 

McKeithan Hugh S (Callie) elk The Great A & P Tea Co h819 2d 

McKeithan Raymond T student r819 2d 

McKeithan W Otto (Eileen D) slsmgr hl303 Lakewood av 

McKellar Fred (c; Preeda) tobwkr hi 14 Piedmont av 

McKellar Hezekiah (c; Bessie) tobwkr h509 Bloom pi 

McKelvey Bessie L (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch r811 

McKenzie see also MacKenzie 

McKenzie Aline deaconess First Presbyterian Ch r305 E Main 
McKenzie Mack C (Mae) textilewkr hl003 Sunshine la 
McKethen Sallie (c) r526y 2 E Pettigrew 
McKinley Albert J (Mary J) weaver h726 14th 
McKinley Chas (c) tobwkr r202 Dunstan 
McKinley Floyd (c) tobwkr r202 Dunstan 
McKinley Sadie (c) tobwkr r202 Dunstan 
McKinley Saml (c; Lanie) lab h202 Dunstan 
McKinley Walter (c) tobwkr r202 Dunstan 
McKinney Albert (c; Freddie) tobwkr h801b Glenn 
McKinney Frances Mrs slswn Belk-Liggett Co h2110 Englewood av 
McKinney Julia B (wid Martin) h904 5th 

McKinney Prince (c) porter Parrish St Barber Shop r513 Branch pi 
McKinney Ulys C (Mary E) knitter hl009 Taylor 
McKinney Ummie L (Frances) elk h2110 Englewood av 
McKinney Walter (c; Mamie) h2313 W Pettigrew 
McKinney Wm W (Etta) ship elk hl019 HolJoway 
McKinnon Chas W (Eliz) cloth printer h802 N Alston av 
McKinnon Judge (c) cook Warren's Am Cafe 205 E Main 
McKiver Carolyn (c) lndrs h315a Poplar 
McKiver Janie (c) r811 Willard 
McKiver Kath (c) tobwkr r517b Elliott al 
McKnight Christine (c) maid r708b McMannen 
McKnight Dwight M trav slsmn rll22 8th 
McKnight Goodall (c; Flora) embalmer r706 Willard 
McKnight Helen H (c) lndrywkr Durham Lndry Co r3K)2% E Proctor 
McKnight Jas (c; Julia) tobwkr h405 Mt Vernon 
McKnight John (c; Maggie) tobwkr h900 Pine 
McKnight Leroy (c; Helen H) lab r302y 2 E Proctor 
McKnight Leroy (c; Annie) lab h708b McMannen 
McKnight Lottie (c) tobwkr r708b McMannen 
McKnight Luke (c) porter N C Barber Shop r405 Mt Vernon 
McKnight Mabel (c) h520 E Proctor 

McKnight Theo (c) embalmer Scarborough & Hargett r706 Willard 
McKoy Saml (c; Lucretia; lab h806y 2 Drew 
McLain see also McClain, McLane and McLean 
McLain Albert L (c; Lillian) tobwkr h609 Mobile av 
McLain Aretta (c) tobwkr h508 Lyon 
McLain Flora (c) rlOll Thaxton av 
McLain Flora (c) dom r810 N Elizabeth 
McLain Georgia (c) cook h504 Link pi 
McLain Ida (c) dom hl004 Rock 
McLain Jane (c) tobwkr rl004 Rock 
McLain Jos (c; Mary) servicemn r915 N Elizabeth 
McLain Katie (c) dom r505 Pamlico av 
McLain Katie (c) tobwkr h418 Henry al 
McLain Lillie M (c) dom r309 Lee 
McLain Lula (c) tobwkr rl004 Rock 
McLain Mack (c) rll2 Neal 
McLain Silas (c) hosierywkr r401 Pine 
McLain Stella (c) dom r911 N Elizabeth 
McLain Wm F (c; Margie) tobwkr h707 Colfax 
McLamb Carlie A (Beatrice) mach opr h809 Liberty 
McLamb Olivia G (wid Oscar R) rl202 6th 
McLamb Wm F (Ha J) tobwkr h300 N Hyde Park av 
McLane John (c; Mary) lab r205 McCollum al 
McLane Mamie (c) dom hl005 Gilbert 
McLaren Clarence (c; Lovie) lab hl514b E Pettigrew 
McLaren Nannie (c) lndrs rl04 E Proctor 
McLauchlin John D rl002 W Trinity av 
McLauchlin Mary A bkpr Durham Fruit & Prod Co Inc rl0O2 W 

Trinity av 
McLaughlin Baxter (c; Mary) janitor h913 Whitted 
McLaughlin C Augustus (c; Mamie) tobwkr r813 Gattis 
McLaughlin Edw W (c; Ella M) carp hl21l Dawkins 
McLaughlin Edwin (c) porter rl211 Dawkins . .-•- 




5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

McLaughlin Jas (c) carp r518 Pine 

McLaughlin Julia (c) dom hl219 Dawkins 

McLaughlin Katie (c) tobwkr rl219 Dawkins 

McLaughlin Lee (c; Pearl) emp Washington Duke Hotel rl04 Chestnut 

McLaughlin Mamie (c) lndrs r611 Mobile av 

McLaughlin Odessa (c) dom rl219 Dawkins 

McLaughlin Viola (c) tobwkr r610a E Pettigrew 

McLaurin Anna J (c) r501 S Plum 

McLaurin Bessie (c) tchr East End Graded Sch hl708 Fayetteville 

McLaurin Chas cc; Bessie; Mack's Sport Shop; McLaurin Funeral 

Home) hl708 Fayetteville 
McLaurin Funeral Home (c; Chas McLaurin) 1108 Fayetteville • 
McLaurin Jos (c; Annie) h519a Coleman al 

McLaurin Lonnie (c) servicemn Lee Meadows rl215 N Alston av 
McLaurin Luther (c; Janet) h501 S Plum 
McLaurin Marie (c) tobwkr r5 Peachtree pi 
McLaurin Ora (c) lndrs rl203% N Hyde Park av 
McLaurin Rose (c) tobwkr r607a Mebane 
McLaurin Rosa (c) tobwkr h5 Peachtree pi 
McLaurin Theo (c) r506 Link pi 

McLaurin Thos (c) sta atndt Lee Meadows rl215 N Alston av 
McLaurin Willie (c) r519b Coleman al 
McLaurine Milton sec Elk's Home r305 Morns 
McLawhorn Chas L (Alice V) carp hl606 Angier av 
McLean see also McClain, McLain and McLane 
McLean A Peterson (Rittie) hl820 Vance 
McLean Alexander (c) porter Ladies' Sport Shoppe rl213 Hazel 
McLean Arch C (Margt) textilewkr h2212 Hackney 
McLean Arch D (Laura L) h2207 Hackney 
McLean Bertis C (Madeline) textilewkr h608 Troy 
McLean D Benj (Victoria) textilewkr h2211 Hackney 
McLean Danl (c) r807 Carrington 
McLean Danl W (EUla F) elk h802 Frederick 
McLean Fannie L (c) chf elk N C Mut Life Ins Co h905 Macklin 
McLean Helen (c) tobwkr rl025 Cornell 
McLean Holt (c; Bertha) car washer h807 Carrington 
McLean Jas A (c; Fannie L) porter Southeastern Exp Co h905 Macklin 
McLean Jas D (Annie) textilewkr h606 Middle 
McLean Jas S (c) restr 916 Pickett r304 Piedmont av 
McLean Jos J (Florence) h507 Barbee 
McLean Laura R textilewkr r2207 Hackney 
McLean Leroy R (Ethel G) carp hi 08 Elder 
McLean Mattie M r2207 Hackney 
McLean Minnie slswn S H Kress & Co rl05 Holloway 
McLean Robt (c; Maggie) h614 Douglas 

McLean Ruth chemist Duke University rl013 Monmouth av 
McLean Wm L (Janie) textilewkr h616 Middle 
McLemore Wade H (Agnes) textilewkr r301 Short al 
McLendon Aileen (c) ironer Model Lndry Co h516 Carr pi 
McLendon Chas B (c; Aileen) hlpr Durham Ice Cream Co Inc h516 

Carr pi 
McLendon Columbus N (Emma J) hosierywkr hl914 West 
McLendon Lennox P (Mary A; McLendon & Hedrick) v-pres The Seeman 

Printery Inc hl702 Roxboro 
McLendon Lottie (c) rlll4 Willard 
McLENDON & HEDRIOK (Lennox P McLendon, H Grady Hedrick), 

Clarence W Hall Associate, Lawyers 313-315 Geer Bldg 128 W 

Main, Tel J-7431 
McLennan Nellie M bkpr r713 Shepherd 
McLeod see also McCloud 

McLeod Clifford F (c; Cora) carp hl707 Fayetteville 
McLeod H Clyde (Gladys) elk r305 S Duke 
McLeod Haywood T (c; Julia) janitor hlll8 2d 
McLeod Jas (c) servicemn Long's Service Sta r612a Ramey al 
McLeod John A (c) h209 Gould 
McLeod Lawrence (c) porter rl707 Fayetteville 
McLeod Leon M (c; Bertha) gdnr h612 Jackson 
McLeod Nina (c) dom h612a Ramsey al 
McLeod S Carl (Annie B) wtchmn h604 Troy 
McLeod Thos (c; Evelyn) r515 Matthews 
McMann H Patk (Neva) fir scraper hll04 8th 
McMannen Ella B (wid John A) h311 South 
McMannen Geo T (Audrey M) brkmn r311 South 
McMannen Sadie W tobwkr r311 South 
McMannen Ulysses (c) barber Cosmopolitan Barber Shop r704 Booker 




212 Corooran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

McMichael Dewey B (Edna C) cement wkr rll05 9th 

McMichial Louise Mrs r904 2d 

McMillan Bettie E r725 13th 

McMillan Connie (c; Mary) hl209 Geerwood 

McMillan Dred (c; Lola) brklyr hl310 N Alston av 

McMillan Edna office asst Dr Saml D Coleman rill N Queen 

McMillan Eliza (c) dom h324y 2 Division 

McMillan Gladys (c) dom r401 Pine 

McMillan Hattie (c) dom h525y 2 E Main 

McMillan Hazel (c) tobwkr r401 Pine 

McMillan Hector (c) lab rl04 Piedmont av 

McMillan Hubert (c; Lizzie) tobwkr h719 Milton av 

McMillan Jas (c; Matilda) lab h2203 Concord 

McMillan Jas (c) tobwkr r811 Pine 

McMillan Myrtle M Mrs r917 Burch av 

McMillan Wm (c; Armelia) tobwkr hl04 Piedmont av 

McMorris Evans (c) roofer r709 Carrington 

McMullen Henry J (Minnie) emp Sou Neon Sign System 422 Morgan 

McMurtrie Jos A mgr Citizen's Loan Soc rl304 S Duke 

McNabb Alice (c) r910 Pickett 

McNair Geneva (c) dom rl015 Yancey 

McNair Herbert (c; Lillian) carp h905a Walton 

McNair Joella (c) r510 Ramsey 

McNair Nola (c) tobwkr hl015 Yancey 

McNair Wm (c; Mary) tobwkr r612 Carr 

McNay Chas L (Cath M; Mack's Meat Mkt) hl04 Broadway 

McNeal see also McNeil and McNeill 

McNeal Annie (c) rl214 3d 

McNeal Annie (c) cook h708a McMannen 

McNeal Archie (c; Katie) tobwkr h3X>3 Matthews 

McNeal Betty (c) tobwkr r606a Branch pi 

McNeal Caroline (c) tobwkr h420 BlackweU 

McNeal Chas (c) lab h2202 Chautauqua 

McNeal Chester (c; Annie) hsemn r506 Bloom pi 

McNeal Freddie M (c) r708a McMannen 

McNeal Geo (c) r504a S Elm 

McNeal Henry (c) r610 Ramsey 

McNeal Jas (c; Agnes) rl312 Glenn 

McNeal Jas (c; Matie) lab h2308 E Pettigrew 

McNeal Jas (c) lab r512 E Queen 

McNeal John (c) hlpr r708a McMannen 

McNeal John (c; Helen) tobwkr r806 Fargo 

McNeal John (c; Oretta) tobwkr h806 Fargo 

McNeal Luther M (c; Marie) brklyr h815 High 

McNeal Printes H (c; Gladys; Royal Tailoring Co) h908 South 

McNeal Saml (c; Eula) h316 Matthews 

McNeal Sudie (c) tobwkr r512 S Queen 

McNear Pearl (c) maid rl04 E Proctor 

McNeely Viola (c) tobwkr r900 Cameron 

McNeer Fred A (Mary A) spl agt Equitable Life Assurance Soc hll9 W 

McNeil see also McNeal and McNeill 
McNeil Alex (c) porter Piedmont Hotel r610 Ramsey 
McNeil Carrie (c) dom h529b Coleman al 
McNeil Edna (c) tobwkr rllOl Pine 
McNeil Georgiana (c) rl204 Colfax 

McNeil Georgie (c) r519b Coleman al ,^,„„ „, 

McNeil Harry L (c) porter Crystal Barber Shop r529b Coleman al 
McNeil Henry (c) r rear 1602 Vale 
McNeil Jas (c; Lizzie) h702 Colfax 
McNeil Jas (c) lab rl308 Union 
McNeil John (c) r712 Willard 
McNeil John (c; Ella) lab hll8 Barnum 
McNeil John (c; Sarah) lab hlll8 Hanover 
McNeil Jos (c; Needa) tobwkr r407 Gray 
McNeil Lettie (c) dom rllOl Pine 
McNeil Lila (c) maid r2327 Crest 
McNeil Maybelle (c) tobwkr rl203 Scout dr 
McNeil Mozella (c) r511a Elliott al 
McNeil Preston (c; Bertha) hl204 Colfax 
McNeil Wm (c; Luiclle) hlpr r712 Willard 

McNeill A Wade (Lena G) atndt Master Service Sta hl608 Jackson 
McNeill Fred (c; Lottie) orderly rlll6 2d 

McNeill Milton J (c; Carrie B) confr 403 Bailey h rear 1602 Vale 
McNeill N Arch (F Mala) tobwkr hl24 Exum 

Durham Public Service Co. 

Pure Crystal Scored Ice 



McNeill Vance G (Grace O) dept mgr The Great A & P Tea Co h707 

McNicol Dru (wid Andrew) h905 Ramseur 

McNutt Jas M (Alice M) v-pres Golden Belt Mfg Co hl022 Homer dr 
McPhatter John (c; Elaine) tobwkr hl04 Umstead 
McPhatter Wm (c; Rena) shoe repr Robt H Price rl006 Mason 
McPherson Hospital (Dr S Dace McPherson) Dr W Banks Anderson and 

Dr Thos C Kerns attending phys eye ear nose and throat 1110 W 

McPherson John H elk Sou Ry System r518 N Mangum 
McPherson Jos P (c; Laura) truck driver 1204 4th 
McPherson S Dace (Katie L; McPherson Hosp) h213 N Dillard 
McPherson T Ralph stmftr r203 Hammond 
McQuaig Fannie (c) rl404 Halley 
McQuaig Jas (c; Daisy) lab hl404 Halley 
McQuaig Jas jr (c) tobwkr rl404 Halley 
McQuaig Saml (c> rl404 Halley 
McQuaige Dearis (c) tobwkr r612 Douglas 
McQuaige Fannie (c) h612 Douglas 
McQueen Anna (c) maid Hotel Malbourne r408 Dowd 
McQueen Emma (c) h720 Cameron 
McQueen Jas (c) tobwkr r720 Cameron 
McQueen Willis (c) chauf r828 Chapel Hill rd 
McRae Charlie B elk Home Security Life Ins Co rll8 W Lynch 
McRae Danl H (Iva J) hosierywkr h313 Spruce 
McRae Hubert L textilewkr r313 Spruce 
McRae L Cecil (Goldie E) sch tchr h507 Gattis 
McRae Theresa (c) tobwkr r303 Johnson 
McRay Georgiana (c) student r604 Pickett 
McRay Jas A (c) truck driver r604 Pickett 
McRay Lillie (c) tobwkr r604 Pickett 
McRay Mattie (c) tobwkr h604 Pickett 
McRay Mattie B (c) tobwkr r604 Pickett 
McSwain Jos A mach r401 Jackson 
McWilliams Essie (c) tobwkr r307 Division 
Mc Williams Wm C sheet metal wkr r823 N Mangum 
Meacham Alger R (Sudie C) h31l Chase 
Meacham Frank S r311 Chase 

Meachum Thos E truck driver Rhodes-Collins Furn Co r Oxford Hwy 
Meadows Arline (c) r511 Branch pi 
Meadows Arth (c) emp Paschall's Bakery r522a ETliott al 
Meadows Beamon (c; Eunice) tobwkr h 1004 Allen 
Meadows Blanche cc) tchr East End Graded Sch r601 Booker 
Meadows Hattie (c) cafeteria mgr N C Mut Life Ins Co h601 Booker 
Meadows Jas (c) tobwkr rll8 W Hillside av 
Meadows John (c; Eliza) tobwkr h417 Lucille 
Meadows Jos (c; Rosa) lab hl326b E Pettigrew 
Meadows Lee fill sta 609 N Mangum r706 E Forest Hill blvd 
Meadows Robt (c) tobwkr r911 Sparkman al 
Meadows Wm (c; Isabelle) tobwkr r614 Matthews 

Meadows Wm L (Lenora L) mgr Farley's Store Inc hl721 Chapel Hill rd 
Mears Roy (c) r703b McMannen 

Measamer Maggie nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Mebane see also Maban and Mabane 
Mebane Adelaide (c) dom r917 Ruth 
Mebane Alice (c) tobwkr r914 Thaxton av 
Mebane Allene (c) dom r806 Cameron 

Mebane Currie F (Myrtle R) adv solr Durham Herald Co Inc h405 E Geer 
Mebane Geneva M (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co h512 Dunbar 
Mebane Geo (c; Rosa) auto mech hlll3 W Proctor 
Mebane Geo (c; Helen) lab hl409 Buchanan rd 
Mebane Jennie (c) cook hl222 Fayetteville 
Mebane John (c; Mary) tobwkr h806 Cameron 
Mebane Luellen (c) maid r917 Ruth 

Mebane Saml (c; Sadie) hlpr Goodyear Service Inc h719 Cameron 
Mebane Vivian (c) tobwkr r914 Thaxton av 
Mebane Walker (c) hlpr rl222 Fayetteville 
Mec i?anics & Farmers Bank The (c) Chas C Spaulding pres, Richd L 

McDougald v-pres-cash, Edw R Merrick v-pres 114 W Parrish 
Mecum Marian asst librarian Duke University Hosp rl023 Gloria av 
Medlen Edw B (Gertrude A) rl022 Angier av 
Medlin Annie (wid Chess H) rl303 Marvin av 
Medlin Chas P (Mattie V) gro 210 N Elizabeth n2409 Hart 
Medlin E Thelma tofjwkr rl605 Chapel Hill rd 
Medlin Essie (c) tobwkr rl015 Fairview 


Durham Realty and Insurance 

Ft ci -r *. i? -ij- Telephone — Ins. Dept. F-9I3I 

irst Floor Trust Building „ eal Estate and Renta |, F . 936 , 

Medlin Herbert (c) lab rlOll Mason 

Medlin Howard' E gro h2405 Hart 

Medlin Jas M shoe repr Durham Shoe Rebuilders r Broad St extd 

Medlin John W (Bettie L; Medlin's Mkt) h518 E Pettigrew 

Medlin Jos A rl816 Vale 

Medlin Kath tobwkr rl605 Chapel Hill rd 

Medlin Kenneth (c) farm hd rlOll Mason 

Medlin Laura B CMelinda J) carp h2310 Erwin rd 

Medlin Louvenia (c) tobwkr r613 Pine 

Medlin M Leroy r2307 Owen 

Medlin Magdaline tobwkr rl605 Chapel Hill rd 

Medlin Martha Mrs h706 Liberty 

Medlin Percy W (Lillie F) truckmn h213! S Elm 

Medlin Rachel (c) tobwkr hlOll Mason 

Medlin Shirley M (wid John) r2409 Hart 

Medlin Way land R (Annie M) cloth printer r602 Middle 

Medlin Wm B (Etta) shoe repr hl605 Chapel Hill rd 

Medlin Wm T (Maggie) h2307 Owen 

Medlin's Market (John W Medlin) meats 518 E Pettigrew 

Medling Lillian Mrs textilewkr rll08 Wall 

Meeks Aldora (c) cook r910 3d 

Meeks Annie (c) tobwkr r210 Lee 

Meeks Bud (c; Ada) tobwkr hl214 Payetteville 

Meeks Iola (c) dom r910 3d 

Meeks Jas (c) hlpr Duke University Hosp r910 3d 

Meeks Lawrence D musician r716 Liberty 

Meeks Mary (c) dom r709 Willard 

Meeks Mattie (c) dom r910 3d 

Meeks Walter A (c; Jennie) janitor Durham Public Library h911 

Mefsut Lucille E Mrs r2100 Erwin rd 

Melnor Eleanor elk r916 W Trinity av apt 16 

Melton Rachel H Mrs h312 Raynor 

Melton Saml W (Sudie) textilewkr r312 Raynor 

Melton Woodrow B hosierywkr r312 Raynor 

Melvin Constance M Mrs r333 South 

Melvin H Jarvis (Annie B) pntr hlll3 6th 

Melvin Hattie (wid Walter) r510 Gurley 

Melvin Henry (Lola) pastor Freewill Baptist Ch h815 Ramseur 

Melvin Jas (c; Zodie M) tobwkr hl213 Drew 

Melvin Jas F (M Virginia) hlpr r910 9th 

Melvin Lou r202 N Roxboro 

Melvin Mary (c) dom r505 Pamlico av 

Melvin Ottis (Ruth) tobwkr h216 S Alston av 

Melvin Pauline (c) tobwkr r506 Gray 

Melvin Preston (Rosa L) janitor h2102 Currin av 

Melvin Raymond J (Alta L) stone mason hl006 E Trinity av 

Melvin Saml (Sudie) silkwkr hlll4 9th 

Melvin Virginia L (wid Alonzo C) h614 Parker 

Mercer Fredk (c; Lula) h416 Dowd 

Mercer Lonnie c; Louise) h509 Matthews 

Meredith David C (Lucy) truck driver h2306 Hart 

Meredith Mamie A Mrs h507 Reservoir (E Durham) 

Merideth W Elmer (Ora) hosierywkr h203 N Briggs av 

Merkerson Pearl (c) maid 2403 Club blvd 

Meroney David W slsmn H Wilensky & Sons Co rl06 E Trinity av 

Merrick Annie (c) drsmkr 609 Ray al h do 

MERRICK EDWARD R (c; Lyda X), V-Pres The Mechanics & Farmers 
Bank, Sou Fidelity & Surety Co, Union Ins & Realty Co, Treas 
Bankers Fire Ins Co and The Mortgage Co of Durham and Treas 
N C Mutual Life Ins Co h906 FayetteviUe, Tel F-5021 

Merrick Ethel Mrs hosierywkr r420 N Roxboro 

Merrick Leonard A (Alice) fafrmer h2116 Elba 

Merrick Martha H (c) r506 Fayetteville 

Merrick Otis (c; Sadie) elk Holloway Bros Drug Store h602 Gray 

Merritt Albert (c) tobwkr hl015 Shaw 

Merritt Edw S (Delia) druggist h606 Rigsbee av 

Merritt Emma (c) tobwkr h507 Matthews 

Merritt Estelle (c) dom rl017 Rock 

Merritt Ethel (wid Benj M) h916 W Trinity av apt 16 

Merritt Ethel L asst in bio chemistry Duke University r do 

Merritt Finley S (Caro S) mach hlll2 Eva 

Merritt Gertrude E asst Duke University Library r806 N Gregson apt 3 

Merritt Henry (c) lab r902 Oak 

Merritt John (c; Arlena) lab h602 Fowler av 


Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG. Manager 

Merritt Linal F (Viola. K) knitter hl212 Wolf 

Merritt Lonnie (c; Mamie) tobwkr h rear 1606 Glenn 

Merritt M Marcia sten r606 Rigsbee av 

Merritt Mary R tobwkr rlll2 Eva 

Merritt N Harward druggist r606 Rigsbee av 

Merritt Nereus H (Mary M) solr Wilkinson Ins Agcy Inc h806 N Gregson 

apt 3 
Merritt Norwood H doormn Carolina Theatre r806 N Gregson apt 3 
Merritt Rose (c) maid 1214 S Duke r do 
Merritt Sarah tobwkr r709 Arnette av 
Merritt Wm (c) hlpr Marsh Wood Yd r430 Eric 
Mesley Maid T (wid John) rl014 W Markham av 
Messenger Isaac (Minnie) shoe repr 118 Corcoran hll8 Hunt 
Messenger The (Wm C Dula, J Otis Hull) weekly newspaper 119 Morgan 
Messer Hazel L hll07 Calvin 

Messer Marvin C (Louvenia M) ins agt h902 Glendale av 
Messer Pollie A rll07 Calvin 

Messick Wm L (Annie E) pop corn 213 N Mangum hl806 Perry 
Messner Dorothy E sec City Mgr r YWCA 

301-306 Snow Bldg 331 W Main, Tel J-4321 
Meyer see also Myers 

Meyer Hyman slsmn Huntley-Stockton-Hill Co r814 Cleveland 
Meyer Sigmund lawyer 128 W Main R317 r814 Cleveland 
Mial Beulah (c) r605 Ramsey 

Mial Jennie (c) maid Hotel Malbourne h605 Ramsey 
Michael Chas knitter r206 Walker 

Michaels Edw H (Helen P) cash The Venable Tob Co rlOll E Trinity av 
Michaels Jas W (Margt B) teller The Fidelity Bank hl407 Alabama 
Michaels Matilda O sch tchr r23U3 Club blvd 
Michaels Susie G tchr Durham High Sch h2313 Club blvd 
Michaux Henry M (c; Isadore) mgr Union Ins & Realty Co h408 

Formosa av 
Micheaux Walter W (c; Eliza) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co h308 Umstead 
Michie H Norwood civ eng rl08 Jackson 

MJCHIE JOHN C (Emily M), Supt City Water Dept. hl08 Jackson. Tel 

Michie John C jr (Mary E) solr Bankers Life Co of Des Moines, la r 

1507 W Pettigrew av 
Michie Robt A (Pearl A) slsmn h501 E Main apt 12 
Michie Wm P sta atndt Goodrich Silvertown Inc rl08 Jackson 
Mickelson Fredk P (Mary D) carp h808 S Alston av 
Mickelson Pleas (c) r510 Link pi 
Mickle Edw D (c; Ruth) prin W G Pearson Elementary Sch h626 


Middleton Mary E (wid Edwin L) h409 Rigsbee av 

Midyette Abr F (c; Lillian) tobwkr hl308 Pine 

Midyette Chas (c) lab r526a Pine 

Midyette Elwyn (c) lab rl308 Pine 

Midyette Harold (c) student rl308 Pine 

Midyette Rosella (c) tobwkr rl308 Pine 

Midway Electric Shoe Shop (Waldo A Murray) 1007 W Main 

Milam Llewellyn L r809 Burch av 

Milam Rivers S (Mary A; Bain-Kimball-Milan Co) h809 Burch av 

Miles Betsy sten John C Crouch r410 Milton av 

Miles D Earl (Mamie A) gro 111 W Proctor h204 W Trinity av 

Miles David B h602 Gattis 

Miles Edw R C asst prof Duke University r do 

Miles Hall B (Hattie; Servall Service Sta) r Roxboro rd 

Miles Johnnie (c) smstrs r907 Glenn 

Miles Lillian rl915 Lewis 

Miles Mildred V student r204 Jackson 

Miles Otis (c; Onie) tobwkr r312% Dowd 

Miles Robt (c; Beatrice) auto mech h706 Grant 

Miles Thelma C asst County Tax Supvr r602 Gattis 

Miles Wayne (c; Annie B) lab h312% Dowd 

Miles Wm (c; Dora) lab h507 Foster 

Miles Wm J (Lena B) coal dlr h204 Jackson 

Miley M Sue soda dispenser Whelan Drug Stores Inc r902 Shepherd 

Miley Ruth bkpr h902 Shepherd 

Mill Park Service Station W Burke Weatherly mgr E Main cor Elm 

Millan Danl D (Susie) h2003% E Peabody (E Durham) 

Miller Adell (c) tobwkr r419 Pine 

Miller Baxter H (Helen) pres Miller-Bishop Inc hl408 Alabama 


Restful Seclusion 
in Sumptuous Surroundings 
is available at 


Miller Beatrice (c) r731 Walnut 
Miller Benj (c) barber rl014 3d 
MILLER-BISHOP INC, Baxter H Miller Pres, Jesse Bishop V-Pres, 

W Warren Bishop Sec-Treas, Men's Clothing: and Furnishings 108 N 

Corcoran, Tel J-9351 
Miller Cath (c) rl610 Payetteville 
Miller Cath A (c) sten rl610 Payetteville 
Miller Chas H (Audrey J) student h2100 Club blvd 
Miller D S & Son (D Saml and Howard W) genl mdse 1424 Watts 
Miller D Saml (Iola; D S Miller & Son) hl417 Watts 
Miller D Saml jr (Lillian K) emp D S Miller & Son hl417 Watts 
Miller Erwin (c; Lillie) lab r307 Roney 
Miller Eula (c) nurse 804 Maplewood av h do 
Miller Felicia D (c) cash Bankers Fire Ins Co hl610 Fayetteville 
Miller Geo (c; Sophia) cook Reeves Am Cafe rl209 Geerwood 
MILLER GEO M (Cora G), Genl Mgr Goodyear Service Inc hi The 

Ambassador 916 W Trinity av, Tel F-4194 
Miller Gordon C (Minnie M) elk PO hl207 Watts 
Miller Harry L slsmn r403 W Pettigrew 

Miller Howard W (Myrtle M; D S Miller & Son) h922 Dacian av apt 8 
Miller J Howell electn rl401 Watts 
Miller Jas A (Ruby) firemn City Fire Dept hl09 N Queen 
Miller Jasper H (Annis) mach hl401 Watts 
Miller John H (Augusta C) slsmn hl003 Urban av 
Miller- Jones Co R Denton Duke mgr shoes 321 W Main 
Miller Justin dean of sch of law Duke University r do 
Miller Lacy (c; Janie) truck driver h519a E Proctor 
Miller Lathrop E student rl401 Watts 
Miller Laura (c) lndrs hl014 3d 

Miller Louise bkpr Duke University r603 Watts apt 7 
Miller Mabel hosierywkr rl910 E Pettigrew 
Miller Maggie M rlll2 8th 
Miller Mattie (c) maid r419 Henry al 
Miller Maude L nurse 2031 Club blvd r do 

Miller Myrtle M Mrs sten Sou Fire Ins Co h922 Dacian av apt 8 
Miller Percolia (c) tobwkr h706 Dowd 

Miller Richd R (Louise B) lawyer 110% N Corcoran R6 rll5 N Dillard 
Miller Robt L jr (Reba W) supt service sta Gulf Refining Co h2509 

Englewood av 
Miller Robt S (Ila A) carp IU613 Maryland av 
Miller Saml (c; Agnes) hlpr Paschall Bros hl007 Juniper 
Miller Sarah (c) dom rlll5 Cornell 
Miller Sue B (c) dom rl213 Moreland av 
Miller Susie (c) rl014 3d 

Miller T Bayard (Dorothy D) mech Alexander Motor Co r810 Ramseur 
Miller Vander C (Thelma E) mgr Holloway St Service Sta h405 Milton av 
Miller Wm chemist Duke University r West Campus 
Miller Wm (c) lab h4 Peachtree pi 

Miller Wm F (Pauline O) br mgr Pender's Stores hl022 Broad 
Miller Wm J bkpr Carpenter Motor Co rlO03 Urban av 
Millican Janie Mrs bdg 201 N Roxboro h do 
MilUcan John K (Janie) h201 N Roxboro 
Milligan Agnes F tob inspr r508 Gordon 
Milligan Anna (c) tobwkr r514 South 
Milligan Annie M tobwkr r508 Gordon 
Milligan Estelle (wid John C) tobwkr rl311 North 
Milligan Mary E (wid John M) h508 Gordon 
Millory Jas (c) hlpr Duke University Hosp r do 
Mills Albert (c) r2718 E Pettigrew 
Mills Alf (c; Lenora) h2718 E Pettigrew 
Mills Beulah (c) r2718 E Pettigrew 
Mills Buddy (c) rl309 Jackson 
Mills Chas (c; Ethel) tobwkr hl507 N Alston av 
Mills Council M (Mary J) hlpr Durham Public Service Co hl302 Angler 

Mills Eunice (c) hosierywkr r2718 E Pettigrew 
Mills Henry N formn Am Suppliers Inc rlOlO Arnette av 
Mills Hermus C (Azzie S) buyer Liggett & Myers Tob Co hl002 Minerva 
Mills Jane P rl07 W Geer 

Mills Jos N (c; Bessie A) phys 106% W Parrish R3 hl211 Fayetteville 
Mills Reba slswn S H Kress & Co r405 South 
Mills Rena (c) dom h918 Morehead av 

Mills Sallie M (c) lndrywkr Rite- Way Lndry r511 Husband al 
Mills Wm (c; Mincie B) lab h500 S Queen 
Milner Pitt C (Sue C) mgr Milner Stores Co 604 Cleveland 


Home Savings Bank 



JOHN SPKUN'T HILL, President T. C. WORTH, Cashier 

Milner Stores Co Pitt C Milner mgr oprs Piggly Wiggly Stores Inc 211 

E Main 
Milum Wm (c; Wilma) lab h316 Wake pi 
Mimms Geo P (Inez) h408 Carr 

Mimms Saml C (Hazel E) formn Am Tob Co Inc h2607 Chapel Hill rd 
Mimms Verda textilewkr r214 Parrish pi 
Mims Alma (wid Thos J) rll3 Holloway 
Mims Chas (V Bruce) tobwkr h305 N Guthrie av 
Mims Dewey S (Eleanor) asst mgr B C Remedy Co h.804 3d 
Mims Harvey (c) r311a Poplar 

Mims Howard W lino opr The Messenger r809 Park av 
Mims Josie (c) r408 W Cobb 
Mims Luester (c) r408 W Cobb 
Mims Mamie hosierywkr rl518 Morning Glory av 
Mims Ollie F (Margt L) knitter rll5 S Hyde Park av 
Mims Spencer (Madeline) hlpr hl303 Ramseur 
Mims Thos elk Thaxton & Markham r Old Oxford Hwy 
Mims Wm H (Maggie L) r301 Jackson 
Mims Wm Q (Nellie J) embalmer hll5 S Hyde Park av 
Mims Woodrow r708 N Mangum 

Mincey Jas E (Carlotta F) mech Budd-Piper Roofing Co r607 S Alston ar 
Mincey Kathleen supvr The Watts Hosp r do 
Mines Cath (c) dom hl007 Glendale av 
Mingus Willie McF Mrs sten r701 Shepherd 
Minnis Saml J (Gladys M) eng Duke University h409 Cooke 
Minor Addie hosierywkr r513 N Maple 
Minor Aubrey R (Wava E) carrier PO h513 N Maple 
Minor Dora Mrs h2505 Hart 

Minor Geo W (Luna L) asst formn Golden Belt Mfg Co h2305 Owen 
Minor Jas (c; Mary) hlpr h809 Gerard 
Minor Minerva M r2206 Ashe 
Minor Thos H (Annie H) millwright h2206 Ashe 
Minor Wm (c) lab Durham Public Service Co E Main nr Elizabeth 
Minor Wm H carp r2206 Ashe 
Minter Annie (c) cook r rear 308 Matthews 
Minter Frank (Margt) ins rl521 Hermitage ct 
Minter Ida (c) maid 116 Buchanan blvd 
Minter Ollie (c) maid 114 Buchanan blvd 
Minter Selden M (c; Emma) prsr Scott & Roberts hl204 Avery 
Minter Susie (c) dom hl003 Glendale av 
Minton Carl W (Louise) weaver h2013 Erwin rd 
Minton Chas A (Emma B) auto mech rll4 Case 
Minton Leslie W (Creola H) tobwkr r409 Milton av 
Minton Meda L weaver rl905 W Pettigrew 
Minton Texie A weaver rl905 W Pettigrew 
Mitchell Ada V (c) rl601 Fayetteville 
Mitchell Adam M rl019 Holloway 
Mitchell Alverta (c) dom r616 Cameron 
Mitchell Anna L (c) dom r510 Nelson 
Mitchell Benj (c) tobwkr r702 Cameron 

Mitchell Carl W (Hattie) textilewkr h610 Reservoir (E Durham) 
Mitchell Carlyle C r2409 B 
Mitchell Carrie (c) dom rllOo 3d 
Mitchell Carrie (c) tobwkr r313 Thomasson 
Mitchell Chapel A M E Zion Church (c) 1110 Cornell 
Mitchell Charity (c) tobwkr h804b Glendale av 
Mitchell Clifton (Lois) r623 E Main 
Mitchell Cornelia (c) hll05 3d 

Mitchell Dillard C (Lily C) pres Durham Lbr Co h2015 Club blvd 
Mitchell Dillard C jr (Louise W) treas Durham Lbr Co h2301 Club blvd 
Mitchell Earl L sheet metal wkr rl521 Echo rd 
Mitchell Edna M tobwkr r2409 B 
Mitchell Edw (c; Alice) auto mech hll07 Fargo 
Mitchell Elijah (c; Mozelle) tobwkr h910b Ebony 
Mitchell Elise (c) tobwkr r507 S Plum 
Mitchell Eliza (c) h702 Cameron 

Mitchell Ellis (c) porter United Dollar Stores rll05 3d 
Mitchell Enoch (c) r616 Cameron 

Mitchell Ernest (c; Beulah) tobwkr h516 Matthews 
Mitchell Ernest E sta atndt Standard Oil Co of N J rll20 W Main 
Mitchell Estella (c) dom r616 Cameron 
Mitchell Ethel hosierywkr r204 N Briggs av 

Mitchell Everett L (Bessie M) auto mech Basden Bros hl801 Bivins 
Mitchell Frank K associate prof Duke University rl008 N Trinity av 
Mitchell Garland W elk rll29 N Roxboro 






Mitchell Georgia E (wid Commie D) h2409 B 

Mitchell Gertrude (c) tobwkr h624 S Elm 

Mitchell Gladys (c) dom r417 Pine 

Mitchell Glenn truck driver rll29 N Roxboro 

Mitchell Guy H adv and credit mgr Durham Lbr Co r2015 Club blvd 

Mitchell Henrietta (c) dom rll05 3d 

Mitchell Herbert O (Pearl A) textilewkr h715 Reservoir 

Mitchell Hilliard L (Ella) carp hl521 Echo rd 

Mitchell J David (Callie) whsemn Roycroft's Whse hi 129 N Roxboro 

Mitchell Jas (c) elev opr h505 S Plum 

Mitchell Jas (c; Jeannette) lab r2203! Concord 

Mitchell Jas H (c) r616 Cameron 

Mitchell Jas R (c; Lucy; Union Tailor Shop) hl08 Beamon av 

Mitchell Janie (c) lndrs hl007 Lynchburg 

Mitchell Jesse R (Nono B) auto mech hlOOl Dacian av 

Mitchell John (c) r706 E Pettigrew 

Mitchell John C asst mgr Lakewood Dairy r307 Liberty 

Mitchell John E (c; Tremella) tobwkr hll4 Beamon av 

Mitchell John H (c; Viola) r514 Husband al 

Mitchell John W (Bertha M) textilewkr hl007 Oakland av 

Mitchell Julia (c) dental asst Alex S Hunter r706 E Pettigrew 

Mitchell Laura T (wid Geo) rl04 S Alston av 

Mitchell Lillie rll06 Chester 

Mitchell Lillie (c) tobwkr r507 S Plum 

Mitchell Lonnie (c) tobwkr rl301 Union 

Mitchell Louella tobwkr r323 South 

Mitchell Louetta (c) tobwkr h613a Ray al 

Mitchell Lucy (c) tobwkr h706 E Pettigrew 

Mitchell Lula (c) tobwkr h507 S Plum 

Mitchell Luna P tobwkr h818 Broad 

Mitchell M Clarence (Sybil) carp h833 Burch av 

Mitchell Maggie (c) r506 Ramsey 

Mitchell Maggie (c) rl007 Whitted 

Mitchell Manuel (c) h616 Cameron 

Mitchell Margt L pkr B C Remedy Co rlOOl Dacian av 

Mitchell Martha (c) h208y 2 Haywood 

Mitchell Marvin L carp rl521 Echo rd 

Mitchell Mary (c) rll05 3d 

Mitchell Mary (c) dom h731 Walnut 

Mitchell Mary (c) tobwkr h725 Walnut 

Mitchell Mary M (c) dom rl510 Fayetteville 

Mitchell Metter (c) fctywkr h901 Willard 

Mitchell Mildred B sten Paschall's Bakery rlOOl Dacian av 

Mitchell Minnie I r818 Broad 

Mitchell Naomi (c) r616 Cameron 

Mitchell Ollie (c) tobwkr h713 Carrington 

Mitchell Oscar (c; Allie) h604 S Elm 

Mitchell Ostella (c; Aldonia) rl307 D 

Mitchell Pearl (c) dom rll9 Piedmont av 

Mitchell Ralph B (A Ethel) bkpr Johnson-Prevost Dry Cleaning Co Inc 

h911 Broad 
Mitchell Ralph K student r911 Broad 

Mitchell Raymond (c; Eliz) tobwkr h508b S Queen 

Mitchell Raymond T sign pntr 417 W Main rl014 E Trinity av 

Mitchell Rebecca (c) maid rl006 Fairview 

Mitchell Richd (c) r505 S Plum 

Mitchell Robt millwkr rl306 Carroll 

Mitchell Robt (c; Iola) tobwkr 1103 W Proctor 

Mitchell Robt (c) tobwkr r411 Moline 

Mitchell Robt L (Thelma T) agt Continental Life Ins Co rl920 Chapel 

Hill rd 
Mitchell Sarah (wid Thos) h204 N Briggs av 
Mitchell Sonny (c; Maggie) lab hl402 E Pettigrew 
Mitchell Susan (c) dom h606 Gray 
Mitchell Sylvester (c) rl3»l Union 
Mitchell Thelma B student r911 Broad 

MitcheU Thelma T Mrs pkr B C Remedy Co rl920 Chapel Hill rd 
Mitchell Theo r204 N Briggs av 
Mitchell Thos (c; Irene) r204a E Proctor 
Mitchell Thos M (Henrietta) textilewkr h809 N Duke 
Mitchell Viella (c) nurse Lincoln Hosp r do 
Mitchell W Howard (Bessie) knitter h922 Dupree 
Mitchell Walter (c) lab r417 Pine 

Mitchell Walter C (c) atndt Pine St Service Sta rl510 Fayetteville 
Mitchell Wm (Nannie) carp hll06 Chester 


Carolina Janitor Supply Co. 

L. P. PASOHALL, Owner 

Manufacturers and Distributors of Janitor and Sanitary Supplies 
for Factories, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Garages, Etc. 

413 N. Mangum St. Phone J-3I4I P. 0. Box 233 

Mitchell Wm (c; Daisy) hosierywkr hl202 Colfax 

Mitchell Wm (c) lab r804b Glendale av 

Mitchell Wm (c; Addie M) pntr hl213 Moreland av 

Mitchell Wm (c; flattie) tobwkr hl301 Union 

Mitchell Wm A (Lillie) textilewkr h612 Troy 

Mitchell Wm B (Louise) mach opr h801 Club blvd 

Mitchell Wm L (Edith) glassmn E J Latta Roofing Co Inc h722 Arnette av 

Mitchell Wm Q (Gladys L) slsmn City Baking Co h705 N Hyde Park av 

Mitchell Wm T (Ada L) slsmn Durham Fruit & Prod Co Inc hl014 

E Trinity av 
Mitchell Willis Z (c; Esther W; Rowland & Mitchell) b.302 Umstead 
Mitchiner Glennis (c) hlpr Clark & Sorrell rl210 Merrick 
Mitchiner Harriett (c) dom r305 Wake pi 
Mitchiner Lelia (c) tobwkr M210 Merrick 
Mitchiner Maggie (c) tobwkr r305 Wake pi 
Mitchiner Otis (c) lndrywkr r305 Wake pi 
Mitchiner Reginald (c) rl210 Merrick 
Mixon W Lawrence (Louise B) h705 Gilbert 
Mize Jos G firemn Engine Co No 4 r210 E Trinity av 
Mize Magdalene student r210 E Trinity av 
Mize Saml H (Zeta A) tobacconist h210 E Trinity av 
Mize Troy S r210 E Trinity av 
Mize Wm E (Pope-Mize Furn Co) rl710 Angier av 
Mize Wilhe L student r210 E Trinity av 
Mizell Jesse L rll7 S Elm 

Mizell Mervin hlpr Johnson-Prevost Dry Cleaning Co rll7 S Elm 
Mock Joel A pipe coverer rl015 Burch av 
Mock Odell O formn City Baking Co r202 S Dillard 
Mock Roy C pipe coverer rl015 Burch av 
Mock Ruby L (wid Wesley E) hl015 Burch av 

Mock W Herbert (Hazel E) slsmn City Baking Co hl05 W Seaman 
Mock Wesley E pipe coverer rl015 Burch av 

MODEL LAUNDRY CO, Albert B Smart Mgr 217 Foster, Tel N-171 
Modern Barber Shop (Arth W Harton) 109 N Mangum 
MODERN ELECTRIC CO INC, Frank E Hartis Pres-Treas-Mgr, Jas W 

Vaughan V-Pres-Sec, Contractors 318 Morgan, Tel F-7501 (See page 

Modlin Jule C eng Durham Public Service Co rlllS W Chapel Hill 
Moffitt Bertha L bagmkr r907 Exum 
Moffitt Jack (Lillie) elk Wm B Kirkland h901 Cleveland 
Moffitt M Eliz (wid Benj F) h907 Exum 
Moise W Fredk (Sallie E) wtchmn hl406 Angier av 
Moize Alice S sec Dr Calvin S Hicks h32i W Pettigrew 
Moize Alvis M (Sallie W) pres Home Security Life Ins Co hl07 E 

Markham av 
Moize Bessie rl618 James 

Moize Boyce F (J AleaseJ) knitter r908 Liberty 
Moize Edgar W (Claudia) knitter hi 119 Liberty 

Moize Edw N (Ruth B) v-pres Home Security Life Ins Co h718 Shepherd 
Moize Jas F sta atndt r N Roxboro nr 3d av 
Moize Mary F r N Roxboro nr 3d av 
Moize Robt C (Viola D) h N Roxboro nr 3d av 
Moize Robt C jr (Ollie M) sta atndt r N Roxboro nr 3d av 
Moize Thos R (Clevie B) hll5 N Gregson 
Moize Vivian E asst director rl07 E Markham av 
Moize Wm H (Cora F) wtchmn h908 Liberty 
Monarch Club Ernest C Brown sec meets Fridays 1 p m at Washington 

Duke Hotel 
Mondie Saml E (Canary B) auto mech h602 Liberty 
Moneyhan Grace opr Am Beauty Shoppe r YWCA 
Monitor Refrigeration Co Oliver A Westbrook mgr refrigerators 207 N 

Monk Antoinette M Mrs slswn Virginia Dare Dresses Inc hi 118 Burch av 
Monk Benj C (Jessie E) pntr h507 Gordon 
Monk H Lawrence jr (Antoinette M) dentist 3311 W Main R611 hlll8 

Burch av 
Monk Jennie (wid John) hll2 N Holman 
Monk Leroy (c; Eliz) lab rl009b 4th 
Monk T Yancy Rev (Annie E) hl08 Seminary 
Monk Wm J (Lena L) tobacconist h500 Watts 
Monroe Ernest H (Minnie B) tobwkr hl205 Wolf 
Monroe Etta (c) maid r2327 Crest 
Monroe Georgia (c) ice 601 Pine and elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r602 









PHONE F-3931 

Monroe J Luther (c; Maria) brklyr h602 Pickett 

Monroe Jas E (Lillie C) waiter hl24 Hunt 

Monroe Julia (c) r211 Moore 

Monroe Mattie (c) maid r701 Pine 

Monroe Nelson (c; Caroline) h714 Willard 

Monroe Nettie (c) r211 Moore 

Monroe Nineville (wid Bruce) h311 Center 

Monroe Richd (c) hlpr Warren's Am Cafe r211 Moore 

Monsees Jos E cabtmkr West Durham Lbr Co r335 South 

Monsees Marvin E doorkpr Rialto Theatre r335 South 

Montague Edw L (May E) carp h2606 C 

Montague Florence (c) dom hl210 N Hyde Park av 

Montague Florence (c) lndrs r507 W Cobb 

Montague Geo W (Louise; Montague's Pharm) h206 Parrish pi 

Montague Henrietta (c) maid Washington Duke Hotel b.407 Ray al 

Montague Lillie (c) lndrs hllO Cora apt 1 

Montague Madison (c; Ella) lab hll6 Dunstan 

Montague Rosa (c~> dom rl007 Glendale 

Montague Seth J (Lelia R) phys hl08 Buchanan blvd 

Montague Ward H (Ida T) slsmn h2210 E Main 

Montague's Pharmacy (Geo W Montague) 601 E Main 

Montee Ella (c) dom r507 Coleman al 

Montgomery Claiborne M student rl923 Yearby av 

Montgomery Eliz D Mrs sten Sou Fire Ins Co h312 Buchanan blvd 
apt 401 

Montgomery Geo E (Viola) supt 1923 Yearby av 

Montgomery Geo E Mrs (Montgomery'c Florist) 1923 Yearby av 

Montgomery Mabel (c) tobwkr h407 Henry al 

Montgomery Mabel. A (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sen r811 

Montgomery Margt E chf of reference dept woman's college Duke Un- 
iversity Library r do 

Montgomery Mary F student rll02 N Mangum 

Montgomery Robt G (Eliza D) slsmn h312 Buchanan blvd apt 401 

Montgomery Robt L (Eugenia B) frt agt SALRy and Durham & Sou Ry 
Co hll02 N Mangum 

Montgomery Tire Service (Arth C Noell) filling sta 224 E Parrish 

MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Thomas W Knight Local Mgr, Depart- 
ment Store, Carrying Furniture, Automobile Supplies, Radio Sets, 
Hardware, Etc 101-103 W Chapel Hill, Tel L-7171 
Montgomery Winston E embalmer Howerton-Bryan Co Inc and notary 

rl005 W Main 
MONTGOMERY'S FLORIST (Mrs Geo E Montgomery), Cut Flowers, 

Floral Designs and Plants 1933 Yearby av, Tel J-7951 
Montsinger Homer E (Berta R) see-treas Knit-Well Hosiery Mills Inc 

2403 Club blvd 
Moody Claude J lino opr Durham Herald Co Inc r507 Rigsbee av 
Moody Henry L (Bessie L) shop formn Dancy Motor Co Inc r Bon Air 

av nr Roxboro 
Moody Jack O (Nannie M) bkpr hl807 Erwin rd 
Moon Adolphus D (Mattie A) h311 Oregon 
Moon Bert r311 Oregon 
Moon Chf ton r311 Oregon 
Moon John L farmer r311 Oregon 
Mooney Carrye J welfare wkr rl715 W Pettigrew 
Mooney Geo (c) tob wkr r710 Cameron 
Mooney J Lennie (Alma M) cloth printer hl26 Hunt 
Mooney Jennie L tob wkr rl26 Hunt 
Mooney Maggie (wid Zachariah) rl26 Hunt 
Mooney Wm D (Kate M) mach hll07 Buchanan rd 
Moore Ada O elk Johnson Motor Co r314 Liberty 
Moore Alberta (wid Jas W) hosiery wkr hl307 Marvin av 
Moore Alex R (c; Julia G) hllOl Fayetteville 
Moore Amy J (c) cook rl308 Union 
Moore Anna M (c) dom rll2 Haywood 
Moore Annie B (c) tob wkr rll08 N Roxboro 
Moore Ardelia (c) lndrs h308 Piedmont av 
Moore Augusta (c) student r905 N Elizabeth 
Moore Berta nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 
Moore Bertha (c) tob wkr r303 Amber 
Moore Bertha J (c) tob wkr r912 Morehead av 
Moore Billie rl412 Ruby 
Moore Chas (c) lab rl206 Dawkins 
Moore Chas (c) tob wkr r912 Morehead av 
Moore Chas A elk Golden Belt Mfg Co r RD 7 


Durham Public Service Co. 

Pure Crystal Scored Ice 


PHONE F-896 1 

Moore Chester (c; Janie) h610 Douglas 
Moore Clinton (c) r303 Amber 
Moore Cottie S (c) h606 Fayetteville 
Moore Daisy (wid R A) r204 Buchanan blvd 
Moore David (c) r303 Amber 
Moore David (c) tob wkr r2407 Fayetteville 
Moore David A (Bertie) textile wkr hll07 Worth 
Moore David A jr textile wkr rll07 Worth 
Moore David H auto repr 2820 Hillsboro rd r613% Holloway 
Moore Delphine V (wid T Fredk) h920 Lamond av 
Moore Dewey (c; Louise) lab rl006 Pine 
Moore Edw (c) gdnr rl08 Cora 
Moore Edw R (Margt C) textile wkr h2113 Gin 
Moore Efner (c) rl003 Allen 
Moore Eliz (c) r518 Ramsey 
Moore Elsie (c) tob wkr r809 Grant 
Moore Emma (O tob wkr r710 Willard 

Moore Emma G (c) Indrywkr Durham Lndry Co r910 Drew 
Moore Estelle (c) tob wkr r809 Grant 
Moore Ethel r2304 C 

Moore Etson (c) barber N C Barber Shop rl208 Fayetteville 
Moore Eug H wtchmn h409 Yates av 
Moore Eug H jr r409 Yates av 
Moore Eva (c) lndrs r310B Dowd 
Moore Flora (c) lndrs r910 Drew 
Moore Fred (Lizzie) hosiery wkr h205 S Elm 
Moore Fred A (Jane B; E K Powe Jr & Co) r602 W Chapel Hill 
Moore Fred H (Dessie) textile wkr hll04 Worth 
Moore Fredk M (J Lottie) swtchbd opr b.808 Wilkerson av 
Moore Geo (c; Sallie) textile wkr h2415 Crest 
Moore Geo (c) tob wkr r802 Maplewood av 
Moore Geo G r602 Holloway 

Moore Geo P (Agnes J) mgr Dillon Supply Co r812 Wilkerson av 
Moore Green hosiery wkr r822 Ramseur 
Moore Hattie (c) rl016 Ferrell 
Moore Henrietta (c) lndrs rl09 Bond 
Moore Henry (c; Ethel) lab rlOOO Drew 
Moore Henry (c) lab r526A Pine 
Moore Hubert L <c) tob wkr r912 Morehead av 
Moore Irma (c) lndrs r910 Drew 
Moore J Henry (Rowena) tob wkr h608 Crabtree 
Moore Jas (c) hlpr Durham Sandwich Shop r310 Fayetteville 
Moore Jas A (Carrie) textile wkr hll02 Worth 
Moore Jas B (c; Elnora) tob wkr hl205 Dawkins 
Moore Jas E (c) lab rl002B North 
Moore Jas M (Bertie) hosiery wkr hl203 Ramseur 

Moore Janie E (c) tchr W G Pearson Elementary Sch rlOlO Fayette- 
Moore Jessie (c) lndrs hl406 Caswell pi 
Moore John (c) barber Chas B Evans hlll9 Hanover 
Moore John (c; Sula) lab h514B Elliott al 
Moore John (c; Alma) lab hl004 Pine 
Moore John H (c; Mary) lab r912 Morehead av 
Moore John W (Flossie) elk h901 Cleveland 
Moore Jordan (c; Mary) lab hl002B North 
Moore Jos (c; Melissa) tob wkr hlll7% Willard 
Moore Jos C (Bertha M) tob wkr hl407 Holloway 
Moore Julius L (Hattie E) truck driver hi 119 9th 
Moore Junius P (Jennie D) formn h406 Oakwood av 
Moore L Dailey (Kath H) inspr r406 Oakwood av 
Moore Laura (c) dom r708 Willard 
Moore Leonard (c; Cornelia) tob wkr h512 E Proctor 
Moore Leroy (c) lab r222 Fulton 
Moore Lindon F (Nettie L) carp h92l 5th 
Moore Lizzie (c) tob wkr r709 Whitted 


Phones L-9II and L-912 


The Drug and Seed Store Where Quality Counts 

Prescriptions a Specialty for Thirty-Sis Years 
Noonally's Fine Candies — Eastman's Kodaks and Films 


3 Q t^* 


3 2 





















































ts = 


Wdf -■ 


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— i 

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Al^ "J 

Mr™ -• 


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S"* S 

si I 

-i z 


Durham Loan & Trust Co. 


Banking and Trust Business 

HAL. W. BORING, Sec'y and Treas. 

Resources, $2,500,000.00 

Moore Lonnie (c; Delia) lab h8 Davis 

Moore Lorena (c) tob wkr r912 Morehead av 

Moore Lottie E (wid Ooy) r308 Raynor 

Moore Louisanna (wid Jubal A) r903 S Alston av 

Moore Lucille sen tchr rl015 Watts 

Moore Lula M (c) ironer Model Lndry Co rllO Piedmont aT 

Moore Mae hosiery wkr r901 Cleveland 

Moore Mabel Mrs tob wkr h211 S Gregson 

Moore Maner (c) hosiery wkr r910 Drew 

Moore Margt (c) r303 Amber 

Moore Marvin B (Lottie P) carp h602 Holloway 

Moore Marvin B jr silkwkr r602 Holloway 

Moore Mary E textile wkr r207 Chase 

Moore Merle sec Dr Robt L Pelts rlOll Lamond av 

Moore Millie (c) dom r603 Lucille 

Moore Milton (c; Rena) lab hll2 Beamon av 

Moore Minerva (c) h210 W Piedmont av 

Moore Minnie (c) dom r409 Piedmont av 

Moore Minnie I r230 Dezern 

Moore Nancy (c) tobwkr r615 Ramsey 

Moore Needham B (Sallie) textilewkr rll07 Worth 

Moore Nettie (c) tobwkr h809 Grant 

Moore Nin S (wid Wm L) tobwkr h607 N Queen 

Moore Portia R (c) dom h505 SUoseph 

Moore Raymond (c; Beatrice) tobwkr h607B Pine 

Moore Raymond H (c) auto mech rll03 Moreland av 

Moore Riley (c; Ella) lab h4A Adams av 

Moore Robena (c) dom h409 Piedmont av 

Moore Robt (Lona) gro h414 Ashton pi 

Moore Robt (c) tobwkr hl015 Rock 

Moore Robt I (c) r610 Douglas 

Moore Roy J (Pauline) printer The Messenger h2710 Williams 

Moore Rufus K (Minnie E) formn Golden Belt Mfg Co h713 Parker 

Moore Sadie F (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co r905 N Elizabeth 

Moore Sallie P (wid Levi) sten Wm M Piatt r2416 Huron 

Moore Saml (c) cook Washington Duke Hotel r403 Umstead 

Moore Saml (c) emp The Watts Hosp r Braggtown 

Moore Saml (c; Melinda) lab hi 105 South 

Moore Sampson (c) r802 Gerard 

Moore Sarah nurse The Watts Hoso r do 

Moore Sarah (c) tobwkr h519 McCoy pi 

Moore Sue (c) dom h714 Cameron 

Moore Susie P sten r921 5th 

Moore Theo (c; Eloise) tobwkr h417A Cozart av 

Moore Theo (c) tobwkr r912 Morehead av 

Moore Thos L (c; Lillie) brklyr hll03 Moreland av 

Moore Troy M (Lottie M) truck driver h2310 Ashe 

Moore Turner W (Sallie P) formn Am Tob Co Inc r207 N Dillard 

Moore Vander (c) tobwkr r609B South 

Moore Victor B (Margt B) elk Durham Hosiery Mills r University 

dr (Rockwood) 
Moore Viola (c) tobwkr rlll4 Fairview 
Moore Vivian B slsmn Belk-Leggett Co r920 Lamond av 

Moore Wayne (c) porter Carolina Barber Shop r807 Macklin 

Moore Wm (c; Arah) farmer h923 Ruth 

Moore Wm (c; Annie) hlpr r513 Euphane 

Moore Wm £c; Eleanor) textilewkr h2311 Shirley 

Moore Wm (c: Missouri) tobwkr h708 Willard 

Moore Wm B (Ruth V) textilewkr hl203 Wall 

Moore Wm H elk r310 Gray 

Moore Wm H hlpr r602 Holloway 

Moore Wm H (Ophelia C) slsmn h310 South 

Moore Young (c) butler r910 Drew 

Moose Hall 302 W Main and 107 N Market 

Moran Jas E (Kathleen M) bkpr h823% Burch av 


"A Purpose to Serve as Finn as Our Name" 

Granite Service Stations 

E. S. PHUIdPS, (Manager 

Number I. Ninth and Main Sts. Phone J-I34I 
Number 2, Ninth and Hillsboro Road. Phone N. 2791 

The Martha Washington 

112 N. Corcoran St. 

Lunch and Supper 
Open Sunday* 

Opposite Post Office 

Rhone 1,-6291 

Moran Kathleen M Mrs elk Durham Book & Stationery Co h823% 
Burch av 

Moraney Vandihost (c) rlll6 Scout dr 

Moreadith Leslie T (Kath C) woodwkr Basden Bros hll2 E Sea- 

Morehead Ada (c> cook hllll N Roxboro 

Morehead J Lathrop (Douglas H; Coml Realty Co; Morehead & 
Murdock) h804 S Duke 

Morehead Jas (c) tobwkr r810 Gattis 

Morehead Jas (c) tobwkr rlll3 Jackson 

Morehead School Jackson cor Warren 

Morehead Zolee (c) dom rllll N Roxboro 

Morehead & Murdock (J Lathrop Morehead, Wm H Murdock) law- 
yers 123 W Main R503 

Moreland Floyd E (Anna B) mach Wright-Dalton Mach Co Inc h 
1006 Holloway 

Moretz Stuart G (Lady M) elk hl21 W Lynch 

Morgan A Jefferson (Annie C) slsmn J C Markham & Sons hl32 

Morgan Alex Y (Agnes E) h330 South 

Morgan Alex Y jr delmn r330 South 

Morgan Alma (c) tobwkr h505 S Queen 

Morgan Andrew M (c: Martha) tobwkr h809 Mebane 

Morgan Annie (c) h613 Payetteville 

Morgan Annie B (c) hosierywkr h409 Branch pi 

Morgan Bessie (c) dom r rear 418 W Main 

Morgan Caleb (c) hlpr r716 Willard 

Morgan Claiborne L (Gretchen) r2117 E Main 

Morgan Clarence M (Madeline) textilewkr hl306 Morning Glory av 

Morgan D Henry (Louise) carp h920 Ramseur 

Morgan Daisy (c) tobwkr r518 George 

Morgan David E (Lillian) hlpr Austin-Heaton Co hll20 Glenn 

Morgan Dorothy M r2006 Yearbv av 

Morgan E Jack r603 Holloway 

Morgan Edw (c) lab rl06 Vincent 

Morgan Edw (c; Nora) tobwkr hllOl 2d 

Morgan Emma (c) dom r702 Gray 

Morgan Fred (c) porter Elliott Furn Co 302 E Main 

Morgan Geo billiards r413 Morris 

Morgan Geo (c) porter Sanitarv Barber Shop & Beauty Parlor r 
316 Wake pi 

Morgan Geo T Inc O Hickman Riggs mgr billiards 306 E Chapel 

Morgan Hardy M gate tndr r2412 Englewood av 

Morgan Harry B r204 S Guthrie av 

Morgan Hazel (c) r904 Yancey 

Morgan Jas (c) student rllOl 2d 

Morgan Jas (c; Par alee) tobwkr h406 Fowler av 

Morgan Jas G (Myrtle) tobwkr r201 Jackson 

Morgan Jas L (c; Jennie) clothes prsr Duke University h714 Mil- 
ton av 

Morgan Jas M (Leonora) clnr New Durham Dry Clnrs h308 Elliott 

Morgan John (c) lab rl06 Vincent 

Morgan John (c; Beulah) tobwkr r417 Dowd 

Morgan John W (Edith) firemn Scott & Roberts hl003 Angier av 

Morgan Jos A mech Morgan's Auto Service r413 Ashton pi 

Morgan Kath in charge of physics library Duke University r903 

Morgan Kath R (wid John H) rl303 North 

Morgan Lonnie L (Nora) dep County Sheriff h204 S Guthrie av 

Morgan Maggie (c) hosierywkr h417 Dowd 

Morgan Maggie (c) tobwkr h812 Gerard 

Morgan Marcus J tobwkr r330 South 

Morgan Margt (c) tobwkr r607 Branch pi 

Morgan Mary E (wid Fred M) h603 Holloway 

Morgan Mary L (wid Jas A) h413 Ashton pi 

Morgan Maude rlll2 Spruce 

Morgan Mitt (c) dom hl06 Vincent 

Morgan Murphy (c; Ida) rlOlO 2d 

Morgan Pearl T slswn Belk-Leggett Co r204 S Guthrie av 

Morgan Ralph P (Myrtle C; Morgan's Auto Service) h2315 Huron 

Morgan Rebecca (wid W Brier) h910 9th 

Morgan Robt O (Donia L) tobwkr h601 Wilkerson av 

Morgan Rosa (c) hosierywkr r409 Branch pi 

Morgan Street Cafe (c) Jas B Alston mgr 510 Morgan 

Morgan Thos pntr r730 Walnut 






$5.50 MEAL BOOK FOR $4.12— SAVE 25% 

Morgan Willard B (Nona J; West Side Pharmacy) rl006 Cleveland 

Morgan Wm (c) tobwkr h512B Grant 

Morgan Wm (c) tobwkr r501 StJoseph 

Morgan Wm J (Cleo B) textilewkr h2006 Yearby av 

Morgan Wm L (Nannie B) paper hngr hl006 Cleveland 

Morgan's Auto Service (Ralph P Morgan) reprs 419 W Main 

Morine Berta hosierywkr 317 Smith 

Morine Lena A hosierywkr r317 Smith 

Morine M Etta (wid Marcellus P) h317 Smith 

Moring Chas P track driver Austin-Heaton Co r Leesville rd 

Moring Raymond (Mary K) mech Jordan Motor Rebuilding Co h 
501 N Elizabeth 

Moring S Vester (Snowdie) tobwkr h609 Wilkerson av 

Moring Sidney P (Mary E) h305 Center 

Morisey David (c; Armelia) h519 Banks al 

Morrell Eric (Mona) chf of order div Duke University Library h 
1317 Arnette av 

Morris A Burtram elk Morris & Son r909 Angler av 

Morris Adella W (c) tchr Walltown Sch hi 106 3d 

Morris Arth (c) waiter r322 Umstead 

Morris Ashville (c; Augusta) tobwkr h700 Drew 

Morris Avery P (Nell V) acct SALRy hl706 Angier av 

Morris Benj (c; Mary) tobwkr h605 Mebane 

Morris Carl J (Sudie) textilewkr r405 Smith 

Morris Carl N (Mary E) dept supt Louise Knitting Mills Co h701 
N Hyde Park av 

Morris Chas B (Henrietta V; Morris Printing Co) hl702 Angier av 

Morris Claude S hlpr r902 S Alston av 

Morris Connie L (Lessie) mach hl412 N Duke 

Morris Cora D (wid Robt F) h810 Cleveland 

Morris D Ashton optometrist 212 W Main R518 r810 Cleveland 

Morris Dalton P (Annie) artist Criterion Theatre rl710 E Petti- 

Morris Dorothy tobwkr rl09 Leon 

Morris E Pearl nurse 1204 Broad r do 

Morris Ector E (Gladys R) sta atndt Gulf Refining Co rl201 6th 

Morris Edw (Nannie L) mech hl201 6th 

Morris Edw W (Anna H) mgr Jones & Frasier Co h2022 Club blvd 

Morris Eliz A Mrs sten N C Joint Stock Land Bank rill N Driver 

Morris Eliz M tobwkr r701 N Hyde Park av 

Morris Elliott (c) r410A Poplar 

Morris Elliott B (Corinne; Morris & Son) h909 Angier av 

Morris Emma E Mrs rl09 Leon 

Morris Ernest (c; Mary) r304 S Plum 

MORRIS EUGENE M (EUz A; Durham Shoe Kebuilders), hill N Driver 
av, Tel J-3671 

Morris Eva M pkr B C Remedy Co rl616 Angier av 

Morris Evelyn M tobwkr rl09 Leon 

Morris Fannie M (c) lndrs r604 South 

Morris Ferdinand (Betty; Haskell & Morris) h312 Gray 

Morris Frank (c: Martha) pntr h420 Eric 

Morris Fred C (Mattie L) asst City Eng h206 W Geer 

Morris Fred T (North Durham Shoe Fixer) r RD 6 

Morris Herbert W (Thelma) tobwkr r902 S Alston av 

Morris Hilliard J (Alma M) gatemn hl013% Angier av 

Morris Ida (c) lndrs r304 N Elizabeth 

Morris Idus W (Alma T) plmbr h906 Lilac al 

Morris Irene (c) dom rll08 4th 

Morris J Baron cook Morris & Son r909 Angier av 

Morris Jas C (Georgiana) h608 Carlton av 

Morris Jas T (c; Adella W) cook hi 106 3d 

Morris John B sta atndt Benj R Barnhill r 3d av nr N Roxboro 

Morris John R (Myrtle) hl710 E Pettigrew 

Morris John R (Nellie) wood h2312 Crane 

Morris Jos tobwkr r2312 Crane 

Morris Lena (c) tobwkr r302 E Proctor 

Morris Maggie A sten J Southgate & Son Inc r403 McMannen 

Morris Martha (c) dom r304B Memphis 

Morris Martha H (wid J Edw) r302 S Driver av 

Morris Mary (c) cook rll4 Gattis 

Morris Mary S (wid Jas L) h403 McMannen 

Morris Ola A slswn Tilley's Stores Inc r!616 Angier av 


Goodyear Auto and Truck Tires - 
X15 N. DUKE ST. 

Exide Batteries 

TEL. N-173 

C Lyon and Nathaniel E Faucette V-Prests, Norman C Carlton 
Cash. Laurence I) Kirkland Jr Asst Cash. J Allene Suitt Asst Sec, 
1st Floor Loan & Trust Bids 214 W Main, Tel J -9801 (See right 
top lines and page 34) 

Morris Printing Co (Chas B Morris) 216 E Parrish 

Morris Raymond M i Annie B) h405 Smith 

Morris Robt B bus opr Durham Public Service Co h926 W Trinity 

Morris Robt J hlpr r906 Lilac al 

Morris Ruby nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Morris Ruby W mlnr Smith-Albright Co r926 W Trinity av 

Morris Sallie A (c) dom h902 Fayette ville 

Morris Sol K (c; Mabel) lab hll2B Piedmont av 

Morris Susie E (wid Clarence) hl406 James 

Morris T Clarence (Ruth L) slsmn h2114 Englewood av 

Morris Valeria F hl616 Angier av 

Morris W Cleo elk David H Moore 1412 N Duke 

Morris Walter W (Irene) pntr A K Scoville Co h607 Willard 

Morris Wm (c; Mamie) car clnr h412 Eric 

Morris Wm R (Berta) cooper h2501 Proctor rd 

Morris & iSon (Elliott B Morris) restr 903% Angier av 

Morrison Alvin (c) chauf r905 Gurlev 

Morrison Annie B (c) lndrywkr New Method Lndry r511 Booker 

Morrison Bettie (c) tobwkr h607 Mobile av 

Morrison Elijah (c; Missouri) cement fnshr h411 Lee 

Morrison Essie M (c) cook r905 Gurley 

Morrison Irving (c; Louise) tobwkr r905 Gurley 

Morrison J Cleveland (Grace E) textilewkr h719 13th 

Morrison Lincoln (c) lab r905 Gurley 

Morrow Laura (c) hll2 Neal 

Mortgage Co of Durham The (c) Chas C Spaulding pres Clyde Donnell 
v-pres Richd L Mc Dougald sec Edw R Merrick treas 114 W Parrish 

Mortgage Securities Corp Jas S Patterson pres Chas S Allen v-pres-sec 
John R Holloway treas 123 W Main R415 

Morton Carrie S silkwkr r41l Holloway 

Morton Edw W (Bettie) textilewkr h2403 Owen 

Morton Fredk_E (Lola B) cond hlOlO Urban av 

Morton Gertrude R Mrs slswn rl405 Holloway 

Morton Grover C (Sarah J) uphol h416 Morris 

Morton Lewis C (Grace M) real est h309 South 

Morton Mary nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 

Morton Novella (c) dom r603 Fowler av 

Morton Shedrick (c) r902A Pickett 

Morton Susie <c) tobwkr h902A Pickett 

Morton Wm H student rlOlO Urban av 

Morton Woodrow W elk Five Points Drug Co r416 Morris 

Moseley Crother H (Mamie H) stmftr hl207 E Trinity av 

Moseley Eliz A slswn Efird's Store rl207 E Trinity av 

Moseley John G student rl207 E Trinity av 

Moses Anna rl302 6th 

Moses Bertie M textilewkr rl004 9th 

Moses Delia Mrs hl302 6th 

Moses J Wesley (Ida) carp hl911 Club blvd 

Moses Jas E (Flora E) meter mech City Mach h2407 Chapel Hill rd 

Moses Walter rl302 6th 

MOSKIN'S CREDIT CLOTHING CO. Edw V Foster Local Mgr, Wom- 
en's, Misses', Men's and Boys' Clothing 325 W Main, Tel J-2181' 

Moss E Frances rl21 W Seeman 

Moss Emma tobwkr r601 N Mangum 

Moss John (c; Mattie) carp h2005 Concord 

Moss Kathleen sch tchr r320 E Trinity av 

Moss Lydia (wid Chas L) h320 E Trinity av 

Moss Mabel (c) tobwkr r604 Ray al 

Moss Mattie (c) cook r2005 Concord 

Moss Odell (c) maid r508 Lucille 

Moss Plummer (c; Katie) tobwkr hl06B Division 

Moss Robt E (Victory) r808 Foster 

Moss Thos L slsmn r320 E Trinity av 

Moss W Otto (Ruby G; City Baking Co) hl21 W Seeman 

Moss Wm (c: Amanda) car washer r612A Ramsey al 

Moss Wm E (Byrd) hl801 Lakewood av 

Motley A Louise tobwkr r2114 Ashe 

Motley Edw (c; Mabel) tobwkr r610 South 

Motley Garland S elk Am Suppliers Inc r2114 Ashe 

Motley Mary (c) lndrs h512 S Elm 

Motley Mary L (c) dom h720 Whitted 



1 O 

pi an 





2* so 

i <o 



•— ' 
































5 e 



! i 






















Reeves' American Cafe 

Good Food — Good Service — Always Open 


Motley Mittie W (wid Walter) h815 W Pettigrew 

Motley Wm S (Annie B) mill mech h2114 Ashe 

Motor Bearings & Parts Co Jack J Rigsbee mgr 407 E Chapel Hill 

Motor Transit Co R Dent Jones rep motor frt 801 W Main 

Moulder Angelina (c) maid r808 Glenn 

Mt Calvary christian Church (c) Rev Nathaniel E Higgs pastor 508 E 

Mt Gilead Baptist Church (c) 404 Dowd 

Mt Olive Methodist Church (c) Rev Chas P Martin pastor 123 Powe 

Mt Vernon Baptist Church (c) Rev Wm C Williamson pastor 504 S 

Mt Vernon Lodge No 525 (LKKD; c) Annie Merrick sec meets 1st and 
3d Thursdays 8 p m 809 Fayetteville (3d fl) 

Mt Zion Baptist Assn M L Jones field wkr 114 Cleveland 

Moviegrams (Anthony J Buttitta) magazine 331 W Main R602 

Moye Evelyn (c) dom r319 Roney 

Move Venia J <wid Alf W) rl524 Hermitage ct 

Moyer Lillian sten Walter S Lockhart rll3 N Hvde Park av 

Moyer Oliver O (Ida H) pntr Durham Public Service Co hll3 N Hyde 
Park av 

Mozingo Isaac (Bernice) hll08 Holloway 

Mozingo Roxie nurse The Watts Hosp r do 

Muckle Eva (c) tobwkr r608 Ramsey 

Muckle Martha (c) dom r608 Ramsey 

Muellerschoen Ruth M elk rl217 Liberty 

Muellerschoen Wm F (Mattie F) mach Durham Iron Wks Inc hl217 

MUIRHEAD WM (Constance L). Pres Wm Muirhead Construction Co 
Inc, h609 Morehead av, Tel F-0171 

Brown Sec-Treas, Harold S Crain Msr. General Contractors and 
Builders W Main at Milton av on Sou Ry, Tel J-3091 (See top 
stencil and page 38) 

Mulholland Christopher C (Emma P) overseer Erwin Cotton Mills No 6 
h909 W Trinity av 

Mulholland E Faye sch tchr r909 W Trinity av 

Mulholland E Franklin (Berta R) spl officer h215 Broadway 

Mulholland E Lucille sch tchr r909 W Trinity av 

Mulholland Hazel B r215 Broadway 

Mulholland Vester M sch tchr r909 W Trinity av 

Mullen Belle E sten Montgomery Ward & Co r Sharon Acres 

Mullen Rachel cash Pilot Life Ins Co r Sharon Acres 

Mullins Chas (c; Minnie) tobwkr r604 Branch pi 

Mullins Emerson (c) r604 Branch ol 

Mullins Nathaniel (c; Annie) tobwkr h304B E Proctor 

Mumford Danl J (c; Mary) gro 114 Enterprise rl03 do 

Mumford Eleanor (c) rl406 Page 

Mumford Georgianna (c) lndrs rl406 Page 

Mumford Wm (c; Ella) cook The Watts Hosp hl406 Page 

Mumford Wm jr (c) rl406 Page 

Munday Lena silkwkr h701 Holloway 

Mundon Ella F (c) tchr N C College for Negroes r do 

Mundy Ruth dept mgr R L Baldwin Co r916 W Trinity av apt 9 

Munford A Lenelda r317 E Trinity av 

Munford DeWitt C filling sta r317 E Trinity av 

Munford Geo W (Valeria P) sec Home Security Life Ins Co h317 E Trin- 
ity av 

Munford I Lidell student r317 E Trinity av 

Munford Mary (c) maid rlOlO 2d 

Munnick Rosa elk r309 Gray 

Munnick Saml (Mary) dry gds h309 Gray 

Munnick Sarah elk r309 Gray 

Murchison Geo (c) cook r905 Fayetteville 

Murchison Ivory (c) hlpr r518 E Proctor 

Murchison John (c) tobwkr r418 Henry al 

Murchison Margt (c) tobwkr r804 Gerard 

Murchison Richd (c) lab r808B Glendale av 

Murdock Albert A (Eliz O) ice mfr 119% W Chapel Hill h N Roxboro 
nr Oxford hwy 

Murdock Albert L (Elsie) slsmn P A Murdock Co Inc r Hillsboro rd 

Murdock Eliz M r N Roxboro nr Oxford hwy 

Murdock Fannie (c) tobwkr h211 Ames pi 

Murdock Henry G eng J A Murdock Co Inc r520 McMannen 

MURDOCK J A CO INC, J Allen Murdock Pres-Treas, J Lathrop More- 
head V-Pres, Wm H Murdock Sec. Ice. Coal and Fuel OU 518 Mor- 
gan, Tel J-0341 



5% and Safety for Your Savings 

Interest Compounded Quarterly 

Murdock J Allen (Martha M) pres-treas J A Murdock Co Inc r Uni- 
versity dr (Rockwood) 

Murdock Julia A (wid Jas) rl06 Case 

Murdock Wm H (Christine J; Morehead & Murdock) M802 Chapel 
Hill rd 

Murdough M F (Gertrude) adv mgr Durham Herald Co Inc r Wood- 
ridge dr (Rockwood) 

Murnick Mildred bkpr Alexander Motor Co r608 N Roxboro 

Murnick Pearl h608 N Roxboro 

Murphy Benj P supt Knit-Well Hosiery Mills Inc r Linwood pk 

Murphy Bert (c) waiter r303 W Proctor 

Murphy Chas S (Kate G) elk PO r402 Morehead av 

Murphy Elijah (c) lab r511 Mobile av 

Murphy Ella (c) dom hll3 Verbena 

Murphy Ella (c) hosiery wkr r611% <S Elm 

Murphy Hugh E Rev r746 9th 

Murphy Icglenna (wid Jas H; The Cut-Rate Store) hl746 9th 

Murphy Jas (p; Mary) lab r415 Roney 

Murphy Jesse (c; Ida) lab h804 Juniper 

Murphy Martha A (wid Dumont) rl024 W Peabody 

Murphy Norman (c) cook r606 Parker 

Murphy Paul M (Jessie) mgr White House Meat Mkt r308 Cleveland 

Murphy Steph (c; Lula) lab r303 W Proctor 

Murray Albert F (Evelyn) tobwkr hl201 Spruce 

Murray Albert L (Hattie V) mach hl305 6th 

Murray Allie (wid John J) h709 N Hyde Park av 

Murray Chas Z mech Brady's Garage rl21 Adrian 

MURRAY CLARA E, Bkpr The Young Roofing Co, r901 W Chapel Hill, 
Tel L-5161 

Murray Elijah T (Otey A) cabtmkr Durham Furn Co Inc h507 N Eliza- 

Murray Ellen (c) hosierywkr h411% Henry al 

Murray Eric ship elk Paschall's Bakery rl305 6th 

Murray Frank H (Pensie) formn Ray Lbr Co r Guess rd 

Murray Fred A mixed Paschall's Bakery rl305 6th 

Murray Gaddis H (Mittie) janitor h617 N Alston av 

Murray Guy T (Addie B) mach opr h923 Broad 

Murray H Ethel (c) elk N C Mut Life Ins Co rl217 Fayetteville 

Murray Henrietta (wid Edwin C) h406 Morehead av 

Murray Horace W (M Ola) mech Wm Muirhead Construction Co h904 

Murray Isaac E (Tullah B; Durham Brazing & Welding Wks) r Roxboro 

Murray Jarvis J (Bessie) hl05 S Holman 

Murray John G elk Sou Ry System r Raleigh N C 

Murray Jos r709 N Hyde Park av 

Murray Josiah S (Irene K; Durham Brazing & Welding Wks) hl313 
Vickers av 

Murray M Louise bkpr United Dollar Stores r901 W Chapel Hill 

Murray Malissa (wid Jos) hlOlO Angier av 

Murray Mamie hosierywkr r709 N Hyde Park av 

Murray Milton (c) r411% Henry al 

Murray Novella C Mrs sec-treas W R Murray Co Inc hl808 Chapel Hill 

Murray Pauline (c) r906 Cameron 

Murray Rose (c) dom h207 Piedmont av 

Murray W Guthrie (L Eliz) mach h901 W Chapel Hill 

Murray W R Co Inc Wm R Murray pres Mrs Novella C Murray sec- 
treas pianos 123 E Main 

Murray W Robt (Crystal) textilewkr h405 Chase 

Murray Waldo A (Blanche C; Midway Electric Shoe Shop) h719 Burch 

Murrav Wallace elk King & Mathes r709 N Hyde Park av 

Murray Wm R (Novella C) pres W R Murray Co Inc hI808 Chapel Hill 

Murray Wm T (Callie) textilewkr h923 Broad 

Murrell Harry T with F & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc r612 Shepherd 

Murrell John L (Belma C: Whitaker & Murrell) h612 Shepherd 

Muse Beatrice Mrs sten Oscar G Barker r606 N Gregson 

MUSE J WILLARD (Bertha C), Asst Cash The Fidelity Bank, hlllO 
Virginia av, Tel L-1222 

Muse Josephine E Mrs slswn Reeds rll06 W Chapel Hill 

Muse Wm M (Missouri V) formn h503 McMannen 

Mutter Francis L (Essie K) shop formn Budd-Piper Roofing Co h217 
Parrish pi 

Mutter Harry J r823 N Mangum 






212 Corcoran Street Opposite Washington-Duke Hotel — Phone L-945 

Mutter Martha V slsmn r823 N Mangum 

Mutter Wm M (Mary L) formn E J Latta Roofing Co Inc h823 N Man- 

W Pase Harris Dist Mgr 403 Loan & Trust Bldg, 212 W Main, Tel 

L-8451 (See page 43) 

Mutual Building & Loan Assn (c) Chas C Spaulding pres Frank L Mc- 
Coy sec Richd L McDougald treas 114-16 W Parrish br 816A Fay- 

Mutual Life Insurance Co of New York F Emerson Tucker dist mgr 
123 W Main R410 

My Shoo Clara Aycock mgr women's clothing 101% E Main 

Myatt David (c) prsr Jake's Valetor Service rl211 Dawkins 

Myatt Seth W (Arlene T) director of business div hl016 Urban av 

Myers see also Meyers 

Myers Antha C Mrs v-pres Myers-Glenn Inc and elk WUTelCo r2201 
Englewood av 

Myers Cleveland (c; Callie) ydmn hl004 Grant 

Myers Geo H (Marie M) sec Durham Iron Wks Inc hl411 B 

Myers-Glenn Inc Hubert A Myers ores Mrs Antha C Myers v-pres Wal- 
ter M Glenn sec-treas auto supplies 303 E Chapel Hill 

MyeTS Earl (Rosa M) prof Duke University hl015 Watts 

Myers Hubert A (Antha C) pres Myers-Glenn Inc r2201 Englewood av 

Myers Ida M Mrs tobwkr h402 Canal 

Myers Inda elk WUTelCo r504 Milton 

Myers Juanita (c) tobwkr r802 Maplewood av 

Myers Mary F (wid Henry F) rl411 B 

Myers Mildred F cataloguer Duke University Library rl013 Monmouth 

Myers Minnie G sch tchr rl013 Monmouth av 

Myers Roscoe (c; Maggie) tobwkr rl223 4th 

Myers Ruby M r901 11th 

Myers Wm (Etta) furn hl710 Angier av 

Myrick Carrie slswn Efird's Dept Store rl408 James 

Myrick Ella (c) tobwkr rl09 Lodge 

Mvrick Esther F elk Sou Fire Ins Co rl408 James 

Myrick J Chas (Hallie C) slsmn Hessee Furn Co Inc hl408 James 

Myrick Mary (c) tobwkr rl09 Lodge 

Nabers Clarence D (Nelle B) local mgr C D Kenny Co h2122 Engle- 
wood av 

Nachamson Eli (Jennie) pres hl005 Minerva 

Nachamson Grace rl005 Minerva 

Nachamson Irene rl005 Minerva 

Nachamson Naomi rl005 Minerva 

Nance Garland M slsmn r2412 Englewood av 

Nance Jackson J (Jennie L) wtchmn h926 Orient 

Nance Louis P textilewkr r926 Orient 

Nance Lucy J (wid Peter) hl620 Guess rd 

Nance Martha (c) tchr East End Graded Sch h518 Gray 

Nance Saml (c: Martha) bellmn Washington Duke Hotel h518 Gray 

Napier John R (Katie) formn Am Tob Co Inc hill N Queen 

Napier Mattie Mrs r422 N Roxboro 

Napier Queenie M tobwkr r514 Willard 

Narron Alvin (Nadal) knitter h902 Broad 

Nash Ashley A (May) textilewkr r2606 Mulberry 

Nash Bernard B (Vivian) carp hl308 Liberty 

Nash Bertha (c) tobwkr h522A Elliott al 

Nash C Edw (Ella L) weaver h731 14th 

Nash Elvin (c) tobwkr r413 Cozart av 

Nash John T r601 S Alston av 

Nash Kyle W (Lera) truck driver r911 Spring 

Nash Lenox (Melvine) auto mech Holbrook Motor Co h913 Spring 

Nash Nettie F (wid Wm T) h2606 Mulberry 

Nash Ralph W tobwkr r911 Spring 

Nash Richd E (Irene) weaver h718 16th 

Nash Wm T (Lottie) rl08 N Greeson 

Nash Wm T (Ora B) mach h2700 Hillsboro rd 

Nathan Jos (c: Marie) rlllO Shaw 

National Association of Letter Carriers Branch No 221 Paul C Wheeler 
jr sec meets 2d Tuesday at Post Office 202 W Main 

National Federation of Post Office Clerks Local No 24 Leo L Hayes sec 
meets 2d Tuesday at Post Office 202 W Main 

Navy Vernell (c) tobwkr hll0% E Cobb 

Neagle Bernard A (Lillian) mach hl003 W Main 

Neagle Dorothy E slswn rl003 W Main 

Neagle Margt L typist Home Security Life Ins Co rl003 W Main 


Durham Public Service Co. 

'Power and Lighting Service j 


Neal C Earl r617 Arnette av 

Neal Clemmie M (c) lndrs h907 Linwood av 

Neal. Corinne (c) r607 Dawn 

Neal Curtis L mach opr 1305 Aneier av 

Neal David textilewkr rl305 Angier av 

Neal Eva CO dom h603 South 

Neal Geo (c) hlpr r502 W Cc-bb 

Neal Henry (c; Winnie) farmer h204 Kelly al 

Neal Ida P (c) gro 2327 Shirley h do 

Neal Jas H (Alice D) carp h2206 E Main 

Neal Jas J (Lessie K) h415 Willard 

Neal Jessie <c) lndrs rl409 Fayetteville 

Neal Julia (c) r405 Henry al 

Neal Mary M (wid John W) h617 Arnette av 

Neal Mattie (c) tobwkr h506A Rav al 

Neal Naomi F looper rl305 Angier av 

Neamon Anna bkpr Neamon Candy Mfg Co r424 Morris 

Neamon Candy Mfg Co (Paul Neamon) 430 W Main 

Neamon Geo slsmn Neamon Candy Mfg Co r424 Morris 

Neamon Paul (Neamon Candy Mfg Co) h424 Morris 

Neathery Mamie D slswn Efird's Dept Store r804 W Chapel Hill 

Neely Prank (c; Annie M) lab rll02 Evergreen 

Neely Harris (c; Mary) lab h617 St Joseph 

Neely Jas (c) porter Roscoe Shoe Co Inc 118 W Main 

Neely Marshall (c) porter Smoke Shop Inc r617 StJoseph 

Neely Wm (c) lab r617 StJoseph 

Neely Wm J (Annie B) cond h909 1st av 

Neems Alfred V furn repr Edw R Neems r2630 Chapel Hill rd 

Neems Edw R (Ethel S) furn repr 2630 Chapel Hill rd h do 

Neems Edw W furn repr Edw R Neems r2630 Chapel Hill rd 

Neems Jos R furn repr Edw R Neems r2630 Chapel Hill rd 

Neems Thos S furn repr Edw R Neems r2630 Chapel Hill rd 

Nehi Bottling Co (Lloyd W Brown) 115 Morgan 

Neighbors Callie tobwkr r211 N Queen 

Neighbors Harry (Addie) h906 Hale 

Nelson Andrew (c) lab r508B StJoseph 

Nelson Chas (Opal M) maintenance mech Duke University hl509 Mary- 
land av 

Nelson Clarence C (Mary W) mdse mgr Tilley's Stores Inc hl312 

Nelson Edgar (o tobwkr h610B Royal 

Nelson Ernest W (Rowena M) asst prof Duke University h2032 Club 

Nelson Estelle (c) tobwkr h508B StJoseph 

Nelson Eunice M mach opr rllll 8th 

Nelson Helen L r813 Vickers av 

Nelson Helen S (wid John C) r813 Vickers av 

Nelson Hulda G instr Duke University r do 

Nelson J Robt (Dora E) fnshr h719 Broad 

Nelson Wilkel (c; Lula) tobwkr r508 Matthews 

Nelson Wm (c) brklyr r209 Memphis 

Nelums Roxanna (c) r617 Scoggins av 

Nelvin John (c: Bessie) tobwkr hll6 Bond 

Nesbitt Delavel P (c) printer The Carolina Times r316 Umstead 

Nesbitt Mellie (c) h402 Cozart av 

Nessen Henry L (Louise M) ins agt hl013 Monmouth av 

Netherv John W (Dora T) brklyr h313 Gray 

Nethery Wm H (Lucy M) brklyr h311 Gray 

Nettles Emma Mrs h216 N Briggs av 

Neuwirth Arnold slsmn Durham Tire Exchange r902 N Roxboro 

Neuwirth Herman B (Flora; Durham Tire Exchange) h902 N Roxboro 

Neville Henry L (Jessie M) knitter r306 Jackson 

Neville J Weldon (Ollie) hosierywkr h210 Laurel av 

Neville Ruby E hosierywkr r210 Laurel av 

Neville W Henry elk Edgemont Mkt h704 N Alston av 

Nevilles Blanche rlll9 8th 

Nevilles Lottie (c) dom r2319 Shirley 

Nevilles Mamie slswn r804 W Chapel Hill 

New Bethel Baptist Church (c) Rev John P Walker pastor 2414 Crest 

New Dora (wid Wm J) r2100 Hillsboro rd 

New Durham Dry Cleaners (Wm D and T Bramham Vickers) 117 W 
Chapel Hill branches 608 Fayetteville, 209 E Main and 411 N Man- 
gum, plant 414 Carr 

New Flora Mrs ftr Ellis. Stone & Co rl02 E Markham av 

New Geo R (Louise) park kpr h2100 Hillsboro rd 

Durham Realty and Insurance 

First Floor Trust Building £&&*,£ A. ™zl\ 

New Method Laundry Inc Albert B Smart pres Geo S Brantley v-pres- 

mgr Obediah LaRoach (Danville Va) sec W W Williamson (Danville 

Va) treas 405 N Roxboro 
New Morton R (Flora) slsmn Nicholson Motor Co Inc rl02 E Markham 
New Ruth r306 Edwards 
New Sallie r2100 Hillsboro rd 
New iSemple r2100 Hillsboro rd 

New York Life Insurance Co R R Fillers rep 102% W Main R16 
Newbern Matte R (wd Walter S) hl811 W Pettgrew 
Newbern Walter R student rl811 W Pettigrew 
Newberne Kath slswn F & W Grand-Silver Stores Inc r910 Monmouth 

Newberne Maude E bkpr Montgomery Ward & Co r910 Monmouth av 
Newburn Jas delmn r501 N Mangum 
Newbv Dangerfield F Rev (c; Mary) hl009 Shaw 
Newcomb Howard A (Pattie M) treas Durham Furn Co Inc h609 N 

Hyde Park av 
Newcomb Robt A (Edna) collr Durham Furn Co Inc r Watts extn 
Newell Jas E (Ida M) textilewkr h909 11th 
Newman Ada slswn Summerfield's Inc r YWCA 
Newman Hattie Mrs mach opr r608 N Maple 
Newman Mark mgr r814 Cleveland 
Newman W R elk SALRy r Norlina N C 
Newport Manufacturing Co Anson V Caldwell pres Marion D Wetmore 

sec bldg material end S Goley 
Newsom Arth I (Cora L) stonectr hl009 Chester 
Newsom Dallas W (Tempie B) pres Durham Bond & Mortgage Co 

County Auditor, mgr and purch agt hl017 Gloria av 
Newsom Dorothy student rl017 Gloria av 
Newsom Garland hlpr rl009 Chester 
Newsom Jas L student rill N DUlard 
Newsom Lena Mrs hlll5 Spruce 
Newsom Lillian P (c) nurse County Board of Health rl502 Fayette- 

Newsom M Eugene (Annie L; Durham Book & Stationery Co) active v- 

pres Citizens Natl Bank hill N Dillard 
Newsom M Eug jr student rill N Dillard 
Newsom Mae rlOll Chester 
Newsom Tempe student rl017 Gloria av 
Newsom Wm H stonectr hlOll Chester 
Newsome John T (c; Tullie) tobwkr h706 Colfax 
Newsome Otis (c; Katie) fctywkr h.715 Willard 
Newton Alee L wrapper City Baking Co r614 Arnette av 
Newton C Jack elk Liggett & Myers Tob Co rl007 Monmouth av 
Newton David W (Mae L) sub sta opr Duke Power Co h904 N Duke 
Newton Edw T (Louise L) pres Durham Home Bldrs Inc Newton Ins 

Agcy Inc and Pine Hill Cemeteries Inc h210 N Dillard 
Newton Emma S (wid Geo W) h512 E Chapel Hill 
Newton Evelyn E rl007 Monmouth av 
Newton Harriett W Mrs elk Durham Herald Co Inc 1-718 W Chapel 

Newton Ida G (wid John W) r810 Cleveland 
Newton Insurance Agency Inc Edw T Newton pres Mrs Margie W 

Blalock sec-treas 110% N Corcoran R4 
Newton Irene Mrs tobwkr r833 Burch av 

Newton J Austin lndrywkr Durham Lndrv Co r614 Arnette av 
Newton Jas M (c; Dora) tobwkr h907 Gurley 
Newton Leo (Josie L) vulc r512 E Chapel Hill 
Newton M Burl (Virginia D) silkwkr h613 Milton av 
Newton Mary E (wid Thos R) hl007 Monmouth av 
Newton Mildred S Mrs elk Durham Hosiery Mills h821 Ramseur 
Newton Minnie B (wid A Sidney) h614 Arnette av 
Newton Pauline F (c) tchr N C College for Negroes r do 
Newton Pearl tobwkr r810 Cleveland 
Newton Richd F (c; Fannie) pntr h425 Sowell al 
Newton Rufus E (Clarine) carp r403 E Trinity av 
Newton Saml (c) lab r425 Sowell al 
Newton Saml C (Mildred S) slsmn Monitor Refrigeration Co h821 

Newton Walter C (Claribel B) acct N C Joint Stock Land Bank h526 

Newton Walter C (Nannie E) elev opr hlOOO Chester 
Newton Wesley M r517 McMannen 
Newton Wm S (Ella C) tobacconist h515 McMannen 
Niblock Jamie nurse Duke University Hosp r West Campus 



Durham Electric 
Construction Company, Inc. 

WM. H. CLEGG, Manager